AAA on Televisa (Regional) #2185 (11/12/2011)
Recapped: 11/16/11

Previously: Casandro returned. Electroshock won the Copa Antonio Pena with some help from a Masked Zorro. Abyss & Chessman won the tag team titles. Psycho Circus defeated Perros del Mal. Mesías and Sting did not have a finish, and apparently they think this was superb because they keep treating it like a big deal. Wagner won, and Oriental and Parka turned on him. That last part featured clips from vignettes that were never previously shown, so you know it was an AAA show.

Announcers are Jesus Zuniga & Arturo Rivera, just by themselves. They're relatively okay compared to previous weeks, though Zuniga is stuck on calling every kick “facewash!” this week.

Match 1: Fabi Apache, Lolita, Octagoncito vs Jennifer Blake, Mini Psicosis, Sexy Star 
Arena Xalapa, 10/21/2011

Winner: rudas
Match Time: 10:30
Rating: OK
Notes: Mini Psicosis and Jennifer both have their belts. Tirantes is ref. The rudas playing with Mini Psicosis's hair is hilarious for some reason. Crowd cares about Fabi much more than anyone else here.

Pairs are Fabi/Jennifer, Sexi/Lolita and the minis. The first two woman work pretty well against each other. Sexi and Lolita do basic stuff before Lolita tries her big offense. The casadora armdrag goes better than it has in the past, but Lolita slips on a springboard and the crowd turns on her. Sexi just stomps Lolita out of the ring and they end that bit there, which felt like the right call. Minis are typically good, Octagoncito ending that bit with a springboard armdrag to the floor. Rudas casually walk over to the técnicas at start hitting him, with no apparent transition into the beatdown. Fabi at least tries to fight back a little bit. Sexi Star is doing the Kelly Kelly back side into the face spot now. Triple faceslam on Octagoncito goes well. Double bulldog on Lolita. Just choking and hair pulling for Fabi. Octagoncito evade a corner charge and quebradora con giros Psicosis, the women fighting with the other women. Fabi threatens Tirantes, check. Técnicos just run the rudos off for a bit. Psicosis and Fabi end up in and counter end up with Fabi taking a big toss to the floor. Octagoncito in to get in his armdrags, and Psicosis misses a dropkick in the corner to end him out. Octagoncito follows with a tornillo. Jennifer comes back in to dive on Fabi Apache. Lolita and Sexi evade, Lolita headscissors sends Sexi Star out, and Lolita follows with a silla off the apron. Back to the minis, Octagoncito sunset flip reversed into a powerbomb. Fabi Apache missile dropkicks Psicosis, Jennifer forearms her from behind. Corner charge meets headscissors, and Jennifer goes out. Jennifer and Psicosis huddle outside and take a Fabi plancha. That was a bit of digression to end up right back with Lolita and Sexi back in. Lolita has one more bit spot to get in – bottom rope headstand heads, then goes for a casita. Tirantes is nowhere there to count, Lolita argues, Sexi punches and powerbombs her. One two three.

Replays of spots after the match; they have so much time.

With the rudos celebrating and Fabi still checking on Lolita, La Parka walks to the ring to address the crowd. Rudos watch from the stage. La Parka says everyone wants to know why he and Octagon turned rudo. Security quietly hustles the técnicos out of there. La Parka says he kept his name thanks to himself, not to any of them. AAA exists thanks to him, and the people have not been thankful. Fan cheers LA Park over him, the fans chanted for Cibernético when he beat up his family and had his own brother turn on him. La Parka teamed with the Secta, and so AAA sent the Secta away. Parka has had enough. Parka rants at the Roldans for a while, and says this is the era of Parka. And then he leaves.

Bobby Rude promo.

Match 2: Extreme Tiger & Joe Lider vs Halloween & Nicho el Millionario in a hardcore rules match 
Arena Xalapa, 10/21/2011

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 10:03
Rating: eh
Notes: Nicho is very bald. Halloween's painted his skull green, so it doesn’t stick out as much. Rudos come out last but jump the técnicos. Piero is ref.

Chair shot to Lider really quick so he can start bleeding ASAP. More chair bits, and a nice DDT by Nicho on Lider. General beating to both técnicos. Giant swing/dropkick for Extreme Tiger. They go to break right before the comeback – you can hear it as they pan the crowd.

They pick up right before the comeback, Halloween spearing a chair in the corner when Lider moves, and Lider dropkicking Nicho. Backcracker to Lider, weird hammerlock backcracker to Nicho, Lider dropkicks Halloween out and follows with a springboard top rope moonsault, almost over shooting him. Lider gets a chair to hit Nicho, then sets it next to him for the Van Terminator. You know, that's usually a finish. Not here. Nicho grabs hies head and shakes his hands crazily. Chair shot the back. Lider looks around at the crowd, messes with his chair, and Nicho dropkick him. He's up and fine and crotch chopping now. Whip, head down too soon, Lider kicks it, then grabs Nicho for the 187 flatliner. Halloween breaks up the pin and chops Lider, but Tiger flips his partner to safety. Clotheslines miss, Tiger tossed up and down with a leg DDT. Corner whip reversal send with Halloween hitting the corner chest first, and Tiger landing a top rope legdrop at the wrong angle; no idea if he meant to do it, but Halloween wasn't facing the right way. Nicho slips back in to reverse DDT Tiger, Lider breaks that up. Lider is the only one bleeding, though Nicho's been checking his head for a blood. Lider does A Move, Halloween breaks up the pin, Halloween takes a kick and gives a bigger one back, Tiger breaks it up. I see how this is going. Tiger's move is a middle rope DDT (“super headlock!”) Tiger climbs up top, but Nicho just hits the ropes to trip Tiger up and off. Nicho spectacular misses a corner dropkick on Lider, Lider sets hi up top, Lider fights back, both stand on the top rope, Lider seem to legit loose his balance and falls of to the floor. He doesn't look good. Nicho just sits there and looks at him, and Tiger and Halloween pick up as if it all went well. Tiger sits Halloween on the top rope, but Nicho tosses him up into Halloween's spear. Rudos not interested in going for pins. Lider brought back in, chair laid on top of him, Halloween TKOs Tiger on top, rudos cover both, one two three.

Nicho pulls out spray paint to write – 187, I guess? - on Tiger and Lider

Rosita TNA promo.

Match 3: Electroshock & Heavy Metal vs Decnnis & Silver King 
Arena Xalapa, 10/21/2011

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 14:06
Rating: OK
Notes: Decnnis now is wearing a Phantom of the Opera half mask. Maniaco is out with the rudos and seems to be moving a little better this week. Heavy Metal only has Lokillo with him, but Lokillo has a guitar (which may be more useful than Nanyzh Rock.) Electroshock has apparently used his the cash prize from winning Copa Antonio Pena to buy some new gear. Pepe Casas is ref. Heavy Metal and Decnnis have an animated conversations while waiting for introductions; Metal doesn't quite see Decnnis on is level, and it's very obvious.

The match actually starts with them shoving each other, and Metal getting the better of that. Decnnis does get in armdrag, Metal avoids the next but Decnnis armdrags him from the ground. Decnnis very proud of himself, Metal is very annoyed. They have a discussion about it, and Metal gets in a cheap shot to the side. Metal wanders to close to Silver, who pulls him down by the hair and punches him when he stands up. Decnnis gets in a cheap forearm, coming from behind to sock him in the chin. Electro in, Silver rushes into Electro's knee (I guess, didn't look great) and Electro shoulderblocks Decnnis out. Electroshock runs the ropes, Decnnis trips him up from outside, Silver still misses the senton and Metal lands a slingshot elbow drop on him. Decnnis in, but right into Heavy's punch. Spear on Silver to send him out, and Metal causally kicks Decnnis out. Electro chases Decnnis all the way up to the stage. Metal watches and poses with Lokillo. Rudos regroup on the outside, técnicos tease double dives, minis tease fighting. They really don’t' want to fight, bu the técnicos keep egging Lokillo on. I don’t' think Maniaquito can actually do much here. He doesn’t either, so he scampers away to the rudos. That was a lot of not much.

Everyone regroups, and they're back to Metal and Decnnis in. Metal shoves Decnnis out of the way as he goes side to side for cheers, and then starts punching the rudo in the face. Decnnis comes back with chops. Of the ropes avoidance, Decnnis drops down, elbow drop to the back. Metal puts on a hold, Silver breaks it up with a dropkick, Electroshock scares him just by stepping the ring. Armdrags, quebradora con giro. Chops in the corner exchange. Run around the ring bit, sunset flip bit, head kick to the back. Electroshock gets his submission hold, and Decnnis break it up. Electroshock is not hurt, and tells Decnnis to keep kicking him. He does, to similar effect. Crowd shot, and now Electroshock is rolling out, grabbing his chest. How random. Decnnis, now scared, faces off with Metal again. Decnnis teases a lockup, but gets in kicks and punches to knocks Metal down. Tag to Silver, spinebuster of Metal, Metal's legs are picked up and Decnnis holds a chair in front of his backside so Silver can swing another chair into it. Chair to the gut, chair to the back for Metal. I have no idea why I'm writing so much of this match, but they were telling a good story for a few minuets here. General beatdown stuff from there. Rudos start to try a double team, then apparently decide and Decnnis just does a running splash. If they're going for the genuine feel of a two men who have never teamed before, they've captured it well. Rudos stomp down Metal in front of Lokillo, who is of no help. Metal makes the comeback after a long minute beatdown – corner charge evaded, clothesline for Silver, quebradora con giro for Metal. Maniaquito grabs Metal's leg, Lokillo grabs him. This time, they actually fight – Maniaquito drops down Lokillo and pounds him. Posing! Lokillo grabs the guitar and smacks Maniaquito in the head with it. Maniaquito goes down and rolls out. Heavy Metal is dying laughing in the corner. Silver chucks a chair on Metal to take him out, and Metal checks on him instead of going for revenge. Lokillo took a far worst shot, and that one's not getting replays. Maybe that's for the best. Silver tosses a chair to Metal, and tosses Decnnis into a dropkick into Metal. Chair shots again. Silver breaks the not really broken guitar over the top rope in Electro's general direction, then begs off. Decnnis and Metal kill time in another corner, then Decnnis runs out so he can take the hundred slaps spot from Electroshock. Clothesline misses, cutter, Decnnis goes out. Silver stops UG with a dropkick, still runs into a powerslam for two. More rope running, and Silver trips Electroshock into the rope for a Decnnis chair shot to the head. He's done for the moment. Silver and Metal slug it out, with Silver winning. Over head lift, Decnnis adding the flying legdrop. Decnnis piles the chairs onto Metal, and Silver lands a frog splash. One two three.

Metal hold his ribs while the técnicos celebrate.

Match 4: Fenix, Jack Evans, La Parka vs Billy el Malo, Cibernético, Escoria 
Arena Xalapa, 10/21/2011

Winner: Bizarros
Match Time: 12:09
Rating: really more of angle, but good one
Notes: Fenix does a water spitting bit that'll make Silver King angry. Unless he's Silver King. La Parka is second out, and refuses to dance. Jesus, apparently psychic, notes that Parka has changed his mask. The only problem is Parka is hiding his face from the camera, and the lights are flickering off. He's right, though – it's a color inverted version of his normal mask, now mostly black. Parka tries to intimidate fans up front, who are not at all intimidated. Jack shoves Parka entering the ring, and yells at him. Jack then turns his back on park, which gets him punched. Fenix and Jack take turns flipping for Parka's clotheslines, and Parka pounds out Jack. They've stopped playing jack's music, but haven't played the rudos music. Parka slams jack and bites the forehead. Parka gets bored, so they play the Bizarros music, and they rush out to get Parka. Parka flees. It seems like they're making the save, but no, Escoria and Billy stomp Jack and Fenix while Cibernético challenges Parka. Not too much different. Tirantes is ref.

Parka stands on the outside while the Bizarros beat up on the técnicos and occasionally yell down to Parka. Cibernético appears to be prohibited from going out after Parka on the floor – with his knees, this may be a real problem. Jack is pitched from the ring. Cibernético makes it all the way out to the apron, but Tirantes tops him. Parka is still trying to care about the fans – they're so scared, one of them is offering him their beers. Long crowd shots. Fenix is set up for a Cibernético spear, though we're only shown the tale end of it. Crowd is actually booing Cibernético this week. I'm not sure if that's what they want or not. They are beating up the técnicos 3 on 2. Fenix is thrown out, and Parka gives him a shot, then stands him up by the corner. Wheelbarrow DDT for Jack, Cibernético adding an elbow drop. Parka rolls Fenix back in for a kneelift. Billy backcracker for Jack. Cibernético leaves the ring to get to Park, but again Tirantes get it in the way. Cibernético comes back in and helps kick around Jack. Escoria top rope legdrop on Fenix. Parka yells at the announcers, who actually seem to be doing the announcing at ringside for the first time in a while. Fenix sneaks in a boost dropkick on Cibernético. Rudos kick him down, but Jack lands a springboard double a back elbow, and Fenix comes back in with a springboard dropkick on them both. Parka applauds. Técnicos are fired up, but oddly go out to stalk the rudos instead of trying dives. Oh, they want to talk to Parka about not being involved. Jack employs a lot of pointing. Parka goes in the ring, then steps right back out. Crowd boos. Jack ends up instead to chop back and forth with Escoria. Jack flip off Escoria's chest bit doesn't go well, flipping under a clothesline works better, and Escoria still puts him down with a heel kick. Jack flips himself to the apron on a corner whip, kicks Escoria away, front flips in off a springboard, and runs up the opposite corner for a headscissors. Dive fake pose. Billy and Fenix take turns posing. Evasiveness lead to Billy kicking Fenix in the head. Very obvious flip assist before Fenix gets in a headscissors. Fenix lands a Strong high kick to the head on Billy to knock him to the corner, ten front flips into the double heel kick in the corner. Dive fake pose, as Jack salaams Fenix from the outside. Escoria in, and getting a dropkick in on Fenix on the second time. Rudos are really trying hard on the Fenix chant; I'm pretty sure half this crowd doesn't know who this man is, so any bit helps. Their bit ends up with Fenix swing kicking Escoria off the apron, then stepping to the top rope for a moonsault tornillo. Jack sends Billy out with his spinning jumping toe kick, and follows with the handspring backflip tope con giro. That leaves – Cibernético and Parka, actually in the ring. Crowd is excited for this, and now totally behind Cibernético. Stare down – and Parka bails again. Jack yells at Parka to go in the ring, but parka won't. Now Parka will step in again. Shadow boxing, and now covering up in the ropes. Cibernético out, Fenix and Escoria in. Evasion, Escoria heel kick blocked and Fenix drops him with a reverse DDT. Fenix rolls him to a seated position - flying double knee drop to the face. Billy dropkick Fenix, sets up, takes a try or two, and drops him with a brainbuster. Jack breaks that up. Tirantes is busy with Escoria, who may need some help. Fishman's buster by Jack. No pin, he sees Cibernético coming. Dropkick to the knee! Jack is a smart man. Jack grabs Cibernético, but Parka comes in, spins Jack around and foul kicks him. Garra Cibernético there. No count by Tirantes, who's waving for help for Escoria but watching all of this. Billy knees Fenix questionably low and drops him with the Gori Bomb. Now Tirantes will count both – one two three.

The doctor and Billy help Escoria out, but not before Parka throws someone's shirt at them. Cibernético takes a long look at the ring before going back in, and smiles. Replays - which actually include lesser Jack/Fenix stops instead of their better ones.

and from the other show.

Match 5: Dr. Wagner Jr., Drago, Zorro vs Chessman, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, LA Park
Arena Xalapa, 10/21/2011

Winner: técnicos by DQ
Match Time: 19:44
Rating: okay, marred by injury
Notes: joined with the rudos having already attacked the técnicos before Wagner has even had a chance to take off his belt. Piero is ref.

3 on 3 brawling. Besides Perro on Wagner, Parka is slowly beating up Wagner and Chessman is on Drago. This doesn’t last much longer than clip. They're way more into camera changes on this show, though that may be a clipping issue. Not as much holding and hitting as wandering and hitting. Chairs get broken out after a couple minutes. Chessman holds Drago for a Perro chair shot to the back, except Chessman lets go a little bit to get out of the way, Drago gets his near arm up a little bit, and his elbow takes part of the impact. Drago's grabbing his elbow the rest of the way. Perro entertains himself by tying Wagner's mask. Park rushes behind the announcers desk to grab bucket to hit Zorro, then brings it in to hit Wagner. Drago is powerbombed onto the bucket, onto the open end for no particular reason. LA Park tries to put a hold on Drago's elbow, and them stomps on it a bunch. Piero is now alert to Drago being messed up. Park pulls off Drago's arm sleeve – Drago's elbow looks completely purple – and hits it with a chair (though pretty obviously hitting the bottom rope; that's totally fine here.) Drago shakes and spasms. Lots of clips here, then Chessman is going after Drago's mask. Rudos stip Zorro of his shirt and slap him hard. This is one long beatdown. Mesías finally makes a 1 on 2 comeback on La Park and Perro; feels like they're improvising a bit here. Wagner continues a quebradora on con giro on Perro, a backdrop on Chessman, an dragon screw for La park. Dragon back in with a flying headscissors on Park, then a boost headscissors on Chessman. Dropkick sends Perro out for good measure. Técnicos do the Wagner touch, then tease triple dives. Rudos duck, técnicos slide out and hit them all. Brawling back the other way. Chair shots for everyone. Crowd chants for Wagner, which Jesus translates to “Drago”. Fair enough. Lots more brawling and chair shots. Park fights it, but gets rammed face first into a chair. Perro uses a cameraman as a human shield, which leads to the visual of Wagner threatening you right thru the TV at home (and Perro shaking the camera no.) Break.

Wagner slams Perro on the stage. This is a long brawl. Zorro and Park go into the crowd. Drago pulls of a headscissors into a spinning DDT on Chessman. He's moving far better than a man with a messed up elbow should be doing. Lot of adrenalin. Everyone heads to their corners and park comes into deal with Drago. Spots are cut away from, which probably is not a good sign, but Drago headscissors Park out. Chessman back in, springboard push off into a casadora split legged faceslam. Chessman shoves off another try and superkicks Drago loudly. Pose. Drago leaned on the ropes, and slapped in the chest. Whip, Chessman fits Drago over his shoulder and drops him in front for a backbreaker over the knees. Zorro breaks up the pin. Front suplex, Park breaks up that pin. Slap, corner whip, Zorro gets his foot up, Park kicks him in the thigh, spins him around, and pulls him into a backcracker. Cover, and Wagner breaks that up. Wagner misses a corner charge, and Park hammers him down with a clothesline. Off the ropes, Wagner clotheslines caught and Wagner turns it into a big jumping DDT. Wagner covers to Perro can break it up. Perro looks around at the crowd, then dropkicks Wagner in the knee and puts on a casita. Drago breaks it up. Drago stomps and punches. Chops. Sunset flip reversals end with a Drago dropkick to the face, and Chessman has to make the save. Chessman misses a clothesline and is dropkicked out. Drago pescado – except Chessman totally doesn't catch him, and Drago's elbow bends the wrong way on impact. Ugly. Amazingly, Drago doesn't seem totally freaked out about it in the moment, though he's soon down with security checking on him. Everyone is aware enough that something happened that the match slows down with Perro and Wagner in for a while. They pick it back up with a chop fight, which appears to be the cue for Parka and Zorro to come in a and knock them both down. Drago is strechered out. Zorro and Park avoid hitting each other until Park powerslams Zorro two count. Replay shows Drago's elbow dislocating just grabbing the ropes for the pescado – it wasn't the impact at all, it was before he was on the way down. Zorro works over Park with his cane, then drops Perro with the quebradora con giro. Zorro picks up Perro, and the moves so Park can accidentally punch his partner. Inside cradle on Park, one two Perro breaks it up. Chessman appears to have vanished. Perro kicks Park by accident again, Park rolls out, Zorro's tope con giro on both is clipped in half, so something went wrong there. They show him running and jumping, and then cut away until he's landing he's landing. Totally odd. Perro and Wagner back in, Wagner trip, dropkick to the face, Perro out, and Wagner lands his apron tope con giro. Perro's t-shirt actually comes up as he falls backwards from the dive, revealing he's got a white undershirt underneath. No one's ever seeing that scar on his abdomen again. Chessman brings Wagner back in, and drops him with his own quebradora con giro. Fireman's carry drop, Chessman up top , moonsault misses, Wagner Driver, one two Park breaks it up. Crowd shot again. Park up top, jumping into Wagner's knees. Zorro back in, cradle on Park, Perro breaks it up. Perro whip, Zorro reverses, Perro uppercut fouls him. Wagner gets up to argues, and Park fouls him too and cradles him. I don't know how Piero is meant to miss this (a Drago dive that didn't happen?), but he does and counts the three for both pins. Oh, wait, he's calling the DQ after all.

Wagner calls out La Parka, and then laughs at him. That's just rude. Wagner challenges Parka to get in the ring and face him in front of his people. Park actually gets on the apron and steps in the ring, and they don't immediately fight. Jack, Fenix, Electroshock rush out to get Parka, who then runs off. Sociedad is just coming out when they pull away.