CMLL on CadenaTres #186 (06/25/2011) – LATV (07/16/2011)
Recapped: 07/18/2011

Match 1: Ángel Azteca Jr., Pegasso, Rey Cometa vs Hooligan, Nitro, Skándalo
Arena Mexico, 06/21/2011

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:27
Rating: eh
Notes: Ref is Tigre Hispano. Skándalo still exists in this universe.

1: Pairs are Nitro/Azteca, a vocal Skándalo/Pegasso and then there's a clip to Cometa already in with Skándalo. Cometa does the backflip headscissors – it's so weird he's doing it now and Palacio is not. Quick follow to the tornillo, going all the way to the floor. Other four all in, Azteca gets boosted into a 'rana on Skándalo and Pegasso struggles to go up and over on Hooligan – can't quite get the angle right.

2: Angel Azteca gets Skándalo with a nice walk up the ropes twisting spinning armdrag to send him out and end their exchange. Pegasso gets Nitro with a rope flip armdrag and a quebradora escape one. Hooligan – who has very orange hair this week – is working over Rey Cometa when there's a clip. Cut to get rid of ad, I guess. Pegasso takes the Nitro low blow elbow drop. Cometa is sat on the middle rope, and goes flying off a dropkick to the groin. Azteca is held up for a low blow dropkick, and that's it for him. Pegasso is also beat up before they go to a clip, so maybe there was a second in missed here.

3: Azteca is whipped down the ramp and hiptossed into the ring. Nitro spinebusters him, and Hooligan gets in the dropkick to the backside. Could use a bit more variety. Clip here. Pegasso is whipped into Skandalo's kick. Triple boot on Cometa. This is a tasteless, orderless version of the usual match. Sudden clip that seems to push the match past the comeback – the rudos are recovering in the corner, except for Skándalo dropping Pegasso with the package piledriver. And that's the end of him. Azteca gets Skándalo with a top rope armdrag, and fireman's drops him front of the corner. Azteca signals to Cometa to do the 450, but is quickly busy getting backdrop and dropkicked by the other two. Cometa waits, tries, miss, rolls thru and gets chopped down anyway. Cometa hung in the ropes, and Hooligan quickly adds the guillotine senton. Referee starts counting the pin even though the people covering him are stepping thru the ropes. Skándalo yells at the ref, and the rudos put on a triple submission for the win.

Match 2: Blue Panther, Fuego, Sangre Azteca vs Dr. X, Ephesto, Felino
Arena Mexico, 06/21/2011

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:05
Rating: eh
Notes: Rudos are already holding the ring as they pick up. Ref is Pompin.

1: No special focus early on. Felino makes Pompin help him take off his orange garbage man shirt. Rudos are in charge, and then there's a sudden clip to Panther holding Ephesto in the middle of the ring for Sangre Azteca's low blow dropkick. Replay shows we missed a Fuego tope con giro onto Dr. X.

2: Fuego, mask already untied, goes after Dr. X's mask in much the same way. doesn’t get it off, but does dropkick him and follow him out. It's Sangre and Dr. X who get in a chop fight for some reason, then suddenly all the rudos are beating up Sangre and throwing him into the crowd. Sangre gets up and fights again, and the rudos throw him to the técnicos. Clip. Panther offense sets up another Sangre Azteca low blow dropkick, and I'm about done with that spot. Dr. X dropkick Sangre out, and Fuego comes in with a springboard dropkick on him. Fuego goes flying on a backdrop and Dr. X unties the rest of Fuego's mask, but Fuego battles free and goes for Dr. X's mask. Dr. X rallies, backdrops Fuego to the floor. Panther in, quebradoras for Dr. X, 'rana turned into a powerbomb, and Dr. X puts Panther in a tirabuzón for a submission!

Clip. Sangre and Dr. X exchange chops and forearms. Sunset flip bit ends up with Sangre dropkick for a two count. Ephesto breaks it up, Sangre 'rana on him, one two NO. Felino rushes in and kicks Sangre in the face, then leaves. Sangre spinebusters Ephesto, reaches down, Ephesto Roll, one two Sangre kicks out. Sangre of the ropes, clothesline misses, Ephesto dropkick misses, Sangre rolls out, and Ephesto of course topes him. Fuego in, Felino misses the springboard elbow, Fuego casadora cradle one two three.

Dr. X and Fuego in. Fuego quebrada, one two NO. Fuego springboard into a 'rana one – and Dr. X pulls the mask for the DQ. That's straight falls. Dr. x stomps Fuego while he gets his arm raised.

Karla narrates a Rey Bucanero package to set up..

Match 3: Hijo del Fantasma vs Rey Bucanero for the NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 06/21/2011

  1. Fantasma cross armbreaker (1:05)

  2. Tormenta Bucanero (1:12)
  3. Buca Storm (12:39)

Winner: Rey Bucanero
Match Time: 14:56
Rating: very good
Notes: Seconds are Bronco and Fuego, who has not bothered to retie his mask. Dr. X should come out during the match and pull it off again.- Referee is Terror Chino

1: Match is joined with Bucanero on the outside, and Fantasma joining him – with a big old tope! The two brawl on the ground while we're treated to the matchup graphic. Referee has broken them up, and Fantasma waits inside for Bucanero. Bucanero fights him off the from the apron, and drops him with a slingshot frontcracker. Senton one two NO Fantasma cradle one two NO. clotheslines reversed and up with Fantasma latching on an Alberto del Rio cross armbreaker for the submission. Done like that.

2: They're going right from the bell, though nothing big until Fantasma sends Rey flying with a monkey flip, then pulls another one in the corner. Quebradora, quebradora, quebradora. Rey is in trouble here. Crowd is not appreciative of Fantasma. Fantasma leaves the ring, jogs up the ramp, runs back – and Bucanero drops down to avoid the lariat. Fantasma rolls thru, but Rey hooks him in the triple backbreaker – announcers exclaim that this is the Tormento Bucanero- which ends with an inverted slam this time. One two three. Tied up quick. This is an Ultimo Guerrero promotion!

3: Again, going even before the bell. They quickly end up on the apron, where Bucanero forearms Fantasma, backs up, charge, and takes the crazy monkey flip to the floor from there. Bucanero gets back in, for a dive, but Terror Chino cuts him off and gives the stop sign. Terror Chino turns to count out Bucanero, and Fantasma takes the opening – Running tope con giro over the ref and into Bucanero. Replays. Both guys seem to have support, at leas far as chants. Fantasma takes it in first, poses on the middle rope, and gets dropkicked in his ankles by a rushing Bucanero. Bucanero Fantasma with some weak kicks while Fantasma is on the ground, but Fantasma blocks one, clotheslines him, and holds on to Rey's head as they fall in – anaconda vice? Referee rules Bucanero shoulders are down and counted. One two no. Fantasma with chest kicks, Bucanero catches the third, Fantasma into a ‘rana, one two NO. A bit early for this just to be simply near falls. Bucanero up first and kicking Fantasma. Corner whip, Fantasma blocks it, Rey tries again, Fantasma goes with it, Rey right behind him, Fantasma turns and corner sunset flip, reversed, Rey grabs the middle rope, one two big kickout, sending Rey into the corner. Fuego is hot about the ref missing the ref grab. Rey wants a faster count. Fantasma limps across ring, back to the corner they started. Corner whip back, Fantasma gets up his legs, Rey spins him into the ropes and pulls him in the backcracker. Fantasma scoots under the ropes, and Rey dropkick him out to the floor. Bucanero now the one walking up the aisle. Rey positions himself, sprints, and nails Fantasma with a stage drive tope con giro. Replays, lots of them. Back live, Fantasma cradles in, Bucanero heads up, and Fantasma cuts him off with a punch. Fantasma super armdrag one two NO. Fantasma takes a look, head to the apron, waves for support, puts one foot on the second rope, looks out to the crowd, and gets kicked by Bucanero. Bucanero climbs up form the inside of the ring, gutbuster on the turnbuckle spots till isn't looking good, but Bucanero leaves him hanging to add a running dropkick, then covers one two NO. Crossface, Fantasma shaking his hand no, and grabbing the bottom rope – but Fantasma just spins him over and rolls Fantasma backwards the center of the ring. There's a little problem of Fantasma's legs being on the ropes, but Bucanero doesn't let that stop him. Bucanero adjusts, pulls Fantasma forward, and puts on a crossface camel clutch. Fantasma wont' give, so Bucanero stand sup and hooks him in an okie roll, one two NO. Rey Bucanero grabs Terror Chino by his chest, Fantasma grabs him in an inside cradle, one two no. Fantasma kicks Bucanero in the shins, casita one two NO. Fast falls here – casadora cradle one two NO. Fantasma 'rana, one two NO. Now they're dead on the mat. Bucanero supporters are louder. Bucanero up a and pounding Fantasma. Off the ropes, charge, and Fantasma belly to belly suplexes him over the ropes, onto the ramp. Big thud there. Bucanero slides down, and Bronco helps him walk around the ring. Fantasma decides to take out both – but Bucanero move sand leaves Bucanero to dive on a huge bullet tope. Nice one. Replays show Bucanero being sent over the front row. Fantasma makes it straight in, Bucanero goes around, and Fantasma topes Bucanero into fans who were totally not expecting it. They, and Bucanero, get crushed. Fantasma makes it in first, though Bronco seems to help Bucanero out of the crowd a bit. Fantasma runs again – THRID TOPE! Three different sides of fans being knocked silly by an ex-pirate being driven in to them by a high rate of speed. This is a lot like Villano V/Blue Panther, but works better. Replay of that one too. Fantasma is out of side to dive to, but Bucanero may want to go around to the ramp to be sure. Bucanero zombie walks back into the ring –and Fantasma superkicks him right back out! Fantasma strips off his shirt, climbs to the apron, and heads up – moonsault onto Bucanero! Fantasma is looking like a star here. Fantasma climbs in, Bucanero tries to climb in but hits the side of the ring and falls down. Bucanero exchanges him to get back in, and Fantasma immediately back bridges Bucanero into a pin one two NO. Bucanero may be in a walking stupor. Well, laying stupor. Fantasma rallies for support, lifts Bucanero up, fireman's drops him in the center of the ring, heads to the apron, slaps the buckle, top rope 'rana turned into a powerbomb one two NO. Crowd thought that was it, so did the announcers. I don’t think Karla can take much more of this. Crowd way into this. Both guys slow up. Bucanero to one knee, Fantasma rolling to the apron. Punches by Bucanero, taunt, and turn into Fantasma's swing kick. Fantasma runs up the ramp, hops, runs back, Phantom Lariat connects! Announcers are in mourning. One two TH-NO. Fantasma takes one has one second of shock, then runs to the ropes. Back, under a clothesline, casadora revered into Buca Storm – one two THREE. Crowd goes crazy. Announcers go past that.

Bucanero (and Bronco) celebrate, and Fantasma is attended to by doctors.

Match 4: Ángel de Oro, La Sombra, Strong Man vs Mr. Niebla, Rey Escorpion, Shinsuke Nakamura
Arena Mexico, 06/21/2011

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:20
Rating: ok
Notes: Entrances. Zacarias is with Niebla. Nakamura is actually using Beat It! Well, awesome. Ref is Tigre Hispano.

1: Sombra/Escorpion are mostly equal until Rey Escorpion takes a big monkey flip out. Sombra/Nakamura is clipped to Sombra taking a hanging kneelift. Angel de Oro/Nakamura does not last long and goes poorly. Niebla slaps Oro and celebrates. Rey Escorpion tries to warn him about the big scary man behind him, but Niebla doesn't find out until he backs into him. Long discussion between the rudos about who takes Strong Man. Niebla stalls quite a bit, tries a German suplex, fails, gets crushed. Rudos make the save when Strong Man tries the head crush, and the beatdown, as it were, starts there. Niebla & Nakamura mange a double suplex on the big man, and Escorpion adds a top rope splash, but Escorpion kicks out of that and rolls out. Nakamura gives Angel de Oro an inverted exploder suplex. Escorpion is not sure if he's supposed to do a move or cover, and decides to cover. Rey Escorpion's WME finishes Sombra.

2: Beatdown is barely Strong Man proof – he does the corner whip reversal to splash Niebla when the other two dodge. Clip covers up the middle of the comeback, but Sombra is quickly headscissorsing out Rey Escorpion and leveling Nakamura with a tope. Angel de Oro does his dive out the other way, and that leaves Niebla and Strong Man. Niebla can not slam Strong Man, but Strong Man can slam Niebla. Middle rope splash one two three.

3: Replay of Niebla trying to get to Karla, and Karla barely escaping. Sombra gets his showcase on Rey Escorpion, and Nakamura seems to get his own Angel de Oro until Oro finally starts ducking his shots and gets in the superkick. Rey Escorpion comes in for the most complicated stuff. Niebla slaps around Angel de Oro, does the Niebla dance, and has a little problem catch all of the spit. Angel de Oro superkicks him from the apron, Niebla gets hung in the ropes, and accidentally pulls Zacarias on top of him to knock them both to the floor. Clip to Strong Man and Escorpion, a bad time for Escorpion. Powerslam for Nakamura and Niebla is chopped around and chokeslammed. Sombra back in, headscissors for Niebla and a tope con giro to take him out. Strong Man ducks a Nakamura swing kick and puts him in the torture rack. Rey Escorpion tries to break it up with kicks, Strong Man is unaffected, Angel de Oro gets him with a plancha and then a casadora into a mercedora. Strong Man finishes his slam, and that's it.