CMLL on Teleformula #52 (06/19/2011) 
Recapped: 06/26/11

Announcers are JCR & Felino.

Match 1: Goya Kong, Lluvia, Luna Mágica vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Tiffany
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 05/31/2011

  1. técnicas

  2. rudas
  3. técnicas

Winner: tecnicas
Match Time: 8:19
Rating: bleh
Notes: Amapola cuts Lluvia off before she can get in the ring, but they clip away before anything can happen. Refs are Samuari and Loco.

1: Tiffany/Goya dance contest is better than Tiffany getting squashed by Tiffany. Good sized crowd today. Luna/Blanca only has one noticeable clip. Lluvia start off well versus Amapola, goes down hill, but does land the apron plancha fine. Luna whips the other rudas into Goya to be knocked down and they finish up from there.

2: They clip the start of the fall to leave in the jumping card girl, then go right to the beatdown. Goya Kong runs the ropes so slowly. All to set up Amapola's flying sit. Corner charges for Lluvia, including one loud slap. Corner charges for Luna, including Tiffany's corner sit. Goya's cornered, and the other técnicas are submitted.

3: Spinebuster and legdrop for Goya. Lluvia is punched. Luna is kicked. Goya runs thru a double clothesline and lands one of her own to start the comeback. Luna chokes Blanca with a thunderstick (maybe?) on the outside for a lone time. Lluvia lands a pump splash on Tiffany. Goya goes up for one of her own, but Amapola yanks off Lluvia's mask first and punches her about the face for a bit. DQ, which just means Amapola switches to stomps a bit. Lluvia yells at Amapola while we see replays

Match 2: Metro vs Rey Escorpion
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 05/31/2011

  1. Escorpion sit down powerbomb (1:34)

  2. Metro German suplex (1:22)
  3. DQ Escorpion (5:00)

Winner: Metro (2-1)
Match Time: 7:56
Rating: eh
Notes: Escorpion decides to punch Metro as he's coming to the ring and toss him in. This actually works for him! Referee is the referee who's name I don't know.

1: Snap mare, dropkick to the head. Escorpion carefully fits Metro up, crotches him on the ropes, and chops him, and heads up. Escorpion in no hurry here. Springboard wheel kick kinda almost gets there. Slingshot tope con giro onto Metro onto the floor. Back on the apron, Escorpion tries to post Metro, but Metro clotheslines him and goes up top – big plancha. Metro up, but Escorpion knocks him back down with a clothesline. Sit down powerbomb, one two three.

2: Rey Escorpion slaps and chops Metro. He tries for a pin off a chop, this does not work. Scoop, slam, cover one no. Escorpion argues the count and threatens referee violence. I don't think that's helping. Corner whip, Escorpion charges in, no one home. Escorpion charges out, Metro grabs him and throws him back into the corner. Escorpion sits down, and Metro squashes him with the rolling back press. Metro waits for Escorpion to get up and staggers backwards, Metro stands there waiting, Escorpion turns his head around partly to give Metro a look, Metro walks walks over and sort of kicks him, then definitely German suplexes him, one two three. Replays.

3: Chop fight, lead to Metro coming off the ropes. Cartwheel, giant armdrag. Stomp. Flashy elbow drop one t-no. Crowd chanting towards each other and not paying much attention. Escorpion kicks Metro to the ropes, Metro sets up near the ropes for a backdrop, and Escorpion charges into it. Escorpion flipped to the floor, Metro slowly runs for a dive and eats a swing kick. Escorpion takes his time getting back up to the apron. Metro punch blocked, Escorpion slaps him away and pulls him down by the mask. Metro sort of kips up and superkicks Escorpion off the apron. Metro backs up the ramp, starts running, and pulls of his ramp tope con giro. Replays. Metro in, Rey Escorpion yelling at fans and coming in. Metro off the ropes, 'rana, one two NO. Metro argues the count, Rey Escorpion inside cradle one two no. Rey Escorpion squeezes in a kick, slams Metro, and covers again. Escorpion up, waiting for Metro up, and now Metro is too strong for his Escorpion's clothesline to knock him down. A kick knocks Metro into the ropes, Metro charge again, Escorpion flips him to the apron – Metro follows with a strong tope. Replays Metro waits in the ring, Escorpion charges him, Metro kicks him away, Escorpion charge again, clothesline misses, Escorpion casadora reversed into a wheel barrow suplex, one two no. Metro complains about the count again, and Escorpion clotheslines him. Sit down powerbomb, one two no. crowd not into this at all. Clip, Rey Escorpion is suddenly on the ropes, Metro super armdrag him out, one two kickout. Metro causally ducks under a clothesline, press slam, Rey Escorpion drops free on his feet, knocked the referee down. Metro goes for the German suplex, but Rey Escorpion heel kick fouls him, ref recovers, one two three.

Match 3: La Sombra, Strong Man, Toscano vs Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero, Shinsuke Nakamura
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 05/31/2011

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:41
Rating: okay
Notes: Zacarias is with Niebla. Strong Man looks thru the TV screen at me, it's very creepy. Refs are Samurai & Loco.

1: Match starts out with Strong man choking Niebla for no reason. Brawl starts out, with the técnicos oddly winning. Nakamura makes his own comeback on Toscano. Sombra and Bucanero disappear, then pop back in the ring just in time for the Bucanero Destroyer. Rudo fans are happy.

2: Bucanero and Strong Man end up deep in the crowd for some reason. Técnicos must've done something to Zacarias, because Bucanero returns to the ring to rescue him. Zacarias runs around the ring to get away from Strong Man – I think it's because the rudos ended up in a different corner than he thought. A lot of wandering around by the people in the match, no one really taking control for awhile until Bucanero takes it upon himself to attack a distracted Strong Man. Bucanero's shirt pays the price, but the rudos gang up on the big man. Corner whip, Toscano flipped to safety, Sombra flipped to safety, Strong Man shoulderblocks all the rudos. Plancha on the the Mexico rudos, and Toscano (in an unusual method) and Bucanero get quick wins.

Sombra and Bucanero brawl into the crowd while Strong Man just walks around the ring a bit. Camera sticks with the guy just walking around.

3: No one wants to fight Strong Man. Niebla gets chokeslammed. Bucanero rips his own shirt to prove he can take Strong Man's chop, and gets leveled by them. Nakamura gets in a kick, but he and Bucanero's attempt to suplex Strong Man is blocked, and Strongman shoulderblocks them both. Toscano gets the better of Nakamura, Niebla slaps Toscano around and catches his spit, Toscano sends him out with a flying armdrag and gets Bucanero with a cutter. That one needs some work. Zacarias accidentally dropkicks Bucanero trying to break up the pin, and Bucanero and Zacarias almost come to blows. They have issues, but Zacarias yells at Bucanero enough to get him to leave – and to allow Toscano to kick down the parrot from behind. Nakamura gets Sombra with his big kick, but misses the corner charge and is dropkicked out. Other rudos rush Sombra, but bumble their way into Niebla kissing Bucanero. Headscissors sends Niebla out to join Bucanero, Zacarias tries to cut off a dive, and Sombra kicks him off the apron into Bucanero. Bucanero and Niebla play catch with the parrot, Niebla sets him down, Toscano pescados Niebla, Sombra lands an Asai on Bucanero. Strongman and Nakamura in, Strong Man Torture Rack quickly ends it. Other rudos are counted out.