CMLL on Teleformula #48 (05/22/2011)
Recapped: 05/26/11

No announcer stand up this week! Straight to the ring. Announcers are JCR, Felino and Bucanero.

Match 1: Hijo del Fantasma, Máximo, Valiente vs Ephesto, Mephisto, Olímpico
Arena Puebla, 05/16/2011

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 22:39
Rating: okay
Notes: Rudos enter as a group. Attendance looks so much better on every side than the one they show. Tiger Hispano is ref.

1: Valiente and Olímpico start on the mat. It's very much all Valiente, with arm and wrist holds, until Olímpico finds his way into a surprise mecedora. Valiente is able to escape in time, but they battle over bridging pins from there. Things pick up with a corner whip reversal. Olímpico flips Valiente over on his stomach, puts his legs around his own head and holds Valiente down by his knees. Valiente pulls himself up on the ropes, to get a headscissors. Olímpico spins Valiente around when they get up, faceoff, and tags. Some applause. Fantasma and Mephisto. Exchange, and they get some applause. Mephisto and Fantasma also do mat work, though they don't get as far with it. Fantasma armdrags him a couple times to finish up. Máximo/Ephesto is actually and surprisingly all serious. You don't expect serious from a man with a pink tail. Máximo does twirl after escaping a sunset flip. Headscissors sends Ephesto out, Máximo backs up towards Olímpico on the apron, and dives off with a plancha on Ephesto. Other four in, bit of an exchange, and the rudos take it.

2: Mephisto and Valiente are fast paced but even. Fantasma and Olímpico last a little longer, oddly just pose after Fantasma misses a dropkick. Ephesto does not like how he keeps getting stuck with Máximo, but offers a handshake. Máximo eventually accepts, hugs, and touches inappropriately. Máximo off the ropes, Mephisto cuts him down with a kick, and the beatdown starts there. Slaps and kicks and Máximo being embarrassed. Not as much going as with the early mat work. Olímpico sexually harasses Máximo. Fantasy comes back with a headscissors of a whip on Mephisto but Ephesto kicks him out and nothing comes of it right away. Valiente steps in, yells, looks to have a fist fight with Ephesto, and is attacked from behind by Olímpico. Ephesto goes crazy with knife edge chops on Valiente. Mephisto taunts Máximo into coming in, then directs Tiger Hispano to keep him out. Valiente kips up and out, Olímpico grabs Valiente, double chop by Ephesto and Máximo gets Olímpico, armdrag for Ephesto, clothesline for Mephisto. Ephesto sits Valiente on the top rope, but Valiente pulls him down by his mask and gets Mephisto with a headscissors. The other two comeback in, though Valiente doesn't really need nay help, and every on gets a finish.

3: Fantasma de-shirts for his showcase. Bit with Ephesto is okay, Olimpico's slippery head is now a reoccurring bit, Mephisto has an oddly long windup before going for his kick to the head post sunset flip, Fantasma misses and ends up with the superkick. Fantasma runs around posing before covering. One two hand on the rope. Fantasma grabs that hand, one two the other hand on the ropes. One two Mephisto turns and puts a foot on the ropes. Fantasma gives upon that. Máximo is much more melody hits time. He clear out the técnicos the same side, setting up tripe topes (though Máximo waits until the other two dive to try his own – not a lot of room!) Máximo back in for a couple quick pins of Mephisto, but Máximo makes the safe. Ephesto puts Máximo in the Safarina (!) but Tiger Hispano decides to count Maximo's shoulders down. Ephesto is displeased. Ephesto puts Máximo in a less dangerous, but less entertaining hold, and Fantasma walks in and kicks him in the head. One two th-no. Fantasma fireman's carry drop, tequila sunrise! Olímpico's turn to break it up, putting on a dropkick, Fantasma rolls out, and Valiente surprises Olímpico with a plancha. Valiente flips around, gets caught on a ‘rana, and Ephesto and Mephisto dropkick Olímpico as he hangs there. Máximo and Fantasma dive in to break it up. Clip? Valiente in with the rudos now, triple powerbomb, one two three.

Rudos are not paying attention, and I guess Valiente isn't the captain, but Máximo and Fantasna knocks them all out of the ring. Máximo TOPES Olímpico. Clip again!. Mephisto & Fantasma in, Mephisto flapjack and a kick to the head. No hurry here. Ephesto is back in, but just watching so far. He helps stand up Fantasma. Whip, double clothesline, Fantasma boosted into a 'rana on Ephesto, Mephisto doesn’t notice, one two three. Next pinfall iwns. it.

Clip again? Fantasma gives Mephisto two quebradora con giros. Mephisto sticks in, but Fantasma take a moment to rest. Fantasma 'rana, Mephisto powerbomb, feet on the bottom rope, one two no. Máximo is arguing from the apron. Mephisto misses a clothesline, Fantasma shoulderblocks him, off the ropes, Olímpico grabs an ankle, Fantasma turns around to argue, turns back, kick, Devil's Wings. One two three.

Máximo sure is in a hurry to leave.

Match 2: La Máscara, La Sombra, Máscara Dorada vs Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
Arena Puebla, 05/16/2011

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:39
Rating: okay
Notes: Tirantes is ref. Zacarias is with Negro and Niebla. Atlantis forearms Sombra out of the ring and rams him into the post before the match can even begin. Beating on the outside, then Atlantis ditches the técnico to come back in. Dorada checks on Sombra while La Máscara stands and points. Sombra storms back in, but once again his fellow rudos are blocking Sombra from getting to Atlantis.

1: Atlantis dos a fine job of mocking Sombra while Sombra can't get to it. When they finally get everyone to their corners, it's Dorada and Negro Casas. Dorada goes to kneelifts, Dorada takes him down for a leg hold, Dorada to a cross armbreaker, and negro out to waistlock. This allows Dorada to flip to his feet and armdrag Negro away. Circle. Lockup, hammerlock, Dorada headlock, Negro headlock, out into a leg pick, standoff. Negro flips Dorada over his hip to the mat. Wristlock on the mat, holding Dorada down for a two count. Dorada gets Negro in a headscissors, Negro squirms free and goes to a front facelock. Both back up, Negro miss a clothesline, Dorada lands a springboard armdrag. Out he goes. Niebla in and slapping Dorada down. Corner whip. Dorada kicks Niebla away, Dorada sunset flip, Niebla rolled back towards the técnicos corner, and Máscara flies in with an armdrag. Atlantis broadsides him with a forearm, and Sombra in on his rival with a springboard plancha. Running headscissors, out goes Atlantis, but Niebla cuts off Sombra's dive attempt with a kick. Beatdown? Yes, Sombra knocked down and Máscara tied in the ropes. Atlantis goes after Sombra's bad left elbow, I guess it's still bad. Atlantis likes tying Sombra in the ropes today, he finds many different ways to do it. Niebla goes after La Mascara's mask because why not. La Mascara’s mask actually gets lapped off his head, but he puts it back on without Tirantes noticing. The other rudos hold La Mascara for Niebla to slap around a bit. Zacarias gets in a cheap shot too! Sombra's punched around the head bit. Negro kicks Dorada around ringside. The old guys are trashing the young trios champs right now. Niebla holds La Mascara for a Zacarias dropkick, but Mascara reaches out and slaps the parrot down. Niebla holds Mascara in a camel clutch so Zacarias can get his revenge. Niebla takes out Mascara with a back elbow (or Mascara takes himself out), and the other rudos submit Dorada to a variant of the Destructora – as Bucanero points out!

2: Rudos still in control – for seconds, until La Mascara flips Atlantis to the apron on a corner charge, and Sombra yanks him to the floor to start brawling. Niebla charges Mascara, Mascara sidesteps and traps him, Negro charges, Mascara boots him. Superkick for negro, Niebla slaps Máscara, Dorada springboard dropkicks Máscara. Atlantis in (after a pause) and kicking down Dorada. Sombra in to confront him. Atlantis shoves Sombra down, but he kips right back up. Clothesline misses, Sombra with a rope bounce armdrag. Dive - no, Negro cuts him off, and Niebla would’ve if Negro didn’t. Mascara at negro, campana there, Dorada with a tope rope quebrada there. Sombra and Atlantis come back in, but Atlantis bails and runs to the back.

Mr. Niebla runs from Mascara too, but those two brawl in the crowd.

3: Dorada and Negro start, Dorada flip to the corner but coming back with a triple bounce armdrag. Niebla charges in, misses a clothesline, flips Dorada to the apron and slaps him to the floor from there. Niebla spit catch! Didn't get much height on it, but nice catch. Mascara waits for Niebla on the apron, and does his dance to annoy him. Mascara swings, misses, and takes as wing kick. Niebla staggers all around. Crowd chanting something before they start fighting. Strike change, Mascara hits pause to take of his shirt, Niebla miss a clothesline, Mascara lands the superkick. Zacarias in and kicking! And dancing! And strutting! And hopping – that was too much, Mascara kicks him down. Atlantis rushes in and forearms Mascara, but rushes right out when Sombra hops in. Sombra fired up. Crowd chanting Sombra. Sombra off the ropes, flipping over them, running into an Atlantis quebradora, running into another quebradora. Atlantis is proud of himself. Going after the mask! Sombra kicks Atlantis away. Atlantis charges, into a quebradora from Sombra. Sombra goes for the mask, and now Tirantes is getting himself involved to make sure that doesn’t happen. Sombra argues with him, Atlantis grabs Sombra into as snap mare, and holds him down to untie the mask. Tirantes busies himself arguing with the técnicos. Sombra tries to squirm free, but it’s not happening. Sombra get to his feet, and snap mares Atlantis. Atlantis shrugs of the change to untie, Sombra tries again, and Tirantes pulls him off. Sombra thinks about punching Tirantes, Atlantis inside cradle, fast one two NO. Sombra kind of kicks Atlantis in the head while kicking out, but is more aggravated with Tirantes. Shove, but nothing comes of it. Bucanero thinks it should be a DQ. Sombra goes up and down Atlantis into an armdrag, then does the easiest looking tope con giro ever, just diving over the top rope into Atlantis. Dorada flipping in, and Negro hits him with a spinning heel kick. Dorada claims foul, and that was kind of close. Snap mare, Negro going up? Dorada jumps up and dropkicks Negro the floor. Pescado follows. Mascara and Niebla in last, at least of now. Chop battle, Niebla goes for a foul, mascara bocks, Niebla pulls off the mask and small packages Mascara. One two three. Snappy count, and of course Tirantes 'missed' the mask pull. He's very emphatic in raising Niebla's arm for the win.

Rudos are all very satisfied with themselves.