CMLL on Televisa #1029 (05/22/2011) 
Recapped: 05/16-22/11

Show starts (late) with the usual run down of all the matches. Promos by Delta and

Match 1: Metal Blanco, Palacio Negro, Stuka Jr. © vs Euforia ©, Shigeo Okumura, Yoshihashi
Arena Mexico, 05/13/2011

  1. rudas

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:36
Rating: good
Notes: No entrances. Rafael el Maya is referee.

1: Stuka and Yoshihashi fight over waistlock, and Okumura takes over on Stuka, but eats a jumping snap mare. Palacio Negro hops in, gets armdragged. They have trouble with a roll, but Palacio Negro has no trouble flipping out of the snap mare. Seems about right. Armdrags, standoff. They keep going, Okumura getting kneelift, and armbar and a tag. Euforia in to try a sunset flip, Palacio rolls thru, but the dropkicks misses. Palacio is able to armdrag the big man to the ropes, but gets flipped to the apron and takes a stunner onto the ropes. Remember when Euforia used to be amusingly lean? Not a problem nowadays. Euforia poses, but eats a Metal Blanco springboard headscissors. Blanco runs up the ropes and off with of ‘rana, but Euforia blocks it, lifts him back up, and powerbombs him down one two Stuka makes the save. Stuka flipping run include a bit o a flips, Euforia grabs him, Japanese try a double clothesline, Stuka ducks and Euforia takes it. Japanese kick down Stuka, but Stuka’s partner springboard dropkicks them. Dives? Two nice topes, but Euforia cuts off Stuka before he can go out. Stuka goes for a casadora, but get dropped in a modified side slam. Pumphandle, lift, Euforica Special. Stuka gives to the armbar. Fall to the rudos.

Camera always finds the Asians when the Asians are the ring.

Show open!

Tania talks to Negro Casas about reaching 31 years of wrestling. They're standing in front of wall of Negro Casas souvenirs and posters and such. And another break.

2: Stuka is reluctant to come in, which is smart, since the rudo have decided to start the beatdown now that they've won a fall. Stuka is stood and talked to in the corner for quite a while. Corner whip, Euforia tries to break a speed record for the missing a corner charge, Yoshihashi dropkick him out, Metal Blanco springboard splashes Yoshihashi, Yoshihashi goes to chop and gets his friend. Yoshihashi is sad. Stuka goes up – deadman's plancha on Euforia. Metal Blanco trips Yoshihashi in to the ropes, and Palacio Negro comes in with a springboard flip legdrop, because the flip helps. That's one pin. Blanco top rope senton con giro on Okumura for the other.

CMLL Informa: Shocker is rehabbing his leg, will be out a month more.

And that's it.

3: Stuka and Euforia start, Euforia dropping Stuka with a boot to the head. Euforia whips him again, but gets hiptosses. Stuka planted on the top rope, flipping off, off the ropes, back with a back elbow. Monkey flip, but Stuka bounces off the ropes to his feet, and runs into a springboard flip armdrag. Flipping run as a dive tease. Blanco springboard front flips in to deal with Okumura. Metal Blanco ends up with a walk up the ropes and stand on them headscissors before his own flipping dive fake. Yoshihashi has almost lost all his face paint. Chest slap fight. Shoulderblock drops Yoshihashi, Palacio under a leapfrog, over into the handstand walk, into the flip headscissors. Out goes Yoshihashi. Palacio celebrates, gets his head taken off by Euforia's clothesline. Body slam, and Euforia's going up! This is a bad idea. Stuka yells at Euforia from outside, but Euforia's going slow all on his own. Palacio Negro races up to fight Euforia on the buckles. Superplex would be impressive, but Euforia isn’t going to let it happen. Metal Blanco come over to help, and they both go with Euforia. Japanese rush over - stacked up superplex spot. Stuka off the top – but Euforia gets his feet up to block the splash! Japanese cover the tapatios, one two NO. Everyone pulling themselves up, técnicos up first and pointing to the crowd. Euforia is really slow up. The two rudos miss clotheslines and are dropkicked out. Euforia sidesteps Stuka’s dropkick, then Stuka just dropkicks and gets him that time. Técnicos run – tripe tope con giro! That looked great.

Yoshihashi and Palacio back in, Palacio with his headstand rope flip moonsault, Maya slow to get in position to cover one two Yoshihashi has the bottom rope. Palacio can't believe it. Clothesline misses, Yoshihashi back, clotheslines lands. Yoshihashi fired up! He's going to do it! Scoop into a powerslam, one two three! HE DID IT!

Yoshihashi celebrates – and Metal Blanco lands on him with a plancha. 'rana, one two three. Ah, back to normal.

Okumura loads up his forearm while Metal Blanco is looking the wrong way. Clothesline misses, Metal Blanco dropkicks him out. Blanco takes a look, runs, up the ropes, and off with a moonsaults to the floor. Blanco's back hit the seat of a chair very hard, he looks in a pin. Captains in. Stuka with a reverse rolling waistlock, holding on in a reverse facelock for a – well, I think Stuka thought it was a reverse spinning DDT, but Euforia did not, and just kind of flips the wrong way. Stuka wastes no time going up – top rope splash one two three.

Doctors check on Euforia as the técnicos celebrate.

Tania talks to Negro Casas about Forjando un Idolo. Negro's happy with his group. They both talk up Hijo del Signo.

Match 2: Delta vs Rey Escorpion in a Forjando un Idolo quarterfinal match
Arena Mexico, 05/13/2011

Winner: Delta
Match Time: 11:00
Rating: okay
Notes: Shocker has gone with a gray suit tonight. The inability to find a clean version of Delta and (Rey Escorpion's!) music is never not hilarious. Apparently no sound for this one. Ultimo Guerrero has to get Rey Escorpion's attention before the match, that's probably not a good sign. They do hug. Still dying to know what Shocker's writing in his notes. Sound is back up after introductions, but just crowd noise. Ref is Rodolfo Ruiz.

Once Rey Escorpion is done posing, they can get started. Armdrag a piece to begin. Delta has rolling escape out of an armdrag, and a rope bounce armdrag. Bad looking headscissors sends Rey Escorpion out, but Rey Escorpion cuts of the dive with a kick from the apron. Springboard dropkick in, tope con giro out, getting Delta but getting the floor too. Delta brought back in, flipped by a dropkick to the knee, bowled over with a dropkick to the head. Shocker makes a move at Rey Escorpion’s legs, and Rey gives him a look to back him off. Rey Escorpion sets up Delta in the corner, but Delta collapses near the ropes off one. Punch. Rey Escorpion sets him up again, and use a closed fist again. Off the ropes, bug boot toe head, and Escorpion dumps Delta to the floor. Escorpion out with him, and throwing Delta around. Press slam into the seats. Not onto them, Rey Escorpion tossed Delta sideways into them. Rey Escorpion crawls back in, and Shocker hurries his man back in to beat the count. Shocker pounds the mat., but Delta’s still getting up slow. Rey Escorpion is trying a lot of punches, but throws them in a weird way. Instead of going straight on with a punch, he's kind of waving his fist into Delta's jaw, side to side, wrist stiff the whole way. Does not look good. Escorpion sneaks in a questionably low kick, and turns to yell at Shocker again. Corner whip, Escorpion charge into a boot. Delta out, right into an Escorpion clothesline. Escorpion sets up – quebrada is about as on target as it ever is, one two no. Rey Escorpion looked good early, don't get me wrong. Delta takes off his elbows pad and throws it to Shocker, who is freaking out. Both men were slow up, Escorpion misses a clothesline, Delta 'rana, one two NO. Rey Escorpion looks like he just stared Death in the eyes. Shocker leading the Delta chant. Rey Escorpion with a slow Michinoku Driver on Delta one two NO. It's like he couldn't decide if he wanted to do a normal bodyslam or something else until he got Delta going down. Obvious discussion, probably a bad time to zoom in to Rey Escorpion’s face. Delta misses, Rey Escorpion kicks, powerbomb, one two NO. Both mentors yelling instructions. Delta seems to be listening, but Shocker want him to get up and move. Nope. Rey Escorpion - suplex, no Delta fights back, blocks it, and lands his own. Changing into a second one, float over one two NO. UG and Delta thought that was it. Crowd chanting for Delta. Of course the rowdy técnico section has a Delta banner, who else are they going to for. Escorpion slams Delta and goes for the quebrada again, Delta gets his knees up, covers, one two NO. Delta gets kicked out all the way to the apron. Recovering and waiting for Escorpion there. Springboard – into a counter dropkick. Shocker puts his head on his head! One two NO. Rey Escorpion tries climbing up, but Delta meets him with a slap. Both climb together to the top rope. Punches here are not so good, but they're trying. Both men up top. What now? That seems to be their question. Taking their time, then gingerly setting up – Off the top rope powerbomb! One two NO! Shocker was going to dive in the ring to break that up if he had to, he was just a bit far away. Ultimo Guerrero lands in the ring to tell something Escorpion, and Shocker does the same thing with Delta. Shocker's just a bit more maniac about it. Delta up, but Escorpion chops him down. Whip, reversed, both guys running the same way (!), Escorpion stops and tries a clothesline, Delta ducks and dropkicks him out. Delta quickly to the top rope, turning in position, great moonsault to the floor! Delta walking around the outside fired up. Ultimo Guerrero trying to get the count to slow down a bit. Crowd behind Delta. UG is checking the count again when Rey Escorpion shoves him down (!) and crawls back in. UG has no idea what that was about. Delta charge, 'rana blocked in a powerbomb one feet on the ropes two kickout. UG tried to shove them off, but Delta really had already kicked out. Rey Escorpion turns to glare at UG anyway, and Delta gets a jumping crucifix one two three.

Shocker and Delta celebrate big in the ring, Shocker maybe more than delta. UG shoves Rey Escorpion on the ramp into the ropes, Rey Escorpion misses a slap, and UG slaps and chases him up the aisle. UG decides to hold his ground. Escorpion goes for a double leg on UG. UG's takedown defense is strong! UG decide to try and throw punches. Shocker has wandered over to watch this, because why not. UG shoves Escorpion, and the novato trips over to the railing into the crowd! UG tells Delta go to back in the ring and raises his arm. Rey Escorpion back in, and UG takes off his shirt to face. Escorpion takes a swing, doesn’t get much out of it, and decides to back away and leave. UG walks him up the aisle, and Rey Escorpion walks back when UG has his arm raised. Escorpion wants a handshake, probably isn't getting it. Delta runs Rey Escorpion out.

Leo talks to a fired up Shocker and thankful Delta. He refuses to pick a winner.

CMLL Informa: Nakamura is coming to CMLL. This footage for the CMLL/NJPW show is helpful!

Match 3: Pólvora vs Hijo del Signo in a Forjando un Idolo quarterfinal match
Arena Mexico, 05/13/2011

Winner: Pólvora
Match Time: 8:58
Rating: eh
Notes: Babe Richard is the referee.

One guy chants for Pólvora, increase the cumulative total to one. Early chain lucha doesn’t advance much, but does set up a pose off. These two guys are basically the same size, Pólvora maybe slightly bigger. Backdrop and dropkicks ends Pólvora out, and Signo follows with a tope. Signo crawling in first, but Pólvora pulls him back and throws hid own. Signo trips Pólvora up and yanks him out on his chest. Springboard turning plancha is almost missed by the cameras, but Signo's on target. Signo walks in the ring, waits for Pólvora to get in, and stomps him down. Slap, off the ropes, Pólvora of course powers up, dropping Signo on the top rope. Running dropkick to Signo's backside. Chop, and Signo's dropped like a tree. Pólvora stops to pose on the middle rope. Inverted crucifix powerbomb. One two no. Pólvora complains about the count, and he's easy to hear over the non reacting crowd. Signo sneaks in a chop and drops Pólvora in to the corner. Signo starts climbing, but Pólvora’s right up and tripping him with a dropkick. Signo yanked back on his head. Signo crawls to the apron, and Pólvora dropkick him to the floor. Pólvora plancha to the floor. Five minute call at six minutes! Back in. Chop knocks Signo down. Pólvora powerbomb, and he counts along on the pin. One two no. Stomps, not good stops, but stops. Pólvora going up. Shaky on the top rope, and missing a top rope senton. Signo covers on two th-NO. Signo 'rana one two NO. Signo up first with a clothesline. The big move, rest periods are not working well for these guys. Neither is Signo as a técnico, which they really ought to know about now. Signo shoulderblock, springboard into the counter dropkick . Pólvora flips Signo onto his back, and puts on something in the STF family. That's it. Blue Panther’s boys win by submissions.

Lots of boos. Panther raises Pólvora's arm, turns him around, and Negro rushes over and clotheslines the student. Slaps back and forth until Babe Richard can separate them. Negro uses a disoriented Signo as a human shield, and takes off before Panther can shed the referee. Headbutt to Babe Richard! Panther is free, but Negro is long gone. Pólvora is sad that no one's paying him any attention. Pólvora walks back to the ring, and Panther returns to raise his arm.

After a break, Leo talks to Pólvora and Blue Panther about their win.

CMLL Informa: Ayumi is coming to Mexico, wants a shot at Amapola.

Tania and Negro Casas talk about wrestling in Japan. Tania wants to talk about Jushin Liger, Negro really wants to talk about everyone he's faced, but he'd like to get that tile back from Lyger.

Stellar Moments

CMLL Informa: Mascara Dorada back in Japan.

Tania and Negro end up talking about Lyger more.

Match 4: Averno, Ephesto, Último Guerrero © vs Blue Panther, La Máscara, Máscara Dorada ©
Arena Mexico, 05/13/2011

  1. rudos

  2. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 5:42
Rating: fine for an angle
Notes: La Mascara is first out. Averno tries to sneak attack him, but Máscara ducks his clothesline and superkicks him. Thankfully UG makes the save with a running shot to the back. Panther and Dorada rush to the ring to save their partner. Babe Richard is referee.

1: Still, the rudos easily have the better of it. Averno brawls with Máscara on the other time while 'brothers' Ultimo Guerrero and Ephesto drop toe hold and dropkick panther. Ephesto sets up Dorada for the Senton de la Muerte. Devil's Wings on Panther, he's done. Front superplex on Dorada, he's done. Quick.

CMLL Informa: semifinals of Forjando un Idolo

Forjando un Idolo semifinal promos.

2: Rudos still in control. Averno has ripped off the top of Mascara's mask, and beats him on the stage while the other rudos mess with the other técnicos. UG tosses Dorada into the seats again. Rudos come together to boot Panther. Rudos in no hurry, and Panther doesn't roll out, so he takes the flying sit. Averno rolls Dorada in to work him over. I think La Mascara is till down in front of the stairs. Dorada rolls out, and the rudos are in no hurry stomping Panther. A double boot for him. La Máscara is up, Ephesto charges, he misses a clothesline, and UG takes a headscissors. Averno attacks, takes swing kick and a flying armdrag Averno out. Máscara after him with at ope. Mascara should probably keep fighting, but kneels down with Dorada makes the comeback in the ring. Ephesto boosted dropkicked out, UG takes his corner bump out, panther topes Dorada, tope con giro on Ephesto. Máscara and Averno back in- Máscara must've left to get a new mask, but it's the same colors as his first one. He and Averno chop it out. Máscara spits and Averno and rips off his shirt. Averno clothesline misses, Mascara gets his headscissors. Averno waved him by on the next charge, spinning armdrag look good, and Mascara grabs Averno mask too. Avernos grabs hold too, and subtly pulls down as Mascara pulls up – that rips up the mask pretty good. Averno's face is blurred out, and Babe Richard calls the DQ

Looks like Averno is growing out this hair! And he's got a stripe in it. Averno tries to cover himself up, but Máscara won't let him. Máscara gets the microphone to demand a mask vs mask match. Averno shakes his head no again. Hey, Guerrero, maybe you want to help out? Babe Richard kicks the Averno's shirt back to him, but he does such bad job covering his face, they have to blur him, then shoot him from far away. Averno says Máscara is too ugly to take his mask, and Máscara double legs him. They roll on the mat punching, both guys ending up unmasked this time. Máscara gets Averno's shirt and covers up, but Averno has Mascara's mask and poses on the apron with that. Máscara takes the shreds of Averno's mask and tosses it into the crowd. Averno has enough of that and walks off, with Mascara behind him.

Next week: Dragon Rojo advertised, hmmm. Guess he's on his way back sometime.

Negro Casas wraps.