CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #46 (05/08/2011) 
Recapped: 05/08/11

Announcers for the stand up portion are JCR & Shocker, but they say Rey Bucanero will be along shortly. Shocker calls one of the main event técnicos “Tarzan Boy” - oops.

Match 1: Metal Blanco & Palacio Negro vs Inquisidor & Raziel
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 03/29/2011

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Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 11:21
Rating: fine
Notes: Palacio Negro has a cape. Inquisidor has issues with Metal Blanco for unclear reasons. Referee is Samurai.

1: Bucanero turns up as Inquisidor and Blanco are doing the slow start. They battle to a standoff. Raziel and Palacio Negro get to the same point a lot quicker. Back to the first two, Blanco flipping run, headscissors, springboard armdrag, walk up the rope headscissors,and that's enough for Inquisidor to roll out. Blanco does a handspring dive fake, poses and gets blasted by a Raziel dropkick. Palacio rushes in but misses his dropkick and is kicked down. Corner whip, Raziel charges in after, Palacio flips him to the apron and Blanco pulls the Cancerebro to the floor. Inquisidor charges in but gets booted away, Palacio looks out, looks in, camera shot of Blanco giving Raziel a quebradora con giro, Palacio off the ropes, waved by, right into a tope on Raziel. Inquisidor runs for his own dive, but Blanco cuts him off with a top rope plancha. Hurracarrana, one two three. Raziel is counted on that, and that's the fall.

2: Announcers discuss belly dancing. Palacio Negro handstand backflip headscisosrs, check. Raziel was just transfixed by the whole thing. Palacio does a backflip into a Sabu double point as Raziel flees. Metal Blanco plays RVD with the bad looking jumping heel kick to Inquisidor. Inquisidor sidesteps a corner charge, sets Blanco on the top rope, and hands him in the three of Woe. Back the other way, shot for Palacio Negro, and dropkick to Blanco's head. Raziel double underhook backbreaker for Blanco. Palacio is wiped out with a back elbow and a clothesline. Palacio Negro tries to get his feet up on a corner charge, but Raziel spins him into the ropes and holds in place for Inquisidor hanging backcracker. Cloverleaf for good measure. Raziel's finish is missed by the camera, but appears to be the usual pumphandle faceslam.

3: Rudos still in charge. Raziel headbutts Palacio questionably low, but the rudos both point to their midsections as they insist it was a clean move. Corner back elbows for Metal Blanco. Crowd singing for the rudos as they continue beating down the técnicos. Camel clutch/dropkick combo for Blanco. Double boot sends Palacio to the ramp where his partner is already out. Raziel rushes the ropes to kick at Blanco, Blanco dodges and swing kicks the rudo to turn the tide. Springboard and top rope headscissors at the same time. Técnicos fire up, run, and land stereo tope con giros! All four recover and end up back in. Blanca and Palacio fight off both guys, Blanco drops Raziel in the corner for Palacio pump tornillo splash. That's one pin, and Blanco lands a 450 splash on Inquisidor for the other.

Match 2: Delta, Metro, Sangre Azteca © vs Euforia, Misterioso Jr., Virus ©
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 03/29/2011

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:28
Rating: good
Notes: Referees are Samurai & Loco.

1: Bucanero asks how many Cancerberos (but does seem to think there's five), then calls Virus more of a Chihuahua for a laugh. He better hope Virus never hears this. Metro & Euforia are in briefly (or at least we see them in briefly) and Virus and Sangre take over. Battle on the mat for a short time before Sangre lands a quebradora con giro. Rudos see that as their cue to attack. Sangre's spin around by all sorts of slaps, then isolated alone in the ring. Misterioso and Virus make a wish with his legs. Corner whip, Misterioso nose slap, whip out into a a virus inverted atomic drop. That seemed quite like a low blow, but Euforia still gets the count for the pin

2: Beatdown continues. Rudos kick the técnicos questionably low. Rey Bucanero is up on current events to wonder about the Misterioso vs Sangre Azteca mask match. They're not particularly feuding that way here. Sangre slides out on a corner whip, almost taking out the camera man. Virus chases, right into a Delta headscissors of the apron. Metro clears out Euforia with a dropkick, takes Misterioso down in the corner, and he and Delta hold him for Sangre's low blow dropkick. That's one pin. Euforia is alert enough to know he needs to be pinned, though Metro appears confused as to why this man is running at him. Quebradora con giro takes care of it. Bucanero is sure that was a foul.

3: Metro & Virus have a shoving match. Virus' shoulderblock can't get Metro down, though Metro can get Virus down. Metro is doing cartwheels now. Flying headscissors sends Virus out. Misterioso misses a corner charge, and Virus monkey flips him cross ring. One more back the other way. Euforia in, strong armdrag for him. Metro dropkicks Euforia out. Delta's showcase is next. He screws with Misterioso, and is punished with slaps. More slaps, Delta comes back with his own slaps, and Virus ambushes him. Delta tosses into a slow headscissors on Misterioso, quebradora con giro for Virus. Delta calls Euforia on, ends up with a 'rana on him. Sangre is next. Shocker knows who's in his Forjando un Idolo group! Sangre's rolling wheel kick has a frustrating hit rate. Sangre's partners trip up Misterioso for Sangre to low blow him in a corner, and I'm with Bucanero in that one. Other rudos kick Sangre out and avoids a Metro dropkick. Whip, double boot for him. Delta in and slapping, but Virus ducks and levels him with a chop. Whip, Delta a cartwheels over Euforia, and Euforia accidentally dropkicks his partner. Delta headscissors on Euforia to send him out, Metro off the ramp with his tope con giro. Delta flipped to the apron by Misterioso, fights him off, and leaps off with a Asai moonsault onto Euforia. Sangre and Misterio battle on the top rope. Sangre is the one with his back to the ringpost, so that's a pretty good sign. Sangre shoves Misterioso off, stands up, and lands the top rope low blow dropkick again. One two three.

Match 3: Rush & Toscano vs Héctor Garza & Volador Jr.
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 03/29/2011

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:13
Rating: bleh
Notes: Volador is wearing his claws. I don't think they're legal. Referee is Loco.

1: Wolverine mention! Pairs are Toscano/Volador and Garza/Rush. Rush is distracted by Garza's shirt removal, and Volador incapacitates him with a testicular clutch. Volador arguments this by indicating to the crowd how tiny Rush is. That was great. Camel clutch/running kick to the face is good. Toscano watches form the ramp as Rush tries to make his own comeback, only to be held over the ropes and guillotine legdropped right out of this fall. Toscano waits until his partner has been very well pinned before coming in, and gets beat. Volador slingshot hold and Garza quebrada ends this.

2: Shocker says this match features “two – or three! of the best bodies in CMLL.” What a nice thing to say about Volador. Beatdown. Rush and Garza take a trip to the front row. A drink vendor is in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets taken out. Rush takes a half full cup and chucks it at Garza. Rudos punish him by crotching him on the post. Garza misses a corner charge on Toscano, Toscano gets a headscissors on Volador, starts of for a dive. Takes a kick from Garza, and just sort of keeps going, just rolling out. Rush and Garza in, Rush easily fooled, Garza falls down way before the superkicks gets there, double stomp from Rush. Toscano gets 'rana on Volador the other pin.

3: Técnico showcases go Rush, then Toscano. Toscano's pescado meets Garza's kick. Rush drops Volador with the fireman's powerbomb, but goes for the mask for no reason. Garza makes the save. Volador tosses Rush into a Garza foul kick, Loco misses it while checking on Toscano, and that's the fall. They don't bother counting out Toscano.