CMLL Forjando un Idolo, Week 3

Match 3: Ángel de Plata vs Pólvora
Arena Mexico, 04/26/2011

Winner: Pólvora
Match Time: 7:40
Rating: bleh
Notes: “100% explosive” sounds like a medical condition, Pólvora. Referee is Bestia Negra.

Announcers kick in after the whistle, which makes me think this isn't getting entrances on TV. Watch how I discover very obvious things! Early counter spots resolve I nothing but staring. Plata hold onto a hammerlock for a while, Pólvora gets free, and is tripped and held in a legscissors. Pólvora tries to spin free twice, but Plata finds a ways to keep tripping him up and holding on. Pólvora finally rolls free, then rolls backwards into a headscissors. Pólvora proud of himself for that. Plata gets annoyed with Polvora's sight seeing and shoves him. Pólvora slaps Plata, and Plata staggers around for a second. Pólvora has to turn back to the crowd once more before slapping down Plata. Whip, flapjack, stomps. Pólvora going up? Oh, to pose, I see. That's more like him. Pólvora attacks, Plata drop toe holds, drop toe holds him again. Angel de Plata is the master of the trip tonight. Quebradora con giro. Springboard dropkick sends Pólvora out. Plata Asai moonsault is nice. Panther stands above both men and checks on them as we get a replay. Plata tries to get in, but Pólvora yanks him back by his leg and pulls him out. Pólvora makes it just thru the ropes before Plata can do the same, and Pólvora boost him to keep him on the apron. Running dropkick sends Plata out, and Pólvora goes up. Plancha to the ground. Pólvora makes it back in first, Plata holding his midsection as he tries to stand up. Five minute call is about 30 seconds late. Timing is an issue. Pólvora lets Plata get up to the apron, loses the chop battle, and eats a springboard flapjack. Plata pulls his shirt halfway up, covers, and does not get three. Plata decides to take his shirt off completely now, like a sane person. Whip, Plata slips behind, cristo faceslam., half crab, and going for the inverted campana. One arm hooked, but Pólvora grabs the bottom rope to holds him off. Plata fires up. Kick to the chest. Corner whip, reversed, Pólvora charges in, no one home, Plata goes for the big monkey flip, Pólvora blocks it and sets Pólvora on the top buckle. Pólvora climbs up to join Plata, Plata fights back, punch battle is won by Pólvora, but they both almost fall out of the ring in the process. Pólvora steps to the side for a surprise armdrag, but Plata shoves him off. Plancha, clothesline misses, Angel de Plata runs up the ropes, plancha meets Pólvora dropkick. Pólvora starts onto a leglock, seems to get lost, and just settles for turning it into a pin. One two three.

Match 4: Fuego vs Magnus
Arena Mexico, 04/26/2011

Winner: Fuego
Match Time: 6:48
Rating: eh
Notes: Magnus is has a video, of course. He's not wearing his new mask (with a tail), but they've taken away the Místico arm warmers from him. Terror Chino is ref.

Battle on the mat goes much Fuego's way. Magnus is not shut out, but Fuego dominates the action and Magnus spins to get free. One they speed up, Magnus tries to get a headscissors off the mat and gets lapped down in the back, hard. This leads in to some even spots, but Fuego is ahead on the scoreboard. Magnus almost lands the Astro Boy running front flip, and it leads to on the run offense. Headscissors and monkey flip (Fuego really obvious feeding himself). Crowd boots. Fuego escapes a backdrop with an armdrag. Magnus flips Fuego to the apron, chest fight war breaks out, Magnus swing kicks Fuego to the mat, and follows with the suicide senton con giro to the floor. Magnus is able to connect with his opponent and roll thru the impact better this time. Replays. Magnus in, Fuego rams him into the buckle and springboard dropkicks him. One two NO. Magnus tries to pound the mat for support, but no. Five minute call is about twenty seconds early this time. Fuego backdrop slams Magnus and heads out to the apron. Springboard senton con giro. Fuego doesn't get much, but gets up and keeps going – quebrada, Magnus gets his feet up one two NO. Fuego tries a clothesline, Magnus snaps him with an over the back backbreaker, one two NO. Fuego clothesline blocked, Magnus fireman drops him in front of the corner, then pulls him out a little bit. Magnus signals he's going to flip. Will he actually flip this time? Nope, falling splash, one two th-NO. Magnus takes down Fuego, goes for a leg hold, Fuego small package one two NO. Both slow up. Fuego kick, Fuego tries to lift Magnus up for a powerbomb, but can't get him up far enough. Fuego sets Magnus back down, and picks him up again – running powerbomb. One two th-no. Fuego puts on his submission again, and Magnus gives.