CMLL on LATV (03/05/2011) 
Recapped: 03/05/11

Random out of order episode! This is Sin Piedad, though no one on this show says it.

Match 1: Dark Angel ©, Luna Mágica, Marcela vs Estrellita, Mima Shimoda, Tiffany ©
Arena Mexico, 12/03/2010

  1. técnicas

  2. rudas
  3. técnicas

Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 8:26
Rating: eh
Notes: The crowd looks thin by normal standards for the opener. Estrellita and Tiffany enter together to Tiffany's music. Estrellita has a 'dark' version of her old racing stripes outfit – it looks better than the straight black one she had been wearing to this part. LATV gives us a shot of Estrellita when Tiffany is announced as captain. Referees are Rodolfo Ruiz and Tigre Hispano.

1: Marcela and Mima start, Marcela nearly pinsMima after a near bridge. Marcela locks Mima in a step over figure four, and Tiffany breaks it up with a kick. Invasors pleads to the tecnicas they don't really want to chest, and then Tiffany sneaks in a stomp on Marcela. Everyone not legal backs off, and Marcela drops Mima with her backbreaker. That's enough for her for now. Dark Angel and Tiffany in, Tiffany surprising Estrellita down by her hair. Corner whip, Tiffany moves, Dark Angel still rope flip armdrags her. One more armdrag, a casadora into a third another, and Tiffany rolls to safety. Dark Angle challenges her for more, but Tiffany and her shoulder brace and leaving for the moment. Luna and Estrellita match up. Estrellita kicks her down and pounds Luna with wacky fists. Luna comes back with a kick and a running sort of face slam. Estrellita rolls out, Luna rolls thru the ropes to chase her (!) and faceslams her on the floor. Other rudas work over Dark Angel, but Tiffany sets on the top rope and takes a Dark Angel 'rana. Marcela powerfully finishes off Mima for the other pin.

Místico promo!

2: Joined with Estrellita charging into a Marcela slap. Missile dropkick sends the ruda out. Mima and Dark Angel run thru their stuff, and Dark Angel happily gets revenge on Tiffany by pulling her down by her hair. Estrellita walks into help out her partners, and the rudas quickly turn into a beatdown. Dark angel is able to fight them off or a moment, a moment long enough for her to be fed into Tiffany's finish.

3: Rudas in control. Dark Angel gets kicked on the top of the head. Triple boot for Marcela. Triple faceslam for Luna. Triple kick for her too. Rudas celebrate, but Dark Angle and Marcela rush and just starts beating people up. It's very random. Crowd seems restless. Everyone but Dark Angel and Luan just leaves the ring, and Luna helps Dark Angel climb up for a top rope plancha onto three of them. Estrellita sneaks away and cuts off Luna with a plancha. Estrellita evades a clothesline and boots Luna down, but Luna reverses a figure four into a small package for the finish. Others are counted out. That small package didn't look good. Estrellita and Luna have a bit of a fight after the fact. Crowd boos, which gets louder during the replays.

Match 2: Delta, Stuka Jr., Valiente © vs Euforia, Pólvora, Sangre Azteca ©
Arena Mexico, 12/03/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:31
Rating: okay
Notes: This won't end well. Refs are Pompin and Babe Richard

1: Valiente and Sangre Azteca are even on the ground. JCR is hyping the trios replacement poll! Sangre gets to the back mounted full nelson, which is neat, and a bridging leglock which is all sort of cool. This exchange is pretty much better than that whole last match – they go hold for hold with no advantage for a while. Applause for their work as they break off. Stuka and Pólvora are next. They exchange zero trip pinfalls. JCR talking about Stuka I vs Atlantis and others as Stuka armdrags the rudo around. Delta & Euforia last, and Delta quickly blows a headscissors. He never got close tot he had part. Euforia stomps him down, picks him up and whips around for another try. This goes better. Euforia flips the apron, but back in with a casadora into an armdrag. Euforia out, Valiente rushing in – Valiente Special! Inside, Delta almost drops Sangre on his head on a powerslam, and Stuka add a top rope splash to finish him. Pólvora misses a clothesline on Delta, and decides to just keep running out of the ring. How odd. Announcers discuss the Pólvora versus Sangre Azteca situation, but that was just Pólvora being a goof.

2: Sangre drops Stuka with a wheel kick to start the fall. Loud chest slap meets the fans approval. Sangre has to shake his own hand, because he hit Stuka so hard. Rudo fans demand one more, so Sangre sets him up, and slap him down harder. Sangre high fives Euforia, then winces, because his hands hurts. He smartly high fives Pólvora with his other hand. Whip, clotheslines misses, Sangre waved by, flipping run, and Sangre dropkicks him out. Sangre ask the crowd if they want another one of that, and runs into a monkey flip to the floor. Stuka slides out after him, Sangre misses a clothesline, and Stuka drops him with a quebradora. Pólvora and Valiente in and yelling at each other. Valiente's mighty chest slaps knocks Pólvora down. Valiente rope avoidance includes a hop, but Pólvora still knocks him down. Pólvora yells at Babe Richard for counting to slow. Whip, Pólvora runs into a backdrop. Double jump headscissors sends Pólvora cross ring. Sangre charges in with a dropkick, but Valiente sidesteps him. Valiente is a bit lost here – shoulderblock to Sangre, Valiente runs towards Pólvora, back towards Sangre, Sangre trips Valiente on the ropes. Rudos rush the other two. Valiente set up in the corner, and Sangre low blow dropkicks him. Sangre and Euforia feed Stuka up to Pólvora on the middle rope, for his inverted powerslam. Delta tries a springboard 'rana on Euforia, but Euforia stops him on the way down, lifts him back up, and powerbombs him.

3: Stuka and Pólvora battle it on the stage, forcing the ring girl just to walk across the entrance and leave. Rudos firmly in control of the ring. Corner charges on Stuka. Sangre can't resist landing another low blow dropkick. Valiente held in the middle of the ring for the same thing. Rudos have a discussion about what do with Delta and don't seem to find an agreement. Euforia bounces off the ropes for something, but the other técnicos pull him out. Valiente in, and Pólvora tosses him into a monkey flip on Sangre Azteca. Pólvora manage to stop Stuka from coming in with a dropkick, and is slow to realize Valiente is waiting of him. Valiente dropkick takes out Pólvora, Euforia dropkick Valiente, Delta springboard headscissors gets Euforia. Stuka flips his partner to the apron, Delta kicks Euforia back, Sangre kicks Stuka but Delta punches him away and Asai moonsaults Pólvora and Euforia. The Cancerberos actually catch him and are barely able to hold him up, thought nearly stumble backwards in the front row. Inside, Stuka slams Sangre and goes up – and turns for a deadman's plancha on Euforia. No idea what the rudos did with Delta there. Valiente in with a plancha on Sangre. Pólvora grabs him, then eats a dropkick from Sangre Azteca. Valiente slaps Sangre, walks up the ropes, and comes off with right into Sangre’s counters dropkick. Sangre covers for the sure win, one two and Pólvora pulls Sangre off! Pólvora sets up for a leglock, Valiente cradles him, and Stuka cradles Sangre while he's gawking. That's the match.

Valiente needs help to his feet and is limping. Pólvora and Sangre shove each other and argue a bit, but Pompin gets in the middle.

That's the show.