CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #26 (12/19/2010) 
Recapped: 12/24/10

Teleformula clipped out the opening wackiness, but I went on the website to watch it just in case Felino danced again. No, but it is a victory party for Rey Bucanero keeping his hair. They air footage of Bucanero's win on the monitor behind them as they talk about the matches tonight (including noting Electrico's win.) Felino seems to take a random shot at Metro.

Match 1: Meteoro, Mini Máximo, Último Dragoncito vs Mercurio, Pequeño Violencia, Pierrothito
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara , 11/28/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:11
Rating: better than last week!
Notes: Hey, it's Mercurio! (I have no idea who Mercurio is.) Other strange things going on: this was taped on a Sunday, not on the normal taping day here, but it still aired, plus Fuego en el Ring recapped this show and had a completely different lineup for this match in it's results. They also had no pictures, which makes me think perhaps they showed up late. Speed Racer is in a black outfit. Pierrothito and Pequeño Violencia enter to Pierrohtito's music. Bucanero says Mercurio is from GDL, though no one by that name has been wrestling here. Mercurio has a black jacket with a red star across the front, and CMLL lets running down the back. He wrestles in a black shirt and a salmon/gold mask and pants, with black highlights on his great and black hair slipping out form under his mask. Edgar (!) is ref.

1: This time, Meteoro gets to work with one of the vets, though working with Violencia just gets him tossed all over the place with armdrags. Still looks better than last week. Meteoro manages to send Violencia out with a dropkick. Part time rivals Pierrothito and Eléctrico are next. Shorter run there. Mercurio and Mini Máximo are last, with Mercurio making fun of his enemies height. Bottom rope armdrag! Casadora armdrag goes better, and Mercurio enthusiastically throws himself out of the ring for a hip bump on the floor. Rudos start the beatdown, with Mercurio eventually coming back to life to help. Técnicos are slapped around a lot, then Mercurio drops Meteoro with an inverted Gori Special for the pin. Rest of the técnicos are slow to make it back in, but Eléctrico turns up to be cradled for the fall.

2: Rudos still in control. Corner charges for Eléctrico. Meteoro is slapped around, and Mercurio is punched. Timing on a casadora double dropkick is all off, but it's actually the veterans being on different pages. Mini Máximo no big hurry in getting in the ring. Mini Máximo is pulled around by his mo-hawk until he starts crying. Pierrothito chokes Mini Máximo for a while. Eléctrico leaps over Mercurio’s corner charge (who throws himself into the post and falls to the floor dramatically.) Técnicos run wild – Mini Máximo does a plancha onto Violencia. Meteoro plancha on Pierrothito, duck as a clothesline, quebrada, one two three. Mercurio charges like a wild man into an Eléctrico armdrag, and Electrico wraps him up from there.

3: Meteoro stunts Mercurio with flips. Headscissors, rebound armdrag, out goes the rudo. Mercurio spins around on the floor and starts throwing punches right in front of the first row. Felino tries to start a ‘beso’ chant when Mini Máximo comes in. Máximo manages one spinning armdrag, but Violencia just moves out of the way on the second, and Mini Máximo spins himself to the mat. Violencia slaps him around and yells at him for not being serious. Barely believable headscissors ends Violencia out. Eléctrico quickly sends Pierrothito out and follows with a nice tope con giro. Inside, Meteoro waits on the top rope and flattens Mercurio with plancha. Mercurio fires up, but ends up decking his own partner. Meteoro leads both rudos into a Mini Máximo plancha, which is actually enough to knocks them down. Técnicos dropkick rudos out - well, they try, but Mini Maximo's first dropkick does not go so good. TOPES. Back to the captains, evasions spots, Pierrothito trios a casadora cradle, Eléctrico out into a cristo! That'll do! Nice work.

Match 2: La Sombra, Máximo, Metro vs Dragón Rojo Jr. ©, Felino, Negro Casas
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 11/23/2010

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  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:45
Rating: OK
Notes: Felino and Perico are the best-est friends. Why hasn't Perico replaced JCR in the announce team yet? Máximo is given flowers, and leaves to take them to the back while Sombra's headed the other way. Edgar is referee again. Sombra is wearing his black on black outfit.

1: Dragon Rojo calls out Sombra to start the match. Sombra takes off his shirt, because this is serious. They battle on the mat while JCR talks about the shared background. Dragon does a good job of pulling out a half crab from nowhere, and the end up splitting some armdrags to keep it even. Both up to their feet and circling. Next sequence is just as indecisive. Both up, and slapping each other in the face. Dragon Rojo wants a handshake, doesn’t get it, and offers his hand in a chop instead. Sombra loudly slaps him back. Dragon Rojo has had enough of this but appears to have forgotten where his corner is. Felino and Máximo are next. Waistlock comedy leads to Maximo's swinging headscissors to quickly end the match up. Metro and Negro have a chop fight until Negro wins via heel kick. Metro comes back with a running elbow smashes, but whiffs on a dropkick. Negro gets out. Dragon stomps Metro out of in the ring, but throws a fit when Sombra comes in to face him. I thought he wanted to fight? Dragon and Sombra get lost for a moment, with Dragon working an elbow smash before they stopped to talk about it. Sombra off the ropes, Felino trips him up this time. Maybe that was supposed to happen last time? Dragon Rojo doesn't immediately take advantage. Whip, reversed, Sombra powerslam, and he covers while looking at the rudos. One two – Casas are in, but Edgar cuts him off and tells him to go back. Meanwhile, Dragon Rojo gets back up, Sombra misses a clothesline, off the ropes, Dragon Rojo puts up the stop sign – and fakes a foul. Dragon Rojo wriggles on the mat, Edgar spots him, and calls the DQ. Rookie ref being abused here, though Bucanero can't believe JCR doesn't see the foul. “Clearo, directo!”

2: Rudos totally in charge. Dragon Rojo is feeling much better. Perico smacks Máximo with the noisemaker. Dragon Rojo unties Sombra’s mask. Dragon Rojo throws Sombra into the corner – Perico's corner, so Sombra kicks the parrot right of the apron. Dragon Rojo doesn't care much, and sets up Sombra on the ropes so he can untie the mask. Felino checks on his feathered friend, and places him back on the apron so Perico can kick Sombra as the técnico hangs in the tree of woe. Pan shot for Sombra! Sombra lunges at Perico, but Perico's friends grab the técnico, and Perico puts his hands up as innocent. More generally beating. Sombra takes the low blow dropkick. Técnicos finally turns the table when Máximo deflects a Dragon Rojo corner charge with his backside. Flying armdrag for Negro, Felino misses on a running senton, Metro kicks Negro out, Dragon Rojo kicks Metro, Sombra a springboard headscissors Dragon Rojo and follows with a great tope con giro. Other four in, Máximo misses Negro and rolls him up while Metro finishes Felino.

Metro and Sombra pick up Perico and hold him so Máximo can (open his beak and) give him a kiss!

3: Dragon Rojo ducks out rather than face Sombra, so the falls tarts with Metro & Felino instead. Which turns into Metro backbreaking Felino until Felino flees. Negro and Máximo are only in briefly, with Máximo opting to slap Negro in the nose rather than kiss him again. Dragon Rojo is tripped in with Sombra, but slips out at the first chance. Sombra chases him out, Dragon Rojo comes back in, and he dropkicks Sombra as the técnicos comes back in. Sombra barely pulls off a headscissors to get back in control – the second goes much better and sends Dragon Rojo out, but the Casas boot him out. Metro gets both with a cross body, and he and Máximo dropkick the vets out. Topes – no, pescado and an apron dive from Máximo. Captains back in, much to Dragon Rojo's consternation. Dragon Rojo charges the corner, but no one's home. Sombra charges, Dragon flips him to the apron, Dragon Rojo springboard back with a tornillo splash. Dragon Rojo off the ropes, 'rana one two three.

Felino storms the announce booth to protest his decision, and give JCR the arm pit. Perico joins in the fun.