CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #22 (11/21/2010)
Recapped: 11/22/10

Felino has to abandon the announcing booth to talk about the main event. Bucanero is wearing his pirate hat for no reason, and everyone's making fun of Toscano.

Match 1: Hijo del Fantasma & Toscano vs Felino & Sangre Azteca
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 10/26/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:51
Rating: OK
Notes: Felino, dancing his way to the ring, has his belt. Weak crowd. Loco Estrada is the only referee.

1: Slow mat work between Fantasma and Sangre to start out. Fantasma gets an inverted figure four on, Felino comes in to break it up, decides to go annoy the crowd, and leaves without having remembered to break up the hold. He might have tapped Fantasma on the head on the way out, but it wasn't much. I am so sad that's not the finish. Sangre escapes on his own, and back to the slow mat work. Crowd gets bored and starts random dueling chants. After four minutes of solving nothing, they tag out. Felino immediately runs around like a fool and asks for a handshake. Toscano keeps faking him out, and Felino gets annoyed the third time. Lockup? No, Felino goes to yell at the crowd, then tries to surprise lockup Toscano. This fails. Felino is able to move out of a Toscano corner charge. Sangre grabs Toscano, Felino signs, Toscano ducks, and Felino strikes his partner. Toscano explains what happened to Sangre, who comes in to confront his partner. Felino begs off. Shot of the crowd chanting at other partners the crowd, and jump back to rudos in charge. Eh. Dropkick to the groin count: 1! Felino pins Fantasma with a cradle they can't get on TV, and Sangre tries for a fancy submission on Toscano until Felino tries to help and just gets in his way. Doesn't matter.

Second fall starts before they can get to the break. Oh well.

2: Beatdown continues. Felino tosses Fantasma into a Sangre gutbuster. Dropkick to the groin count: 2! Toscano doesn't even really bother selling the middle dropkick to the groin, complaining about the rolling out fine. Fantasma takes the arm pit. Toscano escapes a corner charge to start the comeback. Camera sticks on Sangre standing round in the corner while Toscano does something with Felino – this is really poor directing work this week. Fantasma sends Sangre all the way cross the ring with the monkey flip, then goes back the original way. Toscano covers, while they miss Fantasma’s finish again. Oh well.

3: Showcases. Fantasma first, Toscano second, the usual with both guys. I think I've seen Felino work with them both lately, so even Felino's pose off with Toscano is nothing new. Toscano is now dancing as he strips. Felino is still rubbing his armpit juices in Toscano’s face after. Toscano tries to untie Sangre’s mask for no reason. It does start off the segment of everyone breaking up everyone else's holds. Toscano sends Sangre out, but Felino puts up the stop sign to save him from diving. Chop fight, both of the ropes, both clothesline, Sangre and Fantasma cover each, and both are eliminated – off a clothesline?

Sangre avoid a dropkick and grabs Fantasma by his mask. Half hour suplex – but it's a bit too long, since Fantasma reverse it to a small package, one two no. Casadora cradle, but Sangre squirms free. Sangre powerbomb on Fantasma with his feet open the ropes, one two kickout. Dropkick to the groin count: 3! Sangre set sup the leg lock, gets pulled into a small package, one two three. It's over.

Match 2: Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero, Volador Jr. © vs La Sombra, Máximo, Rotoporky ©
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 10/26/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 17:53
Rating: comedy, but fun
Notes: Usual two referees. Máximo has green bunny ears. Negro's hair has barely started to grow. Porky decides to pose on the second rope when they announce his name. Bucanero decides to slide under him and pull Porky off on Rey's shoulders. This goes poorly, more because of Porky fighting him off. Bucanero slides out, and Porky teases an Asai moonsault.

1: Crowd chants for Porky. Porky gets the crowd to make fun of Negro's ugliness. Porky's lost so much eight, people don’t automatically fall down when they run into him. He doesn’t go down either. Porky somehow blocks Negro's heel kicks and trips him up. Crane kick pose. And that's that. Bucanero and Máximo and then no longer Bucanero. Bucanero's extra conscious of Máximo, even when Máximo is not particularly ding anything. Máximo goes for a tongue kiss on a test of strength, and Bucanero keeps putting his weight on Máximo’s gyrating hips, which works like it'd take. Armdrags and Máximo’s got the better of this. Crowd wants a kiss, but Bucanero does not. Porky tries instead, but no luck. Sombra and Volador in, apparently from a completely different match. They last about 20 seconds before Sombra gets Volador with a springboard headscissors and a quebradora. Felino is discussing the differences between each guy while the ring fills with the other guys. Rudos accidentally elbow drop Volador, which sets up everyone doing splashes to no end. Porky gets annoyed with Felino, shoves him on top, and splashes him with the rest. One two three.

2: Bucanero is hanging out in the front row to start the fall, and Máximo is crawling towards Volador. Negro makes the save before Máximo can get in that kiss. Rudos isolate Porky in the corner and work him over, but Bucanero takes Porky's backside (and frontside) in the face. Porky splashes Negro and Volador on the early drop down to finish. Máximo tries to kiss Volador, covering him and climbing up after him. Volador runs out of room to escape, and then shoves back. Máximo sends him out with a headscissors. Yelping while facing Negro, blocks everything and gets in his kiss. Bucanero gets a flying armdrag and a grope. Porky ole’s Volador, but eventually accepts the handshake. Volador raises Porky's arm, and knocks him down with one slap. Heck of a slap. Rudos belatedly figure out they should start the comeback there. Flying sit actually works on Porky. VOLADOR SLAMS PORKY. Double tapatía on Máximo, and Volador drops Sombra on his head for the other one.

3: Máximo has a long discussion with someone in the front row, so Bucanero attacks Máximo from behind and brings him in to start the crowd. Bucanero senton con giro for him. Triple boot for Sombra. Porky is hung in the corner ropes for dropkick to the groin #4 of the night. Camera works very bad on the comeback spots, but Máximo kicks it off with a flying butt bump, and gets in tope on Volador. Porky's gut knocks the other two out, and he and Sombra decide Sombra should be the one to dive by himself. Tope con giro onto both rudos, and he holds them up for Porky's plancha. Again, they manage to catch him and walk him over to the front row to drop him. Volador and Máximo in, Máximo misses the double jump butt bump, Volador's punch is blocked, Máximo kiss, Máximo inside cradle, one two three.