CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #19 (10/31/2010) 
Recapped: 11/02/10

Announcers are JCR, Felino, and Rey Bucanero, who still can't get a blue polo shirt.

Match 1: Fabián el Gitano, Metro ©, Rush vs Shigeo Okumura ©, Vangelis, Yoshihashi
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 10/05/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:56
Rating: eh.
Notes: Vangelis & Rush shove! Vangelis knows an easy payday when he sees it. The regular second GDL referee has returned! What a match we have here.

1: Highlight of an opening fall of basic moves: Metro and Yoshihashi come in, they stare at each other, Yoshihashi shrugs for him to do something, circle, Metro gets a waistlock, Metro picks up and drops Yoshihashi, Yoshihashi grabs his face in immense pain (face didn't actually hit the mat), and Metro just leaves! That's all for him! I'm with that guy! Rush comes in, does the same thing, and I'm begging for a tag to Fabian for the same, but Rush isn't cool enough. After plenty of basic stuff, Vangelis land a wheel kick on Metro, stomps him into the mat, and then clears the técnicos die off. Japanese get the idea they should be interfering. Not a lot before the finish.

2: Generic beatdown. Fabian springboard backflips over kicks that weren’t going to actually kick, him, Yoshihashi takes a double chop from his teammates, they kick Fabian out, Metro & Rush dropkick Vangelis & Okumura out, and follow with topes. Fabian and Yoshihashi back in, Yoshihashi impresses himself by landing a clothesline, Fabian catches him in armdrag into an armbar. That'll do for him, and the other rudos are counted out.

3: Rush gets tripped by someone on the apron and superkicks them back, as happens in every match. After dropping Okumura with multiple backbreaker, Metro takes Yoshihashi very lightly. Metro is barely budged when Yoshahashi runs into him, and Metro pinwheels him by his hair. Fabian ends up taking Yoshihashi out with a tope and the other two get their finished in the ring.

Match 2: La Sombra, Místico ©, Rotoporky vs Averno ©, Ephesto, Mephisto
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 10/05/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:30
Rating: you’ve seen this
Notes: Averno is wearing his Volador Venom gear, despite Volador being not here. Oh well. Hey, so, this match has happened once or twice.

1: Sombra's in quickly against Ephesto, then Místico’s usual run against Averno and Mephisto, peaking where a tope where he hits Averno and lands on his feet. As Mistico's walking away from the dive, a girl hurries over and grabs his arm for an autograph, I think. We don't see how that goes. Other two técnicos easily finish it in the ring.

2: Porky gets his showcase here, mostly with Mephisto and Averno. Actually, everyone gets a turn, so we see Místico vs Mephisto and Averno and you've seen this. This is the part where Místico takes of his shirt. Should’ve left it behind, because Mephisto dropkicks him in the back on handspring, and the rudos immediately pin him for the fall.

3: Místico almost gets his mask pulled off, check. Usual beatdown. Porky starts the comeback. After arguing with Mephisto about how long he was taking to him, Rudos try a corner whip with Porky. Just a poor idea. Porky is too quick, running Ephesto down after avoiding the other two. Sombra headscissors Mephisto, Volador kicks him, Místico headscissors Averno, and follows with a nice tope con giro. Sombra sends Ephesto out with a headscissors, and attempts to beat Místico with his own tope con giro. Porky flips Mephisto the apron, but Mephisto battles him from there. Sombra trips Mephisto off the apron, and holds both Mephisto and Ephesto for a Porky plancha. All three manage to catch the big man – that's how you know the lost weight – and stumble backwards many steps into the seats. Bucanero is amused. Averno and Volador in, and that ends how it ends. Averno managed to hold it off from being the first pass (escaping a quebradora instead), but La Mística does it as always.