CMLL on LATV #27 (10/23/2010)
Recapped: 10/23/10

A new episode!

Match 1: Ángel Azteca Jr., Ángel de Plata ©, Molotov vs Durango Kid, Escorpion, Nitro ©
Arena Mexico, 10/08/2010

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Winner: Ángel Azteca Jr., Ángel de Plata, Molotov (2-1)
Match Time: 12:05
Rating: ok. Good for the last couple falls, a bit dry early.
Notes: Angel de Oro was in the lightning match on this show, in case you were wondering (like I.) Entrances, as usual on LATV. Escorpion Kid is using “The Hell Song” by Sum 41. Random, but it's also like they're supplying the music for Rob ahead of time.

1: One on ones: Escorpion/Molotov, Azteca/Durango, Plata/Nitro. The latter is the only one that interesting, and it breaks down quick. Escorpion and Molotov get involved, and Molotov lands a nice over the top rope tope on the northerner. Durango Kid misses a running sit on the ropes on Azteca, and Plata flattens him with a top rope splash. Angels finishes it from there.

2: More showcases to start the second fall, with Angel Azteca sending Escorpion spinning to the outside and Molotov playing with Durango kid. Rudos jump Plata from behind to start the beatdown. Rudos try the toss into a missile dropkick spot. It actually works, but the director is gun shy after so many misses so there's no good shot on a good connection. Azteca takes, in order, a Durango Kid standing moonsault, a Nitro middle rope elbow drop, and a Escorpion quebrada. That's one pin, though Escorpion should never do that move again. Molotov is dumped in front of a corner for an Escorpion springboard legdrop and a Nitro top rope splash.

3: Rudos still in control. Durango Kid lifts up Azteca for a nice springboard wheel kick from Escorpion. Molotov slapped around by Nitro. Corner clothesline and boosted dropkick for him. Nitro sets Molotov on the top rope and Durango Kid pulls him off with a jumping snap mare, in theory. That didn't look well. The dropkick looked good, so they show a replay of that. Plata rolls under a couple clotheslines and boots Azteca into a headscissors to start the comeback. Boosted dropkick sends another rudo out, and Angels flattens Durango and Escorpion with a Asai moonsault. Other two in, Molotov 'rana, one two three.

Match 2: Dark Angel ©, Luna Mágica, Marcela vs Estrellita, Princesa Blanca ©, Tiffany
Arena Mexico, 10/08/2010

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Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 10:36
Rating: better than expected
Notes: Estrellita's using a Madonna song I don't know, and I'm totally okay with that. Break before the match, what ever could that mean.

1: Tiffany starts with Luna Mágica. That seems like some sort of hazing the new girl deal. I'll let you know when Tiffany and Estrellita being in CMLL is not totally bizarre. Dueling hair pulls. Tiffany is totally appalled Luna would do such a thing. Luna gets Tiffany in unconvincing leg locks. Tiffany's armscissors headlock is better. Zero leg trips, Luna does her cartwheel, Tiffany mockingly claps for her. Estrellita and Dark Angel next. Big stare down. I guess she's heard Estrellita request about a hair match with everyone she's met for the last two weeks? They converse, angrily. Circle . Lockup, Estrellita armbar, down to the mat, Dark Angel rolls free and rolls to a headlock, Estrellita gets free and back to the armbar, back to their feet. Estrellita is able to spin her down, roll over her to twist the armbar, and bring it back up again. Dark Angel gets her over with a hair mare, springboard plancha connects. Dropkick sends Estrellita to the ropes. Dark Angel challenges her to comes on, she doesn't, so Dark Angel bounces off the ropes for an armdrag. Estrellita stop more with a kneelift. Whip, hiptoss blocked, and Dark Angel lands on one of her own. Dark angel splash, one, bridge out. Estrellita trips Dark Angel and grabs Angel's legs, but Angel bodyscissors her. Dueling armdrags, Estrellita armbar, floating around to hook the other, and around to get Dark Angel pinned for a 0.1 second. Dark Angel with her own double armbar pin, one, Estrellita small package, one two, casadora roll up, Estrellita escapes, and they go chest to chest. Face to face, too. Each grabs a handful of each other's hair before shoving each other way. There were parts there not totally smooth – that last small package was one – but those two were really working hard and bringing the intensity. Blanca and Marcela in. Marcela ducks a clothesline, quebradora for Blanca. Whip, Marcela springboard reverse plancha eats knees. Blanca gleefully throws Marcela around by her hair. Marcela crawls to the apron, and shoulders Blanco in the midsection. Marcela up top, flying headscissors takes over the ruda. Clothesline caught into a double underhook backbreaker, and out goes Blanca. Blanca walks around the wrong side of the ring – Dark Angel tope con giro. Back inside, Marcela dropkick Tiffany. Corner whip, reversed, Marcela jumps to the top , but Tiffany pushes her with a slap and pulls her off for an Iconclasm. Pin there, Estrellita gets Luna with a dropkick, then a sunset flip. That seems like it's going to be it, but Estrellita just struggles hooking the farmer's roll on, and then runs into the ropes when she tries it. She does stop clear enough to get the three count. That was the wrong women combination to try that move.

2: Rudas in control as TV picks up the match. Tiffany drops Dark Angel with a cristo slam, which gets a replay. Corner dropkick for Luna. Marcela hung in the Tree of Woe for a dropkick. Estrellita tries a sliding one, and slides her way out of the ring when Marcela pulls her self up. Plancha on the other two, and Dark Angel and Luna Mágica dropkicks the other rudas. Crowd not entirely happy with this comeback, but the técnicos thrown and kicks the rudas around. Dope toe hold for Estrellita, and she gets three boots in the face from Dark Angel and Marcela. Dropkick sends Tiffany out, and Dark Angel tosses Marcela into a plancha on both of them. Dark Angel helps Luna to the top rope, plancha on the rudas. Dark Angel 'rana on Blanca, reversed by Blanca, one two three. Did she have the ropes? It was on the wrong side of the camera to see.

Replays of the match – yea, not only did Blanca originally have a foot on the ropes, but she grabs the bottom rope before the second count and held it on all the way. Multiple replays of the cheating, nice.