CMLL on LATV #21 (09/25/2010) 
Recapped: 10/01/10

Match 1: Fuego, Stuka Jr., Valiente © vs Misterioso II, Shigeo Okumura ©, Yoshihashi
Arena Mexico, 08/20/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:14
Rating: good
Notes: Refs are Edgar and Rafael.

1: One on ones to start. Misterioso/Stuka is not too interesting. Valiente/Okumura has more interesting holds. Fuego/Yoshihashi is an odd choice to go last and is quite the battle of skinny people. Fuego's side slam is a showcase of lucha olímpico, huh. Don't see enough of this. Fuego offense, Yoshihashi's grabbing his back. Fuego gets in a nice back rolling headscissors to send Yoshihashi out and gets backdropped to the apron but knocks Okumura away. Fuego springboards on the second rope, only for Misterioso to smoothly kick it out from under him. Valiente comes in and clear house, Okumura grabs him on the outside, Misterioso jumps in the ring yells at Okumura to hold on, starts to run, turns back and yells at Okumura to back up again – back up farther, Misterioso is planning on going a long way. Misterioso finally runs to the far ropes, and is promptly yanked out by Stuka. Stuka grabs Misterioso for a Valiente tope, but Misterioso moves and Valiente spears his partner. Fuego does a moonsault out of nowhere onto Misterioso, but Valiente is left in alone against the Japanese and they get the better of him. Fuego helps fails. Whatever Okumura does to Fuego looks not so convincing.

2: Rudos still in control. Fuego's held up for a double dropkick. Rudos tease a triple dive and pose. Monito argues about this 3 on 1 with the referee. I didn't even realize he was here. Announcers decide Monito's full name is Monito Rodriguez. I wonder if he's related to Bender? Stuka is tipped up, dropkick in the butt to send him out, and rammed butt first int the post. Unfortunately, that last part takes two people, leaving Yoshihashi alone with Fuego, and Fuego quickly drops him with a backbreaker. The other rudos hurry back in to attack Fuego, flipping him with a backdrop. Valiente trips up Misterioso and splashes him, Japanese miss elbow drops, Fuego springboard splashes the entire pile, rudos toss him off. Yoshihashi knocks down Fuego and grabs Valiente, but eats the double springboard a dropkick from Valiente. Rudos stand around watching as Valiente backs up in the corner. Misterioso wanders over, gets flipped to apron, but Okumura cuts off Valiente from any more with a clothesline. Fuego charges Okumura, Okumura puts Fuego on his shoulders, Misterioso dives off the top, but comes up empty when Fuego reverses into a headscissors cradle. One pin there, Stuka flies cross ring for a splash for the other pin. Yoshihashi runs for his life to get away from Valiente, and ends up standing in front of Minot, who drops him with a plancha. Yoshihashi is so thin, Monito's plancha actually knocks him over.

3: Fuego showcase isn't so hot. Misterioso actually gets the better of Stuka, but Valiente quickly clearly out the Lagureno and moves on to the Japanese. Valiente nails the double springboard, but there's a little delay before the armdrag actually works. Stuka's boosted into a dropkick on Yoshihashi, and Stuka helps Valiente to the middle of the top rope for a moonsault to the floor. Stuka follows with a bullet tope of his own. Fuego and Valiente left in, and and Fuego quickly wins with a Flahsina. He really needs a new name for that.

Match 2: Felino, Negro Casas ©, Rey Bucanero vs Charly Manson, Héctor Garza ©, Mr. Águila
Arena Mexico, 08/20/2010

  1. Invasors

  2. Peste Negra
  3. Peste Negra

Winner: Peste Negra (2-1)
Match Time: 12:57
Rating: better than the others in this series from what I saw
Notes: Refs are Tirantes and Bestia Negra.

1: Joined with the Invasors already in control and doesn’t last long. Bucanero sure seems to break up the pin, but the referee – not Tirantes! - ignores it. Garza turns Bucanero over as he's getting legdropped, very odd looking. Negro and Perico walk off during the end of the fall, also oddly.

2: Invasors still in control. Triple kick for Felino. Negro is whipped into Garza's boots. Charly grabs Pierco and tosses him in. Bucanero comes in to distract the Invasors and Perico gets away mostly unscathed, though it looks like lost a feather. Rey Bucanero sneaks in a hanging backcracker, and the broadcast I'm watching goes to break. None of the three times this aired had this fall complete – they're all missing parts of this section. At any rate, the Peste Negra settled the match down to one on one, with Negro and Charly back and forth. After a set of kicks to the chest, Negro wraps up Charly with a casita ) kind of into the ropes, but they move away) for one pin. Felino cuts off Aguila with a moonsault for another pin. Both are counted by Bestia Negra, with Tirantes just watching in the distance. Garza backs away from Bucanero, all the way up the aisle.

Interview segment includes Negro Casas playing a guitar and signing a song to Perico. They should've just done that instead of cutting a promo after.

3: A lot of Perico comedy, including a one on one battle with Hector Garza. Perico tries a dive, gets caught, but leads Garza into Felino's dive. Negro and Charly battle out to the apron, and Negro is able to send Charly into the post and take him out with the silla. Bucanero gives Aguila the multiple backbreakers into an elbow driver, but Tirantes slow counts it enough for Garza to break it up. Bucanero sentons Aguila and covers again, and Tirantes just stops counting after one. Bucanero corners Tirantes and argues. Nothing comes of it. Match grinds to a halt while people argue, then Tirantes actually helps Charly grab Negro. This back fires, Aguila accidentally kicks out his partner. Bucanero dropkicks Aguila out. Negro pescados the Invasors, they catch him, Perico planchas them and they catch him too, and Bucanero bowls the group over. At this point, there's an another accidental commercial break, and the finish is never shown the first time on any of three airings.

It is shown in replays after the match. Felino puts Garza in a casita, Tirantes starts counting, stops to go look at the guys outside, and Besita Negra rushes in to finish the count.

Back for Aguila making hair challenges. Actually, the Sunday one just went to break for six minutes and never came back. Bucanero comes back with a hair match challenge. Charly responds, and they tease it as a three on three. Talking talking talking.