CMLL on LATV #20 (09/04/2010) 
Recapped: 09/08/10

LATV's been airing random breaks during matches. The attempt here is to navigate thru the three airings (so far) to see if I can get a complete view of any of the matches. Hopefully you don't notice the seams.

Match 1: Eléctrico ©, Fantasy, Tzuki vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Violencia ©
Arena Mexico, 08/06/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:39
Rating: good
Notes: Break before the match. No entrances, but the captains are introduced in the ring. Tzuki! No opening whistle. Pepe Casas and Terror Chino are the refs.

1: Clip to start. Violencia and Fantasy roll around on the mat a bit, getting nowhere. Violencia seems to have the edge, but Fantasy squirms out of holds and ends up with an armbar. Fantasy walks Violencia over towards the técnico corner, and Eléctrico leaps in for a sunset flip. Violencia kicks out easily. Eléctrico trips him up, and stars for a casita, but Violencia easily trips him up and ties his legs. Bow and arrow, Eléctrico immediately slips out for the cover, then holds on for an armbar, flipping Eléctrico onto this back. Armdrag exchange, Violencia shoves Eléctrico down, monkey flip, Eléctrico lands on his feet, charges, and is pulled into armbar. Shot to the back, and Universo comes into take over the armbar. Universo flips Eléctrico over his back, then rolls him onto to his back for a cover. Two. Eléctrico reverses the armbar, Universo tries flipping him, but Eléctrico lands on his feet. Zero leg trip bit ends early when Eléctrico decides to flip to his feet. Lockup? Out to Tzuki and Nitro. Crowd perks up, and it's not for Nitro. Nitro evades and boots Tzuki down. Armbar, armbar on the other arm, and Tzuki escapes with an armdrag. Tzuki off the ropes, casadora armdrag. Replay of the boot to the chest. Tzuki kicks Nitro, but the windup punch is caught. Nitro grabs Tzuki in a hammerlock, but Tzuki escapes with a headscissors. Off the ropes, into a chop from Violencia. Violencia clears off the técnico apron, then all the rudos left up Tzuki and kick him in the back. Rudos are oh so pleased with themselves. Double hiptoss into a gutbuster. Fantasy in, double back elbow for him, held in the ropes for a dropkick, and another, and a windup chop. Eléctrico kicked down. Double clothesline for him, and a casadora into a frontcracker. One two three. He's the captain, that's the fall.

2: Violencia taunts Tzuki by wrestling from his knees, and Tzuki dropkicks him. Chop. Slap to the face! Violencia’s partners have to retains Tzuki so Violencia can get in shots. Nitro drops a questionably low headbutt. Universo tosses Tzuki to Nitro, who tosses him down hard in a sort of shoulder powerslam. Rudos slap around Fantasy, and he almost takes a flapjack on top of his head. Universo drops Nitro for a legdrop on Fantasy. Eléctrico in to be kicked around. Eléctrico turns a toss into a dropkick to Nitro to start the comeback. Violencia pauses him with a slap, but Eléctrico turns around a whip, and Nitro accidentally monkey flips his partner. Universo tosses Eléctrico, but he flips into a headscissors on Nitro. Not totally smooth but still impressive. Tzuki takes out Nitro with an Asia moonsault, Fantasy gets Universo with a plancha and trips him up with a dropkick to the knee. Inside out dropkick flattens Universo, and Eléctrico squashes him with a double springboard moonsault. Universo’s feet are under the ropes, but Eléctrico pulls them clear for the pin. Violencia's tripped into the ropes, and Fantasy takes him out of them with a springboard moonsault of his own.

3: Violencia kicks Tzuki, but he manages to bounce off the ropes. Violencia kicks again, gets stuck in the ropes, and tripped up by Tzuki. Cover, one two big kickout. Tzuki whacks Violencia on the head again, one two kickout. Replay, and Violencia is begging off from his knees. Tzuki still hits him in the head one more time. Universo and Fantasy in, Fantasy gets his lags up on a charge, flipping middle rope armdrag, handspring armdrag, out goes Universo, and Fantasy teases the dive. Pose off between Eléctrico and Nitro. Evade, evade, Eléctrico tossed to the apron, but leaping back in with a spinning headscissors. Nitro moves out of the way of a charge, and Eléctrico slides thru the ropes, but holds on, pulls him over the top rope, and back into a headscissors. Nitro out, and Fantasy gets him with an Asai tornillo. Eléctrico whipped to the corner, Universo charges, spears, comes up empty and throws himself out. Eléctrico to the apron – top rope springboard moonsault. Tzuki in, and Violencia tosses him around. Tzuki with a slow headscissors into a roll up one two three! Hooray! Tzuki celebrates by crawling on his back. Welcome back!

Match 2: Blue Panther ©, Sagrado, Toscano vs Felino ©, Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis
Arena Mexico, 08/06/2010

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  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:18
Rating: just ok
Notes: Entrances. And a lot less typing, if I can help it. Monito and the Parrot are around.

1: Match starts with Blue Panther vs Vangelis! This should be one of those times where Panther just suddenly wins in the opening mat wrestling bit. Why isn't Vangelis an Invasor? Vangelis escaping Panther's triangle armbar makes me think lucha libre may not be on the level. Vangelis gets the Northern Lights suplex of doom, but Blue Panther rolls over to escape after two. Okumura takes over, with armbars. This is wrong. Okumura is unable to hold Panther, and Panther tags in Sagrado to take over on armbars. Sagrado/Felino sequence lead to a Toscano plancha, lead s to the rudos all jumping Toscano when he tries to strip. Double faceslam, dropkick to the chest, and the rudos are in control. Panther's chopped out. Sagrado is tossed into Felino’s flying clothesline, and that actually connects well for once. Rudos in no hurry to finish, allowing the técnicos trip up Okumura and Vangelis. Felino gets ambushed by Panther’s armbar for the surprise win. Cameras are also surprised, and miss most of the finish.

2: Técnico offense. Sagrado showcase ends with the Parrott coming in. Sagrado kicks him over, and pulls in Monito. They tease a fight, but Felino backs his animal off. Monito is all ready to go, but is led back to his corner. Toscano offense is ample time to fast forward. Felino making fun of Toscano’s stripping is the high point. Panther gets his run against Vangelis, who ends up throwing himself out on a dropkick. Felino back elbows Panther out and follows with his usual double jump tope con giro. Other four all in, técnicos reverse whips, rudos bumped, Toscano tosses Sagrado into a dropkick, Vangelis moves, Okumura doesn’t, Sagrado bails on the dropkick and just kinda shoves Okumura on the way down. Toscano topes Okumura. Vangelis dropkicks Sagrado into the corner, charges in, and spears the post. Sagrado with a ringpost tope con giro to take him out. Felino and Panther back in, Felino trips Panther into the corner, crucifix followup, panther escapes, Panther armdrag, Felino back up, and fouling Panther.

That's a DQ. It's amazing how the parrot can be heard from the ring as clearly as if he’s sitting at the announce desk. (It’s not hard to figure out which announcer is never talking when the Parrot is talking.)