Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors #7 (08/28/2010) 
Recapped: 08/28/10

Previously: A wedding (and a freak out.) Mysterious girlfriend helps RJ Brewer win.

On the strip, Mentallo rants about mindless sheep coming to Las Vegas, calls it an unethical display of garbage, then pickpockets one.

Nigel says this is the season finale. And that's the only mention of it until the end of the show.

Match 1: Mentallo vs Azteko
Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV , 08/07/2010

Winner: Mentallo
Match Time: 6:18
Rating: OK
Notes: Mentallo is our old friend from CMLL, announced from Toronto. Azteko, from La Discoteca Mexicana, is Rocky Romero, acting as wacky as possible. Very Generico influenced. Another mask to add to his collection, anyway. Referee is bald.

Azteko gets the early offense thru a tope, and Mentallo takes back over when they get back in the ring.

Announcers have as much to say about Azteko as they did Medianoche, but they actually have to talk about him because this is a singles match. Announcers spend a decent bit talking about other issues going on, because these guys are just miscellaneous. Mentallo has a cool bit off setting up Azteko in the tree of woe, and heel kicking him while arguing with the ref, then sliding thru the ref's legs to dropkick him into the head. Fireman's carry rolling slam, middle rope moonsault combo gets 2 for Mentallo. Mentallo throws Azteko face first into the corner, pulls him into a Northern Lights Suplex, and handstands while in the pin. That gets 2, should've been the finish. Azteko escapes a suplex and chops, but Mentallo stops him with a kick. Corner whip, clothesline misses, Mentallo boosts him up, and Azteko dropkicks him. Clothesline by Azteko. Another, once Mentallo gets up. Whip, backdrop. Azteko doing the Normal Smiley dance? Whip, reversed, headscissors sends Mentallo to the ropes, 619 connects. Azteko springboards in, Mentallo's counter dropkick doesn't really come close and they can't even hide it. Oh well. Top rope double stomp. “Identify theft.” One two three.

Lizmark Jr. in, and powerbombing Azteko for no apparent reason. In case you might think Mentallo might be taking Sydistiko’s place in Treachery, the Canadian has vanished suddenly.

After a break, Lizmark calls out Marco Corleone. (Both guys form the last match are MIA) He gets Marco Corleone, who gets Rellik attacking him from behind. Corleone's whipped into Lizmark's superkick. Both stomp down Marco. Super Nova in the ring, and missile dropkicking both rudos. They take off.

Rebecca Reyes joins the announcers to talk about the heavyweight tournament. One more shot of the brackets.

Lalo introduces a late night commercial for a Brooke Carter: Exposed DVD. I think this is supposed to be a Carrie Prejean spoof, but since they're not going to show that sort of video (and do a poor job of implying it’s supposed to be that sort of video), this is more about her talking about all the sex she and RJ have (while getting bleeped.) This seems to be a person who talks about family values being exposed as a hypocrite, but it comes off as very weak. Especially the announcers talking about how hot it is when she’s just sitting in a chair talking. It’s not that stimulating conversation. Anyway, the info here is Brooke is a daughter of a Texas oil tycoon, and we’re going to hear about her father a lot.

AAA commercial airs here.

Match 2: RJ Brewer vs Máscara Púrpura in a quarterfinal match for the Masked Warriors Heavyweight championship
Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV , 08/07/2010

Winner: RJ Brewer
Match Time: 5:58
Rating: not interesting
Notes: Brooke is with RJ. Even when they have the lights turned down to only show the first few rows, they are plenty of visible empty seats on the main camera. Referee is fat. Sorry, referee, maybe they’ll give you a name next season.

RJ tries to jump Purpura, but Purpura ducks the clothesline and lands a handspring back elbow. Backbreaker too. Nigel is really stumbling over himself on this show, a lot more than previous tapings. Lalo and Rebecca busy trying to come up with a nickname for the rudo duo. Superkick gets two., another handspring gets caught and Brewer flips him with a German suplex. One two no. Whip, kneelift, one two a kneelift doesn't work. Announcers finally get around to discussing what we saw last week with Rebecca. She doesn’t want to talk about it, but they cut away from this match to show photos from the wedding. Meanwhile, Brooke and Brewer take turns choking Purpura. Lalo: “There's never going to be another inaugural champion!” Yes. Purpura makes his comeback when Brewer fails to do something as Purpura runs past him and Purpura gets a headscissors. Brewer suddenly takedown down Purpura and puts on a sharpshooter. Purpura gets to the ropes. Stomps. RJ in no hurry, and Púrpura sneaks in an inside cradle for two. Brewer goes out, and Púrpura teases a dive. Brewer bails, huddles with Brooke, and Purpura gets him then with a tope con giro. Brooke is way out of the way. Both back in, Purpura flipped to the apron. Purpura hits RJ, takes his time posing, slingshot sunset flips in, Brewer sits down to block, and grabs hands with Brooke to stay on top for three. That's the match.

Heavyweight Brackets - Marco vs RJ, Lizmark Jr. vs Charly Malice.

Rebecca interviews Carlitos backstage, totally fawning over him. “This is such a honor-” “Calm down little lady, I don’t date married chicks.” Rebecca is so sad. Carlitos goes over the match, and says it's to bad Rebecca's married.

La Vida de Lujo: on the phone, a bank person tells Mr. Esquire that the funds have been transferred into the accounts. Pan back, and it's actually Mentallo who gets the money. The subtitles ask what Mentallo will do it with Lujo's money: “Will he buy more red track suits?”

Main event hype.

Rebecca recounts her memories of her wedding to Mascarita Dorada. She's crying, and Dorada offers a shoulder – so of course, Pequeño Halloween shows. “Hey, what's going on here? What are you doing here, woman? I told you to stay in the hotel!” Dorada: “Chill out!” “My mom wants grandkids! And you – what's you're dealio? You're always blowing up my spot! I'm dunzo with this!” “You're the problem here, buddy! Because what you did is f****d up!” “Why I oughtta -” and chop and Dorada gets tossed off camera. Halloween starts to leave, but turns around: “And you, woman...I want dinner on the table when I get back.”

PR Power fan video for Lucas4Life: guy doing nerd voice (required cameo by mom) has clips of the first three matches.

Match 3: Carlitos ©, PR Flyer, San Juan Kid vs Neutronic, Oriental, Tinieblas Jr. ©
Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV , 08/07/2010

Winner: Puerto Ricans
Match Time: 8:39
Rating: just kind of OK. Fitting way to end the season.
Notes: Carlito is using the current RAW theme, hilarious. He stops to sign an autograph on the same ring. Nigel says he's very familiar with the PR Flyers. There isn't a camera shot left that'll hide the empty seats. Referee is bald.

Técnico showcase to start, San Juan Kid on Neutronic, PR Flyer with Oriental (finishing with a tope con giro) and Tinieblas and Carlitos, who exchange big moves right away. Springboard back elbow knocks Tinieblas down, but when he stops to pose, the rudos rush the ring to start the beatdown. Triple boot for Carlitos. Double flapjack, make a wish, double dropkick and kick to the head by the rudos on SJK. Oriental teas a punch to PR Flyer's face, and then pokes him in the eye. Three man faceslam on him. Carlitos runs in hitting everyone but Oriental grabs him and pulls him down for punches and kicks. Corner clotheslines, Tinieblas split legged faceslams, and the other two crotch Carlitos on the corner post. Lalo: “I hate to be cheesy” - lies! Tinieblas grabs him for a double clothesline, but he ducks and his partners take him out. Carlitos clotheslines the others, but the PR power get them with a missile dropkicks. PR Powers set up, jump to the apron, double Asai Moonsault, with San Jan Kid making it a corkscrew moonsault. Captains back in, Carlitos sunset flip, one tow no. Tinieblas boots him down. Pose. Abdominal stretch! This is the wrong time to do this. Announcers hyping this a dream match between legendary families. Eh. Doesn’t help that they seem afraid to say the world “Colon” , much less Carlos. Carlitos reverses to an abdominal stretch of his own, and kicks Oriental as he charges in. Tinieblas sent out, corner whip for Oriental, Carlitos charges into a back elbow, charge into a kick, Oriental middle dropkick sends Carlitos out. San Juan Kid in, clotheslined blocked, Oriental grabs him, puts him on his shoulders, Death Valley Driver into a powerbomb, one two three. Whip, drop toe hold, off the ropes, flipping legdrop. Oriental with a modified bow and arrow – Nigel: “the Yakuza” - but PR Flyer breaks it up with a top rope splash. Neutronic in, shoulderblock PR Flyer, running the ropes, and off with a tope. One two three. 5042-5817

Not the captain, match goes on. SJK missed a dropkick on Oriental, but flips back to his feet and enziguris SJK. Running twisting plancha to the floor takes out Oriental. Edit here? Captains back in, Tinieblas with a bad looking headscissors on Carlitos. Corner whip, reveres, Tinieblas rebounds out to scissors kick, but Carlitos ducks, and drops him with a backstabber. SJK up top, 450 splash, one two three. Tinieblas is the captain, so that's that.

Announcers go over the rules again to explain the finish. “Now, this is the season 1 finale, but the action doesn't stop here, but don’t forget to long onto for exclusive content and information on the Season 2 premier date.” And, they're done.