CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #9 (08/21/2010) 
Recapped: 08/22/10

Shocker is flexing and stretching during the introductions, because he's in the opener. He rips off his shirt and walks off screen

Match 1: Máximo, Rotoporky, Shocker © vs Atlantis ©, Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Bucanero
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 07/27/2010

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  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:38
Rating: comedy, and not hilarious comedy
Notes: and is already in his gear and in the ring when they cut here. MAGIC. Refs are the usual two refs. Live sound is very muted for this whole thing. They join this at the point where we can see Shocker and Atlantis pose for being captains. Rey is in his Guerreros gear, and he does the huddle dance with Atlantis and some fans.

1: Lot of time killing to start. Máximo and Dragon Rojo are in position to start, but Máximo wants Atlantis and Atlantida defers. Wright as Atlantis finally agrees, Shocker just rushes over and shoves Dragon Rojo, and they start instead. Máximo is confused but Shocker gets him and his father out of the ring. Shocker and Dragon Rojo start on the mat. Dragon Rojo's not winning that, so he switches to biting Shocker's toes thru his boot. Not sure how that's working, but it annoys Shocker enough that the Brazos come in after him. Porky splashes Dragon Rojo, which is all but missed by the camera. Bucanero rushes in and slaps Porky. Porky turns to Shocker, and Shocker slaps him too. Porky turns to Máximo, and Máximo slaps him too! Porky becomes serious for about a second. Crowd is loud for Porky. Porky comedy is intentional and not – Porky tries a kip up armdrag and that's not working at this point. Bucanero rides Porky's back, and then offers the same to Porky. They tease this out to the crowd, because everyone single person but Rey Bucanero knows how this is going to go. SPLAT. Atlantis/Máximo isn't much but a headscissors and a plancha. Dragon Rojo tries sunset flipping Porky and that goes about usual. Bucanero and is not immediately sure which moves Shocker want to do and the result is a little bit of a mess.

2: Atlantis walks out, all the way out, refusing to deal with Máximo. He comes back with a ring girl, to prove he's not last Máximo. At a remarkable speed, Bucanero joins the duo and steals a kiss from the girl. He's so the guy who gave the hotel card. Máximo tries to get his own kiss from the girl, but she runs for it. Eventually, they start wrestling, it's crazy. Dragon & Bucanero bumble again Shocker, Atlantis bails again rather than face Máximo, and Bucanero and Porky have sumo showdowns. Máximo charges around the outside to get Atlantis, but Atlantis poses him, and the rudos immediately takes the fall. Bucanero’s casita on Porky is not completely shown, may have defied the laws of physics, and Bucanero cant' get Porky off of him after the pin. Still, he escapes before Dragon Rojo is able to finish it.

3: Beatdown doesn't last much farther then the random brawling stage. Máximo gets held for kicks from Atlantis, but escapes a charge and double jump butt bumps Atlantis. Bucanero quebradora con giros Dragon Rojo, and Porky knocks over Bucanero with his fat. Atlantis retreats from Máximo, crawling up to the top rope to get away, only for Máximo to crawl with him. Referee Estrada gets involved, so Máximo teases kissing him. Loco covers up, Máximo gets him to look one way, Loco looks, and Máximo pulls him into a kiss. End game is Porky and Shocker getting time killing submission, but Atlantis breaking them up while hitting Atlantis. Máximo responds by faking a foul. Atlantis argues the call, and Máximo jumps up to inside cradle him. They're well into the ropes – Atlantis is grabbing them before and after the count – but Loco counts anyway – one two three.

Match 2: Metal Blanco & Stuka Jr. vs Exterminador & Máscara Mágica for the hair
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 07/27/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time:17:09
Rating: dramatic & good, but not great
Notes: Joined during entrances. Rudos are waiting for the técnicos on the ramp, but the técnicos have circled around and attack the rudos from behind. Metal Blanco & Stuka are wearing fused masks, which don’t look great. Loco Estrada is referee.

1: Rudos quickly turn it around despite the sneak attack, beating the técnicos around. Metal Blanco takes a big backdrop into the ring. Mágica whips Exterminador into a low blow dropkick on Stuka. Mágica then goes after Metal Blanco's mask, which always seems unnecessary in a match like this. Also, you want the mask you're going to win to look good in your trophy chest, why rip it off? Clothesline for Stuka by Exterminador, fireman’s drop for Metal Blanco by Mágica. Técnicos whipped into each other and fall down. Exterminador holds Stuka, but Mágica's kick hits his partner. Exterminador comes back in, just in time to eat a boosted dropkick from Metal Blanco. Rudos go out, técnicos start running for dives, rudos hurry back in and spear the técnicos. Exterminador’s crab finishes Stuka, Mágica is obviously finishing Blanco but it's off screen. They switch back over there in time for the end of a powerbomb. That's the fall.

2: Rudos are crotching Blanco into the post as they pick up. Rods take Stuka over by the front row and chop him into fans, then crotch him on the post as well. Press slam on Metal Blanco, dropping him on the (local) announce desk. JCR knows Stuka is Arena Coliseo Tag Team champ! We're going to make a list of people who know. It'll be a short list. Stuka brought in, shoulder to the gut for him. Metal Blanco storms in, attacks, but gets continued. Exterminador holds him on his shoulders, Mágica knocks him off with a plancha. That really should be a finish. Mágica leaps on top for the pin, Exterminador presses him down, one two three. Oh, it was a finish!

It's 2 on 1 to the finish. Stuka manages to surprise Exterminador with a quebradora. Corner whip, reversed, Stuka sends Mágica to the apron and slaps him down. Doesn't usually work that way. Stuka calls Exterminador on, they have a problem for a moment, and then Exterminador jus slams Stuka. Whip, Tusks, hops on Exterminador’s shoulders, they have more problems and Stuka is held just on one shoulder oddly. Exterminador still turns towards the corner, Mágica leaps off for the plancha again, but Stuka rolls thru for a cradle on Exterminador and Mágica comes up empty. One two three, Exterminador is done.

Mágica charges, Stuka grabs him, and hurks him up on the second try. Fireman's drop, and Stuka starts climbing – but Exterminador just yanks off his mask. That's a bad way to lose a fall in this match, especially since Mágica was able to roll out of the way of Stuka (so likely would've done such on a dive.) Mágica freaks out at Loco, but it's not his fault.

3: Felino is still picking the rudos. Stuka misses a dropkick on Mágica. Corner whip, Mágica charge into a boot, Stuka charge out for a sunset flip, Exterminador grabs him by the mask again (NO!), Metal Blanco goes over the top of Exterminador or another sunset flip, way under the ropes. One two kickout. Crowd is loud, which means we can barely hear them on this broadcast. Rudos whip the técnicos into each other, but they turn each other around and attacks. Metal Blanco’s dropkicks connects, Stuka does not and Blanco and Exterminador are left in the ring. Blanco walks up the ropes, holds, and off with a 'rana. One two NO. Metal Blanco can not believe it. Crowd seems okay with it. Bodyscissors cradle by Blanco, Exterminador reverses it, one two Stuka breaks it up with a dropkick to the face. Stuka points to the crowd, and has to pick Exterminador up to get this going. Slam on Exterminador, and Stuka heads up again. Crowd loud - for the rudos? Sounds that way, and they must be really loud if I can make out words. Moonsault, Exterminador moves, Stuka lands on his feet and powerslams Exterminador. One leg hooked, one and Mágica breaks it up with a dropkick. Mágica seems unhappy. Stuka waves to him from the mat. Snap mare, chinlock. Obvious discussion going on. What a weird moment. Did they not decide what they were going to do here? Crowd was chanting against someone, so maybe there's a fight in the crowd? Stuka uses a rope break to get out of a chinlock, which I believe is a first. There are a whole bunch of people walking around the ring, hmmm. Stuka with a flipping run, and Mágica kicks him right in the face to stop it. Mágica turns it around, right into a Blanco springboard silla. One two Exterminador breaks it up. Exterminador slaps Metal Blanco on the ropes. Mágica standing to help him. Whip, clothesline connects. Whip, double press, and Blanco dropped chest first on the mat. Rudos hook the legs and grab the arms – two man tapatía! Metal Blanco refuses to give up - and Stuka sneaks in the middle of the hold to cover, one two kickout, letting go of the old, Mágica is angry about being counted down at all. Maybe he thought their shoulders were up? Técnicos dropkick on the rudos, off the ropes, TOPES. Nice, high speed ones. Replays, but the técnicos are still busy. They dropkick the rudos off the apron as they come in, jump to the apron, and Asai Moonsault the rudos. Metal Blanco goes all the way off the top rope. Técnicos come back in – and raise their arms – but the countout isn't over. Replay of dives. When they go back live, the técnicos are crotching Exterminador on the post. Técnicos roll Mágica back in. Whip -no, Mágica just goes down, so the técnicos stomp him into the mat. Whip, Metal Blanco grabs Mágica, Stuka dropkicks his panther. Mágica charges Stuka, Stuka powerbomb, figure four – no, Mágica small packages him one two THREE.

This time, it's 2 rudos versus 1 Metal Blanco. Blanco misses a dropkick on Mágica, and Mágica elbow drops him. Exterminador back in. Whip, double spinebuster. Stomp down. Rudos take a moment to pause. Is Mágica going up for a move or to pose? To pose – and Metal Blanco dropkicks him right off the apron. Metal Blanco hops on Exterminador's shoulders turns around, and finishes the 'rana – one two three!

Down to Metal Blanco vs Exterminador for all the marbles. Shocker is suddenly in the announce boot, stunning us all. The match is just that dramatic. Crowd is into it too. Metal Blanco lights Mágica up with a dropkick. Blanco charges Mágica, Mágica flips him to the apron and chops him there. Mágica steps back to pose, Metal Blanco springboard 'rana comes short, and it's sort of a self-powerbomb. Mágica slides Blanco back towards the far ropes, starts to cover, puts his feet on the ropes, and Loco misses it – one two three!

Mágica is joyous! He seems like he can’t even believe it. Stuka protests, and almost immediately is handed the microphone to protest even louder. There's someone wearing a lanyard who's waving it off too – I guess that's the commissioner. Yep, JCR confirms. They don’t win suits in Guadalajara. He hands the mic to the ring announcer, who announces the decision to disallow the finish and continue the fall.

Replay of the pinfall, and a straight jump to Mágica slapping Blanco. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Both partners are standing in their corners now. Mágica batters Blanco with punches to the midsection and the jaw. Loco pulls him away from the corner for the closes first, and they have an animated conversation. Blanco recovers, and dropkicks – which rips out both men. Metal Blanco pays no mind – springboard splash gets only Loco when Mágica moves. Both Mágica and Blanco stand over Loco and stare at him, as he rolls to the side. Mágica reacts first, with a foul on Blanco (which the camera kinda misses.) Stuka wastes no time coming – kick, fireman’s drop, torpedo plancha, Blanco rolled on top. Loco is still down, but now he's crawling over to eh pin – one two THREE. Exterminador tried to break up the pin, but he was too late

Replay of the splash. Bet the commission is not overturning this one. Rudos appear to be trying to run off, and the fight continues. Mágica beats up Blanco in the ring while Stuka completely fails at getting Exterminador. Blanco holds Mágica in the middle of the ring for the haircut, and the barber is trying to shave Mágica as he moves his head around. Blanco gets the razor and Mágica stops moving a little bit, and the show ends as Mágica's hair is being cut off.