Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors #6 (08/20/2010) 
Recapped: 08/24/10

Previously: Mini Halloween lose the hand but grabbed a handful (in slow motion). Mini Halloween listens in on Rebecca's plan to go drinking at the club.

In Las Vegas – in a Las Vegas chapel – we have Pequeño Halloween (as the groom), Neutronic (best man), Medianoche (just trying to make TV this week), Chi Chi (as the bridesmaid) and an unidentified bride. We can't see who it is under the veil, but I hope you can guess. Let's turn it over to the minister/Elvis Impersonator: “Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today to join these two in holy RUDO matrimony. I have been told that time is of the essence, so let's shake rattle and roll little fella.”
Halloween: “Si, vamos vamos!”
Elvis: “Okay, Pequeño Halloween, do you take
Rebecca Reyes to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
Halloween: “Si, si si.”
Rebecca: “And Rebecca, do you take Pequeño Halloween to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
Halloween: “Yea...I'll have another shot, hey.” [Medianoche and Chi Chi are keeping Rebecca from fallnig over, check – record scratch noise]
Elvis: “Come again, sweetheart?”
Neutronic: “rapido!”
Elvis: “I got it, big man. Rebecca, do you take Pequeño Halloween to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
Chi Chi [throwing his voice]: “Sure.”
Elvis: “Well, by the powers vested in me, I pronounce you Mister and Misses Pequeño Halloween! You can kiss your bride, little fellow.”
Pequeño Halloween lifts the veil to reveal – Rebecca in Halloween makeup! How did they find time for that? We never do get to see the kiss.

Tonight: Magno/Mascara Purpura vs PR Powers, plus Rellik vs Charlie Malice in a hardcore match. In the ring already, RJ Brewer.

From the soaring highs to RJ Brewer talking. Magno got lucky twice, but Magno should come out now so RJ can give him a one way ticket to Mexico. He's from Texas! Lalo shows a loose grip on time here. Magno says he'd like to beat RJ a third time, but he's got another match, but he's got a friend who wants a match. RJ responds by working the first mention of his mom tonight. RJ actually off hand mentions the ring, which is nice since the announcers set up this interview as RJ being upset about the six sided ring and he's not really been. Magno calls out his friend – Mascarita Dorada.

Match 1: RJ Brewer vs Mascarita Dorada
Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV , 08/07/2010

Winner: RJ Brewer
Match Time: 4:46
Rating: okay for what it was
Notes: Dorada walks around the entire ring to high five everyone. Showing this also tends to show the vast wasteland of empty red seats in this building, which is surely why the lights are usually off. Your referee is fat. (Sorry! Give me a name.)

RJ goes to his knees. They always go to their knees. Lockup, down goes Dorada. Lalo talks about RJ Brewer challenging Marco – he did? Not this week he didn't. Maybe past weeks? Dorada lights up RJ with kicks and chops, which angers the larger man. Dorada ducks a clothesline, ducks thru the legs, stop sign, look up, chop. Brewer charges, Dorada just moves form a knee lift, and RJ crotches himself. Dorada trips him up, one big kickout. Dorada tricks RJ into looking up again (??) and tries to slip thru the legs, but RJ catches on soon enough catch Dorada. Dorada tossed down. Dorada shoved into the corner, and flops down on the mat. Brewer grabs Dorada by the heel and spins him around ringside. Wow, there's someone with a bad tan. Double choke lift and spin. Dorada set on his feet, still spinning. Boot knocks him down. I think they've run out of ideas. RJ waits, charges, Dorada catches the kick, spins RJ, jabs him in the stomach, and picks him up for the airplane spin! Dorada is a strong man. If he ever loses his mask, he can be Mini Strong Man and it'll be great. Running double stomp, running dropkick, pose. Dorada on the apron, springboard plancha is caught, RJ rocks him like baby, sets him on the top rope, and chops him to the floor. RJ says it's over, though he probably should pay attention to Dorada. Dorada connects off the top rope headscissors. Crowd noise is either fake our really not reactive. Double spin headscissors – RJ is no Pequeño Halloween, but who among us can say we are? Dropkick sends Brewer out, which may violate multiple laws of physics. Springboard plancha to the floor knocks Brewer to the floor, and the announcers say RJ hit his head against the barricade. RJ seems out, but Dorada is busy posing. Gotta get the countout. Dorada actually throws Brewer back in, and the referee checks on RJ. RJ grabs him, which is probably not a good sign. Dorada to the top rope – hey, the woman with the unfortunate tan they showed (for too long) earlier has jumped the rail and shoved Dorada off the top rope. Security seems strangely unconcerned. Dorada falls next to RJ, who lets go of the ref and covers. One two three.

Mysterious Blond Woman helps RJ out of the ring. The tan doesn't look that bad in actual light, I'll give you that. Oh look at those empty sets, why are they turning the lights on now? They made it the whole match without mentioning. RJ's mom, I'm shocked.

Coming up – that tag title match, that hardcore match.

Announcers analyze that last match: the girl is hot.

Hey, we've got brackets for the tag team tournament!

Lizmark Jr. & Sydistiko vs ??
Tiniebals Jr. & Oriental vs ??

I've learned a lot. So we're still not writing out Sydistiko yet. The winners of tonight's match face Lizmark & Sydistiko, actual useful info. Nigel, maybe unaware of the opening segment?, throws it to a backstage interview with Octagoncito and Rebecca Reyes.

No Rebecca. And Octagoncito still isn't talking. Lalo and Nigel don't know where Rebecca is.

Earlier: Marco Corleone did an interview with 101.9 Bueno (which appears to be a real station) to hype the show. I'd love to see the subtitles, but they keep covering them up with the website plugs. Anyway, Lizmark calls it to let us know that this interview is apparently taking place in the last week and Solid is still in the hospital. And also Marco's stupid. Oh, Sydistiko is in the hospital too, that's kind of writing him out. The graphic for Lizmark Jr. being on the line is a obvious request to be the insert graphic on the post for this recap. Anyway, Super Nova's going down, and then Marco's going down. Marco says he'll beat Lizmark in the ring. DJ to Lizmark: “Go to the hell! Don't call me anymore!” I love this DJ.

Backstage, the girl – RJ calls her “baby” and she calls him “honey”, so I hope it's something like boyfriend/girlfriend and not the brother/sister everyone's guessing – and RJ congratulate themselves on their plan. Her dad is going to be happy, his (“my”) mom is going to to throw a parade. That's two! Wait, we're going to get twice as many oblique references? Oh no!

Match 2: PR Flyer & San Juan Kid vs Magno & Máscara Púrpura in a Masked Warriors Tag Team tournament quarterfinal match
Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV , 08/07/2010

Winner: PR Powers
Match Time: 6:55
Rating: good, but not great
Notes: Stop turning the lights on? The empty seats are scary. San Juan Kid is the one with the blue mask that has “PR” on it, PR Flyer is the one in the white mask. I'm telling you this because Lalo is too busy trolling to explain this. Before the match starts, Oriental, Neutronic, and Tinieblas Jr. show up with chairs. They want good seats for this match, of course, nothing to do with the attack last week. Your ref is bald.

PR Flyer and Magno exchange zero leg trips. Oriental signs some autographs. Magno waistlocks PR Flyer, PR Flyer gets to the ropes, pushes off, and then backflips out of Magno's monkey flip try. Magno shoulderblocks PR Flyer, running up the ropes, backflip escape from the charge. PR Flyer sent in the ropes, back with a casadora armdrag. PR Flyer throws up his arms and poses. Magno rammed into the PR corner. Tag to Kid. The Puerto Ricans take turns kicking Magno in the side, then exchange fist pounds to do it at the same time. Whip, blind tag by Purpura I think, SJK misses the clothesline on Magno and runs into a Purpura forearm. Purpura is fired up., and in with a slingshot tornillo. Shot of the rudos. Back to the ring, where Purpura flips off the middle rope to escape a charge (though SJK has to dodge to the side to avoid being hit.) Lalo's blabbing about how tags = respect and I think he just started talking and couldn't find an ending. SJK headstand headscissors. Purpura tripped up, SJK 450 senton! Announcers have no idea what to make of that. Purpura enziguri. Tinieblas is signing autographs now. Nigel giving names for moves we saw 30 seconds ago. Purpura corner whip, shot for PR Flyer, and changing clothesline for SJK. One more clothesline. Tag to Magno, who knocks SJK with open hand slaps. Scoop, slam. Purpura dancing on the apron. Whip Purpura flapjack into a powerslam. Mango off the ropes, dropkick to the head. How about a pin? Magno takes his time, but does cover – one two no. PR Flyer trying to lead the crowd in cheers, but they’re not much for being led. Corner whip, SJK puts up an elbow on the charge, middle rope moonsault, Mango catches him, SJK reverses it to an armdrag. Dropkick to the knee. Nigel is talking about SJK being too inexperienced to know to go for a tag when SJK - goes for a tag. PR Flyer in, waiting for Mango to get up, running forearm. PR Flyer starting to do martial arts poses, I can't imagine why. Corner whip, reversed, PR Flyer with a spinning headscissors to end him out. PR flyer all fired up. Off the ropes, into a quebradora con giro from Magno. Tag to Purpura. Purpura waves to the crowd instead of following up. Kick, double underhook, walking around with PR Flyer held up, backbreaker. Purpura waves to the crowd some more, then covers, one two no. Purpura corner whip, Purpura waves his head, pumps himself up, charges, and comes up totally empty. Third hot tag in the last 90 seconds, this one to SJK. Top rope plancha connect. Springboard dropkick, one two Magno breaks it up. All four men in. Mango flips PR Flyer to the apron and swing kicks him off. Running – slingshot tornillo takes them both out. SJK charge Purpura in the corner, but he gets flipped to the apron. Purpura wanders around, and into SJK's forearms. SJK starts charging, but Purpura chops him. Purpura up on the ropes, but SJK shoves him off. The other two back in, and knocking each other out with clotheslines. SJK on top now, 450 tornillo kinda sort of hits (but not really) one two three.

They did the best they could do to hide it, but you know. PR Powers get their arms raised. Rudos do not seem impressed, though Lalo believes the exact opposite.

Still to come: Malice vs Rellik

PR Powers still in the ring. Purpura finally rolls out, and the rudos think about coming in with their chairs. PR powers get out – it's PR Flyer who has the microphone, complaining about the attack last week. They talked to the commissioner – next week, it's the three (“clowns”) rudos vs the PR Powers and “Carlitos”. Lalo far more excited about it being a trios match than Carlitos.

In the desk shot with the announcers, they've overjoyed about Carlitos.

Tag Team Tournament bracket update. “We won't know the opponents of Tinieblas & El Oriental for a few more weeks.”

Elsewhere, Rebecca – with a ring! Pequeño Halloween doesn’t mess around – wakes up in bed. It's very light outside for whatever time of day it's supposed to be. She walks into the bathroom, notices the makeup on her face, notices the ring on her finger, and freaks out multiple times. Hey, guess who's back? “Honey!” One more freak out.

That hardcore match, coming up.

Recap video of how we got here. Rellik stood on the stage, watched a match. Charlie Malice won a match by DQ. A brawl backstage. Little kid getting freak out by Rellik, that's always good.

Match 3: Charly Malice vs Rellik in a hardcore match
Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV , 08/07/2010

Winner: Charlie Malice
Match Time: 7:33
Rating: OK for what it was
Notes: Lalo and Nigel talk about how they know about the injuries Charlie has had. It'd be good if they explained it to everyone else. Rellik is now from the Gates of Hell. Your ref is bald. Break before the match.

Rellik spits mist in the air, distracting Charly for a kick. One more mist spit for good measure. Rellik with punches from the top, and now biting the forehead. Chop. Ambient noise sounds like a train station – lot of people making noise, none reflecting the events. Lights are back up, which doesn't help. Whip, Charly gets the ropes, Malice charges, Charly low bridges and out goes Malice. TOPE. Chop, and Charly whips Malice towards the ropes, but walks runs with him so Rellik can reverse him into the barricade at the last second. Over the rail, and into the empty seats. They really didn't have to far to find them. From the empty seats, into the more emptier seats. Rellik chops Malice by the bleachers, then crotches him on a chair. Rellik clears the fans, and whips Malice towards the empty chair, but malice reverses it and Rellik’s body knocks down row after row of empty chairs. Lalo: “You can hear them chanting for Charlie” - wish we could. Charlie throws Rellik back over the barricade, back in the ring. Charly looks under the ring – for a chair. Good, we haven't seen any of those. One more chair. Trash can full of boards and brooms. Trash can lid. Charly on the apron, Rellik punches and lifts him in for what looks like a suplex, but leans him on the top rope instead for a spinning DDT. Right hand by Rellik. Right hand. Corner whip, Rellik charges in, Manson move at the last second, and Rellik hits the post. Malice has a chair. Rellik sat down in the corner, Malice sets up the chair between his legs, and Malice smacks it with another chair. It's a lucha hardcore match. Malice puts a chair on Rellik, then this the chair with a broomstick. Rellik to the top rope, and jumping off into the chair as Rellik tosses him up. Rellik repays the chair to the groin spot. Rellik seems to be doing okay, so I guess Charly would will be find. Punch fight, and Rellik wins by knee. Bodyslam! Hardcore. Rellik smashes Malice with the garbage can, then starts climbing. Rellik pauses, and Malice hits him with the garbage can. Both guys brattling on the top rope. Rellik knocks off to the mat. Malice on the top rope, Rellik sits up, Malice – slips to the mat. Malice hits Rellik with a (soft) chair shot to the head. And another. A hid – no, Rellik ducks, and superkicks the kick into Malice. Rellik fires up, then checks his head – bleeding? Red mist? Who can say. Rellik sedges in a chair between the ropes. Corner whip, Malice stops short, Rellik charges, head first into the chair, Malice with an ugly looking spinesbuster. El Pozo! (Lalo: “The Malicious Intent!” Sure.) Rellik is trapped in the middle of the ring – and gives! Wow, clean win for Charly, I'm unused to that.

Announcers assure us that this rivalry is not over. Next week: PR Powers & Carlitos vs Neutronic, Oriental, and Tinieblas, plus the last match in the heavyweight title tournament. Website plug, and they're done.