CMLL on LATV #17 (08/14/2010) 
Recapped: 08/21/10


Miguel talks about the opener.

Match 1: Dark Angel ©, Lluvia, Luna Mágica vs Amapola ©, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sujei
Arena Mexico, 07/23/2010

  1. rudas

  2. técnicas
  3. rudas

Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 10:38
Rating: fine, good in parts
Notes: Entrances. I'm glad we have someone telling us the first fall is next, I might forget which fall they start with. Terror Chino & Babe Richard are referees.

1: Amapola needs help from her teammates to prevent Luna Mágica from submitting her right of the bat, which is just embarrassing for everyone. She does come back to put Luna in a variety of armbars. Lluvia breaks that up, and the rudas aren't taking it – beatdown. Lluvia takes corner charges, tries to kick Amapola as she charges in, but gets swung around and dropped on her head. Dark Angel is thrown around by her hair a lot. Luna reverses a whip and spins Sujei, but right into Sujei's fujiwara armbar. She's done. Amapola & Blanca finish Lluvia with the old New Infernals finish – two person full nelson stretch! Needs a little bit of work, but I'm absurdly happy to see that back. Right crew of evil doers for it too.

2: Beatdown quickly comes to an end, with Amapola taking the usual charge into the corner post. Lluvia wipes her out with a plancha, Luna knocks over Blanca with an apron tope con giro, and Dark angel's spinning small package looks really awesome. Dark Angel comes up holding her left arm, which she's been protecting all match; this turned out to be her second to last match before taking a month off.

3: Ring girl tries pretending Sujei's not there. Sujei's response gets blurred out! Luna struggles to flip in the ring to start, and Amapola immediately kills her with a dropkick. Bleeps are back. Luan gets in a headscissors to start and a way too complex armdrag to end their exchange, but Amapola dominates the long portion in the middle, including the usual running senton. Lluvia/Blanca goes well, except for the awkward pauses. Dark Angel and Sujei is fast, with the técnicas just armdragging Sujei until Sujei quits and slides out. Lluvia tries to ambush the ruda with a silla, but come sway short and Sujei kicks her on the way down. Rudas in the ring immediately take control for submissions. Sudden end.

Julio Cesar talks about the next match.

Match 2: Ángel de Oro, Diamante, Rush © vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus ©
Arena Mexico, 07/23/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:22 
Rating: usual
Notes: Entrances. Angel de Oro has Fabian's mask. Rudos enter as a group. Refs are Bestia Negra and Rafa el Maya

1: Exchanges are Angel de Oro/Raziel, Diamante/Cancerbero and Rush/Virus. It's all not that interesting. Rush taunts Virus on his height until Virus kicks him down the size. Rush is kind of a jerk. Rush clotheslines Virus down and throws a fit. Rush kicks Virus out, rudos kick Rush out, other four quickly wrap it up.

Julio Cesar recaps Misterioso beating Pantera for his mask. This is relevant because?

2: More técnico showcases. Angel de Oro looks good, while Diamante has a big botch – getting tied up in the ropes on a rope flip armdrag - which wipes out all the craziness he does after. Chasing Cancerbero out into the crowd and confronting him there gets it back. Virus distracted Rush with a handshake, and the rest of the Cancerberos attack him from behind. Angel de Oro turns it briefly with a superkick, but the rudos grab on to him, holding him for a Virus dropkick. Cancerberos struggle with a double backbreaker on Diamante but eventually get it. A multi step bit leads to a triple pin on Rush.

3: Fall is joined seconds before Angel de Oro reverses a powerbomb into a faceslam to start the comeback. Other two técnicos take out the ex-Romanos with missile dropkicks. Angel de Oro pulls Virus into a 'rana while the other técnicos keep the rudos out, but Virus kicks out. Other técnicos go for dives, but get yanked off the apron. Angel do Oro tries a campana, but Raziel and Cancerbero break it up and throw him over to the top. Not a press slam, so on we go. The other four and in a scrum. Cancerbero ends up with a senton on Rush as Raziel dropkicks Diamante, but the técnicos kick out of both pins. Técnicos whipped into each other, Diamante whipped again into Rush, Rush leapfrogs and clotheslines them both. Rush stops to pose in the corner, while Diamante gets Cancerbero into a bad 'rana. Raziel, with no one to stop him since Rush is posing, breaks it up easily. Diamante drops Raziel with an Asia moonsault, and Rush cradles Cancerbero – one two Virus breaks it up. This is a chaotic last fall a non-chaotic match. Virus ducks a clothesline and slides out, while Angel de Oro jumps in with a top rope headscissors on Cancerbero. Angel de Oro follows with a running handspring moonsault to the floor – haven't seem him do that before. Virus comes back in, trips up Rush, but misses the dropkick. Rush whips him, lifts him in the firemen's carry (foul there?), and out into a TKO. Rush's neck vice, Virus gives, one two three.

Shot of the front row – and a guy gets bleeped and blurred saying something. That's awesome. Someone else gets blurred too.

Dancing and done.