CMLL on LATV #23 (07/31/2010)
Recapped: 08/02/10

Not the usual Friday show – it's the two unaired matches from Sin Salida instead.

Match 1: Bam Bam & Shockercito vs Demus 3:16 & Pierrothito
Arena Mexico, 06/06/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:56
Rating: was going along well until someone nearly died
Notes: If we consider Dorada a friendly outsider, this might be the best minis tag match possible. I'd listen to arguments on behalf of Ultimo Dragoncito. Entrances. Bam Bam has his belt, as does Pierrothito. Crowd clearly still filling in. Demus' video still says Pequeño Damian 666, oh well. It'll probably say that a year from now. He's announced that way at first, but the graphics have the right name, he talks about the change in his promo and the ring announcers gets it right on the second try. Pierrothito gives him a kick in his new start. Full in ring introductions – you'll understand why later. Referee name is cut out – why do they do that? - but it's Rafa el Maya flying solo.

1: Not only does the Bam Bam/Pierrothito opening exchange include a loud bleep, but also ends with Bam Bam flipping off Pierrothito – finger gets blurred. Crowd is in a booing mood. Demus armdrags and tosses Shockercito around. Shockercito manages to counter into his own armdrags, and the crowd boots. Nice double rotation headscissors, and the crowd really shouldn't be booing that. More random ambient noise, I guess. Shockercito charges into, is scooped up, and dropped down for a hard side backbreaker. With Shockercito down on the mat, Demus slaps him in back, front and goes wild for a moment before opting to point at the sky. Crowd, already behind the rudos, gets more encouragement from Demus. Demus waves Pierrothito in. Corner whip, Demus misses his charge, Shockercito runs out and dropkicks a distracted Pierrothito. Armdrag, dropkick, Demus takes a circuitous path out, Shockercito runs for a dive, Pierrothito knocks him down. Bam Bam returns the favor with a missile dropkick. Pierrothito misses a punch. Pierrothito save into the ropes, Bam Bam leapfrog him, Shockercito gets him with a slight armdrag. Rudos rammed into each other, but both move out of the way of Bam Bam's dropkick and chop him out. Shockercito tossed up in the air, but Pierrothito catches him in a casadora, holding him for a Demus codebreaker. One two three. Bam Bam eats an inverted powerslam from Demus, and inverted bridging chinlock by Pierrothito. That's the fall.

2: Rudos working over Bam Bam, though the camera find the ring girl far more interesting. Shockercito in, and dropped hard on his chest by Bam Bam. Demus giant swing, Shockercito spinning around fast, and Pierrothito provides the sudden stop dropkick. Bleeps are back. Are they singing the rudos song again? Bam Bam manages to take down Demus and land punches, but Pierrothito pulls him off. Punches. Whip, double hiptoss faceslam. Dropkick by Demus. Corner whip, Pierrothito charges in, and Shockercito trips him in corner. Punch on Demus misses, but Pierrothito accidentally hits his partner. Demus slaps Pierrothito and raw him into a Bam Bam plancha. Bam Bam takes Demus over with an armdrag, then leads him into a Pierrothito kick. Pierrothito screws up more, but the rudos get together enough boot Bam Bam. Shockercito plancha is caught, but Bam Bam dropkicks the piled over. Bam Bam and, belatedly, Demus are dropkicked out, leaving the other two to settling there for the moment. Shockercito is flipped to the apron, Pierrothito springboards to the apron, but Shockercito pulls him down by his mask. Shockercito charges Pierrothito on the apron, Pierrothito monkey flips him, Shockercito tries to turn this into a flip headscissors on Demus, but ends up powerbombing himself hard on the floor. If I was watching this live, I'd though Shockercito was done for sure. His head bounced hard on that new (rubber?) floor. Scary by that. Crowd stirred by all that. Demus celebrates not being the dead one. Bam Bam and Pierrothito continue on in the ring, Bam Bam setting him up in the ropes and dropping him with a guillotine legdrop, and shaking his head no while holding on for the pin. One two three.

Demus jumps in, and raises Pierroth's hands. Everyone's confused at that, Rafa el Maya points out who actually won that last pinfall to Demus. Bam Bam yells at Demus, Bam Bam off the ropes, Demus rolls thru, one, Bam Bam reverses one, Demus reverses one two Maya starts to count three even though Bam Bam reverses again (and they're just teeter tottering, not moving anywhere), one more Demus reversal one two three.

Rudos are still kind of confused. Lots of crowd shots to not shoot ringside or the ramp, where Shockercito is getting stretched out. Replay shows Demus was too far away or Shockercito didn't get far enough on the monkey flip, and Demus only had him by his legs.

Clips from Friday: Hector's team beat Máximo’s team, and Atlantis/Guerrero/Bernard won in straight falls over a Strong Man team.

Long dance number. And break.

Match 2: Metro, Rush, Stuka Jr. © vs Histeria ©, Maniaco, Monsther
Arena Mexico, 06/06/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:55
Rating: interesting, not the best from the Invaders.
Notes: Metro is the kind of cities? Is his German suplex less powerful if you fight him in the countryside? Maybe the Tuareg should demand matches in the desert. Stuka has his belt! Did everyone get a bonus if they remembered their belt for Sin Salida? Independents come out as a group, and really shouldn't have a CMLL logo as their entrance video. Monsther has Chucky with him. In the interview, Monsther appears to be about a centimeter shorter than Maniaco. In the past, Monsther's been listed at 180 cm and Maniaco at 176. Those are never completely accurate, but still. Pompin & Tirantes are referees – I was wondering if Pompin was still here. May have just been getting him confused. Everyone's much more concerned about the other referee, of course.

1: Histeria and Rush are each other's equals on the mat to a library like reaction. Rush poses, and gets booed. Monsther stomps Stuka on a drop down, chest slaps him into the corner, and clears out so Chucky can run in and headbutt. Pompin yells at Chucky, to that he cares. Stuka kips up and out from a corner charge, and leads Monsther into a boot to his partner. Stuka covers Chucky, and tricks Monsther into stomping his mini. Armdrag for Monsther. Big boot sends Stuka into the ropes, Monsther charges again, Stuka moves, and Monsther throws himself thru the ropes to the floor. Big rolling bump to his feet. Chucky gets lippy with Stuka, so Stuka tries to dropkick him. Chucky takes the bump way ahead of time, so Stuka doesn't actually touch him. Histeria in, Stuka catches him, fireman’s drops him, and heads up. Stuka taking his time - ah, Deadman’s plancha to the floor on Monsther. Metro and Rush get the other rudos with diving elbow smashes. Moonlight Bomb and a senton on Histeria, Metro's over the neck backbreaker for Maniaco. That needs a name, desperately.

2: Maniaco and Rush out posing each other works better then when they start running the ropes. Maniaco is all set to hiptoss Rush after a couple leapfrogs, but Rush just keeps running into him, then decides to kick him. Slap. , back in the ropes, chop, corner whip, walking reversal turning into a normal whip, Maniaco misses a clothesline, Rush surprises him with a diving elbow smash. UGLY. Crowd boos, but the crowd is booing all técnicos stuff tonight. Maniaco gets out of the ring, and Monsther pulls Rush down by the hair. Monsther poses, just in time for Rush to superkick him off the apron – and Monsther takes a bump onto his knee and stomach. Chucky runs in, kicking and punching Rush, none of which as any effect. Rush kicks him down, stomps him a bit, then double stomps him. Rush poses. Booos, which seem frustrate him. Crowd chants for the rudos, gets bleeped. Metro and Histeria in. Histeria's clotheslines can't drop the big man down, and he gets blurred and bleeped reacting. That's new. Chop fight goes on better, even though Histeria has loudly chest slaps. Histeria tries to claim a foul, but no. Histeria misses a big boot and gets hun in the ropes, then run into one of Metro's big hiptosses. Histeria slaps him down, but Metro blocks a monkey flip and gets Histeria with one his own. One back the other way, Histeria hitting the ropes. Histeria crawls out and begs off, into the front row. Chucky tries plancha-ing Metro, but gets turned into a side slam. Stuka encourages more, and Metro adds a senton. Pose. Crowd boos. Stuka and Monsther back in, and the rudos finally cheat to knock a guy down. All three work over Stuka in the corner. Rush rushes in, gets attacked from behind and is thrown out. The rudos hondle the other two. Big backdrop for Stuka, running sit on Stuka. Spinebuster, Monsther running legdrop completely whiffs. THAT gets the rudos boos. Chucky runs in and stomps Metro. Stuka in, and doesn’t really do much before the rudos having him standing still. Histeria drops Stuka in front of the corner, and Monsther goes to the middle rope – quick springboard to the top rope is impressive, splash hitting Stuka’s knees is less so. Crowd not too forgiving. Tirantes is willing to count that as three, but Histeria pulls Monsther off so they can get a real pin here. Double underhook suplex, Monsther splash, one two three.

Lotta bleeping here.

3: Metro is kicked questionably low. Rudos push Tirantes into Stuka in the corner to thrown off the técnico. Corner whip, Chucky whipped in, Stuka hops over him and trips himself, Monsther charges in, and Stuka moves. Chucky is having a painful match, Monsther ran over him there. Stuka goes over Histeria for an armdrag. Maniaco decide to hide out on the apron, but comes back in at Stuka’s urange. Dropkick misses, Stuka spinebuster catapult into a double dropkick from the other guys. Good idea, though the execution wasn't quite there. Rush madly stomps Maniaco out. Técnicos grab Monsther. Whip, double backdrop. Metro senton. Rush senton, Stuka can’t senton because he's stopping Histeria from coming in with a kick. Monsther is stomped out of the ring, and Stuka drops Histeria in the corner of the ring. Stuka going up again. Top rope bomb drop splash. Tirantes counts, one two three. Fair count. While Stuka poses, you can see Rush going after Maniaco for no apparent reason. No idea what he did, but he's got a pin next time we see him. They play Stuka's music. No replays of Rush/Maniaco.

That's it.