Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors #3 (07/30/2010) 
Recapped: 08/01/10

RJ Brewer complains about speaking the truth, and getting hated, in Springfield, Mass. His mom is pulling some strings for a four sided ring, so he can have a rematch with Magno. Hooray?

Tonight: a six man with Mini Halloween, Lizmark, Sydistiko vs Mascara Púrpura, Octagoncito and Super Nova, Charly Malice vs Rellik in the heavyweight tournament, and – something with Rebecca Reyes? Huh.

Hey, look, Nigel is actually visible on TV this taping. He introduces RJ Brewer, as Lalo explains RJ Brewer's unnamed has caused the show to have a 4 sided ring. I am sure 90% of the audience has absolutely no idea who RJ Brewer's mom is supposed to be and can't figure out why they keep talking about her. I'm not sure what network they think they're on, but they're on MTV2. Hey, Highspots banner. 4 sided ring, check. Mom, check. RJ: “It's only a matter of time before this company is called USA.” Not USA Wrestling, just USA. RJ Brewer challenges Magno – not to have a match, but “to do what you do best, cut my grass”. The fake crowd noise really doesn't like that one.

Magno is out, but stomped as he's rolled in. Punches – some miss, but Magno's doesn't. Magno stomps and punches and is control, so notable anti-Mexicans Oriental, Neutronic, and Tinieblas Junior are out to help their good pal RJ Brewer. Wait, what? Actually, I guess understand Oriental. Perhaps there's some separatist movement brewing in Guadalajara? Anyway, Lujo Esquire and the PR Powers walk out to the stage, stop long enough for Lujo to point towards the fight and then slide into the ring to brawl. Mini Halloween is in to – I don't know, he doesn't seem to know at first either. Mascarita Dorada, Mascara Púrpura, Octagoncito in next. They really need to turn up the fake crowd noise here, all we're hearing is people stomping the mat. Hijo de Lizmark, Rellik and Sydistiko are out next. Who's left? Marco Corleone dives off the stage on to a bunch of rudos. Super Nova and Charlie Malice turned up at some point. There's Solid too. A group of people calmly take heir brawling to the back, walking past Chi Chi and Tigresa Caliente, standing on the stage and looking around. Nigel has no idea why they might be out here, but decides it's a good time to step away from a locker room brawl to show us clips of Tigresa and Mini Park from last week.

Back live, Tigresa and Chi Chi are in the ring, everyone else is gone (???) and Mini Park and Rebecca Reyes are walking out on the stage. They get into the ring. Rebecca explains she has a note from Mini Park to read: “The Lucha Libre USA has been informed towards your attack towards Mini Park last week. Based upon this and your actions towards him two weeks ago, it's our decision to sanction a match that will feature Tigresa Caliente & Chi Chi as a team. [Tigresa lunges for the note, but Rebecca backs away. Note goes on.] This team will be booked to compete in tag team match later tonight. Their opponents shall be Mini Park and a partner of his choosing. If you fail to compete in this match, severe actions will be taken” Glad we had a note to explain that. Tigresa takes the note away just as Rebecca finishes it (Rebecca scrams), dramatically reads it for 3 seconds, and throws it down in anger. Shove for Mini Park, who decides may be he should leave as well. Crowd is very quiet. Break.

That was a lot of words.

Match 1: Hijo del Lizmark, Pequeño Halloween ©, Sydistiko vs Máscara Púrpura, Octagoncito ©, Súper Nova
Hippodrome, Springfield, MA, 06/19/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 6:34
Rating: OK
Notes: New refs? Octagoncito is listed as captain. Halloween is announced from Guadalajara. I didn't even know he moved! Sydistiko doesn't have his own music or entrance, just showing up behind Lizmark. The idea is Sydistiko is screening the técnicos from getting to Lizmark before the match.

Nigel notes the opening face off is Octagoncito versus “from the newly formed group Treachery, Sydistiko”. The what now? Is it this rudo team? I have no idea. Announcers do tell us Sydistiko has his mouth zipped quiet, because Lizmark told him to speak thru his actions, not his words. Big early spot is Mascara Púrpura crotching Sydistiko on the top rope, chopping him a few times, and enziguri-ing him (safely) down to the floor. Announcers react to Sydistiko throwing something at them, something we don't actually see, but I’m sure is very exciting. Meanwhile, Halloween is feeding himself into Octagoncito's offense, though the multiple spin headscissors doesn’t quite work out as well as hoped. The diving headscissors from the apron does. Drink every time Lalo says “as much as I hate to say/agree”, and you'll be dead before the end of this show. Super Nova's wheel kick gets him caught by Lizmark, who just drops him on the mat. Lizmark going for a moonsault? Not this decade, Super Nova dropkicks him on the floor. Nova teases dive, slings to the apron, and gets pulled off by Lizmark. Nova hits his face on the apron, and Halloween takes him out with a tope. Sydistiko throws Púrpura and works him over. Octagoncito stands around looking for someone to hit, and Lizmark attacks him from behind while they switch back to Halloween hitting Nova. Sydistiko drops Octagoncito in the corner of the ring, while Lizmark kicks Púrpura questionably low. Snake eyes for Púrpura. Lizmark takes a moment to play air guitar. Announcers totally ignore it, a shame. Rudos in no hurry, choking and stomping and such. Announcers discussing “rudos – good or bad?” Exciting. They do not agree, shocking. Mini Halloween decides this is the day he's going to try a middle rope senton con giro facing the wrong way. Octagoncito moves, lives. Octagoncito tells Halloween to get up, while the other rudos just kind of stand around. Octagoncito dropkicks sends Halloween out, and he follows with a thru the middle rope tope con giro. Lizmark and Sydistiko just watched as Octagoncito ran right thru the middle of them for it, but I guess they were distracted enough to allow the other técnicos in. Púrpura boosts Nova into a dropkick on Sydistiko, and follows with a tope con giro. Nova and Lizmark aback in, Nova runs right into Lizmark’s scoop, but he manages to get free. Side kick still connects, sending Nova out. Lizmark doing jumping jacks. Octagoncito tries a surprise top rope plancha, but, surprise, Lizmark can easily catch and spin slam you. That's the captain, one two three.

Halloween is thrilled with this win. Lalo: “I told you, it was going to be Treachery's night, and two of the three members came away with a win.” I'm guess that's a no on Mini Halloween being included. Once you were a Mini Perros del Mal, everything else isn't worth joining. So maybe it's Lizmark, Sydistiko and Rellik? Or Lizmark, Sydistiko and the other Sydistiko, ha ha?

Coming up – the tournament match and the mixed tag.

Back. Octagoncito is still down. Replay of Purpuar's dive, and Lizmark slamming Octagoncito. “The Mark For Death”, I'd go along with that if they remembered to call the side kick's name.

TinieblasTV presents Oriental and Tinieblas interviewing themselves on their own camera. SOLD. Oreitnal asks Tiniebals to stop messing with the camera before he breaks it. Tinieblas: “Anyway, we'll destroy our foes. Marco and Lujo will be our slaves.” Oriental: “Listen to me, Tinieblas. You go after Marco, I'll take Lujo. Dude, we the best! The BEST luchadores! You know what? Let's be partners.” “We're going to be champs and they'll see we came to win.” “The best in Lucha Libre USA! ARRIBA TINIEBLAS & ORIENTAL!” “ARRIBA TINIEBLAS JR. & ORIENTAL!” “Ok, I don't like this thing, let's go.” “Wait, hold on. You never turn me how to turn this thing on.”

Somewhere else, Octagoncito seems to be doing better as Tigresa Caliente and Chi Chi bust in on him. “What's up my little ninja?” I think we've peaked. Tigres wants to know if it's Octagoncito. Octagoncito shakes his head no. Tigresa Caliente demands an answer! Really, Chi Chi can do better. Chi Chi offers to make Octagoncito talk. “Chi Chi, shut up.” Tigresa warns Octagoncito not to be the partner. “This cat is going to have a whole lot more than your tongue.” Octagoncito shrugs. Me too.

Coming up: Charly/Rellik and Chi Chi/Tigresa vs Park/?

None of the upcoming lineups mention Carlito. Probably would've wanted that.

Match 2: Charly Malice vs Rellik in a first round match for the Lucha Libre USA Heavyweight Championship
Hippodrome, Springfield, MA, 06/19/2010

Winner: Charly Malice, by DQ
Match Time: 3:36
Rating: short, not much
Notes: Charly is “from Mexico.” Lalo: “[Charlie] doesn't impress me at all. Anybody can jump off the top rope, fall down, and hurt themselves.” Rellik is the third Treachery member, check.

Announcers confirm Marco/Lujo vs Oriental/Tinieblas takes place next week, as part of the tag team tournament. Charly dodges and escape and then finally gets dropped with a wheelbarrow suplex. Rellik bites his head. Referee is the large referee from the last taping, I think. Stomps. Corner whip, Rellik charges into an elbow, charges into a kick, but still manages to suplex Charly as Malice charges out. Rellik kneels over Charly, or stands over him if you're Lalo. Charly tossed out. Rellik brings Charlie over to the announce desk so he's sure they set him biting Charlie this tie. Why is Rebecca sitting there? Or why isn't she talking? Charly thrown back in, Rellik with a slingshot legdrop, one two no. Corner whip, Rellik charges into a kick, into a punch. This seems familiar. Rellik charges into a third punch. Three is the key? Top rope clothesline knocks Rellik down. Charly stomps Rellik in the corner, the referee (who can't stop put his hand to his earpiece) pulls him away for whatever reason, Charly breaks free and turns around, and Rellik spits red mist at him. Referee calls for the bell. Mist is a DQ? Mist is a DQ.

Rellik seems surprised about this ruling, then opts to kick the ref and throw him out. Lalo claims it was a sneeze. Rellik stomps Charly in the corner, but Super Nova is up on the apron, as the announcers remain sure Rellik attack him. Super Nova missile dropkick sends Rellik out of the ring.

Super Nova is still checking on Charly, who still can't see so well. Rellik walks around ringside, trying to scare fans who aren't so scared. Wait, no, he's got a kid crying. Win! We see the announce desk as they set up replays of the match.

La Vida de Lujo: In a dining room, Lalo and unnamed unmasked guy are reading, maybe checking some investments?, when Tigresa Caliente and Chi Chi question him – is he the mystery partner? Lujo has no idea what she's talking about, he's doing a business deal. Tigresa picks up the folder, throws it down, and demands to know who the partner is, right now. Lujo says again, it's not him, he's got a dinner appointment after this meeting. Tigresa threatens him, and spits a bit. Wacky captions sum it up.

Announcers talk about the tag match for next week. Lalo is picking the rudos. Rebecca, who gets to talk!, is picking Marco and Lujo.

Match 3: Chi Chi & Tigresa Caliente vs ?? & Mini Park 
Hippodrome, Springfield, MA, 06/19/2010

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 5:55 ish
Rating: not good.
Notes: Rudos enter first. Chi Chi is wearing pasties over his nipples. Oh, I guess he's takign them off for a match. Mini Park dances around to ringside. Lujo: “Alright, you dance around, we know who your uncle is” - if I hadn't seen the update on the luchawiki, I'd be so confused. They're going with Mini Parka as the nephew of LA Park. Referee is The Guy From The First Match. Rudos rush Park with a double clothesline, but he ducks under and out.

Mini Park crawls under the ring, and Chi Chi reaches. Tigresa goes around the other side, covering the exit. Unless Park does something crazy like turn. Chi Chi grabs on to someone under the ring and starts pulling, and keeps pulling while Mini Park taps him from the shoulder from behind. Mini Park has a pulled a Bugs Bunny, he's not the one under the ring anymore. Chic finally turns around, and is freaked out by Park dancing . Someone shoves Chi Chi away from underneath and climbs out – it's Amazing Kong. Nigel reacts to on the level of a space invasion. Chi Chi gets punched around by both técnicos, as the rudos slightly freak out on the outside. Nigel: “You know that Tigresa Caliente and Amazing Kong have such a storied history these two.” I really wish he'd stop saying “You know”. Also, not a good idea to talk about the fans being on their feet when we can actually see them all sitting. Match going to start soon? Mini Park in, but tagging in Kong. Chi Chi tagged. In, but he slides out. Anytime? Tigresa in. Lockup! Is not good! Tigresa somehow forces Amazing Kong into the corner and slaps her in the face. Kong shoves her, and Tigresa goes flying into her corner. Chi Chi manages to rake the eyes to get Kong off Caliente. Chi Chi jumps on Kong's back, but Kong backs him into the corner and drops him. Chops. Whip, Chi Chi runs into Kong and falls down. Park stomps. Chi Chi's wig falls off due to his head shaking so much from punches. Kicks. Whip, reversed, Chi Chi’s clothesline misses, Park gets him with a headscissors. Chi Chi begs off, and trips Park into the corner. Fearsome Amazing Kong is knocked off the apron with a Tigresa forearm. Park stomped down in the corner. Hey, look, people starting. Side backbreaker. Corner whip, down goes Park. One two no. Too bad there’s no win off a corner whip. Snap mare, knelling bow and arrow. Tigresa comes in for no reason, and stands around watching as Chi Chi gives Park a Northern Lights Suplex, one two no. Nigel says it's the Flashing Lights suplex, kind of losing me there. Tigresa now decides it’s time to leave, then comes back in just in time to be out of position for Park’s boosted dropkick. Chi Chi tripped the corner, to tag to Amazing Kong clothesline for everyone. Slam for Tigresa, corner splash for Chi Chi. High kick by Tigresa is blocked, and Kong back fists her. Chokeslam for Chi Chi, one two Tigresa breaks it up. Park missile dropkicks Tigresa, right out her shoes. Hey, my recording is going to end too soon, isn't it? Isn't it? Mini Park pescados Tigresa just as the buzzer hits, though it looks like Amazing Kong is about to powerbomb Chi Chi for the win. Let's call it, and maybe record an over run next time.

So, yea. Wow.