CMLL on LATV (new) #14 (07/24/2010) 
Recapped: 07/26/10

Match 1: Dark Angel ©, Lluvia, Luna Mágica vs Amapola, Mima Shimoda ©, Princesa Blanca
Arena Mexico, 05/28/2010

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Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 7:12
Rating: not really much of a match, but better than a lot of women's matches lately.
Notes: Entrances. Dark Angel does the promo for her team. Mima does it for hers, and has to look at the microphone holder to figure out what station this is for. “LA...TV!” I bet that happens to the announcers all the time, except they usually don't keep that take. Referees are Terror Chino and Babe Richard.

1: Match takes 7 minutes from the top of the hour to get started, and then they clip the beginning of it. Probably OK with that for this match. Lluvia gets in a good headscissors on Blanca in their match up. Dark Angel and Mima are exchange headlocks thrown Mima pulls out a back suplex. Dark Angel manages to evade Mima on a whip and clothesline her down, but her armbar is reversed into a double chickenwing, and suddenly into a dragon suplex. Not the world's greatest one, but enough to end the fall just like that.

2: Rudas in mid beatdown. Double hiptoss for Luna, held for a Mima missile dropkick. Lluvia takes a spinebuster/clothesline combo. Dark Angel is tripped on the ropes for Amapola's sit. Luna thrown around by the hair a bunch, then takes corner charges – somehow, Amapola misses hers, and flips to the outside. Dark Angel bowls her over with a tope con giro from the apron, while Luna boosts Lluvia into a dropkick on both. Kind of amazed that worked. Submissions on the rudas to clean up the fall.

3: Amapola and Luna exchange dropkicks while the announcers discuss Luna & Estrellita Magica, saying no pair of sisters has ever teamed in Arena Mexico. I would've figured the Morenos would've at some point. Luna looks okay here, but is about to be beat by Amapola's sit down powerbomb when Lluvia breaks that up. Lluvia puts on a hold Blanca break it up, Blanca puts her in a cradle, Dark Angel breaks that up, Dark Angel goes for a hold, Mima breaks that up. Are we done? Mima misses a corner charge but kicks Dark angel away, then gets her with another boot on the ropes. German suplex, Dark Angle break free and applies a cruz nipona! The move of the year! Maybe not, the rudas break it up. Other técnicas miss dropkicks on the other rudas, and the rudas dropkick them out. Dives? Yes, Blanca double jump plancha, Amapola thru the ropes tope con giro. That leaves Mima and Dark Angel, and Dark Angel immediately turns a clothesline into a sit down powerbomb. One two three. Blanca and Amapola both are confused on how they lost that, but I would suggest keeping Lluvia & Luna in the ring instead of dropkicking them out.

Match 2: Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther ©, Valiente vs Euforia, Misterioso II ©, Sangre Azteca
Arena Mexico, 05/28/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:47
Rating: OK
Notes: Entrances. Edecans find Valiente's music hard to dance to. Euforia has his extra skull. Sangre Azteca has three extra skulls. If this rudo team next an extra skull during this match, they're set. Misterioso is wearing his soccer jersey. Referees are Terror Chino and Rafa el Maya

1: Joined in mid Sangre Azteca/Blue Panther mat work. Or more, Sangre laying on his back until Panther pulls him up, and using the momentum to go over the top. Turns into wackiness when partners cover each opponent during a figure four spot, and then Angel de Oro and Misterioso just kick the other two out. Big headscissors into an armdrag spot goes bad for those two. Crowd boos, but Oro tries to make up with it via tope con giro. Panther is fired up a posing for the crowd, but turning into a boot from Euforia. Euforia charge, Panther moves, Valiente grabs him and flips in with a monkey flip on Euforia. Sangre over, and Valiente's hiptoss is reverses into a hiptoss powerbomb by the rudo, plus Tequila Sunrise to finish. Meanwhile, Euforia takes care of Panther for the fall

2: Rudos in control, Euforia making a point of slamming Angel de Oro right in the edecan's path. Panther gets corner clotheslines and a low blow dropkick. Replay – of the clothesline. Huh. Rudos taking their time slapping around Valiente. Misterioso has to walk across the ring to get a reaction every time. Valiente is sunset flip rolled into a boosted dropkick. Angel de Oro is brought in with a suplex and Misterioso boots Sangre into a high angle low blow dropkick. Rudos celebrate, don't actually try to finish. Misterioso whips Angel de Oro, Angel de Oro goes over the top with a sent flip, one two three. Sangre was too busy stomping Valiente. Euforia realized what was going on, but Panther grabbed his leg and held him up. This seems to happen a lot to Misterioso. Misterioso explains himself to Sangre Azteca, begging off from being hit.

3: Técnicos still getting their revenge, including Sangre taking a quebradora con giro from Valiente and complaining about being fouled. I never understand how that's supposed to work. Maybe it's supposed to be incredulously ludicrous. Panther drags Sangre around ringside for a bit. No one's in much of a hurry. Rudos find a way to hit each other some more before regrouping. Panther gives Angel de Oro a ride around on his shoulders, for winning the fall that was over a while ago. Misterioso walks off rather than face Valiente. He comes back, so he and Valiente can do the Shocker/UG flip reversal spot. Misterioso takes a hard back first bump to the ramp off a backdrop, and Valiente poses rather than follow up. Which is good, because Misterioso isn’t getting up any time soon. Panther flips Sangre for a backbreaker and goes for his mask, but the refs pull him off. Sangre chops Panther around, Panther comes back with a headscissors, but stopped by Euforia. Angel de Oro comes in with a sunset flip on him, ends up superkicking him from the apron, and adds a quebrada moonsault. One two kickout. Euforia boots Oro to the corner, charge, comes up empty. Oro charges in, Euforia boosts him up, Oro lands on the rudo corner, and Sangre and Misterioso (just now finally returned to the corner) sweep him off the top rope at the same time. Vicious looking, Angel de Oro almost lands on his head. Euforia cleans off the guys on the apron as the Poder Mexica duo pick up Oro on the ramp, pump powerbomb into the stage twice. Misterioso holds Angel de Oro over the ropes, and Sangre goes back in for a boost low blow dropkick, but comes up woefully short. Sangre just lands on his feet, bounces off the ropes on his own, and does the dropkick on the second pass instead. Panther in, blocking a Euforia kick, block a Sangre kick, but he runs out of ways to block. The rudos pounds him to the mat, then slap Valiente again. Back into a beatdown, I guess. Euforia and Misterioso slam Angel de Oro for a bit, then decide to pose on the ropes at he same time. Sangre Azteca slips off the middle rope while Euforia kicks it for no reason, and Angel de Oro topes him. Euforia misses a corner charge on Valiente, and Valiente neatly springboards into a headscissors to the floor. Misterioso and Panther left in, and looking around. Panther runs into a spinebuster. Misterioso picks him up, and Panther pulls him in to the Fujiwara immediately. That's it. Hat happens a lot to Misterioso.