Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors #2 (07/23/2010) 
Recapped: 07/27/10

In a dressing room, Super Nova and Solid discuss the pronunciation of different berries. Unnamed Luchador form last week, with a very dubbed sound voice, promises an even rougher week this week, and throws part of the doughnut at Solid. Solid chases after him, and gets predictably attacked by Lizmark form behind. What happened to Super Nova? He's laid out in the dressing room, and also still doesn't quite have a name. Eh, they've got an hour.

Hooray, they fixed the Lucha Libre ad.

Sydistiko's name is just mentioned as they go over the lineups. No idea why it was supposed to be a mystery.

Match 1: Lujo Esquire & Octagoncito vs Misteriocito & Rellik
Agua Caliente Casino, Palm Springs, CA, 06/06/2010

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 4:57
Rating: not that interesting
Notes: Octagoncito enters to All The Small Things. Can you do that? Apparently we just did that. (Playing Blink 182 in 2010, I mean.) Half this roster is from Guadalajara. This NOT a tournament match. Good to know. Referee is Bald Referee, not to be confused with Large Ref.

Basically a US style match between Lujo and Rellik with the minis in for no more than a minute. It's not that interesting. Rellik is Rellik, Lujo has a great dive to take him out near the end, and Octagoncito rolls up Misteriocito for the win.

Break. Replays.

Interviewer Rebecca Reyes asks Sydistiko what he did with Solid, who doesn't seem to recall any beatdown, and says he just threw a cookie. Reyes: “That must've been one tough cookie.” Let's move on.


Charlie Malice is checking on Super Nova, and Super Nova staggers to his feet and grabs his head. That'll go well.

Match 3: Hijo del Lizmark & Sydistiko vs Charly Malice & Súper Nova in a 1st Round match for Lucha Libre USA Tag Team championship
Agua Caliente Casino, Palm Springs, CA, 06/06/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 5:34
Rating: OK
Notes: Sydistiko is announced as from Seattle, WA, weighting 181 pounds. Hmmm. They go with Lizmark Jr. here. Lalo talks about Marco shaving Lizmakr's head. Odd that a masked man would have his head shaved. Charly Malice is at “110%”, which must be on some unusual strange. Super Nova enters to “Danger! High Voltage” and I love this show again. He's still holding his head. Referee is Bald.

Lizmark's superkick is “the Decapitation.” Giving everything a goofy name is another way to win me over. Sydistiko and Charly start, but t quickly turns into a beatdown. Syd is really into playing crazy, totally committed to it. Técnicos start their comeback with Super Nova getting boots up as the rudos corner charge. Malice and Nova can't individually get Lizmark down, but a double dropkicking sends him out, landing on his feet. Super nova tope con giro takes out Lizmark. Malice gets Syd with an armdrags and a dropkick, Syd sets him on top rope, Malice kicks him away and knocks him down with a plancha. Headscissors sends Syd out, and Malice spins thru the ropes thru the ropes, and follows with a pescado. Técnicos get it together on the outside throw Syd back in. Nova dropkicks Syd, whip, Nova lift, Malice – stops to stare at Rellik on the stage. Bad plan. Syd gets free, runs the técnicos into each other, and Malice goes out. Nova runs into the spinning slam, one two three. Nigel is sure this means Rellik attacked Super Nova earlier. Sure, why not.

Break. Replay. Announcers are sure this means Rellik attacked earlier, I still don't know why. Rudos beat up Super Nova and Malice, but Marco Corleone shows up to run them off.

Replay of Tigreas powerbombing Mini Park last week, to set up Chi Chi's pin.

Last night: Mini Park yelled at Tigresa and Chi Chi while they were working out, but they don't speak Spanish. Tigresa threatens violence, then kicks Park and smashes him face first into a bench. Stomp down. Chi Chi watches, and leaves with Tigresa. Break.

Rebecca Reyes asks Tigresa what happened – Mini Park is annoying, questioning him about interfering. Tigresa continues to recap the thing we just saw before the break. And that's it. Thanks.

RJ Brewer patriotic montage. “I cut lawns because I wanted to, not because I had to.” And on like that. “Building fences, not bridges”.

Backstage, Mascara Púrpura and Magno are screwing with Mascarita Dorada. Which may get them killed. RJ Brewer walks in, complains about their masks, and asks if they speak English. Of course Magno does, and he explains the name of the show. “I don't care how you do it in Mexico, or south of the border.” Maybe he means some other border? Anyway, Magno tells RJ to try him, RJ swings, misses, and Magno gets the better of that. Off they fight down the hallway, and probably to the ring.

New show announced: 08/28 in Bojangles Coliseum, North Carolina

Match 3: Magno vs RJ Brewer
Agua Caliente Casino, Palm Springs, CA, 06/06/2010

Winner: Magno
Match Time: 7:34
Rating: not that interesting
Notes: These two continue brawling out to the stage, and they ring the bell while they’re still out there. This gives Magno a chance to do a plancha from the stage. Referee is Large. As they did in the promo, announcers talk about RJ's influential mom. I guess they assume the fans know who his mom is, which is a bigger leap in faith than I’d take.

Magno dominates early, and then it's a bit back and forth. Brewer teases going up, only to not go up. It's not very interesting. Brewer pulls the ref in front of a Magno kick, knocks down Magno, get a plastic chair from the outside, and swings and misses Magno. Magno takes off his mask and tosses it to Brewer. Ref recovers, spots Brewer with the mask, and calls for the DQ.

Replays, and Brewer throws a fit.

Next Week: heavyweight tournament continues. And that’s it.