CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #2 (07/03/2010) 

I'm using the web version, because I like to see all the falls. Crazy like that. Same announcers.

Match 1: Ángel de Oro & Ángel de Plata vs Dragón Rojo Jr. & Sangre Azteca
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 05/11/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: lesser than usual
Rating: 14:21
Notes: Everyone's introduced in the ring.

1: Sangre & Oro have a two minute mat segment to start. Dragon & Plata try their own, until Dragon gets annoyed and forearms Plata in the face. That stars the end game, the rudos taking down the Angels, and Dragon holding Oro for Sangre's low blow dropkick. Dragon Rojo trips up Plata and finishes him with a cavernaria. Sangre stomps Plata while in the hold, which could've got them DQed.

2: Rudos stay in control during the break. Oro gets rolled into a running dropkick from Dragon. The beatdown seems to stick around kicking and slapping loudly. Plata flips over Sangre, Dragon grabs him, Sangre tires a clothesline, both guys duck, rudo regroup, but Oro flips in and avoids them for a bit. Técnicos dropkick the rudos to the ropes and the stage, and this all seemed a bit slow and off for a moment. Quebradora con giro for Dragon Rojo, and the rudos are rushed into each other. Plata is tossed into a 'rana on Dragon Rojo, and Oro gets his own Sangre.

3: Plata is untying Rojo's mask on the outside when the fall starts, which seems like a bit of an over action. Oro gets a near fall of a quebradora. Sangre goes nuts after kicking out, stomping Oro into the mat. Oro comes back with a quebradora and goes after the mask. Dragon Rojo breaks it up, but Plat backdrops his brother to safety. Dropkick doesn’t get it done (shocking) so Plata tries a springboard armdrag and a springboard tope. Sangre has to make the save this time. Plata sidesteps a corner charge and dropkicks Dragon Rojo out, and Oro sends Sangre out with a springboard armdrag. Double dives coming up – double Asai moonsaults it is. Sangre Azteca is the first one back in, somehow, and cuts off Plata with a kick on the apron. Suplex in, but Plata reverses it to a small package. One two no. 'rana reversal, Sangre on top, one two no. All four shortly end up in, and Dragon Rojo accidentally dropkicks Sangre. Plata goes thru the ropes for a tope con giro on him, and Oro dropkicks Dragon Rojo on. Dragon Rojo stops that by grabbing his mask and throwing him down. That's a DQ. Dragon takes Plata's mask to have the matching set.

When hyping up the next match, Shocker can't manage to stand close enough to the one microphone they're all sharing to be heard. ONE TAKE!

Match 2: Asesino Negro, Brazo de Plata ©, Máximo vs La Máscara, Terrible, Último Guerrero © in a relevos increíbles match
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 05/11/2010

  1. Ultimo Guerrero

  2. Brazo de Plata
  3. Ultimo Guerrero

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero (2-1)
Match Time: 11:35
Rating: appropriately weird for these type of matches
Notes: Clipped entrances. Team UG has a yellow/black thing going on. Not as much color co-ordination going on with the other teams. Máximo spins in place when he's announced and Ultimo Guerrero jumps him right there. They didn't actually announce captains here, at least not before the announcers starting talking.

1: Team Guerreros seem to get control early. Asesino is held over the ropes on the ramp, and UG tosses Mascara into a flying sit. Porky is slapped around, and there's a lot to slap him around. Porky’s legs are held apart of Mascara to kick. Mascara doesn't seem thrilled about being the heavy for his team. Corner charges for Máximo, including the senton de la muerte. La Mascara slams Super Porky! I believe in La Mascara! UG gives Máximo a second senton de la muerte while Mascara picks up the three count on Porky. I guess he's the captain, because that fall is over.

2: Team Ultimo Guerrero – the clear rudos here – continue to dominate. Catapult/legdrop for Máximo. Double suplex on Asesino Negro. Mascara tries an elbow drop, but Asesino’s already rolling out of the ring and actually misses. Stall before Porky comes in to be slapped around. Crowd behind him. Porky knocks over Mascara with his fat, badly clotheslines Terrible, and Máximo gets UG with a headscissors. Tope follows up, taking them both out. Not the best angle of it, Máximo just disappears off screen. The other four stand around. Rudos try shoulderblocks on the técnicos. Asesino does not go down, but Mascara knocks over Porky. Terrible saves, and Asesino kicks Porky for falling down. And yells at him to get up. They switch opponents. Rudos charge again, fat guys sidestep, sunset flips, fat guys sit down, one two three.

3: Chop fight between UG and Asesino ends inconclusively. UG I not strong enough o knock Asesino down. Try again, fail again. AUG is fast enough to avoid the corner charge, and shoulderblock Asesino out to his time. Ultimo decides to just wait for Asesino to come back in. Chops. Corner whip, Ultimo Guerrero charges, in Asesino moves, and UG takes the knee bump out. This would be where the técnico normally dives, but Asesino Negro is just going to tag out. Asesino’s partners don’t really want anything to do with him. Mascara and Máximo in. Crowd excited to see Máximo, much more than Mascara. Impromptu dance contest! Headlock, shot off, Máximo yanks him back by his pants, off, over, Terrible cheap shots Máximo from outside and laps him around. Terrible holds Máximo, but of course Mascara’s superkick gets his partner. Terrible shot into Mascara, to send him out, and Máximo sends Terrible out with a spinning armdrag. UG in, but he wants Porky, not Máximo. Máximo insists, gets in the butt bump and the second rope headscissors. Dive tease and pose. Porky's turn. La Mascara is the only one the apron, so he has to come in. Hug between uncle and nephew - and then Porky slaps him in the face! Porky pulls Mascara around by the mask, and then bits him in the head. Now Porky just rests on Mascara. Mascara thrown into the técnicos over for group slapping. Mascara and Porky head back into the middle, Porky gets mascara with a shoulderblock, Mascara gives him the stop sign to pull of his shirt, and Porky faints. Porky takes the shirt and tosses it to Máximo, who tosses it to the crowd. UG in to face Porky. Porky's fat knocks UG down. UG gets a waistlock, btu Porky just backs him into the técnico corner, squashed him. Máximo is happy to help squish from the outside. The referees have to breaks it up, and UG slaps Máximo when he's freed. Chop fight between UG and Porky, but Máximo rushes in, complaining. Máximo tries a dropkick, UG moves and smacks him around in the back of the head. Porky makes the save and goes for UG's mask and just holds it for a while. Asesino comes into argue with Porky about that (??). Asesino slaps Porky, Mascara breaks it up, Terrible attacks Mascara, teammates versus teammates. Terrible misses a corner charge and goes out, and Mascara follows with a tope. UG helps Asesino Negro knocks Porky out of the ring, Máximo goes for UG's mask, UG fights him off – and fakes a foul. Referee turns around, Máximo pleads, but UG gets the call.

Máximo and Ultimo Guerrero exchange challenges. They cut away while Porky and Asesino are doing the same.