CMLL Guadalajara (on Teleformula) #1 (06/26/2010)
Recapped: 06/27/10

So. This is weird. This is the spot where IWRG normally airs. Instead, this is announcer for almost every CMLL show Julio Cesar, with Shocker & Felino as co-hosts, in a studio somewhere. They introduce themselves before the show, but that's the last we see of them. There are no non-match segments, no edecanes dancing, no interviews with fans or from other shows. All three announcers are wearing generic blue CMLL shirts, the microphone has no station identification, and they do not mention the network, so they were taping this show without any id where it was going. It appears this is the first show – they don't refer to past events – but you never know with these things.

There's also a ten minute delay before the show starts, immediate jump to break after a pinfall, a missing fall, and five to seven minutes of the show completely missing. This is still Teleformula.

This is a three camera setup. The hard camera has the (Arena México) ramp on the right side, just at the edge of the picture, and the colors are a bit washed out. There's a cameraman with a shake hand on that ramp to start the show, and another on the floor.

Match 1: Gallo, Metal Blanco ©, Palacio Negro vs Exterminador ©, Malefico, Mr. Trueno
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 05/04/2010

  1. técnicos

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 11:47
Rating: good for the time
Notes: All the entrances are clipped. I'm OK with that. Let's see if I can put names to faces when I actually see them in matches. The técnico crew is basically the top pushed local técnicos. It's a bit more fuzzy on the rudo side; I think that runs more both Truenos and Angel del Mal. Two refs neither are introduced.

1: Metal Blanco looks fast with armbars on Malefico. Gallo, who looks pudgier in action, has armdrags for Exterminador and Malefico, though the rebound one to end with doesn't go right. Fireman's escape armdrag for Trueno, and he’s slid out on his stomach as well. Gallo wastes no time, following with a tope. Other técnicos miss dropkicks on the other rudos, and the rudos whip him to the corner, charge and miss. Técnicos – at least Palacio Negro – snap the rudos neck’s over the ropes, causing them to fall back in position. Palacio lands a springboard rope flip moonsault, while Metal Blanco adds a 450 splash.


2: Palacio Negro and Mr. Trueno start off this fall. Elbow drop for Mr. Trueno, then up for a headlock. Trueno shoots him off, Negro hits the ropes, runs back, ducks under a leapfrog, this the ropes again, Trueno drops down for a roll, Palacio sort of cartwheels past him, but instead of turning over, starts walking on his hands. Palacio Negro handstands, back flips to his feet, and back flips again into a headscissors on Mr. Trueno! I had to watch this eight times to make sure this actually happened. Crowd is not near as impressed as I am. Exterminador in, and Negro handspring back flips into fireman's carry position, then spins around twice before delivering a DDT. Call me loco, but this guy might be really good! Gallo is fired up just watching this. Exterminador tries to roll out, rolls towards Palacio Negro by mistake, stops, and rolls the other way. Negro dropkicks him out to be sure. Malefico in, clothesline evasion, Palacio Negro grabs the ropes on a whip, Malefico charges, is flipped over, Negro superkicks him, backs up, runs up the ropes, and springboards off for a headscissors. Front flip back into the ring for sure. Julio Cesar announced Palacio Negro is coming soon to Mexico City real soon. I don't know that he can make those calls but I also don't know that he's wrong.

Clip. Metal Blanco springboard armdrags Exterminador to the ropes. Felino & Julio Cesar talk about Guerrero de la Muerte and I'm confused. Run up the ropes headscissors sends Exterminador out, and Metal Blanco has enough time to adjust his partners before Malefico comes in. Run up the ropes backflip escape, rebound armdrag sends Malefico out. Metal Blanco handsprings into a pose.

Clip. Gallo waving to the fans, but the surrounded by the rudos. Trueno clears the two técnicos off the apron as Malefico works over Gallo and Exterminador does little. Ah, he'll slap the guys once the other rudos have them. Big back drop for Palacio Negro, which appears to hurt more as time goes by. Guadalajara still has the world's hardest ring. There is no give, they might as well use cement. Negro is dropped on upraised boots. Gallo in and swinging, but the rudos take him out with a hamstring kick. Rudos start to put submission holds on, but let go before Gallo gives. Double back elbow, triple faceslam. Maybe another microchip here – they seem to be sneaking those in, speeding up the action. Metal Blanco is slapped around a bit. Flapjack, double clothesline, Metal Blanco is stood on his head and kicked until he gives up. He's the captain, so they start wrapping up the fall while the rudos continue to work over the other técnicos. Replays. Back live, Rudos press slam Metal Blanco from outside back into the ring. I guess it's only legal if you throw them out? Hey, they’re starting the third fall.

3: There doing a good job of hiding the sound jumps. Rudos kick around Gallo, then hold him for a Malefico missile dropkick. Corner whip for Palacio, corner clothesline, corner low blow dropkick by Exterminador. Metal Blanco back in, kicked and slapped around. Triple boot sends him to the ramp. Gallo back in. Dropkick, kick to the back, kick to the chest, kick to the chest, slaps to the chest. Gallo pumping his fist to the crowd and turning his head while still in the hold, in Dr. Wagner fashion. This works just as well for him, and the rudos back off to let him continue to do it, then kick him down more. Double rebound hiptoss, Gallo lands on his feet, and ducks a double chop. Exterminador takes it and goes out instead. Rudos knocks down Gallo, but turn into a springboard headscissors from the other técnicos. Técnicos all run, Palacio Negro a couple steps behind – triple tope con giros! Gallo had the grab the ropes to launch him, but the rest were on the own. Clip to Gallo firing up in a corner, with both Trueno and Malefico slapping him down. Corner whip, rudos try to crouch Gallo, técnicos wipe them out with dropkicks. Both climb the same corner – double moonsault to the floor! Gallo and Exterminador back in, quebradora con giro, and Exterminador spins around in the middle of the ring. Reinera! That's it. Cut to break in the middle of Shocker's enthusiastic praise.

Match 2: La Máscara vs Averno
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 05/04/2010

  1. Averno Devil's Wings (2:34)

  2. Mascara up and over sunset flip (3:02)
  3. not shown

Winner: not shown!
Match Time: 5:36 shown
Rating: the usual
Notes: Maybe 5 seconds spent on entrance. I'm cool with that.

Probably also joined in progress. Lockup, Averno takedown, armdrag, Mascara kips up and armdrags him away. Averno regroups. Averno pulls him in a waistlock, throws Mascara down, Mascara armdrag him from the mat, headscissors Averno from the mat, and Averno needs a timeout. Averno discusses Mascara with the front row fans, who encourage him to return to the ring. Averno is in no hurry to do anything but yell at people. Lockup, Averno headlock, shot off, back, under, Mascara waved by, and back with a springboard armdrag. Averno going out to take a break again, but Mascara follows after him this time, catching him with a diving headscissors off the apron. Averno is dead. Or at least plays dead. Averno grabs his hip and comes back in. Averno waves Mascara by, and reverses the headscissors into a faceslam. Devil’s Wings, One two three. Well, that got easy quick.

2: Averno, already being Mascara on the outside, throws him back in. Mascara set up on the corner, and Averno goes for the mask. Mascara tries to fight him off, but Averno unties it and yanks it forward. Mascara holds on to the mask to protects himself. Averno, easily distracted by the fans, gets knocked away by a back elbow. Mascara falls in the tree of woe in the process, and Averno kicks him down. Crowd wants more. Chest slap, out goes Mascara. Averno crotches him on the post, and comes back in to pose. Clip, and Mascara coming back in. Averno chops down Mascara. Corner whip, Mascara stops short, and tosses Averno face first into the corner. Mascara charges, Averno flips him to the apron, Mascara blocks his punch and chops him away. Top rope headscissors sends Averno out. Mascara running, tope dopes Averno in place. Both in, Mascara up and over sunset flip, one two three. Mascara goes after Averno's mask after the fall, but gets warned by the referee

Third fall is shown.

Match 3: Brazo de Plata, Máximo, Toscano vs Asesino Negro, Terrible, Texano
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 05/04/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:02
Rating: not much, not a lot time
Notes: Joined in progress, which may be a Teleformula bit.

1: Rudos are beating down the técnicos. Lots of arm holding leading to kicks. Double spinebuster for Porky doesn’t make the camera shakes. Asesino Negro literally falls on top of him for the pin.

2: Terrible & Texano use Máximo as battering ram on the post. Toscano is also kept out, so the rudos can all slap around Porky. Porky just slips out when Texano is too busy celebrating a chop. Triple boot for Toscano. Corner whip for Máximo, Terrible clothesline, then stays around to bite Máximo in the butt. Máximo is not a fan of that - oh, wait, now he's changed his mind and wants more biting. Corner whip again, corner clothesline, corner jumping clothesline, corner running gut. Asesino does seem to have dropped some weight. Rudos force Porky to go to the top rope – why? - and he armdrag and headscissors Terrible and Texano. Chops for Porky get Asesino instead. Máximo gets in his kiss and inside cradle on Texano, while Toscano finishes Terrible with his bodyscissors cradle into a puente olímpico bridge.

3: Toscano is not particularly impressive in his showcase, and waits until he's almost done to stip off his shorts. The stripping takes longer than some of the falls on this show. Crowd chants for Máximo when he comes in. Texano offers a kiss, and slaps Máximo when he tries. Quick Máximo exchange before an armdrag sends Texano out. A couple grab onto the arm armdrags sends Terrible out. Pose. Finally, Brazo de Plata vs Asesino Negro. Sumo charge, and neither man goes down. They both grab on to each other but can't get each other over. One more try, and again no one goes down. Third time? They bump, neither man goes, but Porky chops Negro and puts on a tirabuzón. Rudos come in to break it up, técnicos cut them off with cradles, but the rudos kick out as Negro frees himself. Rudos try sending the técnicos into each other, but this never works for técnicos. Everyone falls down except Porky, who looks around, flips on the mat, and that causes everyone else to flop forward. Asesino Negro is hilariously far behind the rest. Six man star? This doesn't last too long either. Técnicos clear the ring of everyone but Texano. Spinebuster, two man tapatía on him, Asesino Negro and Terrible reverses it into a three on two tapatía. Porky crawls over, tries to sneak thru to pin the rudos, can't get I one side, cradles all the way round the other side, and forces his way on top of Asesino Negro. One two kickout. Asesino Negro needs the rope to hold himself up. The fat guys are shoulderblocked out of the ring. Rudos miss clotheslines, técnicos kick them out, topes by Toscano & Máximo. Fat man back in, Asesino Negro chops and chops Porky, Porky gives him the world’s worst back suplex. They just fall backwards, mostly. Porky covers, one two three SHOW OVER. Teleformula is the worst.