IWRG on Teleformula #24 (04/17/2010)
Recap: 04/25/10

Match 1: Dr. Cerebro vs Masada for the IWRG Intercontinental Lightweight Championship
Arena Naucalpan, 04/11/2010

  1. Masada Russian legsweep (7:28)

  2. Dr. Cerebro, not shown
  3. Dr. Cerebro Alejandrina Driver (7:18)

Winner: Dr. Cerebro (2-1)
Match Time: 14:46
Rating: eh
Notes: No entrances, picking up with the title belt presentation. Black Terry is Cerbero's seconds, not sure who's with Masada.

1: Mat based wrestling, championship match style. Masada seems to realize this is a bad idea (it is, it's not much good) and sneaks in non-scientific eye-pokes to escape holds, including a inverted facelock that was about to end him. It felt like 7 minutes of Cerebro carrying Masada thru ground work he wanted to do, all of which was quickly ignored once they started running the ropes (at which point Masada started caring.) Masada dominated from there, getting in a Fuerza punt directly in the view of the referee before adding the Russian legsweep for the fall.

Went to check wikipedia to see if Masada gave that a name, but he doesn't have a profile (and Nosawa does? I know Nosawa's run his own shows but they're the same guy.)

2: not shown.

3: Masada opts to stand outside the ring and point at Dr. Cerebro start the fall. A different strategy, I'll say. Cerebro dominated early, including a big missile dropkick, and a huge bullet tope. Masada randomly go the offense back in the ring for an enziguri and a cradle powerbomb, which wasn't enough for the pin. Cerebro does not give up to the STF. Masada escapes the hammerlock/headscissors pinfall. Masada escapes the Espectrino, though whoever is using the camera does not actually keep the ref in sight. Cerebro body slam, and going up. No, wait, the fans and Terry talked him out of it. Wacky inverted suástica submission, but Masada's not giving up to this either. Dr. Cerebro actually goes for his DVD finish, but Masada slips behind for a sleeper neckbreaker. Dr. Cerebro gets his foot on the ropes for the pin. Masada calls for the cradle powerbomb and actually lands it. One two shoulder up. Mascara tries a running forearm, but Dr. Cerebro grabs the arm, and very slowly applies an Alejandrina, holding Masada upside down, and then drops him on his head for good measure. One two three. Dr. Cerebro poses with both his belts.

Match 2: Canek, Gran Alebrije, Scorpio Jr. vs Hijo del Cien Caras, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Pirata Morgan
Arena Naucalpan, 04/11/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:12
Rating: eh
Notes: Entrances. Canek and Mascara Año 2000 Jr. start fighting in the aisle. Actually, Mascara rushes him, and Canek just beats him up.

1: Rudos manage to get it together enough to start a beatdown. One of those ones where it involves pulling a guy's arms around the ropes as an offensive strategy. It definitely is offensive. Mascara kicks Canek questionably low – didn't seem like it was foul kick, but Canek went down as such – and Pirata pinned the técnico with his feet on the ropes for good measure. Announcer was sure it was a clear foul, so OK. Scorpio brought in and slapped a bit, but it turns out Canek was the captain (I think.)

2: Rudos continue beatdown. Canek escapes a double boot after 2 minutes - when Canek is too fast for you, that's a bad sign. Brawling revenge for the técnicos. In all fairness, Canek looks relatively spry in his showcase run. Alebrije throws Cuije high up in the air for his splash on Cien, and Pirata accidentally senton his partner before going outside to brawl with Scorpio.

3: Pirata & Scorpio brawling to start the fall. Even Scorpio's bodysuit and usual bit of bleeding can't hide how much weight he's added lately. Mascara flies around for Canek's benefit, and it's all going fine until Canek decides he wants to try an enziguri. That's a fail. Canek then can't get Mascara over the top rope on a clothesline. What an ending. Alebrije/Cien pose off is won by Cuije, of course. Alebrije manages to duck and let Cien throw himself out, but Pirata cuts him off with a clothesline. Cuije storms in and kicks Pirata in the leg, but Pirata doesn't even notice it. Big boot to Cuije. Alebrije asks the fans if he should hit Pirata. Dude, he just hit your friend, now's not the time for a poll. Pirata shoves Alebrije, there charges into a quebradora. Cuije adds a senton, , but Pirata shoves him away from a second. Alebrije gets in an elbow drop, and then spins and lifts Cuije up into a headscissors on Pirata. Cuije slides short of a dive, and Pirata and Alebrije get into a mini tug of war. Alebrije wins, and giant swings around his partner. Alebrije flips him to his feet, and they both pose. Fans cheer (not that we can here him), and the other técnicos could care less. Mascara gets an armbar on Alebrije, Scorpio breaks it up, Scorpio gets Mascara in a hold, Cien breaks it up (this takes a coupe tires,), Cien gets Scorpio in a hold, Alebrije breaks it up, Canek knows no holds, so he small packages Cien, one two no. Mendoza roll, and now Mascara breaks it up. Mascara gets on a hold, Scorpio comes back in to break it up. I'm okay with no one breaking up holds at his point. Tag to Cien and Alebrije, Alebrije running right into a back elbow. Cien wanders around, covers, does not win in that method. Alebrije tries to get a win off a kick to a head down too soon, and that also does not work. Alebrije clothesline Cien out, and holds him for a suicide apron senton. Alebrije climbs back one the apron, but Pirata snaps his neck over the top rope to get rid of him. Scorpio and Pirata brawl, and Pirata blatantly fouls Scorpio. Before he can follow up, Alebrije pulls Pirata out, and Scorpio rolls away. That leaves Canek & Mascara walking at each other. Mascara tries a foul kick, which was as close to afoul as the first one, but Canek evades this one, pulls of Mascara’s mask, and covers him for three. Canek is savvy enough to stick Mascara’s mask down his trunks before turning around to get his arm raised, that's veteran savvy.

Rudos realize something must be up with Mascara missing his mask, but don't over turn the finish. Luchadors take turns talking on the microphone, and we can't actually hear any of it. Fine way to end the show.