IWRG on Teleformula #23 (04/10/2010)
Recap: 04/23/10

Match 1: Daga & Héros vs Comando Negro & Eterno
Arena Naucalpan, 03/21/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 21:04
Notes: No entrances.

First fall is classic IWRG style – all putting on a hold, holding it for two seconds, and letting go for no real reason. I know people have called other (vastly different) groups something along the lines of social dancing, and I have the same problem with this style of IWRG. It's very impressive that you know these many holds, but I didn't tune in for an exhibition of wrestling moves, I'm watching for a battle, and these are not battles. There's no sense of danger, they're just acting out a book of a 1,000 holds

Second two falls were normal indy trainee in 2010 style, full of big moves and high spots. In some ways, it's just as much an exhibition, but there's more of an honest attempt to actually win the match. The difference between the first fall and the second two is jarring; it's as if the first fall is the style they have to wrestle to be allowed to work these shows, but once they've fulfilled the minimum requirement, they're going crazy working the style they want to do. It's a lot more lively and a lot faster paced. They had holds in mind in the first fall, they have sequences in mind here. It's popcorn (so a description isn't really needed) but it at least has a flavor.

Third fall predictably includes dies done minutes before the finish because they have a lot of big moves to kick out still. Don't get me wrong, this is a typical indy trainee match.

Match 2: Gringo Loco & Maldito Jr. vs Trauma I & Trauma II
Arena Naucalpan, 03/21/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:17
Notes: No entrances, joined as the first fall is just starting.

First fall as Gringo Loco and Trauma II mat wrestling, but the rudos start a beatdown a couple minutes in. Maldito and Trauma I have a nice scrum on the mat at one point, and the rudos casually finish off the others with top rope moves. I guess Gringo has shelved the 450?

Second fall includes the rudo referee blatantly holding the Traumas for the rudos. Traumas start their comeback after Gringo misses a corner charge and spears the post. Técnicos get in a fair bit off 2 on 1 offense before starting to finish off both guys.

This week, they've been airing the first fall, running the break, and then airing the second and third. They do the same here, but leave in about a minute of people standing around waiting for that third whistle. Just a strange edit. Third falls are one on ones, with Trauma II eating up Gringo with two straight jarocha armdrags, and finished him with an armbar/armscissors combo. Maldito quickly gets his submission finish (not really clear form the angel we're shown) to even it back to 1 on 1. After a chop battle, Trauma I trips up Maldito and goes for a figure four of some type, but Maldito reverses to a small package for – well he thinks it's three, and the referees aren't so clear with their count at first (mostly because the guy making the count is hidden on camera from both angles). It's three, that's the match.