IWRG on Teleforumla #21 (03/27/2010)
Recapped: 04/01/10

Match 1: Bobby Lee Jr., La Roca, Suicida vs Máscara Año 2000, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Oficial 911
Arena Naucalpan, 03/21/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:12
Rating: not good
Notes: Full entrances for this one, which makes it even more amusing that they couldn't be bothered to show the whole match. Mike Segura appears to have stole Zatura's pants. Or maybe they're tag team partners somewhere else? La Roca both has a six pack and a gut. Certain vitamins can do that to you.

1: MA2K Jr. and La Roca started off with the open, and the rudos attacked after about a 100 seconds. Beatdown from there.

2: Beatdown, though the técnicos were content to just standing in the corner. Mascara Año 200 Jr. and La Roca shoved each other out of the ring, and Roca threw some bad mounted punches. The other two técnicos instantly got the win.

3: (On the first airing, this fall only aired.) La Roca causes Mascara Año 2000s to bumble into each other, though Junior is really tentative when it comes to accidentally hitting his father, it's as if he's worried about being one blow from the gimmick being taken away. Roca and Mascara can't knock each other down with clotheslines, but suddenly Roca is doing a bad headscissors and armdrags. Bobby Lee Junior is next, running 911 into the a corner and hiptossing him out. Mascara casually misses a clothesline, setting up a headscissors on him. One for 911 as well. Senior comes in, and takes a hiptoss. And a dropkick. Suicida's turn. Mascara Jr. makes height jokes. Segura off the ropes, into a back elbow. Hard chest lap. Whip, and flapjack by Mascara. Whip, and this time Suicida reverses it into a 'rana. He thinks dive, but Junior just walks away. Senior comes in while Suicida is trying to figure that out, demands a handshake, and chops Suicida down. Suicida slide on under on a whip, flips off the ropes, and throws Mascara to the ground when he charges. Dropkick sends Senior out. 911 in and chopping and kicking. Whip, clotheslines misses – and right here where this match stopped originally. In the repeat, Segura sends 911 with out a spinning armdrag, then follows with a slingshot headscissors to the floor, sending 911 into the front row.

Junior and Roca are in next, and after going head to head, they either completely blow their first spot together, or do a slow speed ramming headbutts spot. I'm not sure what, but I do know the match with Dhani Jones was better than anything involving La Roca. Suicida has a good run, then is put down by Senior with a backdrop. Bobby Lee comes in to help, but ends up taken out by a Suicida springboard twisting plancha. Rudos clean up for the win, with 911 and Bobby Lee being on completely different pages on what move they were doing.

Match 2: El Hijo del Diablo vs Dr. Cerebro for the IWRG Intercontinental Lightweight Championship and the WWS Welterweight Championship
Arena Naucalpan, 03/21/2010

  1. Diablo reverse suástica (7:12)

  2. Cerebro via ?
  3. Cerebro tirabuzón cradle (8:01)

Winner: Cerebro
Match Time: Cerebro (15:13)
Rating: Eh.
Notes: rejoined for the in-ring face off before this match. Still think IWRG must have a high lightweight limit if Diablo's involved

1: Diablo fakes a handshake before the match. Cerebro is wearing Mexico colors while Diablo is of course in the stars and stripes. Lockup, into the ropes, break. Chain wrestling breaks out, which might be the first time I've seen it from these two in quite a while. Diablo works a legscissors for a while, twisting the knee to get Cerebro to give up his chinlock attempts. Cerebro locks it on about the sixth time, but Diablo rolls backwards to get free. Both let go and get up, then are back down again. Cerebro ends up with a a wristlock and n armbar, but Diablo twists free. Lots of rolling, with Diablo settling on a armbar. Hiptoss for Cerebro. Lockup, Cerebro takedown, armbar, riding Diablo's back, and rolling him up for two. Diablo gets him with a cradle for two. Standoff. Diablo takedown. Cerebro down on his back, Diablo spreading his legs. Cerebro has to get his shoulder up to avoid a three count a couple times. Cerebro tries pulling Diablo into a submission, but that just get him pinned again. Diablo with a re-verse hammerlock? Cerebro backdrops free, but Diablo holds on for a sunset flip. Zero count on that. Standoff. Lockup, BLUE screen, we didn't is much. Cerebro gets an armbar and a neck crank, flipping Diablo on to his stomach. Diablo won't give, so Cerebro switches to a double armbar – a Rings of Cerebro, really. Cerebro lets it go, and Diablo armdrags him away. Lockup, Diablo trips up Cerebro, front facelock. Cerebro reverses to a headlock, armbar too. Diablo gets free, gets up, another hipblock takedown. Inverted headlock on the mat. Or maybe it's called something else, but that's hat I'm going with for the moment. Cerebro revers to a rollup, but Diablo escapes that too. Look at a fan – she's bored. This needed to pick up a bit, they're not that good on that mat. Cerebro off the ropes, into a monkey flip. Diablo waves Cerebro by on the next run, and armdrags him. Quebradora! Cerebro is hurting, and Diablo puts him in – a reverse suástica? Cerebro's facing the wrong way from a normal one, but that's about it.

Gringo Loco celebrates with his man.

2: Not shown either time. The second time, they even pick up a few spots later.

3: Cerebro is fired up. Dropkick, dropkick, splash, one two NO. Diablo misses a clothesline, and Cerebro superkicks him out. TOPE. Diablo hit the barricade hard with his back. Mascara Año 2000 Jr. is Dr. Cerebro's corner guy, not any one of the three guys he's been teaming with in this feud. Oh well. Cerebro in first, Diablo charge in, and takes a backdrop. Fireman's drop, and Cerebro is going up. This seems unwise. Tope rope senton con giro misses, Diablo rolling out of the way, and back on top. One two NO. Another thrust kick by Cerebro, and he charges Diablo again – but Diablo backdrops him to the floor. Diablo TOPE. The dives have been strong. Both back in, and this time it's Dr. Cerebro running into the backdrop and Diablo climbing up top. Gringo Loco is not a fan of this idea, even before Diablo does one of the lease graceful senton con giros you'll ever see. That was a work of art in it's (designed!) awfulness. Diablo covers, one two no. Whip, reverses, Cerebro gives Diablo a quebradora. Springboard dropkick knocks Diablo out again. Cerebro runs to the corner, hops to the second rope, hops to the top, and comes off with a plancha to the floor. There are so many third fall dives here, I'm pretty sure this match just got signed by CMLL. Cerebro crawls in and celebrate, and Diablo of course pulls him into a cavernaria. Cerebro does not give up, even the announcers are calling him not giving up before it happens. Whip, Cerebro off the ropes, sunset flip, one two NO. Cerebro off the ropes, bodyscissors cradle, one two no. Cerebro bodyscissors – no, Diablo crawls free this time. How about another idea? Diablo up and kicking Cerebro cross the ring. Fireman's carry drop, and Diablo is going to the far corner. He's 3/4ths the way across the ring, what in the world is he thinking? Top rope splash makes it halfway, so Dr. Cerebro is untouched without moving. Cerebro senton, and cover. One two NO. Cerebro poses to the crowd. Off the ropes, waved by, back with a 'rana, one two NO. Ref is slow to get in position to count the last couple of falls. Diablo off the ropes' Diablo 'rana! One two NO. I would tell them to go for their finish here, but I'm not exactly sure what that is for Diablo. Corner whip, reveres, Cerebro tossed to the apron, Cerebro shoulders Diablo away and climbs up, Diablo joins him on the ropes, super-armdrag by Diablo, one two NO. I fail to see how this is any different than your usual CMLL big match. Diablo off the ropes, Cerebro goes for a hiptoss, Diablo locks on a tirabuzón instead. Will Cerebro give? No, he'll reverse it to one of his own, and then to the Mendoza cradle - one two three.

Cerebro celebrates big. Announcers are still calling Diablo's belt the “WWF”, so they didn't get a good look at it either. Random boy climbs up on the apron and celebrates. That's about a right way to end it.