CMLL on LATV #5 (03/27/2010)
Recap: 04/07/10

The barbarians fighting it out in the ring with swords and clubs and such is so WEIRD.

Why are they showing the Arena Coliseo Sunday opening behind Juan Carlos? I guess its' more “why is he doing this on Sunday?” They must tape all the MVS in between stuff at the same time.

Match 1: Ángel de Oro, Fuego, Stuka Jr ©  vs Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca ©
Arena Mexico, 03/19/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:07
Rating: Good, but could've been a lot more with someone better than Angel de Oro.
Notes: Fuego still has his jester hat. Maybe they should've given him that gimmick. Stuka has his trios belt. Remember when Fuego & Stuka were tag champs? They don't! Poder Mexica enters as a group. New music? New music could use some work. Barbarians at the ring. Sangre Azteca, wearing a skull, thinks they're strange. If Dragon Rojo's trunks were any smaller, he'd be violating indecency laws. Poder Mexica promo is what you'd expect from this crew. Referees are Tiger Hispano & Edgar el Guero, in the ugly new yellow shirts. Edecanes are all wearing white veil outfits, which actually look pretty good.

1: After all that, this is clipped to start, and we never see much of Sangre & Stuka. Other match ups are Oro & Dragon, and Misterioso & Fuego. Highlight of the later is Fuego forcing in his Fuego Dance, Misterioso socking him in the back of the head with a clothesline, then doing the dance himself. That never gets old. Fuego should really wait until he hits three moves in a row before doing that dance. Fuego and Misterioso end up on the outside, Dragon Rojo comes in to dive on the técnico, Angel de Oro cuts him off and sends him out, Oro tries for a dive of his own but accidentally gets his partner with the tope, not the rudos. Stuka and Sangre in, Stuka goes for a springboard reverse tope, but Sangre cuts him off with the anti aircraft dropkick. Rudos bring the técnicos all in and together for the pyramid surfboard armbar, but Dragon Rojo never actually gets his balance standing on top, and they all fall backwards with in five seconds. Somehow this still was long enough to get the submission. Hilarious. Rudos brush it off like nothing strange happened there.

In the in between fall promo, Misterioso Jr. calls himself the original Misterioso Jr.

2: Joined in beatdown. Poder Mexica is not the trios killing machine they've been in other matches, but they're okay here. Angel de Oro takes the Sangre low blow corner dropkick. Stuka makes a short comeback, but while in a chest slap battle with Misterioso on the apron, Dragon Rojo takes him out with a great spear thru the ropes. This also nicely positions the actual comeback. Rudos set up Stuka for a low blow dropkick on the apron, but Fuego pulls out Sangre for a quebradora, and Angel de Oro jumps from the ring post to the ramp to get Misterioso with a headscissors – Misterioso takes a big bump to the floor. Camera spends a bit too long on Sangre recovering on the other side of the ring, missing Angel de Oro superkicking Dragon Rojo off the ramp as well. Oro monkey flips Stuka off the ramp into a tope con giro on Misterioso. Inside the ring, Fuego dropkicks Rojo out, then follows with a springboard plancha, nicely in rhythm. Sangre comes in for Oro, but Oro fireman drops him and heads up. Oro strangely heads up to the wrong corner – Sangre Azteca is parallel to him, not good for a splash – but that's because he's actually doing a top rope tope con giro the floor on Misterioso. Meanwhile, Stuka deadman's splashes Sangre for the pinfall. Really nice sequence.

3: Fall cycles thru the guys to start, everyone usually getting a move on one guy, saved by another guy who eventually gets his move, and so on. Fuego is supposed to do some headscissors on Dragon Rojo, but when he's way off, Rojo smartly and quickly turns into a powerbomb. Angel de Oro is wildly inconsistent – he comes in with the headscissors on Sangre Azteca off Stuka's shoulders, which goes well, then follows with a bad version of the headscissors into a crucifix roll up spot, then looks bad for a while with other spots, then looks good on a back bend/up to superkick bit. Crowd gets annoyed with the bad and stars booing him. Oro sends out Misterioso with a handspring armdrag and goes the dive, but Dragon Rojo nicely cuts him off with a springboard dropkick. Sangre is beside himself thrilled about that one, but all the técnicos end up hitting top rope moves on Rojo immediately after – headscissors, armdrag, dropkick (Oro, who barely connects). Other rudos come in with dropkicks Stuka drops Rojo with a quebrada and goes for a pin, but the técnicos dodge and dropkick the rudos out. Técnicos go for triple dives, but the rudos rush back in and take all the técnicos down. Misterioso holds them there for Sangre and Dragon's double missile low blow dropkick, then everyone gets on submissions for the rudo win.

Match 2: Hijo del Fantasma ©, Máscara Dorada, Valiente vs Mephisto ©, Terrible, Texano Jr.
Arena Mexico, 03/19/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:48
Rating: OK
Notes: Valiente does not have his belt, but Dorada does have his. Mephisto has a sword – did he win Rey de Reyes too? La Comadante is out with Texano & Terrible. Hijos de Averno are all wearing the green black that Místico's been wearing lately. Mephisto is wearing trunks for the first time I can recall, and his mask is Místico-rific. Rafael el Maya and Rodolfo Ruiz are the refs.

1: Match is picked up at the end of Mephisto & Dorada. Fantasma runs thru all three rudos, with some rudo bumbling, until Terrible surprises him with a dropkick. Fantasma is sent out, and Terrible backdrops Mephisto into a tope con giro to the floor. The other four all in, for a chaotic bit. Técnicos miss on their first tries, but come back to finish the rudos.

2: Super short fall. More bumbling rudo bits leads to Fantasma getting that tope on Mephisto (though there's a bit where Fantasma runs, stops, and runs again to stall for Mephisto getting in place.) All four again, and this time the rudos keep it together. Dorada gets pinned after a big toss pump two man powerbomb, with Terrible amusingly falling on top for the pin. Texano finishes off Valiente in more conventional fashion.

Dos Leyendas highlights from Ras de Loan shown here.

3: Rudo beatdown to start. Rudos do the giant swing/dropkick spot on Fantasma, but Dorada accidentally steps in front of the camera at impact. Weirdly, they don't replay that from a better angle, but do replay a kick to Valiente's thigh a moment later. Fantasma takes a big hiptoss out of the ring and to the apron, which sort of start the comeback. Rudos are too busy admiring their work to pay attention to the other técnicos, and Dorada drops Texano with a missile dropkick. Terrible kicks Dorada down, but Valiente comes in and causes Terrible to slap his partner, but he escaped. Dropkick on Terrible, and Fantasma comes back in with his flying clothesline, getting Texano. Valiente tosses Dorada into a dropkick on Terrible, then Valiente lands the Valiente Special on him. Dorada climbs to the top rope, walks the ropes to the middle, and does an Asai Moonsault to the floor on Texano. Captains left in, and Fantasy nicely dropkicks Mephisto. Fantasma head to the corner, and sets Mephisto up top on the charge, but Mephisto jabs the técnico as he climbs up. Mephisto grabs him, and drops him again with the middle rope Devil's Wings. Fantasma doesn't go head first this time, which is nice, but he does lose again.

Replays and crowd shots and dancing and that's it.