CMLL on LATV (new) #4 (03/20/2010)
Recap: 03/24/10

Miguel starts talk about the national heavyweight champion and I'm all ???? but then it turns out to be a irrelevant five second piece about Tony Benetto.

Match 1: Bracito de Oro vs Pequeño Warrior in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 03/12/2010

Winner: Pequeno Warrior
Match Time: (4:32 = 0:51+3:41)
Rating: OK
Notes: Bracito de Oro is wearing his 92 Steelers jersey. Warrior's music gets bleeped, which hasn't been done on other channels. Tiger Hispano is your referee. Bracito de Oro waits for Warrior at the bottom of the steps, but Warrior manages to side steps him and back his way up to the ring. That was sort of a fail by Bracito de Oro.

To top that, Warrior jumps Bracito with a dropkick to start the match. Warrior makes a bad strategic mistake by trying a drop down – Bracito splashes him. Warrior gets up, charge,s backdrop and a sitting senton. Hipblock to the head, and break.

Warrior has Bracito de Oro in the ropes, and his back elbows cause Oro to spring in to the ropes, and back into another quick elbow. Bracito slumps on the ropes before Warrior runs out of back elbows. Brazo de Oro ends up in the corner, where Warrior misses hitting him three times in a row. Warrior stumbled around,and gets pun out by Brazo de Oro's clothesline. Running splash, one two no. Oro slaps Warrior into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Bracito stands on the top rope, but puts up no defense as Warrior clotheslines him over the top rope. Bracito bent over on the floor, and Warrior adds a slingshot axhandle to the back. Warrior tries to start a Warrior chant. Mixed success there. Warrior rolls Bracito back in, and lands on him with a slingshot legdrop. Scoop, slam, off the ropes, off the other ropes, of the first set of the ropes, leg drop. One two No. Maybe he should've gone off the ropes a couple times more? Warrior misses a clothesline, Bracito knocks him out with his stomach. Everyone moves as Bracito runs – bowling ball tope con giro thru the ropes. Bracito makes good impact, but then turtles up on the ground. I think, as he was skidding on the gray surface, his right arm slammed into an arm rest support. He was good until then. It was a nice dive. Warrior is up first, and Bracito is up second, very concerned with that arm. Of course, Warrior hits it, then holds it for the camera to get a good look. They don't switch to that camera, sadly. Warrior brings Bracito in and goes after the arm with headbutts of all things. Not often people headbutt an arm, I think. Warrior tries to bite at the cut, too. Warrior runs Bracito shoulder first into each corner, ramming his bad arm. Scoop, slam, off the ropes, running senton. Cover one two no. Warrior up and stomping the bad right arm. Warrior suddenly grabs Bracito's mask, rips it, and pulls it off really easily. Tiger Hispano pushes Warrior away and calls for the DQ. This is the first good shot of the cut – it's on the upper arm, about half way up. Warrior pounds Bracito more, even trying to pull that cut apart bigger. Hispano throws him off again. Warrior is still stomping after replay, but Hispano finally forces him away.

Match 2: Delta, Diamante (c), Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Dr. X, Hooligan, Nitro (c)
Arena Mexico, 03/12/2010

  1. Técnicos
  2. Rudos
  3. Técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:51
Rating: good
Notes: Guerrero Maya is wearing Multifacetico's jacket! How peculiar. Delta using a Snoop Dogg song is so weird. Also, it means a dozen bleeps before he can even get to the ring. Diamante has a personalized song about being Sangre Nueva – it wasn't the one he was using the week before, because I just watched that. Tuareg are wearing yellow, black and purple this week. Hooligans' video is still him pre-mohawk. You know, the thing about having swords is you're pretty sure no one's going to jump you before the match. Rodolfo Ruiz and Bestia Negra are your referees.

1: Maya and Nitro start, and after Maya gets in his weird armdrags and chase Nitro around, Nitro decides to tag out quick. Dr. X and Diamante are next and have the more usual chain wrestling open. Diamante gets Dr. X to the ropes with a jumping snap mare, and sends him to the ramp with a flipping one foot dropkick. Delta & Hooligan are last. Garish would not be strong enough a word to describe Hooligan's outfit this week. Hooligan manages his own handspring show off, but Delta one ups him by flipping on his feet from at rip. Hooligan decides enough of that and tags. Back to Nitro and Maya. Nitro slaps and elbows the técnico around, but Maya lands on his feet of backdrop. Springboard tope connects, walking up the ropes, armdrag sends Nitro out (well, into Diamante's feet, then out.) Maya goes to the apron, and decides that someone in CMLL is going to eventually steal Aerostar's springboard blind reverse tope, so it might as well be him. Maya ends up going for distance much more than height, making him hard to catch (and so he throws himself into the back of a front row's knee.) Diamante gets Hooligan with a tight headscissors, then takes advantage of Dr. X and Hooligan screwing up to send Hooligan to the técnico corner. Hooligan backdrops Diamante away, then crotches him on the ropes when he tries climbing back in, but Delta sneaks up behind his partner, launching off his parnter's shoulders for a plancha. All four in, Delta and Diamante's fireman drop their opponents and set up – Diamante's rope flip tornillo doesn't quite hit Dr. X right (knee to knee, really), but Delta's moonsault is perfectly on the target. That's the fall.

2: Nitro and Diamante start off this fall, Diamante with a triple boynce armdrag, Nitro with a single back elbow to knock him down. Dr. X is on his knees on the outside and pulling himself up – I think he's still hurting from how Diamante landed on him. Diamante is flipped over the corner, but knocks Nitro away, then comes in with a double jump armdrag. He likes the jumps. Off the ropes, flip over the ropes into a push off to the floor, and a quebradora for Nitro. Delta and Hooligan in, Delta avoiding, then climbing up Hooligan's back and going over the front for an armdrag. Hooligan socks him to the mat with a chop, Delta kips up, under a clothesline, backdropping over another one, and a chop to send Hooligan back. Whip, reversed, Delta walks up the ropes and covers down with a reverse tope. Delta off the ropes, Hooligan out, Delta running, climbing up the ropes and back down on the outside without missing a beat, right into a headscissors on Hooligan. Immediate multiple replays, because that was incredible. Dr. X and Maya are in, Dr. X able to run enough to charge into a corner kick. Maya ducks a clothesline, but Dr. X hits his partners. Dr. X charges Maya, Maya lifts him to his shoulders, Diamante flies off the top rope for a super sunset flip, Dr. X ducks and rolls thru to a headscissors cradle (pinfall there), Diamante rolls thru. Hooligan is waiting for him, Diamante tries a bodyscissors, Hooligan blocks it, thinks about doing a Hooligan clash, but Diamante's facing the wrong way. Modified Buca Storm, Diamante taking the bunt of it on his lower back, and that's another pin. Nitro takes care of Delta with a pumphandle slam and a half crab/armbar.

3: Rudos are swarming Delta and forearming him down in the corner as they pick up this fall. Mid-beatdown. Delta is held in a double armbar/kneebar for a dropkick to the face. Maya is next. Rudos hiptoss him out of the ring, onto the apron. That's a big bump and he's hurting. Diamante is in and quickly chopped out. Delta is smacked around hard again as he comes in. I think they got confused about which one hurt Dr. X! Hooligan holds him up for a high double clothesline, but rudos are slow, and Delta reverses into a sunset flip. Diamante gets the other two with a springboard missile dropkick. Dropkicks end all three rudos out. Maya tries a top rope plancha, but the rudos catch him and toss him behind! It's rough being Maya this fall. Delta tope is caught and he's slammed as well. Dr. Xi in, side stepping a Diamante dropkick and stomping him down. Things do not look good for the técnicos. Whip, Diamante tries to flip off the ropes, slips, but still manages to land on one foot and one knee. That should've been horribly bad and just managed to be slightly so. Nitro grabs him and hands him on the middle rope. Hooligan to the top, top rope senton con giro to flatten Diamante. Double armbar cradle, Hooligan sits on top, that's it. Crowd believes the right team won.