CMLL on LATV #3 (03/13/2010)
Recapped: 03/19/10

LATV still thinks Místico is a técnico.

More features on Ray Mendoza thru the hour. Not a lot you haven't seen if you aren't already watching Ras de Lona.

First segment is just the show open and a Mendoza piece.

Match 1: Diamante vs Raziel in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 03/05/2010

Winner: Diamante
Match Time: 5:31
Rating: bad, both guys looking off.
Notes: Cancerberos are still using 'Background screams from a horror movie” for the opening of their music. It certainly is different. Terror Chino is your referee.

Opening whistle may be muted. They're locking up while we're still looking at the edecanes, at any rate. Raziel has Diamante in a back bridge wristlock, and headstands for extra pressure. Of course he does. Diamante finally gets Raziel away from him with a dropkick, then follows with a Asai top rope springboard tornillo. That looked sharp. Break.

Both guys are still recovering as they return. They both climb to the apron, but in quite indy fashion, thy both climbs the ropes instead of going in. Diamante straddles the ropes, while Raziel straddles the one across the corner for a chop fight. Diamante wins, Raziel slips off the ropes, but then climbs back on them so Diamante can come off the top rope for a – headscissors? Armscissors? Empty grab with Raziel taking the bump on his own? Looked better in rehearsal, I bet. Cover for 2. Diamante fireman drops Raziel, standing moonsault, one two no. They've totally lost the crowd off since the missed spot. Raziel holds Diamante in a wristlock, walks the rope a couple steps, then gets swept off them by Diamante. Raziel lands feet first on the apron, then takes another fall off that – also didn't look good. Diamante does a running handspring into a push off the apron, landing on his feet. Raziel scoops him up on his shoulders and posts him. Raziel comes in, happy to take the countout. Or not – I guess he went for a dive and hit the ropes going thru. There's no clear angle of it the first time, just Raizel tumbling over the corner and going to the floor. That looked super klutzy. Diamante quickly works in Asai Moonsault, but I think they've lost the battle on this one. Replay of Diamante's dive, we're never shown what Raziel tried. Raziel makes it back in first – are they playing other audio again? Diamante comes in with a springboard dropkick on Raziel. Sounds is really distracting. Raziel lands a springboard wheel kick for two. It's only been five minutes, but they need to go to the finish. After a missed corner charge, Diamante sets Raziel up top and tries for another springboard move. This may not be a great idea. Springboard bodyscissors cradle gets revered into a middle rope wheelbarrow powerbomb, one two three. Diamante didn't land dangerously, but he did land hard.

Diamante is stretched out, and is wearing a towel neckbrace after the match. He's also wearing a new mask – the mask they showed him posing in before the match, back when he wasn’t wearing a neckbrace, so I'm thinking it wasn't this serious.

Match 2: Dark Angel (c), Lady Apache, Lluvia vs Hiroka (c), Mima Shimoda, Princesa Sujei
Arena Mexico, 03/05/2010

  1. rudas

  2. tecnicas

  3. tecnicas

Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 11:39
Rating: surprisingly good.
Notes: I think they have trouble shutting off Lluvia's music, or finding Dark Angel's, because it just keeps going for a while. Dark Angel is using the cover of Beautiful People and not the actual song, that seems to change from time to time. Lady Apache has her PWR title. Hiroka and Sujei enter to Sujei's music and are wearing their Zorra gear. I think Hiroka forgets what network this is and decides to attack the camera. Works for me! Mima Shimoda can barely keep a straight face as they pose for the backstage shot. Her partners are total hams, it's understandable. Pompin and Babe Richard are your referees.

1: Hiroka and Lluvia, of all people, get the long mat based open. Which isn't really that mat based but seems to go okay. Lluvia seems to be hurting herself on every hiptoss she takes, and Hiroka gives her three in a row at the end of this. Sujei & Apache are next, starting with Apache falling on top of Sujei when she tries a tilt-a-whirl, Apache pounding the mat for a count, Sujei kicking out before anyone makes that count, and Apache swearing (bleeped!) at a referee for not making that count. Sujei uses the distraction to kick Apache from behind. Apache quickly rallies, sending Sujei into the front row with a headscissors, then following her out for a quebradora. Dark Angel and Mima are last. Mima has psychic powers, putting up both arms to block a Dark Angel punch seconds before Sarah can even think to throw it. They almost lose it on a bodyscissors armdrag but reasonable keep it together. Mima manages to boot Dark Angel in the corner and slap her in the face, but a whip out is revered into an overhead belly to belly suplex. Dark Angel is very strong. Sujei slows her down with a hard kick from the outside, and Mima immediately pins her with a tiger suplex (!) Other rudas cut off the other técnicos, but Mima didn't really need it. She had this fall. Mima randomly walks off – I think she hurt her head on the belly superplex. Slow motion replay showing Mima jumping up to take a dropkick – maybe that's not the angle they should've used. Leobrado identifies the move as a tiger suplex! I would've bet against that.

2: No beatdown to start, Hiroka and Apache one on one instead. Of course, Hiroka quickly takes Apache the rudo corner for everyone to help choke, so it's a bit minimized. As soon as Apache makes a comeback, the rudas jump the técnicos. Pumphandle slam, and Mima lifts Hiroka on her shoulders for a mobile splash. Dark Angel grabs Hiroka, and it takes the ruda a while to help. Lluvia's got to get out of the way, mostly. Two women press slam, dropped into Lady Apache's boots. Apache takes a sport of triple back suplex. Lluvia back in and thrown around by her hiar. Lluvia takes corner chargers from Sujei and Mima, but moves before the Hiroka one, and she flips over the rope to the floor. Hiroka gets the other two with a double clothesline. Lluvia lands a plancha on Hiroka as Dark Angel and Lady Apache get submissions on the other.

3: Hiroka and Sujei are about to go after the ring girl, but she's smart enough not to come down the ramp towards them. Unlike Princesa Blanca, Mima Shimoda encourages this wackiness. Hiroka and Lluvia start together, but Hiroka ends up assaulting the rudas and bringing in Dark Angel. She's thrown around by her hair. Guess it's back to the beatdown. Lady Apache is worked over and whipped to the corner. Dark Angel escapes a double backdrop, landing on her feet, ducking the rudas clothesline and dropkicking Mima down. Lady Apache gets Hiroka with a missile dropkick. Lluvia is trips up Lluvia, but gets kicking coming thru the ropes. Apache grabs Sujei, and Dark Angel charges, but Mima distracts her and Sujei breaks free to kick Dark Angel before she can even get there. Sujei charges, her clothesline misses, and Dark Angel uses a bodyscsisors on her partner Apache to get her up for a headscissors on Sujei. Sujei goes out, and Lady Apache boosts her partner into a pescado on both Sujei and Mima. Apache pulls the rudas up, and Dark Angle adds an over the top rope tope con giro on both rudas. Apache did a nice job of moving out of the way. Hiroka and Lluvia in, Lluvia off the ropes, and a sort of satellite armbar into a small package for the pin.

That’s it.