IWRG on Teleforumla #18 (03/06/2010)

Match 1: Gringo Loco vs Tinieblas Jr. and Zatura and Scorpio Jr. and Hijo del Signo and Veneno and Hijo de Pirata Morgan and Chico Che in a losers advance cage match
Arena Naucalpan, 02/28/2010

Loser: Chico Che
Match Time:17:11
Rating: a lucha cage match
Notes: Joined as entrance start for this match. Seems like the ringside interviewer is the only one of this show. Normal lucha cage match brawling. People punching each other near the ropes, walking across the ring to punch someone else, making random comeback, team-up and betrayals only to it again a minute later.

About six minutes in, Hijo del Signo makes the first attempt at escaping, but gets pulled back. Zatura holds him in a camel clutch, and they go to break.

Gringo Loco has climbed halfway up when they return, and climbs to the top within seconds. Everyone’s just forgotten him. Oh, no, He turns around to face the cage, and Chico Che grabs him for a bit. Gringo kick him away, then stands on top of the cage while guys line up below – big plancha onto Signo and Pirata, Chico Che just moving out of the way and not catching. OK. Gringo hit hard and is slowest to get up. Scorpio holds him down for the others to kick, so I guess he's ok. Crowd counting? Oh, there's the whistle! They’re free to go now.

Zatura tries to bolt, and is pulled down. Chico and Signo both try to go, but Signo’s fast enough to get over the top and keep Chico Che down.

Zatura and Hijo fight on the middle rope. This is the time to make a deal with your opponent and agree to both go, but Pirata does a super armdrag instead. Pirata takes off himself, and Tinieblas doesn’t stop him, despite standing a foot away.

Six to go. Scorpio and Tinieblas have a random intense chop exchange. Chico tries to take off, but Veneno gets him. Tinieblas tries to take off, but Scorpio pulls him down, fouls him, and tires to leave himself. He's not really stopped by anyone, but has issues getting his left over the cage. Can't tell if it's on purpose or not until Zatura smartens up and comes over to stop him, which is actually the boost Scorpio needs to get over the top. He's getting too old for this.

Zatura and Chico Che drop Tinieblas with a double clothesline, and Zatura tells his friend to get out of there while he can. Zatura holds Tinieblas a chinlock, and Chico climbs, but he's to slow, and Veneno catches up to him. Gringo Loco climbs over, and all three fight while standing on the top rope and leaning against the cage. Tinieblas and Zatura do a lot of watching. Gringo Loco realizes he can just walk over to an empty corner and climb, except Tinieblas stops him and pulls down his trunks. Gringo Loco moons the entire crowd, then gets crotched on the top rope before he can pull the trunks back up. Tinieblas starts climbing, Zatura tries to stop him, but Tinieblas knocks him back and escapes.

Four left. Zatura suplexes Gringo Loco and moonsaults instead of going out. Gringo moves anyway, Zatura charges, Gringo tosses him up, and Zatura's smart enough to climb out this time.

2 rudos on 1 Chico Che. Rudos use the numbers, until Veneno goes to the top rope and tells Gringo to drag Chico into the middle of the ring. Gringo does, and Veneno climbs over the top. Gringo Loco is so sad.

Chico Che drops Gringo Loco with a double underhook faceslam and climbs up – top rope plancha connects. Chico Che climbs up another corner, climbs all the way up, almost has a leg over, and only then does Gringo Loco pop up and attack. They both fight straggling the top of the cage, so I don't know what these rules are again. This is why two feet on the ground is good. Anyway, punch battle goes Gringo, and he stomps Chico Che back inside the cage. Gringo celebrates, and goes over the top. It seems like they actually signal the win when Gringo gets to the apron.

Match 2: Oficial 911 vs Angelico and Arlequin Amarillo and el Ángel and Pirata Morgan and Jack and Máscara Año 2000 Jr. and El Hijo del Diablo in a losers advance cage match
Arena Naucalpan, 02/28/2010

Loser Hijo del Diablo
Match Time: 16:55 shown
Rating: a bad lucha cage match
Notes: This one is joined just a few seconds before the whistle for escape. Sounds good to me. Diablo tries to time his escape for just as the time runs out, but is caught.

This time, they clear out the middle of the ring for everyone to do a move to everyone else. Pirata Morgan’s move appears to be only a heel kick, but then he suplexes Diablo as well. Jack and Arlequin battle in a one on one, climbing up to the top rope more battling, but Arlequin trips up Jack with a kick and escapes. Arlequin stands on the ring post, but does not moonsault off.

Lots of fighting and being perfectly fine or the next spot. 911 pulls Angelico down, climbs up himself, and Angelico forearms him in the back, then climbs over the top of him to escape. Angelico drops to the floor from a bit high up.

Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.'s mask is red, and I'm not sure why or how. Jack and 911 have an epic chop battle from their knees. Pirata pulls off Mascara's mask, putting it on his own face, blood soaked and all. Pirata fights in a bit, confusing 911, then uses the mask to punch him a bit. Mascara Ano fights with a t-shirt around his mask, slamming Pirata Morgan and attempting to escape. Angel catches up with him, but Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. back elbows him away and escapes.

Angel takes out both 911 and Pirata when they try a double team, but opts to boot choke Pirata instead of trying to escape. Everyone’s pretty much resting whenever possible here. Angel turns a toss to climbing onto the cage, and goes over the top. 911 joins him sitting on a very shaky looking top of the cage. Angel kicks 911 back in, and escapes on his own.

A s that's wrapping up, Jack tries to sneak out the other side, but can't get any foot. All three remaining rudos stop him. Looks like Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. is being attended to on the outside. Rudos stomp Jack in unison, then 911 and Diablo both turn on Pirata. Whip, double clothesline misses, and Jack dropkicks them both. Pirata thinks Jack by slapping him down. Pirata Morgan whip is reversed, Jack runs into a boot – and now Angel is stomping Mascara Ano 0200 on the outside for some reason. He's very angry about it. Anyway, Pirata tries to lave, and the other rudos get so occupied in beating up Jack that they forgot to stop him. Pirata's gone.

Angel still has to be held back from attacking Mascara Ano 2000. Pirata Morgan tries to get in a cheap shot on Mascara, and ends up wiping out Angel with a clothesline. They brawl, because they still have issues, I guess. Inside, Jack has slipped by the other two, only stopping to laugh at the top of the cage.

Diablo rams 911 into the cage, then waves to the crowd. Guess he can understand them this week. 911 into the cage again. Clearly, a guy evading immigration like Hijo del Diablo would not get along with a police official. Diablo unties 911's mask, then works him over with some kicks. Diablo rips up the mask some good. Whip, reversed, 911 with a quebradora slam. Many punches to forehead. 911 thinks about leaving, looks back, repeat. Just go! 911 lifts Diablo onto his shoulders, and rams him into the cage. Go! No, he'll stay again, one more dropkick to the head. Diablo is bleeding quite a bit, and quite suddenly. 911 bites at the cut. Announcers going into a long ran about how these man are professional and you shouldn't try this again. Just when I was going to bite someone. 911 ends up whipped into the corner and decides to run, but Diablo comes underneath and drops him on the buckle. More chops, and 911 heads up again. Diablo waits for hi to get up halfway, and slips under him again. This time, they mange the electric chair suplex (that maybe they wanted the first time.) Diablo waves to the crowd for support. His face is covered in blood. Diablo slowly starts climbing, and 911 pulls him off. Crowd behind the Oficial. Scoop, Michinoku Driver. Time to go? Maybe. 911 lowly climbs, Diablo pops up behind him, slaps him on the rear, and climbs up with him. Chop battle on the top rope, and 911 super-armdrags him off. Diablo waves for support again, not that he's getting it. Both men rush for opposite covers, 911 gets over first, but Dr. Cerebro is punching Gringo Loco back in anyway. 911 escapes, Diablo moves on.

Match 3: El Hijo del Diablo vs Chico Che in a cage match, hair vs hair
Arena Naucalpan, 02/28/2010

Loser: Chico Che
Match Time: 5:47
Rating: a lucha cage match
Notes: Diablo is still in the cage. Chico Che returns, climbing in thru the door. Diablo is still on his knees, asking for a time out.

Diablo pops up and tire a dropkick at the whistle, but Chico moves. Kick to the side. Chico picks up Diablo and slams him. Chico to the top roe – splash. Now he's going to climb out – but Diablo stop him with a shot to his ankles, and questionably low blow. Chico climbs down the ropes before starting to sell, great. Chico Che has a website address on his back, but it’s covered up by his overalls. That's not good. Whip, backdrop, Diablo sunset flip, Chico rolls thru and kills Diablo with a running knee to the face. Chico start to escape, Diablo starts to come past him, Chico pastes him with an elbow to the face. Chico starts to leave and again gets dropkicked in the back. Chico climbs down as Diablo continues to hit him. Talking. Diablo kicks Chico in the leg many times. Chico knocks Diablo down, turns to escape, gets stopped, repeat.

Diablo takes off to the other side of the cage after pulling Chico one time. Chico walks over to that side, and pulls down Diablo's trunks. That seems to happen a lot for his team. Diablo tries to pick up Chico Che for a martinete, but it totally falls apart and Chico's just dropped forward. Diablo adds a senton, but Chico rallies from the crowd. Not sure if Chico is bleeding or it's just Diablo's blood rubbing off him. Chico tries a martinete on Diablo, but really gets only slightly closer before blowing it. Diablo smashes Chico’s knee into the mat a few times, and Chico screams as tough it's been broken. He can stand on it, though. Diablo tries for that martinete once more, this time near the ropes so they both can grab for support. Diablo pulls it off, and Chico Che is out. Diablo walks across the ring and starts to climb. Dr. Cerebro is back to climbing out the other side, but Diablo just kinda ignores him for a moment. Cerebro punches Diablo on top of the cage, but Diablo straddles the cage as well, and punches as well. Diablo knocks Cerebro into the cage – would he have lost? No matter, Chico's out, so Cerebro just recovers and immediately escapes.

Diablo and Cerebro fight out on the floor. Doctors check on Chico's neck. He gets a neck brace, but no hair cut before they go off the air.