CMLL on LATV #2 (03/06/2010)
Recap: 03/12-15/10

Promo: Sombra

Video: Dark Angel. They have time to fill this week. This is as good a move as any.

Match 1: Fuego, Pegasso, Rey Cometa vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skándalo
Arena Mexico, 02/26/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos

  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 13:49
Rating: seen better
Notes: Entrances. They've got time. Pegasso and Rye Cometa re still using Theme From Elegido's Entrance, but do not start stripping. Flash is now wearing a wacky jester hat. The pressure of being Arena Coliseo Tag Team champion has clearly caused him to go mad. Fuego also does a super short promo. Tuareg have their sword sand their spiritual advisor. Loco has some wacky face paint. Arkangel also does a short interview saying his name and promoting the TV network, so that just be the deal for this show. Refs are Bestia Negra and Babe Richard.

1: Skándalo and Fuego start, Skandalo bending Fuego all the way over with a wristlock, then pulling him into an armbar. Fuego rolls in control and armdrags the big man away,, but is limping as they circle next. Skándalo trips him up, Fuego rolls thru and trips Skandalo, Skandalo trips him back and holds on. Quick hold reversals on the ground, Fuego ending up with an armdrag. Fuego's mask still looks like it belongs to a different outfit than the one he's wearing. Fuego grabs a wristlock and walks up the ropes for an armdrag. Skándalo slides out, Fuego does a handspring, and the crowd boos. Not técnico fans on Friday, what a surprise. Tag to Pegasso. Loco Max in for his side. Crowd chanting for Pegasso, so maybe they just don't like Fuego's new gear. Lockup, battle, Loco pulls Pegasso into a sort of cobra clutch, I guess. He's choking Pegasso out from the side however you want to call it. Pegasso slips free, but Loco Max violently whips him to the mat. Lockup, Loco Max crosses Pegasso’s arms over each other, then trips him from behind. Pegasso is up quick, and there’s another standoff. Loco is more aggressive than usual. Lockup, Loco flips Pegasso over his shoulder, Pegasso land on his feet, but Loco armdrags him down and stand over him. Zero leg trip by Pegasso, who's up and holding onto a front facelock to prevent Loco from doing the same. Loco switches in a wristlock, but Pegasso armdrags him away and stands over him. Loco yells at the ref to back Pegasso off. Loco start to circle, then dismissively waves him off. Tag to Cometa and Arkangel. Lockup, Ark backs Cometa into the ropes. Break. Lockup, Cometa backs Ark into the ropes, break. Lockup, Cometa armdrag. Arkangel recovers, and Cometa gives him room. Lockup, Arkangel hiptoss, holding on into a headlock, Cometa headscissors reversal, both let go, standoff. Lockup, Cometa armbar, hops over Arkangel’s back, drop toe hold from the other side, and holding Arkangel down. Arkangel gets free and on top. Armbar, fireman's carry for Cometa, holding onto that armbar. Cometa is able to twist and reverse it into an armdrag. Ark off the ropes, into a hiptoss. Cometa looks around, tries to follow up, but is kicked away. Cometa does the same, then they exchange armdrag too. Standoff. Crowd boos, though there are some cheers. Crowd is antsy for something more, I guess. Arkangel tries a running kick, but Cometa catches it and sweeps the leg. Dropkick sends Arkangel the corner. Cometa charges, flips off Arkangel, maybe kicks him (?), flips off and lands on his back, then backdrops Arkangel as he comes out of the corner. Dropkick sends Arkangel out. Cometa of the ropes – inside out springboard tornillo! Cometa just got enough room on that. Skandalo and Loco toss Pegasso around, but Loco accidentally clothesline his partner. Fuego flips his partner to safety, avoids Loco Max, and knocks down Skandalo with a back elbow. Back towards Loco Max, who sits Fuego on the top rope. Punch, Fuego kicks the arm, pulls him down by his hair, and flies off the top rope into an inside cradle on Skandalo. Fuego catches Skándalo's clothesline, hooks it under his leg, and drops him with a reverse legsweep. With that arm trapped, Fuego spins Skándalo over and grabs the other one in an armbar. That'll be enough for this submission. Pegasso gets Loco with a quebrada and that's the fall.

2: Loco Max starts by knocking down Cometa, stomping and getting bleeped yelling at him. As loc goes over the ropes, Cometa tries to backflip over him, but kinda gets caught on Loco's back, upside down and halfway up. Cometa falls off, landing on all four, but look unsteady right after. Loco is armdragged out, and Cometa leaps to the apron to join him. No Asai, instead a backflip to the floor on his feet. Loco misses his clothesline, and takes a superkick.

Fuego in, flipping into the ring over Skándalo's charge. Fuego pulls out an inverted bodyscissors armdrag, then back bends over a clothesline, getting back up to dance. He dances too much, and Skándalo clotheslines him from behind and so he can dance. Actually kind of better. Skándalo corner whips Fuego, Fuego walks the ropes, walks over to the other ropes, and armdrags Skándalo out. Dive tease and dance. Crowd not appreciative of Fuego's dancing. Pegasso flipping, right by Arkangel. Pegasso with a lot of flips to show off, then a spinning headscissors and a handspring armdrag to quickly send Ark out. Back to Cometa and Loco – for a moment, before Skandalo comes in to help. Double back elbow, double armbar, rolled forward into a cradle. One two three, and then Ark adds a low blow elbow drop just after the count. Loco intimidates the referees, in case they think about making a call. Rudo slap around Fuego as he comes in. Trip onto the bottom rope, and crushed by Skandalo’s running sit. Arkangel adds a running dropkick from the outside. Pegasso run into a big backdrop. He's loaded up to Ark's shoulders, and Loco goes to the middle rope to knock Pegasso off with a shove. Pegasso takes a great flip before impact. Skándalo hooks on inverted Indian Deathlock, and the other rudos grab armbars for the submissions.

Return of the random beeps!

3: Rudos in control. Cometa is held on the ropes for Skándalo's low blow dropkick. Cometa is knocked out of the ring, but onto the ramp instead of the floor. Still not fun. Pegasso takes a double back elbow and a triple faceslam. Fuego is set up for the same, but Ark and Skándalo go to celebrate, but Fuego reverses to a bodyscissors cradle. One two THREE? Fuego does a celebratory dance, though I'm not sure if it was three. Loco kicked out right at the count. At any rate, Ark and Skándalo recover to boot Fuego. Pegasso tries a plancha on both, and only Ark really catches him. Skandalo falls down and picks him up, and they both awkwardly throw Pegasso behind him before booting him. Cometa jumps in, flipping over both, and springboard dropkicking them both on the next pass. Fuego gets Skándalo with a top rope armdrag, and Pegasso lands his running turning tornillo. Arkangel clotheslines the other two técnicos hard, sending Fuego out. Loco Max is just sort of loitering around, first on the ramp, then in the corner, then on the floor. I'm not sure he knows if he's out either. Arkangel sets Cometa on top and batters a him a bit, before joining him up there. Fuego climbs up too, and pulls Ark off the top with a ‘rana. Fuego rolls Ark backwards, and dropkicks him in the face, setting him up perfectly for Cometa's 450 splash. Fuego does a fiery dance as cometa's pinfall is counted – one two three.

Match 2: Hijo del Fantasma vs Mephisto in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 02/26/2010

Winner: Mephisto
Match Time: 9:49 (0:50+8:59)
Rating: just ok
Notes: Mephisto does a promo before entrances. No Fantasma promo. During the opener, each team did a promo after the fall, talking about how they won the fall, so these are clearly being done after the fact. Rodolfo Ruiz is referee.

1: I just realized – why am I timing this? There's a big clock up there on the screen. They really should have it as a graphic, but no such luck. Fantasma armbar, Mephisto reverses to one of his own, Fantasma rolls free, and spins to his feet. BREAK.

Back. They have backed up about four seconds here, so my timing will be even worse. Mephisto grabs Fantasma with a waistlock and throws him down, but Fantasma responds with an armdrag. Mephisto trip, Fantasma headscissors from the mat. Mephisto zero leg trip, Fantasma zero leg trip, Fantasma derisively walks off. Fantasma off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl, Fantasma escapes on his feet and headscissors Mephisto out. Tope, planting Mephisto onto the front row. Both men are being counted out. Whoever had that seat moved, but not the two guys around on him. That's fine aim. Mephisto rests in the seat as they show two angels of the dive. Fantasma tosses Mephisto back in and jumps up to the apron. Fantasma waits, Mephisto eventually charges, Fantasma knocks him away and gets him down with a top rope armdrag. The ring announcer has been audible for about the last 45 second, but not so audible that I can actually make out what he's haying. Distracting all the same. Fantasma monkey flip, Mephisto going cross corner. Fantasma charge for another, but Mephisto sits him on the top roe. Fantasma kicks him away, and goes over his head for a headscissors. Mephisto backed up near the ramp, Fantasma charges, and Mephisto hiptosses him over the ropes, Fantasma landing hard o the big red ad. 3 minutes down. Mephisto celebrates, then walks out of the ring and covers Fantasma on the ramp. I don’t think that works. Referee explains the rules to Mephisto, who probably should know these at this point. Mephisto picks up Fantasma and steps up for a martinete, but Rodolfo Ruiz breaks that up. Announcers give the referee credit for his aggressiveness there. Both guys take their times getting up. I think they must be cycling the crowd noise or something, because the ring announcement seems to repeat over and over. Very odd. Mephisto rushes Fantasma, and gets backdropped into the ring. Now you can hear music underneath, so they must have some completely different audio track going on here. It's bizarre. Fantasma backs up all the way up the ramp, and charges in – flying clothesline. Cover one two NO. Replay of the clothesline, and the back just to see Fantasma having Mephisto pinned. Mephisto kicks out of the move we never see. Fantasma tries for a bodyscissors something, but Mephisto squirms free. Mephisto to the corner, Fantasma backdropped away, and Mephisto sprignboard dropkicks him out. Mephisto springboard twisting tope con giro to knock Fantasma down. There's not a lot going on here, and there's the whole thing of a whole other matches audio going on to really distract me from. They went from the mat wrestling to the move-stop-move part with nothing in between. Back in, Ephesto misses a dropkick, Ephesto powerbombs him, feet on the bottom rope, one two NO. Clock says 6:33 and ticking. Fantasma waves to the crowd for support, tough to tell when we're hearing something else. I think these are the introductions for this match, actually. Whip, reversed, quebradora. Mephisto tries a clothesline, but Fantasma ducks it, kicks him, suplex, suplex, third suplex, thumb across the throat, cover one two no. Maybe that’s not how that thumb across the throat is supposed to work. 7:30 and climbing. Fantasma drags Mephisto into position, almost center of the ring, then climbs up a corner. Top rope nothing, eating Mephisto’s boots. 8 minutes. Mephisto of the ropes, running kick to the head. The crowd noise becomes a lot less distracting when the ring announcer stopped talking. Cover one two NO. 8:30. Devil's Wings, that might do it. Mephisto slow to cover. Oh, he's not covering. One more? Yes - no, Fantasma backdrops him, holding on in a back bridge for a cover. One two no. 9:00. Fantasma with a fireman’s drop and climbing up for a moonsault, but Mephisto crotched him and climbs behind. Middle rope crucifix powerbomb. Mephisto lifts him up, holds him there, and then drops off, flipping Fantasma onto his head. I don't know if Fantasma was supposed to reverse that to a 'rana, but Mephisto never started to move that way. Mephisto also didn't hold on to Fantasma. I think maybe that was suppose dot be a powerbomb and he lost control, but Fantasma landed right on his head and neck in ugly fashion. He got folded up. Mephisto covers without putting nay of his bodyweight actually on Fantasma, one two three.

Mephisto looks at the ref, and looks back at Fantasma, who is holding his head. The doctor is in here super quick, especially for these doctors. Announcers are quite concerned. Mephisto half heartedly celebrates. Fantasma is talking, a good sign. Replay – you almost don't want to watch it again, it's so bad. Maybe he took it with his shoulders, but you don’t want to try that. Fantasma is stretched out, not even really moving his arms or legs. One more replay. Fantasma’s hands did hit first, but they didn’t slow him down much.

Fantasma, in a neck brace that looks like a towel, promises to return. He sounds out of breath, and talks about going to the hospital, but says the danger there proves how real lucha libre is. Fantasma gives credit to Mephisto for winning but will make next time different.