Perros del Mal on TVCDeportes #6 (02/08/2010)
Recap: 02/21/10

Promo: Charly Manson challenges X-Fly

Plug for the 02/20 show.

Match 1: Turbo vs Black Thunder
Sala de Arams Magdalena Mixhuca, 01/31/2010

Winner: Turbo
Match Time: 14:08
Rating: pretty good
Notes: Turbo has the mysterious NWA title. Graphics look nice. Referee even gets a graphic, though my picture is to distorted to actually be sure of the name – El Toby?

Lockup, Thunder with a waistlock. Turbo looks for a way out, back elbows, leg pick, and a toe hold. Black Thunder rolls around to his stomach, so Turbo ties up both leg. Black Thunder out into an armbar, up, and armdragged by Turbo. Black Thunder protests, getting nowhere. Lockup, double wristlock, Black Thunder rolls backwards thru, top wristlock, Turbo reverses by grabbing the ropes and flipping, then steps over for a grounded wristlock. Battling! Black Thunder arm/snap mare Turbo down, and yells at the crowd. Maybe I shouldn't do every hold reversal here, I’ll be proofreading all day. Black Thunder reversal and change into a reverse backbreaker, then barely gets over Turbo on a jumping snap mare reversal. Counter of the ropes lead to a big swinging DDT by Turbo. Turbo double jump dropkick sends Black Thunder out. That came from nowhere. Nice top con giro thru the ropes into an armdrag on the floor, well done. Turbo has a split mask, except the mouth parts don't seem to line up correctly and it’s distressing greatly. Both guys make there way back in. Turbo's flipped to the apron, but knocks Black Thunder away and comes off the ropes with a moonsault. Turbo off the ropes, lifted up into an Atlantida, and dropped into a backcracker. That looked quite painful, and gets a replay it deserved. Black Thunder let's the crowd know how great he his, and doesn't seem in a hurry to follow up until Turbo finally sits up.. Turbo is able to block one kick, but Black Thunder hits him hard in the head, then dropkicks him in the head even more viciously. Turbo set up in the corner, facing out, and Black Thunder's very easily distracted. Black Thunder resumes work, setting up Turbo on the top rope, but being pushed off when he tries to join Turbo. Thunder his him a few more time, then tries going up from the outside. Thunder is distracted by the crowd again - he's got to focus. Thunder on the ropes, Turbo shoves him off, Turbo off the ropes, Thunder catches him on his shoulder, drops him off into a knee lift, then runs him over with a speeding dropkick. Crowd booing, Thunder soaking it instead. There's the announcers, and we have plenty of time to se them, because Thunder goes two different corner to point at the crowd. Chop, and Thunder has more time to yell. Corner whip, reverses, Thunder moves out of the way and Turbo hits the corner on his own. Thunder sweeps the leg to trip Turbo up.

Thunder off the ropes, into a kick form the mat. Turbo armdrags him. Off the ropes, for a climb up spinning headscissors. That was lighting quick. Thunder is shaken. Turbo off the ropes, spinning armdrag into a spinning headscissors sends Thunder out, and Thunder runs for the hills to cut off any dive. Turbo spins thru the ropes, then lets up to pose. Replay of Turbo's crazy headscissors. Thunder is just now getting to the apron, sidestepping a Turbo running kick. Thunder stops to celebrate, and gets tripped up. Turbo dropkicks him to the floor and motions the crowd. Thunder recovers on the floor, and Turbo takes his time going out. Turbo in no hurry, he's looking a little winded too. Turbo throws Thunder back in, then tiredly gets in himself. Chop. Corner whip, reversed, Thunder jumps into the corner, but eats a couple boos. Turbo charges, and eats a boot. Thunder gives him a stunner for good measure. Crowd boos. Turbo is shaking his head. Thunder in no hurry, what a surprise. Head to the buckle. Corner whip, Turbo reverses, Thunder flips him to the apron, Thunder back elbows him to the floor this time, off the ropes, slingshot tope con giro, nearly over shooting Turbo. Both back in. Thunder off the ropes, step up 'rana, one two NO. Chop. Whip, Turbo off the ropes, under, Thunder runs and waved by, Turbo 'rana, Thunder roll thru, one two no. Turbo of the ropes, up and over - no, Thunder blocks him and powerbombs him, one two NO. Thunder kicks at Turbo as he sits up, Turbo ducks under, inside cradle, one two no. Thunder complains about a fast count. Both up, Thunder clothesline easily caught, Turbo gives him a jumping kick, and Thunder easily goes up. Turbo double jump moonsault to the floor! Very nice. Production here is generally very good, but they focus in on the referee counting instead of the guys recovering here, which is kinda odd. Replay of the dive – Turbo had the grab the ropes, which makes it slightly easier than the Valiente version, but it's still got to be every tough. Both guys roll in to opposite corners. Turbo charges Thunder, Thunder moves, Turbo back elbows him on his charge, off the middle rope and over, Turbo's clothesline is caught in a pumphandle powerbomb (or maybe piledriver), one two NO. Thunder slaps the mat in frustration, then yells at the crowd some. Thunder grabs Turbo on sits on the middle rope. Superbomb – no big 'rana, Thunder thrown a long way. Turbo off the ropes, over headscissors into a campana – and that’s sit.

Promo: Charly talks about Mosco more, with a refreshing drink in his hand.

Vignette: X-Fly stretches before his match!

Next week: Perros del Mal vs Groon, Wagner

Hype for the 02/20 Ecatepc show

Plug for a contest with Charly Manson

video package: Charly Manson vs X-Fly. X-Fly is definitely a heavyweight. They push that these two have had out of control brawls.

Match 2: Charly Manson vs X-Fly in a super libre match
Sala de Arams Magdalena Mixhuca, 01/31/2010

Winner: draw (double countout)
Match Time: 18:18
Rating: usual garbage brawl
Notes: X-Fly is in the ring, and Charly is limping towards it. Charly gets on the apron, and get booted right off it. Tirantes is referee, though he gets no graphic. Oh, wait, there he is.

Charly and X-Fly brawl for a bit, X-Fly begs off and rolls out, then walks around the ring. Charly topes him, at high speed. X-Fly is introduced to the announce desk. Chair shot to the back. X-Fly whipped backfirst into the apron. Charly chares, X-Fly flips him up, Charly goes down for a headscissors, but X-Fly holds him up and drops him on the barricade. X-Fly holds up a chair, but then decides to get another one. Charly throws on Charly's head. X-Fl posing on the barricade, which is very strong. Chair shot to the back. There are no less than 12 different photographers in this shot, and I'm sure I'm undercounting them. Just a ridiculous amount of humanity hanging around the ring. Charly is sat on the barricade, and X-Fly throws a chair at him to knock him over. X-Fly grabs a cable to tie Charly’s legs up, but doesn’t seem to have much of plan behind that. X-Fly looks under the ring for stuff to use while Charly is tied up. Wood carton, plastic bottle. Charly is free and looking for stuff under the apron too, so they end up standing right next to each other, more concerned with the weapons they're looking for than actually hitting each other. X-Fly is throwing weapons in the ring, when he could just turn and hit Charly with them. He eventually figures this out, breaking a wood crate over Charly’s head. Charly very directly stumbles over to someone in the front row to take a look. X-Fly brings Charly back in, and hits Charly in the had with a metal cooking sheet. The sheet is very bent up, and maybe so is Charly’s head. X-Fly dumps some tacks on the ground...

and DDTs Charly into them. That's kind of dumb! Break.

Another promo for Wagner/Gronda vs Perros del Mal

And another for Ecatpec

X-Fly giveaway contest

Charly is still down on the mat in pain. X-Fly chokes Charly with an electronic piano keyboard (???), then smashes it on his back. X-Fly going up top- senton con giro connects. Cover? One two pulled up. Dumb. X-Fly shows off a cheese grater, but doesn’t actually use it on Charly. Not yet, there's still plenty of time. After doing a top rope move, his next idea is a slap in the corner, and snap mare. Kick to the inside of the thigh, and going up. X-Fly goes for a moonsault, with Charly not even being close to the right spot to take it, and of course X-Fly ends up getting feet in the chest on the way down. Crowd very existed that Charly is back in control. Wood crate to X-Fly's head. Tirantes checks X-Fly over – the crate didn't break as much as it did for Charly. Plastic container to the head. X-Fly rolls out, and so does Charly. Guitar? Electronic guitar, which doesn't seem like he way you're supposed to do it, but OK. Charly brings the guitar in, clearing out some of the other stuff, but then puts it down to punch X-Fly. Charly keeps repositioning the guitar as Xl-Fly keeps stumbling around the ring. Whip, Charly swings and misses with the guitar, X-Fly slides under Charly on the next pass, X-Fly kicks Charly, grabs the guitar, swing and connect right to the head. This is the match to watch if you like stupid head trauma! The guitar did totally explode on impact, which probably helps a bit. Charly is bleeding, but no so hurt that he can't stop to fix his hair. Now C-Fly uses the cheese greater to great Charly's head. X-Fly looks exhausted. X-Fly is bleeding a bunch too, stopping top clear the blood but of his face. Lots of replays, not a lot of action. They miss another cooking pan sheet shot from X-Fly to Charly, but replay that too. Corner whip, X-Fly charges in, Charly covers, Fly hits the corner with his hip but lands badly. Charly punches, loudly stomping the mat. X-Fly set up on the top rope, Charly climbs up, but X-Fly crotches him. Charly eventually falls to the mat. X-Fly looks around for something, but can't find it, so he stops to run Charly into the Luchas 2000 banner.

Charly crawls into the crowd, and X-Fly follows him. Punching, but just enough to pretend like they're not just both walking to whatever spot they have set up where in the building. They both come around a covered up area – there's a car covered and parked there? Why? (So they can use it, I guess.)

Another promo for Wagner/Gronda vs Perros del Mal

And another promo for Ecatpec

The white sedan is spray painted with Perros del Mal slogans. Charly is whipped into a car door. The car is mobbed by everyone racing off to take a look – this appears to be some area behind seats, near the merchandise stand, so everyone’s free to wander around, and about 20 people trying to take photos from a few inches away. It’s just a mob scene. X-Fly takes Charly on top of the car, which gives them around . Body slam on the roof. X-Fly sets up Charly for a powerbomb, but Charly backdrops him off, right into the windshield. CX-Fly breaks it with a big backslide, then rolls onto the hood so Charly can add a senton. They've got maybe a meter of space on the outside to fight before they're mobbed by fans. Quick shot of the ring – Hijo de Tirantes is very much counting these guys out. Someone goes into the car, and pulls out – is that a stone vase? I can't tell. X-Fly tries to hit Charly, but Charly punches it, places it on over X-Fly's head, and knocks it off with a hard chair shot. Both are back on the roof, but Charly is yelling at someone to do something – open the car door, I guess. Charly tries to push X-Fly off so he's crotched on the door, but X-Fly slips and falls and nearly breaks his arm. Tirantes does not appear to be counting but we never saw wave off. Charly whips X-Fly into the car, then grabs a chair. X-Fly stands on the roof of the car, and Charly back up in front of the car, getting about 15 yards of room. Charly charges, runs up the car, and gets hiptossed into the back car window. Tirantes is counting again, this time with the ring announcer echoing him over the public address system. Charly is down, and presumably so is X-Fly. Tirantes reluctantly gets to 20, and that's the match.

The two continue to brawl around the car for another minute, and fight their way back toward the entrance. Lots of replays of spots during the match, then shots of both stitched up with another X-Fly promo.