CMLL on Televisa #962 (02/06/2010)
Recap: 02/07/10

Match 1: Blue Panther, Héctor Garza, Shocker © vs Averno ©, Mephisto, Terrible
Arena Mexico, 02/05/2010

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:14
Rating: OK, about average.

1: Panther and Averno start on the mat, Panther in complete control until he leaves an arm open for Averno to grab on. Averno works the arm for a half minute before Panther reasserts his control. Averno sends Panther away with a bodyscissors armdrag, but Panther blocks the next one and gets an arm scissors. Rudos tease coming in, técnicos tease coming in – clip? They skip to Hector taking off his shirt. Crowd shot, and Terrible must've rammed Garza out of the ring in the middle of it. That shirt is nothing but problems for Garza. Terrible mocks it, and they do show a replay of Terrible shoving Garza thru the ropes. Terrible flips over Terrible coming back, then pulls Terrible down by his hair. Averno stops Garza with a chest slap, Terrible charges, kicks, Garza moves, and Terrible kicks his partner. Terrible backdrops Hector the apron, Garza ends up kicking him in the head, then goes to the middle rope for a moonsault the floor. All other four end up in, Shocker misses a kick on Mephisto and Mephisto rips him down. Terrible misses a corner charge on Panther, Panther swings Mephisto over to Shocker, Reinera there, fujiwara over there. Rudos are done.

Atlantis & Dorada promote the 1 for 5 ticket deal

Backstage, Dr. Alfonso Morales, and the actual doctor (Dr. Manual Galvan) check out Mascara Dorada before the match. They check his blood pressure. OK.

2: Terrible swats and punches Panther around as they pick this up. Corner whip, Panther plancha. Felino's hanging with the announcers – it was pretty clear from the hair they showed in the silhouette. Terrible kicks Panther into the other corner, but charges and flies out of the ring when Panther drops down. Terrible tumbled into the front row on impact. Panther thinks about a dive, and Averno thinks about attacking him, but they both back off. Mephisto and Garza in, time for Garza to strip off his pants. Again, the rudo attacks him in mid strip, and again the camera misses it. They love the crowd reactions. Hard chest slap by Mephisto. A lot of the crowd wants one more. Clip here? Garza escapes a corner charge with a flip, armdrags Mephisto, and kicks him in the head. Garza stops to paw at Terrible. Tags to Shocker and Averno. Dueling crowd reactions, and now Averno is leaving. His partners convince him to come back. Shocker hits Averno, and that convinces Averno to come in. Also, it convinces Mephisto to come in, and they both chop Shocker around. Double whip, double clotheslines misses, double faceslams by Shocker. Terrible in, Shocker blocks everything, and shoves him down. Crowd is definitely mixed, leaning towards against the técnicos. Shockers off the ropes waved by, and right into a triple pump powerbomb. Mephisto and Averno clean off the apron, while Terrible adds a Terrible Clash. One two three.

3: Clip here, though that may just be the YouTube recording. Rudos slid Monito out on his stomach, with Shocker and Garza catching him from falling. Back live, chaos has broke out, with pinfall attempts all over the place. All six end up in the ring, but the técnicos knocks out all the rudos. Triple dive? Triple dive – two the left, one to the right, topes all around. Terrible ends up seated in the front row, and Shocker slap shim one good. Everyone back in, técnicos all cradle, one two no. Match has slowed down, or maybe I'm just distracted by the upcoming match graphic. Panther is whipped into another tope on Terrible. Averno catches Mephisto on a charge, and Shocker dropkicks Mephisto over the top and out. Shocker blocks Avenro's strikes and slaps them, then does a tope con giro onto Mephisto. Garza and Averno left in. Averno rallying cheers and not paying attention to his man. Averno’s clothesline is caught, Garza lifts him on his shoulders, drops him, and headsup. Tornillo senton, one two three. Crowd is unhappy.


Promo: Negro Casas & La Mascara explain why DF is going to win the tournament – it's the uniting of the Casas & Alvardo families

Promo: Atlantis & Mascara Dorada think GDL is the best.

Match 2: Atlantis & Máscara Dorada vs La Máscara & Negro Casas in the national parajes inciedble final match
Arena Mexico, 02/05/2010

  1. DF
  2. Guadalajara
  3. Guadalajara

Winner: Guadalajara (2-1)
Match Time: 12:14
Rating: good
Notes: Negro gets Mascara to do his strut on the way to the ring. Mascara is still sponsored by Sherman Williams, and that’s still odd.

1: Dorada and Casas to start. Circle, Casas lunges in, and grabs Dorada with a headlock. Clip, and now Mascara and Atlantis are in. Mascara has Atlantis down in an armbar, but Atlantis reverses to an inside cradle. One two no. Mascara escapes a monkey flip and armdrags Atlantis around, and somehow this gets him booed. (It was a clumsily looking escape) bodyscissors armdrag sends Atlantis to the ropes, he races back with a shoulderblock, but Mascara sends him out with a rolling dropkick. Mascara off the ropes, and his tope flattens Atlantis. Negro in with a plancha on Dorada, Dorada rolls thru and kicks Negro into the corner, Dorada charges in, flip off Negro’s chest, Negro dropkicks him in the knee, casita, one two three. Atlantis in, but Mascara immediately catches him into the bodyscissors and get to the campana from there. Negro does celebratory cartwheels before the hold is on, and tosses Dorada out of the ring for fun.

2: Dorada and Negro to start, though Negro is more messing around. Dorada demands a chest slap fight, and so Negro gives him one for a while, and then heel kicks him in the midsection, and adds an axe kick to the back of the head. Corner whip, reversed, Dorada charges in, Negro flips him, heel kick is caught, and Dorada dragon screws Negro’s legs thru the ropes. Mascara walks over and shoves Dorada, and Dorada shoves him back. Superkick, down goes Dorada! Atlantis lunges towards Mascara, comes nowhere close to hitting him, and is hit in the back by Negro. Whip, Atlantis over, Mascara takes him out with a kick to the back. Dorada slide dropkicks Dorada on the outside, and both La Mascara and the crowd are fired up for this cheating. Double boot for Atlantis. Dorada brought in, and sent into a Negro heel kick. Whip, another kick, kicked down to his knees, double snap kick to the chest. Crowd wants one more, but the DF team makes a wish Dorada’s legs instead. Double thrust kick sends Dorada out. Atlantis in, and Mascara takes him out with a thrust kick. Atlantis is sat down in the corner, and Negro backs all the way up. Mascara argues with the ref to get him out of the way – running square dropkick on Atlantis. Crowd wants one more again. Replay shows Negro only really caught one foot, but caught that one foot tight. Negro has La Mascara run at Atlantis for a clothesline, but Atlantis catches the clothesline, grabs both Mascara's arms, pulls them underneath Mascara, focusing him into a cradle. Atlantis holds on for both of them for a double pumphandle cradle, one two three. Meanwhile, Dorada springboard flips into the ring, then latches onto Negro for a satellite armbar. That's the fall. Crowd is unhappy with this outcome too. PICK A SIDE.

3: DF team back in control when I pick up. Whip, dropkick on Dorada’s knee, dropkick on Dorada’s head. Both men cover. One two NO. La mascara leads Dorada to Negro, who snaps Dorada’s leg over his knee. Negro teases Dorada tagging to Atlantis, but that's not going to happen. Clip, crowd is booing, and Dorada is covering Negro. That can’t have gone well! One two no. Negro grabs Dorada in a chinlock, then a reverse facelock for a bit. Corner whip, Dorada sits on the middle rope, and pounds Negro with punches when he runs over. Mascara stops Dorada with an enziguri and climbs up, but Atlantis comes in and plucks Mascara off – powerbomb on Mascara, Superplex on Dorada, Negro sentons Dorada and the olds guys cover the younger guys, one two NO. DF team gets control. GDL whipped into each other, spin each other around, and go the young guys go for pins – 'rana on Negro, Mascara backslide on Atlantis. One two NO. Mascara and Negro rally the crowd. Charge, and Mascara's clothesline knocks Atlantis over, while Dorada drops to one knee. DF tries stereo charging clotheslines again, GDL team evades, off the ropes, 'ranas on both, DF reverses to powerbombs and maneuver to put their feet on the ropes, one two no. Crowd unhappy, but not sure if it's about the cheating or the kicks outs. Negro headbutts Dorada to the apron, then backdrops a charging Atlantis kick for him too. Both GDL guys are posted. Silla on Atlantis, plancha on Dorada. Atlantis makes it in, as do both the rudos. Double Suplex on Atlantis, and both cover, but Dorada makes it back in tie to break it up. Negro tosses Dorada out onto the ramp. Double whip for Atlantis, Atlantis ducks under a clothesline, and Dorada comes running in with an over the head headscissors on Mascara. Negro grabs Dorada, and Mascara accidentally dropkicks his partner. Atlantis boos Dorada into a dropkick to send Mascara out. Dorada follows – launching springboard tope con giro onto Mascara. Negro and Atlantis in, Negro running around the ring excited, then grabbing his ribs. Something happens, but they're looking at the crowd and it is tough to tell. They both end up on their feet anyway. Negro charges, Atlantida! Negro escapes out the backside, inside cradle, one two NO. Everyone thought that was it. Quick replay of Dorada’s flying headscissors and dive. Felino sliding the Negro chants. Kneebreaker on Atlantis. Dropkick to the knee. Casita? Negro grab the arms and waves instead of paying it. Atlantis shoves him into the ropes, Negro bounces back – right into the Atlantis! That's it. GDL team celebrates (and fans boo) even though they still have to count out La Mascara. The doctor is out checking on Mascara, so he's no coming in. 20 count is pretty accurate, huh.

Promos: Místico and Volador give their sides of the dispute.

Match 3: Místico vs Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 02/05/2010

  1. DQ Místico (Volador’s mask removed) (4:57)
  2. DQ Volador (Místico mask removed) (5:54)
  3. Volador La Mistica 3:52

Winner: Volador (2-1)
Match Time: 14:43
Rating: very good (***1/2, maybe)
Notes: Místico has a new green and black outfit. On screen graphic still lists him as a técnico. He's got his title, as well. Volador is all in white. Subtle! Volador get to the bottom of the ramp, and Místico launches out of the ring with a slingshot clothesline. I guess it's on!

1: Místico slaps and kicks down Volador, then hops along and stomps his feet to the Místico chant. Místico lifts up Volador on his shoulders, drops him, and superkicks him. Back to the ring, a light shove for Babe Richard, and quite some posing in the middle of the ring. Then yelling at the people for not reacting well enough. Místico hiptoss Volador into the ring. Crowd boos. Místico cups his ear, then covers up his ears when they start cheering for Volador. And they start chanting for Volador very loudly. Volador up, Volador kicked down. Now Místico wants you to try and chant for him. Somehow, they've clipped ahead to them both on the outside. Místico scoops up Volador, and runs him back first into the post. Místico points to his head and rolls back in. Back outside to chop Volador around. Místico reacts to the crowd some more, and throws Volador back in. Snap mare, and Místico teases ripping up the mask. Crowd boos, and Místico says enough with you guys. Místico goes to the middle rope to give the fans a piece of his mind, then hangs Volador in the tree of woe to kick him down. Loud boos, and Místico mocks them. Running kicks to the spine. Springboard double stomp! Volador's gotten in nothing. Running boot straight to the face. Místico mocking chants again. Volador finally up, and catches a kick. Volador drops it, Místico misses a clothesline, and Volador gets him with a headscissors. Místico out, Volador thinking about it – then slowing down on the dive because Místico – well, it's tough to tell, but they eventually show Místico still laying on the floor, so Volador couldn’t dive on him. Volador waits, tries again, and Místico ops up and swings kicks him thru the rope as Volador tries to dive. Místico mocking the boos some more, telling the crowd to give him more. Michinoku Driver, and Místico grabs Volador’s mask again – RIP! Volador’s face is so exposed, they actually blur the face out. Místico rips the mask completely off, and Babe Richard steps in to award the fall to Volador.

Místico gets annoyed with Babe Richard, then the crowd, but carries the Volador mask around as a trophy.

Volador gets another mask, but Místico calmly walks over and snatches it off Volador's face, before the fall has even started. So I guess that's not a DQ! Cameras almost miss it, going to a replay of the one that got the DQ. Volador covers his face and goes towards the back.

2: Second fall whistle, and Volador is not back yet. Babe Richard seems to be counting, when Místico doesn't stop him to complain about these fans. Místico then stops him to complain about him counting slow. Volador back out – he had another white mask? - and Místico charges at him. Clothesline misses, and Volador headscissors to the foot of the stairs. Místico charges again, and this time boots Volador down at the foot of the stairs. Místico dancing and posing around now, it's quite a show. Místico goes to charge gain, then stops to annoy the crowd. Charging once more, and Volador easily tosses Místico into the ring on the run. Volador waits for Místico to get up – springboard plancha, but Místico cuts him off with a dropkick, and poses some more. I know it seems like he’s posing at Wagner-levels, but he's coming off as such a jerk, it's working. Místico powerbombs Volador. One two no. Místico argues with babe Richard again. Místico sets up Volador on the top rope, - is he going for the mask again? Místico stands on the top rope, one hand on Volador’s mask, staring out oat the Crowd. Místico starts to rip the mask, then drops off to stare at the end, and to kick Volador in the back of the head. Back to ripping up the mask again. Místico takes off the top half, the argues with Babe Richard again. Volador frees himself from the ropes, falling back in the ring. Místico trips him up, and covers with a two hand press. One two pulled up! Místico kicks Volador in the back of the head, then dances a bit. Whip, clothesline misses, Volador back with a spinning headscissors into another spinning headscissors! Místico out, Volador on with tope con giro! Volador back in – and back out with anther tope! This seems like a Rey del Aire type statement. Babe Richard starts counting them both out, again, and Místico is actually under the front row. Volador up first, throwing Místico back in, then struggling climbing in himself. Volador readies himself – springboard plancha flattens Místico, but kickout before a count. Volador looks to the Crowd, while Místico get to his feet, staggered. Volador charges, La Mistica, Místico throws him off before he can get it on. Místico gets up, points to the entrances and yells something, Babe Richard turns to look, Místico pulls off his mask and tosses it to Volador, Babe Richard turns back to see Volador with the mask and Místico covering his face. Referee immediately awards the fall to Volador.

Replay. Mistico's hair is totally blond again. No blurring needed, because Místico was covering his face up even as he threw the mask. Volador has apparently decided to keep the mask, so Místico’s stuck laying on his stomach. Volador eventually realizes this third falls in happening unless Místico has that mask, so he throws it at Místico.

3: Volador is ready to go, but Místico is in no hurry. And what happened to those people in the front row next to the ramp? Místico offer a handshake? Volador is unsure, and get slapped in the face. Whip, reveres, Místico slides out. Ah, those people are back. Místico goes strutting on the outside. Crowd shot here, so I guess another clip. Místico back in, being held by Volador. Místico fights free and kicks Volador in the leg. Volador sat on in the middle of the top rope, and Místico kicks him in the head to keep him there. Crowd booing Místico, so Místico stops to boo them. Taking too much time. Volador stands up on the middle rope, but Místico pulls him off with a springboard headscissors. One two NO. Místico tries to suplex Volador, Volador goes dead weight on him a couple times, then lifts Místico himself and hangs him on the top rope. Volador to the ropes – guillotine legdrop connects. That's his move! One, two, foot on the ropes. Lots of boos on that move. Replay. Both men standing, on opposite sides of the ring. Volador’s clothesline misses, Místico kicks him, scoops him and spins him out into a slam. One, Místico readjusts and Babe Richard restarts his count, One two kickout. Awkward. Místico points to his head. Clothesline misses, Místico La Mistica, Volador gets his arm free at the last instant. Místico is baffled by the lack of Volador's arm in his grasp, so much that he's lost track of Volador. Volador off the ropes, La Místico of his own! Místico taps to give up almost even before he hits the mat!

Crowd is split, but the happy people are very happy. Replays. Volador says this proves he's the Rey del Aires, so he wants a shot at Mistico's championship. If Místico has the pants for it, they'll meet next week and Volador will win the title. Místico: “BOOOOOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOOO! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!” Hall of fame, right there. Místico says he's not a rudo or técnico and, he's not interested in being friends with anyone - not Volador, Sombra, Negro or Guerrero (hmmm) - but he'll put his title up next week and (pulls Volador's mask once more) and prove he's the best. Talking to Riano, Místico makes the case that he's the best and this was just a one match fluke.

Felino sitting in his costume with the announcer is quite amusing. That’s it.