IWRG on Teleforumla #13 (01/30/2010)
Recap: 02/03/09

Match 1: Black Terry & Dr. Cerebro vs El Hijo del Diablo & Gringo Loco
Arena Naucalpan, 01/24/2010

  1. El Hijo del Diablo & Gringo Loco
  2. El Hijo del Diablo & Gringo Loco

Winner: El Hijo del Diablo & Gringo Loco
Match Time: 18:02
Rating: a long bloody brawl
Notes: Gringo Loco and Hijo del Diablo are stepping thru the entrance as the show picks up the match. They hold a flag in front of their faces and just stand there, so Black Terry walks up the stairs to meet them – except the real Gringo Loco and Hijo del Diablo are actually coming thru the crowd and attacking Terry & Cerebro. The fake ones leave, without us ever seeing who they were. (I could tell you the camera misses much of this, but you knew that by now.) Fight goes does the steps and into the crowd. This is going to be all brawling, but it is a super libre fight so what else would it be.

Black Terry is bleeding with in 30 seconds of the actual whistle blow, which is an amazing pace. Hijo del Diablo works over Dr. Cerebro, biting open his cut in the ring. I don’t know what scale they’re using to get Hijo del Diablo, lightweight. Camera sticks with Diablo taking his time in the ring while Gringo and Dr. Cerebro and Black Terry are presumably brawling somewhere. Terry's pretty bloody pretty quick. Gringo Loco beats him around ringside, then goes back into the crowd. Hijo del Diablo decides to take Dr. Cerebro into the freezer. It's required for every brawl! Gringo Loco brings Black Terry in, so there's at least a fight in the ring. Chop, Black Terry has lost a lot of blood quickly there. Gringo Loco dropkicks him, then works on the cut, as Diablo comes in. Rudos switch partners,. Diablo taking Black Terry around the ring some more as Gringo works over Dr. Cerebro. Gringo Loco suplex. Black Terry tries to make an angry comeback, but is stopped by a kick. Gringo throws Dr. Cerebro out, and Black Terry tries to go in, but Diablo chokes him from behind. Diablo lets Terry into the ropes, to work over the cut more. Announcers call him Dracula for biting on the cut – there's sure enough blood on Black Terry's face to make a vampire happy. Gringo Loco calmly chokes Dr. Cerebro on the ropes as Diablo and Black Terry go out again, and into the front row. Only in lucha would people be more into rooting for the técnico than disturbed by the bloody man being so close to them. Black Terry ends up in a section with women, and a guy holding a baby, and none of them run for the lives. Gringo Loco brings Cerebro outside to ram into the barricade. Jumping jacks! All four in, Diablo whips Cerebro, Cerebro reverses, and drops Diablo with a quebradora. Gringo Loco begs off from Black Terry, despite Black Terry being all the way on the other side of the ring. Terry still runs over and DDTs Gringo. Loud chest slap by Black Terry. Dr. Cerebro brings Hijo del Diablo out to the freezer. Dr. Cerebro bases Diablo with a metal beer bucket – he's probably bleeding, but they’re looking away from the camera. Black Terry works on Gringo Loco's forehead. When Gringo rolls out, Terry rolls out too – but stops to try and clear some of the blood off his face. Probably tough for him to see right now. Terry wins a chest slap battle with Gringo Loco, one slap on each side of the ring. Terry throws Loco into the front row, and hits him with the hard plastic chairs. Cerebro and Diablo have a chop fight around the ring, and Cerebro drops Diablo head first on the barricade. Black Terry brings Gringo Loco over so he too can get the freezer shot, and the metal beer bucket shot. Diablo brings Diablo in and bits down on his head for quite a while. I don't think I'm cannibalistic enough to be an IWRG wrestler. Diablo gets a moment of air and chops Cerebro away from him. Both Gringos are loopy, but try to double team Black Terry. This goes bad, Diablo dropkicking Gringo. Black Terry goes for the IWRG Special, but Gringo Loco gives him the Backstabber before he can do it to the rudo. Both rudos cover. One two three. Dr. Cerebro in, and Diablo walks into a quebradora. Dr. Cerebro wasn’t ready for it at first there and it threw them off. Gringo Loco charges over, and is lifted into a F5. Diablo drops Cerebro with a dropkick, and waves at his partner. Point to Terry, who's finally rolled out. Gringo goes up as Diablo dumps Cerebro. Gringo up top – 450 splash, one two three. SUDDEN BREAK.

2: A security guy (talking on a walkie talkie, wearing a fanny pack) walks with the card girl down the stairs to the ring, right in the shot. The announcers kill the security guy. Ring Card Girl never makes it past the bottom of the stairs, because off the seriousness of the fight, I guess. Both teams are brawling on the outside. Referee, who's on the outside and not supposed to be getting involved, edited to pull Dr. Cerebro off Gringo Loco, maybe because of the biting. A fan reaches over the barricade, and hits Dr. Cerebro with the rudo 1000 noise maker to get her to let go. Ref tries to stop Dr. Cerebro from attacking Hijo de Diablo a moment later, , and Dr. Cerebro argues with the ref. Dr. Cerebro goes for more biting, and Gringo Loco breaks that up with a dropkick. Gringo Loco has a bag in the ring, and turns it over to dump – oh, the tortillas, of course. And something with an edge, which he uses to grade Black Terry's head a little bit. Black Terry get free pretty quick (though not quick enough for some pictures), but Gringo Loco brings him back in for he and Hijo del Diablo to work over. Gringo Loco's bleeding quite a bit, though Black Terry is still the king Gringo Loco sets Black Terry on the top rope for a superplex, but Dr. Cerebro shows up and plucks him off – (bad) clothesline/powerbomb combo. Hijo del Diablo returns from his coffee break, and takes yet another quebradora from Dr. Cerebro Cerebro sends him out, and follows with a tope. Black Terry leaves the ring, checks on his partner, and comes back in before Gringo Loco's even up. One chest slap sends him back to a seated position. Headbutt. Corner whip, Black Terry charges in, clothesline. Hard chest slap. Corner whip, Black Terry charges in, Gringo Loco kicks him away. Gringo Loco off the middle rope – right into the cutter. Black Terry covers one two NO. Black Terry gets the edged (fruit?) and rakes Gringo with it a bit. Gringo whipped to the ropes, Black Terry puts his head down too soon, Gringo Loco kicks it, off the ropes, clothesline knocks Black Terry over. One two no. Chest slap battle - no, Gringo grabs Black Terry’s, pulls him into a double chickenwing, and drops him face first. Cover, one two no. Lots of 2.00001 kickouts, a bit strange. Gringo says this is it and goes up, facing out. Moonsault – face first into Black Terry's feet! One two three!

The other two return, from wandering around the ring. Diablo makes it, and kicks Cerebro down from joining him. Diablo yells, which just get the crowd for Black Terry. Off the ropes, sunset flip, one two NO. Terry stokes his chant. Corner whip, reverses, Diablo charges in, Terry corner sunset flip, one two no, Diablo rolls on top and grabs the middle rope – one two three.

Dr. Cerebro argues – but it is a super libre match, after all. I think that's good. Dr. Cerebro poses, and surprises Diablo with a kick. Headlock, shot off, Cerebro lands a nice springboard dropkick. One two NO. Cerebro off the ropes, 'rana, one two th-NO. Cerebro off the ropes, waved by, 'rana, no, Diablo powerbombs him. One two three.

Crowd whistles, unhappy. Gringo Loco stumbles in to get his arm raised. Gringo Loco gets the microphone – I bet he has a song for us all – but they unfortunately cut away.

Match 2: Brazo de Plata & Brazo de Plata Jr. vs Fuerza Guerrera & Juventud Guerrera and Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Pirata Morgan and Máscara Año 2000 & Máscara Año 2000 Jr. for the IWRG Intercontinental Tag Team Championship in a tournament semifinal match
Arena Naucalpan, 01/24/2010

Winner: Pirata Morgan Sr. & Hijo del Pirata Morgan
Match Time: 23:02
Rating: not so much
Notes: Joined with the fight already in progress, and brawling on the outside. Juvi fights with Mascara, while Pirata and Brazo are fighting elsewhere. Juvi DDTs the capo on the chair, while Morgan and Brazo make the required trip to the freezer. Mascara slams Juvi on the loud steps, leave, and comes back to beat him some more. Crowd is not very into any of this. Juvi - wearing a Super X shirt! - limps around after his leg is worked on a little bit, then shakes for the crowd and strips off his shirt. Brazo de Plata makes a comeback on Hijo del Pirata, including a monkey flip and quebradora. Looks like the other guys have gone to the corners in the meantime, but they both end up coming in as the others leave. Juvi helps Mascara Año 2000 Jr. take off his shirt, which is awful sporting of him. Loud chest slap by Mascara drops Juvi to the mat. So Juvi does push ups. Juvi decides to make this a battle, and loses it. Juvi tries to work in a kick and a whip, but that's reversed. He is quick enough to make Mascara keep missing and then drops him with a running jumping forearm. One two no. Mascara gets a spinning side slam for two. Juvi fires up, take a sunset flip, rolls thru and kicks Mascara in the head. Juvi tries to cover Mascara, but Mascara insists on rolling out. Juvi decides to stay in to face Brazo de Plata. Instead, and then totally bails out on him when he's suppose to take a springboard armdrag. I dunno, that was odd. Juvi takes over with a suplex and covers, but Hijo del Pirata Morgan breaks it up for whatever reason. Pirata gives Brazo a double underhook backbreaker, one two – did Pirata pull him up? Stop being dumb! Slam, Hijo sets up Brazo, off the ropes, dropkick to the face. Cover. One two kickout. Whip, Brazo de Plata back with a headscissors. No real reaction for that. Nice tope, but again the crowd makes no noise. Have they been turn down? They might as well. Juvi dropkicks Mascara out and follows with a pescado. Referees count everyone out, which would be pretty funny. Everyone kick of hangs around ringside and doesn’t come in. They should stop showing Pirata, who is just waiting for something. That happens to be Juvi coming in, bringing in Mascara for a pin, which Hijo breaks up immediately. Hijo del Pirata Morgan puts the Electro-lock on Juvi, who hangs in for a while. Pirata lets up. Whip, Juvi kicks him in head, off the ropes, spinning armdrag – maybe? Fails, Juvi just falling on the mat. They try it again, but Hijo del Pirata Morgan gives him a quebradora this time. Pirata wave to the crowd to see if he can get people to care. Maybe five too. Pirata misses a charge, Juvi charges in, Pirata deposits it to the apron, Juvi snaps his neck from the apron, top rope plancha, Hijo rolls thru one two kickout. Mascara came in for no reason there, and leaves just as soon. Juvi charges, Hijo del Pirata Morgan gives him a tilt-a-whirl side slam (not sure he meant for that), and Brazo randomly runs in to help cover – one two three.

Pirata takes Juvi out of the ring and continues to hit him, even though Fuerza is already on the way to the ring. Fuerza storm over to where Pirata is hitting Juvi, and hits him some Pirata. Crowd excited for something for the first in the while. Of course, they go to the freezer. Meanwhile, Juvi and Mascara Año 2000 Jr. are brawling for no particularly reason. Brazo comes out to help kick Mascara no, since he's in the match, but Mascara spring around the ring to attack Juvi some more. That is all odd. Técnicos (I guess Fuerza is one tonight) send Mascara Año into a post. Fuerza waste little time turning on Brazo de Plata Jr. (never mind), then brings Mascara Año 200 Jr. in. Fuerza punt! Instead of covering, Fuerza lures Brazo de Plata in to beat him around as well. They get into a chop fight, and Fuerza kicks him questionably low. Morgan thinks about coming in, but doesn't want to come in where Fuerza can crotch him as he comes in – ah, jumping over the top rope works. Too bad Brazo de Plata got bored and attacked Fuerza while Pirata was figuring out. Morgan and Fuerza work together momentarily to beat up Brazo de Plata, then Fuerza goes after Mascara for no particular reason. Pirata Morgan suplexes Brazo de Plata Jr.., Fuerza swoops into covers Brazo de Plata, and Mascara Año Pirata helps cover. One two three.

Upon returning from the break, Porky is in the ring – but so is Pirata Morgan. No explanation. Pirata manages to slam Porky, a massive trick. Fuerza adds a senton, and Mascara helps cover. One two three. Porky was on this show for roughly 30 seconds!

Mascara rolls out to take a break, while Pirata and Fuerza fight for a bit. Mascara comes back I and brawls with Fuerza. Looks like the kids in the crowd are more interested in Porky, who went in the crowd (for a side exit, rather than go back up those stairs?) Meanwhile, Pirata Morgan slams Fuerza Guerrera, and gets him with the running neck snap. That’s his move! Mascara covers, one two three.

Morgan in left with Mascara Año 2000 Jr., with Senior still not in the match. Pirata chops down the junior, covers, and only gets two. Covering again, one two no. Pirata argues the count, and Mascara cradles him, one two no. Pirata backdrop, sit down pin, one two no. Pirata holds Mascara in a figure four sleeper. Mascara waves frantically, but does not get up. He out of it, perfect position for Pirata's running neck snap on, one two three.

Pirata continues to punch Junior around, while Mascara Sr.’s music starts to play. They fight on the outside, Pirata bring in a chair into play. Mascara marches over to Pirata, and knocks him into the crowd with chest slaps. Stomps. Head into a chair. Kicks to the ribs, kicks to the head. Pirata will be thinking twice before that sort of attack, I guess. Pirata thrown back in, Mascara joins him. Kicks. Head down too soon, Pirata kicks him in the head. Looks like Mascara has stuck around ringside, watching his father get kicked around. Whip, Mascara sunset flip, Pirata rolls thru, Mascara covers up, Pirata runs from behind – neck snap! Pin him! Pirata does not pin him, screwing around instead. Mascara Año 2000 Jr. trips him from outside, and Pirata goes out to confront him. Mascara backs off, and Pirata doesn't give much of a chase. Pirata back in, and knocks down by a Mascara clothesline. Mascara teases a low blow foul, and the refs preemptively pull him back and hold him back. (???) While showing that, Teleformula misses Mascara running in and foul kicking Pirata. The referees missed it too, of course. Mascara boot chokes Pirata some. Hijo del Pirata Morgan runs out to brawl with Mascara, and they go out into the crowd. Mascara Año 200 Jr. is content to stand there and pretend to choke while the other two brawl. Of course, the camera sticks on the choke more than the brawl. Senior lets go, and reaches out of the ring to the other fight, plucking Hijo del Pirata Morgan’s mask off his face. Is that a DQ? I guess he's not in the match, it should be okay. Mascara walks around with the mask, as Hijo del Pirata tries to escape, then tries to brawl with Mascara. They both start to head out thru the ground floor exit, but Mascara Junior has to get more shot in. Meanwhile, Mascara has been walking around with the mask for a minute, and Pirata Morgan has rolled out. Mascara Jr. and one of the refs get into an argument, and Mascara Sr. accidentally swings thru the ropes and accidentally gets the ref instead of Pirata (I guess) Mascaras both work over Pirata. I don't know where the other ref went – to the back with Hijo del Pirata Morgan? Mascara takes turns holding Pirata and kicking him. The other referee returns, and Mascara Sr. shoves him down. Well, this is no way to win the block. Ref gets up, and gets shoved down by Junior for good measure. More and mock kicks for Pirata. Referee slips past them, and awards the match to Pirata Morgan. That was a bit empty.

Mascaras don't seem to care all that much. Neither does much anyway else. Mascara Junior gets the microphone, but the announcers talk right over him, and wrap up the show while he's still talking. They're still wrapping up the show, when they themselves are cut off by a sudden break. What a way to end.