IWRG on Teleforumla #12 (01/23/2010)
Recap: 01/27/10

Match 1: Mascara Magnifica & Star Boy vs Carta Brava Jr. & Hijo del Signo
Arena Naucalpan, 11/01/2009

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:57
Rating: bad->boring
Notes: Show just jumps into the first call of the match with no real introductions of the participants. It's massively confusing, and the announcers do not bother to identity anyone. There are on screen graphics of the various announcers, but not one for the people actually wrestling.

1: I can really only identify one person on each tea without help, so it's good that they’re two man teams. Rudos try to walk out before the match before it even starts, which seems kinda dumb. “I can't believe we have to face the people were scheduled to face, and who we don't really care about that much. What a shocking turn of events!”

Signo & Magnifica lead off with slow and not so interesting mat work. For the most part, they appear s though they're working thru holds as if they've seen them in a book and are acting them out, not actually trying to hurt each other. There's no particular intensity to it. Brava rushes into break up a hold at one point, only it's just been applied and Signo appears to be in no danger. About 4 minutes in, there's a tag and the announcers actually identify the wrestlers. They still frequently call Star Boy “Super Boy”. Star Boy sends Brava out after an armdrag after a couple minutes. Their exchange was a little better, but there's nothing of important that I'm ignoring here. As Signo takes over on Mascara Magnifica, the Imperial March starts randomly plays in the background. Ringside announcers chimes in with some pint, a much louder than everything else going on. Magnifica shoves down Signo after a corner charge and puts on a twisted crab for one submission, while Star Boy gets Carta Brava with a top rope plancha and a 'rana. Quick to the break.

2: Carta Brava tries to out dance Star Boy. He fails at that, but attacks Star Boy while he's dancing. Signo comes in to help after a delay, though this just leads into Star Boy escape into a headscissors/armdrag on both of them – a neat escape of that spot I haven't seen. Everything after that’s pretty much to form, but Star Boy's running thru both guys with quebradora is pretty interesting for this show. Signo gets Magnifica to look behind him, then hits him. That was pretty dumb. Whip, clothesline, Magnifica tries to take a flip bump and almost spikes himself on his head. Referees have Signo back off so they can make sure Magnifica didn't kill himself there. Rudos take over – giant swing/dropkicks bit. Someone really likes the quick zoom out, and they should stop liking it immediately. Magnifica ends up taking a wheel barrow chinbreaker, one two three. Star Boy comes back in, and rudos finish him off with a straight jacket double team backcracker. One two three.

3: No much time between falls. Rudos beat up on técnicos on the outside. Star Boy gets worked over in the ring first, and takes a double boot out. Magnifica is seated in the ropes so Signo can add the corner dropkick, then he's seated in the corner so Carta Brava can do another low blow dropkick. Magnifica is dropkicked out, and Star Boy comes back in. Corner whip, Star Boy evades the charge, and quebradora both rudos. He really doesn’t need Magnifica, that one's just slowing Star Boy down. Star Boy and Carta Brava go outside and brawl, while Magnifica gives Signo a bad clothesline. Suplex by Magnifica, and dropkick sends him thru the ropes. Magnifica stands around looking around, then wanders to his corner without even teasing a dive. He doesn't tag, just waits for Carta Brava to come in. Handshake blown off. Carta Brava off the ropes, over, under, dropkicking Magnifica in the knee. Carta Brava picks up Magnifica and places him in the rudo corner for chest slaps. Corner whip, Carta Brava charging into Magnifica boots, Star Boy gets Carta Brava with a top rope sunset flip, Signo tries to break it up, Magnifica goes over the top to stop him with a sunset flip too. One two no. Chest slaps. Corner whip, rudos rushed into each other, Star Boy boosted up for a dropkick, but no one’s home. Rudos kick técnicos and grab them – camera works completely misses Signo's move, but do show Carta Brava giving Magnifica a Gory Special. Signo appears to start on a standing figure four, but never actually has his leg between Star Boy's; I don't know how Star Boy is actually is hurt here, but he gives as Carta Brava gets his pin. For his part, Star Boy sells it as if he's getting his legs destroyed. Announcers say hello to Chicago. HELLO.

Match 2: Flor Metalica & Josseline vs La Diabólica & Lady Metal
Arena Naucalpan, 11/01/2009

  1. tecnicas
  2. rudas
  3. tecnicas

Winner: tecnicas
Match Time: 16:02
Rating: long and boring

1: Again, no one is introduced, the match is just joined as it starts, with the rudas having already attacked the técnicas. This time, they do mentioned the names pretty quick, though it's not clear who is who if you didn't already know. Diabolica beats up Flor Metalica around ringside while the others stall inside the ring. Diabolica takes Metalica all the way in the Crowd, which doesn't work so well when they've got the lights turned off completely to hide the empty seats. Huh, Josseline actually looks younger than the last time I remember her in AAA, that's odd. Diabolica has a Gronda type mask, very tight to the face, very expressive. Rudas take over the ring, with Metalica taking a boosted up dropkick from Diabolica. Referees warn Diabolica of a DQ when she won't stop choking Metal.

Announcers are very clearly doing this after the fact, including the ringside reporter. He's shouting into the microphone to make it seem like he's right near the ring and very excited, but you can hear him pick up and put down his microphone off a table every time he talks. It's very low rent.

Rudas try to whip the técnicas, técnicas turn it around for cradles, Metalica on Metal, Josseline on Diabolica, one two three.

2: Diabolica steals the fall call from the ring girl and parades around with it, before hitting Flor Metalica with it in the head. Rudas beat up the técnicas with punches. Diabolica throttles on the mat, and neither referee seems interested in doing anything about it for a while. After that's cleared up, Metal and Josseline face off. Lady Metal is surprisingly agile for her size, and Josseline’s offense would fit in fine in CMLL. After a headscissors and a fireman’s escape armdrag, Josseline slides Metal out on her stomach, then slides out herself. Referee presents Josseline from doing more. Metalica in, and she waves to the crowd to get them to cheer. The crowd is super quiet and far away. The ring occasionally makes noise, but the sound is so turned down, it might as well not be on. Metalica and Diabolica lock up for a test of strength,. Diabolica gets Metalica’s hands on the mat stands on them, but the stomp misses. Off the ropes sequence leads to a tornillo armdrag by Metalica. Diabolica side steps the next, and stomps Metalica down. Corner whip, reveres, Metalica backs up and charges, Diabolica slowly puts her on the top rope and poses, Metalica pulls Diabolica down by her hair. Bad dropkick misses, Diabolica charges Metalica in the corner, Metalica moves, and Diabolica hits the post on the way out. She's always good on that spot. Metalica taunts Metal for some reason, and Metal comes in and kicks her. Whip, Metalica back with an armdrag, and both rudos are now out. Tag to Josseline, who has to wait for someone to come in to face her. Diabolica asks for a time out, but no luck. Metal comes in instead. Metal instead on a handshake, but Josseline slaps it away. Metal kicks Josseline instead, and then waves in her partner. Double whip, double clothesline connects, Diabolica rolls Josseline to her feet, whip, Diabolica lifts her up, Metal slaps down. Metal puts Metalica in a nudo variant (let's say), and Diabolica beats Josseline with Devil's Wings. One two three. That was a sudden, random ending to the fall.

3: How does the ring girl get in her outfit? It's as if it’s molded onto her. Técnicos in no hurry to start the fall, so they just show the ring card girl for a while. This is not a comparison which benefits anyone. Oh, there’s the actual whistle – commission guy has a top watch. I wonder if he actually times stuff. Rudos immediately start beatdown. Metalica starts the comeback by sidestepping Diabolica boosted corner sillas this time. Diabolica somehow hits her head on the middle buckle. Metalica goes outside after her, while Josseline clotheslines Lady Metal in the ring. Lady metal is not afraid to take big bumps. Josseline sends Metal out with a dropkick, but no dive here. They just go crowd brawling too. Josseline comes back, and threatens to hit the referee for daring to count her out. The other couple has disappeared outside as well. Seeing Metalica wave to the crowd for support is not so interesting when we can't actually hear them (and not actually that interesting when we can.) More Metal and Josseline. Josseline kicks her low, and Metal tries to claim a foul. Referees think about it and laugh. Diabolica takes over. This match really could've used two more wrestlers, because I'm bored with these four. Josseline has moderately good run against both rudas, though the timing is not so quick there. Metalica comes in and almost completely blows a springboard double armdrag. It's tough, but she couldn't get both her feet on the middle rope. Again, there's lots of reacting to the crowd, which no one watching this show can hear. Rudas kicked the técnicas down with clothesline, both técnicas get the rudas. Ruda sent out with armdrags, and técnicas climbs to the apron for – well, Flor Metalica misses her running silla, and Josseline actually hits her dive, but it's completely missed. I think she did a tope con giro off the apron, but we'll never know. Diabolica and Josseline back in, Josseline misses a bad dropkick, somehow, they're not just going to the finish after the dive, which seems an anti-climatic way to go. Josseline tries a bodyscissors cradle, but Metal just sits on her for the pin. Metalica gets Metal with a bodyscissors cradle, and gets the pin while Diabolica is mistakenly celebrating. Diabolica comes back and celebrates with Metal, while Metal tries to tell her she actually got pinned. That is funny. Diabolica takes a long time to take this in. Diabolica and Metalica back in for a very slow, dramatic, chest slap battle. Referees are arguing about something or other, and have less interest in this match than I do. It's going on way too long. Metalica off the ropes, Metal trips her up – I guess that's when the referees were supposed to be arguing, because they start to do it again. Josseline does the same to Diabolica, Metalica cradles her, one two Diabolica kicks out, three. Rudas protest, and they have a case, though it seems more like they have a case because Diabolica wanted to make sure she wasn't actually pinned there.

Everyone discuses and argues this for a while. Diabolica goes outside to argue with the commissioner. Referees argue and get violent about it, so I guess this is supposed to be an angle. Why they would need to make an angle here, I don't know. Diabolica starts to challenge Metalica, but they cut away, and the show suddenly ends at 7 to the hour.