CMLL on Televisa #960 (01/23/2010)
Recapp: 01/26/10


People shown in the actual open: Místico, Sangre Azteca, Hijo de Fantasma, Super Porky, La Mascara, Texano Jr., ?????, Rey Bucanero, Atlantis, Shocker, Ultimo Guerrero, and then Negro and Sombra at the same time.

Well dressed man Terrible and terrorist Volador (which one is the técnico?) talk about Monterrey being the best. Volador's voice sounds as though he's up to a pack a day.

No battle royal! One would say it's almost unimportant. Also, why air the Volador/Terrible skit not before their match? Instead, this is

Match 1: Atlantis & Máscara Dorada vs Dragon Rojo Jr. & La Sombra in a eightfinal match of the National Parajes Incriedble Tournament
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2010

Winner: Atlantis & Mascara Doradas
Match Time: 5:24
Rating: good
Notes: Team Laguna has matching outfits and split masks with a black and red design. It works good. Atlantis is swearing a white mask, which may be important later. Dorada is in black.

Sombra and Atlantis to start. Lockup, Atlantis waistlock, Sombra headlock, cranking it on. Atlantis turns into wristlock and forces him down. Sombra flips up to his feet and reverses to his own wristlock. Atlantis bras the arm, pumps it in an armbar, trips Sombra up, and puts on a cross armbreaker. Sombra rolls onto his back, and slowly floats around to a headlock. Sombra ends up laying on top, and Atlantis easily escapes at zero. Lockup, Atlantis flips Sombra over his shoulder, cover for zero, monkey flip, Sombra lands on his feet and stares Atlantis down. Handshake? No, Atlantis waves him off and tags in Dorada, who can't help but springboard in.

Inset video shows a silhouette and asks you which luchador it is. He's doing Rey Bucanero’s bit, so there you go.

Meanwhile, Dorada has Dragon Rojo down. Off the ropes, flipped to the apron. Dorada springboards off the inside of the ropes one the way back in, but leaps right into a Dragon Rojo dropkick. Dorada out, but Atlantis knocks Dragon Rojo clear out of the ring with a shoulderblock. Atlantis off the ropes for his own dive, but Sombra gets him with a missile dropkick. Dorada back in, but Sombra ducks his clothesline. Dorada still manages to dropkick Sombra out. Sombra takes some time looking over the ropes at Sombra, enough that Dragon Rojo comes in, and they both end up doing topes onto their opponents. Everyone’s whipped out on the same side. Dorada and Dragon make it back in. Dorada springboard plancha, Dragon rolls thru one two NO., Dragon tossed off, nearly into the ref. Dragon Rojo 'rana, Dorada rolls thru, one two NO. Sounds like Rey Bucanero has joined the announcer, although his identity is still a mystery. Dragon Rojo charges into a pair of armdrags. Dorada charges, but 'ran is blocked - Dragon Bomb! That's the bouncing sit down powerbomb of his. One two THREE.

Dragon Rojo celebrates - and gets pulled into a backslide by Atlantis! One two three. What a fail by Dragon Rojo.

Sombra 'ran on Atlantis, one two NO. Crowd thought they were getting a third quick finish. Atlantis up and arguing over the count, Sombra inside cradle, one two no. Sombra’s mask is really cool. Atlantis charges, Sombra lifts him up, and safely drops him in front of the corner. Rope flip moonsault, pres pin, one two – Atlantis has the ropes with the bottom hand. Pulled him too close the ropes to set that up. Sombra looks frustrated. Dragon Rojo is urging him on from the ramp, but Sombra's kinda of pouting near the ropes. Sombra turns and charges at Atlantis as he gets up – quebradora! Another quebradora! Atlantis charges Sombra, and latches on – inverted nudo! Sombra has his back to the ropes, and can't escape. He gives. Crowd not happy with this team winning.

Check in with the announcers – Morales, Riano and Linares this week. Miguel looks kinda bored. It was an okay match Miguel not looking at his partners distracts me. Ah, that's because he's looking at announcer #4 – Rey Bucanero, a special guest today. Rey Bucanero puts on his face paint for guest commentary, of course.

And now the actual preview of the show, as the start of the new era. National Parajes Increidible, plus Garza/UG. They go over all the teams, minus the one that just lost. I like how the montage of hot moves includes Sangre Azteca doing an armbar. CMLL!

Máximo & Mr. Niebla talk about their team, and the children's tickets deal.

In the back, Hector Garza works out with the stretchy weight thing. Hector says he's a little nervous, but the best man will win.

Match 2: Máximo & Mr. Niebla vs Blue Panther & Misterioso II in a eightfinal match of the National Parajes Incriedble Tournament
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2010

Winner: Niebla & Maximo
Match Time: 3:06
Rating: fun
Notes: Monito is with Niebla & Máximo, and is in his own amazing outfit. Máximo and Niebla dance on the ramp. Maximo seems to think his partner is the crazy one.

Crowd behind Niebla. Everyone stands around for a while, and then they clip ahead to the match in progress. Lagunas in control. Niebla out, partner after him with a tope. Máximo and Misterioso left in, much to Misterioso's concern. Maxim over, waved by, and springboard into an armdrag. Misterioso goes out, and Máximo launches him self after with a tope. Back to panther and Niebla. Panther goes for the ropes, Niebla gets him with a waistlock rollup with bridge, one two no. Niebla is all fired up. Chops, chest slap b Niebla, and Panther is knocked to the mat. Niebla picks him up, Panther pulls him quick into the fujiwara armbar, but Máximo breaks that up with a dropkick to the head. Máximo picks up Panther fireman's carry drop, one two no. Needed a little more than that. Half crab, and Máximo knocks him in the noise to break it up. Whip, reversed, Misterioso off the ropes, sunset flip, Máximo rolls thru, Running silla misses, and Misterioso kicks him in the head. Máximo crawls out, and Misterioso slings tot eh apron. Apron tope con giro bowls Máximo over. Panther & Niebla back in. Crowd seems kinda split. Niebla knocks out Panther with a handspring reverse tope (!), and then follows with his suicide senton con giro the floor. Now that everyone's got to their dive, maybe they'll be able to finish. Máximo and Misterioso in. Máximo butt bumps Misterioso, second rope butt bump, off the ropes, splash, no one home again. Misterioso picks him up, and loads him over his shoulder. Before he can do any more, Niebla breaks that up with a kick, and starts trying the arms and legs - Nieblina! Panther charges at Máximo for a clothesline, miss, kick deflected, Máximo kisses Panther, and cradles him – one two three.

Máximo and Niebla do their celebration dance. Crowd is thrilled.

Leonardo Riano recaps what we saw by standing near the ramp and yelling into his microphone. He's just can't hide it.

Probably don't need to air this Sombra promo about the tournament now.

Máximo, as a maid, welcomes us to his house – where he finds Mr. Niebla laying in his bed, messing it all up. Oh, this isn't Maximo's house – this is the place they're giving away to the winner of the contest. They go over the rules to the contest, and then hug.

Pequeño Damian 666, looking awesome, gives a shirt to the winner of the trivia contest. Also, a bag!\

This week, the winners needs to identify the wrestler who's not wearing his usual mask – a black mask with white yellow, red, silver, and gold around the eyes. The posing wrestler is framed with silhouettes of the wrestler apparently wearing his normal mask – with a spike on the top. It kinda gives it away. Also, the jacked upper body.

Match 3: Averno & Místico vs Ephesto & Euforia in a eightfinal match of the National Parajes Incriedble Tournament
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2010

Winner: Averno & Mistico
Match Time: 3:17
Rating: OK, but felt shot
Notes: Everyone's in red and black. Both Místico and Averno are in black and red horned mask, with the Místico design in the center. If Místico wasn’t wearing a Místico shirt, it'd be tough to identify him. He's thinner than his partner, but he otherwise looks like a new Hijo de Averno recruit.

Euforia and Místico to start. Místico misses a clothesline, Euforia waistlock, takedown and stomp. Lot of crowd noise. Místico kip up to his feet, Euforia gets a hammerlock, Místico easily flips behind him, off the ropes, headscissors. The flip escape there was something to see. Euforia off the ropes, headscissors on Místico – a bad idea in concept and execution. Oh well. Místico flies into the ropes, but stays in. Zero leg trips, standoff. Tag to Averno and Ephesto, HMMM. Circle, Averno off the ropes, under, rolling over, armdrag for Ephesto, armdrag for Averno, Averno clothesline miss, Ephesto’s kick is spun away, face off - and they'll tag out. Averno and Euforia back in. Euforia has never looked taller. Euforia shoves Místico down. Euforia stalls rather than follow up, so Místico gets up and thrust kicks him. Místico off the ropes, 619 spin in the ropes, but Euforia nails him with a boot to the head, and Místico tumbles out. Euforia is looking pretty confident, probably not so smartly so. Averno checks on Místico on the floor, but seems to be keeping a safe distance. Místico taking his time coming in. Up to the apron, Euforia tries to hit him, Místico blocks and swing kicks him. Springboard armdrag, Místico puts his hand to his hair and points the crowd. As they boo (of course), Euforia boots him down. Averno off the ropes, plancha, Ephesto grabs his old partner, Euforia wings, Averno ducks, Ephesto stops Euforia from hitting him just in time, and both the Laguanas kick Averno down. Místico back in with a springboard headscissors on Euforia. Ephesto charges, his clotheslines misses Místico, Averno catches him and tilt-a-whirl’s him, Ephesto land son his feet, Ephesto tries and misses a clothesline, and Averno gives him a double stop sign. Místico does the same thing with Euforia. Averno offers a handshake. Ephesto accepts, Averno’s raises his arm. Ephesto celebrates - and Averno kicks him in the gut! Devils' Win! Místico off the ropes, La Mistica on Euforia! Win for the DF team. Crowd seems mixed, as usual.

Match 4: Terrible & Volador Jr. vs Hijo del Fantasma & Mephisto in a eightfinal match of the National Parajes Incriedble Tournament
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2010

Winner: Terrible & Volador Jr.
Match Time: 3:16
Rating: short
Notes: Hijo del Fantasma seems unhappy with the existence of his partners, but does give him a high five. Volador and Terrible are all friends.

Crowd seems behind Volador. Terrible ready to start for his team, Fantasma in for his side. Crowd does chant for Terrible a little bit, that's a surprise. Fantasma sneaks behind Terrible for an inside cradle, crowd shot, and suddenly Fantasma is down on the other side of the ring and Mephisto is coming in for him. Terrible misses a clothesline, Mephisto shoulderblocks him, neither man budges much. Mephisto off the ropes, Terrible misses a plancha, Mephisto kicks him in the head loudly. Volador in with a springboard headscissors on Mephisto. Volador wastes no time and quickly get the Asai Moonsault off. Fantasma in, tope on Terrible – when did he go out? Everyone down on the outside. Replays of the dive. Volador sprinted in position for that moonsault.

Fantasma in, shirt off, Volador in after him. Volador gets Fantasma with a headscissors, but misses a corner charge. Fantasma charge in, Volador puts him on top, swings, and Fantasma kicks the hand away, then comes off the top with an overhead headscissors. Fantasma gives a look to the crowd, then charges. Volador backdrops him to the apron, and swings kicks him as he jumps to comes back in. Mephisto in, shoulderblock for him, Volador springboards over Mephisto’s head - maybe too high, seemed like he wanted to land on Mephisto’s shoulders. Mephisto eventually ends up chopping Volador around. Mephisto off the ropes, waved by sunset flip. Mephisto rolls him back, Volador stands up, and Fantasma flies in with a clothesline. Both cover, but Terrible stomps them both. Terrible fires up. Clothesline misses, Fantasma superkicks him, Devil’s Wings by Terrible, Fantasma adding a jumping kick to the back as Mephisto has him up. Both cover one two Volador beaks it up. Fantasma swing and misses, Volador brags him, Terrible swings – and slaps his partner. Terrible misses a clothesline on Mephisto, Mephisto hooks him, Fantasma goes to the middle rope and takes too long – missile dropkick gets Mephisto. Terrible points to the crowd and rallies them. Maybe he’d like to follow up his attack? No, he'll wait for Fantasma to get up. Fantasma shoulderblock, off the ropes, Terrible kicks him into them to set up Volador's guillotine legdrop. One two three. Mephisto tries a 'rana on Terrible, but Terrible blocks – Terrible Clash! One two three.

Tania talks to the Mr. Niebla fan in the crowd.


Terrible promos the tournament.

CMLL Informa

Match 5: Atlantis & Máscara Dorada vs Máximo & Mr. Niebla in a quarterfinal match of the National Parajes Incriedble Tournament
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2010

Winner: Atlantis & Mascara Dorada
Match Time: (2:18)
Rating: short
Notes: Mr. Niebla doesn't have his full outfit on this time, but he's dancing and so is his partner.

JIP, with the DF crew beating down the GDL two. Niebla takes Dorada on the outside, and tosses him into the apron. Máximo tries to force himself on Atlantis. Team comes together in the ring. Whip, double headbutt by Niebla and Máximo. They both dance to celebrate, and are clearly having a good time. Dorada in, but surrounded. Máximo and Niebla stop him with a kick and chest slap. Whip, Máximo decides very late to powerbomb him, and Niebla adds a legdrop. That was odd looking, Dorada didn’t look ready for the powerbomb. Máximo elbows Atlantis as he comes in. Niebla puts Dorada in the camel clutch and Niebla does his crawl over for a kiss. Atlantis makes the save, pulling Máximo back. Niebla grabs Atlantis, Máximo rushes to kiss him, but Atlantis dodges and Mr. Niebla gets it instead. Atlantis rolls up Máximo, one two three? I think so, though Máximo kicked out real close. Dorada hooks Niebla with an up an over sunset flip, Atlantis helping to pin – one two three. Crowd is upset.

Volador promos the tournament.

Match 6: Averno & Místico vs Terrible & Volador Jr. in a quarterfinal match of the National Parajes Incriedble Tournament
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2010

Winner: Averno & Mistico
Match Time: 6:34
Rating: good, fun, interesting
Notes: Terrible remains happy to be Terrible. This seems to be joined in progress too, but all four guys are just arguing when they do join it. Averno & Volador in. Competing for crowd reactions. Volador off the ropes, over, rolling under, ducking a clothesline, 'rana but shoved off, off the rope, Avenro is a clothesline, Volador fireman’s escape headscissors and out goes Averno. Volador teases a dive, but bails out when Averno does the same. Tag to Terrible, Averno staying in for side. Averno & Terrible rush the técnicos, who both knocks them away with swinging kicks. Springboard headscissors, and out goes the rudos. Técnicos of the ropes – stereo tope con giros. Nice. Replay shows Volador's was better. Everyone slow back in. Volador charges Averno in the corner, Averno moves, Volador tosses Averno to the apron, Averno knocks him away and climb up, Volador stuns him with a swinging kick Volador goes up with him – moonsault side slam, turning as they fell. One two three, and Averno is done. Terrible comes in to give Volador a high ten, but Místico hit Terrible from behind with a springboard dropkick (and Terrible supposed to knock Volador down – he ends up shoving Volador over rather obviously.) Terrible charges Místico, and Místico easily finishes him with La Mistica.

And so, we've got Volador versus Místico. Crowd perks up at this. Both responds to the Crowd for a bit. Crowd seems louder for Volador. Both charge, Volador’s clothesline misses, dueling flipping runs,. Místico points to his head. Clothesline, Místico spears Volador! Punches, and ripping up the mask. Crowd disapproves, but Místico drags Volador around by the top of his mask for a bit. Místico stomps his feet and listens to the crowd. Volador charges, Místico misses a clothesline, Volador connects on a superkick. Volador sunset flip, and now he goes for the mask! Its' ripped up pretty good. Místico manages to get up and shoves him away. Volador strips off his own shirt, and they get into a fierce chest slap battle. Volador shoulderblock, off the ropes, no, Averno trips him up. Volador turns around to look at Averno, Místico inside cradle, one two NO. Crowd is behind Volador. Místico kicks him in the back off the ropes, Terrible makes a move to grab Místico’s feet, but Místico spots him and kicks him from thru the ropes. Volador standing and waiting for Místico. Volador charges, Místico waves him by – Avenro’s up on the apron arguing with the ref now – Volador tries La Mistica, Místico shoves him off, Volador of the ropes, 'rana tossed off , and Místico fouled Volador! Straight foul kick, no question about it. Crowd reacts semi-shock, some angry about the injustice they've just seen, but a few people joyous about the act. One two three.

Terrible demands the microphone, and demands an explanation. Averno is OK with it. Místico strips off his shirt, and tells everyone he did what he did for his city. Volador gets his turn, but Místico grabs a drink that's been sitting on the ramp (?) and tosses it in Volador’s face. Místico goes back in the ring and kicks Volador down. Averno and Terrible watch, and both seem happy with what’s going on. Místico boots Volador in the face, knocking him out of the ring, as they go to break.

Match 7: Averno & Místico vs Atlantis & Máscara Dorada in a quarterfinal match of the National Parajes Incriedble Tournament
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2010

Winner: Atlantis & Mascara Dorada
Match Time: 3:47
Rating: a bit short
Notes: Seems like Místico & Averno just stayed in the ring. Mascara Dorada & Atlantis come out to confront them, but the DF crew is all over them as soon as they get in the ring, including Místico and Dorada immediately going at it.

Clip. Místico goes for Dorada’s mask, as Averno tries to untie Atlantis. Clip? Averno & Místico work over Atlantis. Whip, double spinebuster, Atlantis rolled to his feet, whip, faceslam. Double boot sends Atlantis out. Dorada charges Místico, but Averno jabs him in the side to get him to stop. Dorada walks cross the ring. Whip, double back elbow, rolled to his feet, whip, double rebound hiptoss. Místico off the ropes, and Averno tosses him into a dropkick on Dorada. Must be nice for Averno for a toss of Místico to actually go well. Double fake dive roll and pose. Dorada’s hair is just pouring out of his mask, sticking out from the one side that’s been right. The man has a lot of hair. Atlantis back in. Averno pretends to offer a lockup, to stall so Místico attacks from behind. Whip, double clothesline misses, and Dorada comes flying with a headscissors onto Averno. Místico takes out Dorada with a superkick, but Atlantis gives him a quebradora, and one for Averno too. Atlantis is fired up. Místico charges, but Atlantis pulls him into a rolling monkey flip, sending Místico over the top and to the floor. Místico gets up, just in time to be taken out by Dorada's high speed inside out tope con giro! Averno charge Atlantis – right into the Atlantida. Averno gives. Babe Richard counts out both guys on the outside. Atlantis remembers to bring in his partner, and waits for Místico to come in– but he can't. Team Guadalajara wins this block. Crowd seems split. Winners celebrate, while Averno checks on Místico on the outside. Replays. Averno & Místico raise each others arms anyway.

Riano tries to talk to Dorada about the win, but Místico & Averno attack and Riano decides to get the heck out of there. Tania interviews a fan.

Ultimo Guerrero promo for the main event.

Mr. Niebla & Máximo talk about the 5 for 1 deal.

Match 8: Último Guerrero vs Héctor Garza for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2010

  1. Hector Garza powerbomb (2:53)
  2. Ultimo Guerrero cradle (0:38)
  3. Guerrero Special (3:18)

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero (2-1), retains the title
Match Time: 6:49
Rating: OK, but nothing special and really short
Notes: Hijo del Fantasma is out as Garza's cornerman. Ultimo Guerrero wearing the normal mask, a rare occasion. Atlantis is back out as his second. UG is 92.5 kg, Garza is 92. Rafael el Maya is ref.

1: Garza goes to his knees to ask for a handshake, but I don't think he's going to get it. UG slaps the hand away, which finally gets Garza to stop asking for it. Lockup, UG waistlock, takedown, front facelock, Garza out into his own, UG armbar, Garza rolls to a takedown, UG reverse to a cross armbreaker, Garza rolls free to a leg tie and neck crank, UG rolls him over into a crucifix rollup, one, Garza flips on top, one two no. Standoff. Circle. UG shoots in for a taken and, bars Garza’s leg. Garza goes for an eye poke to get free, which doesn’t work. Garza pulls UG’s head back by yanking his mask. He’s unsuccessful and warned. Garza tries rolling free, but UG rolls with him. Still, Hector gets to the ropes for the break and is finally out. Circle. Lockup, armbar, Garza whipped into the ropes, sunset flip, UG rolls thru, dropkick misses, Garza nails him with his kick. Garza is not wearing a shirt to start the match for the first time in a while, but is wearing tearing off pants – you can see the markings of his normal trunks underneath. Garza adds another kick to the head. Scoop, take a few steps, slam. Garza positions UG once more before going up. Top rope moonsault tornillo. Ref waits for Garza to cover properly, one two NO. Guess it wasn't good one. Garza kicks UG in the side. Garza powerbomb, one two three. That was rather anticlimactic. UG did kick out at 3.00001. Rey sounds a bit concerned on commentary.

2: No opening whistle? UG off the ropes, over, under , Garza puts up the stop sign, and teases breaking off his pants. UG lunges at him to cradle, but Garza moves out of the way – he's got it figured out! Kick to UG's head. UG clothesline misses, Garza shoulderblock him, moonsault bodyblock connects. Garza now pauses to stip off his pants – but UG pops up, inside cradles him form behind, one two three. Garza was squirming around the whole time, and is immediately up and arguing the pin to the ref. Fantasma is in as well, but it's no going to help.

3: No breaks at all in this match, how odd. Garza charges at UG, who calmly moves out of the way and watches Garza hit the corner behind him. Chop. Chop. Chop- but Garza turns it around for his own chest slaps. Soccer kick tot he chest. Garza goes for another, but UG catches it, spins him, and clothesline him. One two no. Dueling chants. UG walks over to the corner, and Garza kicks him in the thigh. Corner whip, Garza charges in, Guerrero leaps up and catches him in a corner sunset flip, one two NO. Garza up first, and kicking UG in the chest. One more, a little higher a third, UG slips up, Garza 'rates a rana, UG rolls thru, one two Garza reverses one two no. Garza’s unhappy with the speed of that count, but it's not going to help him. UG up and looking at the crowd, while Garza is looking at the ref. Garza back into the corner, UG corner whips, UG charges, Garza moves out of the way, and UG takes the knee bump to the floor. Garza all the way up – tornillo the floor. Replay -just one flashy rotation on that. Back in. UG whipped to the corner, Garza follows with a clothesline. Slam, and Garza is going up again. Or he's thinking about it -fans don’t think that’s a good idae. Garza argues with the ref, says a prayer, checks both of his knee pads, and then finally climbs up. Not too surprisingly, UG is ready to trip him up on the ropes. UG up behind Garza, and Rey jumps in to name the move as he's doing it - Guerrero Special! One two THREE. Champ retains.

Atlantis gives a ride around the ring. Crowd seems up and heading to the exits rather quickly, but it has bene a long show. Rey is quite thrilled for his friend. UG poses as Fantasma checks on Garza.

Riano gets post match words Ultimo Guerrero, who notes he's better and he won. Accurate. He's very much out of breath. Announcers sum up, and Rey Bucanero gets a welcoming kick to the butt.

Next week: Block B of the tournament.

Replay of the finish. And that's it.