CMLL on Televisa #957 (01/02/2010)
Recap: 01/04/10

Dr. Alfonso Morales welcomes us from – in front of a few computers monitors, and sets up the video of the anniversary show.

Match 1: La Máscara, La Sombra, Volador Jr. © vs Averno ©, Ephesto, Mephisto
Arena Mexico, 09/18/2009

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:20
Rating: totally overshadowed by whatever was up with Volador
Notes: Sombra is black Spiderman, while Volador is more Venom. Mascara is just a guy in a Mexico team jersey. Rudos are dressed as themselves. Mephisto's is unnaturally jacked. I think he's toned it down since then. (Though, my picture is weirdly stretched for all show.) Rodolfo Ruiz and Bestia Negra are the referees.

1: Probably JIP, despite getting the whole intros. Ephesto back Volador all the way up to the ropes, forcing him there but shoving his chin. Whip, reverses, Ephesto goes over for the sunset flip, Volador rolls thru, backs up, then walks forward and kicks Ephesto in the head. Cover, for zero. Ephesto trip for zero, Volador trip for zero, standoff. And they're out already. Sombra gracefully flips in. Averno attempts the same, slips on the top rope , and falls on his face. Crowd goes on him, and he yells at the crowd. Oh, Sombra's outfits is not as much outfit as body paint, I see. Sombra flipping run, under a clothesline, rebound springboard into a headscissors. Sombra misses a clothesline, kick is caught, Sombra flips away, and Mephisto just kicks him down from behind. Mephisto and Averno both stop to pose, and Ephesto has to do the hard work of actually stomping. Rudos apparently screw up their double teaming, while the ring is shown from far far away. Sombra corner whip on Averno, Averno reverses it, Sombra gets his boots up to knock Averno down, then flips off him into a headscissors on Mephisto. Spots doesn’t come off perfectly, but the idea is nice. (Crowd seems to disagree, boos.) Averno flips Sombra to the apron, by the técnico corner, and slaps him down. Mascara swing kicks Averno to knocks him down, and launches in with an armdrag. Mascara off the ropes, spinning armdrag sends Averno out. Ephesto back in, Mascara off the rope and over him, Mascara's clothesline misses, Mascara slides out, Ephesto topes him. Never slide out against Ephesto! Captains in, and looking around at the crowd. Averno charges, misses a dropkick. Corner whip, Mephisto lifts his partner to safety, then boosts a charging Volador up to middle rope as well. Averno jabs him in the gut, locks on the double underhook, and waits for Mephisto to clean up the other guy. Sombra springs in for a 'rana, but Mephisto drops him with a sit down powerbomb instead. One two three, middle rope Devil's Wings, one two three.

Present day Dr. Morales talks about the match and sets up the break. I guess they're going to do this throughout?

Preview of the show – which nearly last as long as that fall, airs here.

Pesta Negra and their camel – and their cat! - wish you a happy Dia de Reyes.

Weirder inclusion in the current open: Pierroth or Dos Caras Jr.?

A long Pesta Negra/Dis de Reyes vignette, hyping that show and Sunday's show. Felino talks about his match with Mascara Dorada on Sunday, which would be the first time it's been mentioned.

2: Rudos work over técnicos on the outside, then come together in the middle to over Sombra. His body paint is already more than half removed. Sombra's roughly yanked out of the ring on his stomach. Mephisto's mask has Kahoz like eyes. Volador is brought in – and kicked in the shoulder. Magadan says it's an American football kick – maybe a punt. Double rebound hiptoss, triple boot, triple pose. La Mascara comes in and goes after Mephisto, which goes badly for him. There’s a video error when promoting the semimain, but it doesn’t matter since the rudos are taking their time. Mascara escape the double rebound hiptoss and ducks a double clothesline, setting up Volador and Sombra to come in with springboard headscissors. Nice stereo tope con giros send them both out. Mascara and Averno in. Averno misses a clothesline, Mascara shoulderblocks him, bodyscissors roll thru into a campana, that's the fall.

Weird New Era promo here. Judging by the vignette, it means even more dives. And maybe people standing on globes.

3: Ephesto offers Volador a handshake, and Volador matadors him. Volador looks unsteady on his feet, but now I’m kinda looking for things. Off the ropes, over, waved by, flipping run back, back off the ropes, and Mephisto gets in the cheap kick. After the rudos get down celebrating, they both whip Volador, who ducks a under a double clothesline and gets boosted into a headscissors on Mephisto. One for Ephesto as well. Averno in, and another competition for reaction. Volador's mask so looks like someone hurriedly stitched two half masks together. Averno tosses Volador up in the air, and Volador flies out to the ramp, getting Mephisto with a headscissors. Volador off the ropes, trying for a double rotation headscissors, but loses it after one and a quarter, flopping on to the mat. Crowd boos, and Averno stomps Volador for failing. Averno goes after the mask – the back half, and rips it a little. Averno slowly misses a clothesline, and Volador slowly superkicks him out. Sombra and Mascara both come in to face off against the rudos, and Volador looks steady. Mascara has to tell him to leave, or at least stay out of the way – oddly timed topes by Mascara and Sombra. After a moment, Volador follows with one – but it's at Parka Jr. speed, just kinda walking thru it, and he barely gets there. Volador was looking the wrong way when the other two did their dives – maybe he misses his cue.

Seems like a clip here. All rudos in, Mascara whipped, and dropped with a triple powerbomb. Rudos pick him up another one, Mephisto and Ephesto back away to celebrate, and Mascara reverses it into a 'rana one two Averno kicks out. Sombra and Volador are down, and the doctor is casually untying Volador's boots. Ephesto slams Mascara, and all three rudos go up – triple flying headbutt misses. Mascara inside cradle Ephesto, Sombra gets Mephisto with a springboard ‘rana, and Volador drops on Averno with a top rope splash – one two everyone kicks out. Ring starts to clear out, and maybe another clip. Ephesto throws himself out after missing a corner charge on Mascara, and Mascara follows with a big top rope plancha. The other two rudos are in, with the técnicos down, and Averno boots Mephisto to the top rope for a springboard tope con giro onto Mascara. You don't see that from him all the time. Sombra comes in with another springboard headscissors on Averno. Sombra off the ropes, backdropped to the apron, punching Averno from there. Springboard reverse tope con giro to the floor! Announcer seemed surprised by that. Volador in, but on one knee, while Averno rests in a corner. Both referees check on Volador, and Bestia Negra kneels over to say something directly in Volador's ear. Replay of the last dive, then both men standing for cheers. Volador looks incredibly unsteady, as if he's just been in a ten round fight (and wasn't winning on the scorecards.) Averno charges, Volador ducks under, Volador reverse bodyscissors powerbomb, one two three, Averno kicking out at 3.000001. Técnicos celebrate, and check on Volador, who isn't moving. Crowd is kinda deflated off that finish (slow for that move) and Volador's status. Técnicos get their arms raised – and Volador collapses! Replays of the dives, including a better view of Sombra's dive than they had the first time. Replay of the finish shows Volador's mask was kicked off on Averno's kick out, something I totally missed from the first shot (and Volador's face is pretty visible.) Second camera angle shows Averno actually yanked it off. How bizarre.

More Pesta Negra

Now from an empty Arena Mexico, Alfonso Morales introduces the Mexico vs Japan feud.

Match 2: Atlantis, Black Warrior, Héctor Garza, Último Guerrero © vs Jushin Liger ©, Naito, Shigeo Okumura, Yujiro
Arena Mexico, 09/18/2009

  1. Japan
  2. Mexico
  3. Japan

Winner: Japan
Match Time: 9:35
Rating: ?
Notes: You know it's a big match, because Naito is breaking out the double eye open pose. Like in the open, Dr. Morales does introductions for each wrestler. Match itself is in progress, since the Mexicans attacked the Japanese after Liger's entrance.

1: Didn't go so well, since the Mexicans are all being beat and the Japanese are in control of the ring. Warrior is the only one standing, and that's because he's walking around the ramp instead of helping out. Corner whip for UG, Yujiro back elbow, Naito does his wacky sumo poses, then leaps off Yujiro's back into a dropkick on UG. Kick, stunner by Okumura. Liger tells them to pick UG back up, and nails him with a shotei. Warrior in, and grabbing Yujiro before the numbers get him. Whip, powerslam by Yujiro. Crowd actually booing the rudos here, how quaint. Triple superbomb on Warrior. One two three. The other Mexicans are indiscriminately kicked around. Hector Garza is lifted up, and missile dropkicked by Okumura, Yujiro adds a Dragon Suplex, one two three. Referees call the fall. Atomicos always confuse me.

More Pesta Negra

2: Garza rushes in and attack Liger, but the rest of his team hold Garza to be hit. They like showing shots of the big crowd, because it’s a big crowd. Liger kicks Garza many times. UG in, and hit in the gut. Liger holds him, while everyone else hits this time. Yujiro works Warrior over with kicks. Yujiro and Okumura clothesline UG in the corner, but Atlantis and Garza yank the Japanese out. UG walks out of the corner, Yujiro and Liger miss punches and UG boosts Warrior into a dropkick on both. Quebadora for Liger by UG, tope by Warrior onto Yujiro. UG dropkicks Liger out, Warrior holds him, and UG adds a running slingshot tope con giro. Garza, Atlantis and Okumura in. Garza this his loud kick to Okumura's head, then whips him to Atlantis – Atlantida! Yujiro misses a clothesline on Garza, Garza shoulderblocks him, runs to the corner, and comes off with a moonsault bodyblock, one two three.

More Peste Negra. And the Nueva Era vignette again.

3: Fall picks up with Okumura back elbowing Garza down. Chest slap. Whip, reversed, Okumura over, rolling under, waving Garza by, STOP SIGN. Garza is slightly amused. Okumura fixes his hair, bicep poses, and gets kicked in the midsection. Okumura charges Garza, and Garza gives him a bad quebadora. Good time to take off the shirt, so no one's paying attention to that. Clip. Liger and UG in. UG headlock, shot off, over, clothesline in the back by Yujiro, clothesline in the front by Liger. Liger goes after the mask, ripping it up some. Chop. Whip, clothesline misses, UG clotheslines him, and it's his turn to go after the mask. Crowd approves. Liger's mask is complete ripped – face is exposed for a brief second, even though they shyed away form showing the ripping. Liger’s thrown off by how much is mask is torn, trying to fix it as things progress. Corner whip, UG charges, Liger moves, UG takes the knee bump out, and Liger follows with the a tope con giro off the apron. Yujiro and Warrior in, and shoving each other. Warrior headlock, shot off, under a clothesline, shoulderblock down by Yujiro. Corner whip, Warrior puts on the breaks, moves, and Yujiro hits the corner. Warrior middle rope dropkick, which sends Yujiro stumbling into the ropes, 61 9 – is ducked! Yujiro kicks Warrior, scoops him up for a spinning slam, but Warrior reverses it to a DDT. Yujiro staggers, and collapses on the middle rope, so Warrior can pick right up with the 619. Atlantis goes to the ropes, and boots Warrior into a running pescado onto Yujiro. Okumura kicks Atlantis in the head, sets up on the apron, and gets Warrior with a running dropkick off the apron. Clip? Atlantis off the ropes, plancha onto everyone. Yujiro setting up top – twisting moonsault onto the growing pile. Yujiro pops up to pose, of course. Taking a look up top – tornillo onto everyone (but Warrior, away from the pile.) UG and Liger left in. The lower half of Liger's mask is exposed here. Liger yells charges, misses, hits the corner, and fixes his mask. UG sandwiches him with a couple clotheslines, and Liger falls down in the corner. (Still fixing his mask.) Senton de la Muerte - is blocked, Liger grabbing UG, and dropping him forward. Liger has to readjust his mask once more, but grabs UG – brainbuster, one two – no, Liger him back up! Crowd hoots and hollers, Liger waving them (while fixing his mask. ) One more brainbuster. Maybe he didn't think the first one was good enough? UG is still dead. One two three. Mexico loses.

There is a NJPW fan section chanting for Liger, but most of the Crowd is quiet. The ringside doctor hits the ring to check on Liger. Team Japan starts to talk, but replays are shown instead.

Stellar Moments:

More Peste Negra

Dr. Morales sets up Místico vs Negro Casas.

Match 3: Místico vs Negro Casas in a mask versus hair match
Arena Mexico, 09/18/2009

  1. Mistico press slam gutbuster (3:50)
  2. Negro Casas castia (6:01)
  3. Mistico senton con giro (11:29)

Winner: Mistico (2-1)
Match Time: 21:20
Rating: good, but not near the level of the spring matches
Notes: Unlike the previous matches, these entrances are shown complete, with no narration. Negro enters first, wearing the afro and painted on facial hair. Místico stips off his entrance gear before walking down the steps, and is very excited taking into the camera. He milks the crowd reaction heading to the ring. Sombra trails behind him as his corner man. Místico and Negro fight as Místico tries to get in the ring, then Negro gets Místico with a dropkick as he springboards in. Felino is Negro's cornerman – how did I miss him entering? Referee (Terror Chino) tries to keep Negro away from Místico as he recovers, but Negro attacks gain before the introductions can be finishes, and gets on top of him with punches.

Crowd immediately chants Negro, who slows the match down with a chinlock, then a cross armed camel clutch. Whip, Negro charges, clothesline. Negro puts Místico on the top rope and pounds him on the midsection with punches. Negro backs all the way up, charges, and gives Místico a running punch (or a clothesline?) to the shoulder. With Místico still on the top rope, Negro suplexes him off. Clip? Negro works Místico over with kneelifts. Off the ropes, off the ropes, kick to the head, and out tumbles Místico. A ton of photographer out there. Sombra waves his towel towards Místico, but backs away when Negro comes to the apron, and drops off, stomping Místico in the head. Kick to the chest, dragon sleeper on the floor. Negro has 4:40 written on his forehead. Kneebreaker on the outside. Místico rammed hard into the post. Negro trying had to be the jerk here. Místico thrown in. Negro off the ropes, and clotheslining Místico. One more clothesline. Negro covers Místico with one foot, though Místico's on his side and not really pinned. Negro backs up the ropes, charges, clothesline blocked, and Místico presses him over his head! Negro dropped into a gutbuster, one two three. One move? Huh. There were boos when Místico did the moves, cheers for the three count, and then boos after.

2: Somehow, Negro is already choking Místico around the middle rope, even though there wasn't much of a break between the falls. Negro slingshot Místico into the middle rope. Kicks to the chest. Místico hung over the middle rope for more kicks to the chest. Místico chant for a while there. Negro goes the floor, backs up and knocks Místico over with a running kick to the head. Crowd chanting against each other here. Negro taking his time to set up, taking his time to pick up Místico. Místico pops up and gets into a chest slap fight. Single leg, over, and tripped up by Felino on the outside. Negro adds a dropkick. Terror Chino leans out of the ring to warn Felino, while Sombra protest no DQ being called. Terror Chino decides to just eject both cornerman from ringside. Like me, and like you, Sombra can't understand why he's being told to leave. Negro doesn't like this much, either. Crowd chanting for Negro again. Negro batters Místico with chest slaps. Referee has to check to make sure Místico isn't out after one of them. Místico pounds the mat, gets back up, and gets knocked down again. Místico gets back to his feet, slaps, and they get back to an even battle again. Chops, then negro sneaks in a forearm to the face. Heel kick battle. Místico misses, and Negro catches the boot. Elbows to the knee, Místico spin around, but back with an enziguri. Crowd cheers, then boos. Místico headscissors ends Negro to the outside, and Místico slowly walks to the apron. Místico checks him self, before following with an Asai Moonsault to the floor, landing on his feet. After plays, Negro is out, Místico is, but not for long – running up the corner plancha. As Negro comes back to ringside, Felino is walking to ringside. Místico and Terror Chino both turn to yell at him. Negro comes in, misses a clothesline on his first chance, but nails Místico on the second try. Dropkick to the knee, casita, referee turns around one two three. Felino celebrates on the ramp, and Negro does a cartwheel.

Replays include Místico flipping before that dropkick to the knee got to him, oops.

3: Takes about a half minute for them to get around to showing the ring at a decent view, and Negro has Místico in a reverse armbreaker, while smacking the back of Místico's head with the back of his head. Kneelift, and Negro forces Místico on the ropes while climbing them. Negro leads back, and snaps the arm over the top rope. Místico flops into the middle of the ring. Negro merrily skips around. A regular armbreaker this time. Místico crawls to the ropes, and gets his right foot on them. Negro flips him onto his stomach, unties his wrist tape, and chokes Místico. Referee is in great position to not see it happen, which is quite a trick. Negro ends up sitting on Místico's back, choking him from there, and the referee still never figures it out.

Negro set up Místico the ramp side apron, and spends some time positioning him for something. Negro settles on a sort of a legscissors thru the ropes. Místico is down on the ramp and being counted out, while Negro takes a break. Negro walks back over, goes out to the apron, and gives Místico a knee breaker. Místico shoved off the ramp to the floor. Negro mocks Místico's limp as Místico crawls back in the ring. Negro waits for Místico to sit up, and kicks him in the chest a couple times. Crowd chants for Negro again, as he works over Místico with kicks in between the ropes. Top rope neck snap. Negro mugs for the camera on the apron, while Místico pulls himself up in the ring. Negro stands up, only for Místico to knock him off with a handspring kick. Místico tope con giro knocks over Negro, lands Místico in the front row. Random fans raise Místico's arm up. Chants. Both crawl in and, get into a punch way. Místico blocks and, comes back with hard right hand to the face, until Negro finally goes down. Negro is fired up, and arguing that he wasn't actually suing a closed fist there. Negro backs up, and another chest slap breaks put. Negro wins with forearm and a headbutt this time. Negro lifts Místico over his shoulder, then rams him sternum first into the corner. Misitco’s left hanging in sort of reverse tree of woe, and Negro knocks him out down with a slingshot kick to the head. Delayed cover, one two Místico has the bottom rope. Negro stays on Místico, forearming him in the face from the mat. Negro suplex, no, Místico reverses to one of his own, and Negro's hung on the top rope. Místico backs up, runs up the ropes, and lands a springboard dropkick to knocks Místico off. Negro crawls out, and Místico goes thru the corner to tope him. Both back in, and circling, Místico waving to the crowd. Místico off the ropes, La Mistica is – just escapes. Just as if Místico lost the headscissors, not as much that Negro did something to reverse it actively, though it seems like that was the idea. Negro smirks, and drops a senton.

One, two, NO. Negro waves for support (a rare moment for him in this match) as he picks Místico up. Clip? Whip, reversed, Negro back with La Místico of his own, and it's on – and it's off, Místico rolls free. Big crowd reaction to getting it on, and Negro can’t believe Místico got out. Místico waves now, while Negro is in shock. Back up, Negro misses a clothesline, Místico dropkick to the knee, casita, no, Negro rolls thru, casita of his own one two NO. An amazing amount of people believed that might actually be it. Místico shakes his head wildly no. Clip? La Mistica, but Negro rolls free before Místico can totally get the armbar on. Místico pounds the mat in frustration, while Negro can't seem to figure out which arm he's supposed to be grabbing. Another clip? Crowd is suddenly booing. Místico sets up Negro on the top rope, and then climbs up to join him. Negro grabs Místico, Místico grabs Negro, they both position themselves on the top rope and – Místico turns, as if he's expecting to do a tope rope armbar takedown, while Negro takes a flip to the mat. Místico is frustrated but moving quickly – he landed on his feet, so he’s on to the next thing. He slams Negro, sets him up, and goes up to a corner. Pointing up, and off with a senton con giro. Místico dramatically crawls on top, then hooks the leg – one two three.

Fireworks and confetti. There' a clip head to Negro untying his hair to get it cut. Místico unties his mask to slip the microphone under for his post match rant. Negro's daughters come in the ring (though not his wife.) Místico says Negro is one of the legends of Arena Mexico, but he won thanks to the people. There's the barber, but Negro cuts off a lock of his hair himself, then lets Místico cut off some.

Dr. Morales wraps up.

Next Week: hype for the 01/08 Arena Mexico show. Strong Man, Naito, Hector Garza, Texano Jr. Valiente, Ray Mendoza Jr., Sombra, Terrible, Mascara Dorada, Misterioso and much more. On 1/9, there's The Best of 2009.

Dr. Morales talks over replays of Místico/Negro and wishes us a happy 2010.