IWRG on Teleforumla #8 (12/26/2009)
Recap: 12/27/09

Match 1: Angelico, Bushi, Freelance vs Black Terry, Trauma II, Veneno
Arena Naucalpan, 12/20/2009

  1. rudos
  2. tecnico
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 23:13
Rating: Worth watching for the first fall. Not so much for the other two.
Notes: Announcers welcome us to the show.

1: Angelico looks two easy feet taller than Freelance. It's amazing. Freelance wants a piece of Veneno for some reason, but Veneno keeps ducking out on him and Angelico has to walk his short friend back to the corner. Eventually, they settle on Freelance vs Black Terry. Circle. Lockup, Terry waistlock, Freelance hammerlock. Trip, toe hold by Terry, Freelance going close to the eyes to escape. That gets a warning, so Freelance tries an armscissors instead. Terry rolls onto his stomach and gets free. He's got Freelance's back, but just lifts him up and puts on an wristlock. Freelance kips out of that. Circle. Lockup, single leg by Terry, walking over the leg, and then holding Freelance down with a kneebar. Veneno reaches in and breaks it up with a nose pull. Veneno doesn't see what's so wrong with it, tough the ref warns him. Lockup, Black Terry trips and forces Freelance down. Terry just puts on a leg lock, and Freelance reverses a reverse armbar, I guess. They're looking legit, it's just hard to put words to it. The two end up back on their feet for a jumping snap mare buy the técnicos, and then the zero leg trips. Faceoff, tags. Angelico and Trauma I – and his super curly hair? - in. Trauma has his fans, and he plays to them. Angelico's fans chant after and he poses for them. Ready to go? Lockup, Armbar, Angelico reverses, headlock, out into an armbar. Trauma spins to his own wristlock. Angelico spins, ducks under, grabs the other arm, and puts a wristlock on that. Okay, top that. Angelico cranks it, but Trauma spins free put on a wristlock, and armdrags Angelico down, then stands him back up for that wristlock. He rips off Angelico's wristband just for more pressure. Angelico forward rolls to his back, kicks free of the hold, puts on a pumphandle, holds it for a second, flips Trauma, but Trauma comes free with an armdrag. Well, that one goes to the Trauma. They’re clearly doing Solar/Negro Navarro; Angelico is not Solar but he’s trying. That much right here: Angelico with a wacky, not quite as believable sequence to an armdrag. Lockup, Trauma spins around Angelico and ends up with a monkey flip, but Angelico lands on his feet and waves – one fan cheers. Trauma slaps Angelico right in the face. Snap mare, step over armbar, grabbing the other, and Angelico has to work to get his foot on the ropes. Circle Lockup, no, Angelico goes low for a heel hook, Angelico rolls on to his back, scissors on one leg, rolls over to his back, grabs the other for an anklelock but Trauma's too close to the ropes. Trauma still grabs his leg in pain when Angelico lets go. Lockup, Trauma armbar, wristlock to force Angelico down, steps over the armbar, flips Angelico to his back, hooks the other arm with his other leg, and then forces him to sit upS, putting on a neck crank too. This was quite the battle. Trauma can't hold it for long, and Angelico applauds for him after they back away. Lockup, fireman's carry by Angelico, Angelico rolls over stomach, and tries for a double armbar something, but they end up into the ropes. Angelico adjusts into his own double arm scissors neck crank move. This is quite the exhibition of strange submissions. Again, they let go, and they start all over. This time, Trauma gets Angelico down and puts him in a reverse figure four, but Angelic gets into the ropes. Angelico rubs his legs before getting up. Lockup, Angelico armbar, trip, and Angelico puts on his own reverse figure four. Black Terry kicks the ropes over so Trauma can escape. Here we go again - Trauma with a standing figure four pin. Trauma spins into a nudo variant – I've long since stopped being able to name these, now I’m just happy if I know who's hurting who. Lockup, Angelico’s turn – because that's what this has turned into – step over double armbar isn't really that impressive given what's been used, but Angelico turns into his own nudo variant. They break apart again. Trauma puts on what looks to be a reverse Texas cloverleaf. Angelico tires to push off his hands to get to the ropes, but Trauma locks him In a bodyscissors for good measure! That should be the winner – but Angelico gets to the ropes. Angelico taking the worse of this. Trauma gets the fans chanting for him again. Angelico's turn – his reverse Texas cloverleaf leads into a sort of giant spin, then the bodyscissors. Perhaps, if either man could hold to toe hold long enough, they might actually win. Handshake? Yes. Thumbs up from Trauma too. I believe that exchange went longer than most matches over on 52MX. Bushi in, and Veneno – leaving. Veneno has to be talked into returning. Bushi dropkicks him after he comes in. Follow up dropkick misses, and Veneno stomps him. Whip, Veneno puts his head down too soon, kick to the shoulder, kick to the legs, cover for zero. Veneno misses a clothesline, Bushi tries a ‘rana, Veneno powerbombs him down, one two three.

Veneno backs away while his partners finish the rest. Abdominal stretch variant by Trauma on Angelico, figure four by Black Terry on Freelance.


I believe this is the ring girl holding up the #2 sign, but they're not really showing the sign at all.

Bushi comes back in to start the fall, but is immediately dropkicked by Veneno. DDT. Monkey flip, though it didn't seem like Bushi was expecting it. Backcracker for good measure. Veneno tags out to Trauma , who picks up Bushi to work him over with slap to the face. Whip, clothesline. Tag to Black Terry. Slap to the back. Terry pulls over Bushi near his corner, but not close enough to make a tag. Spinebuster, Black Terry off the ropes, running boot to the face. One two NO. Reverse neckbreaker, one two no. Tag to Veneno. They're keeping Bushi is isolated. Veneno gets in a big boot from the apron before coming in. So much for that – Veneno appears to let Bushi make a tag to Angelico, though the camera misses it. Veneno slaps Angelico down as he comes in. Angelico punches blindly, hitting nothing. Referees leave the ring – oh, Trauma is beating up one of the técnicos here. Not the best camera work right now. Veneno lights up Angelico with clotheslines as the other four fight on the outside the ring. Veneno gives Angelico to Trauma, who sets him up for Veneno's sliding dropkick. Angelico ends up in the second rope. Bushi in, double clothesline on him, whip, double boot sends him out. Freelance in, but distracted just for a second by the referee, an the rudos jump on him. Whip, right into Veneno's boot. Triple press slam by the rudos – inside the ring, so no DQ. Freelance sent hard into the corner. Whip, high backdrop, and that ring does not give an inch. Whip, back elbow by Trauma. The other rudos have left to the apron, and Trauma takes care of Angelico on his own. Tag out to Veneno, who slaps Angelico very loudly. Corner whip, Veneno corner charge, Angelico slips out of the ropes, and signs into an superkick on Veneno. Bushi in with a headscissors on Veneno to start the comeback. Black Terry in, but Angelico stops hi with a thrust kick. Snap mare, kick to the back. Bushi whip, both men are lost, Black Terry grabs Bushi in a front facelock, and Bushi punches and kicks him free. Trauma in. Kick to the chest by Angelico, running legdrop by Bushi, top rope springboard senton con giro by Freelance. Angelico slaps Freelance, but Angelico forearms him in the face, and then adds a back elbow. Veneno tossed out again. Black Terry in, heel kick by Angelico. Whip, Bushi and Black Terry blow the bodyscissors spot, Bushi holds Black Terry in a sorta camel clutch, and Freelance adds a dropkick. Angelico back elbows Veneno around some more. Whip, Angelico whipped in, running high kick to Veneno’s face. Angelico’s to all fours, Bushi adds a boosted back elbow. Slap the chest, Freelance goes up, top rope 'rana takes Veneno off. One two three.

3: Freelance and Trauma start off, Freelance quickly disappointing with him on a headscissors. Black Terry in, but Freelance blocks everything, flips off him, and gets him out with the reverse spin armdrag. Veneno in, and looking at Freelance very condescendingly. Chest slap, and Veneno is unmoved. Another, and Veneno angrily bops Freelance on top of the head. Off the ropes, reverse spin headscissors sends Veneno out, and Freelance teases the dive until Veneno bails. Tag to Angelico, and Veneno wants to take his anger out on him. Chest slap. The girls like Angelico, not a shock. Kick to the head by Angelico, chest slap by Veneno. And repeat. And repeat. Veneno goes for an eye poke, Angelico blocks, Veneno hops over the sweep, but Angelico kicks him in the head from the mat. Angelico puts on a kneeling armbar, but other rudos break it up. Bushi in, and Black Terry chops him right anyway. Técnicos is a whip, Freelance braces his partner, then gets the rudos with a springboard dropkick. High ten by the técnicos, charge - Bushi tope, Freelance slings to the apron, heel kick for Black Terry, and Asai moonsault knocks them into the plastic chair. Veneno and Angelico in. Veneno slaps and punches Angelico with both hands. A ref gets in the way, while the other ref checks on the bodies on the floor. Somehow, the ref went down when we were looking at the floor, and both wrestlers are saying each other did it. They also miss the hand raise – poor work there. I guess Veneno got the win, based on the reactions.

Black Terry is down on the floor, and is holding his head after he’s helped out. He must've hit hard on the dive. Trauma and that ref help him to the back. The técnicos and Veneno discuss the finish, which we've still not seen. Replays – and they don’t have the finish this time either. That's bad.

Announcers explain the concept for the next match.

Match 2: Canek & el Hijo del Canek vs Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Pirata Morgan and Negro Navarro & Trauma I and Máscara Año 2000 & Máscara Año 2000 Jr. and Exodia & Olímpico and Hijo del Pantera & Pantera
Arena Naucalpan, 12/20/2009

Winner: Canek
Match Time: 16:57
Rating: kinda just a mess
Notes: JIP, with the kids already fighting. Trauma I is just doing a tope onto someone. Announcers say Hijo de Pirata and I have no choice but believe them. Mascara Año 200 Jr. and Hijo del Pantera are in, Pantera's caught on a plancha. Mascara Año 200 Jr. drops him with a spinning side slam, one two three. Camera nearly misses that finish too.

That means Pantera is now in the match, though it takes a few seconds for him to get announced and appear, much less get to the ring. Meanwhile, it's Exodia and Mascara Año 2000 Jr. in, 2000 dropkicking Exodia out of the ring. Pantera makes sure to talk to everyone on the way to the ring. Not much going to that we're missing – it seems like there's fighting going on the outside, but they're not really showing. Someone's getting their mask untied inside, but they're showing it from too far away. Mascara Año 2000 Jr. and another kid – maybe Exodia? Attack him on the outside, but it goes badly quick and Pantera turns it around with punches.

Clip to Pantera and Exodia in the ring. Whip, Pantera’s clothesline misses, Exodia tries a 'rana, Pantera blocks it, holds him upside down, and drops him with a Styles Clash one two three.

Hijo del Pirata in and awkwardly dropkicking Pantera. Whip, Pantera goes over the drop down, and just gets brushed by a dropkick but goes out anyway. That was odd. Olímpico is in a lot more hurry to come run to the ring, attacking Pantera for beating his kid, I guess. Pantera gets posted, and they brawled into the crowd.

Clip again, with a whole bunch of people in the ring. By the way the announcers are talking – and now this shot of Olímpico – they must've jumped to just after his failed dive. He's out here, which is surely much sooner than was planned. Pantera gets Hijo de Mascara Año 2000 with a springboard reverse tope, and he's done. Olímpico is flexing his hands on the outside, but still down – that must’ve really not gone well.

Mascara Año 2000 takes his time getting to the ring, which seem to have been the better strategy. Shaking hands, kissing babes. Pantera and MA2K get into a chest slap fight, stops to tell a section of fans to clear out, then fight thru their chairs. Olímpico his helped to the back, though we only see it from the hardest of angles. Inside, it looks like Pirata is working over Trauma, but they're only showing short bits of it. Pirata covers – one two three.

Hijo del Canek, who has been visible a few times but not really done much, helps MA2K with beating Pantera, only to turn on MA2K as he tries to go in the ring. Negro Navarro also takes his time getting to the ring., but goes right after Pirata with punches and elbows. All five in the ring now, and just random brawling. This match is entertaining for it's chaos and for nothing else. Well, they're throwing good punches too, especially Negro Navarro and MA2K here. No one seems to be working with anyone else, they're all just fighting among themselves. Hijo del Canek pulls Hijo del Pirata's mask and covers him up – we miss most of the mask pull, but it's clear what happened when Canek covers. The pin is not clear – they don’t have the referee in frame. Hijo del Pirata gets his mask back on, but gets boosted out.

Pirata Morgan waits for his cue, past when they’ve already said his name. Meanwhile, Mascara Año 2000, Pantera, and Negro Navarro are looking very old in the ring, it’s better to show a shot of Pirata doing nothing than that. Pirata's here to brawl, and Hijo del Canek gets thrown thru many empty seats. Abrupt break, AAA style.

Pantera, Mascara and Negro Navarro have their own three way match of shifting alliances, while Pirata destroyed Hijo del Canek. Pantera randomly gets involved in that, which annoys Mascara for no reason. Probably also doesn't help Pirata, since he was going for the winning pinfall on Canek, off a Running snap mare. He still gets there anyway.

Last out is Canek, who's not going to be running anywhere, any time. Canek is still over with this crowd. He goes in the ring, but then straight out to chase Pirata Morgan around. Very slowly. The other three continue their three way match, including a three way sleeper. Negro Navarro fights Canek as he comes in, and is quickly disposed of. Mascara Año 200 Jr. is knocked halfway cross the ring by a single chop, and flips around on every shot. DDT by Canek. Pantera and Negro Navarro do what I'd like to just call fooling around – occasional neat moves, no more selling than they’re you’re getting from Teddy and Jack. Canek holds Mascara down in the corner, and the first time I watched this, I thought they were just resting. It was only later, when Mascara Año 2000 was missing, that I rewatched and saw that Canek apparently beat Mascara Año 2000 with a seated hammerlock. Astounding. Meanwhile, Pirata and Pantera have an actual wrestling exchange, seemingly the first of this match. Pantera flips to the apron on a corner whip, knocks Pantera away, and lands a plancha. Pantera charges, but Pirata scoops and slams him. Running neck snap, Negro covers, one two three.

Down to three, Negro Navarro, Canek and Pirata. Canek looks out of the ring, where Pirata is hanging out, and Negro attacks Canek from behind. Pirata comes in to help, so Negro hits him too. Why can't anyone get along in this match? On the other hand, this is lucha libre on the indies. Pirata seems to have the same corners. Negro offer up Pirata to Canek, then turns on Canek too! I'm so astounded by this match, Canek takes an actual bump of a punch and I miss it the first time. Navarro & Canek have a fist fight while Pirata sits back and watches. Canek wins (of course), so Pirata knocks him down. Canek ducks a double clothesline by the other two (which seems impossible), but still does down to a double back elbow. Canek is never falling straight down, always just rolling over on his side. Negro and Pirata are suddenly friends now. Corner whip for Canek, Pirata pretends to whip Negro in, but turns on him with a clothesline. This match, I dunno. Canek kicks Pirata on the chart, elbow drops Negro Navarro, and covers, one two three.

Pirata versus Canek, and it took a while to get here. Canek wins the battle of the punches, but Hijo del Pirata returns to kick Canek in the back from the apron. Pirata Sr. just stands there, looking at his son, then looking at Canek, and Canek throws him down by his hair. Cover, one two Hijo del Pirata pulls Canek off. Hijo del Canek is out to fight Hijo del Pirata. Te camera almost misses it at first, then Hijo del Canek blows a quebradora. Pirata brings in Hijo del Canek – why? – and whips him into a tope on his own son. Canek and Pirata left in, Canek with a clothesline, one two NO. Scoop, slam by Pirata. Pirata thinks about doing something, but is way too tired. One hand cover, one two no. Pirata kicks to head. Crowd loud for Canek. Scoop, slam. Canek set up, Pirata off the ropes, running kick to the spine. Pirata goes for one more, but Hijo del Canek trips him up this time – maybe he was supposed to last time? Pirata turns to look at the son, and Canek inside cradles him, one two three.

Canek gets the microphone to talk, and the announcers actually let him, but he gets no more than taunting before they just cut away. And the show ends like that.