IWRG on Teleforumla #6 (12/12/2009)
Recap: 12/19/09

Announcers hype up Rayo de Jalisco among others for the main event.

Oficial Fierro, Freelance, Oficial 911, and Jack all cut 10 second promos. Which turns out to be a bit odd, since only Freelance and 911 are in the next match.

Match 1: Freelance vs Oficial Fierro for the hair win
Arena Naucalpan, 11/29/2009

  1. Freelance double wristlock (2:55)
  2. DQ Freelance (2:54)
  3. Oficial Fierro (5:50)

Winner: Oficial Fierro (2-1)
Match Time: 11:39
Rating: Dramatic, but just OK
Notes: Freelance takes out Fierro as he comes in, and starts working over Fierro's heavily taped right arm. There's nothing on screen to indicate it's one on one at first, except for the other guys disappearing in the background. Freelance stretches Fierro's arm around the ropes, and Fierro is in quite a lot of pin. Freelance uses the full five count, then dropkicks Freelance in the arm. Hammerlock around the ropes. Armbreaker over the top rope. Armbar, armbar takedown. Maybe you want to try a submission here? No, more knees to the elbow. Is this a political ad on the bottom of the screen? Freelance knees Fierro's elbow a few more times, then puts on an armbar. Way too close to the ropes, and Fierro is able to get them with his good arm. Whip, Fierro goes cross the ring on the backdrop, his feet striking the bottom rope on the way down. Fierro teeing off on the elbow with kicks. Shot to the gut. Freelance warned about closed fist punches here - he gives the crowd a look and ignores the ref. Freelance switches to slaps. Armbar. Video slows down oddly here – I think Alfredo said it was probably a tape issue, and that makes as much sense as anything. Freelance puts on an wristlock, then puts a knee on the bad elbow, then grabs the other wrist too – tape skips, and the audio speeds up here – and Fierro gives up.

More bad tape issues before they even get to the replay. Replays focus on the arm, since the fall did.

2: Freelance grabs the referee by his shirt, then attacks Fierro on the outside in between falls. Freelance brings him in just as the fall starts. Kick to the arm. Axhandle to the elbow, many knees to the elbow, and some more tape issues. Elbow drop to the arm. The tape issues are very distracting. It's not impossible to watch, but it's enough that many people wouldn't bother. Freelance sets up Fierro in the tree of woe and dropkicks him in the elbow. Camel clutch, Freelance stretching the bad arm in it. Freelance lets go and walks around.Kick to the good arm. It was closer. Whip, backdrop. Freelance to the apron, springboard dropkick…gets the ref. He's knocked clear out of the ring. Freelance puts on tirabuzón on Fierro, and Fierro is not breaking free. Referee recovers, rolls back in, and the announcers are calling a disqualification even before the referee makes his move. Referee throws Freelance down and awards Fierro the fall.

Jack and Freelance argue, with Freelance teasing hitting the ref. That didn't work for you so well the last time. Replays.

3: Freelance rushes Fierro, who still hasn’t gotten in any offense, and smacks him around the head a bit. Whip, Running headbutt to the bad arm. Freelance goes to the rope to yell at 911, then promises a spinning thing for the crowd. whip, Running – maybe jumping punch to the arm. Referee checks on Fierro, Freelance shoves him away and covers one two NO. Fierro fights back. Kick, headbutt, elbow with the bad arm – well, that wasn't smart. Fierro is still up first, and smart enough to do the elbow with the other arm this time. Stomp. Headbutt rams Freelance out of the ring, and 911 takes advantage – chops, kicks and a bodyslam on the floor. Jack covers over to argue, but doesn't fight 911 – I guess the ref's picked it up now. Or not, because 911 gets in another stomp, then throws Freelance back in. Referee warns 911, but does not do anything. Fierro with a cutter on Freelance, and dropkick to keeps him down. 911 reaches in and hits Freelance, and the referee still only yells at him. Cover, eon two no. Fierro with an elbow strike from the bad elbow again – stop being dumb. Almost thinking that elbow doesn't actually hurt. Stomp sends Freelance out, and 911 beats him up at ringside again. 911 throws him back in, and Jack only shoves the rudo cornerman. Jack does argue with the ref for the DQ, but he's just told to go to his corner. Fierro picks up Freelance upside down, Freelance tries to headscissors form there, and Fierro just kinda falls on top. One two NO. Freelance thrown out to be beating again. I guess if Fierro can't do any offense himself, 911 will do it himself. 911 misses a clothesline, and Freelance pulls off his mask. That's a good way to keep him at bat. Referee grabs the mask, while 911 goes to the back. Fierro runs for a dive – but Freelance just keep walking around the ring, and Fierro dives onto nothing! What the heck? A fine time for a tape problem. 911 got his mask back, sneaking around and putting it on. Referee counts out Fierro, who is breathing but not doing much more after that failed tope. 911 helps him up and rolls him in at the 18 count. Freelance’s quebrada isn't well aimed, but Freelance does land on top. One two – referee Rosas stops, then 911 puts Fierro's foot on the ropes. To be fair, Fierro's leg was outside the ring at that point, so it should’ve been a stop, but still. Jack gets in 911's face again, again doesn’t do anything. 911 pulls Fierro out, but he's out right now. 911 slaps his partner around to wake him up, then steals a drink and throws in Fierro's face! He's still out. Rosas starts counting Fierro out gain, so 911 brings him back in. Referee tells 911 to leave – not sure if 911 is actually going to do that. Freelance picks up Fierro, but Fierro reverse it and gives him a Wagner Driver. One two NO. Oh, maybe 911 just went to his corner. That where he is now. Freelance drops Fierro, but they're both pretty hurt. Whip, waved by, and dropped with a spinebuster. Freelance has trouble setting up his next move – looks like he wants to do a reverse figure four, but forgets to put his leg inside Fierro’s leg. He tries to come up with an Indian Deathlock, Fierro just pulls him over for a small package, not great of one himself, and holds on – one two three.

Fierro is the winner. Quite a failure by Freelance there. Referee Rosas makes a big show of counting the three again for the crowd. Replays. Freelance gets his head shaved in the ring.

Announcers hype the main event. Rayo de Jalisco is exclusive here! There's a reason by then.

Angelico is at a juice bar. He sends a salute out to the Oficial, sitting at another table, but they blow him off. They all make fun of Angelico, then call the waiter over to order a special drink for Angelico. Are the Oficials playing Gin Rummy? Anyway, the bartender prepares Angelico's drink, grabbing a bottle labeled “Veneno” with a skull on it. Sadly, no picture of Veneno. Why would you have a bottle of Venom? Angelico’s told the free drink is on the house, and takes a sip. It's strong. So Strong that he falls asleep in his seat. Wait – THE WAITER IS VENENO. IWRG for promotion of the year. Veneno pulls out a candle from his shirt pocket, lights it, and has 911 hold it for him while he puts a head on Anglico's head and says a prayer for him. Angelico wakes up after Veneno is done, and Veneno asks him if he feels more rudo now. “Nope. Nada” Veneno and 911 are so sad. Someone else comes running up to Veneno – it's been a horrible mix-up, and someone else got the actual spiked drink meant for Angelico. Veneno's all “oh, well.” Oficials all pose, but Angelico blows out the candle.

Promos from Toxico, 911, Veneno, Angelico, Scorpio Jr., Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

Match 2: Oficial 911, Tóxico DF, Veneno vs Angelico, Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Scorpio Jr.
Arena Naucalpan, 11/29/2009

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 20:48
Rating: eh

1: Just like the last match, this one starts with it seemingly already underway. Angelico and Veneno start with some mat work. Angelico is a lot leaner than I had thought. Not that I thought he was big, but he's nearly Argenis levels of thin. They do a lot of work on the mat here, some of it complex, but I'm not quite as convinced it is going anywhere as I was with the opener. It’s about 3 minutes before they hit the ropes, and even more than that before they go anywhere on the run, thanks to some counters. Veneno slips out of a headlock and stops Angelico by grabbing onto his belt – which breaks. Oops. Angelico needs a moment to take the belt off, and gives the fragments to the crowd. They don’t show any of this, just Veneno breathing deeply. Upon resumption, Angelico ends up getting a doubled underhook, one legged version of a tapatia. It's quite something. Everyone else wanders in, the tecnicos going across the ring to stop the rudos from making any more. Lots of stand offs before things get starts. This time, it's Scorpio vs Toxico. Chop battle from two guys wearing tops. Scorpio’s hurt, Toxico’s does not. Scorpio shot off, back, shoulderblock doesn’t budge Toxico. Scorpio off the ropes, shoulderblock, Toxico hiptoss, Scorpio reverses it to one of his own. Armdrag, stop sign for Toxico, and a chest slap knocks him out. Slap for Veneno too. Veneno comes in, but Scorpio tags in Rayo, and now Veneno wants out. He's no dummy. 911 in to face him. Matador waves, check. 911 misses a chop to chest, and Rayo does not. Rayo milks the crowd for another one. Rayo off the ropes, over, shot for Toxico, shot for Veneno, but into a 911 armdrag. 911’s kick is deflected, Rayo grabs him in a headlock, and very much need the help to headscissors Toxico in the double takeover sport. Veneno grabs Rayo, but eats a double chop. Rayo does his run the ropes bit while the rudos watch, which leads to the rudos slapping each other when Rayo slowly moves out of the way. Toxico goes out Rayo hits 911 questionably low. Referee agues with Rayo about it, and Veneno slaps Rayo down in the back of the head while he’s looking the wrong way. Veneno is very proud of himself. Slaps. Whip, reversed, Ray misses a clothesline, back elbow misses, Rayo's backbreaker works. Best chest slap. Corner whip, reverses, Rayo springboard reverse tope, Vereno lays in position for something, but Rayo rolls him closer to him and lays on top, one two three. Smart move by Rayo, because that gave Angelico more room to cut off Toxico with a plancha. Angelico finishes Toxico off with a STF. Toxico gives, while Scorpio gets 911 with a half crab armbar.


2: A lot of posturing before Veneno and Angelico start. They try chest slap versus jumping side kick. This goes bad for Veneno, so he sneaks in an eye poke. Whip, off the ropes, head down too soon, Angelico kicks him chest, then sweeps his legs. These are some kicks, Veneno's moving before he's even hit. Enziguri kick from behind, and Veneno gets out of there. Toxico in and fired up. Toxico always looks like a big dude, but he's shorter than Angelico. Angelico works him over with legs kicks, and a heel kick to the midsection. Corner whip, reversed, Angelico up the boot to stop in the corner, then heels kick to stop Toxico. Angelico goes up to the middle rope, comes down double stomp to the back. Big high kick is too high, and Toxico ducks, then knocks him down with a slap t to the back. Toxico picks him up in a waistlock, Angelico escapes with an armdrag, blocks all of Toxico's stinks, then hits him with a knee lift – again, this doesn’t come close and Toxico's flying out of the way. First set of kicks seemed all Veneno moving out of the way, these not so much. 911 and Scorpio in and discussing. 911 kicks Scorpio and shoves him back to the corner. Top unzipped. Loud chest slaps, 911 counting them up. 911 only pulls the top down party of the way, but something around Scorpio's abdomen is visible. Tape? Girdle? Scorpio blocks one unzips 911's top all the way and in his own shots. 911 yells at the crowd for asking for more, then gets lapped right of the ring. Veneno in, and quickly getting in an eye poke on Scorpio. Headlock, holding him near the ropes. Shot off, back with a shoulderblock, Scorpio goes down. Veneno off the ropes, waved by (kinda to Veneno's surprise), backdropped on the next pass. Scorpio misses an Elbow drop, Veneno misses a senton, Scorpio just grabs Veneno by his head and holds him for – Rayo, I guess. Rayo takes his tie coming in. Rayo sizes Veneno up, then gets him with a loud chest slap. Veneno is hurting. 911 charges Rayo with punches and kicks and Rayo is very unbudged by them. It's enough to force him down in the corner, and suddenly the rudos are in charge. Toxico and Scorpio head into the crowd, while Rayo is just held in the ring. The tape problems had been gone this match, but they're back here. Rayo is clotheslined around. Two man tapatía by 911 and Toxico, and Rayo gives up. Somewhat surprising.

Veneno gets Scorpio with a light spinebuster, then gives Angelico a DDT. Toxico scoops Angelico, drops him from the corner, and 911 adds a top rope senton con giro. That's it.

Replays as the rudos continue to attack the tenicos on the outside,.

3: Straight into the third fall with no break Ringside announcers so interested in the wild beating going around him, he's interviewing random fans. Brawls go into the crowd. Rudos eventually get it together in the ring to slap people three on one. Not so much interested in team moves. Eventually, a corner whip for Scorpio, for clothesline and chops. Angelico in next. Clothesline, and a high kick by Veneno this time. Rayo in. Crowd loud for Rayo. Corner charge, Rayo moves out of the way, and Rayo clothesline the other two, even thought the camera misses it. Tecnicos go wild with brawling, taking it back to the crowd. Rayo has time to rant to the ringside guy. Angelico repeatedly elbows Toxico in the head, hurting his elbow each time. Then eh has to waist for every for Scorpio to get in position, and whip 911 into Toxico. Announcers acting got something we can't see while everyone else puts on the star. Rayo brings Veneno in the center of the star, but there’s no way he can put on tapatía in the middle. Rayo takes forever to do it, and can gets Veneno all the way up, but close enough to end this. Tecnicos have to let go of the hold and help Rayo pull Scorpio all the way up. Kinda sad.

Replays. Announcers recap.