CMLL Puebla: 2016-01-18

flying Mije

Recapped: 01/18/2016

What happened: Maximo succesfully defended his heavyweight title against Vangellys. Thunder and Euforia could not get along in the main event. Tigre Rojo Jr. and Policeman had a bad spill off the top rope to the floor in the opener.

What was good: Maximo pulled off another good title match performance. The opener was enjoyable until the bad fall. Crowd loved the Porky match, as usual.

Where can I watch it: It’s on CMLL’s YouTube channel (more…)

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Navarros remain champs in IWRG, CMLL on TDN, CMLL to stream on Tuesday, Puebla tonight

photo by Black Terry Jr.
IWRG (SUN) 01/17/2016 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, The Gladiatores]
1) Galaxy & Kanon b Acero & Vortize
2) Diablo Jr. I, El Hijo del Diablo, Imposible b Leo, Mike, Rafy
money thrown in
3) Apolo Estrada Jr., Canis Lupus, Eterno DQ Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro
both Eterno & Terry fouled, with the referee DQing missing Eterno doing it but seeing the revenge below by Terry. Eterno, Apolo & Canis want a trios title shot, but Hijo del Diablo arrived to challenge for a shot on behalf of himself, Diablo Jr. and Imposible. Cerbero Negro told the two rudo teams to fight it out among themselves.
4) Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Mosco X Fly, Toscano b Herodes Jr., Hijo De Dos Caras, Veneno
Dos accidentally toped Herodes, which led to Herodes attacking Dos. Rudos took advantage for the win.
5) Negro Navarro, Trauma I, Trauma II b Hijo del Pantera, Pantera, Pantera I [IWRG IC TRIOS]
Navarros and Traumas (who had won a match in the Copa Dinastia Elite tournament a few hours earlier) took falls 1/3 to make their second defense. Pantera II suffered an arm injury. Los Traumas challenged the Panteras to a tag title match in return.

Pantera II seems to suffer injuries in losing title match efforts. It’s a shame.

Herodes makes more sense as a rudo, as much as many things make sense in IWRG. (What happened to those weight division tournaments?)

Black Terry Jr. has photos of the Liga Justica show and video. I haven’t found full results of that one quite yet.

CMLL is getting back on TV a bit. Their Friday night shows will air on  Televisa Deportes Network starting in mid February, according to +LuchaTV. These are the shows currently airing on live and on Azteca in the US on a three week delay. That’s still a cable channel, but it’s a Televisa cable channel, which means pretty much anyone who pays for TV will get it. (AAA’s TV currently repeats on sister channel Univision Televisa Deportes Network.)

We don’t yet know when exactly it’ll start, how long of a show it’ll be, how much a delay it’ll be and how this will affect those other broadcasts. We do know this means CMLL’s given up on trying to get on Mexico’s Azteca in the near future, since this deal would preclude that. It also may prevent Elite from being able to do the same – in the far distant past, Televisa and Azteca didn’t want ‘their’ luchadors to appear on the rival channel. Times have changed but those two channels are still not friendly.

CMLL will also be streaming Tuesday’s Arena Mexico show. It sounds like the whole show, and maybe just because they’re doing the Copa Junior. The Tuesday shows have been bouncing around from network to network; it’s seemed like CMLL was as surprised about C3 going away as everyone else and didn’t have a plan right away, and then recently decided to change around things again to not air the iPPV shows on Mexico TV. I’m not sure this would turn up if it wasn’t streamed.

Today’s CMLL steam is the Arena Puebla show at 9pm CT. Main event is La Mascara, Rush and Shocker versus the dreadful trio of Mr. Niebla, Thunder and Euforia. People who are paying the slightest attention may recall Thunder and Euforia are feuding in Arena Mexico; it seems as if CMLL did not remember that when putting together this card or are too short on people to make any sense. (Probably a little bit of both.) The biggest match of the card, and the match that probably should be the main event except they’d short them on time if it was, is Maximo defending his heavyweight title against Vangellys. Vangellys is not going to be CMLL Heavyweight champion, but Maximo’s managed good or better matches in all of his defenses so far. The show leads off with a Batillon del Muerte performance and also includes a women’s match and a Porky match. The opener and the title match are promising, the rest are safely skippable.

Shocker had knee surgery today.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and this week’s Poster-Mania.

This week’s Box Y Lucha seems a week or so behind.

The mystery Japanese wrestler on this weekend’s Arena Azetca Budokan show was name either Hito or Itto depending on where you look. He’s still a mystery.

Maximo says it’d be an honor to team with Casandro.

Super Comando, who (unknown to me!) was in Chicago this weekend as part of a Huracan Ramirez/Hijo del Fishman tour of shows in the US, is still wrestling and says he’ll have more news soon.

Los Ingobernables calling their rivals Mil Nombres (Caristico) and Robocop (Cibernetico) is pretty fun.

Segunda Caida reviews Love Machine, Último Dragón, Vampiro vs Black Magic, Negro Casas, Pirata Morgan.

El Hijo del Santo writes about his mask vs hair match with Brazo de Oro.


CMLL (SAT) 01/23/2016 Arena Coliseo
1) Bengala vs Cholo
2) Flyer vs Metálico
3) Hombre Bala Jr. vs Canelo Casas
4) Pegasso vs Arkángel de la Muerte
5) Blue Panther Jr. vs Tiger
6) Rey Cometa & Tritón vs Felino & Pólvora
7) La Máscara, Super Porky, Valiente vs Niebla Roja, Ripper, Terrible

This is fair card on star power for a Saturday even if not for the missing luchadors.

CMLL (SUN) 01/24/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) El Tapatío, Javier Cruz Jr., Linterna vs Black Sugar, Mr. Brisa, Quca
2) Nautilius vs Joker [OCCIDENTE MIDDLE, semifinal]
final on 01/31?
3) Omar Brunetti vs El Chakal [OCCIDENTE MIDDLE, semifinal]
4) Esfinge & Gallo vs Cancerbero & Raziel
5) Magico, Neutrón, Super Porky vs Mosco X Fly, Mr. Trueno, Ripper

No idea who Magico is. Most hilarious possible outcome of the tournament is Joker winning and quickly moving to Mexico City to never defend the title. He and Omar seem like the favorites for the final.

CMLL ELITE (SUN) 01/24/2016 Arena México
1) La Jarochita & Muñeca De Plata vs Amapola & Dalys
2) Dinamic Black & Imposible vs Artillero & Sangre Azteca
3) Delta & Tritón vs Eterno & Fresero Jr.
4) Trauma I & Trauma II vs Puma & Tiger
5) Felino & Negro Casas vs Juventud Guerrera & Super Crazy
6) Carístico, Extreme Tiger, Valiente vs Euforia, La Máscara, Rush

Extreme Tiger was on these shows before, and is back again. It’s probably a one off since he’s headed to the UK with TNA next week. Juventud also worked the Elite show back in June and returns here, as they continue teasing a Super Crazy/Felino match for whatever reason.

Elite announced the Dinastia final would be this week. Unless Puma was allowed to sub in for Canelo Casas, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Who knows. Artillero booking is random but at least it suggests he’s still in good here.

La Jarochita makes the jump from AAA. She hadn’t appeared on TV since late 2014, but was part of the crew who are regularly listed on spot shows without getting any television time. She won their Quien Pinta Para La Corona in 2012, though AAA never seemed that impressed with her and used her mostly in opening matches when she was used at all. This is maybe more telling about what interests the Elite promotes: any one of two dozen indie lucahdoras could’ve filled that same spot, but they seemingly went out of their way to get Jarochita to “jump.” It seems like a thing you do if you’re excited to do CMLL vs AAA matches and over estimating how much slapping the label “AAA” or “CMLL” means on someone. (She’ll be fine.)

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Lucha Underground Season 2 probably isn’t airing on Unimas

Lucha Underground Season 2 sounds like it’s going to be fun. You’ll be able to watch it El Rey. You’ll be able to watch it on TLN in Canada. You probably will be unable to watch it on Unimas.

It’s hard to prove a negative; Unimas isn’t going to announce they’re not carrying a show. Lucha Underground and Unimas didn’t really announce they had Lucha Underground for season 1 either – it just showed up in their upcoming listings, and people started to spot the ad for the show. Unimas hadn’t said anything yet this time around either, but with King Cuerno, Mil Muertes and Dario Cueto appearing at the Univision Deportes Awards seemed to suggest the partnership was still intact. All we needed is to see that season 2 promo or it to show up in the listings at the same time on Saturday to confirm.

I recorded chunks of Unimas this weekend just to find that LU S2 commercial. It’s two weeks out, and it was airing two weeks out last time. I did find a Lucha Underground commercial, but not the one I was looking for.

To save you the 15 seconds, that’s a Spanish language ad for the show airing on El Rey. (I only saw it once in the eight hours I recorded over two days; it didn’t appear to be in the regular rotation and might have been a local cable system buy.) There’s no reason for that advertisement to exist if the show was still going to air on Unimas – it wouldn’t make sense to direct people off network to find it if it was going to air on this network. It makes sense if they’re hoping to move the viewers over to El Rey because it won’t be on Unimas any longer.

Starting this morning, you can easily find the the listings for 01/30 Saturday afternoon, where Lucha Underground was airing at 4pm Eastern last year. The season 2 premiere is not listed. (Instead, it’s the end of The Brave One & the start of Battle: Los Angeles.) Maybe that’s just a random commercial meaning nothing, and maybe the show just got moved to a different time, but add on Lucha Underground no longer doing Spanish language announcing in front of the crowd and it doesn’t look good.

I’d really like to feel dumb and have LU turn up on Unimas anyway. But, if they’re not advertising Lucha Underground, and they’re advertising other shows in LU’s spot, then it feels like a pretty safe bet the show isn’t airing.

I can tell you where Lucha Underground will be appearing. A reporter for EstrellaTV was at the Temple Sunday to do a feature that’ll air Monday afternoon. A different feature will air on LATV at some point. (Image includes a new character if you’re concerned about any spoiler.) Both of those networks are primarily Spanish language channels in competition with Unimas. It’d be strange for them to be running a feature on a opposition network’s show, but much less so if it’s only an El Rey airing. And it’d make since for Lucha Underground to invite them if there’s a large base of Spanish language fans they’re worried about losing.

While the Wednesday night El Rey airing is the one that gets the internet buzz, estimates had 2-3x times as many people watching it on Unimas (since it’s a channel far more available in the US.) There are a lot of people who simply can not get the El Rey Network where they live but could easily get Unimas – and unless there’s a surprise streaming or VOD deal to be announced, their only method of watching the shows will be to start paying Sling or Fubo.TV, or looking on YouTube for pirated uploads. (People will tend towards YouTube, but I’d suspect there’s a larger quieter group who just will watch something else.)

I’d presume Lucha Underground knew they wouldn’t be on Unimas from back when they restarted taping in November – they didn’t do Spanish announcing from the first day of the season. For all we know, it may even be the plan: Unimas as training wheels for season 1 and hoping to migrate the people to El Rey for season 2, because the purpose of this show to get eyeball on El Rey. I’m not sure. Not being on Unimas seems like a problem to me, but it’s not the first thing that seems like a problem, and the show keeps on keeping on. I like to think I’m intelligent, but I’m not nearly smart enough to figure out how Lucha Underground works on a spreadsheet.

Not being on Unimas shouldn’t affect the onscreen product (except the lack of reshoots in Spanish.) Lucha Underground Season 2 should be good, and all the information I have on season 2 sounds fun. You’ll just probably be only able to watch it on El Rey in the US.

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Ingobernables outsmart Caristico (again), FantasticaMania Day 1

photo via CMLL

CMLL (SAT) 01/16/2016 Arena Coliseo [CMLL]
1) Aéreo b Pequeño Universo 2000
2) Metálico b Leono
For reasons unclear, Metalico wrestled in plain black trunks.
3) Magnus b Hijo del Signo
4) Raziel b Hombre Bala Jr.
5) Blue Panther Jr. b Starman
Starman replaced Skandalo
6) Gran Guerrero & Ripper b Ángel de Oro & Rey Cometa
7) Blue Panther, La Máscara, Máximo Sexy b Ephesto, Luciferno, Niebla Roja

A show! Various people were kissed in the main event.

Skandalo did wrestle in Coacalco on Sunday, so whatever the problem was on Saturady got better on Sunday.

CMLL NJPW (SUN) 01/17/2016 Kochi Sunpia CHRES, Kochi, Japan [NJPW]
Attendance: 1214
1) Kushida & Stuka Jr. b Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu
9:01. Stuka beat Tanaka with the torpedo splash. All Tanaka/Komatsu matches are part of a challenge series. All matches on this show were one fall, but with lucha libre (no) tag rules.
2) Boby Zavala & Okumura b Guerrero Maya Jr. & The Panther
8:45. Bobby Zavala beat Maya with a sit down powerbomb.
3) Fuego & Titán b Bárbaro Cavernario & YOSHI-HASHI
9:10. Titan beat Cavernario with his cradle.
4) Hechicero & Virus b Dragon Lee & Jay White
9:55. Virus beat Jay White with the motovirus.
5) Bushi, EVIL, Tetsuya Naito b Atlantis, Juice Robinson, Máscara Dorada
9:12. Naito beat Juice Robinson via foul after the rudos had previously unmasked Atlantis. Bushi took Dorada’s mask as well.
6) Ryusuke Taguchi & Volador Jr. b Mephisto & Shinsuke Nakamura
10:26. Volador beat Mephisto with a top rope frankensteiner.
7) Hiroshi Tanahashi, Jyushin Thunder Liger, Mistico b Gedo, Kazuchika Okada, Último Guerrero
15:43. La Mistica on Ultimo Guerrero.

The storyline in the Atlantis/Los Ingobernables de Japon matches are Naito and friends are still pretty upset about Atlantis taking Sombra’s mask and are going for revenge. What great friends!

Really disappointed that NJPW didn’t come up with a name for Titan’s cradle so I didn’t have to come up with one of my own.

Kushida had a special mohawk enhanced mask. In an interview before the tour, Guerrero Maya said he still doesn’t think Bobby is any good.

Next show is early Tuesday morning. First NJPW World show is on Friday morning.

CMLL Elite (SUN) 01/17/2016 Arena México [+LuchaTV, KronoSport, MedioTiempo]
1) Pequeño Olímpico & Pierrothito b Principe Diamante & Último Dragoncito
2) Cancerbero & Raziel b Centvrión & Metaleón
3) Trauma I & Trauma II b Argos & Karonte Jr. [Dinastia Elite, torneo]
CMLL recap says the Traumas took advantage of Karonte errors for the win.
4) Canelo Casas & Tiger b El Cuatrero & Sansón [Dinastia Elite, torneo]
Casas and Traumas meet next week.
5) Ángel de Oro, Golden Magic, Super Crazy b Ephesto, Euforia, Luciferno
Luciferno replaced Felino (doubled booked in Guadalajara).
6) Negro Casas & Rush b Carístico & Cibernético [Relevos Increíbles]
Mascara helped Rush win.

I assumed there would be a block final between those four teams on this show, as there is when CMLL normally runs four team tournaments. Nah. Not sure why they didn’t just announce both matches ahead of time. The Traumas said next week is the final, so it’s a big four team tournament.

How about Caristico and La Mascara as a match? Bad idea or terrible idea? Mascara keeps costing Caristico wins. Caristico might still be mad that Mascara got Averno’s mask/failed 2011 instead of him.

Attendance looks miserable.

Ancla took Rey Abadon’s hair in a four way on the WMC show Saturday night.

Halloween introduced his son Ciclope to +LuchaTV. This is not the DTU Ciclope. I wonder if he’ll have more matches than Halloween Jr.

Japanese women’s promotion Stardom announced they’d be touring Europe in May. Mexico’s WWS said they’d be contributed unnamed luchadors for those shows.

LuchaWorld has a recap of Friday’s new show and KrisZ’s news update.

Here’s a Mascara Dorada interview in Japanese. He mentions his brother is now wrestling as Gitano Jr.

Eric Mutter writes about Hijo del Fatansma.


TAO (TUE) 02/09/2016 Arena Querétaro
1) Diamante Azul Jr. & Electro Boy vs Speed Demon & Von Draker
2) Alex Guajardo & Lince vs Benji Maverick & Fuego Latino
3) Chica Ye-Ye, Dragón De Oriente I, Dragón De Oriente II vs Atómico, Diva Salvaje, Soldado Diabólico
4) Pagano, Ursus, X-Danzz vs Bestia 666, Damián 666, X-Fly
5) Carístico & Mistico II vs Black Warrior & Mephisto

Black Warrior still exists! Mistico II is booked in Mexico after FantasticaMania, for what it’s worth.

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Rush defeats Caristico, Thunder forgot his pants?, new DTU champ

Rush & Caristico

CMLL (FRI) 01/15/2016 Arena México [MeditoTiempo, thecubsfan]
1) Mercurio & Pierrothito b Shockercito & Stukita
16:30. Rudos took 2/3
2) Estrellita, Marcela, Silueta b Dalys, Reyna Isis, Zeuxis
14:17. Tecnicas took 1/3.
3) Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys b Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther, Rey Cometa
14:41. Rudos took 1/3.
4) Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas b La Máscara, Super Parka, Valiente
9:34. La Mascara had issues with his partners, as usual. Peste Negra took 1/3, including Casas pinning Parka cleanly in the third.
5) Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Thunder b Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja
7:01 Straight falls, with Thunder pulling off Euforia’s mask and beating him in the third. Euforia again challenged Thunder to a singles match. Thunder’s microphone was cut off when he swore as part of his response.
6) Rush b Carístico
13:18. Rush took 1/3. Finish saw Tirantes get knocked down, then distracted by the arriving La Mascara. Caristico attempted La Mistica, the move fell apart, but Caristico quickly put on a fujiwara armbar and Rush taped put. Rush escaped, then dropped Carsitico with the Rush Driver for the win. Rush put his feet on the ropes for leverage during the pin, though it didn’t seem necessary. Caristico won no falls in this match, only taking the second via the DQ. Rush belittled Caristico and the fans after his win. Caristico said Rush was beatable, then was beat up and stripped of his mask by Rush & La Mascara

Main event was really good, screwed up Mistica aside. Undercard was better than expected. Thunder was awful and wrestling in jeans was very odd

Rush & Caristico rematch tonight in Arena Lopez Mateos in a tag match: Caristico & Sharlie Manson vs Fuerza Guerrero & Rush.

ILLM’s show at Salon Citalli tomorrow has Arez vs Sharlie Rockstar vs Fly Warrior as the main event. Arez told Furia de Titanes that Sharlie inspired him to be a luchador, but now it’s ARez and the rest of the Indystrongibles inspiring people. Lady Maravilla also talks up her tag match – teaming with Ancla versus Zanelly & Moria, with the interview noting it’s sort of a AAA vs CMLL match. Maravilla is sometimes on AAA shows, and Zanelly is the mystery woman from the CMLL bodybuilding contest who’s only wrestled once or twice since.

La Liga de Justica also has their first Coliseo Coacalco show on Sunday, with Herodes Jr. versus Misterioso Jr. in a chain match as the main event. They’ve announced a show for next Sunday back in Puebla with Herodes Jr. & Hijo del Herodes (?) versus Emperador Azteca (IWRG) & Stigma vs Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill Jr.

The Rotation won the DTU Alto Impacto championship in German’s WXW today, in a tag match against former champion Kim Ray.

AAA’s TV episode for this week is already on YouTube. This week’s matches are

  • Dinastía & Venum vs Mini Abismo Negro & Mini Psycho Clown
  • Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans vs Daga, Joe Lider, Pentagón Jr.
  • Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, Zorro vs La Parka, Monsther Clown, Murder Clown

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

The 02/07 Expomascaras will include a tribute to Hijo del Perro Aguayo.

Rush, Niebla Roja and Besita 666 are headed to Phoenix on March 19.

Eric Mutter writes about Taya and Jack Evans.


CMLL (FRI) 01/22/2016 Arena México
1) Starman & Stigma vs Sangre Azteca & Skándalo
2) Blue Panther Jr., Delta, Tritón vs Misterioso Jr., Puma, Sagrado
3) Ángel de Oro, Máximo Sexy, Valiente vs Ephesto, Kráneo, Luciferno
4) Blue Panther vs Ripper [lightning]
5) Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Thunder vs Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja
6) La Máscara, Marco Corleone, Rush vs Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero, Terrible

Ingobernables team everywhere this week, including Arena Mexico. They’re making us wait for Euforia/Thunder, which is not a pleasant use of time.

Lucha Memes (SUN) 01/24/2016 Coliseo Coacalco, Coacalco, Estado de México
1) Fly Star & Toxin vs Corsario Negro Jr. & Drako
2) Ángel Del Amor, Demasiado, Juana La Loca vs Metaleón, Mr. Leo, Toscano
3) Magia Blanca, Magnifico, Magnífico II vs Alas de Acero, Aramis, Iron Kid
4) Freelance, Mike Segura, Pantera I vs Arez, Belial, Impulso
5) Pagano vs Caifan
6) 1 vs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 [Memes Rumble]
22 person royal rumble, most particpants not to be announced before the match

Full card for this show. That fourth match could be great.

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CMLL on 2016-01-15 

Recapped: 01/15/2016

What happened: Rush defeated Caristico, with a little bit of cheating, in the first ever singles match. Even after the loss, Caristico said he could beat Rush. Rush & La Mascara beat up and unmasked Caristico to end the show.

Thunder defeated Euforia, with a little bit of cheating. Euforia challenged Thunder to a rematch. Thunder’s mic was cut (due to his swearing) before he could respond. Thunder was wearing street clothes for some reason.

What was good: The main event turned out to be a lot of fun. The undercard was better than expected.

Where can I watch it: It’ll be up on my channel in a few days. The top matches will air on TV on 02/03. (more…)

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Arena Mexico preview, AAA in SLP


AAA JUNIORS (WED) 01/13/2016 Auditorio Miguel Barragan, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí [Radio Deportes FM]
1) Aero Fly, Efecto, Vagabundo b Conde Bartok, Mini Maniaco, Mr. Marca
2) Goya Kong & Pimpinela Escarlata b Mamba & Taya
Mini Maniaco challenged Aero Fly after the match.
3) Drago & Electroshock DQ Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Joe Lider
Originally scheduled as Drago, Goya Kong, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Joe Lider, Mamba, Taya. Hijo del Tirantes himself fouled Electroshock to give the rudos the win, but the commission overruled the result and gave it as a DQ to the tecnicos. Tirantes continued to referee the rest of the night.
4) Hijo del Fantasma, Pentagón Jr., Texano Jr. b Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown
Rudos took 1/3. Texano beat Psycho Clown and asked for a Latin American title shot. Psycho said OK.
5) Chessman, El Mesías, Taurus b Dr. Wagner Jr., Fénix, La Parka
Mesias pulled Wagner’s mask to beat him.

The show is an AAA spot show, completely unnotable for the results, but there were a few things around the show of interest. The card looks like it was sold out (and this was a paid ticket event, not a government sponsored show like the big one over last weekend.) The promoter announced AAA would return on 03/23 for a TV taping. That’s the first taping to come out after next week’s DF show. It’ll be two days after the one year anniversary of Hijo del Perro Aguayo’s death, and they’ll be honoring him on the show. That’s about the time we’d expect Rey de Reyes to occur, but follow up messages suggested it’s just a normal TV taping. A Wednesday major show would be very unusual anyway.

Today’s the first ever Caristico versus Rush match. Rush’s rise in CMLL came after Caristico left the promotion; they may have been on the same side of tag matches on spot shows before Rush left, but he wasn’t really Rush at that point. The story now is Rush is dismissive of Caristico, calling him “a star of the past” and “Mil Nombres”, and also dropped Caristico on his head last week. The usual story is Caristico proves he’s a start of now by getting the win, but Caristico’s results in CMLL have been inconsistent.

There’s nothing else must see on the show. The semimain is walking in place, with the Guerreros (Gran Guerrero in for Ultimo Guerrero) taking on the Revolucionarios. They set up a Euforia/Thunder match last week and it might actually happen next week. The reduced roster might explain why Super Parka is back in the fourth match, a trios teaming with Mascara & Valiente versus the Niebla/Felino/Casas combination of Peste Negra. Marcela, who hasn’t been seen for about six weeks, is listed as working the second match. Stukita hasn’t wrestled on a TV/internet show in two months, but returns to work the opening minis match tonight.

The CMLL show starts at 8:30pm Central. It will stream on, and the show has not been region blocked in many weeks.

I’ve mentioned this on the podcast and on Twitter, but the finish beating a dead horse: I don’t think anyone from CMLL is going on loan to NJPW for a year as Mascara Dorada did this past year. There was a line mentioned this would happen in the original NJPW press release about the tour, but I do not see it there any longer. Neither CMLL or NJPW has mentioned it as happening in recent weeks. The two people we thought might be going, Cavernario and Dragon Lee, have both been announced for bookings in the US in February: Cavernario (and Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero) will wrestle in Memphis in 02/21, and Dragon Lee will be part of Lucha Va Voom’s February shows. Titan is another name guessed, but he’s booked on the Ultimo Dragon show at the end of the month.

There’s definitely always a chance I’m missing something and Guerrero Maya Jr. or someone else will suddenly get a red jacket, but, as someone who’s spent a lot of time thinking about this the last couple months, this doesn’t seem like much to be thinking about going forward.

Shocker, who’s been missing away from CMLL since 12/18 (though he has done it on indie shows), says he’s undergoing surgery on Monday.  I don’t see any explanation of what he’s getting surgery on, though he’s had a long history of knee problems.

Psycho Clown isn’t thrilled with the idea of teaming with Dr. Wagner, given Dr. Wagner turned on Rey Misterio Jr. last time he was on an AAA TV match. (That was November 2nd, it’s been a while.) Psycho hopes Wagner will be professional given the Mega championship match is on the line. Psycho notes everyone in the match besides him has won the championship at least once, but that’s in the past and he’s focused on the future.

IWRG is having a create a new character contest, where the winner gets a laptop and a free pass to all IWRG events for a year. You need a name, a backstory, and a look. They’re going to close the contest in February, not said which day. A previous contest ended up with Canis Lupus, though I believe there was some suspicion the outcome of the contest may have been predetermined. That also ended up with a young guy stuck in the first half of the card elevated into a rare IWRG based main eventer.

LuchaWorld has a recap of this week’s CMLL Informa, including Caristico being Caristico.

Segunda Caida reviews Solar I vs Blue Panther.

Lucha Underground posted an eight minute  season 1 recap. Of note, Matt Striker says he hasn’t seen Vampiro since Ultima Lucha.

There’s a new ~$25USD iOS app which will guide you thru making a Rey Misterio Jr. mask.

The Lucharama promotion appears to be returning on 01/31.

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2015 watch later catch up, part 14 of ∞

Dralion’s going after that chair as much as Rey Horuz

Matches reviewed in this post

  • Alberto Dos Rios vs Belial
    Arena Femenil, Monterrey, Nuevo León, 10/03/2015 
  • Dralion vs Rey Horus
    Arena Femenil, Monterrey, Nuevo León, 10/03/2015 
  • Máximo © vs Terrible for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
    Arena México, 10/18/2015 
  • Diablo Jr. I & El Hijo del Diablo vs Apolo Estrada Jr. & Eterno
    Arena Naucalpan, 12/16/2015 
  • Imposible © vs Pantera I for the IWRG Intercontinental Lightweight Championship
    Arena Naucalpan, 12/20/2015 
  • Black Terry & Dr. Cerebro vs Apolo Estrada & Eterno for the hair
    Arena Naucalpan, 12/20/2015 

Alberto Dos Rios vs Belial
Arena Femenil, Monterrey, Nuevo León, 10/03/2015
RIOT WA (more…)

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lucha TV preview for weekend of January 15th

As always, click on the image to get an easier to read page.

AAA returns to new matches this week, we’re almost sure. No idea which matches will air; maybe keep an eye on their Twitter account if they’re back to announcing these things ahead of time.

52MX returned to airing Puebla matches, which means it’s kind of useless for anyone with access to YouTube. It was a two week trip to Tuesday matches. A friend had a theory that everything was being bounced around for two weeks due to CMLL wanting to protect the iPPVs. That seems to fit with what happened, and could mean something other than the cage match airs on Azteca this week.

LATV has gone off into repeat land once again.


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CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2015-12-26 

this took forever and a day

Recapped: 01/03/106

What happened: Tuesday matches are now airing on 52MX. They had been airing irregularly on Claro Sports/Titanes en el Ring since the shut down of CadenaTres. It appears this is a permanent change from airing the Puebla matches as it stays this way the following week, but nothing is for sure with CMLL’s TV. The top 3 matches (skipping the lightning matches) will likely air every week.

Titan defeated Dragon Rojo in the main event trios after those two feuded all match long. The opener saw the rudos win with by cheating and everyone pull everyone else’s mask, as they set up the cage match.

What was good: Just the main event. Tuesday shows haven’t changed much since I was recapping them a couple months ago, with the matches scaled down to the audience size.

Where can I watch it: It’s on my YouTube channel. (more…)

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