Caveman vs Soverign in the Gran Alternativa final

Tonight’s the final of the Gran Alternativa. The impact of this tournament is sometimes overstated. It’s only the rare Mistico occasions where the winner gets vaulted to the top; most only get to move up one rung on the CMLL ladder. That also meant a lot more in days where there were fewer chances break thru to a higher level, but CMLL seems to be (forced into) finding more ways to elevate younger luchadors into bigger positions. Both guys in the final figure to at least reach the Stuka/Okumura level at some point, the winner gets there a bit faster.

The two teams this year are Soberano Jr., tecnico son of Euforia who will team with Volador Jr, and Cavernario, crazied haired rudo caveman who naturally teams with Mr. Niebla. Both guys are 20, which is very young even for CMLL’s current roster. Soberano is a daring high flyer who will undoubtedly do something spectacular in this match, but Cavernario is the more complete luchador who already has an identifiable character and an associate with a top level group. There’s an obvious role for him if he wins, and CMLL hasn’t really set up the same thing for Cavernario. (On the other hand, Cavernario having a role means he may advance anyway and doesn’t need the win.)

CMLL Gaceta’s preview of the final.

The Gran Alternativa is not expected to air on Terra, but more important matches for upcoming events may. Rush, Shocker and Negro Casas are all in the fourth match (which should air this week) and some or all of them may be in an apuesta match on Dos Leyendas in five weeks. It’s about time to make it clear that’s the match that’s actually happen if it’s actually happen, instead of just being one of a bunch of matches teased. Marcela and Dallys also meet in a lightning match, which should set up another singles match between them in the near future.

GALLI’s posted Bryce Benjamin vs Discovery as a teaser of this upcoming Sunday’s show. (Which I realized I can’t make.) You know, it’d be neat if AAA brought back Discovery for a one time surprise appearance to team him up with the new space cadets.

Arena Coliseo Monterrey tells the story of Angel Justiciero leading into his mask match this Sunday.

Fuego en el ring interviews Yuca el Potranquita.

Segunda Caida’s Eric R reviews Uprising Lucha Libre from 01/25/14.

CMLL and AAA luchadors on the same show in La Laguna.

ChilangaMexico says they’ll be heading west in May, with shows in Tijuana, Mexicali and Rosarito.

Lucha libre shows will not be allowed in Culiacan’s Gimnasio Juan S. Millan – so there’s still no building for local shows.

Kcidis has his own lucha memes about CMLL’s delayed matches.

More luchador resin figures.

03/03 AAA TV Lineup (Irapuato) – last show before Rey de Reyes

AAA TV (MON) 03/03/2014 Lienzo Charro Ignacio Leon Ornelas, Irapuato, Guanajuato
1) Dinastía vs Mini Charly Manson [AAA MINI]
Dinastia is champion
2) Faby Apache, Jennifer Blake, Zumbi vs Sexy Lady, Sexy Star, Steve Pain
3) Angélico, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans vs Daga, Pentagón Jr., Psicosis
4) ?, Axel, Electroshock vs Chessman, Hijo del Fantasma, Silver King
5) Cibernético, La Parka, Psycho Clown vs Parka Negra, Texano, Zorro

Air Date: 03/15 (Rey de Reyes starts on 03/22.)

This looks like a mostly re-enforcement leading into Rey de Reyes; not much new, but just running the same feuds as last week TV build up to that show. The main event has the probable title match (Psycho & Texano), two of the guys in the Rey de Reyes final (Parka & Zorro) and two guys likely to be in whatever tag match they do with Jarrett this time (Cibernetico & Parka Negra.) This also reenforces that the Gimansio Olimpico Juan de la Barrera show will be one of those classic AAA shows where a million different things will happen at once. For future reference, here’s a textual representation of the AAA TV pattern:

TV taping 1: not much
TV taping 2: not much
TV taping 3: not much
TV taping 4: not much
TV taping 5: not much
TV taping 7: not much
Major card

Happens every time. It’d be a much more entertaining week to week show if they could spread out the craziness a bit better.

What usually happens is some really fun matches sneak thru on the not much shows, because the guys who can work are also the guys who very rarely get stuff to do so they’re all just thrown together (and that seems to be happening again at Rey de Reyes judging from the tercera) and magic happen. AAA hasn’t really had as much magic this cycle around. That tercera is the best chance for it this time around.

In other things which I’ll type in caps even though I shouldn’t, WHY IS AXEL STILL HERE? He’s not very good, he hasn’t been much good in AAA, he’s never been much of a star, and he’s a walking lawsuit magnet. Axel seems like a good dude, but it feels like Axel is here as spite, which is not an entertaining reason to book someone. This would be a great opportunity for AAA to give Axel a chance to explain why he’s here (though hopefully not remembering the dropped feud with Daga), instead of just throwing him out there and pretending people are going to care or it’s a good use of anyone’s time.

That semimain also means whoever the mystery guy is on the Rey de Reyes block is probably teaming with Electroshock and Axel versus Consejo & Chessman in his second match. Those are all upper level guys, but they are also very definitely not top guys as AAA’s used them, so that’s the level they’re slotting the new guy.

Cuervo hasn’t been seen since he made the mixed tag title challenge to Faby and Drago, which means it’s still 50/50 that match happening at Rey de Reyes. Sexy Lady here might to set up the multiwoman Rey de Reyes title defense instead.

Timing is on schedule for the semiannual minis title match. Dinastia won the title on 02/18 last year, and this would be his second TV defense. There hasn’t felt like any feud to set this up – maybe that’ll also happen in DF – but I’m totally fine with a random singles title defense. It might have to be internet exclusive match, since the openers have been left off the five match shows this year.

Next show is 03/16


CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2014-01-11

Titan as Blue Panther (Negro Casas as Negro Casas)


taped 2014-01-03 @ Arena Mexico
Máximo, Shocker, Super Porky vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger: Of the many TRT matches lately, this is definitely the one with the most edited fall fall. Not one did anything horrible but this was pointless. This is still a promotion putting the live show first; TV really needed a shorter match they got here. JCR’s claim of TRT being top contenders to both trios titles falls a tiny bit flat when they seem to lose a lot of these.


Titan loses via gravity

Titán vs Negro Casas in CMLL’s Leyenda de Plata Tournament final match: EXCELLENT. I’m surely going to put Titan on this list so many times again in 2014, but it’s going to be tough to beat this one. Negro Casas was superb in working with him, giving him enough to think Titan was actually going to pull off the upset (again!) and in putting him over after the match. (It feels unfair to compare this to Ultimo Guerrero’s performance against Valiente, but it’s also very obvious.) Titan more than held his side of the bargain in way few guys his age on this roster would’ve been able to; this wasn’t the crazy spectacle with Niebla Roja, but one with plans and strategies that lasted more than a move, and counters that were actually surprising and organic. That’s stuff Titan does with the right guy, and Negro Casas is the right guy for everyone. I thought this felt short watching it live, but it’s more a case of it just flying by for being fun.


Valiente Especial

Máscara Dorada, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Averno, Mephisto, Último Guerrero: Main event formula – triple dive spot, everyone gets a big move but someone else breaks it up, rudos fail at a triple team and técnicos all get cradles but it doesn’t work. Generally good but generally the same as other matches with different offense plugged in. Volador & Ultimo Guerrero doing the Shocker & Ultimo Guerrero reverse casadora spot is amusing since Volador is the new Shocker (but missing some of that self confidence.) I was surprised UG took the top rope headscissors at the end, but Volador needed that.

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02/14-16 lucha times


my evening summarized: I am a clever moron.

== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: The first half of Ecatepec. I dunno how they’re splitting it up. Guessing the first half of the taping for no particular reason.

== CMLL ==

FOX: Gran Alternativa, Block B.

52MX: Tag title match, more Camorra vs Stigma from Guadalajara

C3: Peste Negra vs Titan Rush Mascara.

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Mr. Aguila & Reapper vs La Mascara & Volador Jr., possibly the worst match of the year.

Lucha Azteca: Gran Alternativa, Block A.

Terra Friday: First 4 matches? That’d include Shocker vs Negro Casas.


== Other ==

IWRG-AYM Sports: maybe this Sunday’s show, maybe next Sunday’s show.

Noches de Coliseo: probably Satanico vs Dandy.

IWL: off week?


CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-01-11


Oro finds a harder trip to the floor


taped 2014-01-07 @ Arena Mexico
Camaleón, Oro Jr., Soberano Jr. vs Artillero, Canelo Casas, Súper Comando: This was a disguised opener match for the first half, but got more interesting when the rudos took over and pulled off their double teams. Third fall went well too – Oro even got to do a dive! – but it seemed like something went wrong about a minute before the finish and it wasn’t as sharp as planned. It looked like an innocent Camaleon dropkick to break up a Super Comando pin threw him off for a moment. There were a lot scarier looking things in this one – Oro’s freefall to the floor in the first, and Canelo’s positioning on the splashed second. It seemed like he was for sure getting squashed by his partners, but they knew what they were doing and worked fine with the four less experienced guys here. Hope they get more chances at this matchup because it has potential.


Artillero has had enough of this.

Negro Casas, Puma, Tiger vs Black Panther, Blue Panther, Cachorro: Nice match to debut in for the new Panthers. You got more of a sense of them then in the Copa Junior last week, and they had some people who can cover up for their weaknesses, plus a reason for the crowd to care about the match right away. They were excited the moment Negro Casas stepped in the ring. Cachorro seems Super Halcón/Hombre Bala sized, but Black Panther is way bigger (and more muscular) than most técnicos outside his level, and uses more of a stronger rudo style. He might ultimately be better of being on the rudo side. They both need to work on their timing, and there were issues that Casas family were able to get past here but other rudos might not be, but this was a fun good match to start out with.


double gutbuster

Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Shocker vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Euforia, Niebla Roja: Shocker feuding with Barbaro Cavernario is too random even for the CMLL booking hat. Barbaro did deserve a beating by interfering in the first fall about a million times and livened up a match that was not otherwise that memorable. Tecnicos didn’t do interesting things and rudos were not as sharp as normal. Guerrero Maya’s post match strut was hilariously awful, for the one second we saw of it.


Guerrero Maya into orbit

Rush, Stuka Jr., Titán vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Virus: The Rush/Terrible stuff was on a different level than the rest of the match and made it feel like a main event enough though it wasn’t the usual names. The other guys were fine but those two had something more. Titan using the inverted Gori stretch is a cool idea, but he’s got to be a 100 times more careful dropping the guy after it – he came close to really messing Virus up, and it was only luck that it didn’t turn out worse. He lost his balance dropped Virus very carelessly.

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Rey de Reyes tickets on sale, Box y Lucha biweekly?, ChilangaMask, El Dandy

CMLL (MON) 02/10/2014 Arena Puebla [El Popular (cover), Porra Fresa]
1) Akrón, Fuerza Chicana, Guerrero Negro Jr. b Bengala, Camaleón, Tigre Rojo
Rudos took 1/3? Camaleon was strechered out after a Guerrero Negro move (probably the destroyer)
2) Metálico, Robin, Sensei b Espíritu Maligno, Siki Ozama Jr., Toro Bill Jr.
3) Marcela b Tiffany [lightning]
Marcela won with the top rope double stomp in over 8 minutes.
4) Misterioso Jr., Puma, Tiger b Stigma, Stuka Jr., Tritón
rematch. Rudos took 2/3, Tiger powerbombed Triton and Misterioso beat Stigma.
5) Marco Corleone, Rush, Thunder DQ Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys
Vangellys fouled Rush. Rush challenged him to a fight next week.
6) Volador Jr. b Mr. Águila
listed as for the honor and glory. Volador took 2/3.

Note Tiger beat Triton, not Puma as el Popular had Tuesday. Rush’s challenge was about Puebla like real luchadors, not those who fool around, which sounds like they’re going to hit each other very hard next week.

Tickets went on sale today for Rey de Reyes. AAA has been pretty happy about selling out their tapings selling out so far, but they should be thrilled if they can do great advance sales with 0.75 matches announced. Tickets run from 60 to 600 Mexican Pesos ($4.50 to $45.00), plus a “Experience AAA” package for $800 Mexican Pesos. It’s said that will be explained later, but I would guess it’s something like the VIP deals US promotions have done, where an extra amount gets you into a meet and greet sometime before the show.

DJ Spectro said he went looking for this week’s Box Y Lucha and was told Box y Lucha is going to biweekly publishing. They’ve been weekly as long as I know. SuperLuchas switched to biweekly upon their return from hiatus. I believe Luchas 2000 is still weekly, and would be the only weekly lucha libre magazine left. There’s a decline in the overall magazine industry (though that didn’t feel as strong looking around Mexico City), but it’s usually because there are other media coming along pushing them out. That doesn’t really feel like the case with the lucha libre magazines. (DJ Spectro also has the third part of his Angel Blanco bio, literally something that appeared in a magazine, almost defeating my point.)

Matt Jackson announced he wouldn’t need hand surgery, which means he’s probably on for the ChilangaMask show after all. ChilangaMask has also announced El Dandy vs Satanico to the show to a future show, as part of Dandy’s retirement tour. That’s a great match to add to a loaded card.

R de Rudo also has an interview with El Dandy, who mentions he’d like one last match in Mexico City proper (ChilangaMask is out in outside the city), but no promoter has stepped up to pay for it. Dandy also talks about his career – he got the name because he was good with the ladies, he trained for five years but his parents didn’t know until they saw him on TV in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara match – and what led to him stepping away from wrestling – hurt his spine on a dive, finding none of his wrestling friends helping him and sinking into a bad depression. He says he plans on ending his tour in April.

This week’s TerceraCaida includes an in studio interview with Sexy Star and Taya.   The show starts off with clips of Canek versus Andre el Gigante. Canek was not a small man, but the size difference makes Andre look like a monster created for a sci fi movie. He is huge and very scary. The behind the scenes video is up as well.

I’ve been trying to finish the TxT shows this week, which is a thing in itself. I have noticed them repeatedly promoting the first TxT show for 2014 to take place sometime in March, even after Santo’s injury announcement. They haven’t mentioned that happening elsewhere of late, but that must still be the plan.

CMLL’s Gaceta story on the national trios title build up brings up Rush & Negro Casas’ signing contract for a hair match.

Octagon has a column in Veracruz. His recap of AAA: “Y me han preguntado noticias de Triple A, pero es que de verdad, no ha pasado nada por ahí que sea digno de mencionar.” (Nothing’s happened in AAA worth mentioning.) Octagon really is still employed by AAA.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

A CMLL main evented show in Arena Aficion didn’t seem to draw much more than the few people who normally come on Tuesday for the locals. Rey Escorpion & Dragon Rojo beat Rey Cometa & Maximo.

Promo for Arena Quereataro show tomorrow.

Silueta talks about her current trip to Japan.

Tiger Universitario has some thoughts on Mr. Nice. I didn’t actually listen, but I can only assume the thought is “Mr. Nice is awful” after seeing him.

Lucha Va Voom has the second of it’s two Valentine’s Day shows (w/Niebla Roja) today in Los Angeles.

CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-01-11


Mercurio slide


taped 2014-01-01 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
Dark Angel, Goya Kong, Silueta vs Amapola, Princesa Sugheit, Zeuxis: Not a super match, but easily better than the average women’s match from a few weeks ago. Very much a match to have a match, but a competent one (in front of a small and quiet crowd.) Amapola really wiped out Silueta on the after the second fall Devil’s Wings, and Silueta’s springboard splash in the third fall look good. Finish came really quick after the comeback – actually, they were basically the same thing – and that comeback didn’t get off to the strongest start.

triple dive!

taped 2014-01-05 @ Arena Mexico
Eléctrico vs Astral, Stukita, Shockercito, Último Dragoncito, Demus 3:16, Mercurio, Pierrothito, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Nitro in a Pequeno Reyes del Aire match: A good first half of a cibernetico that fell apart near the end due to the body count. All three final guys ended up messed up. Astral is covered here. Eléctrico getting knocked silly by Demus sticks out on the rewatch (as does some behavior indicating how groggy he was) and Pierrothito was clearly in pain after Electrico’s elimination. It’s too bad, because they were having one of the better minis matches before everything starting going wrong. The pre-elimination section and the first few were all pretty good, as well as the short psuedo-tag portion with Demus/Pierrothito vs Eléctrico/Astral. Hope they get another chance at something like this.

barrier 1, Dragoncito 0

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great match roundup, week of 2014-01-11

Great/Excellent Matches
CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2014-01-11
taped 2014-01-03 @ Arena Mexico
Titán vs Negro Casas in CMLL’s Leyenda de Plata Tournament final match – excellent

Shows Watched But Nothing Made The List
CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-01-11
CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-01-11

Matches To Watch Later

IWRG Zona XXI: 2014-01-12
taped 2014-01-05 @ Arena Naucalpan
Electro Boy & Emperador Azteca vs Fulgor I & Fulgor II
Alan Extreme, Astro Rey Jr., Dragón Celestial vs Araña de Plata, Douki, Imposible

CMLL Puebla: 2014-01-13
Stigma vs Camorra for the mask


Pesta Negra challenge for trios titles, Camorra/Stgima, Octagon/Fuerza, Young Bucks

CMLL (TUE) 02/11/2014 Arena Mexico [CMLL]
1) Leono & Magnus b Akuma & Zayco
Zayco was stretchered out after a Magnus move. Recap suggests this could start a Zayco/Magnus feud!
2) Canelo Casas, Guerrero Negro Jr., Herodes Jr. b Dragon Lee, Flyer, Robin
Flyer wore his aquamarine Volador outfit for the first time here.
3) Dark Angel, Estrellita, Goya Kong b Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
Sexy Team got the win.
4) Sagrado b Virus [lightning]
5) Averno, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero b Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr.
Tiger & Terrible were originally announced, but replaced by Averno & Mephisto on Friday. Rudos took 1/3.
6) Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas b La Máscara, Rush, Titán
Peste Negra took falls 1/3, then challenged for the trios titles. Rush said NO, but Mascara eventually said yes – as long as it gets him a mask match versus Niebla. (They’re just doing the title match.)

Trios match as expected, even as much as Rush tried to fight it. That reads as Rush being annoying to the rudos and not any tecnico dissension. It would be peciluar for the original Peste Negra – one of the oldest possible trios in the promotion who just got two new members not in this promotion – to win the national trios titles on the Nuevo Valores show.

CMLL (TUE) 02/11/2014 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [@acogdl]
1) Leo & Sky Kid b Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno
Tecnicos took 1/3.
2) Dalys, La Seductora, Zeuxis b Lady Afrodita, Lluvia, Marcela
Lluvia’s first match since August. Rudas took 2/3, Dalys beating Marcela.
3) Boby Zavala, Camorra, Sangre Azteca b Stigma, Stuka Jr., Tritón
Rudos took 1/3, Camorra sneaking a foul on Stigma. They’ll come back in a singles match next week.
4) Volador Jr. b Mr. Águila
Volador took 2/3.
5) Euforia, Shocker, Último Guerrero DQ Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Valiente
Rudos took 1/3, Euforia tossing his mask to Marco to draw the DQ.

The increased amount of singles matches trend seems to be coming to Guadalajara as well. (I need to work up some numbers on this.) Camorra getting into a mask match and losing has been the best decision of that type since Rey Cometa.

Octagon announced he’s starting on the road to a mask match with Fuerza Guerrera on 03/02. (Tweet part 2; Octagon easily goes past 160.) What exactly has the last two decades been? The roads to the road to the mask match? It’s a good thing a lot of people who follow lucha libre in Mexico are in it for the nostalgia and not actually quality of the match, because any Fuerza Guerrera/Octagon match will have a lot of one of those things and not much of the other.

Matt Jackson mentioned on Twitter that he he broke his hand in a recent NJPW match (a IWGP Junior Tag Team championship earlier this week.) The injury may cause him to miss the ChilangaMask show. The promotion has already said that if the Young Bucks can’t make it, they have a two other of the same level ready and they’ll try to bring in Matt & Nick at some other time. Of all the many promotions in Mexico (little and big), ChilangaMask seems like the one most likely to bring in equal replacements given lead time, and also keep everyone updated about what’s going on in advance. It’s a bit harder when people get pulled on the day of the show, but otherwise I’m sure they’ll figure something out. The same update on that mentions they have three more surprises planned, one of which will be announced on Tercera Caida (listed as airing at 11pm CT night, usually up on YouTube before then.)

SuperLuchas #518 has coverage of the last two AAA tapings (before this past one) and the Sin Cara Gym show.

Angel o Demonio & Ovett won the main event of the 02/02 DTU show in Tulancingo, which seemed to set up a Crazy Boy/Angel o Demonio match.

The three known members of the Gimanso Juan de la Barrera Rey de Rey block talk about the pages.

CMLL Gaceta has a story about Silueta’s latest trip to Japan.

DJ Spectro has the second part of his look back at Angel Blanco.


CMLL (MON) 02/17/2014 Arena Puebla
1) Paris, Tigre Rojo, Tigre Rojo Jr. vs Artillero, Disturbio, Súper Comando
2) Metálico, Metatrón, Robin vs Espíritu Maligno, Siki Ozama Jr., Toro Bill Jr.
3) Fuego, Rey Cometa, Sagrado vs Kamaitachi, Sangre Azteca, Shigeo Okumura
4) Rush vs Vangellys
5) Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas

Estetas vs Peste Negra. Fuego & Rey Cometa will be fighting the Japanese forever.

CMLL (TUE) 02/18/2014 Arena Mexico
1) Flyer & Metatrón vs Cholo & Inquisidor
2) Angelito, Fantasy, Shockercito vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito
3) Hombre Bala Jr., Súper Halcón Jr., Tritón vs Cancerbero, Espiritu Negro, Raziel
4) Stuka Jr. vs Puma [lightning]
5) Black Panther, Blue Panther, Cachorro vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Misterioso Jr., Pierroth
6) La Máscara, Rush, Titán vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas [MEX TRIOS]
Rush, La Mascara & Titan are champions. Second defense.

The rudos could win if they’re looking for a way to get Rush vs Negro Casas going again. The tecnicos all have other titles, they don’t need these trios titles – but neither do the rudos. I think the champs retain but I’m less sure the more I think about it.

If Cachorro and Black Panther have a good match with that group of rudos, then they’re really good. (They can be really good and not have a good match with those guys.)

There’s a mini Angelito who wrestled in 2012 and 2013 in Arena Azteca Budokan; I’d bet this is that guy. Poor Pequeno Valiente.

top six stories of the last two weeks

  • Mini Chessman passed away
  1. Sin Cara threw a party for himself, a Sin Cara Gym first anniversary show to announce his return to lucha libre. Cara managed to get AAA (his brothers, Drago, Aerostar) & CMLL luchadors (Sombra in the main event, and unofficially Magnus masquerading as an Astro Boy in the semimain event) in the same matches, something CMLL has otherwise prohibited. The show was a free show and seemed to draw well. 1,000 and 1,500 were estimated, but it was more accurately the most amount of people who could comfortable stand near the ring. Cara, who had a new mask, seemed much more open to changing his name and suggested he might try running occasional shows similar to the Perros del Mal promotion (which is actually no longer running shows.) He’s still expected by everyone to go to AAA, but on a contract that allows him to work indy shows.
  2. AAA held tapings in Toluca and Ecatepec. Both buildings are in the 3000 rang and AAA was able to sell out both. They’ve sold out all four tapings they’ve run (though one was a free taping), but their upcoming Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera taping will be the biggest building by far.
  3. La Parka and Perro Aguayo Jr. advanced in the Rey de Reyes tournament, joining Zorro. The final member of the group will be determined at a Gimansio Juan de la Barrera. That’s the only match which has been announced at Rey de Reyes. Other matches have been vaguely hinted, but it remains tough figuring out which of the hinted matches which actually occur. AAA did announce Rey de Reyes would take place on 03/16 in Monterrey, and Konnan mentioned they were trying to get it on iPPV.
  4. speaking of vague builds to major cards, Rush and Shocker continue to feud in CMLL and seem like the best guess at a Dos Leyendas main event. Nothing’s actually been confirmed – not even the second Legend to be honored! – and the show is about a month away.
  5. Soberano Jr. (and Volador Jr.) and Barbaro Cavernario (and Mr. Niebla) advanced to the final to Gran Alternativa. Barbaro Cavernario seems to be the favorite based on getting one vignette (which is one more than almost everyone), but it’s could go either way.
  6. El Elegido will appear on a celebrity high diving competition. For some reason.
  • NJPW trainee Kamataichi joined the wave of new luchadors who’ve started in CMLL since the begining of the year.
  • El Dandy defeated Satanico in Monterrey in Dandy’s Monterrey retirement match
  • Electro Boy (& Super Nova) won IWRG’s El Protector tournament, their version of the Gran Alternativa. Electro Boy’s prize appears to be nothing at all. Maybe the journey is the prize?
  • Diamante Azul won the Occidente Heavyweight championship from Olimpico in Guadalajara.
  • Titan beat Virus in a great title match to kepe his welterweight title, and Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. kept the Arena Coliseo tag titles over Tiger and Puma (who was hurt in the match.)
  • various TV Azteca programs continue to do features on CMLL. It’s as if they’re vignettes teasing the impending debut of the promotion on the network, but nothing proceeding that orderly should ever be assumed.

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