great match roundup, week of 2014-03-22

Great/Excellent matches

Shows Watched But Nothing Made The List
AAA on Televisa: 2014-03-22 – Daga match was best match on this show.
CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-03-22
CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-03-22
CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2014-03-22

Matches To Watch Later
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Three way apuesta match in Puebla, En Busca de un Idolo, Averno, Konnan

CMLL (MON) 04/14/2014 Arena Puebla [Periodico Enfoque]
1) Espiritu Negro, King Jaguar, Siki Ozama Jr. b Águila Egipcia, Milenium, Sensei
2) Asturiano, Hombre Bala Jr., Súper Halcón Jr. b Blue Center, Espíritu Maligno, Hooligan
Center & Maligno didn’t get along again, both wanting to beat Asturiano. The three agreed to a triangle apuesta match (mask vs mask vs hair) next Monday.
3) Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión b La Máscara, Stigma, Stuka Jr.
Rudos took 1/3, Escorpion pulling Mascara’s mask and pinning him for the win.
4) Atlantis, La Sombra, Rush b Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys
Tecnicos took 1/3.
5) Mephisto b Mr. Águila [MEX LH]
Mephisto came in as champions. Bad match, with Mephisto hurting himself on a third fall dive but still winning the match. Sixth defense.

Not sure I’ve got the right finish on the second. The description and the result they list don’t exactly match and there’s no second source today. A three way where two people have masks and one person has hair usually means the guy with no mask is going to be bald. Not sure that’s the case here. Blue Center was added to the feud late, hasn’t ever quite fit on the rudo since moving over there a couple years ago, and is around 40 years old. This might be his moment.

Even if you want to keep employing Mister Aguila for some reason, can they please stop doing singles matches with him?

Tonight’s CMLL show includes Cachorro/Soberano Jr. and Dragon Lee/Star Jr. in the En Bucsa de un Idolo tournament and no particular ongoing feuds because it’s the week after the last one ended. The first five matches should air on Terra starting at 7:30pm CT, though there’s no preview up for it there right now.

Guadalajara has a good main event of La Mascara, La Sombra and Valiente vs Ephesto, Mephisto and Averno. It’s also possible the last match for Averno in a CMLL ring for the time being. (He’s got a Puebla fair show on Thursday too.) It’s not a certainty anyone is ever jumping to AAA until they actually show up on their TV. It seems like less than 10% of the rumored names actually making the moves. The lineups with Sin Cara, Averno and AAA luchadors suggest people are making decisions based on Averno making the jump. Averno is likely to work out his CMLL schedule even if he’s jumping. CMLL doesn’t seem to pull people, and Averno would want to leave on the best terms possible in case he needed to come back someday.

Konnan’s being listed for a retirement match on 04/25 in Ecatepec versus Guerrero Siam on a free kid’s show. Obviously, Konnan’s not doing a retirement match in Ecatepec, versus whoever Guerrero Siam and most definitely not on a free show – Konnan says he didn’t confirm anything and definitely not a retirement match.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and PosterMania for the week.

Black Terry Jr. has highlights of the multiman match from WCS show this weekend.

Villano IV is excited for his match with Blue Demon this Saturday, and plans on making his match alone with the price of the ticket.

Oro Azul and Black Extreme had an in-ring contract signing for a mask match on 04/27.

Cronicas y Leyndas looks back at Emilio Charles Jr. defeating el Dandy.

Segunda Caida’s Eric R reviews 03/29/14 LATV.


IWRG (SUN) 04/20/2014 Arena Naucalpan
1) Galaxy & Omega vs Power Bull & Zurdog
2) Metaleon & Mr. Leo vs Anubis Black & Picudo Jr.
3) Black Terry, Imposible, Látigo vs Guerrero Mixtico, Hip Hop Man, Tony Rivera
4) Hijo De Dos Caras, Toscano, Veneno vs Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Tony Casanova
5) Súper Nova vs Hijo de Máscara Año 2000 [IWRG JUNIORS]
Super Nova is champion, first defense.

No cage match (or tag title match) yet, but the Neza/IWRG feud keeps on going in the tercera. Imposible andLatigo may not be on the same page.

04/08-13 lucha videos

The stream I use to record Puebla was down all weekend – only it occurs to me now that TVC may have streamed it on uStream. Oops.

YouTube Playlist:

04/12 WWC:
04/13 WWC:

04/13 La Luche Se Le Hace:

CMLL on Terra: 2014-04-08
taped 2014-04-08 @ Arena México
Full Show:!hggFUTyb!tmFolYtb7ArRiPQIL0tjcC9pq7FJ_MEk1wYQPGNPw3M
1) Leono & Metatrón vs Espanto Jr. & Zayco!RpQjhJga!yGwY7wOsPifVnAiYbvU7RFMA2NG-3vjYIDSIs2oDmFE
2) Dragon Lee, Oro Jr., Pegasso vs El Rebelde, Hooligan, Súper Comando!M8ZSka4R!MQoze23LV_TSi5N5I37PqoMax7ejS0j7wOjvdttQqMY
3) Dark Angel vs Marcela, Estrellita, Goya Kong, Lluvia, Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Tiffany, Princesa Sugheit, Dalys in a cibernetico match and a Number One Contenders Match match for the CMLL-REINA INTL championship!BoYjhaoR!EhOeVMwGIsIpCrRksnvDDk8mP9PuLKocPR8oJXVEB14
4) Hechicero vs Cavernario in a En Busca de un Idolo match!Qpxh3TjR!huxQ8S2Gv-RfimAiPkwd5uNQLjT0swb4f3dCyjWA7ko

5) Súper Halcón Jr. vs Guerrero Negro Jr. in a En Busca de un Idolo match!kgw1VTgJ!ZaI66O56M2z23GjWY0c6FurHzNFbacwv5wSU1vAiZPQ

CMLL on Terra: 2014-04-11
taped 2014-04-11 @ Arena México
1) Bengala & Robin vs Akuma & Disturbio!Mk5j0ATJ!n7Y1c0bxziba5NPjiGCPq06ivCibpRmFaz_RFpK9St0
2) Astral, Eléctrico, Pequeño Halcón vs Demus 3:16, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito!98onkbBB!MsZQhud4zY8cvT-VRc4FPTyc1C0OjHrDflPqu9hI3VE – or at least what aired
3) Fuego, Sagrado, Tritón vs Boby Zavala, Misterioso Jr., Puma!IpQy3CwA!lcL9UWSgJlsaIPvO_U_KcdrSGsakm-P8nNCOPkLCM_c
4) Súper Halcón Jr. vs Cavernario in a En Busca de un Idolo match!B5wmFZAb!iwxIU6mUCaTFNdXYOgNVNWIJRaafWDZ-MlID78MbZ4Q
5) Hechicero vs Guerrero Negro Jr. in a En Busca de un Idolo match!VkY0hCYQ!9Gx37Maje23cMcXkoprKh0sIoWapigYG9NCRWKPRchk

AAA on Televisa: 2014-04-12
taped 2014-03-29 @ Parque de Beisbol Praxedis Balboa, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas
1) Mascarita Sagrada & Octagoncito vs Mini Murder Clown & Mini Psycho Clown
2) Chessman, Daga, Steve Pain vs Alan Stone, Drago, Fénix
3) Blue Demon Jr., Cibernético, La Parka vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Parka Negra II, Zorro

CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-04-12
Full Show:!ohByWSCC!-FKFCek1TPMiwLqrHoMw0XlMaUME3U1Duq42u4YoECI
taped 2014-04-01 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Leo vs Camorra, hair vs hair

taped 2014-04-06 @ Arena Coliseo
2) Atlantis vs Mr. Niebla
3) Eléctrico vs Astral, Stukita, Acero, Pequeño Halcón, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Nitro, Pierrothito, Último Dragoncito, Fantasy for the mask in a cage match

CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-04-12
taped 2014-04-08 @ Arena México
1) Leono & Metatrón vs Espanto Jr. & Zayco
2) Dragon Lee, Oro Jr., Pegasso vs El Rebelde, Hooligan, Súper Comando
3) Dark Angel vs Marcela, Estrellita, Goya Kong, Lluvia, Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Tiffany, Princesa Sugheit, Dalys in a cibernetico match and a Number One Contenders Match match for the CMLL-REINA INTL
Stellar Moments
4) La Máscara, Rush, Stuka Jr. vs Herodes Jr., Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
5) Mistico vs Averno for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship

CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2014-04-12
taped 2014-04-04 @ Arena México
1) Goya Kong, Lluvia, Silueta vs Dalys, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
Mid Show Intro
2) Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Volador Jr. vs Kráneo, Morphosis, Ripper
3) Atlantis, La Máscara, Rush vs Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Shocker

Lucha Azteca (CMLL): 2014-04-12
taped 2014-03-28 @ Arena México
Full Show:
1) Volador Jr. vs La Sombra
2) Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Euforia, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero for the CMLL World Trios Championship

CMLL on Terra: 2014-04-13
taped 2014-04-13 @ Arena Coliseo
1) Fantasy & Último Dragoncito vs Pequeño Violencia & Pequeño Warrior!AtZkAYaZ!RZGu5Y8_qSiB81n5a16HINV-095RHxH6OAux_eCFEZg
2) Hombre Bala Jr., Star Jr., Starman vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro, Sangre Azteca!R9gGnTZI!HjS0HJdbyWB2WKz6-qKxe5v4QS338qV7F9lJwUHoKrM
3) Lady Afrodita, Marcela, Silueta vs La Seductora, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit!RtBzwb6S!zOjHy-yzHH_Fk9e5zmTmqkQjLSAhvjHDQvCZD7kZorc
4) Delta vs Tiger in a lightning match!YwQC0DQC!YgVvryquFQUBXDQ8RU6H6eb6DFbXOHYnoLe2Vj0ZWWE
5) Diamante Azul, La Máscara, Titán vs Euforia, Pierroth, Último Guerrero!k4QW1JCD!NVql3yQ82jsMi_ivh79qiHeky9GJEBbJk4ktYoF7W58
6) Marco Corleone, Máximo, Valiente vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión!84ZwzZaB!O9Q-RoAciG9Z-Zjm5DzdMkGKFZyDmokxs1BV7zkXo2Q

IWRG Zona XXI: 2014-04-13
taped 2014-04-06 @ Arena Naucalpan
1) Chico Che, Diva Salvaje, Dr. Cerebro vs Broken Clown, Dave The Clown, Rothen Clown [lumberjack strap]
2) Alan Extreme, Máscara Púrpura, Veneno vs Danny Casas, Trauma I, Trauma II
3) Relámpago, Súper Nova, Toscano vs Eterno, Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, Tony Casanova
4) Tony Rivera vs Black Terry for the hair!wtxk1BjB!Dl7Q9P9ztsEU6r3THPQqm8Mv8bGxtT7c1BSa9uDHWFM

Noches de Coliseo: 2014-04-13
taped 2014-04-06 @ Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) Erika Sotelo, Larry Miranda, Simbolo vs Corazón de Barrio, Golden Boy, Hator
2) Charles Lucero vs Alberto Dos Rios


IWRG feuds, Guadalajara

photo by Black Terry Jr.

IWRG (SUN) 04/13/2014 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (Flickr), IWRG]
1) Atomic Star, Electro Boy, Último Caballero b Black Niko, Dragón Blanco, Rey Dragón (IWRG)
Straight falls. Main show debuts for Ultimo Caballero, Black Niko, Dragon Blanco and Rey Dragon
2) Ángel Del Amor & Galaxy b Anubis Black & Danny Casas
Match was listed as Payaso De Plata & Payaso Extreme vs Anubis Black & Araña de Plata, so 1 for 4. Straight falls. Danny Casas was DQed for excessive violence in the first.
3) Andy Boy, Ciclon Black, Guerrero Mixtico, Haziel, Hip Hop Man, Orión b Alan Extreme, Atomic Star, Electro Boy, Imposible, Látigo, Sky Ángel [Copa High Power]
Atomic Star & Electroboy replaced Fulgor I & Dragon Celestial (who’s missed both shows this week.) Orion snuck in a foul on Imposible for the win, and everyoen talked about a cage match with hair and mask on the line.
4) Apolo Estrada Jr., El Hijo del Diablo, Tony Casanova DQ Dr. Cerebro, Toscano, Veneno
Veneno bled a disturbing amount in the third fall. Alan Extreme ran in for the rescue, but got the tecnicos DQed. Diablo & Apolo want a tag title shot.
5) Black Terry, Hijo De Dos Caras, Súper Nova b Eterno, Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, Tony Rivera
Rudos took the first and took Super Nova’s mask. He returned to turn the match around in the second. Hijo de Mascara Ano beat Super Nova in the third, but Terry pinned captain Rivera for the win. Hijo de Mascara wants a shot at Nova’s Juniors title. Hip Hop Man and Ciclon Negro attacked Black Terry, Latigo & Imposible made the save.

Veneno is absurdly blood.y in Black Terry Jr.’s pictures (so you may not want to see those pictures in certain environments.) IWRG doesn’t have either of this week’s poster up yet, but their obviously setting up some significant show with three different matches set up (cage, IWRG Juniors, IWRG Tag)

Hijo del Santo is listed as being a part of 05/04 show in Guadalupe (outside of Monterrey), which runs against the Sin Cara show in Arena Coliseo Monterrey. It was just last week where Santo said he would rest for many months before returning to the ring; I guess this could just be an appearance since no matches are announced, but it doesn’t appear that way.

Preview of tonight’s card in Arena Puebla. I’d be surprised if Mephisto loses his title to Mr. Aguila, but I’m surprised with a lot of Mr. Aguila events.

Lucha Libre in Japan

Mascara Dorada isn’t just going to Taiwan, but will be on tour with New Japan thru their 05/03 show. Many openers, occasional appearances higher in the card.


CMLL (SUN) 04/20/2014 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) El Tapatío vs El Piraña
2) Dr. Frezzer & William Rock vs Ángel del Mal & Satara
3) Explosivo vs Furia Nazi
4) Exterminador & Javier Cruz Jr. vs Évola & Mugroso Vago
5) Black Metal & Fuego vs Boby Zavala & Demonio Maya
6) Diamante Azul, Gallo, La Sombra vs Cavernario, Herodes Jr., Terrible

Exterminador actually turned? It’s going to be weird having a tecnico named Exterminador. Dr. Frezzer is a new great name.

Escorpion/Maximo, Averno, AAA plans

photo by Black Terry Jr.

WCS (SAT) 04/12/2014 Gimnasio Hercules, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal [Black Terry Jr. (flickr),Estrellas del Ring]
1) Hércules b el Ángel
2) Sacristán del Diablo b ArezMimoCentvriónCharly MadridDragon De FuegoPrincipe FantasmaRolling,KronozMetaleonEpidemia [WCS CHAMP]
Sacristan del Diablo beat Arez.
3) Dance Boy & Terremoto b Aero Boy & Violento Jack
4) Cáncer, Cirrus Blanco, Wotan b Ángel o Demonio, Big Memo, Ovett
5) Negro Navarro DRAW Black TerryHuracan Ramirez
Black Terry replaced Skayde, and went to a double pin with Negro Navarro.
6) Shu el Guerrero DQ Pirata Morgan and Joe Lider
Lider was eliminated first. Pirata tried to foul Shu, but was caught and DQed.

Rambo was honored – or would’ve been, but had work obligations and Commissioner Zavaleta accepted in his place.

photo by Alexis Salazar/CMLL

CMLL (SUN) 04/13/2014 Arena Coliseo [CMLL, LuchaWorld]
1) Pequeño Violencia & Pequeño Warrior b Fantasy & Último Dragoncito Fantasy & Ultimo Dragoncito vs Pequeno Violencia & Pequeno Warrior, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Rudos took 2/3.
2) Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro, Sangre Azteca b Hombre Bala Jr., Star Jr., Starman Hombre Bala Jr., Star Jr., Starman vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Nitro, Sangre Azteca, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Rudos took 1/3.
3) La Seductora, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit b Lady Afrodita, Marcela, Silueta Lady Afrodita, Marcela, Silueta vs La Seductora, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Rudas took 1/3 in a rough match.
4) Tiger b Delta [lightningDelta vs Tiger in a lightning match, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Tiger won with a backcracker with 7:10
5) Diamante Azul, La Máscara, Titán b Euforia, Pierroth, Último Guerrero Diamante Azul, La Mascara, Titan vs Euforia, Pierroth, Ultimo Guerrero, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Tecnicos took 1/3.
6) Marco Corleone, Máximo, Valiente b Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión Marco Corleone, Maximo, Valiente vs Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora, Rey Escorpion, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Tecnicos took 1/3. Maximo and Rey Escorpion agreed to a hair match, again.

I only saw the first half of the show. It sounded like I saw the wrong half, though the other half wasn’t a lot better. HD seemed to work for the part of the show I was around, which is a nice change, though it might have stopped working later. (I put up the whole HD show anyway.)

04/27 is the Arena Mexico Anniversary show (and might have Kid’s Day activities, instead of 04/29), but next week’s show will also be in Arena Mexico.

CMLL (SUN) 04/13/2014 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [@acogdl]
1) Relampago Azul b Reycko
2) Explosivo & William Rock b Acertijo & Furia Nazi
Tecnicos took 1/3.
3) Black Metal, Brillante, Javier Cruz Jr.Évola, Exterminador, Mugroso Vago
Tecnicos took 1/3, when Evola and Exterminador didn’t get along.
4) Demonio Maya, Kamaitachi, RáfagaFuego, Gallo, Smaker
Rafaga replaced Okumura. Rudos took 1/3.
5) Mistico & Rey Cometa b Averno & Cavernario
Okumura replaced Averno (double booked in Arena el Angel). Tecnicos took 2/3.

They also announced 04/27 (Sunday) and 04/29 (Tuesday) would both be Kid’s Day shows.

Arena Coliseo Monterrey has added Averno back to their Sin Cara show on 05/04. He was on the initial disavowed poster, and now back on in a match where he would be with AAA luchadors. They’re still billing him as a CMLL luchador, but he wouldn’t be allowed to work that match as a CMLL one. It’s possible Averno could show Saturday on AAA’s show, it’s possible he could be staying in CMLL, and it’s possible he could be planning on doing one thing and change his mind in the next six days. (All I know is a story about Averno jumping promotions to work with Sin Cara is bringing up some bad memories.) Averno is still listed as working in Guadalajara on Tuesday and the Puebla fair show on Thursday.

Speaking of people who may show up in AAA on Saturday, Konnan (on the latest MLW Radio show) says AAA is in negotiations with Sin Cara and they’d know one way or the other by the end of this week. (Which means Saturday.) Konnan says “if [Sin Cara] signs”, they’d have to change his name and his look to something that wouldn’t get AAA sued.

Court Bauer also kind of got Konnan to read his booking plans for the immediate future out loud. Both Court and MSL kind of egged on Konnan to give away semi decent spoilers. Those two men are bad influences on Konnan, but great for me. Konnan caveats “this is not set in stone” and “how long it’s going to take, I couldn’t tell you”, but: Faby Apache vs Ivelisse Velez for the Reina de Reinas title, Australian Suicide vs Pentagon Jr. in a mask vs mask match, Chessman vs Alan Stone in a hair vs hair match and Aerostar vs Super Fly in a mask vs match. (There were more plans, but those were the ones he didn’t give away.)

They would probably have to do some work to explain who Ivelisse is (is she still in the Perros del Mal? No one remembers this but me? OK) if they’re going to get anything out of it, but they just kind of dropped LuFisto in, so. Pentagon has been pulling off Suicide’s mask for months, so that was obviously coming. Alan Stone agreeing to drop his hair would sure explain why Alan Stone is back on TV and feuding with Chessman. Aerostar and Super Fly got started in February and seemed to be dropped, but maybe it’ll be back some day again. This will all be interesting matches if any of them happen at all.

Konnan has no idea what the deal is why Blue Demon and his immigration issue being. Maybe Demon worked it out, or “there’s a part of me who thinks he didn’t want to show up to drop the belt.” Wait, was Chessman actually supposed to win? That doesn’t sound very Chessman. Other random tidbits: they’ve got 4-5 young guys ready to debut. Also,  “I don’t think we’re working with TNA any more.”

Later, in a Rey Misterio discussion, Court Bauer mentions in passing that WWE has interest in La Sombra. I guess William Regal and Joey Mercury are just watching Japanese tournaments? Are they hyped for the Best of Super Juniors? (When does that lineup get announced, anyway?)

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update, with more on Dick Angelo.

This week’s Super Libre had no guests, but still a lot to talk about.

Segunda Caida reviews 03/22/14 Lucha Azteca and Cavernario versus Hechicero.

DJ Spectro looks back at The Spiritel Coyote, Unicornio, and Flama Roja vs El Solitario.

Lucha Libre in Japan

04/13 Dragon Gate: 3) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Susumu [O] beat T-Hawk, Flamita [X]
That sets up Flamita defending the Open the Brave Gate championship against Susumu on 05/05. This seems like a Dragon Gate show which might turn up on uStream, though they don’t seem to announce those until very close to the show. Meanwhile, it looks like Kaleth may be waiting for a shot at Flamita when he returns to Mexico.


CMLL (SUN) 04/20/2014 Arena México
1) Leono & Magnus vs Cholo & Inquisidor
2) Hombre Bala Jr., Sagrado, Súper Halcón Jr. vs Nitro, Sangre Azteca, Shigeo Okumura
3) Blue Panther, La Máscara, Valiente vs Puma, Tiger, Vangellys
4) Syuri vs Amapola [REINA INTL]
Syuri is champion.
5) Atlantis, Rush, Titán vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
6) Rey Escorpión vs Máximo [CMLL LH]
Rey Escorpion is champion. Eight defense, third against Maximo.

That’s not the match Escorpion and Maximo agreed to!

Peste Negra team up sets up more Atlantis/Niebla and Casas/Rush.

Syuri gets a title match on Sunday (when it’ll definitely air live on the internet, not sure if that’s a factor.)

Volador victorious but beaten, En Busca de un Idolo, Dick Angelo, Lucha Fan Fest


CMLL (FRI) 04/11/2014 Arena México [CMLL, Terra]
1) Bengala & Robin b Akuma & Disturbio Bengala & Robin vs Akuma & Disturbio, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Tecnicos took 1/3.
2) Astral, Eléctrico, Pequeño Halcón b Demus 3:16, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito Astral, Electrico, Pequeno Halcon vs Demus 3 on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Feed went out during entrances and stayed out until the last couple minutes of the match.
3) Fuego, Sagrado, Tritón b Boby Zavala, Misterioso Jr., Puma Fuego, Sagrado, Triton vs Boby Zavala, Misterioso Jr., Puma, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Tecnicos took 1/3.
4) Cavernario b Súper Halcón Jr. [En Busca de un IdoloSuper Halcon Jr. vs Cavernario in a En Busca de un Idolo match, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Cavernario won via cavernaria in 9:23. Cavernario scores 7, 8, 10, 3 for a total of 28. Súper Halcón Jr. 6, 7, 7, 2 scores for a total of 22.
5) Guerrero Negro Jr. b Hechicero [En Busca de un IdoloHechicero vs Guerrero Negro Jr. in a En Busca de un Idolo match, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Powerbomb in 7:52 after a submission attempt had failed and both had fallen into the ropes. Guerrero Negro Jr. scored 5, 6, 8, 4 for a total of 23. Hechicero scored 4, 6, 7, 3 for a total of 20, tied for the lowest so far.
6) Blue Panther, Diamante Azul, Valiente b Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys
Tecnicos took 1/3.
7) Máximo, Negro Casas, Volador Jr. DQ La Sombra, Rey Escorpión, Rush [Relevos Increíbles]
straight falls; Sombra tied Volador to the ropes and beat him up until the excessive violence DQ was called.

Sombra and Rush (and Rey Escorpion) worked as rudos in the main event. Dr. Lucha mentioned on his podcast that CMLL was going to de-emphasize tecnico/rudo distinctions and I assume that’s what was going on behind the main event. Rush and Sombra specifically said they weren’t turning rudo after the match. It’s just going to keep being this way when Volador and Sombra cross paths.

Judges really disliked Hechicero/Guerrero Negro Jr. much more than the people watching on Twitter. It’s possible it was designed push back after Hechicero already got off to a big lead. The judges seemed to complain that he wasn’t a rudo enough (which is tough in a rudo/rudo match) and his attitude (which was less clear.)

CMLL seems to have a secret  YouTube channel on the En Bucsa de un Idolo tournament. It has the videos they’ve been putting up on the front page of that site. Also, voting opened on Friday this week, instead of Tuesday last week.

DJ Spectro says Dick Angelo passed away. (Hijo del Santo confirms.) Angel wrestled from the late 50s until 80s, and lost his mask to El Santo in 1954.

Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr. are preparing for their mixed tag team title match with a boxing champion. How can they lose?

There’s a benefit show for Camaleon on Sunday.

Sin Cara, Averno and AAA luchadors are listed in Nuevo Laredo on 04/05. Averno has been listed then unlisted on those lineups, so I wouldn’t take it as fact he’s showing up quite yet.

Atlantis says he has no plans to retirement, has no idea when the match with Ultimo Guerrero will take place.

Diamante spotted on a random show in Nuevo Laredo.


CMLL (FRI) 04/18/2014 Arena México
1) Flyer & Robin vs Canelo Casas & Espanto Jr.
2) Pegasso, Starman, Tritón vs Cancerbero, Hechicero, Raziel
3) Dark Angel, Marcela, Syuri vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
4) Dragon Lee vs Guerrero Negro Jr. [En Busca de un Idolo]
5) Cachorro vs Cavernario [En Busca de un Idolo]
6) Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Super Porky vs Euforia, Pierroth, Último Guerrero
7) Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Kráneo, Ripper, Shocker

Video preview for the show.

Back to Volador/Ripper on top, Ultimo Guerrero/Atlantis in the semimain, and Pierroth existing in general.

The rest of the show seems better. Women’s match should be good if Syuri fits in, Cadetes del Espacio (!!!) versus Cancerberos + Hechicero should be good entertainment, and Cachorro versus Cavernario is basically the battle for #2 in the tournament. We still don’t know if they’re doing a final match or a second round, but the decision in that match might end up meaning a lot.

Lucha Fan Fest (SAT) 05/17/2014 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Argus, Aztlán, Skayde vs Mochiano II, Mohicano Jr., Piel Roja
2) ?, Estrella Negra, Kairi Hojo, Mystique vs India Mazahua, Mayu Iwatani, Princesa Mohicana, Xena
3) Belial vs Astro Rey Jr.Impulso
The Best Of Chilanga Mask
4) Io Shirai Or Alpha Female vs Star Fire [STARDOM WORLD]
whomever is champion will defend it on this show against Star Fire.
5) Matt Striker & Super Crazy vs Bryant Starr & X-Fly
6) Canek, El Fantasma, Mil Mascaras vs Astro Rey Jr., Blue Panther, Villano IV

Second match has WWS luchadoras and a couple more from Stardom. Third match looks like the best on the card. I have no idea who Bryant Star is.

Hijo del Santo says TxT on hold, relevos increible

Tonight’s Arena Mexico main event is a relevos increibles trios, teaming Rush, La Sombra and Rey Escorpion versus Volador Jr., Maximo, and Negro Casas. Main event relevos increibles are usually the precursor to someone changing sides, and Sombra did act like a rudo – or like Rush – for most of his match two Fridays ago against Volador. It still seems unlikely Sombra would be a full time rudo, but expect him to act like on again tonight. The Volador/Sombra issue should end up taking a backstage to the other feuds. At least one of Negro Casas versus Rush and Rey Escorpion versus Maximo should be happening in the next few months, and maybe tonight’s about figuring out which one is closer.

Tonight’s En Busca de un Idolo matches has the four luchadors from Thursday switching opponents. Super Halcon Jr. gets his shot against Cavernario, while Guerrero Negro Jr. taking on Hechicero in what should be the main event of the Terra broadcast.

El Hijo del Santo, doing promotional work for the Wildcoast charity, confirmed he would not be getting neck/spine surgery any time soon. The injury was the reason for his temporary retirement announcement back in November, but Hijo del Santo says the new plan is for him to wait six to eight months to see if the bones regenerate and he’s fine on his own. His wife was credited as saying similar things a couple months ago, but then went on to say Hijo del Santo would completely retire due to that injury after a couple matches teaming with his son. Santo instead position the end of his career as having done everything there is to be done (guess Solitario’s mask wasn’t that important) and just wanting to pass on the name to his son. The plan for Santo Jr. seems to be about the same: he’s expected to head back to NOAH in the summer, and then debut in Mexico under the Tempestad name until he’s ready to take on the Santo Jr. name.

Hijo del Santo also said there are no plans for any Todo x el Todo show in the near future, claiming they have to wait until after the World Cup (June to July) to get enough attention to run shows. That’s also the point where Santo should be done with his break, what they’re actually waiting for. Hijo del Santo’s does not admit TxT is essentially his vanity promotion (though funded by others), but that’s the way it’s operated so far. The TV announcers on the last show in November 2013 were heavily pushing a return date in March 2014, but it was unlikely they’d bother shows if Santo couldn’t be part of them. I just wonder if they told everyone (or if it really mattered, since they only ran a handful of shows.) Santo also said they’d have to find a new venue in Mexico City, saying he doesn’t want to go back to Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera now that ” a circus, excuse me, AAA” is running there. In reality, AAA likely has some control of who else can run them building and TxT has no choice to go elsewhere and that building was frequently much too big for the shows they were running. (Also, when Santo is calling other promotions a circus, did Hijo del Santo watch some of the matches he wasn’t in? Probably not.)

Thunder may have returned to Australia. That idea didn’t work at all.

This week’s Tercera Caida still hasn’t come thru on YouTube’s RSS feed (YouTube’s RSS feeds are awful) but featured lots of WrestleMania coverage. They had to put their actual coverage of the show on DailyMotion.

There was a press conference to announced Sin Cara working on 05/03 in Arena Pavillon del Norte. The promoters say they’re talking to Averno about working the show.

Meanwhile, Dr. Morales thinks Sin Cara might be going to AAA. I’m shocked. (I’m not sure this is the case, but his lucha libre column output makes it appear that his only preparation for is watching AAA most weeks.)

Cerebro Negro talks about his near death from the flu, says he may still be a couple months away from returning.

The next Lucha Fan Fest is on 05/17 in Arena Lopez Mateos.

Tabasco Hoy says the dark match on the 05/04 AAA taping will be Los Cadaveres vs Torbellino y Gatubeda.

Eric R reviews CMLL on LATV 03/23/14.

Los Colisenios says lucha libre is at it’s lowest level ever because indy promotions are targeting smart marks. I don’t know about that, but it’s an inversion of the US theory that the biggest factor to how all wrestling promotions draw is how the top promotions are doing; indy promotions can very based on what they do, but it’s a top down effect, and Colisenos is suggesting Mexico is a bottom up one.

CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2014-03-15


taped 2014-03-07 @ Arena México

This was a less interesting tournament.

Rey Escorpion is just leaving

Titan/Felino: Místico refused to fight Titan, then they teased the matchup, then they just fought like it was normal all within about 3 minutes. That’s like four months of matches in one tournament lucha. Felino & Titan got to do a little but this was much more for the other team.

Cometa/Polvora: Cometa and Pólvora got in trademark moves just to have them done, but Cometa got a knee to the gut on his tornillo and Pólvora had his special kicked out to no reaction, so maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

Valiente/Vangellys: The one Valiente/Vangellys match just felt like guys doing random moves with nothing to them. Vangellys & Valiente basically worked as rudos; UG as a rudo in danger from another rudo kind of works, but there wasn’t enough Sombra/Valiente to get a feel for that.

Mistico La Nueva Era

La Mascara/Ephesto: La Mascara & Ephesto’s sole match was another getting in the spots as quick as possible situation – look, it’s Ephesto’s dive, it’s a campana tease, it’s a shoulderbreaker, etc. Mascara doesn’t have many spots so this worked out okay. The only advantage is I believe the early near falls, because there are only early near falls.

Místico/Reaper: Does Reapper’s snake have a name? Is it spelled differently every show like Reapper is? Místico and Escorpion had a stumble stating off and they were both kind of useless for a while, but still managed the dangerous headscissors to the floor. Every other team was generally on the same level, but Místico was treated like a big star and Reapper like just a guy.

Averno/Volador Jr.: Volador was the only one who seemed to work at changing his outfit each time out. Averno & Volador were the efficient team they were this time last year and it reminds me that I’m still not so sure why they’re enemies. Crowd, which was deathly quiet for this show, was their loudest for the Volador/Sombra face off. It’s not for a lack of doing big spots in this tournament – there were a ton of them in the second semifinal – but it came off as no one cared about them. Or maybe someone just turned crowd mic sound by accident, who knows.

Volador continues to try to detach Sombra’s head.

Ultimo Guerrero/Sombra: UG has to get in all his near falls even in a tournament, as always. This team probably had the two best matches of the tournament. Their semifinal with Averno & Volador was the last four months of a much longer and better imaginary match, and the final was the most complete story told in four minutes. Sombra switching to being ticked off mode right away helped, and they had some good people to work off.

Rey Escorpion & Maximo: Escorpion’s change from complete dismissal of Máximo to grudging respect was the best part of this tournament; I’m not sure if they planned it that way or Rey Escorpion is just smart enough to work it out. It was the only thing really connecting the matches and the only thing that made them seem meaningful.

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04/11-13 lucha times


Everyone’s on the same time! Unless you’re not in the central time zone, then it’s whatever weird time you have. Still, things back to normal-ish.

== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: The rest of the taping from Ciudad Victoria – minis, women, main evnet.

== CMLL ==

FOX: More Rush vs Shocker, Invasors vs Dorada/Mistico/Volador. There’s now a lucha libre show airing on Fox Sports 2 on Sundays (and Fridays?) which I assume is this show and not En Busca de un Idolo coming back (it’s listed as an hour.)

52MX: Cage match, Atlantis/Niebla and probably Camorra/Leo. I think I’m the only one watching the Guadalajara matches, and the rest of you are missing out on a quite poor feud.

C3: Stream should be back working until October, so this will have the Mistico vs Averno title match, Mascara/Rush/Stuka vs Herodes/Niebla/Casas and a bunch of matches you may have already seen. I’m assuming the En Busca de un Idolo matches are not airing, but they have more than enough besides them.

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Rerun last week, but maybe the rudos vs Invasors cibernetico and Niebla/Casas vs Sombra/Volador

Lucha Azteca: Volador vs Evil Sombra, trios title match

Terra Friday: Halcon vs Cavernario and Hechicero vs Guerrero Negro Jr., plus Fuego/Sagrado/Triton vs Zavala/Misterioso/Puma

Terra Sunday: Marco/Maximo/Valiente vs Revolucionarios

Terra Tuesday: Dragon Lee/Star Jr. and Cachorro/Soberano, Syuri’s debut.

== Other ==

IWRG-AYM Sports: They’ve been airing the Black Terry/Tony Rivera hair match during this week, so probably that whole show from Sunday.

Noches de Coliseo: Charles Lucero vs Alberto del Rio


CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-03-15


taped 2014-03-11 @ Arena México

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