DTU, Casandro, Prison Fatal

photo by Black Terry Jr.

Black Terry has photos of last night’s IWRG show. No results yet.

Drastick Boy picked up the DTU Alto Impacto title from Septimo Dragon in Arena Roberto Paz championship. Tercera Caida’s Facebook said five matches got money thrown in on Sunday’s show in Irapuato.

Hector Guzman was honored on Arena Lopez Mateos’s show Sunday.

Over in Neza, Myzteziz challenged Perro, Texano & Mascara yelled at the Clowns, and Los Markus got involved for some reason.

Segunda Caida writes about Blue Panther, Black Panther y Fuerza Guerrera vs Hector Garza, El Dandy y El Hijo del Santo

Casandro is profiled in the New Yorker. It’s pretty awesome to get a long form profile in the New Yorker, but I believe every possible outlet has now down a long form story on Casandro. I have a theory that Pimpinela Escarlata is the most famous Mexican exotico in Mexico, but Casandro is the most famous Mexian exotico in the United States at this point. (Maximo is the most famous Mexican exotico in Japan, I figure.) Aereo and Magno make appearances, Hunico is very vaguely referenced (I think) and Niebla Roja’s real first name is mentioned. The writer visits a show in Arena Kalaka and a Lucha Va Voom one, which is about as opposite sides of the spectrum you can see.

Silueta and Marcela posed with NJPW’s president. Silueta teased good news for women’s wrestling. CMLL luchadors have been in Japan for REINA the same time as FantasticaMania in previous years, but their only appearances has been as valets (or helping work the merchandise stand) – might they get a match on a show in 2015?

Fresero Jr. says he has not signed a contract with AAA and has more money than Alberto del Rio. He prints his own money with his face on it, so I think this must be true.

Today’s Puebla show has Volador Jr. vs Rey Escorpion for Volador’s NWA Welterweight Championship. Volador’s almost definitely keeping the title. in a non-title match.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news report and Poster-Mania.

Fuego en el Ring catches up with Super Muneco.


IWRG (WED) 08/27/2014 Arena Naucalpan 
1) Sky Ángel vs Capitán Muerte 
2) Galaxy & Látigo vs Anubis Black & Matrix Jr. 
3) Hip Hop Man © vs Dragón Celestial [AIWA ARGENTINA CRUISER]
First? defense for Hip Hop man. 
4) Apolo Estrada Jr., Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo © vs Black Terry, Dr. Cerebro, Veneno [EdM Trios]
5th defense for the Gringos. 
5) Relámpago vs Golden Magic, Tony Rivera, Ciclon Black, Alan Extreme, Metaleon, Yakuza, Chucho el Roto [cage, hair, mask, prison fatal]

The four way tag match from last week run back, this time with the masked Chucho el Roto replacing the freshly shaved Ironia. (I guess Spider Boy had spider things to do.) The Neza Boys might be in trouble here.

I like Argentina’s Hip Hop Man retaining a title solely for Argentina.

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Euforia/Azul, Niebla Roja out two weeks, Latin Lover in Tijuana

CMLL on Terra

CMLL (SUN) 08/24/2014 Arena Coliseo 
1) Magnus & Soberano Jr. b Artillero & Súper Comando Magnus & Soberano Jr. vs Artillero & Super Comando, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Tecnicos took 1/3. Soberano seemed to hit his head on the mat on his match winning huracanarana, while Super Comando landed badly on Magnus’ side slam. 
2) Astral, Fantasy, Shockercito b Mercurio, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico Astral, Fantasy, Shockercito vs Mercurio, Pequeno Nitro, Pequeno Olipico, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Tecnicos took 2/3 in the best match of the night. 
3) Guerrero Maya Jr., Pegasso, Starman b Kamaitachi, Okumura, Skándalo Guerrero Maya Jr., Pegasso, Starman vs Kamaitachi, Okumura, Skandalo, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Tecnicos took 2/3 in a match with technical difficulties. 
4) Vangellys b Delta [lightningDelta vs Vangellys in a lightning match, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Vangellys won in 9:21 with a German suplex 
5) Ángel de Oro, Dragón Rojo Jr., Stuka Jr. b El Hombre Sin Nombre, Ephesto, Hechicero Angel de Oro, Dragon Rojo Jr., Stuka Jr. vs El Hombre Sin Nombre, Ephesto, Hechicero, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Tecnicos took 2/3 in a disappointing match. 
6) Euforia, Mr. Niebla, Terrible b Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Valiente Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Valiente vs Euforia, Mr. Niebla, Terrible, on DailyMotion (posted by thecubsfan)
Rudos took 1/3 when Euforia snuck in a foul on Diamante Azul. Slight tease of a feud between them.

First couple matches were good, and then it went downhill after the feed had problems in the third match. The show may have peaked exactly on that GIF (though the end of the match was crazy.)

CMLL (SUN) 08/24/2014 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [@acogdl] 
1) Índigo b Furia Nazi 
2) Évola & Thunder Boy b El Brillante & Javier Cruz
Rudos took 1/3 
3) Infierno & Ráfaga b Omar Brunetti & Tritón
Rudos took 1/3, Rafaga sneaking in a foul on Triton. 
4) Maléfico © b Exterminador [OCCIDENTE LH]
Malefico is champion and kept the title by taking falls 2/3, the last via unseen foul. First defense; last three champions have fallen on their first defense. 
5) La Máscara & Super Porky b Universo 2000 & Universo 2000 Jr. and Felino & Puma and Esfinge & Magnum
father/son tag team tournament. No elimination order.

A show. Probably shouldn’t do the same foul finish in back to back matches.

Random thought: if Hijo del Santo was going to be doing a September TxT retirement show (/Nieto del Santo debut), as was the plan at one point, there probably would be promotion out for it by now. Santo did appear on a C3 talk show Friday, but no idea what he said and don’t see it posted anywhere.

Niebla Roja will be out two weeks after being injured on Diamante Azul’s suplex Friday night. He’s supposed to be out that long, anyway, but Ana notes he wants to come back early.

Latin Lover was listed on the poster for a Friday night show in Tijuana, but never had a match. He appeared in the ring before the semimain, saying he could not wrestle due to health issues – and then Villano IV hit the ring and brawled with Latin Lover. Super Brazo made the save – he and V4 were partners in the match, broke up and challenged each other – but it seemed like the set up to a return match for Lover.

The Gladiatores have reposted their 2008 interviews with Hector Guzman, who passed away earlier this weekend.

An outdoor show at the Mexico City toy museum saw Dragon Rojo & Zumbi defeat Mr. Niebla & Herodes Jr. by DQ when Niebla fouled Rojo. Herodes Jr. is still wrestling, just not in CMLL. Of note, the referee in the main event was Rafael el Maya (so maybe he’s allowed to referee CMLL guys on indy shows again, or maybe this just slipped thru?) Also, neither recap could identify Kamaitachi by name; if you’re going to indy shows, you’re probably not spending time watching CMLL midcard matches I guess.

Myzteziz beat Texano in a main event trios match in Arena Neza after Monster and Murder Clown provided a distraction. Show doesn’t seem to have sold out, though better than usual for Neza. Hermano Muerte II broke his arm in the undercard.

A profile of Negro Navarro’s lucha libre teachings – he’s running weekly 90 minute classes at two different locations – has Negro Navarro saying his classes only cost 30 pesos ($2.28 USD). I am skeptical of this absurdly low number, though Navarro explains that he doesn’t want to get rich from training but spread the knowledge to the public. Navarro also talks about people having fun while learning. Maybe it’s a different Negro Navarro? Navarro says he prefers to teach classes of 3 to 4 instead of 10 so he can do more personal instruction and Imposible and Zeuxis are mentioned as still training with him, so you may not be able to get a spot in his class. (There does seem to be a lot more than 10 pictured in the class, so still worth a try.)

AAA’s TV announced a taping for 09/19 in Veracruz, the same night as the CMLL Anniversary show.

Rob has a new Aerostar montage on YouTube.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and a recap of TripleMania.

Segunda Caida reviews 08/16/14 Uprising: Lucha Libre

La Parka visited with Make A Wish kids.

The 50th Expo Mascaras will be held on 09/20 in the Tlalnepantla Convention Center, from 11AM to 5pM.

Lucha Libre in Japan

08/24 Stardom: Starfire beat Kaori Yoneyama [5STAR GP]
Starfire is 1-0! She’s already wildly exceeded expectations for this tournament. This tournament runs thru 09/23. There’s an October/November tag league too, and maybe she’s sticking around for that too? (She did win the WWS tag team tournament before leaving Mexico.)


CMLL (SUN) 08/31/2014 Arena Coliseo 
1) Bengala & Robin vs Akuma & Espanto Jr. 
2) Astral, Bam Bam, Eléctrico vs Demus 3:16, Mercurio, Pequeño Olímpico 
3) Estrellita vs Dalys [lightning
4) Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Stuka Jr. vs Boby Zavala, Felino, Misterioso Jr. 
5) La Máscara, Máximo, Super Porky vs Pólvora, Rey Bucanero, Terrible 
6) Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Volador Jr. vs Euforia, Mr. Niebla, Shocker

Euforia did draw a Diamante Azul program, poor him. Poor everyone.

Who is the normal one in the Brazo family right now? Porky? I’m not sure.

CMLL (SUN) 08/31/2014 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara 
1) Dr. Frezeer vs El Yaqui 
2) Virgo vs Demonio Rojo 
3) Sky Kid & Smaker vs Acertijo & Sádico 
4) Esfinge & Exterminador vs Demonio Maya & Maléfico 
5) Tritón vs Ráfaga 
6) Dragón Rojo Jr., Máscara Dorada, Titán vs Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero

Oh, they did two straight sneak fouls because they wanted to set up Triton/Rafaga. I have no idea why they wanted to set up Rafaga/Triton.

Lucha Memes (SUN) 09/07/2014 Coliseo Coacalco, Coacalco, Estado de México 
1) Trauma I vs Trauma IIMagnifico4567891011121314151617181920 [royal rumble] 
2) Dragon Lee II & Star Jr. vs Belial & Impulso 
3) Freelance & Mike Segura vs Fly Star & Toxin Boy 
4) Marcela vs SiluetaZeuxisDark Angel 
5) Black Terry & Negro Navarro vs Carisma & Zoom Driver 
6) Keira vs Arez

Full lineup for this show, which looks fun.

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Ultimo Guerrero wins CMLL Universal Block B, Hector Guzman passes away

photo by Alexis Salazar/CMLL

CMLL (FRI) 08/22/2014 Arena México 
1) Demus 3:16 & Pierrothito b Eléctrico & Último Dragoncito
Rudos took 1/3 
2) Dark Angel, La Vaquerita, Princesa Sugehit b Amapola, Dalys, La Seductora
Tecnicas took 2/3 
3) Blue Panther, Fuego, Rey Cometa DQ Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Terrible
Tecnicos took 1/3, the last by DQ when Sagrado fouled Blue Panther. 
4) Atlantis, Máscara Dorada, Máximo b Cavernario, Euforia, Mephisto
Tecnicos took 2/3 
5) Titán & Volador Jr. b Último GuerreroDiamante AzulMr. NieblaVirusNiebla RojaDragón Rojo Jr. [CMLL Universal, seeding battle royal] 
6) Último Guerrero b Mr. Niebla [CMLL Universal, 8f] 
7) Dragón Rojo Jr. b Virus [CMLL Universal, 8f] 
8) Diamante Azul (CMLL) b Niebla Roja [CMLL Universal, 8f] 
9) Volador Jr. b Titán (CMLL) [CMLL Universal, 8f] 
10) Último Guerrero b Dragón Rojo Jr. [CMLL Universal, qf] 
11) Volador Jr. b Diamante Azul (CMLL) [CMLL Universal, qf] 
12) Último Guerrero b Volador Jr. [CMLL Universal, sf] 
13) La Máscara, La Sombra, Rush DQ Negro Casas, Rey Escorpión, Shocker
Ingobernables took 1/3, Rush faking a foul from Casas in the third.

That’s chalk – the favorite won all the way thru. Ultimo Guerrero versus La Sombra is the battle to determine the first ever two time Universal champion. They’re also the only two who might some day be a three time champ, since it seems unlikely Lyger or Tanahashi are going to be back in these parts any time soon and Terrible is dropping falls to Rey Cometa. (We all love Rey Cometa but the only possible reason Terrible is champion is they needed 16 for the Universal tournament and so Diamante Azul couldn’t win it yet.)

Speaking of, Mr. Azul added to his long list of victims by sending Niebla Roja to the hospital.

No Volador in the main event = no sign yet of a significant second main event for the Anniversary show. I still don’t think it’s going to sell out and I don’t think it ever was intended to sell out – those prices at this stage of CMLL are more about trying pry as much money away from those who absolutely have to be there – but there’s going to be a rebellion if there’s not more added to the show.

Hector Guzman Chavez, founder, owner and original promoter of Arena Lopez Mateos, passed away earlier today. SuperLuchas magazine had a recent excellent article on the history of the building, which is now run by his son. They mentioned Guzman had moved to the US.

Rob has highlights of 05/30 CMLL.

Mesías says he is definitely a tecnico and is happy to be back.

Tinieblas was honored at a horror movie exhibition.


CMLL (FRI) 08/29/2014 Arena México 
1) Soberano Jr. & Star Jr. vs Disturbio & Guerrero Negro Jr. 
2) Cachorro, Dragon Lee, Pegasso vs Kamaitachi, Okumura, Puma 
3) Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther, Fuego vs Hombre Sin Nombre, Pierroth, Sagrado 
4) Máscara Dorada, Rey Cometa, Valiente vs Cavernario, Felino, Mr. Niebla 
5) Atlantis, Dragón Rojo Jr., Rush vs Negro Casas, Niebla Roja, Rey Escorpión 
6) La Sombra vs Último Guerrero [CMLL Universal, final]

Main event seems destined to bring out the least in each other, but we’ll see.

More Rush versus Negro Casas, though Rush actually has to team with tecnicos this time.

Fourth match could be very fun, will be cut to an 11 minute segment on Fox Sports 2. Which is better than the Segunda is getting. (Cachorro and Dragon Lee should be Coliseo tag champions and Delta & Maya should’ve graduated to better things to do, those titles need to be lower on the card.)

Sagrado’s going to rethink this whole rudo thing if they keep sticking him with Pierroth.

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Team FILL wins, CMLL Universal Block B, REINA, all minis show, ColiseoMania

IWRG (WED) 08/20/2014 Arena Naucalpan [IWRG]
1) Matrix Jr. b Látigo
2) Atomic Star & Electro Boy b Omega & Sky Ángel
3) Dragón Celestial b Hip Hop Man
Dragon Celestial wants that title mathc.
4) Black Terry, Dr. Cerebro, Veneno b Apolo Estrada Jr., Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo
Dr. Cerebro accidentally hit Veneno in the third, but Black Terry still beat Diablo and challenged for a trios title shot.
5) Alan Extreme & Metaleon b Golden Magic & Relámpago and Ironía & Yakuza and Ciclon Black & Tony Rivera
Team IWRG vs Team AULL vs Neza Boy vs Team FILL. Rivera’s team was the first team out, but came out to cause Golden Magic & Relampago to be elimination. Team Neza tried to get Alan beat too but he hung onto beat Yakuza.

Tonight’s CMLL show has Block B of the CMLL Universal tournament. Sombra has said he doesn’t care who wins or even if he wins the whole thing, as long as he ends up humiliating someone. We’ll see how serious he’s about that if Volador makes it far in the block. Ultimo Guerrero, Volador and Dragon Rojo are the favorites, but really Ultimo Guerrero is the favorite. The Ingobernables face Shocker, Casas and Rey Escorpion in the main event.

B-Boy is off the DTU shows due to injury, and Ricky Marvin will replace him in Guadalajara.

Rob has highlights of 05/27/14 CMLL.

The Museo Interactive de Economia will be holding an International Seminar on Performance of Lucha Libre Mexico running from September 20th to November 29th. It costs $3,405 ($260 USD) and it’s four and half hours a morning every Saturday. I wonder if one could just drop in on day one.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Segunda Caida reviews Ultimo Guerrero vs Dos Caras Jr.

Herodes Jr. is wrestling on the indies this weekend; he’s not given up lucha libre, but it reads like he may be in school.

Luchadora Kamilion has returned to lucha libre after an absence.

El Hijo del Santo is saving turtles in Oaxaca.

Kcidis draws Alberto del Rio.

Volador will be signing autographs in Puebla.

Nitro is already planning his 2015 trip to France.

Lucha Libre in Japan

REINA 08/20:
4) Syuri [O] & Kyoko Kimura b Marcela [X] & Silueta
5) Yumiko Hotta & La Comandate [X]
[REINA TAG] b Aliya & Makoto [O] – champs fall on second defense

CMLL called it a Black Day for Mexico in Japan. It’s the end of Comandante in Japan, though she challenged for a rematch anyway. Syuri pinning Marcela sets up a title match.

REINA 08/30
7) Maki Narumiya (c) vs Silueta [REINA INTL JR]
– title rematch
8) Marcela (c) vs Syuri [CMLL WOMEN]
– 11th known defense

Starfire made it to Japan for the Stardom 5GP.


IWRG (SUN) 08/24/2014 Arena Naucalpan
1) Black Niko & Galaxy vs Atomic Star & Capitán Muerte
2) Emperador Azteca & Látigo vs Matrix Jr. & Zurdog
3) Black Terry, Imposible, Metaleon vs Apolo Estrada Jr., Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo
4) Golden Magic, Relámpago, Veneno vs Cien Caras Jr., Fuerza Guerrera, Hijo de Máscara Año 2000
5) Kenshi Kabuki, Máscara Sagrada, Pantera vs Canis Lupus, Demon Clown, Eterno

A show. Terry has different partners this time against the Gringos.

Toryumon Mexico (SUN) 09/07/2014 Sala de Armas Magdalena Mixhuca, Ciudad México, Distrito Federal
1) Daisuke Hanaoka & Douki vs Fiero & Monarca Azul
2) Lady Afrodita & Lluvia vs Amapola & Reina Isis
3) Hijo Del Villano III & Super Ciudadano vs Maquiavelico & Patan
4) Negro Navarro, Trauma I, Trauma II vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro, Skándalo
5) Magnus, Solar I, Último Dragón vs Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero

Main Event Magnus and some other people. Dragon might have run out of time to get the mask match with Ultimo Guerrero.

Semimain is the crankiest match possible.

CMLL (SAT) 09/13/2014 Deportivo Tabasco, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal

1) Pequeno Bronce, Pequeno Oro, Pequeno Plata vs Bracito de Oro, Bracito De Plata, Bracito De Platino and Masakrito, Pequeño Jaque Mate, Pierrothito [Copa Pequeno Estrella]
2) Eléctrico, Fantasy, Stukita vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Violencia
3) Acero & Chaneque vs Aéreo & Angelito
4) Astral © vs Demus 3:16 [DF LIGHT]
5) Bam Bam, Shockercito, Último Dragoncito vs Mercurio, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito

Fire, Sombrita, Pequeno Sayama, Panterita, Mascsarita Ano 2000, Ultratumbita, and others will appear – any mini (with some CMLL history) in shouting distance might end up on this Mini Division Anniversary celebration. It’s also a free show, start at noon.

indy (SUN) 09/28/2014 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
***ColiseoMania II***
1) ? & Niño Hamburguesa vs Erika Sotelo & Larry Miranda
2) Ninja Jr., Silencio, Ultimo Ninja vs Hombre Sin Miedo, Misionero, Tigre Cota
3) Principe Franky vs Tigre Universitario, Monje Negro Jr., Cachorro Zapata, Pancho Tequila, Ángel Dorado Jr., Optimus, Principe de Oro [mask, hair, WWA MIDDLE]
4) Chessman & Zorro vs Golden Boy & Rey Demonio Jr.
5) Angélico, Dralion, Jack Evans vs Caifan, Rico Rodriguez, Simbolo
6) Cibernético & Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Averno & Myzteziz [Relevos Increíbles]

Full lineup for the show that’s already been hyped. Main event is going to be a thing. Second match could be good.

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08/23-24 lucha times


== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: Matches from TripleMania! Maybe check AAA’s site to find out which one, maybe guess the first two and Alberto’s first speech. Show is listed as starting 10-15 minutes early depending on the source.

== CMLL ==

FOX2: CMLL Univesral Block A, and whatever else they have time for.

52MX: Omar Brunetti vs Disturbio, hair vs hair

Claro: Gran Guerrero, Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Escorpion vs Sombra, Mascara, Rush

C3: Marco, Maximo, Stuka vs Ephesto, Mephsito, Shocker

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Again, there are a lot of listings listed – Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday! – but who knows if a new episode will air.

Lucha Azteca: Rey Escorpion vs Dragon Rojo and Ingonberables vs Negro Casas, Shocker, Ultimo Guerrero

Terra Sunday: Azul, Marco, Valiente vs Euforia, Mr. Niebla, Terrible

== Other ==

Noches de Coliseo: Random matches from last weekend?

IWRG (LAS/AYM): Four way tag match, Dragon Celestial vs Hip Hop Man

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Maximo/Shocker, DTU, Alberto del Rio, Rey Misterio

photo by Alexis Salazar/CMLL

CMLL (TUE) 08/19/2014 Arena México [CMLL, Yahoo! Deportes]
1) Leono & Metatrón b Akuma & Espanto Jr.
2) Canelo Casas, Guerrero Negro Jr., Hijo del Signo b Molotov, Sensei, Star Jr.
Rudos took 1/3
3) Cancerbero, Nitro, Raziel b Esfinge, Hombre Bala Jr., Súper Halcón Jr.
Rudos took 1/3
4) Black Panther b Arkángel de la Muerte [lightning]
Black Panther snuck in the armbar to win in 5:48.
5) Delta, Tritón, Valiente DQ Pierroth, Puma, Tiger
Tecnicos took 2/3. Tiger fouled Valiente.
6) Ephesto, Mephisto, Shocker DQ Marco Corleone, Máximo, Stuka Jr.
Tecnicos took 1/3. Shocker fouled Maximo and faked a foul to draw a DQ.

I think Maximo might have walked off with Shocker’s robe after the match. Fair enough.

CMLL (TUE) 08/19/2014 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [@acogdl]
1) Inquisidor & Jocker b El Divino & Robin
Rudos took 1/3.
2) Dragon Lee, Leo, Omar Brunetti b Boby Zavala, Disturbio, Sádico
Tencicos took 1/3.
3) Diamante Azul, Gallo, Super Porky b Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Ripper
Rudos took 2/3.
4) Titán b Gran Guerrero
Titan got the win.
5) La Máscara, La Sombra, Rush ?? Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
Tecnicos took fall 1, no further updates.

Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Twitter listed the Ingobernables winning the first fall by beating Casas, RT-ed the Arena Mexico results (for the 4% of people who follow the Guadalajara Twitter but not the main CMLL one but still desire CMLL DF results?) and then no more updates. I guess we find out who won when it turns up on TV.

DTU (TUE) 08/19/2014 Arena Aficion [Criterio Hidalgo, Estrellas del Ring]
1) Malcriado I, Malcriado II, Malcriado III b Angel Suicida, Corazon Latino, Destructor
Debut of Los Malcriados (the brats – natural rivals for the Nerds?)
2) Lanzeloth b Ángel del Misterio and Príncipe Halcón and Artikus
3) Jimmy, Kevin, Tony b Calibus Frescura, Chica Ye-Ye, Yuriko
Los Nerds are still undefeated.
4) Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Niño Hamburguesa b Black Fire, Cíclope, Slayer Pack
5) Drastik Boy & Willie Mack b Aero Boy & Violento Jack and Hacker & Septimo Dragon
Mack pinned Jack.
6) Ovett b Ángel o Demonio © [DTU CONSGRADO]
Powerbomb onto light tubes for the title change. Angel o Demonio falls on his fourth? defense.

Low turnout for this show (maybe a little bit better than the Arena Aficion shows with locals, a little less than the low drawing CMLL shows here; possibly the building may just be dead for whatever reason.) BBoy is notably missing. His Twitter doesn’t mention missing DTU but doesn’t mention actually going to DTU in the first place. The DTU guys were guests on last night’s Tercera Caida, and the show had separate interviews with Violento Jack, Ovett, Septimo Dragon and Willie Mack.

Last night’s CMLL Informa had Mistico, Princesa Sugehit, Estrellita and La Sombra. I wasn’t around to watch it, but if Mistico is really pushing to make the Anniversary show (two months ahead of schedule), then Chessman is off the hook for stupidest decision of the week. Mistico returning is going to sell few tickets and it’s going to be an audience that’s going to be predisposed to hate all new acts in generally but especially Mistico II. That’s not even getting into the short term and long term health issues of rushing a guy back who’s already had health problems. CMLL’s bordering on abuse if they let Mistico come back back early, even if that’s what he wants to do.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirms the date for the AAA USA tapings are 09/06 and 09/07. It’s unclear how many shows this will cover. Fenix is the only wrestler listed from AAA Mexico mentioned as working the show right now. It’s not a complete list, but other wrestlers include Ricky Reyes, Joey Ryan, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Hernandez, and the ex-John Morrison and unnamed women’s wrestlers. Obviously, anyone on AAA’s taping in Pachuca won’t be on these shows.

The WON also talks about the Alberto del Rio situation in depth. The short version is Alberto’s lawyers don’t think the non-competes – both the 1 year in the US and the 90 day anywhere – will actually hold up in court. He’s planning on taking US booking shortly (though he’s charging a lot for them so maybe won’t be working so many.) Alberto’s contract would’ve expired in February 2015 and he and his wife had decided it wasn’t worth fighting the firing until they were told of the 1 year no compete. It’s said John Cena, Big Show, and Randy Orton all offered to speak to management to get Alberto back in WWE, and HHH told Alberto he’d be brought back in six months if nothing else happened, but Alberto told them all he was not interested in returning to WWE.

Meltzer, between the newsletter and a podcast, pretty much said Rey Misterio’s appearance on TripleMania was an effort to get himself fired from WWE so he could actually go to AAA. That didn’t work, and the general idea is Misterio has done multiple things that would get everyone else in the company fired, but WWE has just ignored them because they don’t want to let him go to AAA. (Originally, Rey and HHH had a handshake agreement that Rey would able to leave at the end of his contract, and Rey was surprised to find out his contract was automatically renewed. AAA was probably caught off guard at the same time.) The idea was the video was for just a little bit to turn on the iPPV as a viral tease and the whole thing only to be seen live; it didn’t quite work out that way due the iPPV issues.

The newsletter also has a strange recap of the show, as if it was mostly drawn from a script of what was supposed to happen in each match and not by what actually happened (where very different things actually happened.)

Cageside Seats got a quote from WWE about the Del Rio situation: it was an unfortunate situation and they don’t support discrimination. (They really need to say that in Spanish and in a forum Spanish speakers will see, but the die may already be cast; they seem well into too little too late territory.)

AAA posted this week’s TV from Teziutlan. The Psycho Clown/Texano Jr. road to TripleMania videos were very well done, I wish they just started airing them a lot farther out than one day before the show. They added a lot of footage from the Alberto del Rio press conference, which probably required a lot of last minute editing of the show, but they also really were missing some sort of Event Center match by match hype for TripleMania. Dr. Wagner was shown and the announcers brought up the four way, but even just a graphic would’ve helped and I’m not sure they ever mentioned the cruiserweight match or really pushed the cage one. AAA got 100% of what they could’ve out of Psycho/Texano and of Alberto, but the other matches needed better promotion.

AAA’s posted the Aerostar, Bengala, Drago versus Hijo del Fantasma, Pentagon Jr., Super Fly dark match from Tezuitalan. More dark matches from Teziutalan are to go up on the YouTube channel today. TripleMania will start airing on AAA TV this weekend.

Taya will have surgery this week after Faby Apache did a number on her nose; she suffered a double fracture (and now also has black eyes.) From watching the match, it seemed like Faby really didn’t go out of her way to protect Taya’s nose after it was broke – she got dropped on her face a few more times.

Rob has highlights of 05/24/2014 AAA, a show which AAA has apparently disavowed.

LuchaWorld has the return of the LuchaWorld Podcast, with guest Super Boy. Also, the part of TripleMania he was able to see and KrisZ’s news update from Tuesday.

Segunda Caida watches Rey Bucanero vs Atlantis.

Dragon Lee & Star Jr. vs Belial & Impulso and Zeuxis vs Marcela vs Sileuta vs Dark Angel have been added to the 09/07 Lucha Memes show. They sounds great. Drabek I & II face Trauma I and Steve Pain (going with LA Anarquista in the spirit of LA Park) at the 09/18 Queretaro show. Makabe also talks about his upcoming ChilangaMask appearance on their upcoming Guadalajara appearance.

Electrico wants to challenge Virus for the World Lightweight championship. He figures since he beat Espiritu Maligno, who normally wrestles in the main division, and Virus used to be a mini, it’s not too much of a reach.

Pagano won the NGX Extremo championship on their show this weekend. He came in with a knee injury and didn’t have a good match, but ended Extreme Tiger’s seven year title reign. (Tiger didn’t get pinned, and only defended the title three times in that run.)

Amazona took Rudeza Infernal’s hair in Arena Femenil Monterrey.

Tigre Uno (Extreme Tiger) will be on the next Wrestle-1 tour, from 08/23 to 08/31, replacing an injured Davey Richards.

Flamita isn’t listed among the teams for Dragon Gate’s summer tag team tournament, which means he’s probably based in Mexico for much of September.

ColiseoMania has set a record for presales in Arena Coliseo Monterrey. There are records for first day sales in Arena Coliseo Monterrey?

Dr. Wagner Jr., Hijo del Santo and Octagon are all after Angel Azteca Jr. for making unauthorized versions of their masks. There’s authorized versions of masks?

Fantasma wants to defend against Angelico.

Electroshock doesn’t want to feud with Mesias.

Mesias wants a title shot against Texano.

CMLL hypes Goya’s past success in cibernetico. Total jinx.

CMLL hypes Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero as the match of the millennium. The next 986 years are all downhill.

Ringo Mendoza was grateful for his tribute show. He’s currently forced to get around with wheelchair but plans to be doing better soon.

KeMonito is interviews on a radio show.


CMLL (TUE) 08/26/2014 Arena México
1) Flyer & Leono vs Apocalipsis & Camorra
2) Magnus, Molotov, Sensei vs Hijo del Signo, Inquisidor, Nitro
3) La Vaquerita, Lluvia, Skadi vs La Comandante, La Seductora, Zeuxis
4) Black Panther, Starman, Stigma vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus
5) Marco Corleone, Stuka Jr., Titán vs Boby Zavala, Kráneo, Tiger
6) Máximo vs Shocker

Maximo/Shocker should be something. Fourth match could be good, though it’s some guys working much higher than usual. Lluvia is the tecnica veteran in Comandante’s first match in Arena Mexico since May; that should be a thing to see.

CMLL (TUE) 08/26/2014 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Metatrón & Virgo vs Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno
2) Astral, Meteoro, Último Dragoncito vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito
3) Gallo, Super Porky, Tritón vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Kamaitachi, Skándalo
4) La Máscara & Máscara Dorada vs Ephesto & Mephisto
5) Atlantis, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Euforia, Rey Escorpión, Último Guerrero

Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero. Too bad they can’t trade Triton and Mascara for a better card.

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