CMLL CAN52 GdR #102

CMLL CAN52 Guerrero del Ring #102, aired 11/04/07, taped 10/26 and 10/28.

This episode of Guerreros Del Ring aired a women’s trios and a main event featuring stars doing what it takes to get by. It could have been any one of a dozen shows in the last six months:

CAN #81, #82, #84, #88, #89, #92, #96, #97, #99
FSE #41, #53, #54, #60, #61, #64

(oh, that’s 15, but some of them I might be able to tell apart.

I’m actually looking forward to the women’s cibernetico. The content may ultimately be the same, but the format will allow it to have some stickness in my mind. A second good reason is the match being mostly rudas, giving it a much better shot of being memorably good.

(I wrote that before I found out about the title shot being on the line – you can totally expect a silly breakdown of the chances on Friday now)

Actually, this match was both sticky and proves the weak tecnicas point. The match was headed off the rails once Lady Apache’s dive went horrible wrong – a fall looking as scary as WWE’s Candice Michelle’s recent injury – but Diana’s thrice-blown springboard armdrag would’ve taken the match down on it’s own. Diana could have been mentally out of it after the injury, but she was off before the injury when working with Amapola. It was her worst performance i can recall and it was no surprise someone immediately decided to go home. Nothing was working this night.

It did confirm they choose the matches to air before they happen and have no way to adjust (or just don’t want to ‘waste’ the 15 second pre-taped promos and the opening segment), because there’s no way this airs if it does. That’s too bad.

Main event is the same match they do for arenas they visit once a month, but I get to see it every week. Great for them, sucks for me.

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Women’s Cibernetico now a #1 Contenders Match says Friday’s Arena Mexico women’s cibernetico winner will get a title shot next Friday (11/16) versus Lady Apache. (I partially called this, which may be the reason it’s getting a post.)

The hidden good news here is Lady Apache should be back on 11/16. She could’ve been out a lot longer than four weeks after that dive.

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11/19 AAA TV Lineup (Leon)

Previous: 10/26, 11/11 (Irapuato, lineup), 11/15 Xalapa (no lineup)

AAA TV (MON) 11/19 Domo de la Feria de Leon [KrisZ]
1) Angel, Cassandro, Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Jesse, Nygma, Polvo de Estrellas, Yuriko
2) Billy Boy, Estrellita, Fabi Apache vs Ayako Hamada, Gran Apache, Mari Apache
3) Alan Stone, Intocable, Super Calo vs Decnis, Scorpio Jr., Zumbido
4) Crazy Boy, Extreme Tiger, Sean Waltman vs Electroshock, Halloween, Joe Lider [ri]
5) Elegido, Gronda II, La Parka Jr., Super Fly vs Cuervo, Escoria, Espiritu, Ozz
6) Cibernetico vs Mesias, Zorro [cage]

Projected Air Date (#656)
Mexico: 12/09
US: 12/29

This is the final taping before Guerra de Titanes. AAA’s backload of TV tapings means this won’t air till 9 days after the show happens, so they probably won’t be doing much. All build has to be focused in terms of making people watch the TV show the following week rather then selling tickets to the big card.

As a result, I think we’ve got a lot of place keeping here. The cage mach will surely end with the Cibernetico getting laid out by many men in the cage (and then rising to cut another promo.) The semimain sort kinda builds Air Force vs the Sect, but it’s more to give a happy finish since Kenzo doesn’t appear to be here to build that feud. Everything else probably ends up with the tecnicos looking to get their revenge “next week.”

The tercera is a trios incredible match – it’s one Mexican Powers, one Familia de Tijuana and one Legion member per team. This indicates Jack Evan and Teddy Hart aren’t coming in till GdT (and perhaps only for that show) since they logically belong in X-Pac and Electroshock’s spots

This is the Gran Apache’s first match back, as far as we know, though it seems possible he’d be on the Xalapa taping once that lineup comes out.

No idea who Gato Eveready is.

This has nothing to do with this taping, but I’ve noticed MedioTiempo hasn’t posted ANY lucha news since they posted the GdT lineup five days ago. Perhaps an issue there?

(tentative) Upcoming Tapings
11/30 Centro de Convenciones de Ciudad Madero
maybe one more taping in December?

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11/06: notes

Sunday’s Arena Coliseo Guadalajara show was canceled due to problems at the arena. No word on if todays show is still on, or if they’ll redo the planned Texano Jr./Dos Caras Jr. title match at another date.

So someone started a “Mistico’s going to face AJ Styles at the 12/15 TNA in Mexico show”. (I’ve seen credit, but that site is not working for me right now.) That person is an evil genius. Probably wrong, but still. TNA confirms Silver King and Dr. Wagner will be on the Friday (12/14) show and Absimo Negro will be on the Saturday show.

AAA’s website put up the GdT lineup. Same as everywhere else.

Ovaciones notes Tuesday’s CMLL show, there’s a 2 for 1 deal if you buy tickets in person.

CMLL (THU) 11/08 Arena Neza
1) Rayo Tapatio II & Tiger Kid vs Polvora & Zayco
2) Mini Olimpico, Shockercito, Ultimo Dragoncito vs Gitanito, Mini Halloween, Mini Mr. Aguila
3) Fabian el Gitano, Leono, Stuka Jr. vs Dr. X, Loco Max, Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.
4) Felino, Rey Bucanero, Valiente vs Arkangel, Olimpico, Ultimo Guerrero

Among other things noted on various trips, Arturo Rivera mentions El Dandy wants to get in AAA.

Shocker talks to el Siglo de Torreon about his problems, but only in the vaguest possible fashion. He had “a disorderly life” and “excesses”, though there’s no telling what those excesses were. Perhaps he just got addicted to a telenovela. Shocker thinks he and Bucanero should challenge for the tag team titles (which actually sounds reasonable – maybe not a draw, but what would be?) and wants to repair his relationship with Monito.

(El Sol de Tijuana) Tijuana’s comission is splitting. The comisssion of Boxing and Lucha will now be two seperate comissions. One will be for boxing, kick boxing and MMA, and one will just be for lucha libre. This means the wrestling proceedes won’t be supporting boxing anymore.

El Sol de Tulancingo writes about the best days of Arena Libertad.

Random interview with Chyna. I dunno.

Super Luchas #237 has Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero with the belts and Goldberg holding a magazine (from the ill-fated Cow Palace convention.) Haven’t seen any other magazines this week.

While waiting to see if Box Y Lucha’s lineups would or Arena Puebla results would turn up (no and no), I got the PR hype for Saturday’s lucha card in Hammond. Card seems to be the same as what I posted in the comments. This was my favorite part:

Rocky Romero is not typically considered a luchador, but his 2 year reign as CMLL’s Super Ligero Champion ranks among the longest title runs anywhere in modern wrestling.

It still exists! I figured it was lost in a closet. (Since I didn’t see pictures, it still might.) Heck, when I was looking thru my closet this morning for my winter coat, I thought I might move something around and find out I had it and accidently put on a shelf. I mean, I’ve defended it as often as Romero in the last two years.

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11/05: Monterrey, Coliseo, Guapito

CMLL LLA (SAT) 11/03 Arena Monterrey [El Norte via John 3:16 as El Martinete, RFC]
1) Celestial & Electrico b Pierrothito & Mini Violencia
2) Astro Boy, Mascara Purpura, Valiente b Loco Max, Misterioso II, Tigre Universitario
3) Mr. Aguila, Sangre Azteca, Terrible b La Máscara, La Sombra, Máximo
4) Marco Corelone, Rey Bucanero, Shocker b Ephesto, Mephisto, Toscano
5) Super Parka L Ultimo Guerrero, Mistico, Averno, Atlantis, Dr. Wagner Jr., Hector Garza, Damian 666 [hair]

Super Parka wasn’t previously announced for the match, but added to it at the last second. It’s his second hair loss this year and a total bait and switch. Garza losing his hair wouldn’t have been a huge deal, but it wouldn’t been bigger than this. A win for UG at any rate. He had a nice weekend.

CMLL (SUN) 11/04 Arena Coliseo [cmll]
1) Mascarita Dorada & Pequeño Olímpico b Fire & Mini Black Warrior
2) Luna Magica, Marcela, Princesa Blanca b Amapola, Hiroka, Medussa
3) Misterioso II, Ohara, Shigeo Okumura b Máximo, Stuka Jr., Valiente
4) Blue Panther, Marco Corelone, Negro Casas b Atlantis, Black Warrior, Olimpico
5) Atlantis, Lizmark Jr., Último Guerrero b Blue Panther, Marco Corelone, Rey Bucanero

Not sure if the 4 and 5 got switched – CMLL has the photos and commentary mixed, so it’s not very clear. Atlantis worked twice, filling in for Sangre Azteca. He and UG won their match clean with Atlantidas, but he lost with Warrior and Olimpico. Ultimo Dragon and Samurai Shiro disappeared off this card – I’m not sure if Shiro is injuried, back in Japan or both.

Stuka replaced Purpura. It sounds like Valiente’s double jump moonsault led to his doom.

AAA posted a news update, naming the title to be on the line at Guerra de Titanes and promising that the full lineup will be out in the next few days. I bet I can guess what’ll be on it.

Guapito suffered a dislocated elbow on Wednesday in a match involving the Guapos and the Stones. Alan Stone knocked him out of the ring and Guapito landed badly ot the floor. AAA says Guapito may be out only 2 to 3 weeks. A dislocated elbow sounds like a worse injury than that, but maybe it’s not bad. Scorpio Jr. is interviewed and vowing revenge. (Maybe they’ll take out Chris Stone, giving the opening to explain why Intocable’s in the cage match.)

Article links
– Dark Angel has an entry in the Encyclopedia of Manitoba.

– Noticas-Oaxaca has another interview (or another part of the original interview) with Ultimo Guerrero about his career. UG says he became a luchador because he didn’t study in school. He dropped out high school but he’d tell anyone else who wants to be a wrestler to master a profession first: “the life of a fighter is very short, my physical powers are going to end very early…a professional is going to exercise his profession until he dies.”

NotiMex has quotes from Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero about their title win – they think the champions were nervous, and they plan to break Ultimo and Bucanero’s defense record.

Latin Lover is on the International version of Dancing with the Stars. Other countries represented include Argentina, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and Slovakia. Slovakia?!? There’s also a blurb about WWE being picked up for full shows on CAN52.

– North West Indiana Times has an article about the NWA Pro/NWA Midwest part-lucha show in Hammond on Saturday.

– Today at 5:30pm, in Olympia, Washington, Super Amigos airs as part of the annual film festival. (thanks to mikeinformer)

A Buenos Aires art museum is promoting it’s Dia de Muertos exhbit with lucha libre style posters.

El Hijo del Santo is filming a new movie – El Hijo del Santo vs Los Psicopata Satanicos. There is video too.

– One of the skits at the 2007 International Festival of Puppets was lucha libre themed.

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11/04: Valiente injury, next week’s Coliseo, Accion

Ovaciones covers Hijo de Anibal opening a gym. Arturo’s column was not updated. hasn’t put up results for Sunday yet, but they have put up newsbites and next week’s lineup. Valiente was carried out of after a dive gone wrong. CMLL says the injury was scary but not serious.

CMLL also notes Black Warrior challenged Negro Casas to a hair match after he challenged Panther last week. I’d think this was going some place. I don’t know how, but you’d think CMLL wouldn’t be pointing out the emptiness of the weekly satellite post-match challenges (and the idea of Warrior having to drop his hair as some sort of delayed payback for returning works, even if there’s absolutely no substance to it.)

CMLL (SUN) 11/11 Arena Coliseo
1) Molotov & Trueno vs Polvora & Vaquero
2) Lady Apache, Luna Magica, Marcela vs Amapola, La Nazi, Medussa
3) Leono, Mascara Purpura, Stuka Jr. vs Euforia, Mr. Mexico, Nosferatu
4) La Mascara, Sagrado, Ultimo Dragon vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
5) Negro Casas, Shocker, Volador Jr. vs Damian 666, Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Mr. Aguila

Of the six guys in that tercera, which is the least interesting possible feud for a hair or mask match? Which match does that mean they’re doing? Exactly. hypes the debut of MINIS YOU WILL NEVER SEE. That’s their offical name.

According to my TiVo, it had to delete my recording of DeporTV America a couple hours after I taped it (and far before I was home to see it) because the network has set something allow you to keep a recording for a maximum of ZERO days. If someone from WOCK or Azteca America sees this, can you fix that? Someone’s clearly pushed the wrong button along the way.

Accion’s CMLL clips were from the Arena Mexico main event. When did Mistico start wearing arm slelves? (More to the point – what did he do to his arms to need to wear arm sleeves? I hope he’s just wearing them because they look cool and doesn’t need to obscure something.) Nice tornillo in here by Mistico. Best part might have been the Guerrero fans around the arena in the front rows jumping out of their seats and marking out on the clean win for the rudos. This finish seemed to get over in the building, but the bigger question is always how it go over to the people who aren’t coming but CMLL needs to show up.

AAA has Cibernetico, Charly Manson, Chessman vs Mesias, Zorro, Electroshock in Aguascalientes (and in a fog of smoke.) Match is joined with Ciber running wild (seemingly just after the match started and Mesias is nowhere in sight), then cut to him wandering outside of the ring towards someone we don’t actually see. Konnan meets Cibernetico in the aisle, and they nearly completely blow a MISSED PUNCH spot. That’s outstanding. Manson and Chessman take out the rudos with topes, Mesais (still with his entrance gear on) tries a belt shot but gets kicked and Stunnered. Chokeslam on ZOrro, and he’s pinned ABSOLUTELY CLEAN. So that turn is dead already, wow. Electroshock couldn’t have taken a pin there? He’s Electroshock! You know, AAA likes Zorro enough to do a lot of stuff with him, but they don’t like him enough to make sure they do it well.

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11/09 Arena Mexico Lineup

CMLL (FRI) 11/09 Arena Mexico [superluchas]
1) Atomo & Mascarita Dorada vs Mini Black Warrior & Mini Damian 666
2) Dark Angel vs Marcela, Luna Magica, Rosa Negra, Amapola, Princesa Sujei, Hiroka, Mima Shimoda [ciber]
3) Alex Koslov, Felino, Volador Jr. vs Misterioso II, Olimpico, Sangre Azteca
4) Marco Corelone, Rey Bucanero, Sombra vs Black Warrior, Lizmark Jr., Ultimo Guerrero
5) Blue Panther, Negro Casas, Shocker vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Mr. Aguila, Texano Jr.

I’m not sure why there’s a women’s cibernetico. After seeing Lady Apache’s dive gone wrong, they might need to declare a new champion, but this one looks like a cibernetico to do a cibernetico so far.

Dorada’s never making it on TV.

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11/03: new tag champs, GdR


CMLL (FRI) 11/02 Arena Mexico [ova, TAKER @ El Martinete, ESTO]
1) Euforia & Nosferatu b Fabián el Gitano & Leono
2) Máximo, Sagrado, Último Dragón b Averno, Mephisto, Olimpico
3) Black Warrior, Lizmark Jr., Tozcano b La Sombra, Rey Bucanero, Shocker
4) Blue Panther, Dos Caras Jr., Marco Corelone b el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Mr. Águila, Terrible
5) Atlantis & Último Guerrero b Místico & Negro Casas [CMLL TAG]

Clean finish. Double Atlantida did it. Guerreros are the 24th Tag Champions, UG is a five time tag champ, and Atlantis is a 4 time tag champ, each with a different partner.

Hurcan Ramirez was honored before the main event with a minute of applause. His family, including Axxel, made an appearance.

Will UG hold the title longer than a week this time? No lineup has been posted for next Friday yet.

Arena Coliseo Guadalajara is closed at the moment, due to a riot during boxing matches there on Friday. Sunday’s lucha show may be affected.

ESTO has a short article on Mascara Ano 2000 losing his hair to LA Park this past Thursday.

CMLL CAN52 Guerreros del Ring #102 has
10/26 Mexico: Diana la Cazadora, Lady Apache, Marcela DQ Amapola, Hiroka, Princesa Sujei
10/28 Coliseo: Blue Panther, Marco Corelone, Negro Casas b Atlantis, Black Warrior, Olimpico
No outside the ring. The Lady Apache dive gone wrong is horrfying in video form.

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11/02: Mexico preview, Castle of Terror, Park wins hair


CMLL (FRI) 11/02 Arena Mexico
1) Fabian el Gitano & Leono vs Euforia & Nosferatu
2) Maximo, Sagrado, Ultimo Dragon vs Averno, Mephisto, Samurai Shiro
3) Rey Bucanero, Shocker, Sombra vs Black Warrior, Hijo de Lizmark, Tozcano
4) Blue Panther, Dos Caras Jr., Marco Corelone vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Mr. Aguila, Terrible
5) Mistico & Negro Casas vs Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero [CMLL TAG]

Main event could be really good, or they could do two falls in three minutes and an 8 minute final fall that’s all “move pause move”. At least it has a chance to be really good, more than you can say for most.

Are they going anywhere with Dos/Perro? We’ll see tonight.

I hope Satanico has set his men for Destroy in the opener. If ever I could get a two fall squash, that’s the one I want.

Tonight’s show offers free tickets to any child who comes in costume (with an adult ticket). They’re also planning a tribute to Huracan Ramirez

Ovaciones previews the show with a profile of Black Warrior. He’s still looking for revenge over Mistico and wants Blue Panther’s mask. ESTO works today’s holiday into a death/rebirth theme with Black Warrior, speaking more about his departure and return from CMLL this year than his mask loss. Warrior is not very clear about what happened, but he is verya apologetic that it happened. I like the final line the best: “On this Day of the Dead, Black Warrior recalls his father, dedicating the match and offering a beer, which he liked a lot.”

Notimex has Mistico vowing he’ll leave his life in the ring to defend the titles. That’s a lot for the tag team titles.

ESTO notes this is Lizmark Jr.‘s first match in Arena Mexico since losing his mask, due to his broken nose. The injury took out whatever steam there was in Lizmark losing his mask.

CMLL wrestlers (and Park and Wagner) who aren’t working Arena Mexico are working Arena Xalapa tonight. Mistico and Perro are due there on 11/23, but the big news is the rudos in the segunda are listed as having “cancer, AIDS, and Ebola – but the doctors say they’re in very very good health.” I think they need a new doctor!

IWRG (THU) 11/01 Arena Naucalpan [Mr. Reyes @ Satanico’s Mansion representing the gladiatores, superluchas]
1) Judas el Traidor, Puma King, Rockero del Diablo b Tortuguillo Ninja I, Tortuguillo Ninja II, Tortuguillo Ninja III
2) Oficial 911 & Yamato b Cyborg & Xibalva
3) Fantasma de la Opera b Cerebro Negro, Black Terry [IWRG IC WELTER]
4) Negro Casas b Villano III [IWRG IC MIDDLE]
5) Enterrador 2000 L Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Villano IV, Enfermero Jr., Bogeman, Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., Captian Muerte, Coco Verde, Sepitembre Negro II, Oficial Fiero [cage, mask]

Enterrado 2000 is Irison Mora Arias (Toro Irisson), 22 years in wrestling, originally from Juarez. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. is saying he’s won 49 masks, and Santo could be 50. Keep on dreaming. Order of escape is Fiero, Capitan Muerte, Bogmean, Coco Verde, Septiembre Negro II, Enfermero Jr., Villano IV, and Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. MY2K Jr. returned (to attack Rayo) and both left at about the same time.

Negro Casas will indeed have a second belt tonight, though the finish had some controversy; V3 got his shoulder up visibly, but was counted down for three. They agreed to a rematch. Superluchas was surprised and disappointed with the length of the first two falls.

Cerebro Negro had Black Terry pinned for the first elimination of the triangle match, but he did it via low blow. Referee noticed, and Terry got a win. Match got worse with no Black Terry, though he came back to save Fantasma from being pinned. Terry wants the mask himself, so he attacked Cerebro Negro and Fantasma beat him for the belt.

Full house for the show.

ESTO also says the Navarro Brothers VIP show tommorow has been canceled. No reason given, though there are forum posts where the Navarro Brothers pass off the blame, saying they sold this show to another promoter.

CMLL Guanajuatense (THU) 11/01 Lienzo Charro Igancio Leon Orneals [El Sol de Irapuato]
1) Black Spider & Dragon b Chico Infernal & Dark Dragon
2) Perro Callejero I & Perro Callejero II b Dr. Polux & Super Payaso
3) Hiroka & Mima Shimoda vs India Sioux & Princesa Blanca
4) Mascara Purpura, Maximo, Stuka Jr. b Ephesto, La Morge, Sangre Azteca
5) Blue Panther, Mistico, Negro Casas b Averno, Olimpico, Toscano

CMLL (THU) 11/01 Arena Isbael de Cuervanaca [Mushiking Joker @ Box Y Lucha, Dark Atlantis @ el Martiente
1) Pandemonium, Robin, Spiderman b Cholo I, Cholo II, Vampiro Metalico
2) Hooligan, Misterioso II, Texano Jr. b Anibal Jr., Batman, Mictlan
3) Sangre Azteca b Mascara Purpura [MEX WELTER]
4) Mistico & Sombra DQ Averno & Ephesto
5) LA Park b Mascara Ano 2000 [hair]

Crowd was 75% full. Lots of referee intervention in the main event. Averno yanked Mistico’s mask and covered him, but got caught after the fact. Hooligan replaced Skandalo.

Noticias Oaxaca writes about new local wrestler Mini Vuelo Espacial, who was presented at last week’s CMLL show and will debut next month.

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AAA #648

AAA# 648, taped 09/16/07, aired 10/27/07

In abstract, it actually works
– rudo secretly uses knuckles to advance in the tournament, many times
– ref lays the rules down in the finals and takes a hardline on the knucks
– knucks are confiscated before the match
– rudo pulls out second knucks and attempts to use them
– tecnico stops him, gets the knucks, and socks him for the win
– referee notices the tecnico has the knucks and has to overturn the finish based on what he said earlier.

It’s a bit that’s been in tons of places and tons of time, and often well, because it’s an easy thing to do. William Regal did a fine variation of this in WWE 3-4 years ago. I can see why someone thought it would work here…

…but it can’t in the context of the rest of the match. You can either have a weapons match with plenty of weapon shots or you can have a match where one weapon shot reverses the finish. They’re mutually exclusive. If you can hit a guy in a head with a ladder, if you can hit a guy in the head with a chair, if you can drive a guy’s head thru a table (as they tried) and that’s all okay, why should hitting someone with “knucks” (or a small empty roll of tape) be any different?

I don’t even have to point out how horrible bad the stunt went (and the planning of the stunt – that ladder was far too weak) to show how counterproductive it was.

My other problem is the AAA runs this big tournament for a title belt and can’t decide what the belt is called. Roldan and other sources say it’s the AAA World Heavyweight Championship, and the announcers keep finding a way to squeeze MEGA in there. Stuff like that, like Extreme Tiger and Decniis’ shifting spellings, all the DQ-ible stuff in a match built about one spot being a DQ – AAA is lacking someone who either cares about the details or has the power to make sure everyone else does.

If I could have a third problem, it’s that they should’ve done a Mesias vs Chessman rematch within two tapings of this show to capitalize on the controversy of the finish. If you’re going to do a screwjob, it should lead somewhere to make money, not just exist as an out.

I imagine the screwjobs in the Guapos/Stones stuff is leading somewhere, though probably nowhere anyone will be happy with (Piero getting his hair cut again) and I’m thinking it’s not worth months of Piero overshadowing quality matches to get to that.

As much as I appreciate the Billy Boy/Fabi Apache recap video, 90 minutes of complete filler and replays from last week is horrible. They knew they were going to be short on content for this week’s show, and they pretty much shrugged and didn’t care. It’s a testament to how AAA’s show is still under most radars that they’re not held accountable for television shows that would be shredded if a US based promotion did the same. I’m happy for the people who like the show, but it could and should be a lot better.

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