03/11: Muneco/Coco Rojo, Accion, NJPW

VIP (SAT) 03/10 Salon 21, DF [Notimex]
1) Katito Kung Lee & Voladorcito b Bracito de Plata & Pentagoncito
2) Black Heart, Furia, La Mosca b Caramelo, King Fish, Supernino
3) Lapida & Shu el Guerrero b Axel & Vangelz
4) Mano Negro & Solar I DRAW Black Terry & Negro Navarro
5) Super Muenco b Coco Rojo [mask]

Coco Rojo is Mario Jimenez, 39, of Veracruz. He vows to keep fighting Super Muneco.

Marco Corelone and Universo 2000 will sign contracts on Thursday for a hair/hair match on 03/30. That’s a gigantic step down from Mistico/Perro.

Blue Panther suffered a seven cm tear in a hip muscle, and he’ll be out for three to four weeks.

Ovaciones also says the winner of this year’s Rey de Reyes will be receiving a sword. This sounds like a dangerous idea.

Negro Casas and Texano Jr. in New Japan (Strong Style Spirit)
03/03: Negro Casas & Texano Jr. b Minoru & Milano Collection AT [Casas pin Minoru]

03/04: Wataru Inoue & Texano Jr. b Minoru & Milano Collection AT [Texano pin Milano]
03/04: Jado, Gedo, Negro Casas b Tiger Mask, Koji Kanemoto, Ryusuke Taguchi [Negro pin Kanemoto]

03/06: Minoru, Tiger Mask, Wataru Inoue, Texano Jr. b Jushin Liger, Koji Kanemoto, El Samurai, Negro Casas [Minoru pin Samurai]

03/09: Wataru Inoue, Texano Jr., Yujiro b Jado, Gedo, Milano Collection AT [Texano pin Gedo]
03/09: Minoru, Jushin Liger, Negro Casas b Tiger Mask, Koji Kanemoto, El Samurai [Casas pin Tiger]

03/10: Negro Casas b El Samurai
03/10: Minoru, Jushin Liger, Milano Collection AT b Ryusuke Taguchi, Texano Jr., Tetsuya Naito [Minoru pin Naito]

03/11: Tiger Mask, Koji Kanemoto, Wataru Inoue b Jushin Liger, Negro Casas, Milano Collection AT [Kanemoto beat Milano]
03/11: Minoru b Texano Jr. [IWGP JH]

Negro gets a title shot against Tiger Mask IV next week. He’ll fair no better.


CMLL: Marco vs Universo. Univeros seemed fired up here, and we get the DQ beating. The Capos hold Marco and foul him directly in front of the ref, and they’re angry about it. I dunno.

AAA: Latin/Parka/Alebrije/Laredo vs Abismo/Antifaz/Histera/Niebla from Orizaba Spots spots, with Laredo’s ringpost tope con giro being the big spot, and Latin winning clean with a figure four.

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GdR #68

Aired 03/10

It’s a women’s match and a Universo/Corelone build up match, and only about 16 minutes of wrestling, so I think most people are going to skip without thinking about it. But the women’s match is one of the better ones and there was nothing wrong with the main event match given who was in it.

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03/10: Mexico results, lineups

CMLL (FRI) 03/09 Arena Mexico [ova, ESTO]
1) Molotov & Valiente b Apocalipsis & Caligula
2) Leono, Mictlan, Virus b Dr. X, Ohara, Shigeo Okumura
3) Ephesto, Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca b Blue Panther, La Máscara, Sagrado
4) Atlantis, Olímpico, Último Guerrero b Dos Caras Jr., Lizmark Jr., Volador Jr.
5) Alex Koslov, Místico, Rey Bucanero b Averno, Black Warrior, Mephisto
6) Marco Corelone DQ Universo 2000

Marco won the first fall clean, and then won the second fall when Mascara Ano 2000 and Cien Caras ran in and beat him down. (Cien insists he’s not coming back, again.)

Panther suffered a knee injury in the second fall of his match and was taken to the hospital – might be serious.

There was a moment of applause for Black Shadow

More Black Shadow
EHIU.com (newswire?) and Ovaciones have articles from his funeral

Today’s the VIP show with Super Muneco vs Coco Rojo for masks. Muneco appears to be winning.

Today’s also the next AAA taping

AAA TV (SAT) 03/10 Tlaxacalita
1) ?, Alan, Decnnis vs Ángel Mortal, Gallego, Mr. Cóndor
2) Billy Boy, Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata, Sexy Star vs Fabi Apache, Gran Apache, Mini Chessman, Polvo de Esterllas
3) Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Psicosis II vs Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz
4) Juventud Guerrera & Octagón vs Fuerza Guerrera & Pirata Morgan
5) Alberije, El Elegido, La Parka Jr., Zorro vs Abismo Negro, Antifaz del Norte, Histeria, Mr. Niebla

Next week’s CMLL Cards

CMLL (TUE) 03/13 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Rayo Tapatio I, Rayo Tapatio II vs Super Comando, Artillero
2) Lady Apache, Marcela, India Sioux vs Amapola, La Nazi, Rosa Negra
3) Valiente, Brillante, Virus vs Goto, Okumura, Ohara
4) La Mascara, Maximo, Felino vs Damian 666, Halloween, Mr. Aguila
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Bucanero, Blue Panther vs Averno, Mephisto, Ephesto

Goto is Hirooki Goto – maybe we’ll get to see the new belt?

CMLL (FRI) 03/16 Arena Mexico Lineup
1) Sombra de Plata, Super Nova vs Polvora, Vaquero
2) Dark Angel, Sahori, Luna Magica vs Princesa Sujei, Hiroka, Mima Shimoda
3) Blue Panther, Felino, Mictlan vs Mephisto, Ephesto, Misterioso Jr.
4) Heavy Metal, Volador Jr., Sagrado vs Universo 2000, Atlantis, Sangre Azteca
5) Shocker, Alex Koslov, Marco Corleone vs Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Hector Garza, Damian 666

No Mistico, so they obviously aren’t running Mistico/Perro next week. Or anything major. Sangre in a semimain is cool.

CMLL (SUN) 03/18 Arena Coliseo Lineup
1) Starman, Super Nova, Trueno vs Hooligan, Apocalipsis
2) Felino, Mictlan, Valiente vs Misterioso II, Loco Max, Mr. Mexico
3) Volador Jr., La Mascara, Alex Koslov vs Averno, Mephisto, Ephesto
4) Leono vs Mogur [hair]
5) Mistico, Dos Caras Jr., Lizmark Jr. vs Ultimo Guerrero, Black Warrior, Olimpico

The way they’ve been airing things lately, that hair match airs on Fox Sports.

Guerreros del Ring had:
02/23 Mexico: Amapola, Hiroka, Mima Shimoda b Dark Angel, India Sioux, Lady Apache
03/04 Coliseo: Olímpico, Pierroth, Universo 2000 b Satanico, Lizmark Jr., Marco Corelone
No unmasked segment – Ultimo Guerrero’s crib

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03/09: Demon, Santo, Guerrero, Queretaro, Yucatan, Mexico preview

Hispanic PR Wire

Yea, today feels like a good day to lead with a Blue Demon Jr. story. He’s going to be in Miami on Sunday, “where he will have three exhibition matches” to promote the energy drink. Maybe this is just a one off promotion, but that sorta sounds like the thing you’d do to film a commercial.

Meanwhile, El Hijo del Santo appeared at a press conference to raise awareness about the destruction of Pacific Ocean coastline. You’d think this would be Atlantis’ gig. (planetsave)

“I began to worry, to become interested, and I was affected very much by the statistics on what is happening,” Hijo del Santo told a news conference that included the presentation of a mock movie trailer announcing “Santo vs. the Enemies of the Sea.”

YouTube? Please please please.

Hector Guerrero debuted in TNA last night, as a Spanish language announcer (and some unspecified backstage duties.) According to the Observer, there’s an agreement within TNA to specificly NOT do angles with Hector revolving around Eddie.

CMLL (TUE) 03/06 Arena Queretaro [El Knotty # El Martinete]
1) Dark Boy b Galaxy
2) Neurosis & Startron b Furia Dorada & Ozuno
3) Toro & Ursus b ? & Perro del Ring
4) Felino & Mictlan b Ephesto & Misterioso II
5) Alex Koslov & Marco Corelone b Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero

Lots of great photos at that link.

CMLL (SUN) 03/04 Poliforum Zamna de Merida [pipe9909]
1) Angelito Vengador & Fantastic b Haragan & Imperio Dorado
2) Sombra & Yago b Halcon Rojo Jr. & Lobo Salvaje
3) Super Muneco b Halcon Rojo [hair]
4) Amenaza Roja, Felino, Heavy Metal DQ Halloween, Mr. Águila, Terrible
5) Damián 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Héctor Garza b Dos Caras Jr., LA Park, Rey Bucanero

Good pictures there too, though they seem to be down at the moment.

El Manana has an interview with Super Muneco, talking his career and his upcoming mask match.

Mexico previews: Ovaciones, La Presna, Notimex, ESTO.

CMLL (FRI) 03/09 Arena Mexico
1) Molotov & Valiente vs Apocalipsis & Ramstein
2) Leono, Mictlan, Virus vs Dr. X, Ohara, Shigeo Okumura
3) Blue Panther, La Máscara, Máximo vs Ephesto, Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
4) Dos Caras Jr., Lizmark Jr., Volador Jr. vs Atlantis, Olímpico, Último Guerrero
5) Alex Koslov, Místico, Rey Bucanero vs Averno, Black Warrior, Mephisto
6) Marco Corelone vs Universo 2000

– Marco wants a title shot, while Universo has been calling him an exotico all week
– Mistico’s gotta face two of his rivals, Averno and Black Warrior

I suspect Marco will win, and perhaps the ex-WWE superstar will compete for the title the same week WWE hits town (assuming they’re moving Mistico/Perro.) What a coincidence.

Domba @ El Martiente has compiled a list of luchadors on mySpace, trying to figure which ones are authentic.

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Black Shadow (1921-2007)


Alejandro Cruz Ortiz, who was a star in in the early days of lucha libre, teaming with Blue Demon Jr. and having a legendary mask vs mask battle with Santo, died Thursday of pneumonia. He was 81.

Source: Ovaciones.

Lucha Wiki bio.

Box Y Lucha has a thread of condolences and rememberances. There’s also a threads on El Martiente.

(Miarroba, the hosting service of Satanico’s Mansion and El Halcon’s board and other places are moving their servers today, so they’re down for the moment.)

Six things to know about Black Shadow
– His mask match with Santo (November 7th, 1952) is probably the most important match in lucha libre. It wasn’t the first mask/mask match, but it made them them a huge deal, and so much of lucha libre in the fifty years since have been built around battles for masks.
– Black Shadow was probably in top 5, maybe top 3, most important Mexican wrestlers of his day, and maybe top 15 overall.
– It’d be higher if, like Demon and Santo, he had a son who followed him and had success. Shadow did have sons, none of which followed their father’s career. Shadow gave permission to one man to carry his name, and other indy wrestlers have used it without permission. None have made a big mark.
– Blue Demon and Black Shadow were long time partners and claimed to be brothers.
– Black Shadow was an early highflyer. He help popularize versions of the tope.
– Despite his fame, Shadow worked other jobs to make ends meet. When he was injured during his career, he worked as a shoemaker. After it was over, he sold purses at the market.

One thing I wish I knew: why did Black Shadow lose his mask, and not Blue Demon? Was Shadow considered the lesser member of the pair, or was it just happenstance?


AAA #614

aired 03/03, taped 02/05

Unimportant Secret: I’ve been done with all the recaps I’ve done since Monday – I just wanted to space it out over the week. I was thinking I’d be less annoying to just post one a day.

I figure, give me a breather, a few weeks of only 4 (or maybe 3 or maybe 5 – hopefully I’ve called my cable company by the time you read this) hours of lucha TV to refresh mentally, and then I’ll start digging into the assorted stuff I’ve got around here, assuming anyone wants to read it.

The show! The show I don’t remember well because I watched it last on Monday and I’m actually writing this late Wednesday night and that’s how fast AAA goes thru my mind.

I think this was the best cage match I’ve seen in lucha in some time – it was laid out well from start to finish, and they built up to the big spot at the end. Black Family got another big win, the Hell Brothers still couldn’t beat them and Chessman got taken out, the La Parka Jr. bit was played out well – it’s all working out quite nicely. They figured out the opposition problem for the Hell Brothers – just have people keep beating them.

I still think they overdo chair spots to the point where no one cares about them, but that’s not going to change. We had two screwjob finishes by referees, and one partner turning on partner and the show’s not going to work with me, but that may not be changing either.

These eh ten minute tags could probably all be good six minute tags.

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03/08: Mistico, Madreo, Laguna, IWRG, Monterrey

Am.com.mx actually gets a quote from Mistico about WWE! It’s not much: he says he’s talked to WWE, but there’s no deal in place. Yet.

CMLL (WED) 03/07 Centro de Convenciones Madero [Dinamita @ box y lucha]
1) Baby Lover & Oro Negro b Mensajero de la Muerte & Silver Fox
2) Amapola, Hiroka, La Nazi b India Sioux, Lady Apache, Princesa Blanca
3) Alex Koslov, Máximo, Sagrado b Dr. X, Nitro, Sangre Azteca
4) Atlantis, Olímpico, Último Guerrero b Dos Caras Jr., Electroshock, Lizmark Jr.
5) el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Héctor Garza, LA Park b Dr. Wagner Jr., Marco Corelone, Shocker

Good crowd for the show, which was originally supposed to include Mistico. Show was so to be pretty good.

CMLL (THU) 03/08 Arena Olimpico Laguna [siglo de torreon]
1) Semental & Venum vs Dorado Jr. & Lobo del Aire
2) Piloto Negro vs Hijo del Sobearno
3) Diabolico & Mr. Guerrero vs Arana Cibernetica I & Arana Cibernetica II
4) Atlantis, Black Warrior, Ultimo Guerrero vs Dos Caras Jr., Heavy Metal, Lizmark Jr.

Torreon is getting a new 12,000 seat arena that’ll be set up for . (Notimex vs Vanguardia

IWRG’s card has changed a little

IWRG (SUN) 03/11 Arena Naucalpan [iwrg]
1) Aguila Oriental vs Sasaki
2) Antaris & Ave Fenix vs Macho II & Vampiro Metalico
3) Kai, Kid Tiger, Yamato vs Super Colt, Trauma I, Trauma II
4) El Dandy, Esfinge, Suicida vs Bestia Salvaje, Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., Pierroth Jr.
5) Cerebro Negro vs Black Terry [hair]

indy (SUN) 03/11 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [rfc]
1) Arcangel (Monterrey), Chuy Oviedo, Zulu vs Aramgeddon, Black Nazi, Rey Apostol
2) ?, Burrito, Mini Burrito vs Holly, La Bandida, Tequilita
3) Huracan Ramirez Jr., Silver Star, Sky vs Ejecutor, El Mortal (USA), Vudu
4) Androide & Rey Sagitario vs Difuno I & Difunto II [FILL TAG]
5) Black Dragon, Casanova, Golden Boy vs Hijo del Espanto II, Pancho Tequila, Potro Jr.
6) Axxel & Konnan Big vs Hijo de Anibal & Hijo del Solitario [FILL MIDDLE, ri, losers advance]

So Konnan Big and Axxel’s team is losing, and Axxel’s getting his belt back.

CMLL (SUN) 03/04 Arena Emilizno Zapata [el pancracio]
1) Charro Gonzales & Coyote Dorado b Loock Man & Skay Blue
2) Electrodo Jr., Rey Fenix, Zenki b Furia 2000, Macho Jr., Rey Imperio
3) Disturbio & Gran Markus II b Cyber Black & Platino
4) Fenix & Tigre Metalico b Loco Max & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.
5) Blue Panther, La Mascara, Solar I b Averno, Ephesto, Negro Navarro
6) Dos Caras Jr., Rey Bucanero, Shocker b Eclipse, Fuerza Maligna, Olimpico

The fans in Matamoros weren’t happy about a Mistico/Wagner vs Perro/Coco Rojo (Black Warrior MIA) with two quick falls to start and Mistico taking off quickly after the match was over. (El Manana de Matamoros)

Milenio has an article about mini women wrestlers.

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GdR #67

Aired 03/03

Thanks to random shoutouts, I know I’m the only person who saw this show, so I’ve got no one to help me settle this important debate – which was worse?

– Mogur and Arkangel with an ill-planned Doomsday Device
– Universo spinning around like a top as he runs cross ring, for no reason.

That’s not the first time he’s done that, right? This SEEMS like a reoccurring Universo thing.

I don’t understand the point of Blue Panther working house CMLL tecnico style. I mean, I know I came along when Panther was already on the way down and I really need to get back to people to get those older DVD already, but even after they turned him tecnico and he got lost in the mix, he’d doat least a couple cool things each match. Lately, he’s just been A Guy – a prescene so little memorable, I have to recheck the lineup after the fact to remember he was there.

When I saw him live, I saw those cool things. But he worked as a rudo.

Most of the young guys, among those who are getting any push, are on the tecnico side, so you’d think it’d be time to change him back to the old crafty rudo. But that’s no special insight – the people who make the decisions surely see the same and aren’t doing it, so there’s something I’m missing here.

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03/09 Lucha Times

FWIW: Daylight Savings time starts on Sunday in the United States and Canada. If you’re in Mexico, it’s still starting the normal time. If you’re elsewhere, post a comment!

AAA on GALA: Latin Lover returns! Billy Boy vs Gran Apache in the 500th AAA Bull Terrier match in the last two years! Other possibly good stuff!

GdR: Since the last time I whined about it, they’ve been starting to take Mexico terceras instead of segundas (Universo don’t work segundas, so last week counts), so I think we’ve getting the Averno/Mephisto/Sangre vs Panther/Maximo/Mascara match instead of the women’s trio. I may be slightly wishcasting. Also, the Leono/Mogur madness.

FSE: I think it’ll be a big man’s semimain and then what looks like a really fun main event: Mistico/Volador/Shocker vs Warrior/Averno/Mephesto

FSE’s listings still say Rey Bucanero vs Damian 666 – Victor pointed this out over on DVDVR earlier this week. Searching…

The only time Rey and Damian have met in Coliseo/Mexico this year was being on opposite sides of the trios match that aired last week. So I think it’s a typo and I’m going to ignore it, but if I’m missing something, let me know.

AAA in Mexico: Hell Brothers vs the Vipers, WSX cameos

CMLL in Mexico:
03/04 Coliseo: Fabián el Gitano, Starman, Tony Rivera b Apocalipsis, Hooligan, Ramstein
(finally, YOU get stuck with him)
03/09 Mexico: Alex Koslov, Místico, Rey Bucanero vs Averno, Black Warrior, Mephisto
03/09 Mexico: Marco Corelone vs Universo 2000


03/07: Coliseo


CMLL (TUE) 03/06 Arena Coliseo
1) Espíritu Maligno & Karisma b Cobalto & Vaquero
2) Kid Tiger, Starman, Super Nova b Artillero, Polvora, Super Comando
3) Tigre Blanco, Tigre Metálico, Tony Rivera b Arkangel de la Muerte, Hooligan, Loco Max
4) La Máscara, Sagrado, Satánico b Emilio Charles Jr., Máscara Año 2000, Pierroth
5) Dos Caras Jr., Heavy Metal, Lizmark Jr. b Damián 666, Halloween, Mr. Águila

Clean sweep!

CMLL (MON) 03/05 Domo de la Feria [am.com.mx]
1) Lizmark, Maximo, Volador Jr. b Eclipse, Halloween, Misterioso II
2) Heavy Metal, Mistico, Rey Bucanero b Averno, Heavy Metal, Hector Garza

“Nearly 5,000 fans”. I guess I had this show as the wrong day?

AAA Baja California (THU) 03/08 Auditorio Municipal Baja California [el sol de tijuana]
1) Bull Rider vs Soark
2) Angel Mensajero, Camaleon, Rubi Gardenia vs King Azteca, Pandillero I, Pandillero II
3) Rossy Moreno & Tiffany vs Estrellita & Martha Villalobos
4) Super Astro, Tinieblas, Zorro vs Fuerza Guerrera, Juventud Guerrera, Zumbido
5) Nicho & Rey Misterio Sr. vs Abismo Negro & Psicosis II
6) Charly Manson, Chessman, Cibernetico vs Elegido, La Parka Jr., Octagon

indy (THU) 03/22 Arena Solidadidad
1) Mini Damian 666 & Mini Halloween vs Mini Olimpico & Ultimo Dragoncito
2) Hiroka & Mima Shimoda vs Lady Apache & Marcela
3) Arkangel, Efesto, Mephisto vs La Mascara, Maximo, Volador Jr.
4) Dr. Wagner Jr., Mistico, Silver King vs Atlantis, Averno, Ultimo Guerrero

AAA posted a news update, confirming the Rey de Reyes bits we’d heard elsewhere – Rey Misterio to appear, 4 teams in the final (though they still don’t explain how).

Tonight’s the Tijuana Box Y Lucha commission banquet.

Fantastic piece of gossip which I believe came from the Observer, but I don’t recall 100% off the top of my head, so let’s just source it to Steve Sims: Recall how Latin Lover complained about Intocable and Elegido stealing his gimmick, and refusing to come back to AAA unless they were gone? He kinda got his wish. Those two guys are still with AAA, but AAA’s promised Latin that any show he’s booked on, they won’t be. Check for yourself – Latin’s worked the 03/03 taping and will work Rey de Reyes, and Intocable and Elegidio have the night off.

One other newsbit I’m sure came from the Observer – when Mistico did his WWE tryout, besides working with Dean Malenko, he also worked with Jamie Noble. That sounds like the greatest thing ever; Noble could SO be WWE’s Averno. Of course, I probably think way to highly of Noble – if you told me Mistico would get buried for 2 years in WWE but have a series of 10+ min matches with Jamie Noble on Velocity Redux, I’d strongly consider it – so don’t listen to me

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