10/08: Guadalajara, lineups

No Sunday Coliseo DF results yet.

CMLL (SUN) 10/07 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [El Occidental]
2) Depredador & Exterminador b Antrax & Evola
3) Infierno & Mr. Trueno b Metatron & Oro II
4) Malefico & Pierroth b El Gallo & Leon Blanco
5) Rey Bucanero, Sagrado, Shocker b Misterioso II, Toxico, Universo 2000

Toxico replaced Lizmark Jr.

CMLL (MON) 10/08 Arena Puebla [hugo999]
1) Toro Bill & Toro Bill Jr. vs Legionario & SWAT
2) Batman, Centella de Oro, Tigre Rojo vs Blade, Negro Navarro, Siki Osama Jr.
3) La Mascara, Mascara Purpura, Stuka Jr. vs Euforia, Nosferatu, Satanico
4) Dos Caras Jr., Sagrado, Volador Jr. vs Sangre Azteca, Toscano, Universo 2000
5) Marco Corelone, Rey Bucanero, Shocker vs Atlantis, Black Warrior, Ultimo Guerrero

indy (THU) 10/11 Arena Olimpico Laguna de Gomez Palacio [El Siglo de Torreon]
1) Flashman & Zaracatan b Cadete de la Atlantida & Pequeno Star
2) Dorado Jr. & Scriba Jr. vs Moro Jr. & Semental
3) Brillante I, Espacial, Tackle vs Mr. Guerrero, Psycho, Super Star
4) Difunto I & Difunto II vs Piloto Suicida & Sexy Piscis [hair, mask]

The building’s 53th Anniversary show has been pushed back from the last Thursday in October to the first Thursday in November. They hope to get La Sombra, Dr. Wagner, Black Warrior and Ultimo Guerrero.

CMLL (SUN) 10/14 Arena Coliseo
1) Bam Bam, Mini Olimpico, Tzuki vs Mini Violencia, Mr. Aguilita, Pierrothito
2) India Sioux, Lady Apache, Luna Magica vs Amapola, Princesa Sujei, Rosa Negra
3) Fabian el Gitano, Leono, Neutron vs Dr. X, Nitro, Skandalo
4) Heavy Metal, La Mascara, Sombra vs Mephisto, Texano Jr., Toscano
5) Marco Corelone, Mistico, Volador Jr. vs Averno, Black Warrior, Ultimo Guerrero

Box Y Lucha posted their list of lineups. No AAA taping info yet. The Neza minis feud continues on Thursday, and the Sunday show is on Saturday. Black Terry and Fantasma de la Opera continue to wrestle but just in trios.

CMLL.com has a blurb teasing La Mascara, Volador Jr., Sombra vs Satanico, Euforia, Nosferatu in a hair/mask match. Naaaaaaah. It’s not followed up here at all, so it’s just a random spot show feud at best. Maybe they meant Volador/Sombra/Sagrado vs the Infernales in a title match, which makes a lot of sense. (Though first you have to do a #1 contenders match with Mictlan, Stuka and Random Tecnico.)

The next Arena Monterrey show features Mistico, Dr. Wagner Jr., Ultimo Guerrero, Hector Garza, Atlantis and Averno in a hair/mask match. That lineup may be changed, but you’d figured it’s designed for a Garza loss. (But you know this because I’m slow today.)

Veneno hypes up winning La Figura’s mask as part of a Russian roulette match as part of the Evolucion XXI show on 10/26.

Aragon Digital writes about LA Park & Hijo del Santo wrestling in Spain. It’s just a “what is lucha libre” dealio, much like Inside Bay Area’s article on a much less high profile show, no new info about a mask match.

In other memorials for people who passed away a year ago, Imperio Azul of Tamaulipas will be remembered by his friends and family today.

Box Y Lucha #2839 remembers Pena
Super Luchas #233 has a cool gif with Lizmark Jr.’s mask fading away. Also, blood.

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Dr. Wagner Jr. has left CMLL

Dr. Wagner Jr. confirms he’s left CMLL. (Thanks to Chui!) He plans to work as an independent, free to work on spot shows with CMLL guys, and not to join AAA. He’s going to work out his scheduled dates with CMLL and then book his own schedule. Wagner would be fine working the payoff matches with Atlantis or Ultimo Guerrero (or LA Park) if someone wants to pay for them.

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10/07 AAA TV Results (Pena Memorial Show)

Previous: 09/13 (Dolores, Hidalgo), 09/16 (Guadalajara, VdE), 09/30 (Tabasco)

AAA TV (SUN) 10/07 Toreo de Cuatro Caminos [Medio Tiempo, SuperLuchas]
1) La Parkita, Mascarita Divina, Octagoncito b Mini Charly Manson, Mini Chessman, Mini Histeria
2) Billy Boy, Cassandro, Fabi Apache, Mini Abismo Negro b Cinthia Moreno, Mascarita Sagrada 2007, Pimpinela, Super Fly [lumberjack]
3) Histeria, Mr. Niebla, Psicosis b Alebrije, Elegido, Octagon [lights out]
4) Extreme Tiger, Halloween, Nicho b Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera [extreme]
5) X-Pac b Super Porky [Torneo Antonio Pena, gauntlet]
6) Mascara Divina b X-Pac [Torneo Antonio Pena, gauntlet]
7) Kenzo Suzuki b Mascara Divina [Torneo Antonio Pena, gauntlet]
8) Kenzo Suzuki b La Parka Jr. [Torneo Antonio Pena, gauntlet]
9) Laredo Kid b Kenzo Suzuki [Torneo Antonio Pena, gauntlet]
10) Ron Killings b Laredo Kid [Torneo Antonio Pena, gauntlet]
11) Alan Stone b Ron Killings [Torneo Antonio Pena, gauntlet]
12) Alan Stone b Scorpio Jr. [Torneo Antonio Pena, gauntlet]
13) Charly Manson b Alan Stone [Torneo Antonio Pena, gauntlet]
14) Charly Manson b Scott Hall [Torneo Antonio Pena, gauntlet]
15) Charly Manson b Konnan [Torneo Antonio Pena, gauntlet]
16) Abismo Negro, Electro Shock, Zorro b Chessman, Cibernetico, Intocable [dome cage]

Approx Air Date
Mexico: 10/21
US: 11/10

I’ll update this with more recaps as I get to ’em, but I figure I should go over the eight million plot points while I can still keep them straight. I’m sure we’ll have no more angles for 3 months because they used them all up here.

Electro Shock was the surprise replacement for Mesias. Intocable replaced Latin Lover, which is always funny. Zorro tried to escape first, but Cibernetico fought him on top of the cage and brought him back in. Cibernetico climbs down, but was jumped by Mesias and the Sect. Charly Manson tried to make the save, failed. Abismo and Intocable climbed out of the cage, leaving Chessman and Zorro. Chessman decided the thing to do was to set a table on fire and put Zorro thru it. Naturally, Chessman took it instead and Zorro left to get his team the win.

The Pena tournament turned into a gauntlet match – two guys in a ring at a time till they run out of guys. X-Pac beat Porky thanks to Alicia, X-Pac lost to Mascara Divina thanks to Alicia. So it goes. Kenzo beat Divina and Parka, but Laredo got the upset win – and then promptly hurt himself on a dive versus Ron Killings, so he had to be strechered out. Alan beat Killings and new rival Scorpio Jr., but got busted open there. Charly and Alan had a long battle before Charly won. Scott Hall was a surprise entry! (Not really, NotiAAA gave it away on Friday) Scott Hall promptly lost, so I guess it didn’t make sense to advertise. They did the deal where it seemed like the match was over, but suddenly one more competitor appears – Konnan. The Legion beat up Charly for Konnan, but Parka ran them off and Charly got one more pinfall.

To the surprise of no one, Nicho was the third Familia de Tijuana member. If you read that NotiAAA update, they try to convince Damian to jump to AAA rather than being a midcarder in CMLL – pretty weird for a company to do that. Also, you’ll note what position on the card this is. Usual match with this crew. Halloween put Crazy Boy thru a flaming table (that’s TWO – they couldn’t even save the flaming table for the main event) and Nicho did a ladder dive on Juvi for the win.

The Lights Out match was said to be hard to see. Elegido took the pin

Gran Apache appeared before the mixed match, demanding to know if Fabi knew Alfa was Billy all along. He tried to hit the ring to break them up, but fell down. Billy and Fabi tried to help him, but he shoved them away. On a happier note, Cassandro (who beat Super Fly for the win) and Pimpi put aside their differences after the match and danced together. No clue which/who Mascarita Sagrada was here.

There was nothing to talk about in the minis match! Octagoncito beat Mini Chessman.

Announced Upcoming Tapings
10/18: Aguascalientes
10/20: Orizaba

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10/07: Accion, DeporTV, FMLL

Accion showed clips of the CMLL main event and the AAA title match.

Is there a specific reason Toscano is dressing like John Cena besides “that’s how John Cena dresses”? Lizmark Jr.’s run in is prominent, and then we get MIstico’s dive and the holds/pins to finish it.

On the angle we get from the TV show, it looks like Mesias just lost his footing on the top step – he tried to push off, but he just ended up pushing the ladder backwards and falling. It’s still a stupid stunt, especially given how little it had to do with the finish.

Seeing it here, I’m 99% sure the finish was the finish they were supposed to do, just maybe sooner than the plan. Chessman got Mesias’ brass knuckles (which looks like masking tape as usual) and used it on Mesias, as Mesias had done to others thru the tournament, except this time a referee (Tirantes) catches it and DQs Chessman for it. It doesn’t make sense given what else they obviously let happen without a DQ in this match, and I’m sure Chessman can afford to take a clean pin if Mesias is supposed to be the #1 rudo, but it does fit the way they’d been doing things.

This means Mesias’ stunt was designed to mean nothing. Even after putting Chessman thru the table, they were going to to have to keep going till a point where Chessman had come all the way back from that move to set up the finish. They just did it for a crowd reaction, and there’s ways to get those without putting out a top star for a month.

DeporTV America had the usual Tuesday Coliseo highlights
2: Bam Bam tornillo. Refs are distracted late, and Mini Violencia punts Bam Bam for the unseen foul. This sets up the match this week.
5: Mistico Asai Moonsault. Evil Monkey headscissors. UG headstand sit, and double spinny submission. UG presses Mistico into the crowd. Tecnicos making their comeback, including a Volador. La Mistica for the win.
No Reyes de Air. Segment was shorter than usual.

Mistico, Mephisto, Averno, Negro Casas all missed the FMLL show last night, and I’d presume they’re off the rest of the shows. Other CMLL wrestlers (Aguila, Damian, Koslov among them) made the show, so it’s not totally clear what happened. FMLL cut it’s ticket prices in half, which seems like the right way to go.

Blue Demon Jr. was wrestling on a random indy show in Massachusetts. (thanks to mikeinformer)

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Blue Demon Jr. to lose his mask?

–Steve Sims reports that as of last night, Blue Demon Jr. was scheduled to lose his mask on Tuesday night in Tijuana in his mask vs. mask match with Espectro Jr. at the baseball stadium. There was a split between the Munoz family and the man who plays Blue Demon Jr. and the family leaked out there was legal action pending to keep him from using the name from this point forward. The worst part for the Mexican fans is that Demon Jr. is not the son of Demon (it had always been said he was the adopted son)


Blue Demon Jr. having issues with the Blue Demon family has been mentioned recently – Super Luchas had a post on this last week – but they’ve seemed to be working closely together on Blue Demon related projects that I didn’t think it’d come to this, especially so quick. This is also hard to believe just for the man who’d be winning it.

Espectro Jr. is 50, and it made all the sense in the world that he’d go for the last big payday losing his mask to Demon. He’s not the guy you’d expect to win Demon’s mask, because what do you do with that from here? (Drop his own quickly to someone else, so he gets two big matches out of it while it means a lot?) But if you’re to believe this, Espectro Jr. was just in the right place at the right time. The Demon/Espectro match was pushed back from it’s original date, and plans might have changed between now and then.

It’s also a feud that’s mostly been built up by magazine coverage, because there’s no TV coverage. Rumors of one of the legendary names in the history of lucha libre actually losing will could only help the draw.

Much like with Huracan Ramirez, I wonder if Blue Demon’s family is thinking they’ll put a new guy under the mask. I don’t know what the future would be for the current Blue Demon Jr. if he can’t use that name – he’s always seemed to be a guy who needed that gimmick.

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10/06: Mexico, lineups, CAN52


CMLL (FRI) 10/05 Arena Mexico [ova, Galeno del Mal @ box y lucha, superluchas, Alvin @ el Martinete, ESTO]
1) Bracito de Oro & Tzuki b Fire & Pierrothito
2) India Sioux, Lady Apache, Marcela b Hiroka, Mima Shimoda, Rosa Negra
3) Rey Bucanero, Valiente, Volador Jr. b Misterioso Jr., Sangre Azteca, Texano Jr.
4) Dos Caras Jr., Shocker, Sombra b Averno, Black Warrior, Mephisto
5) Blue Panther, Mistico, Negro Casas b Atlantis, Toscano, Ultimo Guerrero

Toscano replaced Lizmark Jr., who still ran in the first fall to tear up Blue Panther’s mask. Rudos won the second fall with everyone doing Atlantidas, tecnicos won the third. Lizmark Jr. was announced as a member of the Guerreros here.

No explanation about why Wagner missed the show yet, and everyone’s bringing up the mystery spots on the Pena anniversary show. Dos took his spot.

Texano Jr. is officially a Perros del Mal. He might have been last week, but CMLL.com notes it this week.

Mascarita Sagrada 2000 appeared before the semimain, announcing his change to Mascarita Dorada. That mask appears to be about the same mask Sagrada teased switching to in AAA. Dorada says he doesn’t own the Sagrada name and wants to get out of the shadow of the original. He cites Pena’s death and the horrible dive onto his head in Toluca as reasons to jump. The picture caption mentions (and shows) Dorada with the Mexican Minis Title, but it’s not brought up in the article. Dorada will debut on 11/09 – he’s got conflicting dates with the NWA and Lucha Va Voom (I think) to take care of first.

CMLL (TUE) 10/09 Arena Coliseo
1) Astro Boy & Trueno vs Polvora & Vaquero
2) Bam Bam & Pequeno Olimpico vs Pequeno Violencia & Pierrothito
3) Felino, Mascara Purpura, Maximo vs Misterioso Jr., Texano Jr., Virus
4) La Mascara, Sombra, Volador Jr. vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
5) Heavy Metal, Rey Bucanero, Sagrado vs Damian 666, Mr. Aguila, Terrible

The minis match is a revenge match – so Mini Olimpico is in TWO feuds at once (this and Gitano in Neza.)

CMLL (FRI) 10/12 Arena Mexico
1) Metalico & Trueno vs Arkangel & Hooligan
2) Leono, Stuka Jr., Super Nova vs Loco Max, Ohara, Okumura
3) La Mascara, Rey Bucanero, Sombra vs Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca, Virus
4) Alex Koslov, Blue Panther, Ultimo Dragon vs Averno, Black Warrior, Olimpico
5) Mistico, Negro Casas, Shocker vs Atlantis, Toscano, Ultimo Guerrero

CAN52 Guerreros del Ring #98 has
09/09 Coliseo: Blue Panther, Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Bucanero b Perro Aguayo Jr., Terrible, Texano [torneo, sf]
09/09 Coliseo: Atlantis, Olimpico, Ultimo Guerrero b Black Warrior, Villano III, Villano V [torneo, sf]
09/09 Coliseo: Atlantis, Olimpico, Ultimo Guerrero b Blue Panther, Dr. Wagner Jr., Rey Bucanero [torneo, final]
Outside the Ring: Lizmark Jr.

No other matches, just the tournament. The battle royal for seeding is shown.

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CMLL FSE Guerreros del Ring #56, taped 08/26, aired 09/23

Another boring B-Show. At this point, Emilio is only aware he’s feuding with Purpura at the finish, and even that may be blind luck.

In another world, Dos and Marco being the same size and winning their match with the same move at the same time would be a subtle indicator that they’re doing a title match down the road. It’s got no chance to happen (and might be remarkable awful), but if CMLL was serious about pushing Dos big time, wouldn’t you have to do that match at some point?

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10/05: Mexico, CMLL notes, AAA in SLP, FMLL

Fantasma de la Opera’s white mask
Mr. Reyes

Tonight’s cards:

CMLL (FRI) 10/05 Arena Mexico
1) Bracito de Oro & Tzuki vs Fire & Pierrothito
2) India Sioux, Lady Apache, Marcela vs Hiroka, Mima Shimoda, Rosa Negra
3) Rey Bucanero, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Misterioso Jr., Sangre Azteca, Texano Jr.
4) Dr. Wagner Jr., Shocker, Sombra vs Averno, Black Warrior, Mephisto
5) Blue Panther, Mistico, Negro Casas vs Atlantis, Lizmark Jr., Ultimo Guerrero

ESTO states Lizmark Jr. will miss today’s Arena Mexico show and the next 10 days of action. Dr. Wagner broke his nose. No replacement is mentioned, but that kinda kills the point of the main event. (CMLL.com doesn’t have any thing on it.) The other big tease for the night is “What side is Dr. Wagner Jr. on?”

ESTO runs a story on LA Park vs Santo, and has more definite details. According to their article, the match will be on 12/08 in Toreo de Cuatro Caminos. LA Park hopes the contract will be signed in 15 days, though he doesn’t know where. The same articles goes over Blue Demon Jr./Espectro Jr. match – Demon says he’s got a plan, but he’s keeping it top secret.

Atlantis said he had no idea Blue Panther challenged him to a mask match till he saw it on TV and realized he accepted. (So he’s taking it back.)

ESTO confirms Mascarita Sagrada AAA) and Mini Black Warrior are coming in, so I guess the latter was correct. Reforma (via Jazzo @ el Martiente) says Mascarita Sagrada is coming is as Mascarita Dorada. Reforma hasn’t had the best of track records of late, but if this is right, this would cut it down to only one person using the Mascarita Sagrada gimmick (unless AAA makes a new one.) No mention of the minis title.

(Medio Tiempo) CMLL’s 2nd Annual Bodybuilding Contest is next week.

CMLL’s sent out some injury notes to the usual places (ESTO, Medio Tempo both list the same info): Flash is out with arm surgery, getting a plate removed that was put in the arm in February, and Shockercito and Sahori are still out for a few weeks.

AAA MUNOZ (WED) 10/03 Auditorio Miguel Barragan de San Luis Potosi [El Sol de San Luis]
4) Alebrije, Cosaco Loco, Elegido, Super Porky b Abismo Negro, Monsther, Mr. Niebla, Zumbido
5) Charly Manson, Cibernetico, Zorro DQ Head Hunter I, Kenzo Suzuki, X-Pac

Zorro turned on the Hell Brothers in the main event, but the DQ was for a blatant low blow by Kenzo on Cibernetico.

No mention of the first three matches. Semimain was extended into an atomicos. Local wrestler Cosaco Loco was hurt by Zumbido – the article says Zumbido has a lot of ability but little class.

FMLL is running a weekend run of shows in California with a lot of CMLL names. No matches announced, but they have the talent list on the psoter
10/06 (SAT): Pico Rivera Sports Arena, LA: Mistico, Negro Casas, Atlantis, Blue Demon Jr., Rayo de Jalisco, Damian 666, Mr. Aguila, Terrible, Rayman, Mephisto, Averno, Lizmark, Solar I, Alex Koslov, Cobrade Jr., Mascarita Sagrada (original), Espantito
10/07 (SUN): Los Terrenos de la Feria, Indio: Hijo de Rey Misterio replaces Atlantis. No Solar I either.
10/08 (MON): San Jose Civic Auditorium: Mistico, Hijo de Rey Misterio, Blue Demon, Averno, Mephisto, Mascarita Sagrada, El Cobarde, Rey Misterio, Cobarde Jr., Lucifer, Espantito

I took a quick look at the CMLL spot shots this weekend and didn’t spot a double booking, so everything looks good.

“Que Viva La Lucha (Wrestling in Tijuana)” airs as part of the Mill Valley Film Festival on October 13. The documentary is by an assistant proffessor of film at University of California at Santa Cruz, so they have a nice article about it. Extreme Tigre appears to be prominently involved. (Thanks to MikeInformer)

The new The Gladiatores just went up.

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10/05-07 Lucha Times

Full listings here

AAA-US: This is the mysterious 09/09 taping, where results never showed up and only three matches from the show aired on TV. That’s 1:30 of programming – Gala is listing this as 3 full hours. Usually, the show will appear as aired in Mexico and there will be some unannounced filler programming, but there’s always the outside chance of unaired stuff I guess.

FSE-US: Final buildup of Emilio/Purpura, and we see if Hooligan can carry 5 men at once. If Hooligan/Okumura/Skandalo vs Leono/Fabian el Gitano/Ogun is good, Hooligan would be wrestler of the year. I’m thinking Hooligan will not be wrestler of the year. Show airs later than usual.

CAN52-US: My guess is this show gets the tournament, and maybe a match from the PPV since the women’s match is in the right spot.


FSE-MEX: Women’s trios, High Fliers vs Japan+Satanico

AAA-MEX: what’s left from VdE and what else is around

CMLL: only 90 minutes, so maybe 2.5 of the top three.

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CMLL CAN52 GdR #96

CMLL CAN52 Guerreros del Ring #96, taped 09/16, aired on 09/22

The India Sioux outside the ring bit was the best one ever. Almost the whole family in masks helped, having a guy from the other promotion make a secret cameo was also cool, but it just came off more intersting than the previous ones. Maybe it WAS just everyone in masks.

Luna Magica is very into doing advanced dives. She’s not good at them, but she’s very into trying them. I don’t know where I’m going with this, so let me move on to the next paragraph.

The main event was interesting to me (for the UG/Atlantis stuff – the fans were far more into Wagner/Mistico.) Crowd totally turned on Mistico after Wagner was pinned clean, which everyone should’ve seen coming by now. You’d think they’d make it work by having Atlantis foul Wagner and Mistico unknowingly get the pin, but this wasn’t thought out like that.

Wagner being upset is no surprise; he’s hearing these huge crowd wanting to cheer him as the top guy, and there’s no chance CMLL will go with it. The thing is, if he jumps to AAA, does that reaction come with him? There’s a percentage of cheers he’s getting for being Dr. Wagner Jr., but there’s another percentage who are cheering for him because he’s the guy who’s not Mistico. Wagner’s still going to be over, but I don’t know if it can be the same. (That, and can he believe AAA will push him ahead of Cibernetico and Mesias? Wagner’s gotta be silently rooting for Park/Santo to be huge enough to open a third option.)

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