03/21 Lucha Underground results (episodes airing 05/27 & 06/03)

If you’re going to the tapings today – or any time in the near future – put your phone in your car before the taping starts. Not bringing your phone has always been in the rules, it’s been treated like speeding in the past, but now they’re cracking down. If you’re not a VIP and they simply see a phone in your hand, you may be thrown out. They were on people for using their phones even during intermission, it’s that strict.

The show began with a tribute to Perro Aguayo Jr. Vampiro explained what had happened, and Konnan and Fantasma are mentioned as talking about Perro Aguayo Jr. Sexy Star led the ten bell salute. This segment was taped, and could air as part of this week’s TV show. The show asked the fans to not show their Perro Aguayo Jr. signs during the show. Wrestlers and fans were clearly shaken by what happened. It gave the show a weird atmosphere, though the luchadors still put forward strong efforts in the matches.

You can see the match listings, but these are tapings airing two months from the last episode you saw. It’s not even spoilers if you’re unsure how they got there, it’s just a bit confusing.


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03/20 CMLL Results (2015 Dos Leyendas)

CMLL (FRI) 03/20/2015 Arena México
Homenaje a Dos Leyendas, 2015 (El Faraon)
1) Dark Angel, Goya Kong, Marcela b Amapola, Dallys la Caribeña, Tiffany
straight falls. Goya Kong replaced Estrellita.
2) Hechicero, Vangellys, Virus b Blue Panther Jr., Stuka Jr., The Panther
Rudos took 1/3.
3) Mistico, Titán, Valiente b Bárbaro Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas
Tecnicos took 1/3, Mistica on Negro Casas
4) Dragon Lee b Kamaitachi [mask]
Dragon Lee took falls 2/3. Kamaitachi was unmasked as Hiromu Takahasi, 25 years old, 4 years a luchador, from Tokyo, Japan.
5) Euforia, Thunder, Último Guerrero DQ La Máscara, La Sombra, Rush
Straight falls. Ingobernables were DQed first for excessive violence, and second for Rush unmasking Thunder.
6) Máximo & Volador Jr. b Rey Bucanero & Terrible [hair]
Tecnicos take 2/3. Maximo avenges his hair loss to Terrible & Texano from four years ago and is now 2-2 in Arena Mexico hair matches. Volador Jr. wins an apuesta match in Arena Mexico for the first time. This is Terrible’s second straight hair match loss after winning his first five. Rey Bucanero loses an apuesta for the fifth time overall.

El Faraon was honored before the fifth match.

Next week’s lineup

CMLL (FRI) 03/27/2015 Arena México
1) Astral & Eléctrico vs Demus 3:16 & Pierrothito
2) Flyer, Soberano Jr., Stigma vs Cancerbero, Canelo Casas, Raziel
3) Delta, Dragon Lee, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Kamaitachi, Negro Casas
4) Titán vs Vangellys [lightning]
5) Atlantis, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Rey Bucanero, Shocker, Terrible
6) Marco Corleone, Máximo, Rush vs Rey Escorpión, Thunder, Último Guerrero

Normal news service will return on Sunday. I’ll update the posts if there is any new information.


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Perro Aguayo Jr. has passed away

Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, Perro Aguayo Jr., passed away early this morning. He was 35. Perro suffered fatal injuries during Friday night’s match in Tijuana. Reports indicate a ring rope snapped into his throat or head, and he fell to the mat unconscious.  It was originally believed he was just selling, but he’d actually been knocked unconscious. Perro was rushed to the Del Padro hospital, and pronounced dead early Saturday morning.

There is video. I’m not going to be watching it or linking to it.

Perro is the second AAA employee to pass away tragically within days. Perro was a lynchpin of AAA, the led heel, the man all the big feuds for the future were built around and leader of the biggest heel group, a group that had spanned both CMLL and AAA. Perro was a person who had way too much life left for him to leave now – as a individual, as a family man.

This is a nightmare.

Update (11:48): MedioTiempo has an article with quotes from the Tijuana lucha commission doctor. Everyone watching the video, and watching live, observed there was no doctor’s aid right away and a makeshift stretcher. (In the video, Konnan appears to be the first to notice something’s horribly wrong.) The doctor explains there had been two other injuries on the card, including a spinal one, and the doctors were still treating them. The doctor says there were two ambulances present. It sounds like the spinal injury person was still on the stretcher, so the idea was to get Perro out of the ring as quick as possible with whatever they had. Perro was moved onto a stretcher before they got him into the ambulance.

Perro was worked on for an hour at the hospital, with a team of doctors trying to figure out what they could do, before they declared him dead. The official cause of death is “raíz de un golpe que tuvo en la región cervical”, which I believe translates to a spinal stroke.

Updated (2:00): Wrestling Observer says the doctor at the hospital called the injury as “cervical spine trauma”, believed to come from one of the two impacts of the rope into his throat. The doctor was unsure which one, though it appears it’s more likely the first.

Updated (3:30): A fan in attendance says he never saw someone taken to the back on a stretcher, which would dispute the commission’s claim about having adequate medical coverage. It’s still possible someone could’ve made it to the back and then put on a stretcher due to an injury.

This story has understandably gotten mainstream and worldwide attention, largely due to the videos of Perro’s death being available. There’s a lot of people looking into this; I think we’ll know the truth of the medical situation quickly.

Updated (4:00): Record reports the Baja California Attorney’s General has announced an investigation into the death. It’s exactly what you’d expect for this high profile of a death.

Updated (6:30): AAA’s TV show was preceded by a news report from Televisa Deportes, talking about Perro Aguayo Jr.’s life and death. Footage for the Tijuana was used. The show led off with a brief tribute to Irma. Perro Jr.’s match is still scheduled to air as the TV main event.

The Crash promoter says Perro Aguayo Sr. has not been informed of his son’s passing, for concerns of his own health. There has been a consistent rumor for months that Perro Aguayo Sr. is in bad physical and especially mental shape, and this would be the first time someone’s acknowledged the situation publicly.

The Crash also maintained that what happened an accident, and had nothing to do with the wrestlers. The promoters expect to be interviewed as part of the investigation, but believe everyone did their job properly.

The funeral will take place tomorrow in Guadalajara, by request of the mother. The Crash says they are paying all expenses to transport Perro’s body.

An ESPN medical doctor, observing the situation only from video, believes Perro died instantly on hitting the ropes, his vertebrae dislodged by the impact.

Updated (7:00): The Tijuana commission laid out a timeline claiming it Perro Aguayo Jr. was taken to the hospital within six minutes of the injury. The hospital is two streets away from the arena. That report says Perro technically died of cardiac arrest. I assume that came about because of his other injury, but I’m not a doctor.

The commission also says, previously on the show, three luchadors had previously been taken to the hospital.

Updated (9:10): MedioTiempo’s latest report includes the doctor stating Perro Jr. still had vital signs when he was taken to the hospitals. Theories from others about Perro being instantly dead when the rope hit him appear to be incorrect.

The confirms the commission report that the Perro Jr. officially died in the hospital of a cardiac arrest, likely brought on by the neck injury. (The article also mentions respiratory arrest. I’m unsure if there’s meant to be difference.)

The attorney general has ordered an autopsy, which includes standard drug tests. It’s unknown how this affects plans to transport his body back to Guadalajara ASAP.

Updated (Sunday 12:30): The funeral wake was held earlier this morning. Perro Sr. was in attendance. Contrary to earlier reports, luchador Medico Asesino Jr. says he tried to contact Perro Sr. to tell him about Perro Jr.’s injury during the hour he was being treated in the hospital, looking for advice on what they should do, but saying he only got as far as Perro’s secretary.

Miguel Fonesca, while explaining that the Crash was an independent show which had nothing to do with AAA outside of using two of it’s wrestlers, said there will be a tribute show to Perro Aguayo Jr. at some point. It’s too soon to say when that’ll happen.

Universal has a story with Perro Sr.’s half brother, Juan. He talks about the death, and says Perro Jr. wanted to be a luchador since he was seven. His father tried to push Perro Jr. in other directions, but he was set on it.

Lawyers are trying to get involved. Even regional politics at this point; the Tijuana newspaper is carrying the word of the commission that everything was done as it should, and the Guadalajara papers are bringing in experts to talk about all the things which were done wrong in Tijuana.

There are various infographics and pictorials of Perro’s death, with so many people weighing in on what happened. It’s reached the point of diminishing returns.

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What’s it like to go to a Lucha Underground taping

Lucha Underground tapings are a fun time and something you should try to go to if you have the opportunity to sign up before tickets run out. It feels primarily like a TV show that broadcasts wrestling, but it’s still a pretty fun wrestling show. My experience going was back in February. It probably will be the same if you’re going this weekend or later on.

The toughest part is actually getting tickets. If you want to go to Lucha Underground, you need to email the contact email addresses as soon as they post information for tickets (usually a couple weeks before the taping.) Follow Lucha Underground on Facebook or Twitter and just keep an eye out for hints of an announcement. Tickets are completely free, which is why they’re also scarce. They can’t fit more than 250 max, and it doesn’t take long to fill those spots. If you’re looking to increase your odds, try to asking for the Sunday show. Both are high demand but Sundays seem like they have a little less.

This is a good place to disclaim that I did not follow the strategy above; I waited until late to commit to actually going to Los Angeles. It worked out, because I’m goofball on the internet with a slight noteworthy profile and someone was nice enough to hand me VIP tickets. Do not try that at home.

Once you’ve gotten your tickets, try to get to the Temple early. The paperwork will tell you to get there at 2pm and the show doesn’t start until 4pm. That’s correct, but you’d like to be waiting in line around 1:30 if you can. Seating is assigned by the order you show up. If you’re late, you’re going to be one of those people standing at the top of the staircase. It’s cool to be that close to the wrestlers, but that area can get pretty packed during the first show.

Just getting to the building is a bit of a work. There’s a small parking lot attached to the building, which requires some really creative parking to even come close to fitting in all the cars, and it’s not so easy to get out if you get in late. There was a big line wrapping around the building just to get into the parking lot on Saturday, and it had filled in by the time I showed up on Sunday. (The guy who was running the parking the weekend I was there was pretty much a real life Tetris master in figuring out where everyone should go for maximum space.) Street parking was legal on Sundays and you might be able to get away with it on Saturdays. The Temple is in a warehouse district with not much else seemingly going on during the weekends, so there are other place to park and walk in.

If it’s your first visit to Lucha Underground, you’ll need to sign a non-compete form and have your photo taken. This really doesn’t take long per person, but everyone’s got to do it and that line can get long. Your seating location is only determined after all that’s taken care of, and they give out the better seats first. People who’ve been there before only need to get their name checked to get that seating location, so they’ll end up getting their seats first (and better.) This is why you want to be there early if you’re concerned about where you sit.

One other thing: the ticket notification mentions you can not wear a shirt with a logo. This is a serious rule, they will not you in if you have a logo. If you’ve forgotton to wear a plain shirt, you can either buy a Lucha Underground shirt and wear that over the top, or put tape over the offending logo or just turn the shirt inside out.  (It’s also mentioned not to bring cell phones. You can get away with checking them if you’re only pulling them out during the intermission, though you didn’t hear that from me. They will find you and have a word with you if you’re taking photos during the show.)

There’s not a lot to do before the show. There was a food truck when I was there, as well as a ice cream truck. There’s a small merchandise stand inside the general admission waiting area, with the same shirts and caps and other merch that’s now on the online store. There’s Lucha Underground standups you can take pictures in front of – pictures before the show and after the show are fine. You don’t get much access to the luchadors at any point, but Vamprio did come out Sunday to talk to the crowd and do an impromptu Q&A.

I had a slightly different experience. Those VIP tickets gave me access to a VIP room prior to the show. It’s a small, quite dark bar area curtained off from the rest of the warehouse. It’s a free open bar – the beer company listed as a sponsor is sponsoring the VIP room. They had food too, some chops and some sandwiches I couldn’t figure out. I probably could’ve asked someone, but my entire thought process was “as long as I stay quiet, no one’s going to realize what a horrible mistake it was to let me into the VIP area” so skipping sandwiches was a necessary sacrifice. There seemed to be some dads bringing their sons to a wrestling show, some actual Very Important People who I couldn’t recognize and the band walking in and out to grab something to eat. It filled up before show time, and seemed more full on Sunday when I showed up later. I couldn’t find a place to stand out of the way, until I realized that outside on a 75 degree day was a beautiful place to stand out of the way and went with that. (No one every IDed me – I introduced myself to all of one person, which is the key.)

The Lucha Underground staff starts seating everyone around 3:30. They’ll take small groups in and a time, probably just to keep control of everyone. The bleachers and the stairs are the last areas to fill up. The crew keeps grey sheets over all the mats to keep the TV clean before the show starts. Inevitably, someone tracks warehouse dust on them as soon as they take the sheets off, and annoyed crew members clean it off. They actually pulled out a hand vacuum to clean up the mats and the ring at one point, which struck me as the surest sign I was not actually at an indy wrestling show. (AAA needs to steal the vacuum bit, it would be so much effective than Piero kicking thumbtacks out of the ring after every Joe Lider match.) Nothing’s happening until everyone’s seated and they’re happy with the cameras, but the band will play very loudly to kill time.

Every venue I’ve seen on TV always strikes me as smaller in person. The warehouse is about a normal size, but the Temple/factory ring set itself is small enough that I had trouble getting a sense of where I was seated at first because I couldn’t grasp how closer things were to each other. It still has it’s charm. (Melissa Santos is also smaller in person, also still very charming.) The practice ring seen in the vignettes is no more than 90 feet away from the the main area, and it’s something you can walk by (and take pictures in front of) on the way in and out of the building. The entire area where fans have access seems no more than a 1/3rd of the entire warehouse space.

The tapings start off with Melissa or Vampiro reading a normal disclaimer, reminding everyone of the rules, explaining which show dates they’re taping, and generally trying to get the crowd excited for what’s to come. The tapings may start and end with special segments for the fans. The vignettes aren’t shown in the Temple, so Dario made an appearance at the beginning of the one taping to explain a plot for us live fans, and the Saturday show ended with a promo to set up a match for Sunday.

These were obvious as just for the live crowd, because those segments were in only in English. Lucha Underground is a bilingual show – by the ratings, it’s a Spanish language show that some people also watch in English – so the taping breaks reality to accommodate the necessity of doing things in two languages. Melissa will introduce a luchador first in Spanish, then in English. We saw Dario make a proclamation in Spanish, then come back out of his office to make the same speech in English. The luchadors themselves generally stick to their native language. It’s always Spanish first, English second. The crowd seemed to mostly be English-only speakers, so that order works – they kind of get the idea on the Spanish version, they totally get in on the English, and then Lucha Underground edits in the English reaction.

There’s other weird quirks that are more TV show like than a normal wrestling show. The band is live, but you the entrance music is not. It’s all added in later on. Melissa, Vampiro and Striker change into different clothes after the intermission, to make the different week feel different. (Never saw Hugo.) The announcers also seemed to be reading from a prepared script for the close up segments prior to matches, and even getting back out of them. There was a delay before intermission one of the nights while Striker re-read a section, and it got so quiet that you could hear him from across the set. The fans aren’t artificially moved around, but there is a bit of naturally shuffling after intermission – some people have seen all they need to see and take off, and the people standing in upper level and brought down to fill out those empty spaces. (Lucha Underground will fill that standing area as much as possible because they know they’ll be pulling people out of it later; if you get stuck with a bad view, it’ll get better.) There is a bit of dead time between matches, enough that you can sneak out to the (outdoor port-a-potty) bathrooms if you must, but you’re not moving while the show is going.

On a normal Lucha Underground show, there’s between 7 and 9 matches. The first match will normally be a dark match, featuring people who have yet to debut on TV or luchadors who don’t have a match that night. On occasion, they’ve started with a match which will actually air, if it’s something that takes extra time to set up (like the Mundo/Cuerno cage match) or if it’s replacing something that didn’t work out the previous day. The matches themselves feel a little bit longer than they seem on TV; they have editing to cut them down if they need be. They can edit out botched spots too, so you may see something repeated to keep the good version. There’s about a twenty minute intermission after the first show of the taping is finished, then it takes a little while to make sure everything’s sorted before starting again. (The food truck was still there at intermission, but the merchandise was all gone – get that before the show.) The taping schedule has it starting at 4 and ending at 8, but it moved quicker than that. They were done by 7 on night one, and 7:30 the second show.

The matches were all as fun to watch live as they have been on the show. If you’re getting there by 2 and not leaving until past 7, it’s going to be a long day (and it’s a better day if you bring friends or make them), but it’s wroth it to get to see the matches. There’s no way of knowing exactly who’s going to be there, and even the most update spoilers are only going to hint at one or two matches for that weekend of tapings – a lot of different matches can develop in a month’s worth of show. The crowd is usually loudly into the matches. The regulars have their favorites – Son of Havoc and Mariachi Loco in particular are over as Honma-like losers who the crowd are desperate to see finally get a a big win while still thinking they’re actually pretty good wrestlers. Lucha Underground doesn’t prompt or push for particular reactions to segments, they’d just like people to make some noise and appear interested. That’s not too hard. It’s a enjoyable time.

I made my trip to Lucha Underground because there’s (still) no guarantee Lucha Underground is going to be around next year. There’s no guarantee I’m going to be around next year either, to be fair. Fear of cancellation wasn’t the vibe at the show though – it came off as people trying to put on a good show, and trying to figure out how they were going to make the next show even better. I’m glad I came out to Los Angeles, and I hope I find a way to get back out again.

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Homenaje a Dos Leyendas, ChilangaMask

Today is Homenaje a Dos Leyendas. (It’s the usual 8:30 start, but remember it’s a hour later than usual if you’re in the US.) It may very well be that a week of Rey de Reyes and the great Lucha Underground episode has just burnt me out on lucha libre for the moment, but there doesn’t feel like any excitement or buzz going into tonight’s show. Every match has a chance to be good and one match has a chance to be as good as anything on those other shows, but I’d rate my interest as a 3 of 10.

Kamaitachi & Dragon Lee will be great and the four men in the main event tag match will be working very hard, but there’s little intrigue in the outcomes for that those matches. It’s been clear who’s going to win since the feuds began – and it’s the right people winning, but there needs to be some balance with matches with mystery outcomes, and there’s no matches like that on this show.

CMLL’s focus has primarily been on El Faraon and his appearance on the show. CMLL drawing well tonight will depend on a lot of older fans coming back to see him one (last?) time. I’m unsure if he’s that level of a star, but CMLL’s been successful doing the same in previous years.

The other problem here is the current dismal TV situation. This show to me if I was sure I could actually see it (and it’ll be interesting to hear how the Ciniepolis airings go.) It’d be appealing if CMLL was still airing on Terra or on a new iPPV outlet; knowing that we’re likely to only see edited versions of matches when three matches get compressed into one Fox Sports 2 airing is annoying. CMLL generally backsliding is a depressing thing.

The best thing about H2L is that Draogn Lee/Kamaitachi match. The second best thing is it ends those feuds and we might possibly get something new after H2L. There’s been talk of a national trios title tournament. There’s been talk of another En Busca de un Idolo soon. That Guerreros/Ingobernables match is probably setting up a singles match for next week. Hopefully something happens to give the company a spark.


This show seems more exciting.

Hechicero wants to fight Black Terry, only Aeroboy and Guerrero Maya Jr. happen to be in the match. So, his plan is to work with Terry to sweep them aside, and then take on Terry one on one. He’s still annoyed with Maya for messing up their last match by running in. Hechicero notes this is the first time he’s been in a four way, so maybe this won’t be as easy as he thinks.

All the foreigners (and Tijuana natives) part of Sunday’s show are in Mexico. Foreigners attending the show are still on the way.

Other Links

Black Terry Jr. has highlights of the Neza Boys vs the AULL “Los Incontenibles” trio of Euro, Dante and Filder.

LuchaWorld has a positive review of Rey de Reyes.

SuperLuchas looks back at Hijo del Santo & Negro Casas vs Scorpio Jr. & Bestia Salvaje. That main event only slightly more a certainty than tonight’s.

Kcids draws Rey de Reyes Texano.

Valiente said he hasn’t been paid his deposit to work the XMW show. XMW’s Dollar posted a video of the receipt of the deposit. The comments thread on the last one turned into about 10 different luchadors yelling at each other.

Segunda Caida continues watching 2010 Sin Salida, starts to regret it.

AYM writes a history of Pentagons.

Arena Roberto Paz has a Makabre/Shyru Dragon match where the stipulation appears to be “whoever repeats a move loses.”

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03/21-22 lucha times


Leyendas Inmoratles may have the remaining matches of the 02/15 show, or maybe they’ll skip Hijo del Canek vs Mr. Jack completely.

Noches de Coliseo may be airing, but it may be airing later on Sunday night/Monday morning than I’ve been checking. Will keep trying.

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LU renewed?, Casas & Shocker still champs, Atomic Star bald

CMLL (TUE) 03/17/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [CMLL]
1) Demonio Maya & Relampago b El Divino & Reycko
Rudos took 2/3.
2) Leo, Soberano Jr., Star Jr. COR Artillero, Ráfaga, Súper Comando
tencicos took 2/3, with the rudos unable to return after a triple dive spot.
3) Goya Kong, Princesa Sugehit, Silueta b Dalys, Reyna Isis, Tiffany
Oficial CMLL of Tuareg valet Reyna Isis, who’s been wrestling on indy shows. Tecnicas took 1/3.
4) Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr. b Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero
Sky Team took 2/3, Mistica on UG and backcracker on GG.
5) Negro Casas & Shocker © b Marco Corleone & Rush [CMLL TAG]
Shocker and Casas took falls 2/3. In the third, Rush fouled Casas to beat him, but Shocker rallied back to beat the other two including a foul on Marco. Shocker & Casas’ fifth defense, all versus Ingobernable teams. They danced after their win.

They aired clips of Isis’s debut and the tag title match on Informa. Hard to tell much about them. Video of the dancing.

IWRG (WED) 03/18/2015 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Estrellas del Ring, IWRG]
Torneo FILL XL
1) Adrenalina, Chicanito, Vardeus b Guerrero 2000, Soldado De La Muerte, Último Caballero
2) Aramis, Chicanito, Shadow Boy vs Magnum 44, Mercenario De La Muerte, Vampiro Metálico
Chicanito worked twice, replacing Zumba. Mercenario replaced Anubis Black.
3) Alas de Acero b Black Angel, Black Drago, Voltar, Muerte Infernal
Acero beat Drago to win.
4) Freyser, Payaso Extremo, Picudo Jr. b Blue Monsther, Galaxy, Marduk
straight falls for the side with more experience.
5) Atomic Star L Metaleón, Avisman, Electro Boy, Alfa, Omega, Sky Ángel, Power Bull, Toxin Boy, Komachi, Atomic Fly, Fly Warrior, Kasier Drago, Skiller, Mini Zumbido, Fly Star, Super Pinocho 3000, Mara Salvatrucha, Mr. Zebra, Centinela Azul, Tigre Nahual, Gato Aladana, Vengador Galactico, Manchas [cage, mask, hair]
Demoler Xtreme was listed on the poster, but Oficial 911 said Fly Star would take his place on Monday. Hard to follow match with that many people in the cage. Listed as 24 people, but both recaps only list 22 names (Atomic Fly from Gym Zeus and Super Pinocho 3000 not mentioned) – possibly just an oversight. This IWRG match’s convoluted rules required all to be in the cage for 10 minutes, the first 18 could escape normally, and the last six had to defeat someone before escaping for it to count. Last six were Mancha, Gato Aldana (suffered leg injury), Electro Boy, Toxin Boy and Atomic Star, with Kriminal Boy Toxin Boy giving Atomic a martinete and taking his hair.

Good crowd for the round numbered show, though it sounds like the main event was unwatchable. Black Terry Jr. has video of fans freaking out after the cage match, plus slow motion of a dive gone wrong.

IWRG also announced Ricky Cruz would be returning for their 04/05 Rey del Ring show. Cruz is a past winner. He also wrestler here as the masked Ricky Cruzz (two z’s), one of the least mysterious masked men in history. He’s been around Chicago recently, having won the GALLI title in the last couple of weeks.

Lucha Underground notes

This week’s Wrestling Observer says the people working on Lucha Underground are pretty much under the impression they’ve been picked up for a second season, even though it hasn’t been officially announced. They’ve received orders for episodes beyond the 39 originally planned. LU people are usually quick to knock down false negative rumors about the company; they’ve said nothing about this, but probably couldn’t confirm until whatever announcement is made.

Lucha Underground has been promoted as El Rey’s main show – but it’s also the only series airing new episodes. (The network announced a new cast member for From Dusk Till Dawn; it’s in production, but no season 2 date appears to have been announced.) The Variety article suggested El Rey management was staying the course and not making major shakeups, which pretty much requires them to keep Lucha Underground going. At the same time, that story and the Austin based SXSW festival would’ve been great times to announce the second season pickup. Maybe there’s a better time for it.

The WON repeats the same story on Rey Mysterio Jr. with Lucha Underground: everyone figures he’s signing here, but they haven’t yet put pen to paper. This seems like the same thing as the renewal; they’re just waiting for the right moment to announce it (and my guess remains that the right moment will be Saturday at about 7pm PT.)

Blue Demon Jr. mentioned he’ll be on Lucha Underground’s tapings on Sunday. Chris DeJoseph said Bengala is debuting this weekend. That should be great. These tapings start with the May 27th episode, so it’ll be quite a while before you see him, but they continue to work their way thru the AAA roster. I’m assuming they’re saving Machine Rocker for the season finale cliffhanger. Or maybe he’s Matanaza! (“Deleted scenes” of random AAA wrestlers being locked in the cage and interacting with Dario Cueto would possibly be the greatest thing ever.) The WON also mentions LU is interested in Sonjay Dutt; that’s usually prelude to a dark match appearance. They’re already taping vignettes for this weekend’s shows (Black Lotus is still alive), so the Rey de Reyes delays probably has juggled their scheduled as well.

Other News

The Observer also confirms what was suspected: the outside Mexican team scheduled for AAA’s international trios tournament was originally planned to be a CMLL team, and Paco Alonso turned it down as always. The surprise is it wasn’t AAA who reached out, but Victoria beer, the sponsor of the red mat in both promotions.

CMLL & AAA worked one show together, the Padrismo show in 2000. That show was put together – more “forced to occur” – by TV company Televisa. It couldn’t happen the same today, since CMLL is no longer on Televisa and seemingly not bothered by it. Victoria seems to be the biggest sponsor for both companies, but even they could not get Paco Alonso to budge. Outside of the Mexican government intervening, there will never be a CMLL vs AAA show as long as Paco Alonso is still in power in CMLL. A few matches might continue to sneak below the radar, but anything more is impossible.

AAA is said to be reaching out to AJPW, TNA and ROH for teams. I’d guess those who Alberto faced in ROH will get strong recommendations (someone should talk to ACH while he’s there this weekend.) TNA is an odd pick continue the sometimes tortured relationship with them and AAA, but those wrestlers are likely very available with the lack of shows they’re running. AAA could bring in the guys they want without going thru the office, probably. (I hear that Tigre Uno is a nice flyer.) AJPW is not a promising pick, but they’ve had a relationship with AAA in the past and probably still do as long as Kenzo Suzuki is there – he figures to be part of this. People on Twitter brought up Ultimo Dragon, Atsushi Aoki, Go Shiozaki among other possibilities. All three of those men have been in AAA prior.

Estrellas del Ring previews the entire ChilangaMask show for the card this Sunday. Plenty of good matches. It looks like Kimber Lee is out of the mixed trios, with Keira switching sides to team with Latin Dragon & David Star and Chik Tormenta taking her place with Arez & Impluso. +LuchaTV also has Negro Navarro talking about his ChilangaMask match with Fulgor.

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LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update for Wednesday and a recap of last week’s TerceraCaida.

A recap of the Casanova show with Virus vs Silver Star and Caifan vs Wotan.

Silver King vs Humberto Garza Jr. is set for 04/05 in Monterrey, with Garza avenging his son (Ultimo Ninja.)

The Tortugas Ninja determine which turtle is sitting out their trios match with Los Nerds.

Black Terry Jr. has highlights from DTU’s Neza show of Indystrongibles vs Los Nerds and the three way tag title match.

Volador says he’s been training hard for his hair match. Kamaitachi sees Friday as another step in his goal of being the best ever wrestler in the history of Arena Mexico, and talks about the difference in following lucha in Japan (late night TV) and Mexico (children coming up to you.)

SuperLuchas looks back at March 18, 2005, with the Perros vs the Dinamitas in a hair match.

Voices of Wrestling has a review of last night’s Lucha Underground. There’s universal praise for the Grave Consequences match; if you can’t get the show, you should make sure to check it out when it’s posted on the YouTube channel.

Pentagon Jr. has a new shirt. He probably didn’t ask Lucha Underground for logo permission, so get it while you can.

CMLL has Stellar Moments from two weeks ago.

The Good Friday Arena Coliseo Guadalajara show (April 3rd) will be moved to Sunday. There’s more freedom to do those sort of changes when they’re not bringing in DF luchadors.

Think Progress does the usual What Is Lucha Libre article, but somehow ended up in Oaxaca’s Arena Pepe Cisneros for it.

MedioTiempo is doing another mask pick ’em tournament, this time with CMLL wrestlers. Blue Demon was the most picked on the AAA one.

DJ Spectro looks back at Ray Mendoza vs the Ape Man in a proto-MMA battle.


CMLL (TUE) 03/24/2015 Arena México
1) Metatrón & Molotov vs El Rebelde & Espanto Jr.
2) Goya Kong, La Vaquerita, Skadi vs La Comandante, La Seductora, Tiffany
3) Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso, Súper Halcón Jr. vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Okumura, Virus
4) The Panther vs Misterioso Jr. [lightning]
5) Blue Panther, Super Porky, Tritón vs Boby Zavala, Hechicero, Luciferno
6) Dragón Rojo Jr., La Sombra, Stuka Jr. vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas

Dragon Rojo mentioned he’d miss Tuesday’s show on his Twitter, and later explained he’d suffered a pectoral injury that’ll keep him out a couple weeks. CMLL, who does not care about falsely advertising matches, promptly listed him for next Tuesday’s show.

At any rate, Felino continues his role of being the not good guy in every possible good match. There’s definitely ways to get a good match of the top two matches, but not the way everyone’s set up. Panther gets a singles match against a guy you don’t want to see in a good match. That women’s match looks like it could be a struggle.

FULL (THU) 03/26/2015 Gimnasio Agustín Millán, Toluca, Estado de México
1) Iron Kid & Sangre Felina vs Fuego Jr. & Resplandor Negro
2) Saru & Sucesor vs Luzbel Jr. & Tanque Infenral
3) Ángel Del Amor, Marabunta Jr., Rey Piscis vs Boomerang, Fulgor I, Fulgor II
4) Lady Apache & Reyna Dorada vs La Diabólica & Rossy Moreno
5) Hijo De Dos Caras & Máscara Sagrada vs El Hijo del Medico Asesino & Rey Bucanero
6) Gronda, Marco Corleone, Tinieblas Sr. vs Cien Caras Jr., Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Pirata Morgan

TV taping – so Gronda’s showing up in both Leyendas Inmortales and FULL, assuming this TV actually starts. Would be cool if the Fulgors made TV (and Solitario & Tinieblas getting involved in the post match on the last show suggets they might.)

DTU Sanchez (SUN) 03/29/2015 Arena Neza
1) Galactico Dragon & Lokillo vs Psique & Speed Demon
2) Artikus, Lanzeloth, Rocky Lobo vs Jimmy, Kevin, Tony
3) Black Fire & Slayer Pack © vs Gemelo Fantastico I & Gemelo Fantastico II [DTU NEXO]
4) Broken Clown, Dave The Clown, Rothen Clown vs Pandemonium, Pandemonium Jr., Xibalba
5) Cíclope & Miedo Extremo vs Drastik Boy & Septimo Dragon and Belial & Impulso
6) Psicosis vs Histeria II, Ángel o Demonio, Ovett, Fantasma de la Ópera, Carta Brava, Crazy Boy, Pesadilla [cage, hair, mask]

Follow up from this weekend’s show. So many lucha cage matches this month. None of them any good, but so many of them. Semimain may be fun.

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03/18 AAA TV Results (Zapopan) – Rey de Reyes 2015

AAA TV (WED) 03/18/2015 Auditorio Benito Juárez, Zapopan, Jalisco [AAA, internetv, MT (main), MT (RdR), MT (rest), R de Rudo, SuperLuchas]
Rey de Reyes, 2015

Show began with a tribute to Irma Osorno, and the show was dedicated in her honor.

1) Ludxor & Venum b Carta Brava & El Apache
Bonus match 1. Ludxor pinned Apache after a top rope armdrag and a splash in about 10 minutes. Good match.
2) Faby Apache, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata b Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro, Taya Valkyrie
Bonus match 2. Pimpinela cradled Mini Abismo after the usual Hijo del Tirantes attack. Fantasma, Pentagon and Joe Lider immediately beat up the tecnicos after the match. Pentagon threatened Rey, while Fantasma said he’d beat Fenix.
3) Bengala, Drago, Súper Nova b Daga, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Súper Fly
Drago defeated Hijo de Pirata with mist in the eyes and his usual cradle (Dragon’s Tail on Lucha Underground).
4) Hijo del Fantasma © b Fénix [AAA CRUISER]
Great match, with Fantasma surviving Fenix’s Fire Driver and using it himself for the win. Fantamsa’s third defense. Fantasma insisted on handshake after the match, but Fenix wasn’t down with it. Fenix accepeted – only for Fantasma to attack him a few seconds later. Dorian, Konnan, Taya and Perro came to the ring to brag and congratulate Fantasma. The rudos eventually started to attack the tecnicos again, and Rey Jr. appeared to make the save. Announcers were sure Rey was joining the Fenix/Myzteziz team.
5) Blue Demon Jr. b Villano IV
Replaced a canceled Alberto del Patron vs Brian Cage match. An echo of their match from last year, though they seemed to get more time and had a slow start as a result. Their punching woke the crowd back up. Both men bled and brawled. Demon submitted V4 for the win. They challenged each other to another match – a mask one – someday. Money thrown in.
6) Angélico, Jack Evans, La Parka Jr. b Averno, Chessman, Cibernético
La Parka replaced Blue Demon Jr., but Demon lent a hand (or a chair shot) to beat Cibernetico. Mesias immediately ran out to attack the tecnicos, leaving them destroyed and taking Parka’s mask.
7) Texano b Aerostar and Psycho Clown and El Mesías [Rey de Reyes]
Aerostar got in the dive from the light tower again, but was eliminated first by a Mesias spear. Parka attacked Mesias, leaving him for a Psycho powerbomb to eliminate him. Psycho & Texano had a long fight, playing off their TripleMania match. In the end, Maya stopped counting Texano down on a Canadian Destroyer, then fast counted to give Texano a win.
8) Myzteziz & Rey Mysterio Jr. b el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Pentagón Jr.
Good match, with Rey looking good in his return. Mysterio and Myzteziz did a couple of double dive spots. Rey beat Pentagon clean with a Canadian Destroyer. No Myzteziz/Perro angle.

Air Date: the iPPV VOD is up now. It looks like it’ll air 03/28 and 04/04, but some matches may be cut.

Enrique and Oscar have an audio review as well.

Show is worth watching, however/whenever you do. I think I’d go good, ok, good, great, great, ok, great, good but I reserve my mind to change my mind later. Rey Mysterio looked healthy and worked great with Pentagon Jr., who going to be a main eventer here for the foreseeable future because he’s so good with both these tecnicos. (Either that, or his performances in Lucha Underground, has also earned Pentagon a lot of mic time he was not getting prior.) The performances were exactly as expected. Even the Villano IV/Blue Demon Jr. match, as slow as they were moving at times, was likely better than Cage/Alberto if Alberto is as limited as believed.

The story of the show is still going to be the delays, the bus accident, and the small crowd. The arena felt between 20-33% full on video and sounded cavernously empty at times. (The post match of the sixth match, where chair shots to table echoed around the arena, felt like a low point.) The fans that were there got into the big matches, making the most noise for Rey Mysterio at the end of a long four hour show, but it was not what it was hoped to be. People were just not willing or able to attend an AAA show for the third time in a week, or one on a Wednesday night. The show was hurt without the energy of a full, or even half full arena. Maybe if this ever happens again, the decision should be to move to a smaller building. May this never happen again.

The problems with this show create a dilemma for TripleMania. AAA announced no TripleMania date, location or match, and didn’t even hint at any of those things – they wanted the focus on Rey Mysterio getting the win in his first match back. Still, the last match they were teasing was Myzteziz & Perro Aguayo Jr. They would easily sell out Arena Ciudad de Mexico, a 20K seat arena, under a normal pricing scale. There are much bigger arenas available in Mexico City, but they are all outdoor venues. Can they now try running a 30-50K seat bullring, risking another rain out? Do they now raise prices to TripleMania as high as CMLL raised their Anniversary show prices? There’s no good answer. (FWIW: If you scroll halfway down this page, it looks like March is actually the driest month in Guadalajara, with a 95% chance of no rain. Mexico City is much stormier during the late summer.)

Wherever TripleMania is held, it’s safe to buy on iPPV. The feed got a little bit iffy during the first half of the Rey de Reyes match, but was completely fine the rest of the night. Even the 3D worked fine, though maybe the mat wrestling section of Villano IV versus Blue Demon Jr. wasn’t the most exciting time to try it. Much like the free show they did, it was simply a live feed of their TV taping stream with no added presentation, but that was good enough.

The show was troubled by the usual quirks of AAA’s booking. There were three heel beatdowns after tecnico wins in the first six matches. Looking back, the first one after the third match appears completely unnecessary. It was just there so the rudos could do promos, the same they could’ve done in backstage at some other point. The Rafael el Maya cheating didn’t fit with the rest of the match, clearly only happening because they wanted a way to protect both guys and weren’t as concerned with it making any sense. (It’s also odd they felt they needed to protect Psycho Clown in that way when Fenix had his finisher kicked out of and then used again him for the loss. Those were two different extremes in definite results on the same show – maybe different people deciding the finish.) There’s nothing new about any of this, it’s the part of the package at this point.

It feels a bit cruel to be critical for this show. This was supposed to be a celebration, it ended up a tragedy. The memorial prior to the show was so sad that it was hard to watch. The show went on, because it had to go on and maybe it was a good distraction. It’s two weeks until the next taping; hopefully the break does everyone some good.

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2015 Rey de Reyes ongoing results

You can purchase the iPPV at http://internetvluchalibreaaa.com/

The latest info is over on Twitter.

AAA TV (WED) 03/18/2015 Auditorio Benito Juárez, Zapopan, Jalisco
Rey de Reyes, 2015
1) Ludxor & Venum b Carta Brava & El Apache
Bonus match 1. Ludxor pinned Apache after a top rope armdrag and a splash in about 10 minutes. Good match.
2) Faby Apache, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro, Taya Valkyrie
3) Bengala, Drago, Súper Nova b Daga, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Súper Fly
Drago defeated Hijo de Pirata with mist in the eyes and his usual cradle (Dragon’s Tail on Lucha Underground).
4) Hijo del Fantasma © b Fénix [AAA CRUISER]
Great match, with Fantasma surviving Fenix’s Fire Driver and using it himself for the win. Fantamsa’s third defense. Fantasma insisted on handhsake after the match, but Fenix wasn’t down with it. Fenix accpeted – only for Fantasma to attack him a few seconds later. Dorian, Konnan, Taya and Perro came to the ring to brag and congratulate Fantasma. The rudos eventually started to attack the tecnicos again, and Rey Jr. appeared to make the save. Announcers were sure Rey was joining the Fenix/Myzteziz team.
5) Blue Demon Jr. b Villano IV
Replaced a canceled Alberto del Patron vs Brian Cage match. An echo of their match from last year, though they seemed to get more time and had a slow start as a result. Their punching woke the crowd back up. Both men bled and brawled. Demon submitted V4 for the win. They challenged each other to another match – a mask one – someday. Money thrown in.
6) Angélico, Jack Evans, La Parka Jr. b Averno, Chessman, Cibernético
La Parka replaced Blue Demon Jr., but Demon lent a hand (or a chair shot) to beat Cibernetico. Mesias immediately ran out to attack the tecnicos, leaving them destroyed and taking Parka’s mask.
7) Texano b Aerostar and Psycho Clown and El Mesías [Rey de Reyes]
Aerostar got in the dive from the light tower again, but was eliminated first by a Mesias spear. Parka attacked Mesias, leaving him for a Psycho powerbomb to eliminate him. Psycho & Texano had a long fight, playing off their TripleMania match. In the end, Maya stopped counting Texano down on a Canadian Destroyer, then fast counted to give Texano a win.
8) Myzteziz & Rey Mysterio Jr. b el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Pentagón Jr.
Good match, with Rey looking good in his return. Mysterio and Myzteziz did a couple of double dive spots. Rey beat Pentagon clean with a Canadian Destroyer. No Myzteziz/Perro angle.

More in the morning.

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Lucha Underground 1×19: Grave Consequences

the matches

1) Aerostar [2] defeated Drago [1], third match in their best of five series (springboard splash, 8:10)
2) Big Ryck defeated The Crew (Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro, Bael) in a no disqualification elimination match (6:15)
– Big Ryck urange Bael (3:22)
– Big Ryck cane assisted clotheslineCortez Castro (4:21)
– Big Ryck urange on a chair Mr. Cisco (6:15)
3) Fénix defeated Mil Muertes in a Grave Consequences casket match (14:43)

the developments

Aerostar defeated Drago cleanly, and they shook hands after. Vampiro pointed out that Dario’s Unique Oppurtinties, the prize for the winner, sometimes come with bad twists.

Konnan played chess with Prince Puma, emphazing the importance of strategy in his fight with Cage.

The Crew destroyed Ryck early, but Ryck made a comeback. He eliminated Cortez first, and took the rest of the match from there. Bael was next. Cisco, who had burned Ryck’s eye originally, tried to walk out. Sexy Star stopped him, and forced him back to the ring. Ryck destroyed Cisco, busted him open, and gave him a urange thru a chair.

Fenix versus Mil Muertes was an insane brawl. Mil Muertes took apart the bottom rope early, using the disconnected metal portion of turnbuckle to cut Fenix up with a blow to the head, and allowing them to move the casket in and out of the ring with ease. Muertes was a rabid animal, bitting at the cut and destroying Fenix repeatedly, only for Fenix to keep coming back. They fought in the ring, out of the ring, in the upper floor (teasing a suplex off the top of an overhang) and into the bleachers. The casket was used mostly as a weapon, with the only attempt at putting someone in the casket coming at the end. Catrina watched the match from nearby, not intimidated in the least by the violence. She got caught too close late and was taken out by a clothesline by Muertes, but recovered quickly and opened the casket. Fenix rope double stomped Mesias off the apron into the casket. Catrina grabbed Mil Muerte’s stone, licked it, tossed it, and closed the door.

Both Alberto vs Texano for the AAA Heavyweight Championship in a bullrope match and Prince Puma vs Cage for the Lucha Underground championship in a Boyle Heights Street Fight were announced for next week.

stray thoughts

Aerostar and Drago was another good match between the two. They started off slower than usual, but they had more time than usual so it was paced really well. Aerostar’s reverse springboard to the floor looked great, and the walking the middle rope headscissors was amusing. They’re working well together even though it’s still just a tecnico/tecnico dynamic, and they’re adding in enough each match to keep it fresh. This is working.

I was distracted during Ryck/Crew, but it seemed like a satisfying conclusion to the feud.

Main event was excellent and lived up to hype. It was similar to the Myzteziz/Perro Aguayo TV match in the blood (and made clear how Perro is going to be so over whenever he shows up here), but the brawling was more intense and crazy. They benefited from a US crowd that was not used to bleeding and biting cut spot that are a bit more common in Mexico, but they also had a billion spot ideas and got do all of them at a good pace. This is a match that started off strong – a Mil Muertes tope before the match, a Fenix dive early on, and a Fenix tope in the raised casket – and just never let up. I don’t have enough positive words to say about it.

This is actually the end for Mil Muertes, at least for now. Striker sold it like we might not see him again, like Mil was literally going to be buried underground. He does not resurface the next eight weeks of TV, though he did make a dark match appearance at the end. It’s great in that it sells the importance of the match, but it came off as a star making performance for both guys and they both could benefit from the followup.

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