05/11: Mexico preview, Leyenda de Plata announced

CMLL (FRI) 05/11 Arena Mexico
1) Brillante, Leono, Stuka Jr. vs Euforia, Nosferatu, Virus
2) Felino, Heavy Metal, Negro Casas vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
3) Atlantis, Dos Caras Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Lizmark Jr., Olímpico, Rey Bucanero, Shocker, Último Guerrero vs Alex Koslov, Hirooki Goto, Jushin Liger, Marco Corelone, Minoru Suzuki, Pierroth, Shigeo Okumura, Último Dragón [Gran Prix]

It will be a one on one tournament – Ovaciones kinda tries to explain this, but you can assume by no one saying “cibernetico”, and what’s going on next week. No main event gives them more time, but if you break that up by match, that’s just an extra minute or two. I don’t think it’ll be broken up by match, though – maybe one long final after 14 short matches.

You’d think they’d push some tecnico really hard, with no Mistico around at the moment and no Perro needing a win. I’d guess Bucanero, Shocker, Ultimo Guerrero, Wagner, Liger and maybe Suzuki have a shot, though the Triple Crown champion has gotten absolutely zero hype to the point where I’d mistakenly think this is Minoru Tanaka again and perhaps some people do think that. Too bad Hajime Ohara isn’t here instead of Okumura, because we’d have like every top Japan wrestling promotion but NOAH in one match and like five people in Mexico would care. (I guess Dragon counts? Dragon counts as his own personal universe.)

Lots of talk about Liger and Wagner doing a NJPW Juniors re-enactment society for the final. I’m rooting for Ultimo, as always – maybe they’ll force another big Rey/Ultimo match on the fans since people won’t show if they knew it was coming. (I’d be happy.) Something should start ticking towards a hyped match for June here.

CMLL announced lineups for Leyenda de Plata today, and it’ll start next week. They must’ve had these in the plans previously, and didn’t want to do cibernetico tournaments back to back. (Dunno why they wouldn’t just wait to do these a little alter in the year, but maybe we’ll figure that out later.)

05/18: Maximo (returning from injury?), Mascara Purpura (ditto), Stuka Jr., Volador Jr., Alex Koslov, Mephisto, Tarzan Boy, Felino, Negro Casas, Perro Aguayo Jr.

05/25: Averno, Ephesto, Valiente, Mr. Aguila, Loco Max, La Mascara, Leono, Heavy Metal, Virus, Mistico (returning from injury?)

06/01: Final

Mistico’s injury is not addressed in this announcement, so I wouldn’t take it as proof that he’s going to be fine, but they’re planning with him in the picture. I’ll wait to preview this later, but there’s some surprising names in there. No Ultimo?

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CMLL CAN52 GdR #76

aired 05/05, taped 04/29

Catching posting these blurbs, but really not much to say. Opener was was usual Kid’s Day fare, and perfectly fine for what was expected. Main event felt short, and were definitely shorted of some time by clipping – there were a dozen “Happy Kid’s Day” type inserts from folks, so it’s clearly a production choice, and one I obviously disagree with. It was a ten minute

Mistico’s left shoulder was hurt before this match – it was obviously taped – and it was hurt during this match when he took the bullet tope. I think, when Mistico was reported hurt on Tuesday, it wasn’t the result of one single bad bump, it was something that had been nagging for a while and he was just finally unable to continue.

There may or may not be a news update today, so feel free to use this post to discuss whatever. There definitely won’t be a morning news post on Saturday, but I’ll have another thread for TV discussion.

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05/10: Guadalajara

Well, this week’s gone bad. Again, had everything ready to go, was ready to post, waiting around to see if Coliseo results turn up, and this time I just totally lost track of where I put the news update. By memory and quick…

No Coliseo results.

CMLL (SUN) 05/06 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [KrisZ]
1) Golden b Valentin Mayo
2) Azazel & Idolo b Guero Loco & Rey Trueno
3) Astro Boy, Brillante, Metal Blanco b Artillero, Mr. Trueno, Súper Comando
4) Blue Panther, Gallo, Lizmark Jr. b Hirooki Goto, Ohara, Shigeo Okumura
5) Último Guerrero b Dos Caras Jr.

FWIW, Dos was on preliminary lineups for the upcoming LA Coliseum MMA card (under his real name – or a variation of it) but isn’t on the final one they’ve released.

Ovaciones says Mistico could be back by 05/25 – that’d be if he didn’t have surgery and everything was best case, I believe. Please note the emphasis on COULD.

AAA’s posted a news update, highlighting hitting 15 years on Tuesday.

The “Billy Boy joins a Charly Manson faction” story is indeed in the Observer, but there’s been no motion in this direction yet on TV. I would guess Charly would start the new faction upon returning from his burned face, Billy’s quite obviously can’t be a guy in a Barrio Boy suit anymore, but no idea of rudo/tecnico or how it’d work with the Hell Brothers or anything. This is probably still in the planning stages, and so may never happen. Still waiting for the Juvi split that we were told about 4 months ago (it could easily go down in the next couple weeks, but it hasn’t been hinted on TV.)

In an interview in Super Lucha, Zorro says he’s AAA, not a Hellbrother. Everything’s subject to change.

IWRG’s site is down. CMLL hasn’t put up tickets on Ticketmaster. We still do not have Arena Coliseo Tag Team champions!

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Even more of me blabbing

I’m going to be talking lucha on the next Joe Versus The World, and we’re taping it Thursday afternoon. If you still have questions about lucha libre you’re dying to ask, send them to Joe ASAP.

We probably won’t get to everything, because I’m not the only guest on the show…

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AAA #623 (05/05/07)

taped 04/01

So I wrote this blurb, and the blurbs for the other three recaps which I haven’t linked to yet for god knows what reason, and left them in an open window overnight without saving it, and of course Windows feels the need to install updates and reboot my computer.

The paintball stuff was actually disappointing, because they never actually played paintball against each other, you know? Maybe they’ll show that next week.

Let’s go over the scorecard here, and help me figure this one out

Gran Apache: Rudo
Fabi Apache: Ruda? She’s pretty happy with taking free wins, and was ruda against the Morenos.
Billy Boy: Tecnico? I’m sure he’s supposed to be sympathetic, but he’s coming off as a dope
Sexi Star: Would seem to be tecnica, but was hanging out with the rudas at Reina de Reinas, and turned on Billy here.
Barrio Boys: Rudos?

The only good person in this group is totally unlikable. Something went off the rails here.

My first guess is they cut out Cibernetico’s response to Konnan of burying Nicho because he might be back, but I think you’d leave it on in that case, so you’d have something to work off when he did return. I’m not sure what was going on, because you need to have a payoff for the first 90 minutes angle. Maybe this was explained away in commentary?

I don’t understand how anyone is supposed to have ever believed Zorro was going to turn. Missing something here.

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05/11-13 Lucha Times

There’s no new post today because there’s no news. Coliseo results haven’t turned up. IWRG’s site is still down. Ovaciones says they’re not running tomorrow due to “Mother’s Day”, seems fishy.

AAAGALA: 04/15 tapings. The listed main event “Alberije, Gronda II, Zorro b Head Hunter I, Kenzo Suzuki, Mesias” – well, that looks to suck, but I think Charly/Chessman vs Ozz/Cuervo is the actual main event.

FSE’s previews are still previewing last week’s episode as it has been, for six weeks. That’s pathetic. Last week ended the ongoing programs on both shows, so there’s no real telling what’ll air where.

Someone finally fixed the listings on esmas.

CMLLMEX: They must be planning to give the Gran Prix a lot of time.

AAAMEX: Burn Charly Burn

05/08: Puebla, La Parka Jr.’s return

Could’ve sworn I posted this previously. Oh well. I’m off to update the AAA post next…

CMLL (MON) 05/07 Arena Puebla [hugo999 @ box y lucha]
1) Blue Center, Swat, Zigma b Ares, Mr. Rafaga, Murcielago
2) Centella de Oro, Super Nova, the Tiger b Espiritu Maligno, Karissma, Loco Max
3) Negro Casas, Sagrado, Ultimo Dragon b Efesto, Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
4) Leono b Toro Bill Sr. [hair]
5) Atlantis, Texano Jr., Ultimo Guerrero b Alex Koslov, Marco Corelone, Shocker

Leono made the show, but was clearly wrestling with only one working arm. So that wasn’t much, but I guess they decided they must have the hair match or something.

AAA LG (WED) 05/16 Palenque de la Feria, Celaya Lineup [El Sol del Bajio]
1) Estrellita, Pimpinela Escarlata, Super Fly vs Polvo de Estrellas, Rossy Moreno, ?
2) La Parka Jr., Octagon, Zorro vs Muerte Cibernetica, Antifaz, Kenzo Suzuki

According to the article, La Parka Jr. vows to return to the ring at this show. According to the article, this is the original La Parka. So I dunno.

Perro Aguayo Jr. survived another week on his reality show. His team won first place in the contest and so is not up for elimination this week, which frees up a good 15-20 minutes on CMLL’s TV show from vote plugs.

indy (WED) 05/16 Ricard Velarde Osuna del Paseo de La Loma [Enfoque]
1) El Vaqueros & Kid Relampago vs Angel de la Muerte & Indomable
2) Cholo Maldito & El Cora vs Galaxia 2000 & Mercury 2000
3) Deat Raxyel, Master Terror, Spider Black vs Demoledor, Loco Gonzalez, Verdugo Nazi
4) Angelou, Marakame I, Protector vs Chupacabras, Enfermero Jr., Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.
5) Blue Demon Jr. & El Dandy vs Damian 666 & Mr. Aguila

This is Marakame I’s 25 anniversary show. The news report lists Angelou as Mistico’s brother.

Super Luchas #211 has Marcela, Zorro and Hulk Hogan. Odd trio. The AAA recap headline screams “ZORRO, NEW HELL BROTHER”, so perhaps I’m wrong on that one.
Super Luchas Grafico #22 has Mil Mascaras

El Sol de Tampico previews a show for this Friday with only Pierroth Jr./Sangre Azteca vs Volador Jr./Mascara announced.

IWRG’s site is down.

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05/06 AAA TV Results (Oaxaca)

Previous: 04/15, 04/20, 04/27

AAA TV (SUN) 05/06 Explanada del Estadio de Futbol de Oaxaca [El Imparcial (thanks to Steve Sims)]
1) Mini Abismo Negro & Mini Histeria b Mascarita Divina & Mascarita Sagrada
2) Fabi Apache, Rossy Moreno, Tiffany b Cinthia Moreno, Estrellita, Sexy Star
3) Laredo Kid, Pegasso, Super Fly, Aero Star b Alan, Decnnis, El Apache, Super Calo
4) Cuervo, Espiritu, Ozz, Scoria b Crazy Boy, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis
5) Abismo Negro, Kenzo Suzuki, X-Pac b Intocable, Super Porky, Zorro
6) Mesias b Charly Manson

Air Date
Mex: 05/12
US: 06/02

Mesias used fire on Charly Manson to get the win. That’s what allying with Abismo will get you. Cibernetico vows revenge, of course.

According to AAA, it was X-Pac who won the semimain. Zorro wad distracted by a kiss with X-Pac’s valet (listed here as Alicia Webb, who’s had minor roles with WWE and TNA) and X-Pac fouled him before finishing him off with his faceslam. After the match, Abismo beat up Intocable with chairs. You know, Konnan talks about not liking the dancing guys, but Abismo is actually living the life and feuding with every single one of them.

Dark Family vs Mexican Powers turned into a hardcore match, and the title match was accepted for the next show (obviously, since it was already announced.)

Gran Apache and the Barrio Boys are clearly rudos now, so I presume Super Calo is one? Carlo and Aero Star were added to the third match, with Aero Star being listed as an official member of the Air Force and Pegasso replacing Rey Cometa (who seems to exist inconsistently). That’s getting to be a big group.

According to the newspaper report, they teased a stips match out of the women’s match, but oddly between Tiffany and Cinthia Moreno. AAA’s recap makes no mention of that.

Next Tapings
05/12 Apizaco, Tlaxcala
05/20 Morelia
– 05/26 Minatitlan, Veracruz
– 05/30 San Luis Potosi

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05/07: Coliseo, Monterrey, Lucha Libre Expo

CMLL (SUN) 05/06 Arena Coliseo [Ovaciones, Alvin @ el Martinete]
1) Mini Halloween & Mr. Aguilita b Bracito de Oro & Tzuki
2) Dark Angel, India Sioux, Sahori b Hiroka, Princesa Sujei, Rosa Negra
3) Euforia, Nosferatu, Satanico b Felino, Mictlan, Tony Rivera
4) Alex Koslov, Neutron, Ultimo Dragon b Mephisto, Misterioso II, Virus
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Marco Corelone, Negro Casas b Atlantis, Olimpico, Tarzan Boy

Marco replaced Shocker. Neutron filled in for Maximo, and that’s the first time we’ve seen Neutron as Neutron since the cage match last summer. Ovaciones says the women’s match was the best match of the night.

indy (SUN) 05/06 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [RFC @ lo mejor de lucha libre]
1) Karis, Orus, The Mummy b Angel Mortal, Gallego, Mr. Condor
2) Latin Boiler & Martha Villalobos b La Hechicera & Rey Infernal
3) Monje Negro Jr. b La Fiera, Sangre Chicana [bull terrier]
4) Antifaz & Mr. Niebla b Aventurero & Hator
5) Alebrije & Gronda II b Monsther & Pirata Morgan

The Mummy turned on his teammates. Looks like that trio has come unraveled.

Lots of articles on the Lucha Libre Expo
La Cronica does the lucha libre article for people who don’t know what lucha libre is but are reading articles about lucha libre anyway
Notimex has a general one from Friday’s show, I believe. Mistico was scheduled, and appeared in sling to sign 200 autographs. Shocker took his place there. The report here was the expo was good, but could be improved.
El Vanguarida has notes from a panel discussion about the future of lucha libre, with Cibernetico, Pierroth (speaking as a wrestler and a CMLL front office guy), Canek and Dorian Roldan. No big insights here, and the usual “Mistico will never be able to reach the Mil/Santo level because he’s not a cross-platform star” discussion. According to Roldan, AAA averages an “8” rating (no idea what that means in Mexico), currently employs 114 wrestlers (quick, name all 114!) and promoted 200 functions in Mexico last year. CMLL has over 200 wrestlers under contract (which means they have no idea how many).
Blue Demon Jr. brought 50 kids from the local children’s hospital and spoke about his own battle with cancer. This, naturally, led to a match with Veneno.
– There’s some fan reports; Mr. Reyes has pictures from Day 1, 2 and 3, and there’s a thread of unhappy people on box y lucha, feeling the expo over promised and under delivered.

IWRG’s site is still down.

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05/06: Mistico injury may be worse, Lucha 2000 show, FSE

Mistico’s situation might have gotten quite a bit worse. According to an article on Esmas, he was telling people at the lucha libre expo that he could be out 6-8 months. It appears the initial “3 weeks” estimate is actually how much time they want him resting before they take another look at it, and see if surgery is necessary. If it is, he’s out till ’08.

The story of Mistico’s injury keeps changing. In that article, they’re going with the idea Perro hurt it (as hype to build up to the match, which might just happen a bit later.) KrisZ noted Mistico seemed hurt Tuesday in a match in Cuervanaca, but I think that just might have been the last bump before they got him to the doctor. CAN52 had the kid’s day Warrior/Mistico match from Sunday, and Mistico’s left shoulder was already heavily taped. During the match, Mistico took Warrior’s bullet tope into the front row, with his left shoulder going directly into the seats, and this article credits that dive as well (thought that may be hype as well.)

If Mistico is out for an extended period of time, CMLL wouldn’t necessary half to strip him of his championships, and filling three titles at once might be a bit much. On the other hand, it allows them to get the belts off Mistico without Mistico actually jobbing. I’d guess they’d take away the tag team titles – Averno & Mephisto vs Negro and a replacement partner seems about right – but the two singles titles could be inactive for a half year and it wouldn’t be a problem.

CMLL’s going to have to startnig planning the rest of the year without Mistico. I suspect we’ll get a Perro stips match, and they seem like they’re pushing towards Shocker/Ultimo once again. Lots of stuff will have to be worked out.

Mistico being hurt long term would seem to end his chances of jumping to WWE at this point; CMLL would probably pay him more while sitting out than WWE would, at least until he’s established there.

LUCHAS 2000 (SAT) 05/05 Arena Mexico [ovaciones, Mr. Reyes]
1) Valiente b Cerebro Negro, Danger, Extreme Tiger, Flash, Free Lance, Leono, Mascara Purpura, Mictlan, Super Nova, Texano Jr., Virus
2) Volador Jr. & Volador Sr. b Hijo de Rey Misterio & Rey Misterio Sr. and Stuka I & Stuka Jr. and Misterioso Jr. & Misterioso Sr.
3) Rayman & Rayo de Jalisco Jr. b Lizmark Jr. & Lizmark Sr. and Cien Caras & Hijo de Cien Caras and El Hijo del Mascara Ano 2000 & Mascara Ano 2000
4) LA Park b Villano III, Blue Demon Jr., Villano IV, Silver King, El Hijo del Solitario [hair]

LA Park took Villano III’s hair. Not much to Virus and Valiente were said to have a good sequence at the end of the opening cibernetico; hopefully, we’ll see a bit more of that with Virus’ rudo turn.

Sign On San Diego has a big story on lucha libre, talking a little bit about the shows in Tijuana. Isn’t there indy lucha libre in San Diego? I thought so…


CMLL: Main event trios, with Mistico’s cameo. Mistico had three of his belts with him – no IWRG. Aguila had Groon-like painted on muscles. I’m not sure that’s the way to go. Lots of dives highlighted, and Perro picked up another clean win, this time over Negro.

AAA: Highlights from the cage match, with Abismo leaving and Cibernetico and Mesias left in. Mesias chairshots Cibernetico, but Zorro throws in the cane to him and Cibernetico rallies with that, and a chokeslam. No post match uniting is shown.

FSE has
04/29 Coliseo: Averno, Dos Caras Jr., Mascara Sagrada b Mascara 2000, Sangre Azteca, Universo 2000
04/29 Coliseo: Damian 666, Halloween, Mr. Aguila b Maximo, Sagrado, Texano Jr. [MEX TRIOS]

IWRG’s site is still down.

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