Abismo Negro (1971-2009)

A very brief story on noroeste says Abismo Negro has passed away. LMDLL’s RFC is also reporting his death, which is enough to cause me to believe it (though there’s a small hope this may be a hoax.) Edit: RFC found another person who’d confirm it. That’s the end of the hope.

The complete noroeste story:

El luchador profesional, Abismo Negro, murió esta madrugada en el municipio de El Rosario al parecer ahogado en el río. Su cuerpo fue encontrado esta tarde. Al parecer el luchador iba con rumbo a la Ciudad de México cuando decidió bajarse en este municipio; las autoridades ya investigan el hecho.


The professional wrestler, Abyss Black, died this morning in the town of El Rosario allegedly drowned in the river. His body was found this afternoon. Apparently the fighter was heading to Mexico City when he decided to stop in this town, the authorities are already investigating the incident.

The last time we heard about Abismo Negro, is when he didn’t make the show Friday night in Madero. This would’ve been Sunday morning. Abismo certainly had his personal issues take over his life the last few years, though we have no idea if this has anything to do with those.

Abismo Negro was one of only three remaining wrestlers in the company who were on the debut show in May of 1992. (Octagon and Jerrito Estrada are the others, and Pepe Casas and Tirantes were two of the referees on that show.) Abismo was debuting as Winners at that point, and is a rare wrestler who’s succeeded under two different gimmicks; it’ll may only now be publicly acknowledged Winners became Abismo.

The Abismo Negro gimmick is as identifiably a part of AAA as any. A lot of that is owed to Antonio Pena’s design, but a significant credit must go to man under the mask, who made the character larger than life. Abismo was a top rudo for AAA at many points during his run, so much so that he gained fan following (which caused at least one ill advised tecnico turn) and cross over work on other Televisa shows.

The mask of Abismo Negro is a symbol of AAA. It’s already scheduled to live on as part of the anime later this year, and the video game for next year. Abismo was scheduled to be a big part of the US Tour the next two weeks. I don’t know what they can do with that gimmick now – I think Black Abyss has to disappear for a while (and probably come back as something else), and I think no one can appear as Abismo Negro for a good long time, but I don’t what we’ll think about all this in two weeks. The Abismo Negro name will never go away thanks to those who worked to make it mean something, but I don’t think even the open minded AAA fans would accept anyone else under that mask maybe for years to come.

Edit: 907am – Noroeste has updated it’s story with details of Abismo’s death. In usual Mexican newspaper fashion, this article includes a picture of Abismo’s body, as they found it.

It sounds as though (for whatever reason), Abismo Negro had a panic attack on a bus,  ordered the bus driver to stop near the river, sent a text message to his wife that he was lost in the mountain,and walked in. The theory is he got knocked out by a waterfall and drowned from there.

Let me see if I can get this straight: Abismo is believed to have had a panic attack, ordered the driver to stop (driver later reported the incident to the authorities, which caused the search for him), wandered off, text messages his wife that he was lost in the mountain, and was found in the river.

03/22: IWRG, Toreo, Mistico, Wagner, Juvi, Dos Leyenda, lineups

IWRG (SAT) 03/14 Arena Xochimilco [SuperLuchas #307]
1) Mixteco Jr. b Goleador
2) Galactik & Miss Gaviota b Avisman & Vampiro Metalico
3) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro b Multifacetico, Trauma I, Trauma II
4) Solar I, Super Astro, Ultraman Jr. DQ Arlequin, Hijo de Pierroth (IWRG), Pierroth II
5) Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. b Scorpio Jr. [Rey del Ring]

New champ. Scorpio had MA2K Jr. done in a half crab, but both he and the refree were distracted by Hijo de Pierroth (Mascara’s second) beating up Multifacetico (Scorpio’s second) on the outside. Scropio let go, Mascara snuck in a foul and pinned him for the win. DQ in the semimain was for Pierroth II yanking Solar’s mask.

El Toreo (WED) 03/18 Arena Lopez Mateos [SuperLuchas #307]
1) Sombra Escarlata & Spider Boy b Mr. Flama & Sol de Oriente
2) Azabache Negro, Rey Cobra, Sismo b Black Man II, Falcon, Flecha (Skayde)
3) Romano Garcia b Danny Boy [hair]
4) Robin Hood Jr. & Super Panda b Epitafio & Terry 2000
5) Canek b Cibernetico [#1 Contenders, UWA HEAVY]
6) Dos Caras Sr., Killer Jr., Sicodelico Sr. DQ Villano III, Villano IV, Villano V

Mil was supposed to be in the main event, but was angry about something – I think the article says about not being in the main event, which doens’t make sense – and walked out of the building before his match (walking in front of the crowd to make sure they knew he showed.) Doesn’t look like this bit is drawing sell outs any more, at least not this night. Villano V yanked Dos’ mask for a DQ.

It took Cibernetico being accidentally hit by his second (Killer Jr.) and being fouled by Canek for him to lose here. That’s actually not as much as I’d thought.

Again, fighting between the seconds (Robin Hood Jr. and Rocky Santana) allowed Romano to sneak in a piledriver on Danny Boy for the win.

SuperLuchas #307 also has a big interview with Mistico. Besides the usual “I’d like to face whoever win the mask match” bit, Mistico also notes that when he was in Japan and CMLL did a Sombra/Volador vs Averno/Mephisto tag title match, it was a poor house. Mistico wants more people to be stars, but feels he should get more credit for how much he means and how hard he works. Mistico feels like he’s winning the crowd back little by little this year (though that didn’t seem to be case Friday night.) This interview is totally worth going out of you way to read for yourself.

IWRG (THU) 03/19 Arena Naucalpan
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Fuerza Guerrera, Zatura b Hijo de Pierroth (IWRG), Mascara ANo 2000 Jr., Oficial 911

Give him credit – Dr. Wagner indeed made this show. The usual trend for guys who join one of the big 2 is to promise they’ll still be doing all their independent bookings when the press is there, and then quickly bail on them. (Silver King and Super Porky come to mind.) Lots of respect for Wagner if he’s breaking that tend.

Coincidentally, Wagnermania has Wagner cutting a promo on website commenters critical of him joining AAA. Dr. Wagner Jr. is a YouTube shooter, which can only mean the world is coming to an end. The Gladiatores have their own interview with Dr. Wagner about current effects.

Didn’t occur to me last night, but there was no Wagner angle on Friday’s AAA taping despite one being obviously set up in Madero. AAA is now listing Wagner’s self promoted shows, which are now using AAA talent.

The other news not exactly mentioned on luchalibreaaa.com is a backstage incident with Juvi, at least if you’re willing to believe his story in Record. “The leader of the Mexican Powers” (that’s what the article says) tells Record that he went out for his match, and came back to find his bag filled with human waste. Juvi went to Jack Evans to accuse him of doing it, when Konnan attacked him and Jack joined in. Juvi claims he’s got a broken nose, and bruises on his face and body.

This is surely the same story Lizzy Valentine is referring to on her mySpace page when talking about leaving AAA. This is also all Juvi’s side of the story, and his history of telling tall tales makes it really hard to take anything he says at face value – there’s definitely more going on here. (FWIW, Jack was in Juvi’s match, and still in the ring when Juvi escaped the cage, so Juvi really could really stand to improve his sleuthing abilities.)

However, the general public (and the press) are probably going to be unaware of Juvi’s history and this story looks really bad for AAA if it gets picked up in more places. It really depends on how far the story gets, but it’s tough to spin the leader of the wrestlers taking part in a two on one mugging and there’s probably some public punishment coming if this gets taken seriously. Also, whomever gave to okay to hire Juvi back inside the company (not Konnan!) is probably not too thrilled with it going so bad so quick.

Short term, Juvi’s done in AAA. I’d assume Ultimo Gladiador takes his spot in the cruiserweight tournament. Ultimo Gladiador seems to be a good dude, but no one’s been as quite as fortunate with absences as he has in AAA – he got started their with Crazy Boy’s injury and has gotten to hang around and better spots because of Juvi’s flakiness (and Super Crazy not coming in.)

Dos Leyenda follow up stories:

Villano V says he never even considered he was going to lose, and was hoping to main event a third straight anniversary show. He vows to continue fighting.

Ultimo Guerrero wants Villano IV to finish the Villanos off. UG credits Blue Panther with coming up with the idea to use the toque universal to pin Villano in the end, and goes as far as dedicating the win to Panther.

– ESPNDeportes restates the point that Villano IV is and will be the last masked Villano standing; they’ve told their sons to create their identities and not take their names (just as they did with their father Ray Mendoza), so there’ll be no Villano VI coming.

– Televisa Deportes picture comes along with tons of pictures

– I was wrong – Accion indeed has video of this match tonight. If ever one needed to understand the difference between the two promotions, this was a good two minutes for you – CMLL had a huge match decided by an abdominal stretch cradle, and this was followed by Chessman/Mesias in a cage using light tubes, and walking above the cage on barbed wire cords. Are they really both promoting the same lucha libre?

Box Y Lucha posted a truck load of articles Friday morning, none of which I saw until much later because Google Reader decided not to show new articles in half my feeds. (I think I fixed it, but who knows. As always, if I miss something worth reading, let me know.) There’s so many of them, I’m not going to write as much about them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interesting.

They’ve got La Parka Jr. telling LA Park to get over it already and complaining about not being nominated for the the Televisa luchador award (he thought the idea was for the nominees to just be Mexican)

Dos Caras Jr. explaining his teased rudo turn was resolved off camera (everyone’s friends again, hooray), Axel talking the end of his CMLL sting much like in his SuperLuchas interview, Dark Angel talking about her trip to Japan (and not TNA, yet), Star Fire talking about her short career so far (totally wins me over in one interview, I’m a sucker), Sombrita and Mascara Dorada talking about the Puebla cage match, and Juanito Diaz, lightweight champion of the 60s. There’s also columns on Solar/Negro Navarro, Villano III on backstage fights (how timely!) and history pieces on Angel Azteca. Plus, a couple look back at Ultimo Guerrero‘s career, as if teasing a major change this past Friday.

An editoral in El Siglo de Torreon complains about the quality of libre referring. For some odd reason, they don’t think referee Viruta getting caught in the moment and doing a top rope plancha onto the wrestlers shows much impartiality.

LuchaWorld has Robert on the 12/08-9 and 12/15-16 CMLL MVS Shows, as well as KrisZ‘s news update.


IWRG (THU) 03/26 Arena Naucalpan
1) Garra de Aguila vs Keshin Black
2) Galactik & Mascara Magnifica vs Carta Brava Jr. & Mixteco Jr.
3) Fantastik, Freelance, Turbo vs Black Terry, BLack Thunder, Capitan Muerte
4) Head Hunter I, Head Hunter II, Veneno vs Arlequin, Hijo de Pierroth (IWRG), Pierroth II
5) Fuerza Guerrera vs Oficial 911 [IWRG IC WELTER]

911 lost, will get a title shot. OKAY. Turbo and Black Thunder appear to have become regulars here (as much as anyone who’s not a core guy is a regular.)

IWRG (SAT) 03/28 Arena Xochimilco
1) Garra de Aguila vs Comando Negro
2) Eragon & Latin Brother vs Carta Brava Jr. & Vampiro Metalico
3) Mascarita Sagrada & Octagoncito I vs Espectrito de Ultratumba & Piratita Morgan
4) Negro Navarro, Trauma I, Trauma II vs Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro
5) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Universo 2000 vs Hijo de Pierroth (IWRG) & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. [relevos sucidas]
6) ? vs ?? [mask]

Actually, I’m taking a leap and assuming they’re doing the final on this show, but the tag match is solicated as a relevos suicidas. Pretty clear favorite to lose of the four.

CMLL (SUN) 03/29 Arena Coliseo
1) Rayo Tapatio I & Rayo Tapatio II vs Cholo & Zayco
2) Dark Angel, Marcela, Sahori vs Amapola, Princesa Sujei, Rosa Negra
3) Hijo del Fantasma, Mictlan, Sagrado vs Ephesto, Lizmark Jr., Terrible
4) Blue Panther, Dos Caras Jr., Mistico vs Heavy Metal, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas

Been racking my brain all day, trying to figure out what the bonus match is. There’s no feud that I can think of – the show two weeks ago has little to do wtih the today’s show (thanks to all the subs.) One of Bam Bam, Pierrothito, Sombra or Sangre Azteca is probably defending their title here, if it’s at all being set up tonight. Feels like it could just be a typo.

CHOLO! Getting worried about him for a bit. Speaking of MIA guys, anyone seen Mascara Purpura lately? No matches in the last month, since the lightning match in Puebla.

CMLL (SUN) 03/29 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Katana & Malefico vs Angel del Mal & Infierno [Torneo Tanque Dantes]
2) Palacio Negro & Samurai vs Leon Blanco & Thunder Boy [Torneo Tanque Dantes]
3) Boomerang & Gallo vs Acertijo & Mr. Trueno [Torneo Tanque Dantes]
4) Maximo, Sagrado, Valiente vs Black Warrior, Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca
5) a replacement for Toscano, Hector Garza, Shocker vs Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero

Toscano’s booked like normal this week, but can’t make any of those shows. Warrior continues to work in GDL. That’s round 4 of the torneo, and I’m sure I’ll do a breakdown of the tournament later (so you know there’s a post coming to skip.)

03/20 AAA TV Results (Madero)

AAA TV (FRI) 03/20 Centro de Convencions de Ciudad Madero [AAA]
1) AerostarFabi ApacheCinthia MorenoOriental
2) Black AbyssHisteriaPsicosis IIGato EvereadyPimpinela EscarlataUltimo Gladiador
3) La Parka Jr.Marco Corleone DQ KonnanSilver King
4) Charly MansonEl MesiasX-PacChessmanElectro ShockZorro
5) Billy BoyTeddy Hart and Nicho el Millionario and Alan Stone and Crazy Boy and Alex Koslov and Laredo Kid and Super Fly and Juventud Guerrera and Extreme Tigerand Escoria and Joe Lider and Jack Evans [AAA CRUISER, dome cage]

This is a bit complicated, but you and me can get thru it together.

Cage match didn’t really make sense to me before as the first part of a tournament, but someone actually figured how to do it. It’s essentially CMLL’s seeding battle royal, except you’re escaping a cage instead of a ring. The added twist here is the last one in the cage is out of the tournament (which is why we’ve got an odd number.) Billy Boy took the fall, which can’t be a big surprise. They have to be doing it on purpose by now.

Skipping Billy, the first guy out faces the last guy out, the second guy out faces the second to last guy out, and so on. That leaves us with second round match ups of:

1) Teddy Hart vs 12) Jack Evans
2) Nicho vs 11) Joe Lider
3) Alan Stone vs 10) Escoria
4) Crazy Boy vs 9) Extreme Tiger
5) Alex Koslov vs 8) Juvi – the surprise, as people wiser than me called, though not yet in D-Mex
6) Laredo Kid vs 7) Super Fly

One can only assume we missed some long team up and horrible break up between Alan Stone and Escoria on AAA Jakked, because every other match up just happens to be between partners – past, present or future.

The Monterrey listing had a four way match for the cruiserweight title, and an article talking about tonight (Sunday’s) matches there gave me the impression this would be yet another HF2 vs HX187 battle, but reading it in tandem with the show report makes it clear that they’ll be two singles matches. The other first round matches will theortically take place when AAA gets back from the US tour.

There were other matches on this taping, too:

– After winning the opener, Aerostar revealed the Apache he wanted to ask out was – Fabi. (Poor Mari!) Billy then showed up to kill both of them. Love is rough.

Abismo Negro is MIA. Again. Pimpi took his place, and the Vipers dominated on the way to a win, Gato taking the pin. The Vipers must’ve been so thrilled that AAA finally has enough faith in Abismo showing up that the Vipers can return to feud with him, and then Abismo no-shows. Dunno the circumstances of it, but it would seem very defensable for AAA to cut the cord with Abismo at this point.

No Latin Lover. Marco took his place and his team won by DQ, when Copetes joined the Legion. I almost forgot Copetes was a tecnico. Though he’s not much of a good rudo referee if the rudos still lost.

– Zorro lost clean to Charly.

Next taping is today in Monterrey, and I’d bet LMDLL has results up soon after the show.

03/21: notes

Results from last night are below. Other coverage:

Alan has his notes from being there live in the comments.

– Box Y Lucha has fan video of the main event. Watch it before it gets pulled down.

Ovaciones has the main event being 35 minutes of intense wrestling. I don’t think you could get 35 minutes even if you counted the entrance and the post match.

ESTO counted 9 near falls.

Other News:

AAA’s US promoters put out a press release for the tour, including the lineups. Pretty much what we had before, except the Hell Brothers reunion tag has been switched to Cibernetico and Electroshock joining the main event and Charly Manson facing Joe Lider in a singles match. I hope that’s a typo.

In Siglo de Torreon, Dr. Wagner warns of people fraudulently promoting him, though no specific example comes up. He talks about possibly returning to CMLL, so this seems a bit dated.

There’s a GALLI show in Cicero tonight; I think I’m sitting this one out to take care of some other stuff, but I’ve changed my mind like three times.



CMLL (TUE) 03/24 Arena Mexico
1) Molotov & Starman vs Puma King & Tiger Kid
2) Pequeno Olimpico, Saturno, Shockercito vs Fire, Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito
3) Angel de oro, Angel de Plata, Fabian el Gitano vs Euforia, Nosferatu, Skandalo
4) Blue Panther, Sagrado, Valiente vs Felino, Heavy Metal, Misterioso II
5) La Sombra, Mistico, Volador Jr. vs Atlantis, Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero

CMLL (FRI) 03/27 Arena Mexico
1) Sensei & Trueno vs Inquisidor & Semental
2) Flash, Leono, Stuka Jr. vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skandalo
3) Ultimo Dragoncito vs Pequeno Violencia [lightning]
4) Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara vs Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
5) Dos Caras Jr., Mascara Dorada, Shocker vs Averno, Mephisto, Terrible
6) Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero vs Texano Jr., Villano IV, Villano V

03/20 Arena Mexico Results

Villano V, Box Y Lucha
Villano V, Box Y Lucha

Box Y Lucha reports a 98% full building.

CMLL (FRI) 03/20 Arena Mexico
1) Pequeño Olímpico, Shockercito, Ultimo Dragoncito b Pequeno Violencia, Pequeno Warrior, Pierrothito
2) Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto b Blue Panther, Sagrado, Toscano
Toscano broken his ankle on a dive and will undergo surgery tomorrow. Rudos won in straight falls.

3) Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca b Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara
Straight falls for the kinda-national champs, who will get a title shot next week if Sangre is to be believed.

4) Dos Caras Jr., Shocker, Volador Jr. b Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero
straight falls again

5) Negro Casas b Mistico [CMLL WELTER]
Negro took the first, Mistico the second, Negro the third via mask pull to win the belt. 23rd champion. Usual hair/mask challenges after.

6) Ultimo Guerrero b Villano V [mask]
– Ultimo Guerrero wins quick first fall
– Villano V wins quicker second fall
– Ultimo Guerrero counters the toque universal for the win.

Villano V is Raymundo Diaz Mendoza Jr., 46 years old, 32 years a wrestler

03/20: San Juan, GDL, Mexico Preview, Cibernetico

AAA (FRI) 03/13 Arena San Juan Pantitlan [the gladiatores]
1) Caricia, Diva Salvaje, Lady Colombia b Astuto, Escorpion Dorado, M1
2) Infinito, Mohicano I, Rey del Espacio, Super Brazo b Bestia Metalica, Miserable, Mohicano II, Ricky Ricon
3) Crazy Boy & Ultimo Gladiador b Extreme Tiger & Violento Jack
4) Dizzy b Bryan el Striper [hair]
5) Abismo Negro, Alex Koslov, Silver King DQ Black Abyss, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario

Silver King turned on his partners, of course. Black Abyss and Crazy boy worked as seconds in the semimian, with Black Abyss liberally interfering and martineting Bryan in the third fall, allowing Dizzy to pick up the win. Bryan got stretched out and I don’t see a picture of him bald, so…

The Gladiatores also has an audio interview with Zatura and a video promo with the EAW promoter.

CMLL (SUN) 03/15 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Artillero, Polvora, Super Comando b Astro Boy, Sensei, Starman
2) Bam Bam, Mascarita Dorada, Shockercito b Pequeno Violencia, Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito
3) Black Warrior, Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca DQ Shocker, Toscano, Valiente
4) Dos Caras Jr., Mistico, Volador Jr. b Atlantis, Heavy Metal, Negro Casas
5) Texano Jr. DQ Maximo [hair]

Warrior worked here as normal, so whatever’s going on with him is limited to DF for the moment. There was a post suggesting whatever’s going on with him has to do with the DF Lucha commission (and not CMLL) – I recall people being suspended in other places for no-shows but can’t think of any one in Mexico City (and there’d certainly should be other people.)

CMLL (TUE) 03/17 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [CMLL]
1) Fraile de la Muertge b Hierro
2) Skaxy b Plata
3) Quazar b Relampago Azul
4) Shockercito b Meteoro
5) Boomerang b Pequeno Violencia
6) Nosferatu & Rafaga b Flash & Stuka Jr.
7) Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara b Euforia, Felino, Negro Casas

No Heavy Metal, so Euforia moved up and Rafaga took his place. Champions won a non-title match, a rarity.

Tonight’s card:

CMLL (FRI) 03/20 Arena Mexico
1) Pequeño Olímpico, Shockercito, Ultimo Dragoncito vs Pequeno Violencia, Pequeno Warrior, Pierrothito
2) Blue Panther, Sagrado, Toscano vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
3) Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara vs Black Warrior, Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca
4) Dos Caras Jr., Shocker, Volador Jr. vs Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero
5) Negro Casas vs Mistico [CMLL WELTER]
6) Villano V vs Ultimo Guerrero [mask]


ESTO: Youth vs Experience. Ultimo Guerrero is 37 years old. (Villano V is 47.) Villano V says they keep doubting him (the cage match at the 74th anniversary and the Panther match last year) but he keeps winning, plus he’s in perfect physical shape and is dedicated this match to his family, the first time he’s done such a thing. Ultimo Guerrero says he’s been trained by the best, and wants to win a historic mask.

Ovaciones: Gives as much space to Salavador Lutteroth as the title match, and wonder which referee will be assigned to the mask match – no one knows until 10 minutes before the match. I presume Baby Richard is doing the Mistico match, which leaves Tigre Hispano. (Aww. We need to Rank the CMLL Referees one day on a day I feel like starting trouble.)

ESPNDeportes: This would be Ultimo Guerrero’s biggest win of his career, but hopefully the winner will be…the fans.

El Hijo del Santo: is picking Ultimo Guerrero, though he admits he picked Blue Panther in September and was wrong then too. If Villano V loses, it’s probably the end of his career, but Santo thinks UG could still be a big star as a Perro Aguayo unmasked rudo type. If Villano V were to win again, Santo might try to see if he could get the job done himself.

Who do you have?

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Live Chat is tonight at 9:30. Or maybe sooner if the show starts sooner. There’ll be a post with the link before time. If we get live results, I’ll also try attempt to send them via the twitter account.

Of note, there’s also the AAA Taping in Madero, a show headling with Cibernetico/Perro vs Park/Tinieblas in Arena Xalapa, and the Zumbido/Intocable hair match in San Juan Pantitlan.

AAA has an interview with Cibernetico. I’m always happy for the people on the AAA website when they actually get to talk to a luchador. Cibernetico explains he’s working the US Tour because he agreed to the dates over a year ago, and made the promise personally to the Roldan family. He says he’s still not coming back to AAA until the virus (Konnan, not Virus) is gone, but he’s A Professional and will work these shows.

Last night, I thought I saw an article for a new Arena Mexico. Not so much. As SuperLuchas points out, Arena *Ciduad* Mexico would be a new modern stadium “in the heart of Mexico City”, taking the place of el Toreo as a non-CMLL major arena for lucha libre. Lucha would just be one occasional feature – the plan reads like it’s a large modern NBA Arena type building, which would hold concert, theater shows, other sports and other events. Article reads more like a plan than something solid, though they do mention it’s in “motion”, and the idea is to have it part of the bicentennial of Mexico City, which is in 2024. A little ways off, there.

Setting up the start of tonigth’s AAA cruiserweight tournament, AAA looks back at the recent creatred of the the minis title and the mega tournament. I’m eagrely anticipating the article about how they tag team tournament worked. It’s years later and I’m still not sure.

There’ll be lucha libre at the Yuma (Arizona) County Fiar at the end of the month.

Kcidis draws sad bald Maximo.

Luchas 2000 Especial 37 is a feature on Villano III.

LuchaWorld has Robert on IWRG from 12/01, 12/07 and 12/20/07, plus IWRG 10/27/07, plus KrisZ’s news update from Wednesday and Thursday.

CMLL (TUE) 03/24 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Novato vs Milenio
2) Coral vs Magnifica
3) Rey Trueno vs Exterminador
4) Casanova vs Rafaga
5) Magnum vs Mascara Magica
6) Flash & Mictlan vs Satanico & Virus
7) Shocker & Toscano vs Averno & Mephisto

CMLL (FRI) 04/03 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Rayo Tapatio I & Trueno vs Artillero, Inquisidor, Super Comando
2) Angel de Oro, Angel de Plata, Stuka Jr. vs Dr. X, Loco Max, Skandalo
3) Estrella Magica, La Seductora, Lluvia, Princesa Sujei vs Atenea, Coral, Magnifica, Silueta [ciber]
4) Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero vs Villano IV & Villano V
5) Mistico vs Negro Casas

Yet another fan appreciation show (though ticket prices are more spread out this time and aren’t cheap everywhere.)

If Mistico, UG, Villano V, and Negro Casas are headlining here, on a Friday, what could they possibly be doing in Arena Mexico in two weeks? (“a bad house”)

Main event is listed as a revenge match. HMMMMM. Third match is a Mexico City vs Guadalajara battle. Look, Guadalajara is up to FOUR women. Long night for Princesa Sujei.

Edit: Cibernetico is apparently a mask match. I dunno why. Estrella Magica doesn’t wear a mask and maybe one of the GDL women doesn’t either.

03/19: non-news notes

I’m spending the day watching basketball, so not in the way as much of news posts today. I got a little bit up early, but I encourage you to check out the Gladiatores (who put up a new magazine last night) and LuchaWorld for content I haven’t gotten to yet.

It’s an exceptionally weird slow news week anyway – all the Rey de Reyes stuff on Sunday/Monday, nothing for the rest of the week, and then sure to be chaos again on Friday/Saturday (Dos Leyendas and an AAA taping.) Thursday’s a slow day usually, and I suspect it’s not going to be any different this week. There’s nothing left to say about Villano V and Ultimo Guerrero.

I am planning on having a live blog for Dos Leyendas. I don’t know what coverage we’ll get – no live video, and none of the estadio w links I tried last week seemed to work for me (including the numeric one), but I’m hoping superluchas and message boards will be doing enough to work with, or we’ll just screw around for a couple hours.

Chat won’t start until late – first match isn’t until 2030 in Mexico City, which means 9:30pm CT is around when I’ll open the chat (though there will be a link here, and it was pretty easy to use last time.) If I’ve screwed up the time, let me know.

Just to tide you over for now:

03/19: quick notes

AAA says Latin Lover will be Parka’s partner tomorrow. You think you might want to advertise that.

Ovaciones has hype for Mistico/Negro, but my highlight is they’ve just noticed Marco jumped to AAA. MT has an article talking about the jump, though they’re wrong about Marco not showing up last Friday. AAA’s website doesn’t seem to be sure which name they want to call Marco now.

ESTO looks back at the Cavernario Galindo.

Slam Wrestling tastes luchador wines.

03/21-22 Lucha Times


AAA-US: Abismo vs Abyss, Parka vs King, Charly in the main event.

52MX: Trios title match, and probably Tuareg vs Coliseo Tag champs & Fabian.

LATV: Women’s trios, minis lightning match, and main eventer Angel Azteca Jr.


CMLL: You’ve got me. They saved last week’s main event to air this week, but it kinda has Mr. Corleone. If this was a promotion outside of Mexico, I’d say no way they’d ever air that match. It’s probably airing here. Otherwise, top 4 from Sunday’s show is divvied up between the two MVS shows, and there’s nothing less unaired but openers. Repeats?

AAA-MEX: First half of Rey de Reyes. I’m guessing it’s the tournament and the hair match, but not sure.

C3: Top 4 from Tuesday.