Mistico hurting (more)

Just as Perro Aguayo returns, Superluchas reports Mistico has suffered a tear in a ligament of his left knee. Mistico says it started from a Perro kick. He’s supposed to rest for a while, but he’s going to keep wrestling before long.


08/03 AAA TV Results (Queretaro)

Previous: 07/15
(TripleMania), 07/16 (Leon), 07/27 (Cd. Madero)

AAA TV (FRI) 08/03 Auditorio Jose Maria Artega de Queretaro [superluchas]
1) Mini Abismo Negro & Mini Histeria b Mascarita Divina & Octagoncito
2) Aero Star, Pegasso, Rey Cometa, Super Fly b Cuervo, Espiritu, Scoria, Toxico AAA
3) Cinthia Moreno, Laredo Kid, Oriental b Alfa, Apache, Fabi Apache
4) Alan Stone, Super Calo, Zumbido b Crazy Boy, Extreme Tiger, Joe Lider
5) Elegido, Intocable, Zorro DQ Antifaz, Histeria, Mr. Niebla
6) Charly Manson, Chessman, Cibernetico b Kenzo Suzuki, Mesias, Ozz

Air Date (assuming everything airs)
Mex: 08/19
US: 09/08

Main event was an elimination match. Mesias, replacing X-Pac, defeated Chessman and Mesias to win.

Mr. Niebla replaced Abismo Negro, and the DQ was caused by the debuting Escorpion Negro running in. He’s a northern Mexico indy guy, and they’ve got him listed as a new Viper. I guess they’re going to keep adding Vipers till they have 4 around at any time.

Superluchas has finishes and times. Of note in the other matches, Laredo Kid pinned Apache.

Announced Future Tapings
– 08/16 Gimnasio Agustin Millan de Toluca

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08/04: Mexico, Halloween, Lineups, GdR

CMLL (FRI) 08/03 Arena Mexico [ESTO, Ova, Galeno del Mal @ box y lucha, Doom @ El Martiente, superluchas]
1) Pequeno Violencia & Pierrothito b Shockercito & Tzuki
2) Dark Angel, Diana la Cazadora, Lady APache b Amapola, Hiroka, Mima Shimoda
3) Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto b Heavy Metal, Sombra, Stuka Jr.
4) Alex Koslov, Dr. Wagner Jr., Volador Jr. DQ Atlantis, Sangre Azteca, Ultimo Guerrero
5) Hector Garza, Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Lizmark Jr. b Blue Panther, Mistico, Negro Casas

Main event is as expected, with Perro fouling and pinning Mistico for the win. Panther got his mask yanked off post match. They’re pushing Panther vs Lizmark.

Semimain sounds like it had a mess of a finish. Depending on which report you read, it was either a two fall win for the tecnicos with the rudos being DQed in the first fall excessive violence, or a three fall win for the tecnicos with Ultimo yanking Wanger’s mask. It sounds like not everyone (in the ring) was clear on the first fall finish, and it caused chaos. Wagner and Ultimo made challenges post match.

Sombra did not have a good night.

Ovaciones confirms the rumor floating around message boards – Halloween’s gone from the Perros (and CMLL) for now. Not sure what/if this means about the Mexican Trios titles. For it’s part, CMLL mentions Perro is looking for TWO new members of their group.

CMLL (TUE) 08/07 Arena Coliseo
1) Shockercito & Tzuki vs Pequeno Violencia & Pierrothito
2) Astro Boy, Molotov, Trueno vs Arkangel, Loco Max, Nitro
3) Mictlan, Stuka Jr., Super Nova vs Nosferatu, Okumura, Skandalo
4) Alex Koslov, Felino, Maximo vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
5) Dos Caras Jr., Heavy Metal, Volador Jr. vs Damian 666, Mr. Aguila, Terrible

So Damian’s still around.

CMLL (FRI) 08/10 Arena Mexico
1) Bam Bam & Fantasy vs Pequeno Damian 666 & Pequeno Halloween
2) Flash, Super Nova, Valiente vs Arkangel, Nitro, Super Comando
3) La Mascara, Mascara Purpura, Sombra vs Euforia, Nosferatu, Satanico
4) Olimpico, Sangre Azteca, Toscano vs Alex Koslov, Marco Corelone, Rey Bucanero
5) Hector Garza, Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Lizmark Jr. vs Blue Panther, Mistico, Negro Casas
6) Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Ultimo Guerrero

CMLL CAN52 #89 has
07/29 Coliseo: Amapola, La Nazi, Princesa Sujei b Dark Angel, Diana La Cazdora, Marcela
07/29 Coliseo: Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca, Virus b La Máscara, La Sombra, Tony Rivera
Outside the ring: Dos Caras Jr.

That’s odd.

CMLL is still listed as from 3pm to 6:15pm CST.

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08/03: (old) Tijuana, Oaxaca

The Gladiatores #49 has a double issue, with IWRG, Tijuana, Villalobos and other stuff. I’d wish they list the date for all the shows – the Rey de Reyes are date unknown – but maybe that’s just important for my purposes.

CMLL (SUN) 07/15 Auditorio de Tijuana [the Gladiatores]
1) Mascara Negra b Conde Murcielago
2) Black Spider, Cinico, Hadez b Calavera, Deja Vu, Mr. Maldito
3) Extasis, Silver Star, Star Boy b Kid Azteca, Pandillero I, Pandillero II
4) El Camaleon, Hijo de Rey Misterio, Rey Misterio b Atlantis, Blue Panther, Sangre Azteca
5) Damián 666, Halloween, Mr. Águila b Alex Koslov, Rey Bucanero, Sagrado

Semimain set up a Sangre Azteca title defense vs Hijo de Rey Misterio, though I don’t know the date.

BAJA STAR (FRI) 07/20 Auditorio de Tijuana [the Gladiatores]
1) Army & Pitbull b Black Leather & Rey Divino
2) Deja Vu & Eclipse (TJ) b Mr. Maldito & Tucan
3) La Ola del Terror b Colibri, Kimura, Ninja
4) Ricochet b Shamu [BAJA AMERICAS]
5) ?, Arandu, Mortiz b Hijo del Kiss, Kiss, Kiss Jr.
6) Electro Shock, Pierroth Jr., Super Parka b Incógnito, LA Park, Rayman

That’s a title change. They’re setting up to a trios hair match in the semimain.

CMLL (WED) 08/01 Domo de la Feria de Leon [am.com.mx]
3) Heavy Metal, Místico, Rey Bucanero DQ Averno, Máscara Año 2000, Tarzan Boy

Article says show sold out. Averno replaced Ephesto, and tossed his mask at Mistico to draw the DQ in the second fall, so Mistico paid him back by doing the same in the third.

CMLL (SAT) 08/04 Ciudad de la Canteras, Oaxaca
1) Challenger Jr., Fantasma Blanco Jr., Rey Lobo b Endeavor, Jungla 3000, Vuleo Espacial
2) Lady Apache & Luna Magica b Hiroka & Mima Shimoda
3) Shockercito & Ultimo Dragoncito b Mini Violencia & Pierrothito
4) Mephisto b Mictlan, Super Comando, Artillero, Averno, Ephesto, Leono, Mascara Purpura, Sombra de Plata, Flash, Starman, Valiente [ciber]
5) Mistico & Sagrado DQ Mr. Aguila & Perro Aguayo Jr.

[Noticas Oaxaca]

In the main event, a fan passed Perro a cane, which he used to win the first fall. Perro fouled Mistico in the third. The counted the pin, but only to get Perro off of Mistico, awarding the match to Mistico. Cibernetico came down to Leono, Averno, and Mephisto. Surprisingly, Leono was eliminated, and Averno & Mephisto celebrating like they’d won. Nope, they were forced into fighting each other, and Mephisto came out on top.

CMLL (MON) 08/06 Arena Puebla
1) Blue Center, Forajido, Zigma vs Aguila Guerrera, Espiritu Maligno, Mr. Rafaga
2) Coco Blanco, Coco Rojo, Coco Verde vs Blade, Siki Osama Jr., Skandalo
3) Lady Apache, Luna Magica, Marcela vs Amapola, Hiroka, Mima Shimoda
4) La Sombra, Sagrado, Volador Jr. vs Damian 666, Halloween, Mr. Aguila
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero vs Atlantis, Olimpico, Ultimo Guerrero

Ovaciones and ESTO talked this week about the CMLL Minis celebrating 15 years of existance. I believe they played a soccer game in celebration, and that needs to be on the internet. I just want to know what rudo schemes Mini Familiar de Tijuana cooked up to cheat.

El Diario NY talks about lucha libre, seemingly to hype up AAA on the Warped Tour. We’ll have to see how this goes in the long run, but I think the idea of putting AAA guys on this tour to gain some public awareness is working. It’s no huge deal, but little write ups in papers as they go thru the country is worth losing access to Decnnis for a couple months.

At Lo Mejor de Lucha Libre Caballero Lee rips Tuesday’s ACM show.

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08/03: main lineups

(the rest of the news is to come)

CMLL (FRI) 08/03 Arena Mexico
1) Shockercito & Tzuki vs Pequeno Violencia & Pierrothito
2) Dark Angel, Diana la Cazadora, Lady Apache vs Amapola, Hiroka, Mima Shimoda
3) Heavy Metal, Sombra, Stuka Jr. vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
4) Alex Koslov, Dr. Wagner Jr., Volador Jr. vs Atlantis, Sangre Azteca, Ultimo Guerrero
5) Blue Panther, Mistico, Negro Casas vs Hector Garza, Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Lizmark Jr.

Tonight’s big focus is on Perro (and Lizmark)’s return to the ring. Figure Perro gets a win to restart with, probably by cheating Panther since that’s the way things have been going for him. We’re still far enough away from the anniversary where CMLL doesn’t actually need to have a direction, and it’s not like they’ve been doing other major shows in between this year. Anytime Mistico teams with Negro, I wonder if they’re setting up something with the tag titles, but it’s equally likely (read: not very) they could do something with this tecnico trio challenging for the Perro’s CMLL Trios belts. Most likely, they’re just going to try to coast off the momentum of Perro being back in the ring.

The semimain is all about the continuing Wagner vs Ultimo feud. I think that one will have some sort of short term climax, maybe a singles match at some point soon, but I don’t actually know anything.

Ovaciones and NotiMex have the usual previews. ESTO profiles Perro Jr’s return and has a fun interview with Ultimo Guerrero, where he states
– Atlantis warned him about teaming with Dr. Wagner, but Ultimo made the mistake of trusting Dr. Wagner. Now, CMLL’s not big enough for the both of then.
– Ultimo vows to retire before he ever teams with Mistico
– Ultimo says Perro Jr. got the benefit of his father’s name and hasn’t learned a wrestling hold. If Perro’s going to be around, Ultimo wants to get his team another shot at the trios titles.

Meanwhile, AAA’s taping in Queretaro

AAA TV (FRI) 08/03 Auditorio Jose Maria Artega de Queretaro
1) Mascarita Divina & Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro & Mini Histeria
2) Aero Star, Pegasso, Rey Cometa, Super Fly vs Cuervo, Espiritu, Scoria, Toxico AAA
3) Alfa, Apache, Fabi Apache vs Cinthia Moreno, Laredo Kid, Oriental
4) Alan Stone, Super Calo, Zumbido vs Crazy Boy, Extreme Tiger, Joe Lider
5) Elegido, Intocable, Zorro vs Abismo Negro, Antifaz, Histeria
6) Charly Manson, Chessman, Cibernetico vs Kenzo Suzuki, Ozz, X-Pac

(more about this show here)

This is being touted as Intocable’s return. It’s the 5th straight taping with a Hell Brothers vs Foreign Legion themed main event, and 12 out 13 since Rey de Reyes. (The other was AAA Tecnicos vs Foreign Legion.)

AAA always hypes “surprises” for their shows. Usually, I just figure that means “run-ins”, but Ovaciones today revealed AAA plans on creating their own World Heavyweight Championship, and the process for determining the champion would seem to be announced on this show. (For the love of all that’s holy, do not do a league again.) Ovaciones also mentions AAA will downplay or drop other World Title belts that are hanging around.

I am 100% behind this idea, and have been expecting it since Konnan got involved. I’m all for adding titles if it means we’re getting rid of more pointless ones. If I got to make these decisions, I think I’d say

– AAA Campeon de Campeones (held by Cibernetico – a previous kinda attempt at this same concept)
– GPCW Super-X Monster Title (held by La Parka Jr. – it can disappear till the next time Juvi runs a show)
– AAA Americas Belt (shows up once a year with Sangre Chicana)
– UWA Light Heavyweight (let it float back to Monterrey, but not on TV unless they’re taping there) and any other UWA belt I can’t think of (Miss Janeth’s Women’s title, if she still has it)
– Any IWC or WWA belt which may or may not still exist. Any belt that I don’t mention below.

– Mexican Heavyweight Championship (Charly Manson; eventually, you can use it as a secondary title, but it confuses the issue when you’re trying to make up a new belt)
– Any Mexican National Championship Octagon or La Parka Jr. holds – the Cruiser belt may be lost in some closet, let’s leave it there. They haven’t done a thing with the Middleweight Title since Octagon won it, that’s perfect. The new AAA Tag belts have supplanted the Mexican ones, which is exactly right. All this needs to be taken a step further – you don’t have to vacant them if the wrestlers insist, but don’t make any references to these belts. It’s a bigger deal for someone to win a championship if they don’t already have two other ones they don’t care about.

– AAA Heavyweight
– AAA World Tag (Crazy Boy & Joe Lider – would like to see more with this, but it’s fine enough so far)
– Mexican Atomicos Title (La Secta – though they’ll probably want to upgrade this to World at some point)
– AAA Mascot Tag Titles (Alebrije, Cuije – not wild about these, but they work fine enough)
– AAA Mixed Tag Titles (Oriental, Cinthia – only as long as they’re doing something with them)

That’s five. Five is usually plenty, though the those two special tags make it seem not as much. I’m anticipating that the end result of Mascarita Sagrada 2000 issues with AAA will be him walking off with the National Title and Mini Histeria winning a new AAA Minis Title (though there’s the difficulty of doing two new titles at once.) I wouldn’t be surprised by women’s title or some sort of cruiser/middleweight midrange getting added down the road either.

Wow, I wrote way too much about that, without even spitballing ideas for who’d win the new title. (It’s going to be Mesias vs Cibernetico, obviously.)

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taped 07/01, aired 07/29

Not a good day for the wrestlers actually remembering how the fall is supposed to end, though I’m 99.999999% sure Universo was supposed to be captain of the main event and someone on the TV side had bad info. They can’t be producing the show totally live – they’ve got to dub over the entrance music at the least – so you think they could’ve corrected the captain after the fact.

I’m not sure if I was too hard on the opener. The end second fall of the second fall was bad in execution, but the rest just didn’t grab me. It felt like the second of four matches they were doing on the day, and they wanted to hit their beats as efficiently as possible and jump in the truck to get to the next show.

Nosferatu was clipped here, and I’m not sure it’s just because his sequence was first and they’re just clipping from the start of the first fall to fit everything together or if it was actively bad. It doesn’t help that the same exact thing happened on the CAN52 show, with the same questionable result.

The main event revenge trios match was better than the previous. Corelone did manage to vary thing up a bit, which was nice. Dos didn’t blow a dive, and the German suplex looked pretty good. In a perfect world, they find Dos another strength spot, dump the press (because he never drops the guy, it doesn’t make any sense) and he just uses the German suplex as his finisher. It never looks as good when he has to hold the guy over his head first.

You can tell this is the week where they stopped caring about Bucanero’s anniversary show. No one brought it up.

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taped 06/24/07, aired in the US on 07/22/07

Corelone’s sure got a formula down. I think, with some good video editing software, he can actually stop wrestling at this point and they can edit in his opponents for this week. No one will know the difference! This is a larger diatribe for another time, but if the Arena Mexico fans are going to be booing Mistico for doing the same thing in every match, their throats really ought to be getting sore from booing most of the guys on the roster (and especially Wagner.)

Hope for Dos Caras Jr. fading….fading….. They do a disservice by making Dos wrestle like Tall Agile Guy instead of Tall Power Guy or Tall MMA Guy.

I would liked to been at the conversation where they told Goto and Ohara to act more Japanese. Or perhaps drinking was involved in that match, I dunno. I’ve liked Ohara better of late, but sometimes I wonder how this stuff exactly prepare him (or Goto) for being a big star in Japan someday.

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Mesias talks about TNA

Over on the Noti AAA Blog, there’s an interview with Mesias, who explains both AAA and TNA are okay with him working for both promotions and they’re working on his dates so there’s no conflict, despite the Konnan/Killings stuff.

Mesias says he’ll start on the next PPV, running in on Abyss’ match, and then they’ll tape a skit for TV where he tortures Abyss. Explaining the angles you’re going to do ahead of time is probably not the way to go (least of all because they’ll probably change their minds five more times.)

They also plugs Juvi’s website, http://www.juventudgx.com/ – much like Crazy Boy’s site, it’s starting out as a single page picture plugging a contest.

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08/03-05 Lucha Times

(full chart here)

The Tony and Virus stuff has been airing on Fox Sports in Mexico, so obviously their semimain trios from Sunday will be on this week. The preview for the show lists Atlantis vs Corelone, so FSE-Mexico ends up with two top matches from Coliseo.

None of this airs in the US for a few weeks due to delay, but it’s relevant to this week’s shows. The main show seems back to airing Coliseo segundas and no one airs openers, so the only match left for CAN52 is the women’s trios match. I think that means their feud is being shuttled off the main show, and it’s kinda weird it was on their to begin with.

CAN52: So, the women’s trios, and a Mexico segunda featuring guys with differing levels of support around here.

FSE: Dos attempts to kill himself to win the Heavyweight title! He’s partly successful.

The replays previously scheduled for late Saturday night have been pushed back a few hours. Don’t stay up for them.

Another Lucha Libre documentary airs on Monday.

AAAUS: The Puebla sandwich taping before TripleMania. Mesias and Cibernetico in a (bull terrier) match, how innovative. This is the surprise Sabu run in show.


AAAMEX: Should be the post TripleMania Leon taping.

CMLLMEX: Heck if I know what they’ll do with 3:15


Konnan back in the hospital

Everything to this point has been going as expected – Konnan’s donor matched up, the operation went normal, it sounded like he was recovering..

Konnan was hospitalized yesterday in Tijuana with problems stemming from the aftermath of his kidney replacement surgery due to issues with his body rejecting the donor kidney. He will be kept for observation until tomorrow at the earliest, but it could be significantly longer if he doesn’t respond well to anti-rejection drugs. There is no way he’ll be making the AAA TV tapings this week that he had actually planned on coming back on.

Dave @ WO.com

According to wikipedia, 10 – 25% of kidney transplant patients experience “acute rejection”. Konnan’s system could still accept the organ, but obviously it’s a more complicated situation at this point. Good luck to him.


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