CMLL on FSE #14 (11/12/06)

taped 11/05/06

With Groon and Eclipse, it’s impossible to believe you’re getting a good match as soon as you know they’re involved. I go in wondering if this might be a remarkable awful match, and when it turns out to be just bad, it’s kinda disappointing.

Opener was just about getting Emilio out there while bald, which makes sense.

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04/06: Skayde/Mistico, Monterrey, Puebla, Tijuana, Lucha Expo

the gladiatores

CMLL (SAT) 03/31 Plaza de Toros El Cortijo [The Gladiatores]
1) Kai & Skayde Jr. b Bazooka Negra & Yamato
2) Destroyer & La Flecha b Arcano & Estruendo
3) Black Thunder, Pandillero, Rey Lobo b Black Man Jr., Cerebro Negro, Turbo
4) Tigre Volador & Valiente b Dr. X & Super Comando
5) Atlantis, Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero b Marco Corelone, Radioactivo, Shocker
6) Mistico b Skayde [mask]

In the main event, Mistico won the first fall and Skayde won the second. They did a bit at the end of the fall where Mistico’s knee was hurting so bad, he might not be able to continue. Of course he came back, and won with a Mistica.

Radioactivo’s mask is definitely odd. Those have to be foam bits sticking out of his head, but I’ve never seen stuff like that on the back of a mask, and I’d think your head would hit something weird at least a once match.

Flecha and Arcano have apparently been feuding here, and agreed to a hair/mask match on the 21st. It doesn’t sound good for Flecha.

CMLL LLA (SAT) 05/12 Arena Monterrey [rfc]
1) Dark Angel, Diana la Cazadora, Lady Apache vs Amapola, Hiroka, Princesa Sujei
2) Felino, Mascara Purpura, Maximo vs Loco Max, Misterioso II, Texano Jr.
3) Ephesto, Mephisto, Tarzan Boy vs Alex Koslov, Negro Casas, Silver King
4) LA Park, Super Parka, Volador Jr. vs Damian 666, Hector Garza, Perro Aguayo Jr.
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Mistico, Shocker vs Atlantis, Averno, Ulitmo Guerrero

This is the semiannual big Monterrey show in a big arena. If Toryumon is still running on this Saturday, they’re not running with any of these guys.

CMLL (MON) 04/09 Arena Puebla [hugo999]
1) La Mafia & Mr. Rafaga vs Forajido & Super Star
2) Blue Center, SWAT, the Tiger vs Karissma, Siki Osama Jr., Toro Bill Jr.
3) Dr. X, Loco Max, Nitro, Sangre Azteca vs Coco Blanco, Coco Rojo, Coco Verde, Leono
4) La Mascara, Mistico, Negro Casas vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
5) Shocker vs Mascara Ano 2000

MORA (TUE) 04/17 Auditorio de Tijuana [Maquiavelico_TJ]
1) Hijo de Rey Misterio, Nicho, Rey Misterio vs Black Panther II, Ohara, Okumura
2) Mistico & Volador Jr. vs Averno & Tarzan Boy

The Gladiatores also have interviews from the Lucha Libre Expo press conference. Podcasts don’t work well for me – there’s no translation button on my iPod – but I’m going to try to listen to these over the weekend. If you listen to them and hear anything neat, feel free to explain it to me.

Notice that Gladiatores is covering the expo and Pancracio is sponsoring the show (as is Super Luchas) – what exactly am *I* doing for you? I think I’m a slacker.

It looks like IWRG and CMLL will both be running shows at the expo Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and obviously Friday’s the busy day with Mistico there (in the afternoon, so he should still be good for the Mexico show later.) Everyone’s signing autographs and later wrestling, and the cards themselves seem pretty decent. IWRG is even doing a cage match on Saturday. This is the same weekend as the Luchas 2000 show, so lots of wrestling.

AAA posted photos from it’s last taping.

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CMLL on FSE #13 (11/05/06)

There’s been better shows than this.

Emilio vs Maximo for hair was just about what you thought Emilio vs Maximo would be. They probably did right by having Emilio dominate much of the match – even though he doesn’t have much to do, people were way into Maximo on his comebacks and escaping near falls. They cared about Maximo’s hair, which would seem to be the point. It wasn’t a good match if you didn’t care (or already knew it was safe.)

Guys in the opener weren’t on the same page, which makes sense when you look at a random assortment of guys it was. The bandanna looked dumb on Alex here, glad he dropped it. (Maybe he cut his hair too short that week?)

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04/05: Neza, Guadalajara, Coliseo, Laguna

El Hijo del Santo (in La Presna) wants to start a union. He’s calling it La Fraternidad del Hijo del Santo, and he’s got a five point plan

* Put together a portfolio of wrestlers for events
* Give promoters one place to contact individual wrestlers for events, or to get a full card of wrestlers for a show
* Get insurance and some form of social security for all affiliated wrestlers and their families
* Any independent wrestler affiliated with the group is allowed to work for anyone (though I’d assume the promoter would still have to talk to the group)
* everyone works for a better condition of life.

Sounds like a booking office. The motto is “work less, and gain more.”

CMLL (SUN) 04/01 Arena Neza
1) Marabunta & Piel Roja b Gringo Loco I & Gringo Loco II
2) Cosaco Loco & Sacura b Buho & Tigre Volador
3) Rayo Tapatio I & Rayo Tapatio II b Mohicano I & Mohicano II
4) Chac-Mol b Ramstein [super libre]
5) Atlantis, Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero b Heavy Metal, Satanico, Shocker

After his loss, Ramstein immediately agreed for a match this Thursday…

CMLL (THU) 04/05 Arena Neza [rudosdeneza]
1) Dark Debil, Piel Roja, Red Bull vs Angel Negro, Black Danger, Black Heart
2) Rayo Tapatio I & Rayo Tapatio II vs Mohicano & Mohicano I [Edm TAG]
3) Maximo & Mictlan vs Emilio Charles & Misterioso II
4) Ramstein vs Chac-Mol [mask]
5) Alex Koslov, Marco Corelone, Shocker vs Eclipse, Tarzan Boy, Universo 2000

I believe Chac-Mol becomes el Rey De Neza if he takes Ramstein’s mask. Actually, Chac-Mol has been getting every pin up to now, so I think Ramstein’s pulling this one out.

Segunda is a title match according to the poster, but I’m not sure exactly what titles the Mohicanos are putting on the line here. Looking at them now, with the flags of many nations, I’m thinking they’re probably not state titles.


CMLL (SUN) 04/01 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [CMLL]
1) Thunder Boy b Milenio
2) Carlo Roggi b Guero Loco
3) Infierno, Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno b Gallo, Magnum, Metatron
4) Dark Angel & Marcela v Hiroka & Mima Shimoda
5) Emilio Charles Jr., Héctor Garza, Terrible b Dos Caras Jr., Rey Bucanero, Volador Jr.

Mima took a bump on her neck and was help to the back.

Updated Coliseo lineup…

CMLL (SUN) 04/08 Arena Coliseo
1) Espiritu Maligno & Karisma vs Carrona & Vaquero
2) Flash, Super Nova, Valiente vs Artillero, Polvora, Super Comando
3) Virus, Leono, Stuka Jr. vs Dr. X, Jeque, Loco Max
4) Heavy Metal, Máximo, Satanico vs Damián 666, Halloween, Mr. Águila
5) Alex Koslov, Marco Corelone, Shocker vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Héctor Garza, Terrible

Ovaciones previews Sunday’s IWRG card (because there’s none today, presumbably) and today’s Arena Azteca Budokan show (since we actuallyknow the card for that.)

indy (THU) 04/05 Arena Olimpico Laguna de Gomez Palacio [El Siglo De Torreon]
1) Espacial & Mago I vs Insolito & Oso Negro
2) Angel de Oro & Dorado Jr. vs Guerrero Inca & Semental
3) Brillante Jr., Piloto Suicida, Sexy Libra vs Dulce Paola, Espanto V, Moro Jr.
4) Hijo del Soberano vs Piloto Negro [JWA WELTER]

Hijo del Soberano is claiming to defend the Japan Wrestling Association Welterweight Championship. Does this belt actually exist? It doesn’t seem that way.

Vanguardia has 20 questions with Rodrigo Barba Velazquez, who’s promoter of AAA events in Monterrey at 25.

Euforia and Nosferatu

Judging from the LUCHAS 2000 cover and the Coliseo photos (thanks for the links, RL)

This guy is Euforia

This guy is Nosferatu

Now we just have to figure out who’s been put under the mask. They’re claiming it’s new people, but they’re always claiming it’s new people. There is a guy named Euforia who’s been wrestling infrequently, as far back as 2004 in my results, and as recently as the 03/17 AULL show. Same guy?

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Lucha Times

AAA: 03/10 taping. Figure out who Aventurero is! Vipers/tecnicos main event.

CAN52: I have no idea. Maybe the rudos/rudos match

FSE: 10 PM EST start time this week. Preview lists Stuka vs Okumura, and I guess if you wanted to be picky, you’d point out that was the match last week, and is highly unlikely to be this week. I’m expecting too much, I know.

AAAMEX: 03/25 Reina de Reinas

CMLLMEX: Top 2-3 for the PPV, I’d assume. 1:45 airs.


04/03: Coliseo, AULL, Tijuana

CMLL (TUE) 04/03 Arena Coliseo
1) Fire & Sombrita b Bracito de Oro & Celestial
2) Danger, Tigre Blanco, Tigre Metálico b Artillero, Hooligan, Super Comando
3) Fabián el Gitano, Leono, Satánico b Euforia, Loco Max, Noseferatu
4) Ephesto, Mephisto, Misterioso II b Máximo, Mictlan, Virus
5) Atlantis, Sangre Azteca, Último Guerrero DQ Alex Koslov, Heavy Metal, Shocker

Atlantis fouled Metal (replacing Corelone.) New guys lost in their debut. No pictures yet.

AULL (SAT) 03/31 Arena Lopez Mateos [Santo Rey via KrisZ]
1) Sasaki & Yakuza b Hermano Muerte I & Hermano Muerte II
2) Angel Azteca Jr., Samba, Venum b Dr. Karonte I, Dr. Karonte Jr., Lasserman
3) Epidemia & Robin Maravilla b Cerebro Negro & Fantasma de la Ópera and Dravek I & Dravek II [AULL TAG, FINAL]
4) Dark Angel b Hiroka, Mima Shimoda
5) Black Tiger, Gallo Tapado Jr., Ultimo Gladiador b Mascara Ano 2000 Mil Jr., Pierroth Jr., Sadico
6) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Mistico b Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero and Halloween & Hector Garza

CMLL (MON) 04/02 Domo de la Feria de Leon
1) Groon XXX, Lizmark Sr., Sagrado b Emilio Charles Jr., Máscara Año 2000, Pierroth Jr.
2) Místico b el Hijo del Perro Aguayo

This bares little relation to the announced card, but Mistico/Perro is more noteworthy than a trios, I’d think.

MOOR (THU) 04/05 Auditorio de Tijuana [El Sol de Tijuana]
1) Mandigo, Mazambula, Mozambique vs Thunder Boy, Thunder Mask, Thunderbird
2) Enfermero Jr., Pandillero I, Pandillero II vs Kimura, Ninja, Rubi Gardenia
3) Depredador, Espectro Jr., Fobia, Inferno vs Black Panther II, Black Spider, Hijo de Rey Misterio, Rey Misterio
4) Hijo de Santo & Latin Lover vs Blue Demon Jr. & Nicho

A Thursday show, since Friday is Good Friday. According to the report, this is Latin’s last non-AAA booking. Haven’t seen results from last week yet.

Edit: maybe if I paid more attention…

VIVA LA LUCHA (FRI) 03/30 Palenque el Parque Morelos, Tijuana [KrisZ]
1) Animaniac, Pancho Cachondo, Shamu b Scream, Tazmania, Viernes 13
2) Disco Machine & Human Tornado b Joey Ryan & Karl Anderson
3) Angel Mensajero & Super Astro b Psaico & Venum Black
4) Iron Boy, Luminoso, Voltron b Cobra II, Phoenix Star, Zokre
5) Mini Tigre & Octagoncito b Espectrito & Piratita Morgan
6) El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr. b Jigsaw & Lince Dorado
7) Xtreme Tigre b Mortiz
8) LA Park & Rey Misterio b Fobia & Nicho

AAA (SUN) 04/15 Plaza de Toros Reynosa [rfc]
1) La Parkita vs Mini Psicosis
2) Octagon & Super Porky vs Antifaz & Pirata Morgan
3) Hijo del Santo & Latin Lover vs Abismo Negro & Fuerza Guerrera

Looks like Santo is going to start working AAA house shows, since he can’t work the CMLL ones. Don’t think this means there’s a deal to get him on TV, but I’m sure things will head that way eventually.

CMLL (SUN) 04/08 Arena Solidaridad [rfc]
1) Flash, Mini Gato Volador, Mini Tigre vs Mini Hator, Mini Mongol, Mini Venum
2) Apolo Estrada & Caifan vs Orientales I & Orientales II
3) Monje Negro & Vaquero Romo vs Diluvio Negro I & Gato Volador [NORTHEAST TAG]
4) El Dandy, Silver King, Texano Jr. vs Black Terry, Negro Navarro, Solar I
5) Diluvio Negro II, Estrella Dorada, Mistico vs Averno, Mephisto, Tarzan Boy

(Milenio) There will be a three day lucha libre expo in Mexico City, starting May 4th. CMLL and IWRG will participate – AAA’s busy on those days. They’ll have shows, and wrestlers will be selling merchandise. Tickets are 150 pesos ($13.5 US).

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CMLL on FSE #12 (10/29/06)

(no, I’m not really up at this time. hopefully.)

Main event should’ve been bad considering the assortment of heavyweights included – so I guess it’s an achievement just to be okay. They didn’t build up Universo/Corelone at all – I was waiting for some intrateam tension that just never came. The great part here was Heavy Metal as small rudo who has no idea that he’s a small rudo. I’m convinced Heavy Metal could be really fun nowadays on a regular basis if they gave him an opportunity, but they really haven’t done anything with him since the Casas Family/Familia de Tijuana stuff. This reminded me that I needed to get him on my tapatia ballot.

Opener was just a hard sell for next week’s hair match, and that’s fine.

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CMLL on FSE #11 (10/22/06)

Nothing to write home about here.

There’s been better ciberneticos here, and I kinda wonder why they didn’t have Emilio/Maximo play into the finish of the match, since that seemed to be the point of this match. The Sagrado turn on Virus was so well done, it either should’ve been the finish of the match or the start of a turn. It was nice random thing here anyway.

Main event wasn’t much, though Black Warrior looked sleek on his Mistico mask yank.

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Update and reminder

I’ve just wrapped up some spring cleaning on the Lucha Rosters. The CMLL, AAA and IWRG pages were checked for additions, changes, and pictures needed.

There was someone who e-mailed complaints about where a couple people were positioned, I guess I should check to see if I listened to them. The groupings are more so unfamiliar people can quickly track down who’s who without searching the whole alphabet. If you know it’s a midcard match, the idea is you can look thru the mid level wrestlers first to figure out who’s who.

IWRG is sorted by frequency of matches, because the promotion switches top programs way too often for their to be distinct stratas of push and I’d have to be redoing the whole thing every week.

If you’ve got questions, comments, corrections about this, or anything else involving the database (or if you noticed that the profile cards stopped working for over a month), let me know.

Don’t Forget: You’ve got till Saturday to vote in the 2006 Tapatia Awards. Still got plenty of time, but don’t forget. The info’s on the top of the page.

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