09/05: notes

Before we move on, let me hit a few last thoughts about Paco Alonso and the WON HOF
– I’ve been so busy, I was going to do a (mostly) gag protesting his inclusion by turning off the website for a day, but I was too busy to set up doing nothing. Think about THAT.
– I think the Alonso HOF bio did a better job of making my case than I could ever do – it wasn’t a slam, it was just a fine job of detailed what he’s done and not done. BTW, you really need a get a copy of this week’s newsletter to read the Martin Karadagian (Titanes en el Ring) bio. I’ve been barely read it and I already know it’s great.
– Alonso scored highest from current wrestlers (I wasn’t kidding about ‘paying people what they should get’ being a big help – this says something about the average promoter) and historians. Which leads me to the last point
– in reality, this is the the CMLL Office being put in the HOF en mass. Alonso is the figurehead (and since we feel he’s actually a figurehead, we argue it), but Alonso is in for the CMLL Office’s longevity and the multi-year hot run of 10K weekly attendance prior to this, which is surely something historians voted for. “Paco Alonso” is just the pseudonym for all of the wrestlers, bookers, local promoters, trainers and everyone else and it should be viewed as such no matter who’s name is in the big list. I just hope those who voted for Paco Alonso don’t forget the team effort when other members of those team (I’m particularly thinking Mistico, but Doc Wagner Jr. is getting on the ballot next year) and vote similarly.

On to the new-ish…

Joaquin Roldan is credited as saying AAA’s Guerra de Titanes ’07 DVD is the first of it’s kind. I hope he means first AAA DVD and not, say, wrestling DVD but that’s not what it’s implying. (Wasn’t TripleMania on DVD too?) This is last year’s GdT, cut down from 4:30ish to 2:00. I’d like to remind you that Alfredo will still take your money and actually give you the full show. So you know. They’re talking like they’re going to speed up these DVDs, skipping ahead to this TripleMania and putting it out in October.

The bigger news is AAA had a press conference, this week, and apparently had no lineup for Verano de Escandalo besides Chessman/Cibernetico and Mesias/Vampiro. Mesias did vow to retire Vampiro.

The Notimex story about the CMLL anniversary card focuses more on those who won’t be there (Mistico, Perro Jr.) then those who will. Inevitable but surely disappointing. Also disappointing: CMLL never putting up Sunday result this week. BTW, Arena Mexico is hosting a boxing show on September 27; I don’t know the order of how these things are/were decided, but perhaps that’s a factor in why the Anniversary show is on the 19th? It could very well be possible it happened the other way.

Arturo Rivera’s column grants the Demon/Santo highlighted NWA Mexico show might have been hurt by what else was going on, but also notes Santo & Demon haven’t been drawing elsewhere, down to 800 elsewhere. Like was said the first day the NWA Mexico group was announced, it was going to be tough to make it work without CMLL or AAA co-promotion (though I didn’t anticapte Santo falling this far as a draw.)

Assorted links
Pierroth still says he’s retiring in October, but doesn’t have a date OR someone he’s happy with taking his name
Scorpio Jr.’s doctor updates his status. In this one, it sounds like him returning in two months is one of many possiblities and it’s too soon to tell
– After years of rumors in that direction, and a statement that it would be, El Toreo is actually being taken apart, piece by piece for now.
Head Hunter talks more about leaving AAA. He apparently showed up in IWRG last night…
– and Sololuchas posts about the main event featuring Intocable, with Head Hunter running in.
– AAA in Sinola
– CMLL in Tampico
– indy wrestling in Auditorio Benito Juarez.

A Spain newspaper makes various Santo films it’s Horror/Fantasy films of the week. Another paper writes the usual article about luchadors as agents of change.

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of Vampiro, Cibernetico, Chessman, and knife fights

Let’s break this out into it’s own post, and get everyone on the same page. I’m expecting this story to start floating around to many sites if it hasn’t already, and it’d be better if people read the original post then take it from a summation.

If you haven’t heard, Bob Barnett followed up on Chui’s recap of the Chessman/Electroshock hair match show with a recap of what was happening behind the scenes:

That’s pretty interesting.
When they were going over the match in the locker room earlier, Ciber sucker punched (Headbutt) Vamp, Chessman gave Ciber his knife, and told Ciber to kill him. Konnan, the TJ guys, and US guys broke it up
Ciber then brought the knife to the ring

The next night Ciber no showed and Chessman wouldn’t get in the ring with Vamp.
Dorian hasn’t a clue as to what to do, and hasn’t done anything to stop the enormous amts of drugs the roid guys are doing before each show.

There’s more details admidst the usual debates about stories involving Vampiro. It’s required reading

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09/04: notes

(Tuesday’s post was misplaced. It’s up here if you missed it.)

Scorpio Jr. is now at home, recovering. His doctor says Scorpio could even return to the ring in 6-8 weeks, if he wants to.

Ovaciones has an interview with Blue Panther, who wants the anniversary main event to be a singles match. The anniversary card is off in a sidenote, so I’m guessing it was late news for them too. There’s an interview with ESTO too that has so little notable I’ll skip it, but it’s pretty clear Panther was making the rounds with the press yesterday, and neither he nor the press were particularly aware the anniversary card was coming out. You’d think they’d do it the other way, announce the card and then have Panther talk to everyone, so they might skip the “is it going to be a four way? because you’re building that angle and makes no sense otherwise” question.

(Though, it makes no sense in retrospect.)

AAA posted a bunch of recent video packages on it’s video page.

SuperLuchas has the current list of people expected to attend the Lucha Libre Fan Fest on 09/27.

Hoy Internet interviews Super Muneco. Here, he’s claiming 97 mask wins (and that as the record – probably as legit as the Psycho Circus numbers, really.) Muneco says his girlfriend at the time came out with the idea with wrestling as a clown.

Super Astro, Hijo de Mascara Ano 2000, Rey Cometa and Angel Star visited a children’s rehab center to visit the kids…only for Rey Misterio Jr. to show up announced. The kids were thrilled to see everyone, it sounds like.

Negro Casas says Felino will be in Pesta Negra, if he trains with the more. But turning rudo was a good start. Negro also says two younger wrestlers will be joining the group soon, but doesn’t say who. Every rudo must be in a group, I guess. Also, who does Negro Casas consider young at this point? Speaking of, Mephisto celebrates 20 years of wrestling. Twenty years!

Two different interviews about AAA NOT running in Gimnasio Universitario, despite it being advertised as such.

Mentallo is in the US, wrestling indy dates.

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09/03: Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, Mexico

AAA (SUN) 08/31 Parque de Beisbol La Junta, Nuevo Laredo [CHUI @ DVDVR, RFC, El Manana: column, matches]
1) Black Fenix, Principe Diamante, Street Boy b Black Mamba, Penumbra, Violento
2) Fabi Apache & Sexy Star b Cinthia Moreno & La Diabólica
3) Aerostar, Baby Rap, Súper Fly b Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana II
4) El Elegido, Hombre Sin Miedo, Silver King DQ Antifaz del Norte, Escoria, Ozz
5) Jack Evans & Teddy Hart DQ Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario and Extreme Tiger & Halloween
6) Cibernetico & Mesias b Konnan & Vampiro [ri]
7) Chessman b Electro Shock [hair]

Go read Chui’s recap. Cibernetico was scheduled to be Chessman’s second, but Chessman’s not that dumb and had him removed and won the match. Konnan replaced Zorro.

El Manana says “a game of jacks would be more interesting than the semifinal.” The Observer implies the problem there was the two teams didn’t not want to work with each – not internally, but there’s a Cibernetico/Chessman/Octagon/Parka/kinda Mesias faction that’s causing problems for everyone else (Vamp and Konnan would be representing the forces of good here, which makes it tough to swallow.)

indy (SUN) 08/31 Arena Monterrey [RFC]
1) ? & Gardenia Azteca b Certero & Chica de Arabia
2) Angel o Demonio b Diabolic, Soldado Diabolico, Dance Boy
3) Alejandro Fernandez & Valente Fernandez b Centurion Negro & Karonte
4) Mr. Texas b Sicodélico Jr.
5) Texas Men L Hator, Aventurero, Estrella Dorado Jr., Golden Boy, Angel Dorado Jr., Simbolo, Sergio Romo Jr., Sangre Chicana, Sangre Chicana [cage, hair]

indy (SUN) 09/07 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [rfc]
1) Bella Rubi & Rey Demonio Jr. vs Dulce Paola & Momia Egipcica
2) Amgel Dorado & Mercurio vs Diablo I & Diablo II
3) Estrella Dorado Jr., Golden Boy, Sangre Chicana Jr. vs Pancho Tequila, Sergio Romo Jr., Simbolo
4) Aventurero, Humberto Garza Jr., Tigre Universitario vs Butcher, Hator, Sangre Chicana
5) Mr. Texas vs Sicodélico Jr.

Main event is nation on nation violence, with Mr. Texas representing the USA. That makes sense, but is pretty funny on other levels unless this is a new Mr. Texas. (But then, Konnan was doing the same thing sooner.)

CMLL (TUE) 09/02 Arena Mexico [CMLL, MT]
1) Molotov & Trueno b Apocalipsis & Inquisidor
2) Hooligan, Loco Max, Nitro b Ángel Azteca Jr., Angel de Oro, Hijo del Faraon
3) Euforia, Nosferatu, Satánico b Axel, Felino, Máscara Púrpura
4) Lizmark Jr., Olímpico, Rey Bucanero b Damián 666, Mr. Águila, Texano Jr. [torneo, semifinal]
5) Blue Panther, La Sombra, Marco Corelone b Heavy Metal, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas [torneo, sf]
6) Blue Panther, La Sombra, Marco Corelone b Lizmark Jr., Olímpico, Rey Bucanero [torneo, fina

Of course the tecnicos win on fan appreciation day. Felino wait until after the tecnicos lose the first fall to turn on his partners (and Axel, in particular.) That would’ve been a huge angle if he had not shown up as a rudo on Friday. Hooligan replaced Halcon Negro, so whatever was going on there seems to be off.

Oddly, no Sunday results. The page is just blank.

Box Y Lucha posted interviews with Head Hunter and Toxico about their departures from AAA. Unlike other recent departures, they both have nothing bad to say about AAA and just talk about wanting more oppurtinties elsewhere. Both make sure to talk about going to IWRG, which seems to be a pattern with these jumps. I don’t think it can be classified as tampering because I don’t think any one’s under contract, but you do get the feeling these AAA guys are getting approached with promises of more dates on the indie scene by outside promoters or they wouldn’t be rushing out of the door.

Blue Panther thinks CMLL won’t change the anniversary main event, because tickets are already on sale for it as a singles match. I wouldn’t be so sure. Meanwhile, Mr. Niebla says that whoever joins Pesta Negra (Felino or anyone else), the idea is to make more noise. “Win or lose, we want to put on a good show.” That’s not very rudo. Niebla says he’d be fine facing Wagner in a mask match but it’s all in the hands of the programming department.

(Reforma via Jazzo) Incognito says he lived with Panico and his family around 2002, just before he started wrestling as Mistico. So, Panico was obviously aware of the gimmick (including the theology training), and sure appears to have ripped it off for CMLL’s character. Incognito says Panico denies all of this, but loses me when he challenges Mistico to a mask vs mask or name vs name match.

AAA’s website has details on Verano de Escandalo…, or, actually, a content on how you can win a trip and tickets to the show? Isn’t kinda of late to do this sort of thing? I mean, judging from all the info they want, it’s part contest, part data collection and you’d like to have as many people as possible sign up so you can collect all their data. But, since it’s a 3 day/2 night package, they really have to have this winner announced quick to alert the winner and fly them out before the show.

SuperLuchas says WWE will be on Televisa and TV Azteca after all. SmackDown will be on TV Azteca on Fridays starting on October 3rd, RAW will are live on TVC Deportes on Mondays starting October 6th and will be repeated on Televisa Channel 5 on a day of the week TBA. Sounds like the US PPV will become PPVs in Mexico; they were free TV specials to this point. Channel 5 mostly runs translated US programs (seemingly aimed at young adults) and lots of moves on weekends, so they surely could find a spot for it.

Ovaciones has a few different noteworthy stories:
– there will be an indy benefit show for Scorpio Jr. on 09/20, in Arena Lopez Mateos (Al Filo del Ring has photos of the 08/29 show in the building, which sets up a match for this show.)
– IWRG’s Sunday main event is a triangle apuesta match – Fuerza’s IWRG welterweight title vs Black Terry’s hair vs Multifacetico’s mask
– Okumura is having more surgery on his collarbone tommorow and will be out six weeks. Fabian el Gitano should never do the Asai moonsault again.

SuperLuchas has postmatch video’s from Arena Mexico show. The Gladiatores has video interviews of Incognito, Negro Navarro, Rambo, Adam Pearce and Brent Albright from the NWA Mexico show. Hablando de Catch has photos from that show, including the best shot of the Navarro/Solar championship I’ve seen.

Over at Luchaworld, Robert raves about ’89 EMLL, and writes about one two three editions of CMLL on 52MX.

WrestlingObserver has it’s FSE recap.

ISW’s Count Dante’s newspaper article driven book tour makes the Chicago Reader today.

A documentary named Lucha Libre premires on Discovery en Espanol next Sunday.

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09/19 Arena Mexico Lineup (75th Anniversary)

CMLL (FRI) 09/19 Arena Mexico
1) Alex Koslov, La Sombra, Volador Jr. vs Damián 666, Mr. Águila, Texano Jr.
2) Héctor Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
3) Dos Caras Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Marco Corelone vs Heavy Metal, Lizmark Jr., Mr. Niebla
4) Rey Bucanero vs X-Pac [CMLL LH]
5) Atlantis, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero vs Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt [CMLL TRIOS]
6) Blue Panther vs Villano V [mask]

X-PAC. X-Pac. Next time I need a job, I’m going to Marco Corelone, the man gets it done.

If people believe in the main event, it’d make this work as an event. There’s nothing much special – foreigners getting title shots is unusual, but I don’t if it draws – and everything else is about getting people on the card. But unless they were willing to do Wagner/Niebla, this may be as good as they were going to do with what they have at the moment. (Too bad no one believes in Panther/V5 and V5’s not capable of changing their minds in his shape.) That’s not to doing as good as they should – there should be some sort of hot feud in the place of Rey Bucanero vs X-Pac – but since you can’t fix what didn’t work so far, I’d rather this than trying to stunt book something.

It doesn’t matter much, but as far as these things goes, the undercard trio teams make far more sense than usual. If Felino replaced Lizmark Jr., it’d be perfect, but Lizmark is surely there to counter Dos and Marco.

game theory question: gotta this feeling the main event is going the tecnico way, so does that mean one of the foreigners is winning a title, or will they go with the all home team finishes for the anniversary show?

I’m too fascinated by Rey Bucanero vs X-Pac to be down on this show. (And I can’t believe there’s questions about what I like in the comments when I say things like that.) Plus, the ex-champs vs the unbreakable Triad should be fun, right? And having limited time will only help the Perros focus, surely? Give me 3 more minutes and I can talk myself into the whole card.

At the same time, I’m setting the opening line at 12,000. It can appeal to me all it wants, I ain’t the one buying tickets.

UPDATE: Paco Alonso gets into the HOF. Must’ve been the exceptional job he did in building up a card featurning one guy being brought in completely out of blue, one feud only occuring due to heavy encouragement by another promotion, and a main event of an old guy looking for one last big payday. (Or perhaps it was the vision of the Felino turn?) The power of paying people what they were supposed to get in the wrestling business can never be underestimated.

If anyone from CMLL was going to get vote inflation for slightly questionable reasons, wouldn’t you figure it would’ve been Blue Panther? The man’s about to headline the biggest show of the year of his promotion for two straight years after a good long career. He went DOWN.

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09/02: Scorpio, GDL, Puebla

Sololuchas has an interview & picture of Scorpio Jr. He’s hoping to go home in three days, then take a month off before he even considers wrestling again. He sounds like a man who may be done with the ring, but it’s probably a good idea to wait a month before making any decisions.

CMLL (SUN) 08/31 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [MT]
1) Misterioso II b el Gallo [OCCIDENTE LH]

New champ, and clean – Rosa Driver for the win. Misterioso proclaimed, since he beat Gallo in Gallo’s house, Gallo has to travel to Misterioso’s house (Arena Mexico, Torreon cries) if ever wants a rematch. Misterioso II vs el Gallo for Arena Mexico Anniversary Main Event! Who’s with me? (crickets)

(Reforma via Jazzo) No full results from Coliseo, but Villano V returned, then immediately decided he shouldn’t wrestle anymore until the anniversary. That sounds like a man not ready to come back but desperate do that match. They’re going with the story that he’s just trying to prevent more injury. V4 will take all of his matches until then, and there’s little more they’ll be able to do to build that mask match.

CMLL (MON) 09/01 Arena Puebla [superluchas
1) King Jaguar, Lestat, the Tiger b Ares el Guerrero, Sauron, Toro Bill
2) Hooligan, Loco Max, Siki Osama Jr. b Centella de Oro, Leono, Tony Rivera
3) La Sombra, Mictlán, Valiente b Dragon Rojo Jr., Ephesto, Sangre Azteca
4) Marco Corelone b Lizmark Jr.
5) Heavy Metal, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas DQ Mr. Águila, Terrible, Texano Jr.

This was taped for TvC Deportes, which apparently has no shortage of hours to fill. DQ in the main event was for Terrible pulling Niebla’s mask. I demand Marco vs Lizmark make it to the internet for review.

(Wagnermania) Dr. Wagner Jr. won the hair of Green Demon I on Saturday in Saltillo.

Next Monday’s Christina (Univision) is all about lucha libre, including Cibernetico and Elegido and a feature about exotico wrestlers. Those are two separate stories. Also, a piece about the Cholitas in Boliva.

Dragon Rojo Jr., holding a newspaper. There’s nothing else new there.

Rey Misterio is being promoted for a show in Portugal. It’s actually Hijo de Rey Misterio, and not the only time a promoter has left off the “Hijo de” for confusion’s sake, That’s the whole point of the gimmick now, I think.

SuperLuchas also notes NWA Mexico’s show include drug testing. Which couldn’t have possibly been processed by a lab before the show, so I don’t completely understand the point (because the PR.) Perhaps they’d suspend someone after the fact, but when you’ve run one show and haven’t announced a second…

Luchando Libre previews ENSEMA’s card.

DTU has a promo for it’s show this Saturday.

Mr. Libra won a battle royale in Oaxaca. Not the IWRG guy, I presume.

Why articles previewing the CMLL tour in Spain are still turning up, I dunno. Also, Pirata and Octagon are coming to Spain to wrestle as part of a week of Mexico themed events.

LuchaWorld has Robert AAA TV Tapings from ’05: 11/19 (not high on Super Fly), the shows in DF and Central America no one could find dates for, Guerra de Titanes with a million things going on. Also, KrisZ’s news update.

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09/07 AAA TV Results (Hidalgo)

AAA (SUN) 09/07 Palenque de la Feria, Pachuca, Hidalgo [AAA]
1) Argenis, Billy Boy, Gato Eveready vs Ángel Mortal, Gallego, Mr. Cóndor
2) Fabi Apache, Gran Apache, Mari Apache vs Cinthia Moreno, La Hechicera, Oriental
3) Mascarita Sagrada 2007, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, Mini Kenzo Suzuki
4) Jack Evans & Teddy Hart vs Extreme Tiger & Halloween
5) Alan Stone, El Elegido, Vampiro vs Cuervo, Mesias, Ozz
6) ?, Electro Shock, Kenzo Suzuki vs Cibernetico, La Parka Jr., Súper Fly

2008 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#853)
Mexico: 09/14
US: 10/04

This is the usual “taped before the major card but airing at the same time so they can’t do much” lineup.

Mystery guy is either the Legion convincing Chessman to team with them to fight Cibernetico or Zorro. Or Konnan, I guess. Chessman has to be involved somewhere here.

I think I would enjoy an Alan Stone/Elegido vs Cuervo/Ozz tag match, depending on Alan’s pose/work ratio. Hopefully Mesias and Vamp can brawl

Including triangle matches, this is the fourth time Extreme Tiger and Halloween have teamed on AAA TV since winning the tag titles in April, including doing the same exact match at the same exact point in the PPV cycle (right before TripleMania), which Jack and Teddy won. Halloween and Extreme Tiger has defended the titles ZERO times on TV. I had to deal with that nonsensical tag team tournament for months for what now?

Can’t Apache or Pirata Morgan or Histeria or Alebrije find another women and train her? Also, what happened to Ayako?

No way AAA posts results of the opener.

You know, it’s 11 days from Verano de Escandalo, shouldn’t we have a full card by now?

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top ’08 lucha libre rookies

or, reposting emails while waiting to for your pizza to get done:

I got asked in email about ’08 Lucha Libre rookies, because apparently Rookie of The Year is a discussion on the F4 board at the moment.  This year is going too fast if we’re already takling OfTheYear stuff (though I believe the cut off here is September to September – I probably should’ve known for sure at some point.) This is what I wrote back…

It’s very difficult to define rookies in Mexico, because a lot of guys
are regional names before they come to CMLL or AAA and a lot of guys
work early matches for a few years before they get much of a push.
They’re never really rookies, but they’re a new star when they’re
pushed that way.

Out of CMLL, the closest to ROTYC are
– Hijo del Fantasma (who’d been wrestling occasionally in IWRG and
other small/mid Mexico City metro area groups AND had a few matches
for AAA’s TV back in 2005 as part of a middleweight title tournament
but only started full time with CMLL this year after graduating from
college – see what I mean about it being difficult?)
– Dragon Rojo Jr./Diamante Negro

Fantasma is clearly the better worker, Dragon Rojo Jr. is slightly
pushed better (won a mask this Friday in Arena Mexico, to a
disappointing turnout.)

AAA doesn’t really have any rookie standouts – most of their guys
people think of young were 2006 or 07 startups. Guys that might
qualify include

– Argenis (Mistico’s brother, bad and in a minor role)
– Jesse (had a minor role before, had a slightly less minor role this
year and is good)
– Black Abyss (midlevel role, but had short runs with the company in
’04 and ’05 under different names, probably not really a rookie)
– Killer Clown (pushed more than the rest of these, but no one’s quite
sure who’s under the mask – it stands a good chance it’s someone from
Puerto Rico or elsewhere and not a new person.)

I’d stick with Hijo del Fantasma and Dragon Rojo Jr.

So who was obvious that I missed? CMLL’s brought in lots of novatos and near novatos (Metalik! Hijo del Faraon!) this year, but I don’t that they really qualify or do much enough to matter.

ROTY comes up every year in the Tapatias, and I don’t go with it because there’s no criteria that completely works for me. I think either you have to go really strict (only promotions X, Y, and Z count, and you’re DQed if you’ve appeared on TV X many times) or something really simple (you’re a rookie only if you’ve never recieved a vote for any award before) – most rookie awards end up in some nebelous middle ground. And I generally don’t think these awards are that useful – a most improved/biggest riser award does a better job of telling what happened that year in wrestling than something that’s going to include/exclude based on arbitararly divisions.

BTW, when Paco Alonso gets in the WON HOF in the next week or so (which I assume is happening), I think I’m going to lose my mind. Even if you believed he should belong, it’s going to be the greatest bad timing award ever.

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