Friday preview: Arena Mexico, Masked Warriors on MTV2

With all the excitement from Monday night, and the cage match this Sunday, today’s activities may be overlooked. This is a mistake, because there’s a couple of big events taking place tonight.

CMLL: This is the first Friday night show in over a month where CMLL’s fanbase won’t be thinking more about the World Cup than the matches. CMLL’s taking advantage of this with a loaded card. There’s a lightning match between two of the best women in Mexico, and there’s multiple matches with exciting tecnicos against rudos skilled at making them look good. On top of all of that, CMLL probably is setting up some of it’s top matches for the anniversary show.

Sombra & Volador will defend their CMLL World Tag Team championships for (at least) the ninth time. This tag team title run, eighteen months long, has been the best stage of both of their careers. Volador was a guy with a half dozen start/stop pushed and damaged from them. Sombra was destined for the top, but in a company that sometimes stops short of getting their guys there. Both were seen by the fans as lesser Mistico’s. Neither have the equal of Mistico’s fame now, but they’re stars on their own footing. Like with all championships, it wasn’t simply holding the belts that made Volador & Sombra stars, it was the people they beat: Averno, Mephisto, Heavy Metal, Negro Casas, Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero, Felino, Terrible, Texano, Ephesto and Mr. Niebla. There’s not to many other people to beat, and the champs were beating them in the big arenas in important matches, and now they’re top guys. There are complains with what CMLL’s programmers have done, and the rate they do it, but this tag team championship reign has indisputible success. Credit should go to the chefs.

Friday night is probably the end. Volador appears headed to the rudo side. As a member of the nomadic Parka family, he’d even fit in greatly with the guys he’s facing, the Independents. Last Sunday’s main event was a reminder Volador & Mistico still do not like each other, even if it’s been ignored by everywhere else, and recent Friday night shows have teased Sombra being forced to make a choice between his Super Sky Team partners. It may not end up being an active decision by Sombra; a few things go wrong in the title match, the challengers become the champions, and Volador could make the decision for him. Back when Niebla vs Shocker was the proposed Anniversary main event, everyone agreed CMLL would need a strong semimain. Even with a different main event, Sombra vs Volador for the first time, or for the National Light Heavyweight championship, would definitely qualify. It could start Friday night.

That does bring attention to the problem of CMLL holding the Anniversary show eight weeks from now, and currently having no particular match to headline. That may be solved by the semimain, which has a lot of possibilities. Rayo/Universo has been teased already. Mistico taking Psicosis’ mask might work, if he’s losing he mask because he can’t use the name. Mistico vs Jushin Lyger, with either mask stips or the welterweight title, would work too. (That’s during NJPW’s G1 tour, which Lyger wouldn’t be much needed in-ring.) The Anniversary main event doesn’t have to be any of these, but it is time for them to be heading in some direction.

There’s also the X% chance Dr. Wagner might show up and cause the internet to explode again. I have no idea if X is 50, .00005, or something in between (though I’m believing the lower number), but anything is possible with Dr. Wagner.

Masked Warriors: the first show airs 10pm EST on MTV2 tonight.

Program guide says an hour – I thought it was a half hour? Not complaining. This is most likely footage from their 06/06 Palm Springs show, and should include the return to TV of guys like Marco Corleone, Tieniblas Jr., Charly Manson/Malice, Oreintal (still masked!), Mascara Purpura, Hijo del Lizamrk, Super Nova and Neutron, plus Mascarita Dorada being Mascarita Dorada and assorted US indy guys.

More people in the United States will see this show than any other lucha libre TV this year. Maybe combined; Galavision’s shows get very low numbers, and I’m always surprised people outside of this blog even know the other shows exist. People know Masked Warriors exist, they’ve been running ads for it all over the place. Most people in the US don’t know lucha libre outside of the broad outline of masked Mexicans doing professional wrestling, and most United States wrestling fans would be hard pressed to name five luchadors (and four of them would be ex-WCW guys.) These guys have a chance to become the popular identification of what lucha libre is, and who the important luchadors are. It’s a tremendous opportunity; no matter what the odds of them succeeding or failing are, it’s a chance all the major promotions in Mexico have not made for themselves, and are paying the price.

I haven’t had the highest perception of this group since they started TV, but the perception going in doesn’t matter much once the show airs. This is a TV promotion, so they’ll make it or not based on the quality of the TV show. We’ll start to have that answer tonight.

CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #241 (07/03/2010)

Valiente crushing Vangelis always works

Arena Coliseo, 06/27/2010

Dalys la Caribeña, Lluvia, Luna Mágica vs La Seductora, Mima Shimoda, Princesa Blanca: A generic not good match. Not a horrible match but not one that needed to be recorded or shown.

Hijo del Fantasma, Toscano, Valiente vs Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis, Yoshihashi: And this was a generic OK match.

I’ve seen very little, but Yoshihashi (in his Masada starter gear) seems like a more intersting wrestler than Taichi, but Taichi is much of a character. Still, very happy there’s not a third straight “NJPW rudo youngster(s) is dominant in CMLL until he loses his hair” story in less than a year.

Toscano is now on the same level as Okumura. And Vangelis. (And now MIA, which may be the call to make.)

If Volador is headed to the rudo sign, that means Vangelis’ window to get his belt back has closed shut once again! Things just don’t break right for the Nazi.

GDL, Mexico, Popitekus, Verano moved, Oriental

CMLL (TUE) 07/13 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Black Metal b Nube Roja
2) Drago & In Memoriam b Astaroth & Samurai
3) Ráfaga & Rey Trueno b Hierro & Leo
4) Averno, Exterminador, Máscara Mágica b Metal Blanco, Stuka Jr., Valiente
5) Héctor Garza & Texano Jr. b Máximo & Sagrado

A night for rudos! Texano got the win in the main after pulling Sagrado’s mask, and the rudos won the semimain after a previously eliminated Mascara Magica came back in to attack (I think) Metal Blanco, setting him up for the pin.

CMLL (TUE) 07/13 Arena Mexico [@cmllmagazine]
1) Bengala & Camaleón DQ Mortiz & Zayco
2) Astro Boy, Molotov, Starman b Apocalipsis, Bronco, Durango Kid
3) Goya Kong, Luna Mágica, Marcela b Amapola, Mima Shimoda, Yeska
4) Blue Panther, Delta, Rotoporky b Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Vangelis
5) Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara, Máscara Dorada b Felino, Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero

A night for tecnicos! Huh.

Rey Bucanero remains on fill in duty for Mr. Niebla. Blue Panther replaced Toscano, who is similarly mysteriously absent. Mascara got Negro Casas with la campana to take the main event, while Delta pinned Dragon Rojo to the semimain. Goya Kong pinned Amapola, which is a terrible injustice. DQ in the opener was for Zayco pulling Bengala’s mask; a little late to get in the cage match!

Popitekus, Hilario Vargas Ruiz, passed away Monday. He was 53, and passed away from a stroke brought on by diabetes.

It was originally mentioned on el Martinete, and many sites (SuperLuchas, the Gladiatores, DJ Spectro, Estrellas del Ring) wrote obituaries today. Popitekus was a CMLL wrestler, part of a trio of cavemen with Cromangon (who’s now Monsther) and Troglodita (indy wrestler Verdugo) in 1992-93. The group didn’t last due to Popitekus being near the end of his career, and he left CMLL in 1994. (There’s a record of someone using the name in ’03 and ’06, but it might have been someone else.) There’s a match with Popitekus vs the Brazos which earned Popitekus some cult popularity from tape traders of the time; Cronicas Y Leyendas uploaded it a while back, and it’s worth watching for Popitekus and to remember when Brazo de Plata could really move.

Verano de Escandalo has been moved to Orizaba. It had been scheduled for Monterrey, and RFC mentioned last night that it had been pulled from there (maybe residual economic issues from the hurricane?) Today, Dorian mentioned the Orizaba location. No date mentioned.

A very depressed looking Oriental talks to the Gladiatores about losing his mask. Warning: the ring noise gets really loud about five minutes in.

SuperLuchas theorizes maybe Dorian Roldan should be taken literally, and there will be some sort of events featuring CMLL vs AAA wrestlers. You never know, but it seems very unlikely still.

CMLL & Grupo Herdez are holding another show at Arena Mexico (pdf). This year’s show is on July 31st (a Saturday), and you can get a free ticket if you live in the DF area and buy 70 pesos worth of products this month. Last year, Pequeno Damian won a cibernetico on their show.

Box Y Lucha rumor says Veneno is joining AAA’s Foreign Legioin.

AAA says “Silver King was at the offices of AAA Tuesday“. Just when you think the article might be really interesting, Silver King just talks about various challengers for the tag titles. AAA also says they’ll be at the opening of the new stadium for the Chivas in Guadalajara on July 29th. That’s the same day as the TV taping in Toluca.

Octagoncito looks forward to seeing old friends at the Lucha Libre Expo, and proving the minis are the best.

Blue Demon will celebrate twenty five years of wrestling on July 24th, the day after his title match with Oliver John. The ceremony will be held at la Basílica de Guadalupe.

Cronicas Y Leyendas says Emilio Charles is out of danger but will have a slow recovery from his unspecified surgery.

The Sun has an article on the new lucha libre photobook Slam.

LuchaWorld has not just one KrisZ’s news update, but two KrisZ  news updates.


indy (SUN) 07/18 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) Baby Power & Mini Bengali vs Megatron & Terror
2) Arcanel & Yahir el Academico vs Artillero (MTY) & Furia
3) Principe Guerrero & Titanik vs Ciber Payaso & Mortifero
4) Corazon Adicto & Errante Solitario vs Dr. Tormenta & Tiburon
5) Diana La Cazadora & Rey Imagen vs Mitsunori & Poly Star

They’re running shows here again. Though with Diana la Cazadora in the main event.

CMLL (MON) 07/19 Arena Puebla
***Arena Puebla 57th Anniversary Show***
1) Bengala & Metatrón vs Camorra & Cholo
2) Leono, Pegasso, Rey Cometa vs Hooligan, Nitro, Nosferatu
3) Centella de Oro vs Loco Max [hair]
4) La Máscara, La Sombra, Máscara Dorada vs Felino, Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero [CMLL TRIOS]
5) Místico, Shocker, Strong Man vs Héctor Garza, Terrible, Texano Jr.

Centella de Oro is in a hair match for the third straight year. Rey Bucanero is in a spot that normally belongs to Mr. Niebla. Strong Man is back. Odd they didn’t make one of those two the main event, but it’s Mistico.

07/25 AAA TV Lineup (Lucha Libre Expo)

AAA TV (SUN) 07/25 Centro Banamex
1) Mascarita Divina, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
2) Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache vs Christina Von Eerie, Jennifer Blake, Sexy Star
3) Chris Stone, El Elegido, Relampago vs Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz
4) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Extreme Tiger vs Electroshock & Último Gladiador
5) Cibernético, Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Alex Koslov, Hernandez, Konnan, Zorro

2010 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#948)
Mexico: 08/01
US: 08/14

This is about normal for one of the big two LLExpo shows – a lineup full of names but not necessarily moving anything forward. The problem here is this is the second to last taping until Verano de Escandalo, and you still can’t figure out the matches for that show. Vampiro is nowhere to be found, so either they’re building to his big title match by having him run/walk in to match, or he’s not in a big title match. I’m not sure!

Verano has played second fiddle to the Pena show the last couple years. It’s going to do it again this year, because they might actually figure out a plan sometime later.

Is this the time the Clowns lose? (No, probably not.)

Dr. Wagner is on the lineup, which means AAA must think he’s working the show. He probably will. Signing a contract is a different thing.

Chris Stone seemed to be in the process of turning rudo, and Relampago was a rudo for five seconds. Might be a long night for Elegido.

This is the same night as the Perros show, so there surely will be some crossover.

Oriental unmasked, killers sentenced

El Cuadrilatero En Accion
Oriental/El Cuadrilatero En Accion

The newly unmasked Oriental talked to the press after the match, while Wagner talked a bit, didn’t explain much.

María de Los Ángeles Sánchez Rueda and Estela González Calva, the two women found guilty of murdering La Parkita & Espectrito II last June, were sentenced to 47 years in jail. If they’re required to serve out the full term, it’s essentially life in prison for both.

Reynosa wrestler La Imagen, Jorge Cantu was killed by gunfire. He was 30. It sounds as if the Army was chasing drug dealers, and Imagen and two other people were caught in the middle.

The IWRG Heavyweight title match for the Lucha Libre Expo will actually be Silver King defending against Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., not Parka. Makes much more sense.

Gato Volador lost his hair to Red Flamer on Sunday.

Ovaciones hypes up the tag title match on Friday.

Silueta declared to Fuego en el Ring that she’d expose the fake Puerto Rician Seuxis on Sunday. A fake Puerto Rician in lucha libre? Crazy! I don’t have a good feel about who’s going to lose their mask, but I do find it unlikely that a new mom would work hard to get back into ring shape only to lose her mask a couple masks after returning. Also on Fuego, Mascara Dorada talks about his latest win.

DJ Spectro has a recent interview with El Halcon.

Perros del Mal mentions Perro Aguayo Jr. will be on the cover of a magazine that comes out in August. Better Housekeeping? (No. Dos de Tres.)

Amapola talks to ESTO about wrestling at the Lucha Libre expo and being part of the fashion show.

Rob looks back at his favorite Oriental & Histeria memories. They all seem to end in the early 2000s.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update. Kris will be on Rubber Guard Radio tomorrow.


EAW (SAT) 07/17 Palenque de la Feria de Chilpancingo, Guerrero
1) Dinamita Kid & Silver Dragon vs Neurosis & Startron
2) Kung Fu Jr. & Turbo vs Cerebro Negro & Thunder Black
3) Chico Che, Pollito, Pollo vs Chamuel, Henry, Ku Kux Klan
4) Eriak DErico vs Leiva Jones, Caroline More
5) Gigante Extasis vs Shawn Spears
6) El Hijo de Rey Misterio & Máscara Púrpura vs Super Crazy & Zumbido
7) Hijo del Lizmark & Latin Lover vs el Fauno & Juventud Guerrera

It certainly is an EAW show. Fauno is a debuting guy. At least I found out where Zumbido is.

PdM (SUN) 07/25 Centro Banamex
1) Drastik Boy, Konami, Naruto vs Heddi Karaoui, Pesadilla, Ragde
2) Celestial & Cósmico vs Mr. Aguilita & Talisman
3) Annie Social & Diva Salvaje vs Medussa & Shelly Martinez
4) el Ángel, El Hijo de Rey Misterio, Hijo de LA Park vs Bestia 666, Black Warrior, TJP
5) Supreme vs X-Fly, Damián 666 [hardcore]
6) el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween, Hijo del Lizmark vs El Hijo Del Santo, LA Park, Marco Corleone

Updated lineup via R de Rudo – this one makes more sense. We do get that Damian 666 vs Supreme match, and the foreign guys do make the card. Hijo de Rey Misterio doesn’t get his match, but he only challenged for it, the Perros didn’t actually accept.

What we know about Dr. Wagner’s status, at the moment

typing this knowing it may be irrelevant at any moment

Doctor Wagner Junior is without an AAA contract. He signed a one year deal in the run up to last year’s TripleMania and worked this year’s TripleMania without one. AAA put the AAA World Heavyweight title on him to keep him happy and get him to stay, and were under the belief he’d be signing a two year deal contact, and possibly an additional one to lose his mask.

AAA was unaware Wagner was showing up in Nuevo Laredo, finding out around the same time as everyone else. Dorian Roldan and Dos de Tres have noted the situation, but haven’t strongly reacted to it. (Dorian’s been overly magnanimous, congratulating Mistico and wishing Histeria luck for Sunday.) AAA hasn’t t buried Wagner or threatened punitive action and Dr. Wagner said he had no problem with AAA,  so he could easily end up merrily back in AAA.

Dr. Wagner Junior is not listed on any AAA spot show until the TV taping in Toluca on 07/29. AAA isn’t consistent or complete about putting out lineups, so that may not especially mean anything. Also, we’re still waiting on their Lucha Libre Expo TV taping lineup, which they’ve said will be out today.

It’s not clear how much a CMLL was a part of it; while this was a show with CMLL wrestlers, it was still one being run by the local promoter. I doubt the wrestlers would’ve let him walk out there without some understanding, but it’s not as meaningful or permanent as if the same bit was done in Arena Mexico. They might have let Wagner walk around just to prove a point in Nuevo Laredo, but he wouldn’t be allowed to do the same in Mexico City without a done deal.

The contract’s the issue. AAA’s probably going thru some issues, since we just heard about Rocky Romero leaving after the last set of taping due to a pay cut, and maybe that’s an issue with Wagner’s deal as well. However, CMLL hasn’t been handing out great deals either. About a month ago, the WON mentioned CMLL had major cutbacks in wrestler’s deals, taking everyone besides five (Mistico, Ultimo Guerrero, Shocker, Negro Casas, Hector Garza + outsiders) off guaranteed contracts and back to being paid via (low) percentage of the house. There are always different better deals available to top guys jumping from one company to another, but it’s not a profitable time to be a luchador.

There’s also the possibility of Dr. Wagner going back to the indies for some time, as he did between his last CMLL stint and this time in AAA. There’s much fewer options now than there were in the independents a year and a half ago – Los Perros are almost done, EAW is barely running shows, Monterrey is quiet, he may be locked out of Arena Naucalpan due to their deal with AAA – but Wagner coming off AAA TV with the title will have tons of promoter interest. It could be like what’s happened with Bryan Danielson’s schedule, but ten fold. Wagner would also be a great addition to the MTV2 Masked Warriors group. They already have all that AAA footage with him!

With the AAA video game not out for three months, Slang and AAA could certainly change the cover, and they had mock ups for alternate Parka/Elegido/Silver King covers at E3. If he left, Dr. Wagner would become the eleventh guy currently listed in AAA’s video game who has quit the company, one quarter of the video game roster.

07/10 lucha videos

LATV was a rerun. Noches de Coliseo is still off. AAA was the second part of TripleMania. In the best edit in years, they cut out Vampiro/Zorro vs Cibernetico/Abyss. A fine choice!


07/12 CMLL in Nuevo Laredo Results (Oriental loses his mask to Mistico)

CMLL Gutierrez (MON) 07/12 Plaza de Toros Lauro Luis Longoria [@ENRIQUEYNIESTA]
1) Mini Alebrije, Mini Cibernetico, Mini Oriental b Astral, Mascarita Dorada, Shockercito
2) Lady Apache, Lluvia, Marcela DQ Rossy Moreno, Sexy Flor, Tiffany
3) Ephesto, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero DQ Charly Manson, Juventud Guerrera, Mr. Águila
4) Hijo de LA Park, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Scorpio Jr. DQ La Máscara, Máscara Dorada, Valiente
5) Héctor Garza, Terrible, Texano b Jushin Lyger, Shigeo Okumura, Yoshihashi
6) Místico & Oriental L Atlantis & Olímpico and Averno & Último Guerrero and El Alebrije & Volador Jr. and Histeria & La Sombra [ruleta de la muerte]
7) Místico b Oriental [mask]

Oriental is Noe Astro Moreno Leon, according to CMLL Magazine. (Astro?) He’s 37, 17 years a wrestler. No photo as I type this, but I’m sure we’ll see one later.

Order of escape went Sombra & Histeria (who’s now free to put his mask up on Sunday), Alebrije & Volador, Averno & Ultimo Guerrero, and Atlantis & Olimpico. Mistico beat Oriental in what seemed like a longer match than the entire eliminations prior.

The big news from the rest of the show was the appearance of Dr. Wagner Junior. It was hinted early this morning by SuperLuchas, and was revealed a few hours before the show by Box Y Lucha. He appeared after the fourth match, first posing with his son, then circling around in the ring, all while wearing his AAA World Heavyweight Championship belt (he also had the video game belt.) When he went to the ring and posed, everyone was under the impression this meant Wagner had left AAA and was joining CMLL as an Invader. Upon returning to the locker room, Dr. Wagner instead told the press that he was on good terms with AAA, and everyone backed off saying he was leaving.

People who are on good terms with a company do not show up at a major show for a rival promotion, being as visible as possible. (And CMLL isn’t going to let Wagner be part of the show unless they wanted him to be part of the show.) Wagner may end up staying with AAA, uninterrupted, but this was a very petulant move to make a point; AAA’s treated him as an afterthought to the Perros del Mal entry, the Parka/Park story, and the Legion stuff, and Wagner has always felt he should always be on top. That seems to be the wrestling he grew up with – in the UWA, Canek doesn’t seem to have ever been cycled down the card or bypassed much; he was either the top rudo feuding with the top tecnico, or the top tecnico feuding with the foreign guy. That’s spot doesn’t really exist in either promotion, but Wagner can sure come close by jumping back and forth between them like this.

This bit was also totally hilarious. For most of the night, AAA only response was an enigmatic tweet from Lucha Libre AAA, which is so unspecific, it may have nothing to do with any of this. Later, Dorian Roldan seemed surprised, generally the same reaction as everyone else, though his post gives the impression Wagner left.

Dr. Wagner is not listed on any lineups from now until the Toluca taping, though he’s almost surely scheduled to be on the Lucha Libre Expo show, and there’s probably other lineups AAA hasn’t put on it’s website. At the point, the expectation is he’ll still be working AAA shows, but it’s a fluid situation. We’ll know more soon. This would be a fantastic time for Cesar to come back from his blog vacation.

If we’ve been reminded of anything, anything at all, from La Parka vs LA Park, is that people remember what they saw in the ring and not what was said later. Tonight, Wagner made people believe he’s jumped to CMLL, and interviews aren’t going to undo that.

Not a lot of noteworthy material on the show. Tiffany was the mystery woman for the Invaders. At the time of the press conference, she was still working AAA spot shows, which is probably the reason they kept it quiet. Not sure if this means anything for her brother, ex-Night Queen Jessy, who’s also working AAA spot shows without making TV in years. Tiffany was a big part of AAA in the mid 2000s, but really hasn’t been used much since Pena’s death and since she left to have a kid. She was still good, last we saw her, and would fit in well in CMLL if that’s why she and they want to do.

The first four matches all did have non-clean finishes. Mini Cibernetico broke the law by removing Dorada’s mask before pinning him, but was not charged with the crime. No specific word on the DQ in the second match, but it probably was for one of the rudas pulling Lluvia’s mask. DQ in the tercera was for Ephesto taking off his own mask and tossing it. (Mephisto hurt a knee in this one.) DQ in the cuatro was for Scorpio (Solitario replacement) fouling and unmasking Mascara. Japan vs Renegados finished clean, we think.

Before the opener, Enrique pegged the crowd as 10,000, 80% of capacity. It’s possible it filled up a bit more as the show went on. The show was to be taped for television, but there were lots of pre-show issues – many guys only made it last minute, and the lights were late – so who knows.

Doctor Wagner Junior just walked out of AAA with their heavyweight title belt (edit: or not)

…shouldn’t Dr. Wagner Jr’s contract be up by now?…

Konnan says they’re trying to get Dr. Wagner to sign a contract to lose his mask..

Doctor Wagner Junior is the cover luchador for AAA Heroes en el Ring























edit: Wagner is telling people he’s on great terms with AAA. People on great terms with their promotion often fly out to appear on the opposition’s shows, don’t you know. This was a fun hour, anyway, it’ll be far more confusing in the morning.

Silver King/Parka, Dorada retains, random shows

Black Terry Jr

IWRG (SUN) 07/11 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), DJ Spectro]
1) Comando Negro b Máscara Magnífica
2) Cholo, Imposible, Magia Negra b Eragon, Hijo del Pantera, Super Halcon Jr.
3) Chico Che, Jack, Miss Gaviota b Canek Jr., Fishman Jr., Kung Fu Jr.
4) Bobby Lee Jr., Pantera, Veneno DQ Fuerza Guerrera, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr.
5) Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Oficial 911, Silver King b Extreme Tiger, Gato Eveready, La Parka

Big turnout for La Parka. Not the complete turnout they were hoping for: no Pirata Morgan, so Silver King worked in his place. Silver and Mascara did not get along, but Silver King still managed to foul Parka. DosDeTres believes La Parka actually won this match by DQ, and will be getting a title shot at IWRG’s Lucha Libre Expo show.

Pirata Morgan Jr. replaced whatever Pierroth Jr. was supposed to work here. Fuerza Guerrera submitted Bobby Lee Jr., but opted to not let go, and was disqualified.

The trio of Juniors in the tercera failed to get along and lost in straight falls. Fishman took Kung Fu’s mask.

CMLL (SUN) 07/11 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) El Divino & Meteoro b Cerveruz & Quca
2) Infierno & Templario b Javier Cruz Jr. & Metatrón
3) Lady Apache & Silueta b Amapola & Seuxis
4) Hijo del Fantasma, Leo, Valiente b Ephesto, Mephisto, Misterioso II
5) Máscara Dorada b Averno [CMLL SL]

Averno won the first, but Dorada took back the last two to retain again.

Leo replaced a MIA Toscano.

Silueta got Seuxis with an armbar, and they agreed to the mask match next week.

Jack Evans hurt his head in his IWRG match, but sounds like he’ll be fine.

Strong Man is not in the same block as Giant Bernard in G1 Tournament. So I dunno. Maybe he’ll beat Naito? Maybe it doesn’t matter much? That.

[poll id=”67″]

I’d love to read Max from Japan explain his vote. Maybe there’s a translation issue?

SuperLuchas analysis the matchups, and goes with Oriental. So do I. They also tease a surprise star appearance, and I’d guess they don’t mean the female Invader in the second match. Maybe they’ll have live results? Atlantis again says he’s worried for Olimpico, because he’s not losing if they go down as a team.

The AAA show in Tijuana on Friday had a big turnout. What percentage of AAA shows do you think AAA actually mentions on their website? I’m going 30-40%, if they’re not mentioning (or aware?) of shows in Auditorio de Tijuana.

At least they had people show up and probably made money on the deal. Check out this poster – Al Snow! Chuck Palumbo! Jerry Lynn! All guys who have had been entertaining at one point or another but aren’t probably going to increase the gate in Arena Lopez Mateos on August 13. Thread on Box Y Lucha confirms this is a real show, one of those television tapings that don’t seem to air anywhere. Website listed isn’t actually up, of course. This is the kind of the promotion where they list a website on the poster which will never actually exist.

Slang/Immersion put out a press release to confirm Heroes del Ring release date move to 10/12. The story is, they want more time to market the game and want to take advantage of the holiday season. Question to people who follow video games closer to me: does this sound likely?

A thread about Yoshino working in IWRG this Thursday leads into a discussion about Yoshino being offered a match in CMLL…just as long as he doesn’t use La Mistica or anything like it, which Yoshino would’ve been using first. He declined. That’s back in 2007. I wonder if they’d care now, since everyone who wrestles Mistico does La Mistica.

Eduardo “Alí” Bargach, who wrestled in Martin Karadagian’s promotion as “El Hombre Montaña” & “Indio Comanche”, passed away.

Usual Fray Tormenta article.

DJ Spectro interviews Ari Romero.

Someone wearing a La Parka mask stole 8 tons of aluminum. He’s clearly building the best chair ever.

Luchas 2000 #529 has Infierno en el Ring.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.