09/18: GDL, Annivesary


Got busy again today. Hopefully tomorrow is better. Reminder: live chat for the Anniversary show, starting around 7:45 pm CST. I’m planning for, like, 2 people to show up, so not really planning much at all. People are spotting it still on PPV, so we might actually have something to talk about.

Am I the only one surprised there’s no big Legends of 75 presentation tomorrow? They’ve been them all year, so it would make sense to bring names back for this show too. In other ‘hype’ articles, Panico says Perro and Mistico demanded to be on the Anniversary show in some way, and they’re sorta allies with the guys in the mask match.

CMLL (SUN) 09/14 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Fraile de la Muerte b Impostor
2) Nube Roja & Samurai b Egipico & Güero Loco
3) Malefico, Máscara Mágica, Toxico b Magnum, Metal Blanco, Metatron [quarterfinal, torneo]
4) Flash, Leon Blanco, Sagrado b Cien Caras Jr., Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno [quarterfinal, torneo]
5) Malefico, Máscara Mágica, Toxico b Flash, Leon Blanco, Sagrado [semifinal, torneo]
6) Terrible, Villano IV, Villano V b Atlantis, Olímpico, Último Guerrero

V4 and V5 yanked Atlantis and UG’s masks and rolled them up for the win.

CMLL (TUE) 09/16 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Ebola b Thunder Boy
2) Rafaga b Carlo Roggi
3) Depredador & Exterminador b Metal Blanco & Palacio Negro
4) Cien Caras Jr. & Euforia b Casanova & Rayman
5) Damián 666 & Mr. Águila b Gallo & Máximo
6) Marco Corelone b Texano Jr.

In the semimain, Damian faked a foul to win the second fall. Gallo tried to fake a foul in the third, but ended up getting fouled for real and pinned for the loss. Main event had Marco knock over the ref by accident. Texano took advantage to foul Marco, but Marco fouled him back before the referee recovered and covered for the pin.

Quick notes/corrections from Tuesday’s Arena Mexico show.
– it was Goddess who Sujei beat, not Apache, and she did it with a rope grab.
– Loco Max turned in the second fall, so it was a semifinal sweep for the rudos

(Notimex) Dr. Wagner hypes up his big singles match with LA Park: “I would have liked something else.” I’m fired up for that match now! Actually, it’s more along the lines of Wagner wishing this was a mask match. Wagner says he’s not been told to wrestle cleaner, because if they tell him he will because it’s an anniversary how. He’s also willing to defend his title against Terrible. Helpful random challenge, I guess.

(ESTO) Ultimo Guerrero could care less about the trios match; he wants a mask vs hair match versus Alex Shelley win or lose. I hope UG keeps talking about it because they’ve actually agreed on that match happening, but that doesn’t seem like SOP.

(Reforma via Jazzo) Lady Apache is sad and disappointing there’s no women’s match on the show. Lady Apache is sure the women are at the level to compete on the show, and sure the show would be better with the women AND the minis on it.

a fine job everyone’s doing selling this show. No wonder tickets are half off.

El Sol de San Luis confirms AAA taping there on 10/15, says lineup will be announced “something between today and tomorrow.” Meanwhile, AAA’s website says the winner of Chessman vs Cibernetico vs Mesias gets the next title shot. I’m rooting for Cibernetico to get a title shot against himself. At least it’d be a new feud.

Generic histoy of lucha libre in eight paragrpahs article. And another. ESTO looks back at recent big anniversaries. I’d love for someone to write about an anniversary before Cien/Rayo besides the first on the Shadow/Santo match.

(Reforma via Jazzo) luchadors pick the winner of tommorow’s match:
* Canek: tie, but since there can’t be a tie, Villano V
* Dos Caras: Blue Panther
* Pierroth: fearing a tie
* Super Muneco: Blue Panther

MEDINA TV (TUE) 09/16 Arena Neza [Luchando Libre]
1) Luis Cirio & Tony Cirio b Super Payaso I & Super Payaso II
2) Arana Negra & Deslizador de Plata b Kagura & Lukan
3) Flor Metalica & Rossy Moreno b Crazy Star & Esther Moreno
4) Fantastick, Principe Azteca, Turbo b Boricua I, Boricua II, Boricua III
5) Tonia Jackson, La Rata, Toxico AAA b Canek Jr., Huracan Ramirez Jr., Ultramán Jr.
6) Angel Blanco Jr., El Hijo del Solitario, Groon XXX b Espanto Jr., Head Hunter I, Septiembre Negro II

Link has video clips from the show. Canek Jr. finally turned on Huracan after their loss.

SoloLuchas picks the second match of Tommorow’s show. They need to speed it up a little. Sololuchas also looks back at Villano III vs Atlantis, not an anniversary match (but a Villano mask match.)

Wrestling Observer has their CMLL on FSE recap

LuchaWorld recaps a bad CMLL TV from ’06, the early ’06 AAA tapings from Salamanca and Puebla, and IWRG in March.

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75th Anniversary Show Preview

Before we go forward, let’s go back. Last five Anniversary main events:

2003 – Shocker beat Tarzan for his hair, Pierroth beat Violencia for his mask. Pierroth had been pushed hard all year (and prior), but Violencia wasn’t much. That match wouldn’t have worked alone, but Shocker (at his peak) and Tarzan (way up there, and won the previous year main) was really two of the top guys, who’d been opponents regularly going back to early 2002, having an really important match.

2004 – Universo 2000 loses his match to Canek, with Dr. Wagner Jr. and Rayo de Jalisco Jr. also involved. Even though it’s a multi-man match and those usually lose something, there was no sucker in the bunch. Universo was slightly lower the rest, so it wasn’t a big surprise he lost, but I do remember suggestions Canek might lose it (around the time it was changed to a fourway), and it was far different then usual situation of promising a big deal and delivering a little. Universo was a top guy years, always near the very top. If/when the other guys lose their mask someday, it’ll be huge news. This was a very big match.

2005 – Hector Garza loses his hair to Universo 2000 with Perro Aguayo Jr. also involved. This was more usual – Garza wasn’t on the same level, and the match existed to do a big match while putting off the big match they were actually building to (because no one had agreed to lose yet?) Still, the Perros were a hot rudo act, they ran a big angle to set it up being a triangle instead of a tag, and Garza wasn’t a guy who lost his hair a lot at this point.

2006 – Mistico takes Black Warrior’s mask. Black Warrior wasn’t really used as a top guy until this feud, but he was pushed as one for the 9-10 months leading up to the feud, trading wins and beating a guy who hadn’t really been beaten before this. Mistico was Mistico – he was in the hot Santo zone where no challenger would really be thought to have a chance, but you’d have to see it because it was Mistico in a big match. The promotion revolved around this feud, as much as CMLL ever revolves around one feud.

and then, last year and this

2007 – Blue Panther takes Lizmark Jr.’s mask – a quicky rudo turn that doesn’t have much behind, a tease of this direct match, CMLL backing off the match and doing a multiman cage match for lack of any idea, and Panther beating Lizmark in the end anyway. Both guys are among many who appear in semis and mains, drifting aimlessly without much momentum. The match only means anything becuase everyone (besides Villano V) else who would lose would mean something, but even then it’s iffy. CMLL makes no attempt at anything else on the card.

(and at this point, if you’re concerned about reading what probably will happen this year, you probably shouldn’t click on the link)


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CMLL FSE #109 (09/07)

taped 08/31, aired 09/07

The Amapola/Lady Apache match may be good, but the matches leading up to it haven’t been. Of course, I prefer really good matches to lead up to a title match and they prefer controversy and they may be better at drawing money than I (uh, they definitely are!)

If these recaps look really short, a power outage killed the first draft and I was smart enough the second time to know it wasn’t worth typing a lot for them. If I was really smart, I wouldn’t be typing a lot any time.

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09/20-21 Lucha Times

chart. in case you didn’t hear, it’s a PPV week

AAA-US: Jack/Teddy vs Ricky/Crazy will hopefully be the best match of Crazy Boy’s life. Aerostar and Super Fly sneak in the semimain and main.

52MX: Women’s trios and maybe Blue Panther’s last TV match before losing his mask? (no)

Fox: Leono/Purpura/Rivera vs sorta-Tuareg, and Perros vs Alex, Shadow and La Mascara, who I think would work great as a regular trio. I don’t have an actual reason behind this, but that doesn’t stop me from believing it.

FSE has about 5 different live games on Sunday, so this is actually airing at 2 AM eastern that morning. If you just TiVo everything called lucha libre, you may want to double check you’re getting this, and not the overnight airing on Galavision.

AAA: part one of Verano de Escandalo. You know, if they hustled and cut matches down and didn’t have things go long, they probably could shove seven matches into one three hour show. They’re also taping this week, so they’ll have matches for next weekend regardless. I’m presuming this is SOP, with the tag title match and the cage match being bumped to week two.

Note this show is preceded by NFL game Patriots vs the Dolphins, which isn’t going to be done exactly at 3 unless New England scores 35 in the first half and just runs out the clock in the second. (Which is possible, but even then Miami would throw a million incompletes.)

If VdE is getting split in two, that means the Oaxaca taping this weekend is the first show that’ll air after RAW on Galavision.

CMLL: I don’t know. Tony will draw something, how about that?

CTres: Dos/Wagner/Volador vs Perros, minis cibernetico #2

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09/17: Mexico, lots of links

CMLL (TUE) 09/16 Arena Mexico [ESTO]
2) Hiroka, Mima Shimoda, Princesa Sujei b Goddess, Lady Apache, Sahori
3) Mascarita Dorada b Bam Bam, Celestial, Pequeno Ninja, Pequeño Warrior, Pequeño Violencia, Pequeño Halloween, Fantasy, Sombrita, Electrico [MEX LIGHT, cibernetico, semifinal]
4) Black Warrior, Misterioso II, Rey Bucanero b La Máscara, Loco Max, Sagrado
5) Dos Caras Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Volador Jr. b Averno, Mephisto, Terrible

ESTO didn’t publish full lineups for these matches, so there may be some subs unaccounted for (probably in the minis match). They also note a poor turnout.

Loco Max was a random replacement for Alex Koslov, and turned on his teammates in the third fall. Cibernetico came down to Dorada beating Warrior, so it’s Doradao vs Pierroth for the title next week. Rudas cheated somehow to allow Sujei to pin Apache.

Strangely, AAA can’t be bothered to post actual lineups, and just lists the rudos and tecnicos working for shows in Veracruz, Calpulalpan, Poza Rica, Iztapalapa, Deportivo Oceania, Puebla, Tulancingo (apparently aren’t paying much), Mexicali and Mexico State.

Anniversary themed articles are starting to roll out. Ovaciones has a bunch of articles in a two page section, reprinting a bunch of articles from the 49th Anniversary, including one recapping the first ever EMLL show. Notimex has their own article. SuperLuchas doesn’t go nearly as far back, instead going five years back to the Havana Pitbulls vs Ricky/Volador/Virus at the 70th Anniversary. I don’t know if Bobby Quance is in the Navy Seals or elsewhere, but I hope he’s doing good. He was so great during that stretch.

SuperLuchas has articles on the LA Park show in Chicago last weekend (which has to be a dozen appearances here in the last 5 years), and looks back at Wagner vs Solitario’s mask match.

La WagnerMania is kicking out the content today

Blue Panther vs Villano V prediction (repost?)
the main event and stellar moments from this week’s CMLL TV
Crazy Boy interview from Tercera Caida
bio of Dr. Wagner Sr. and results for the anniversary show in Torreon, where a Hator/Antifaz vs Wagner/Intocable apuesta challenge was set up for Chrismas.

Negro Casas was interviewed by NoroEste to hype up a show in Mazatlan, but there’s not much interesting there. Meanwhile, local wrestlers Black Metal and Super Hatos were invited to train with CMLL, but aren’t sure they’ll go to Mexico City.

El Manada talks to Monterrey wrestler Black Mamba, who says he got the name from Kill Bill and has trained with the Apaches.

Metronoticas profiles wrestler turned referee Mario Rock, who’s out with kidney issues. Last night’s show in Arena Juba was a benefit for the referee.

Misterioso Sr., Mascarita Sagrada and others are wrestling at the Kern County Fair in California this Sunday.

The WWE SmackDown! to TV Azteca (7) deal was made offical today and reported in a variety of places. Unlike Televisa’s announcers guessing game, TV Azteca lists it’ll be Carlos Aguilar, Francisco González and Rafael Ayala. As usual, SuperLuchas is all over this, with photos and notes from the press confrence and

Ohtani’s Jacket writes about another ’92 CMLL TV show, this one featuring the Bestia Salvaje vs Huracan Sevilla hair match.

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CMLL FSE #108 (08/31)

taped 08/24, aired 08/31

I didn’t grab video for this or the next FSE, because I think this was the show I posted the full show anyway and there’s nothing worth grabbing out of either of them truly. That may tell you all you need to know for the show. Only people who really need to V3 and Universo2K wrestle in 2008 should get this show.

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09/16: X-Pac, VdE

This ESTO interview Panico is listed with today’s date, but I can only figure it was a actually done last Thursday because they’re still talking about X-Pac not being on the anniversary show because of work visa issues. Panico says X-Pac would still be a guest at the show, which I bet isn’t happening now. Panico explains the women and the minis didn’t make the card because there are so many rivalries; someone explain the rivalries in the first two matches. He also says Dr. Wagner & LA Park know the style that is expected of them and know not to repeat their last singles match, the one that turned into a street fight with Park hitting people with a wheelchair. Panico even hopes they will agree to a mask match. I hope Panico isn’t too disappointed Friday.

Over on Box Y Lucha, Cesar says CMLL knew X-Pac had reached a deal with AAA early this past week, wished him well, and kept it quiet to allow him to make a surprise return. Huh. That is a hard to believe sequence of events.

AAA is claiming 11,500 people for Verano de Escandalo. They also posted their recap of some of the matches: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 but there’s very little new info. Mesias apparently was free to escape three different times, only for the Sect to stop him each time. Interference and botched interference caused both pinfalls in the Minis title match. Nothing about the Porky match. There’s gotta be better pictures of the champs coming.

AAA also has an interview with the trivia contest winners.

Notimex preview of today’s Mexico show. ESTO has one too. A little extra attention because it’s September 16.

SoloLuchas talks to Blue Panther about his match. There’s also a Blue Panther bio on MT. Years 1991 to 1993 gets 6 paragraphs. Everything after, including Friday’s match, gets 2.

SoloLuchas begins it’s look at the anniversary show with a preview of the opener and a look back at Rayo vs Cien

MEDINA TV (TUE) 09/16 Arena Neza [Luchando Libre]
1) Fantastick, Principe Azteca, Turbo vs Boricua I, Boricua II, Boricua III
2) Enigmatica & Esther Moreno vs Flor Metalica & Rossy Moreno
3) Canek Jr., Huracan Ramirez Jr., Ultramán Jr. vs La Rata, La Tonia, Toxico AAA
4) Angel Blanco Jr., El Hijo del Solitario, Groon XXX vs Espanto Jr., Head Hunter I, Violencia

This is a AyM Sports taping.

A story about Mexico week in Spain mentions Pirata Morgan and Octagon’s appearance and indy wrestling there (mostly US based, since that’s what is on their TV.)

LuchaWorld has KrisZ‘s news update.

SmackDown will air at 10 PM on TV Azteca starting 10/03.

Al Filo del Ring has photos and results from the 09/07 and 09/11 IWRG tapings.

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