03/15 AAA TV Results (Guadalajara) – Rey de Reyes

Last Updated: 3/17 noon-ish

AAA TV (SUN) 03/15 Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso [luchalibreaaa, Box Y Lucha, LMDLL,Televisa Deportes]
1) AerostarFabi ApacheGran Apache b Billy BoyCinthia MorenoTigre Cota
2) Latin Lover b Abismo NegroOzzBlack Abyss [torneoRey de Reyessemifinal]
3) Silver King b El ElegidoAlan StoneJoe Lider [Rey de Reyestorneosemifinal]
4) Electro Shock b OctagónSúper FlyNicho el Millionario [Rey de Reyestorneosemifinal]
5) La Parka Jr. b Super PorkyEscoriaKenzo Suzuki [Rey de Reyestorneosemifinal]
6) Jack EvansTeddy HartZorro b Alex KoslovCharly MansonX-Pac
7) Vampiro b Konnan [seconds hair]
8) Electro Shock b Silver KingLatin LoverLa Parka Jr. [Rey de Reyesfinaltorneo]
9) Mesias b Chessman [AAA HEAVYcage]

Projected Air Date (#880, #881)
Mexico: 03/22, 03/29
US: 04/11, 04/18

03/17: Televisa posted full results. Let’s go over everything one last time to fill in the gaps and correct the details.

Opener: Aerostar pinned Billy Boy. After the match, Aerostar asked Gran Apache permission to date his daughter. Aerostar did not actually specify which daughter and we are left to wonder. Billy Boy, who should’ve immediatly slapped some sense into the tecnico, said that was all fine and good, because he was now in love with Sexi Star. Like sands thru the hourglass, these are the days of our lives.

6th: Legion beat D-Mex/Charly, with X-Pac chasing Zorro to the back before the finish. Juvi appeared on the stage after the match, with girlfriend Lizzy, and voewed to end the Legion. I fear the inevitable Nikki/Lizzy match (meanwhile, Fabi Apache lucky to be in the opener.)

Konnan brought out Jack & Teddy with him for the hair match, so Marco showed up to take count them and help Vampiro win. It was all a plan by Roldan, who at least has been paying attention thru all the other Konnan matches (where Jack & Teddy always run in.)

Silver King eliminated Parka with a martinete, but then got pinned after he and Electroshock goofed up. I know I said they might as well had Electro win this year, but now that I think about Silver King being right there and not winning, I’m still not sure why he didn’t win. Swerve for the sake of doing one?

Legion ran in the title match to help Chessman. So did the Sect – did I miss something where they no longer hate Chessman? I’m not trying to be sarcastic, I’m really asking. AAA ran out to run those people out and Mesias beat Chessman.

Dr. Wagner Jr. appeared after the main event to challenge for a shot at the Mega title (Wagner had his UWA title, but no one mentions it being title vs title or anything like that). Konnan pitched Wagner to join the Legion, and gave him a one week deadline to decide between sides. I presume Dr. Wagner’s choosing Dr. Wagner.

That deadline means Wagner’s on the Madero taping (and probably the Monterrey) – I hope everyone who has Wagner booked this week has other plans. It also means we’re probably getting Rey de Reyes the first week (with maybe the hair match) and then everything else the second week.

Live Coverage:

AAA’s doing live updates – wow! – so I can do some live updates. I don’t suspect we’ll get the same thing next week. Updates as they come, and I suspect no full results until tomorrow morning.

Dr. Wagner Jr. has shown up. This must be a different Dr. Wagner than the one who’s been adamant about not joining AAA.

Chessman has won the AAA Mega Title. Charly should’ve just let him climb the ladder at Guerra de Titanes and saved us some time. Correction: Mesias still champ.

Marco Corleone has jumped to AAA. It sounds as though he turned out to be Roldan’s representative, not Vampiro. (???) Marco won, of course. I can not fathom Konnan vs Marco as an actual match. Marco worked as Vampiro and Roldan’s second, helping Vampiro win. Sounds like Marco may be in D-Mex as well.

Electroshock is your 2009 Rey de Reyes, beating Latin Lover in the final. The big change on top!

Block A: Black Abyss beat Ozz, Abismo Negro beat Black Abyss, and Latin Lover beat his old rival Abismo Negro to take the block.

Block B: Alan Stone beat Joe Lider, Elegido beat Alan Stone, Silver King beat Elegido.

Block C: Octagon beat Nicho, and Electro beat both Octagon and Super Fly.

Block D: Super Porky was first out, and La Parka beat both Kenzo and Scoria.

No decision mentions for the D-Mex/Legion trios match, but we do know Juvi returned to AAA and joined D-Mex. The comedy potential here is off the charts.

Tropicasas is the new member of the AAA Hall of Fame.

five quick thoughts about Rey de Reyes

While we’re all still waiting to find out how that opening trios turned out:

1) when they decided to tease Mesias vs Wagner, did they have a finish for that match in mind? Wagner’s not going to lose. AAA’s not going to give Wagner their title unless Wagner commits to stay there for a long period, and Wagner’s not down with that.

Then again, this poll question:
[poll id=”23″]
2) In a year where you’re just doing the Rey de Reyes to do it, Electroshock is actually the perfect winner. Points for existing. (And points to RL for being the only non-anonymous person to pick him.)

If you check out the photos on Box Y Lucha’s Wagner to AAA story, you can see Electroshock is among a mass of goofballs laid out from something or other. (I presume Mesias beat up 12 men by himself.) That’s probably a sign of how meaningful that win was.

3) Do all the TV tapings for the next four weeks – including the US swing, that’s the number of lineups announced right now – get torn up this week or do guys like Marco and Juvi stay out of the ring four weeks?

Whatever way, we’ll probably have a good idea of the new programs by this time next week.

4) Is Konnan still in control of AAA? Is Vampiro still commissioner? (I don’t think so)? Did Padrino disappear when no one was paying attention?

5) If we want back to Guerra de Titanes, I think you’d the depth chart would go like

Tecnicos (top 4)
– Mesias
– Latin Lover
– La Parka Jr.
– Charly Manson

Rudos (top 4)
– Konnan
– Zorro
– Chessman
– Electroshock?

and today

Tecnicos (top 4)
– Mesias
– Dr. Wagner Jr.
– Marco Corleone
– Vampiro

Rudos (top 4)
– Konnan
– Silver King
– Electroshock
– Zorro


Who’s got leverage and who doesn’t can change again this Friday.

03/16: Mexico, GDL, IWRG

CMLL (SUN) 03/15 Arena Mexico [Ovaciones, SuperLuchas]
1) Caligula & Messala b Molotov & Trueno
2) Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skandalo b Fabian el Gitano, Flash, Stuka Jr.
3) Dark Angel, Lady Apache, Marcela b Hiroka, Princesa Blanca, Sahori
4) Angel Azteca Jr., Blue Panther, La Sombra b Lizmark Jr., Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero
5) Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara b Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto [CMLL TRIOS]

Title match came down to Averno and Mascara, and Mascara got Averno clean with the campana. Angel Azteca was the fill in for Marco and looked good. That match was all about Panther and Lizmark cheating each other. Sahori filled in for Rosa Negra (who did not jump to AAA, as far as I know!), though she was a reluctant participant on the ruda side and may have caused her team to lose.

No updates on replacements for Marco tomorrow and Sunday yet.

CMLL (SUN) 03/15 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [ESTO, MT]
4) Dos Caras Jr., Mistico, Volador Jr. b Atlantis, Heavy Metal, Negro Casas
5) Texano Jr. DQ Maximo [hair]

Texano won in straight falls. Backcracker to win the first. Texano and Maximo were brawling in the ring during the second fall. They were using punches, so Tigre Hispano got involved to stop them, Maximo tried to sneak in a kick, and Texano faked it as a low blow. Tiger Hispano bought it, and that was the end of Maximo’s pink hair.

Negro got Mistico with La Mistica on Friday, so Mistico got Negro with a casita here. The Dos Jr. turn seems to have disappeared this week.

IWRG (SUN) 03/15 Arena Naucalpan [Box Y Lucha; photos]
1) Comando Negro & Judas el Traidor b Garra de Aguila & Latin Brother
2) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro b Gemelo Fantastico I, Trauma I, Trauma II [EDM TRIOS]
3) Zatura b Tetsuya Bushi [IWRG IC LIGHT]
4) Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro b Arlequín, Hijo de Pierroth (IWRG), Pierroth II [IWRG IC TRIOS]
5) Hijo del Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. b Head Hunter I & Head Hunter II [IWRG IC TAG]

Only title change was Zatura beating Bush for the lightweight title.

Box Y Lucha #2914 has Villano V & Ultimo Guerrero. There’s also a new TV Episode.

Black Terry Jr. also has photos of the Kato Kung Lee benefit show. Dr. Landru has may from the EAW show in Queretaro. Mr. Reyes posted photos of the DTU show in Veracruz.

LA Times has the What is Lucha Libre article.

Televisa Deportes has a video interview with Villano V.

Pequeno Damian 666 (and other people) in Dradtion (via purolove)

– Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Platino b Hajime Ohara, Amigo Suzuki (Oro pin Suzuki)
– 4L Blazer, El Blazer, KAZE b Bear Fukuda, Pequeno Damian 666, Nozomi Kubo
– El Blazer beat pequeno Damian 666 to win a 14 man battle royal

– Hiro Saito, Pequeno Damian 666 b Azteca, El Blazer
– Ultimo Dragon, Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Platino b Bear Fukuda, Hajime Ohara, Sataoshi Kajiwara (Oro pin Kajiwara)

– Bear Fukuda, Pequeno Damian 666 b El Blazer, Satoshi Kajiwara (Damian double underhook piledriver? Kajiwara)
– Ultimo Dragon, Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Platino b Otokosakari, Mineo Fujia, Hajiime Ohara (Oro pin Otokosakari)

– Ultimo Dragon, Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Platino b Otokosakari, Hajime Ohara, Amigo Suzuki (Oro pin Otokosakari)
– Azteca, el Blzer b Bear Fukuda, Pequeno Damian 666 (Blazer Firebird Splash Damian)
– Brazo de Platino defeats Blazer & Pequeno Damian to win 14 Man Battle Royal

Brazo de Oro getting the pin on every show is quite amusing.

03/15: Juvi, Warrior, Axxel, Lineups

(This news update is surely the most out of date before it’s published. At least partial Rey de Reyes results up next.)

COMING: Box Y Lucha is reporting Juvi has return to AAA, after a seven month absence. (He has already shown up, and I’ll get to it in a bit.)

GOING?: A Reforma article says Black Warrior is suspended indefinitely for no-showing events. Yet again – Reforma counts this as the fourth time, which sounds about right. Article notes Sangre Azteca and Dragon Rojo have no idea what this means for Poder Mexica.

GONE: Super Luchas #306 includes an interview with Axel, who confirms he’s done in CMLL. He’s sent in his resignation, but they just haven’t booked him since he appeared on the GDL Lucha Libre Festival (running against a CMLL show that night.) Axel explains that as having had permission to continue his indepedent schedule and having booked that date before signing with CMLL. In usual CMLL fashion, Axxel’s heard absolutely nothing from the company since that date. He also feels he was featured less after refusing to sign an agreement to give CMLL full rights over his name and identity (to the point where they could give it someone else someday – I would presume that’s standard for all the guys who are currently with CMLL full time.)

AAA’s website is promising an interview with Cibernetico about being booked on the US swing, since AAA’s office is not explaining it. AAA’s website talking to wrestlers, what a crazy idea. Meanwhile, they worry Abismo Negro might be distracted from winning Rey de Reyes by his feud with Black Abyss. Seeing as that happened last year, it’s a good bet.

ESTO previews Rey de Reyes, pegging Silver King as the favorite for Rey de Reyes, with Latin Lover, La Parka and Black Abyss strong candidates. Ovaciones also has a preview (and not another one of the GDL card) as well as the CMLL and IWRG ones.

Early reports out of Guadalajara say Chivas/Atlas was well out drawing Rey de Reyes early. I can only imagine how Coliseo is doing. There’s also a preview of both shows.

WagnerMania posts video of Charly Manson on Tercera Caida

A column in Box Y Lucha disputes the notion that flying lucha libre is a new thing.


IWRG (THU) 03/19 Arena Naucalpan
1) Galactik vs Epidemia
2) Miss Gaviota & Skayde vs Carta Brava Jr. & Heavy Boy
3) Freelance, Pendulo, Turbo vs Black Terry, Mr. Condor, Muerte Roja
4) Chico Che, Fantastik, Multifacetico vs Arlequin, Black Terry, Pierroth II
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Fuerza Guerrera, Zatura vs Hijo de Pierroth (IWRG), Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., Oficial 911

Reps from NWA Mexico, UWE and Wagner here. Wish it was an ongong thing, but at least this show gives us Turbo working higher than Skayde for once. Pierroth’s are getting a big push here leading up to the Pierroth benefit show, I think.

GROON (SAT) 03/21 Arena Azteca Budokan
1) Rey Neza vs TOny Cirio, Maquina de la Muerte, Skyderman, Potro de Plata, Galactico, Demente, Espiral Negro, Pilio, Caballero Bus
2) Mini Cibernetico, Mini Ozz, Mini Scorpio vs Mini Apache, Mini Oriental, Mini Zumbido
3) Rossy Moreno vs Lola Gonzalez, Vicky Carranza, Esther Moreno, Crazy Star, Valentina, Flor Metalica, La Chola, Afrodita, Cyber Star, Demente, Miss Janeth [cage]
4) Solar I, Super Astro, Ultraman vs El Signo, Negro Navarro, Rambo
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Scorpio Jr., Ultraman Jr., Zumbido vs Cien Caras Jr., El Hijo del Solitario, Hijo de Leatherface, LA Park

And this is the Groon Tribute show.

IWRG (SAT) 03/21 Arena Xochimilco
1) Galactik vs King Drako
2) Eragon & Latin Brother vs Avsiman & Mixteco
3) Gemelo Fantastico I, Gemelo Fantastico II, Zatura vs Black Terry, Fantasma de la Opera, Tetsuya Bushi
4) Multifacetico, Pendulo, Ultraman Jr. vs Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
5) Bobby Lee Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Scorpio Jr. vs Hijo de Pierroth (IWRG), Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., Universo 2000

Zatura and Bushi still seemed tied up, so their feud is probably ongoing.

CMLL (SUN) 03/22 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Acertijo & Mr. Trueno vs Katana & Malefico [Torneo Tanque Dantes]
2) Palacio Negro & Samuari vs Angel del Mal & Infierno [Torneo Tanque Dantes]
3) Boomerang & Gallo vs Leon Blanco & Thunder Boy [Torneo Tanque Dantes]
4) Mascara Dorada, Mictlan, Valiente vs Felino, Satanico, Virus
5) Averno, Mephisto, Texano Jr. vs Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero

Yay, the right teams. Also, Felino, Satnaico and Virus are apparently the magical Dorada Carrying Trio.

IWRG (SUN) 03/22 Arena Naucalpan
1) Galactik & Halcon 2000 vs Comando Negro & Epidemia
2) Mascara MAgnifica & Miss Gaviota vs Africa Salvaje & Sangre Africana
3) Gemelo Fantastico I, Gemelo Fantastico II, Pendulo vs Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro, Mixteco Jr.
4) Multifacetico, Ultraman Jr., Zatura vs Andy Barrow, Arlequin, Black Terry
5) Bobby Lee Jr., Fantasma Jr., Scorpio Jr. vs Hijo de Pierroth (IWRG), Pierroth II, Universo 2000

I like that second match, just to help IWRG pump up the unique wrestler count again.

CMLL (SUN) 03/22 Arena Coliseo
1) Molotov & Sensei vs Caligula & Messala
2) Bam Bam, Saturno, Ultimo Dragoncito vs Pequeno Violencia, Pequeno Warrior, Pierrothito
3) Dark Angel, Lady Apache, Marcela vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Rosa Negra
4) Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara, La Sombra vs Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
5) Marco Corleone, Mistico, Shocker vs Heavy Metal, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas

Neither mask man here, but Negro and Mistico rematch.

Saturno? There’s a guy last year in Guadalajara and Monterrey with that name. Probably not the same guy! (Probably the GDL guy.)

Lucha Listen-In Podcast #8: Konnan

My sit-down interview with AAA’s Konnan. We discuss his health, why the roster is so hostile to foreigners, why AAA gave Ciber the boot, the epic fail that was the Superfly push, AAA in English, Joaquin Roldan & cubsfan lucha blog of all things.

download the show here, or click here for more file versions. Or, just use the streaming player:

Thanks to Konnan for coming on, and thanks to you for checking out the show.

03/14: Mexico

CMLL (FRI) 03/13 Arena Mexico [Ovaciones, ESTO]
1) Sombra de PlataTruenoApocalipsisInquisidor
2) Angel Azteca Jr.PegassoRey CometaHooliganLoco MaxPolvora
3) Mascarita DoradaPequeno Warrior [lightning]
4) MaximoMetroSagradoMisterioso IITerribleTexano Jr.
5) AtlantisBlue PantherUltimo Guerrero DQ AvernoMephistoVillano V
6) Heavy MetalMr. NieblaNegro CasasDos Caras Jr.MisticoShocker Marco Corleone

Negro got Mistico clean in the main event. No mention of Dos Jr. stuff this week. Semimain saw Villlano beat UG in the first fall and Atlantis and Panther get their submissions on Averno & Mephisto in the second. UG was left alone with V5 in the third, but all of the other Hijos de Averno ran in pounced on the tecnicos for the DQ.

ESTO says Metro & Sagrado had some issues with their dives, but Maximo still won.

CMLL is saying their show runs from 1500 to 1700 (which would be 5pm to 7pm Eastern time in the US.) C3’s show is also an hour later, if I’m doing the mat right.

I’ll edit in results Tuesday’s lineup later in the day. Here’s a couple of polls to keep you busy in the meantime:

[poll id=”21″] [poll id=”22″]

Edit: Tuesday’s Lineup

CMLL (TUE) 03/17 Arena Mexico
1) Sombra de Plata & Trueno vs Puma King & Tiger Kid
2) Fabian el Gitano, Metalico, Tony Rivera vs Hooligan, Skandalo, Vangelis
3) Lady Apache, Marcela, Sahori vs Hiroka, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sujei
4) Mascara Dorada, Mictlan, Valiente vs Dragon Rojo Jr., Ephesto, Virus
5) Blue Panther, La Sombra, Marco Corleone vs Misterioso II, Terrible, Texano Jr.

None of the big four of Friday here.

03/22 AAA TV Lineup (Monterrey)

03/22 Lineup Update:

AAA TV (SUN) 03/22 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) Billy BoySexy Star vs AerostarFabi Apache
2) Joe Lider vs Nicho el Millionario [AAA CRUISER, quarterfinal]
3) Teddy Hart vs Jack Evans [AAA CRUISER, quarterfinal]
4) Abismo NegroEl Elegido vs Black AbyssElectro Shock
5) Silver King vs La Parka Jr.
6) Charly MansonMesiasVampiro vs ChessmanEscoriaZorro

Original Lineup:

AAA TV (SUN) 03/22 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [Roberto Figueroa Jr. @ LMDLL]
1) Billy Boy & Sexi Star vs ? & Cinthia Moreno
2) ? vs ??, ???, ???? [AAA CRUISER]
3) Abismo Negro & El Elegido vs Black Abyss & Electro Shock
4) Silver King vs La Parka Jr.
5) Charly Manson, Mesias, Vampiro vs Chessman, Escoria, Zorro

You’re probably thinking “hey, Scoria in the main event, what a great deal for him (until he’s the guy who gets killed by the tecnicos.” Me, I’m thinking, “oh no, this means Escoria loses the Dome Cage match as well, this man has no luck in multiperson matches.”

Actually, I guess I really should be confused on how Chessman is supposed to be getting along with a member of La Secta, but they probably would prefer I did not.

Would AAA dare headline TripleMania with Silver King and La Parka in mask match, in Mexico City? If it was anyone else under a mask, or even if it was Silver King under a new mask, that would clearly be what they’re setting up here, but Silver King has the little problem of losing his mask in Mexico City once already. An alternative might be a (re)match for the Rey de Reyes giant sword.

Seems like the deal with the cruiserweight tournament is the first four guys who escape the domed cage in Madero advance to a fourway for the title. Don’t know why they’re rushing to get this in so quick, or why you’d set that up with a domed cage. Quick guess is Jack, Lider, Laredo, and Alex.

Roberto doesn’t have the opener listed exactly the way I have it, but this makes more sense. It’d be the first time Sexi Star’s been on TV since last August. She’s local, so maybe that’s why she’s being used. Mystery partner is probably Shiima Xion – anyone else, they’d just advertise (and give away them also not making the four way final, just like Billy.)

This is one of the smaller talent lineups for a show in a while – only 20 wrestlers. Maybe there’s a match to be added?

Next tapings are on the US tour.

03/13: notes

Not a lot going on. Tonight’s lineup:

CMLL (FRI) 03/13 Arena Mexico
1) Sombra de Plata & Trueno vs Apocalipsis & Inquisidor
2) Hooligan, Loco Max, Polvora vs Angel Azteca Jr., Pegasso, Rey Cometa
3) Mascarita Dorada vs Pequeno Warrior [lightning]
4) Maximo, Metro, Sagrado vs Misterioso II, Terrible, Texano Jr.
5) Atlantis, Blue Panther, Ultimo Guerrero vs Averno, Mephisto, Villano V
6) Dos Caras Jr., Mistico, Shocker vs Heavy Metal, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas

Previews: ESTO (is Dos turning rudo), Ovaciones (V5 vs UG). This is mostly a filler show to set up next week (and Sunday, for that fourth match), but Dorada/Warrior could be awesome.

Tentative plan is to do a live chat next week, but it still sounds like no PPV and I haven’t tried listening to EstadoW’s live coverage since the last Villano mask match. Hopefully it’s there tonight or back next week.

Ovaciones also has a story about Black Spirit, still saying LA Park just is letting him use his look (because LA Park has always been thrilled to have strangers wear similar outfits.)

TJ Extreme is mentioned as teaming with Extreme Tiger on an AAA show the night after Rey de Reyes.

AAA talks up former AAA Hall of Fame members. I forgot they were added someone this year, but they’re not going to announce it to Rey de Reyes. They note the votes on the website are picking a final four of Abismo Negro, Elegido, Octagon, and La Parka Jr.. All tecnicos, shocking. AAA also has a random profile of Extreme Tiger, wondering if he’ll join a faction in 2009.

You know, according to what AAA has listed for shows today, Konnan, Elegidio and Parka are working three times. File that under “really bad ideas”. Lots of guys didn’t work yesterday, when a show in Toluca was canceled. AAA seems to be pointing the blame at the local promoter, saying the wrestlers were ready to go (and there’s photos floating around seemingly indicating the guys were there.)

03/12: FCW, IWRG, GDL

FCW (SAT) 03/07 Cudahy Sports Center, Los Angeles, CA [the Gladiatores, SuperLuchas]
1) Jaguar de Oro & Lil Cholo b Maxim & Rogelio Ruiz
2) Vintage Dragon DDQ Ryan Taylor
3) Black Metal & Capitan Calico b Enigma de Oro & Kayam [FCW TAG]
4) Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Tito Santana b Brandon Cutler, Dustin Cutler, Kung Haku
5) Felino & Rayman b El Hijo del Solitario & Emilio Charles Jr.
6) Scorpio Jr. b Rey Misterio [FCW TITLE]

No, not the AAA Tito Santana. The other guy. Scorpio retains his title, Black Metal & Capitan Calico are new tag champs. This group is promoting Super Porky and Eugene for their next show.

Speaking of, Rey Misterio received his award for 2008 Best Wrestler from the Tijuana Box Y Lucha comission. Rey felt honored, and wished he there was mroe wrestling in Tijuana, since it was more the suburbs in 2008.

IWRG (SUN) 03/08 Arena Naucalpan [the Gladiatores]
1) Halcon 2000 & Miss Gaviota b Epidemia & Heavy Boy
3) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro b Galactik, Trauma I, Trauma II
4) Zatura b Testuya Bushi
5) Arlequin, Hijo de Pierroth (IWRG), Pierroth II b Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
6) Head Hunter I & Head Hunter II b Hijo del Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. [super libre]

If you like challengers beating champions in non-title matches to set up the title bout, this was the show for you – top four matches all were that deal. (Pareja Toxic really needed had to have some tiny arena tag title too.) They did arrive at the same conclusion in different ways.

– main event was a bloody brawl, the Jr. Dinamitas being DQed in the first fall of a no rules match (???) and the Head Hunter taking fall two
– Pierrth family with dominant with a two straight fall win
– Zatura/Testuya was back and forth with Zatura barely coming out ahead in the third fall
– Cerebro Negros were surprised by sudden Trauma armbars for the flash victory there.

All four of those title matches take place this Sunday.

The Gladiatores also has a recap of the CHIKARA/Invasion Azteca show on 03/08 in Delaware, with Quack/Solar/Kendo vs Mr. Ferrari/Negro/Claudio. Phil Schneider has notes over on DVDVR and K-Atomico himself posted photos of his debut (and win!) on El Martinete.

CMLL (SUN) 03/08 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) In Memoria b Principe Leo
2) Leon Blanco & Thunder Boy b Katana & Malefico [torneo tanque dantes]
3) Angel del Mal & Infierno b Acertijo & Mr. Trueno [torneo tanque dantes]
4) Boomerang & Gallo b Palacio Negro & Samurai [torneo tanque dantes]
5) Nube Roja b Valentin Mayo [hair]
6) Dos Caras Jr., Shocker, Valiente b Black Warrior, Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca
7) Marco Corleone, Maximo, Toscano b Misterioso II, Terrible, Texano Jr.

Nube Roja took the 1st & 3rd for the win. The torneo seems to be taking shape: it’ll just be these six teams, and probably in a round robin format (which means there’s three more weeks where they do these matches to come, though this may take a while if they wait three weeks for each one.) Acertijo seems to have changed Trueno partners or I got something wrong the first time. Standings are updated, Gallo and Boomerang are the only 2-0 team so far.

CMLL (TUE) 03/10 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [CMLL]
1) Astaroth b Skaxy
2) Virgo b Guero Loco
3) Idolo b Angel de Mal
4) Casanova b Drago
5) Magnum DCO Metatron
6) Maximo & Metal Blanco b Misterioso II & Satanico
7) Shocker & Toscano b Terrible & Texano Jr.

Rudos were distracted by Maximo in the main event. I’m betting Maximo is the one losing his hair on Sunday, but I’m less than sure.

LuchandoLibre insists there’s nothing sinister about Black Warrior being off the Dos Leyendas show.

AAA says Mini Abismo Negro suffered a 10 cm (4 inch) cut on his shin at a Juarez show. He finished the match but was in the hospital ever.

Box Y Luchas put up a whole bunch of articles from last week’s magazine
Mini Damian 666 says he feels comfortable in CMLL, so he turned down the offer to jump to Perros del Mal with his partners. (Didn’t Perro and Damian insist all the wrestlers were coming to them and they weren’t going after guys? Hmmm.) Mini Damian says HE was Troll, I’d always that was Mini Halloween.
Ultimo Guerrero and Villano V talk about their mask match. UG vows to leave his soul in the ring and is hoping for a sell out. Villano V says he’s faced the best in the world and succeded, and then calls UG dillusional.
Luna Magica talks about being 8 months pregnant. On Ras de Lona, I believe they mentioned she delivered the baby and all is well with mother and new daughter (but now I’m not sure so don’t source me on it – go watch the show.) Luna plans on taking another year off before coming back to the ring and CMLL says they’ll give her spot back.
Hijo del Soliltario says he could go back to CMLL or AAA. He could do a lot of things. He complains that one company “asked me to do things I do not like, ugly things, in exchange for stardom. I refused very simply: women were made for men and Solitario is for women, not men.”
– A column complaining about those who put back on a mask they lost (Silver King picture) suggests a new rule: if you lost a mask in a building, you can not wear any mask in that building again, but you can continue wearing that mask in any other building. (Eh.)
– profile of father/son team Centella de Plata I & Jr
– Villanos 3 has a list of great Veracruz wrestlers.

Ovaciones mentions the upcoming WWE RAW tour the same way it’s mentioned all WWE news since RAW got on Televisa: with a picture of Rey Misterio Jr. unmasked. There’s a sidebar on the Jr. Capos defending their titles this week. They say it’s their 17th defense, but there’s no way we could’ve missed six defenses in Arena Naucalpan (unless they’re defending them elsewhere, which is possible but never been mentioned.)

Dr. Morales is picking Abismo Negro to win Rey de Reyes. AAA also hyped up Aerostar vs Billy

DTU posted a video of their appearance on Tercera Caida on their blog.

Hijo del Santo was named Rey de la Alegria in Xalapa.

WagnerMania posted video of Dr. Wagner & Olimpico vs Canek & Cibernetico.

Hablando de Catch has pictures of rudo moves. No fouls, somehow.

LuchaWorld has Robert on IWRG 11/08/07 and Tijuana 12/21/01, plus KrisZ’s news report. I really think Alvarez needs to steal that “Dr. Bryan” gimmick next time he has a match.

CMLL Lineups

CMLL (TUE) 03/17 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Hierro vs Fraile de la Muertge
2) Plata vs Skaxy
3) Quazar vs Relampago Azul
4) Shockercito vs Meteoro
5) Pequeno Violencia vs Boomerang
6) Flash & Stuka Jr. vs Euforia & Nosferatu
7) Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara vs Felino, Heavy Metal, Negro Casas

Lots of interesting stuff here. Main event looks like the set up to a trios title match, which sure tips the hand on the finish of Sunday’s title match. Can the Arena Coliseo tag team belts be defended in any arena named Arena Coliseo? Someone needs to break out the CMLL rulebook. Plus, more minis vs ACG regulars.

CMLL (MON) 03/16 Arena Puebla
1) Black Tiger & SWAT vs Karisma & Policeman
2) Bam Bam, Electrico, Tzuki vs Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito
3) Angel de Oro, Angel de Plata, Astro Boy vs Dr. X, Loco Max, Skandalo
4) Black Warrior, Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca vs Mascara Dorada, Sagrado, Toscano
5) Dos Caras Jr., Hector Garza, Shocker vs Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero

Main event seems ripe for more Dos Jr. shenanigans. I’m sure Black Warrior being listed doesn’t actually mean he will or will not be there. I looked at the tercera really quick and thought Hector’s guys are teaming up, but no, Astro Boy’s not in that group for whatever reason.

indy (THU) 03/19 Arena Solidaridad [RFC]
1) Anarkia, Kryven, Misionero vs Black Soul, Titanik, Voltaje
2) Gran Markus & Gran Markus Jr. vs Orientale I & Orientale II
3) Rey Hechicero & Tigre Universitario vs Halloween & Mr. Aguila
4) El Hijo Del Santo & Super Crazy vs Damian 666 & el Hijo del Perro Aguayo

If you’re Super Crazy, what would you rather do – main event shows teaming with Santo or work third from the top teaming with Crazy Boy?