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Lucha Underground and the meaning of “luchadors”

I’m going to get the weekend’s Lucha Underground results up eventually. They’re in another window, they’ll be in this window soon enough. Of course, I’m not the only person who goes to these shows and writes about them; there’s another site that has the Saturday results right now. It’s just, the few paragraphs before the results come from a well meaning place and totally miss. Miss so badly that just paced around thinking about it (so I guess they hit something.)

To save you from clicking and being spoiled, the gist of the complaint is all the luchadors lost so the Lucha Underground writers don’t know what they’re doing. (There’s also a specific related complaint about a surprise stipulation match which reveals a bit about the level of knowledge here – if they were as big fans of the people they’re defending, they’d know exactly why that match happened.)

I disagree with the thoughts in that recap. I think the writers know what they’re doing, but there’s a few things going on here that feel like are broader points about where we are with Lucha Underground (and so I can swing this away from just being about someone on the internet being wrong.) Three points I want to make:

Two episodes don’t make a series or even a trend. Unfortunately for this guy, he just missed. If they went to the last show of the last set of tapings, they would’ve seen a couple of masked luchadors in a MOTYC where both came out looking outstanding. If they went to Sunday’s tapings, they would’ve seen a couple of masked luchadors in a MOTYC where both came out looking outstanding. Just unlucky timing on what they wanted to see, but that doesn’t mean the whole show has made any sort of change. Everyone gets their moment in the sun, just not all on the same show and sometimes not on the show you happen to go to.

Angelico is a luchador. Angelico had himself a busy weekend, which maybe we’ll get into more detail later. In that recap, he’s dismissed as someone who won instead of the luchadors. Again, maybe they just didn’t know, and Angelico’s AAA gimmick is partly to be an ‘other’, something different than their typical. Angelico’s still as much as a real luchador as anyone else on that roster. He’s worked hard in tough conditions, he’s sacrificed years of his life to get a break, and he’s feuded with the Pirata Morgan family over a bootleg CD in IWRG. That’s about as luchador as you can get.

Maybe you want to discount that because we’re fans of Angelico. I don’t have the same feelings towards Taya (and I’d assume the feelings are mutual!) and her gimmick is explicitly that she’s not a luchadora but a vile WWE-style diva, but she’s really a luchadora too and I’d defend her as one.

No one’s certified me to decide who does and does not count as a luchador, but I’ve got some simple beliefs about what matters. If you’re a professional, if you make the effort to improve your craft, and if you wrestle in Mexico, you’re a luchador. A mask is nice, but simply being masked does make you a luchador – that’s a false construct of the Mexico lucha TV boom and WCW Nitro. There’s plenty of people in Mexico rings who are wearing masks who aren’t really luchadors, but backyarders taking advantage of an easy barrier to entry. It’s not the mask that makes someone a luchador, it’s the work.

Everyone’s a luchador. No one was more critical of the lack of important AAA guys on the first couple of shows than me. The stuff I wrote here was not even near as harsh as the conversations I had elsewhere. There was just too much bad history of Mexicans being brought into promotions like WWE to be marginalized to extend much trust, and when the first moments of a show led by ex-WWE people featured less Mexicans than planned, those there in subordinate positions, and ex-WWE guy and an indy guy being put over as the top people in what was supposed to be an AAA show, it fed quite nicely into that lack of trust.

That was episode 1. By episode 3, we had the Fenix/Pentagon/Drago three way. From there, Fenix was winning ten matches, Drago was feuding with King Cuerno, and Mil Muertes was the great new character of 2014. Might have wanted it to happen on Day 1 and it wasn’t guaranteed to happen every day, but the AAA guys were treated seriously and respectfully, same as everyone else.

Same is what matters. Same is the place they’re all at. Once everyone’s treated equally, it doesn’t matter who they were or where they came from before all of this. Bael had a different journey to Lucha Underground than Argenis had, than Brian Cage had, than Prince Puma had, but they’re all at this place, and they’re all one group.

I’m not saying you can’t have favorites – the handful of people who can identify me will definitely identify me cheering for Aerostar in April. Just don’t confuse your favorites losing as a systematic bias. I’ve got no doubt the people behind the scenes have a few guys they like a little more – but it’s probably not about what country they work on the others days, but what they can do. Somewhere along the way, maybe when those Aztec drums were being pounded every 90 seconds, it finally occurred to me that there really wasn’t (and hadn’t been for a while) any on-screen distinction between US wrestlers and AAA luchadors. They’re still going to work and look differently, but they’re going to matter the same. They’re all Lucha Underground luchadors now.

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CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-12-27


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Mistico vs Polvora set for Puebla, Tuesday previews, Rey de Reyes

CMLL (MON) 02/09/2015 Arena Puebla [CMLL, El Popular, Periodico Enfoque, Periodico Enfoque (Photos)]
1) Ares, Fuerza Chicana, Guerrero Espacial b Asturiano, Black Tiger, Meyer
2) Goya Kong, Lluvia, Marcela b Dalys, La Seductora, Tiffany
Seductora was hurt.
3) Misterioso Jr., Olímpico, Sagrado b Blue Panther Jr., Dragon Lee, Tritón
Triton was hurt, though the knocked him off the stretcher and beat him up with it. Misterioso was wearing a half Tiger Mask for whatever reason.
4) La Máscara, La Sombra, Marco Corleone b Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Thunder
El Popular lists this as a DQ win but no one else does.
5) Ephesto, Mephisto, Pólvora b Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr.
Rudos took 1/3. Polvora got away with unmasking Mistico this time. Mistico demanded a singles match next week.

Everything that takes about a week in Japan takes about three in Mexico.

The only match CMLL built up for today’s Arena Mexico show was Triton vs Luciferno, based of Luciferno pulling of Triton’s mask last week. That match is not happening. Triton may or may not wrestle depending on how serious Monday’s injury was (he seems to be stretchered out only to return the next day a lot), but it’s Luciferno who’s definitely not wrestling: ghost squirrel Kamaitachi replaced him in the lineups CMLL sent out last night. The main event is still Angel de Oro, Dragon Rojo Jr. and Volador Jr. vs Hechicero, Polvora, Ultimo Guerrero, with the Panthers taking on Comando Boricua in the semimain. Leono replaces Oro Jr. in the segunda.

Other changes: On Friday, Thunder replaces Shocker. On Sunday, Maximo replaces Super Porky, Metatron replaces Robin and Stigma replaces Super Halcon. Terra is not advertising Sunday’s taping as airing; it may be, but I’m not 100% sure.

Guadalajara has the Valiente vs Felino match, which has been built up the last few weeks. It’s a singles match Valiente might actually win; he’s lost his six non-lightning singles matches. Valiente’s last win comes of Niebla Roja with October 2013 in this same building. That’s actually better than Felino, who last won a non-lightning single match in 2011 over Rey Bucanero by DQ early in their never ending feud. The main event is La Mascara, Marco, Maximo versus Rey Bucanero, Shocker and Terrible, and the stellar match of the night is Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., and Stuka Jr. vs Puma, Tiger and Virus.

I’m struggling to catch up with everything I need to today in real life, so some links and other content will show up in other posts later. I have about four things I’d like write about Lucha Underground, including posting results for both days, but just haven’t had the time. That stuff will show up this week. I’ll say this again later, but I’ll say it now too: it was a really fun experience, I’d learned some things, and I’d go every show if I could.

AAA officially announced Rey de Reyes as March 15th in Guadalajara on their website at 6pm. As Chui pointed out in the comments, this is not the usual Guadalajara (or Zapopan) facility AAA runs, but the Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso in the city itself. The press release lists only the Rey de Reyes final and the Fenix/Fantasma title match as the only set matches for the show so far, and is pretty firm on the title match being only those two people. On the other hand, there’s a tease of Alberto defending his title against Brian Cage. Cage is an unknown in Mexico, but it’d be a more interesting use of Alberto than being part of a big name tag match (and they’d still have plenty of names left over for that.) May just be reading too much into a couple of lines.

no reason/Caralucha

Kcidis draws the ending of the All Elite main event. That’s probably good enough for me, I don’t think I need to see it. The more I think about the CMLL/Terra relationship the less I actually understand it, but my guess is Terra’s got to be disappointed they didn’t broadcast the All Elite show. The only benefit Terra gets from the broadcast is driving people to their website, and that would’ve driven a lot more people to their website than the average Sunday (or Wednesday.)

Estrellita excitedly wrote about a project with TV Azteca today, which of course started people talking about CMLL getting on TV Azteca again. It’s always possible, but Azteca has used luchadors on other shows and this might just be one of those things.

Mr. Niebla says rumors of him being kicked out of CMLL are not true. Niebla hasn’t been booked since in FantasticaMania, though he explains it as being busy with indy work (and he has been working in indies.)

NJPW talks to Mascara Dorada about his transition to living in the NJPW dojo (by himself, no family), what he’s learning, and what he hopes to do (win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title and the G1, no big.) In a different post-match interview, Dorada talked about unifying the CMLL Welterweight title with the IWGP JH one. That’s unlikely to happen but would be a good idea.

RobViper has thoughts about last week’s Lucha Underground and CaraLucha and AAA TV, and music videos of AAA 10/10/14, 2015 Pequeno Reyes del Aire, and CMLL 10/14/14.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and this week’s Poster-Mania.

Segunda Caida has reviews of Lucha Underground episode 13, Rey Hechicero vs Canek and Rey Bucanero in PWR.

Fuerza Guerrera wants a rematch with Negro Casas, but in Juan de la Barrera.

An Arena Queretaro promotion vs promotion show ended up with Ursus and Dance Boy challenging for title and mask matches.

Guerrerito del Futuro won a Copa Chicago featuring luchadors from four different local promotions.

This week’s Super Libre sounded frustrating. Satanico was among the guests.

Great promo for Ninja Turtles vs La Resistancia.

+LuchaTV talks to Maximo about his heavyweight title win. He believes his brother can be heavyweight champion too. Also, Pagano talks about his upcoming match against Nicho and Sombra making a challenge from the All Elite show.

CMLL has part one of a look back at El Faraon, the video preview from Friday and highlights of last week.

The Puebla box y lucha commission will run a 02/15 free show, where names from the past will be brought back to be honored.

Relampago says he’s headed to the US soon. I appreciate the warning.

Histeria talks about the start and end of his career.

The usual Deportes Martinez article.

02/07-08 lucha videos

I think La Luche Se Le Hace has been canceled. It’s not on the schedule any more.


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IWRG: Jr. Capos challenge for the tag titles, El Protector tournament

IWRG (SUN) 02/08/2015 Arena Naucalpan [Estrellas del Ring, IWRG]
1) Anubis Black & Atomic Star b Alfa & Seiya
straight falls. Seiya’s first match here since August (traveled to California for a while.)
2) Black Fury, Dark Lady, La Sádica b Cristal, Hahastary, Kamilión
Dark Lady and Hahastari made their IWRG debuts. Black Fury and Hahastary swapped sides from what was originally listed.
3) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro, Dragón Celestial b Leo, Mike, Seiya, Teelo
Dragon Celestial replaced Pantera (injury) and Seiya worked twice to replace Mike (no reason given; presumably pizza related). Cerebro Negro’s first match here since August 2013, and a win after some Ninja Turtle related comedy. Money thrown in.
4) Hijo De Dos Caras, Relámpago, Veneno b Canis Lupus, Eterno, X-Fly
Tecnicos took 2/3. Lupus was hurt in the third fall and had to leave the match.
5) Hijo de Máscara Año 2000 & Universo 2000 Jr. b Chicano & Danny Casas
Straight falls. Mascara grabbed Chicano’s foot and used it to foul the referee in the first, drawing a DQ on the tag champs. Caps won clean in the second, and demanded a tag title shot.

The Dinamitas win a lot despite not being as interesting as the smaller sized guys here, so Chicano & Casas are in some trouble.

The great thing about 2015 is it’s really easy to look thru Facebook and find out the proper spelling for random people’s names. IWRG keeps spelling Hahastary with an “i” but she has it as a “y”. This is the kind of important information you can only get here.

IWRG (SUN) 02/15/2015 Arena Naucalpan
1) Galaxy & Omega vs Araña de Plata & Dowki
2) Black Fury, Hahastary, Maiden vs Dark Lady, Kamilión, La Sádica
3) Chicano & Danny Casas © vs Hijo de Máscara Año 2000 & Universo 2000 Jr.[IWRG IC TAG]
first defense for Chicano & Dany Casas
4) Metaleón & Negro Navarro vs Dragón Celestial & Veneno and Electro Boy & X-Fly and Atomic Star & Eterno and Anubis Black & Pirata Morgan and Alfa & Máscara Sagrada and El Hijo del Diablo & Hip Hop Man and Emperador Azteca & Hijo De Dos Caras [El Protector]

El Protector, IWRG’s variation on the veteran/rookie tournament, makes is usual early appearance.

Past winners:
2010: Dr. Cerbero & Hijo del Signo
2011: Scorpio Jr. & Comando Negro
2012: X-Fly & Imposible
2013: X-Fly & Carta Brava Jr.
2014: Super Nova & Electro Boy

Electro Boy is coming back here, but is still young. The other winners went on to bigger things or were set up for bigger things and then failed, but were at least thought well of at one point. Pretty much any one could win, though Dragon Celestial seems like the most important rookie here and has been around long enough that he doesn’t quite seem like a rookie. (Maybe that’s why he won’t win.)

CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-12-27

rooster versus parrot


taped 2014-12-16 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
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02/08 AAA TV results (Ecatepec)

AAA TV (SUN) 02/08/2015 Centro Civico Nueva Aragon, Ecatepec, Estado de México [AAA]
1) Arez, Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Psycho Clown b Dinastía, Drastik Boy, Octagoncito
Debut for Draztik Boy. Dinastia beat Arez with a Spanish Fly.
2) Faby Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata b Mamba & Taya Valkyrie
Pimpi beat Mamba with a casita. After the match, Fenix did a promo building up his title match with Fantasma at Rey de Reyes.
3) Australian Suicide & Bengala b Daga & Joe Lider
hardcore match with thumbtacks. Bengala used a piledriver variation to beat Daga.
4) Psycho Clown b ZorroElectroshockDark Cuervo [Rey de Reyes, semifinal]
Hijo del Pirata & his mystery friend were all over this match. Electroshock was DQed for excessive violence with a chair (chairs appear to be legal the rest of the show) and Cuervo was counted out after the Pirata trio beat him up. Psycho beat Zorro with a top rope cracker. Piratas trio beat up both Zorro & Psycho Clown after the match. Psycho joins Aerostar, Mesias and the Queretaro winner in the final.
5) Blue Demon Jr., Jack Evans, La Parka b Averno, Chessman, Cibernético
La Parka beat Cibernetico with a huracanana. Demon declared he’d help the AAA army, while Daga & Zorro assisted the Hell Brothers.
6) Myzteziz DQ el Hijo del Perro Aguayo
usual Perro brawl, ending when he was caught fouling Myzteziz

Air Date: 02/21 and 02/28.

Rey de Reyes is more cloudy that I would’ve thought at this point, though maybe it’ll come together on TV. The one thing I feel sure about is Texano is the fourth Rey de Reyes member, because he and Psycho Clown just can’t shake each other. (The Machine Rocker dream dies, though Machine Rocker getting on TV is still a victory.)

I think they are setting up matches here, there’s just multiple ways they could go with everything. Suicide & Bengala must be getting a tag title shot after all these wins, but no one’s made the direct challenge and it’s always possible other teams can be looped in. Jack & Angelico make sense, but then there was that skit with Angelico, Fenix and Fantasma that teased him getting involved in the Cruiserweight Title. They might have been unable to advance it yet since Angelico was busy with Lucha Underground all weekend.

AAA’s probably doing the big tag match as the main event, but how big and who’s involved is still to be sorted out. Rey de Reyes seems like a smart place to debut the Pirata, Electroshock and ? trio, but they’ve been attacking everyone at this point so there’s no telling who they’ll face.

There’s nearly 3 weeks between tapings, so again some of this will likely shake out on TV even before they hold another match. It’s likely to be a good card with interesting matches, but they haven’t hinted at any match which might be a big draw just yet.


great match roundup, week of 2014-12-27

tecnico warfare

Good/Great/Excellent matches

CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2014-12-27
taped 2014-12-19 @ Arena México
Dragon Rojo Jr. vs Barbaro Cavernario: [GOOD]

Shows Watched But Nothing Worthwhile
CMLL on Terra: 2014-12-28
CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-12-27
CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-12-27

This was week two of AAA’s recap shows, so there’s no post for that.

Matches To Watch Later

I probably should watch the Boom show, at least the Freelance match, but it’s 2014 and I want to be done with 2014.


All Elite results, lineups

ALL ELITE (SUN) 02/08/2015 Arena México [CMLL, R de Rudo, Tercera Caida]
1) Comandante Pierroth, Misterioso Jr. (CMLL), Sagrado b Fuego (CMLL), Pegasso, Stuka Jr.
2) Delta, Dragon Lee (CMLL), Guerrero Maya Jr. DQ Kamaitachi, Puma (CMLL), Virus
Tecnicos took 1/3. Kamaitachi pulled Dragon Lee’s mask.
3) Negro Casas b Fuerza Guerrera
Negro Casas took 1/3, winning via casita. Money thrown in.
4) Atlantis & Extreme Tiger b Super Crazy & Último Guerrero
Super Crazy is replacing Chavo Guerrero in the tournament. Tecnicos took 2/3. Tiger did his 450 splash to the floor on Crazy.
5) Marco Corleone, Máximo, Valiente b Bárbaro Cavernario, Ephesto, Mephisto
Mephisto & Ephesto replaced Shocker & Terrible.
6) Dr. Wagner Jr. & La Sombra b LA Park & Volador Jr.
After fouls everywhere, Sombra got in one on LA Park last for the win.

I haven’t had time to look around, but photos/videos of this show are ever. Terra didn’t air it, but the crowd was way up. Maybe the internet has been holding Arena Mexico all along! Maybe they’re foolish for not broadcasting a show that was obviously going to have a big turnout and give them the kind of crowd shots they love using to cover up their more vacant shows. (It may end up airing on Claro Sports, though there’s no knowing until next Saturday.)

I think the fourth match was a tournament match. Maybe the main event was too? Does it matter? It does not really matter.


CMLL (SAT) 02/14/2015 Arena Coliseo
1) Stukita vs Pequeño Nitro
2) Oro Jr. vs Arkángel de la Muerte
3) Tritón vs Raziel
4) Estrellita vs Amapola
5) Blue Panther Jr. & The Panther vs Luciferno & Olímpico
6) Delta, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Misterioso Jr., Pierroth, Sagrado
7) Mephisto © vs Stuka Jr. [MEX LH]
Mephisto’s 12th defense

I think Stuka still qualifies for that title but I think we’d all like to see the weigh in to be sure.

Semimain shows remarkable persistance in setting up that Arena Coliseo Tag Team championship match. Will this be the time Misterioso isn’t booked elsewhere?

CMLL (SUN) 02/15/2015 Arena México
1) Robin & Sensei vs Akuma & Espanto Jr.
2) Astral, Eléctrico, Shockercito vs Demus 3:16, Mercurio, Pierrothito
3) Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso, Súper Halcón Jr. vs Cancerbero, Puma, Virus
4) Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Felino [lightning]
5) Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther, Dragón Rojo Jr. vs Gran Guerrero, Kráneo, Mr. Águila
6) Marco Corleone, Super Porky, Volador Jr. vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Euforia, Thunder

This will draw a little bit less. 2/3 could be good.

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